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  1. The two players that have come through the ranks in Dawson and palmer get more stick than anyone.
  2. Young ones have better senses. Get a ticket on the kop and see if she can sniff out who the phantom trumper is.
  3. Why stop there? Personally I think a PL keeper is the minimum we should be looking at. One with CL and/or international tournament experience.
  4. Don’t want any of those foreigners in our club. Taking jobs away from the hardworking British players.
  5. They’re a similar age. One of them still played in the championship last season, the other had to drop to L1. Not to mention the fact that Gregory left Stoke because he was behind Fletcher in the pecking order.
  6. Madness As one poster above said it won’t be long before we are happy with getting a point at the likes of forest green or Fleetwood.
  7. First of all we have fans saying 4th place in the third tier is a good result, now we are saying we don’t want to play a higher standard of football because we will lose more games.
  8. I think we should drop to L2 then we have a better chance of winning even more games.
  9. “It's not Moore holding this club back - it's all those on the Moore Hate Bandwagon”
  10. So it’s the fans fault we are playing in L1?
  11. I can’t imagine we would have a first team squad with as many players as this season
  12. Anyone who has seen us play at the old Wembley will be a pensioner before we get to the PL. by the time we get there the PL won’t be the top tier anyway as there will be a euro super league.
  13. So we apparently have done well in the transfer market, have a good manager and are a big club and 4th in L1 is an overachievement. Wonder where we would be if we were just doing ok?
  14. There is no way Gregory is a better player than Fletcher. There’s a reason why one of them has spent a lot of his career in the premiership and the other one in either L1 or the champ.
  15. Fans saying it’s an overachievement to finish 4th in L1
  16. DC to let Moore or one of his staff know the budget and ideally that will be the limit of DCs involvement in player transfers.
  17. We need fletch, Westy and hopefully Fessi back.
  18. Nonsense. We only ever get close to filling it now with the playoff games. Unless you plan on us staying in L1 forever so that we have a chance to get in the playoffs every year.
  19. Hunt and Gregory have been good signings. Dean was what we have needed for years but didn’t play enough. The rest have been average. 4th place in the pub league is nothing to shout about.
  20. The pitch is a mess after a few games, half the bulbs don’t work in the floodlights, half the ground hasn’t been painted for years and looks like a rust bucket, no hot water in multiple stands toilets. That’s just basics which we can’t even do right. People clamouring for a bigger ground and more seats must be from a different planet.
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