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  1. Personally when watching Wednesday I stick to my Absinthe. Even when they lose I still get to see some lovely little green fairies. And you know what they say " Absinthe make the heart grow fonder "
  2. Forget Marriott. As I understand it, he's already gone back to Derby so he's totally out of the picture. I think out of the next 4 games we will amass the grand total of one point for a drab 0 - 0 draw with Stoke.
  3. Vinney Jones had to make a living being a Hollywood Superstar after the Gazza incident ! Must have been tough on him.....................( not as tough as on Gazza's nuts though )
  4. The same as Prime Ministers having a cabinet reshuffle..........it deflects attention away from the main problem - > DC
  5. Blame the gloves. In my day glove were thin and the goalkeeper could hold the ball easily Now they seem to get bigger and thicker each year. Gloves in a few years time.
  6. Sheffield Wednesday..........Ending Bad Runs Since 1867.............. Pulis out !* * unless we win then he's great.
  7. Well it looks like Thatcher second from the left !!.........that's hardly far right.
  8. It's like you're sleepwalking and wake up just as you are about to fall off a cliff. You quickly take a step back and breath a sigh of relief only to find you've trodden in a huge pile of dog poo. ------------------------------------------------ Not my first choice but willing to give the man a chance, everyone deserves that. BUT ! ............if things don't improve I reserve my right to BOO !
  9. Just posted this exact same picture in another thread 20 minutes ago...........coincidence or great minds ?
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