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  1. FFS .......they'll go to any lengths now won't they ! Talk about " give an inch ...."
  2. Groundsman won't be happy having to roll the pitch to get rid of the bobbles.
  3. Don't worry I borrow Att's calculator and the figures are fine.
  4. We could play our own game of Where's Chansiri. I'll give you a clue, he's hiding in one of the beach huts out of sight.
  5. Sensible answer from me for once. -------------------------------------------------------- Only suggestion I can think of is buy the largest junior sock available and then wet them thoroughly and stretch them with a sock stretcher. If you don't posses a sock stretcher then wear the wet socks to bed and they will stretch overnight to the shape of your feet. A might uncomfortable but I am led to believe wearing wet socks to bed improves your circulation. Your feet warm up the socks and the water evaporates, cooling your feet which in turn sends
  6. Ten years from now in 2031............. DC: " There you go son, I said one day it would be all yours ...........enjoy" Att: "...........er..............thanks dad...........it's just what I wanted............"
  7. All the numbers are correct, though not necessarily in the right order. (c) Morecambe & Wise.
  8. Released at last !!!! ..........now's our chance.......follow me............let's get out of here fast !!!
  9. Good luck turning that tanker with Captain Chansiri at the helm.
  10. Can't wait till he goes. The day he sells up and dissappears for good should be a public holiday in Sheffield. At least for the blue and white half. The man is a complete imbecile.
  11. I'm saving up like mad to buy the club, but football clubs nowadays swallow money.
  12. ENDGAME Expect some very low offers about to materialise to buy us . Won't be long now.
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