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  1. Sheffield Wednesday - V - Aston Villa OMDT

    To the Corners Lads !
  2. Sheffield Wednesday - V - Aston Villa OMDT

    Did she have hard gums ?
  3. Sheffield Wednesday - V - Aston Villa OMDT

    This chap had the same problem
  4. Sheffield Wednesday - V - Aston Villa OMDT

    BREAKING NEWS: Rhodes has got rid of his BUG. He has now moved up to a 2 seater Bentley.
  5. Team for Villa

    6 strikers pus five others
  6. Why is the linesman carrying a long bow with a quiver of arrows on his back ?
  7. Is Loovens playing ? sorry......couldn't resist.
  8. Leeds seem the right place for Grot as Reggie Perrin would say.
  9. Encouraging news about JT

    Good to hear. Hope he's back and fighting fit ASAP.
  10. Rate jos so far?

    For older readers think of Red Adair. He was a famous firefighter who put out many oil wells that caught fire. It's like someone coming up to him and saying " Hey RED !.........this is a 40,000 barrells of oil a day well.... GET THE OIL FLOWING !!!....." Sometimes you have to put out the fire first before you can get back to business. In other words, give the man some slack and just let him do his thing with suitable backing.
  11. Whistle Blows: " To the Corners Lads ! "
  12. We'll probably get a point out of this I reckon.