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Fulham -V- Wednesday OMDT

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1 minute ago, Morepork said:

The club really is a shambles at the moment. You wouldn't be shocked if Thursdays game is delayed because we'd turned up at the Riverside.......

We'd all be surprised, we play on Wednesday

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2 minutes ago, Holmowl said:

No he hasn’t.


Hes been poor. The other 10 have been utterly dire. 

He’s currently a 6/10 and at least two higher than every other player in green!

Easily pleased if you think any of these players deserve any praise 


Bannan definitely hasn’t been the best player on the field 

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10 minutes ago, GLOwl said:

Are you for real?! While luongo is equally as bad, bannan has been our best player.


I agree, it's not his fault to pass 40 yards in to touch, our players should know where he's going to pass, getting caught on

the ball is just unfortunate their players happen to be in the way, his tackling is great even though he doesn't win the ball,

his shooting is second to none and his goals for this Season have been great.

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1 minute ago, Minton said:


You said that despite Bannan having two great seasons you don't get the love in. What more do you want from someone? He's been our best player by a country mile for 2 and a half seasons, yet you don't see why people rate him? Are you blind or just stubborn?

No, in his first 2 seasons he was fantastic and I think that's partly down to him playing out wide. For me he's been poor for a while, loose passes, losing the ball but because he was so good earlier in his Wednesday career fans still have a love him and a Bannan can do no wrong attitude. 

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