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  1. £30m gets you Watkins, gerrit spent
  2. Poo game. 4 points from Cardiff and Watford is a good return though.
  3. How anyone can think Nuhiu was slower than a man nicknamed 'cement legs' is beyond me...
  4. FM veteran here. You'll want to do the Real Names Fix before you start a new game: https://www.fmscout.com/a-fm20-real-names-license-fix.html And check out their GenieScout as well, very useful.
  5. He's not on 40k. He's around the 25k mark. Where has this 40k come from?!
  6. Cardiff lost 3-0 to Northampton last week, the only thing we can deduce so far is that we are better than Cardiff, but worse than Northampton. Fact. Alternatively, it could be too early in the season to deduce anything. Whatevs.
  7. We really shouldn't have. He missed 26 games last season with similar injuries to when he was here. £5m + potentially £2m in add-ons was a good deal.
  8. They did recoup nearly £135m in players out the previous season though...
  9. Because we were found not guilty of the majority of charges and despite losing less than Birmingham over the period (as I understood it), yet we were docked more points.
  10. Well done Liam Palmer. Although with 11 assists in 303 matches, I'm not holding my breath for another assist this season.
  11. No, they can't go on forever. You can't appeal an appeal decision, which is probably why the EFL didn't appeal against us. From the sound of things, we are likely to at least get a reduction in punishment, potentially even have it removed entirely now there is precedent from the Derby outcome.
  12. That and the fact that he is our top goalscorer of the decade 2010-2020. I sh*t you not.
  13. Also what complete madness, me and @room0035 agreeing about something 😂😂😂
  14. More evidence of Monk shoehorning players into positions they aren't suited for to fit his desired formation, rather than play with a formation that suits what he has available. You can't even argue that it's the players he hasn't brought in that are the problem anymore; Signs central midfielder Izzy Brown and where doe he make his debut? As a striker. The mind boggles. Square pegs, round holes, more of the same calamitous form beckons under him I'm afraid.
  15. £25,000 a week. But still probably more than we want to spend.
  16. Monk playing someone in a position they're not comfortable with and them not playing well? Can't think when that has ever happened before...
  17. We're going to lose this on penalties aren't we?
  18. Taking off a right wingback and replacing him with a left wingback whilst as a team we've had 2 shots the entire game is Monk's managerial ineptitude in a nutshell
  19. Wonder what's on the Paint Drying Channel? Might switch over
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