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  1. Captain Scarlett

    'Twas the match before Brucemas*

    Brilliant work there. Top stuff. Lets hope it comes to pass.
  2. Captain Scarlett

    West Brom - V - Wednesday OMDT

    Quite a bit of chicken roll and someone just lobbed a slice of beef.
  3. Captain Scarlett

    bannans assist tho

    Respect to Reach for not over celebrating his goal in front of his former fans. Shows class.
  4. Captain Scarlett

    What's happening with bruce

    Heard a rumour after today's match we're after a bloke called Justin Playoffs.
  5. Captain Scarlett

    What's happening with bruce

    Meanwhile............somewhere in the Caribbean it hits a sweltering 84 degrees and a man has a hankering for some football action and nice British December weather.
  6. Terrific............Palmer with a shoulder injury getting off the bus.
  7. Captain Scarlett

    Bruce’s first signing...

    With Grealish and Pelupessy, it'll be like an oil slick in that dressing room. Health and Safety would never allow it.
  8. Captain Scarlett

    Bruce’s first signing...

    Alan Hutton to strengthen the defence and provide an old experienced pro.
  9. New Tram inspector knocking about at the Terminus.
  10. Captain Scarlett

    Jos banned mushrooms

    He bottled it
  11. Captain Scarlett

    I wonder if Katrien had a word in DC’s ear

    Well if anyone can influence him and get close it's her. And remember a woman ALWAYS has the last word.
  12. Captain Scarlett

    Jos banned mushrooms

    Always difficult for the two teams to walk out side by side. Not Mushroom in the Players Tunnel.
  13. Captain Scarlett

    Jos Gone ?

    Just seen Mourinho booking a room at the Park Hotel.