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  1. Start with enthusiasm at 3.00 p.m.............but come 5.00 p.m. this is how I end. Up the Owls !
  2. Izzy Brown is like a reasonable mid priced car that won't get above 2nd gear. Comes across at least to me as a player, who has some ability but is too lazy to actually put that ability to good use. Doesn't track back, never really breaks into a run, content to idle along doing the absolute minimum. About time he either knuckled down and put some effort in or went back to the Chelsea comfort zone.
  3. Ka-ching !.............Lovely Jubbly
  4. Why do I get the feeling we will sign a shed load of Doncaster Rovers players in the coming year.
  5. Had the pleasure of meeting his brother Lawn every Sunday.
  6. Yes but Doncaster's setup and their Chairman are considered the "norm" whereas what we have in Chansiri and Paxo is quite somethihng else. Darren Moore might be good at building sides and sniffing out talent but will he be given time and what's more will he be allowed free reign to do so ?
  7. Dam it !..........can't get that ruddy Bullseye theme tune out of my head now............ If we lose I'm intrigued what we might have won............can't wait to see how they'll get that speedboat down our tunnel !
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