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  1. Alexandersson, carbone and thome were good standard prem players. Di Canio was a very good prem player. That team was far better than the 15-17 team that scraped 6th place in the championship before losing to One of the worst ever teams to reach the playoffs in Huddersfield the year after
  2. No but FF and Hooper were cheap to buy. Fletcher was free. Theres a good reason for that
  3. Exactly. Those players were cheap to buy for a reason. People act as if we are the only club in the world that’s ever had injuries. Living in a dreamworld the land of ifs and buts.
  4. Problem is I tend to only play whilst I’m away with work so internet is a no go. There hasn’t been any advances in career mode for years apart from adding a few crappy cut scenes. You should be able to build a club, stadium and facilities and control all the finances, if you go bust then it’s game over.
  5. The keeper could dive whichever way he wanted. In fact he could just stand in the middle of the goal with his pants round his ankles and doing the helicopter it’s irrelevant as absolutely nobody is saying that a horrible pee roller penalty that feebly rolls 2 yards wide of the goal is a good one. Except you. Penalties are nothing to do with luck. It’s a mixture of skill, technique and bottle.
  6. Didn’t know Berahino was an attacking midfielder
  7. That’s why he got that new contract
  8. We’ve just had a transfer window where we’ve signed 10+ players and yet there’s nobody capable of recieving a ball from the centre backs and passing it on. Why then is everyone spaffing themselves off over our amazing transfer window when we apparently have a midfield that can’t play basic football?
  9. There’s no requirement for it to always be BB then.
  10. As has already been pointed out in numerous threads Bannan played the ball through for the penalty and the disallowed goal. That’s where we need him on the ball to be able to play those passes. Any old CM plodder should be able to pass it between the centre backs for 10 minutes he is wasted there.
  11. I’m just glad we got relegated so that we can embarrass ourselves against the likes of Morecombe instead of having to take on powerhouses such as Luton and Coventry.
  12. Hutchinson crap BPF crap central defence crap Goal conceded which was easily avoidable
  13. Is that any worse than passing it around the back line and then back to the keeper like it’s 2021?
  14. Bjorn heidenstrom £50k Leyton Orient Squad player for any team in the game.
  15. Around 2017 I think. Basically MV was either swerving around in the braking zone or waiting to see which side someone would choose before swerving at the last second to block them. It’s why they brought in the one move under braking rule which was commonly known as the “verstappen rule”. They have since replaced it with any incident of erratic driving will be investigated which is obviously quite similar but not as black and white.
  16. They literally had to bring in a new rule to the sport to stop max from driving as he wanted before he caused a serious accident.
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