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  1. Had the same discussion a few years ago with a former Premier League player... How can you justify selling replica kits for under-10s with alcoholic drinks advertised on the front? He didn't have a proper answer.
  2. The funniest bit was Simek's shinned finish which just bounced over everyone before it nestled in the back of the net!
  3. Ross Wallace at Brighton... Was it a cross? Great assist from Hooper, though. Brighton were battering us at the time and Wallace's goal came totally against the run of play but it released the pressure and Wednesday were able to see out the tie!
  4. Nothing will change unless one of the "big six" gets relegated from the Premier League. I don't wish ill on any club but imagine the circus that would arise if Arsenal got relegated this season... Rules would be changed then, for sure.
  5. It was hard to know whether the linesman was just inept in making the wrong decision or whether he was deliberately making the wrong decision. The Gregory incident just about summed him up. The linesman almost had to take evasive action after Gregory was pushed over right in front of him.
  6. Here he is... Proper goalkeeper's hands them, tho'.
  7. "Agreement has been reached"??? A bit like being in court and the judge asking the burglar if he agrees with his sentence.
  8. Forest seem to be at the start of their woes. Early signs are that they getting used to losing. Watched their match against Cardiff and, despite being 1-0 up, they just fell to pieces in the second half. Cardiff could have scored five or more. Looks like the game against a very average Middlesbrough side went a similar way. Once the squad falls down this rabbit hole, it's an almost impossible job for the current manager to turn around.
  9. Trials for Sheffield Boys in the early 70s were held at the Ball Inn ground, I think. The pitches there were ok but the trials themselves were a bit of a lottery. I played at the Middlewood Road Training Ground many years ago and latterly even got a game at Hillsborough. Being used to Sheffield park pitches in the main, I just stood and marvelled at first pass I hit, which didn't bobble, didn't get stuck in the mud and went straight to where I wanted it to go.
  10. I think he does, yes. He's not without a fair bit of skill and he can survive the physical battles you get at this level.
  11. It was that match (and possibly Swindon away when Taylor scored earlier in the season) that swung promotion our way. A fantastic away night under the lights at Blackburn in the old wooden stand with traffic jams up the motorway and the placed rammed with Wednesday fans. Despite being in League Three (as it was then), probably the most magical season I've experienced at SWFC in nearly 60 years.
  12. He certainly looks the part at League One level and could be a very valuable player this season. He struggled a bit last year in the Championship in a poor side. Reminds me of the fortunes of Chris Lines who was excellent for us in the "mid the gap" promotion season and made some match winning performances, only to struggle (albeit through injury) the following season in the Championship. Maybe in a better squad, Paterson will be a much better player?
  13. He wouldn't survive the 24 hour flight without a session or two on the treatment table.
  14. Kerb crawling at 103mph?!... Sounds like the context of a new Channel 5 dating game.
  15. Great post. Back in the 70s, as a competitive cyclist, I was concussed a couple of times. The first time I came round in the pits and ended up with about a dozen stitches in my eyelid and brow. Had a massive headache for a few days but the hospital never mentioned a break or rest so I was back on my racing bike two days later. The second occasion, I was taken to hospital and the doctor discharged me saying I was ok to drive! I could hardly keep awake at the wheel but, because the medic had cleared me, I thought it was being a "bit of a wimp" not to carry on as normal. Looking back it was very scary. I also played alongside footballers who had clearly sustained concussion during schools matches and nobody bothered. It was the done thing in those days. Thanks to modern science, cycling now has mandatory helmets, which reduce serious injury at speeds of 25/30mph or less, for about 30 years now. These days, whether competing or not, I would never get on any bike - road, track, MTB, BMX, etc. - without one. I am not sure how football could learn from this... restrict or ban heading? wear a headguard? There are probably other solutions, too, but at least the debate has now opened up. The current concern shows how far we have come in protecting our sports people but there is still a long way to go.
  16. Stockley will be coming off in a shopping bag as soon as the referee is looking elsewhere.
  17. That Wednesday team looks a darn sight stronger than it did three months ago!
  18. The opportunity is certainly there for Moore to stamp his mark on the club.
  19. League One would be a cakewalk for this battering ram of a player (who can also play a bit of football, too). Exactly the sort of player to help get us back to the Championship.
  20. Three months ago, the word "recruitment" wasn't even discussed. Here we are now with a decent recruitment list as long as your arm. That's remarkable in itself and surely gives cause for optimism?
  21. Well done, Whitechapel.... How about a similar poll on the best/worst away strip?
  22. I can see space suits being the big thing this Christmas.
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