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  1. Westwood 9 - Best player by a mile. Although I hate it when the keeper gets MOTM, says everything about the rest of the team Palmer 8 - Owe the lad a massive apology, we’ll done for proving me and others wrong Lees 3 been garbage all season Hector 7 solid performance great pen Fox 3 Get rid Matias 3 Like him but hasn’t been been good enough making is awful. Lee 5 Not fully fit Pelupessy 2 Been an absolute passenger all season. Not good enough for where we want to be Forestieri 4 did he even play today Joao 3 as usual, promises a lot but delivers little Fletcher 3 Had a great season but had the flip flops on today Hutchinson 1 what’s the point? Nuhiu 4 poor today Hooper 3 was on the beach with fletch
  2. Even this cloud shape of ET is laughing at the silly little banner Well...its either that or the cookie monster
  3. No chance.... they can’t even stop banging away during Hi Ho Sheffield Wednesday. Half of the kop was out of time with the rest of the stadium, yet again. Now THAT is ‘cringeworthy’ and ‘embarrassing’
  4. Looks like blue and white stripes to me
  5. Only came to see the Wednesday Our fans complain about POTG prices... they just paid £800 for the privilege
  6. Some people want to just whine, moan and chuck dirt at every little thing the owner does. Its almost as if some fans won’t be happy until they have driven him and his family out of the club.
  7. Well some united fans are expecting an £800 invoice for an aeroplane they hired just to come and see the famous Wednesday
  8. This is what worries me a bit.... Bruce needs to make big changes which might not happen straight away. How long will the fans give him if it doesn’t click straight away? Especially now that United have been promoted the expectations of the supporters has now increased massively.
  9. The players will have been briefed beforehand and Im sure the management staff at QPR will have had to agree to it as well. If so, a nice touch from Queens Park Rangers and their supporters too who appeared to clap and not try and spoil the moment (like some other fans would have)
  10. Didn’t hurt us at all It’s a huge thing for the people of Thailand and must mean a lot to our owner. I think our fans showed a touch of class during and for applauding afterwards. It didn’t cost the fans anything and if it helps us to build our brand and gets the club noticed in Thailand then it can only be a good thing.
  11. He did the same the other week, might have been against Villa. He went nuts at two players and then stormed down the tunnel, didn’t even acknowledge the fans (which is unlike him) If he’s going to stay, I’m sure he will want assurances that 4 or 5 of our donkeys arent going to play in front of him again (I include Mathias, Fox, Lees and Pelupessy in that list)
  12. Ironic that united are playing today but united fans want to hire a plane to watch the Wednesday instead
  13. Who was the Villa player who feigned injury while we were counter attacking? The ref ignored him so he pretended he had an head injury to get the game stopped. Or VAR..... cant we chuck that in? You just knew we would get screwed in the first game when VAR was introduced. Just like when the passback was introduced and Nillson was deemed to have conceded a free kick against Man City that would never be deemed a backpass by todays rules.
  14. I know what you mean but people will say its their prerogative to leave early if they want due to traffic, work, other commitments etc.... It does bother me sometimes when supporters leave early en masse. The Villa game for example, we played them off the park in the second half. The way we played, we would have been disapointed if we'd drawn that game and we especuially didnt deserve the game to end the way it did..... but sometimes, thats just football. It was disappointing to see the fans all leaving like they did. It almost felt like they were turning their backs on the players for the way it ended. It would have been nice to see a few more stick around and show their appreciation to the players for their effort. Even though it was difficult to take, I thought the players deserved better.
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