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  1. Surprised if he even knows his own name the guys an idiot.
  2. The only good thing about watching this will be listening to Roy Keane say about how crap we are.
  3. Grealish draws a few towards him and lays it off - Mount, Phillips and Rice holding hands on the halfway line. Ridiculous.
  4. Philips can do what rice is doing easily, in fact I’m pretty sure I can do what rice is doing. Get him off and grealish up in Philips place.
  5. Watch some games from the South Africa World Cup.
  6. I’ve seen Pelupessy play more forward passes than rice.
  7. Yes there are those downsides however on the upside he has been on loan for us before which automatically makes him a great player and someone we must sign.
  8. Yeah we would have been easily looking at promotion otherwise
  9. Yes if Moore will insist on playing out from the back there’s no space for him in the squad and that’s even before the injury he picked up. Especially on the wage he was on too.
  10. Currently injured? Don’t worry we will sign you anyway. Not injured? Don’t worry we will sign you and you soon will be.
  11. Is there a list of L2 free agents? Preferably 30+ year old.
  12. Problem with Lee’s is that his attributes don’t compare with what you normally associate with an older head like organisation, leadership etc.
  13. Some of the players played like it too.
  14. Comfortably our best keeper of the last 20odd years.
  15. How far down we’ve come from where? We have been a L1-Championship yo-yo club for the last 20 years.
  16. Could have got a contract at any championship club but went to Cyprus instead because there was too much covid in London.
  17. Bit disappointed really, thought I would have got a few bites with that one.
  18. I blame Monk for all this. If Monk hadn’t have given him and Shaw their debuts and brought them into the team we could have just released them and nobody would complain about it.
  19. He was nothing to do with our academy anyway so any compensation is a bonus.
  20. Says a person who thinks that as long as the manager and players are friends then the rest of the club will be perfectly fine . Impressive.
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