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  1. (Mods: Not sure if I am in the right part of the World of Owlstalk but here we go...) I was at B******* L*** last night to watch my lad's mate boxing in one of those white collar boxing events. The place livened up a bit when one of the boxers was introduced to the crowd as "Harry the Owl". Said person then strode through the crowd and into the ring brandishing a 5' x 3' Sheffield Wednesday flag. Interestingly enough, he got loads of cheers from the crowd suggesting that we were there in numbers. If you are Harry the Owl, make yourself known and take a bow. Takes guts to chuck yourself into a boxing ring let alone when the ring is the last place on the planet you would be seen dead. I recall that Harry the Owl didn't lose either. Me? I am a coward... I borrowed the wife's car because I've got one those "special" number plates. Didn't fancy having to walk home after my car had been turned over and burnt to the ground in the S2 car park. Anybody else out there who can meet terror and certain death by simply waving an Owls' flag?
  2. It's really nice... Take the hour long horse and carriage ride (all the tourists do it) and you will see most of the old town that way. There's plenty to do if you like museums... the Spanish Riding School should be back from holiday in January... and, if you like Mozart and classical concerts, you'll enjoy the gig at the Golden Room (this is the place where the annual New Year Concert comes from). Not much remaining from "The Third Man"... never heard the "Harry Lime Theme" once whilst we were there!.. but that's hardly surprising given that the backdrop to the film had to be bombed to bits for a year or two to get the scenery right. On the other hand, there are plenty of bars and restaurants. Beer is mainly the locally produced Gosser... drinkable but nothing outstanding. Only thing to remember is that you need a face mask on public transport. Other than that, it's open season. The people are great... they have a good sense of humour, after all, they named their city after Rigsby's cat. However, I can't guarantee much of a football conversation from the locals... the taxi drivers support Besiktas and the Rapid Wein fans can't remember Adhte (as already mentioned). Rapid get gates of around 12,000-15,000 and their ground is outside the city so they are bit like Toytown in that respect. Have a great time!
  3. A most magnificent contribution to world peace and harmony... You win today's internet! Well done, sir! Your input is most amusing and most welcome!
  4. Fine thanks, OG, and I trust that you remain also in fine fettle! Just back from a few days in Vienna... The Austrians... great bunch of lads (although none of them could remember Atdhe Nuhiu playing for Rapid Vienna)
  5. Does the next bit of the article read:- "A spokesman for Manchester City said: 'Financial sustainability? What financial sustainability?'"?
  6. ...Sky, followed quickly by the Middle Eastern economy.
  7. If they are insisting that the Two Michaels* cannot train with their new club, Toytown should uphold their part of the contract and make sure that they train with them. (* - One of the best acts I have ever seen on Britain's Got Talent)
  8. Blimey! He's got more enthusiasm and optimism than most regular Massive fans here on OT!
  9. Can't wait to hear what Run 'im o'er has to say, too!
  10. That was a few years ago... Here's what they look like now they have grown up a little:-
  11. It might also encourage players who are thinking of going elsewhere to stick around (mentioning no names!)
  12. Doesn't the NFL allow three different kits? Home, away and all white? Also I've noticed that there appears to be no longer a requirement for teams to wear different colour shorts. That would explain the Wednesday away strip at places like Bolton where the respective kits could have looked more different. (I think that the colour clash with the shorts was to address issues with black & white television especially at the World Cup). I agree, it's up to the visiting team to sort out any potential colour clash.
  13. Couldn't we just get someone to kick the ball back in play whilst the referee and assistant are not looking?
  14. Players' attitude and how they behave in the dressing room, in training and on the pitch is an aspect that people outside of the club rarely know. Having said that, we have signed some basket cases in the past who have come to Wednesday with a reputation and been managed well by a good manager (e.g. Jack Charlton and how he got the best out of many "journeyman" players) or players who have left Wednesday with a reputation (obvious one is Paulo di Canio) but been managed well elsewhere.
  15. I'd be surprised if the EFL have not researched the possibility of live streaming at 3pm on a Saturday. The outcome of that research is either well hidden or hasn't been published (for no other reason than commercial sensitivity, I presume?) so we might never know what the impact on the football business might be. Either way, I would be equally surprised if the PL and EFL (and NL, too?) were not watching what is happening in professional golf at the moment. I'd be a lot more worried about football and Sheffield Wednesday in particular if, for instance, Saudi Arabian money got involved in all matters and not just Newcastle.
  16. Or, better still, a back three of Hector, Dean and Hutchinson... Oh, wait a minute...
  17. So we spent less time in the top six than any of the other top eight clubs. Perhaps shows that we timed our end of season run too late (so to speak)
  18. To paraphrase David Blunkett.... When Wednesday legends fall out, the gods weep.
  19. Reminds me of the old gag... We were a bit poor when I was a lad in the 50s. To make ends meet, mum had to get the family's clothes from the Army Surplus store. I felt a bit of a two hat going to primary school each morning dressed as a Japanese admiral.
  20. Even if they did sort out the food, getting a table for four on the Kop is extremely difficult.
  21. Posts like this reassure my belief in human nature.
  22. Don't worry, everyone... He WILL be back next season (if only to do the half-time draw).
  23. Despite Vatican City unveiling their snazzy new home strip (let me guess... black with white collar again?) and not-so-snazzy new away strip (ditto... but all white), you wouldn't want to play for these at any price.
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