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  1. The fella Hutch tackled made a reyt song and dance. You got kicked in the leg, not shot
  2. Luongo was the best player on the park first half. Defensive midfield wasn't the problem.
  3. What the absolute fizz happened at half time. This better not be a sign of things to come, shambolic second half
  4. Very impressed with the midfield 3. Bossing it. Just need to finish chances. Rhodes to bag one 2nd half
  5. And selling our best centre back in the midst of a points deduction is best for business is it? Smart man
  6. Add the 12 points back on after the last game of the season. Go up as champions
  7. Martin Taylor by far the slowest Wednesday player I've ever seen
  8. PENALTY? Jesus christ if Stevie Wonder was the ref he wouldve seen that
  9. Watford kit looks like someone submitted it for a photoshop competition
  10. Watford are there for the taking, poo so far. Wednesday looking solid
  11. Are we ruling out a win then? It's alright a draw will do
  12. The entrance song should be changed to Shawn Michaels' theme song
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