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  1. Not every change. The referees spray for free kicks is one of the best changes in years.
  2. Wouldn’t bother me 4 x 20 minute quarters. Have an official time keeper to stop the clock every break in play. Everyone will know what time is left to play and it immediately removes time wasting from the game. The annoyance of an extra break will bother me far less than it does when referees just make up stoppage time by plucking a figure out of the air
  3. Twice https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/dimsumdigital.wordpress.com/2010/05/30/newspaper-gets-spoofed-by-terry-henfleet-again/amp/
  4. What... this happened in ‘The Land of the Free’? Cant be true.
  5. If we are found guilty, no one will be safe... Chansiri, Monk, Bullen, Odubajo, Trevor Francis ... will all be at fault for the verdict.
  6. I mean... can you believe ... there are actually OTHER THREADS????
  7. Phew every so often people post on the other threads and this gets pushed down to about the 5th or 6th thread. I go into a blind panic when I don’t see this thread at the top and wonder if it’s been pulled or something has happened I need my fix!!!!
  8. Of course mate.... be a boring place otherwise
  9. This is like Wednesday fans re-writing history. I keep reading it over and over but resist the urge of getting in the same debate. The football under Grey in his second season was terrible. It was dull, boring and the attendances were falling like a stone. We werent the same side who put 6 past Leeds and 5 past Reading. Most of the time we played one up front yet our fans gave pelters to previous managers for being so negative at home. People are right, we dont know what Grey would have done with money, (even thought he was actually backed with players but still couldnt get us near the play offs) but the fact that he did nothing as a manager before and hasnt been a manager since probably tells you he wasnt the right man.
  10. This is the thing that irks me though. There might have been one or two concerned posters on here when Chansiri took over, but on the whole the majority of Wednesday fans were loving it. We all couldnt wait for our knight in shining armour to take us over and plough money into the club. After years of suffering, relegations, humiliating results, being unable to sign anyone and getting stuck in the 3rd tier twice, we were all so desperate and relieved when it happend. The players we were signing back then, we could only dream about. It might not feel like it now but we had Gary Hopper up front, and Jordan Rhodes. I think it was Warnock who summed up how strong our side was in a game where we brought our best player off the field and replaced him with Fernando Forestieri. No one was complaining at all. Watching us at home with crowds averaging 28,000, playing Arsenal off the park, the light show against Brighton, during the trip down to Wembley, making the place bounce with the "on our way" song... the play offs the season after... not one person was complaining at that time. Not one. It was a failed experiment but we all lapped it up. Not one person complained that Chansiri didnt know what he was doing until the bubble burst. I know its not all black and white but based on all of this, it looked like our fans were all happy, singing and dancing round him until the first point that it went wrong. Im not saying Chansiri has been perfect, hindsight is wonderful and Im sure he would love that luxury too. In reality, I dont think hes going anywhere but Im sure his love for football will have taken a battering the last year or so..... Bruce walking, the EFL, the whole SAG debacle, Transfer Embargos, etc.... For me 2 things need to happen. 1) Get this EFL hearing out of the way. 2) When we know the outcome.... tell the fans what the strategy is for the club moving forward both on and off the field. Tell the supporters like it is .....and tell us that there is a plan in place.
  11. Well they’ve messed up the movies, especially the timeline, but the animated universe has some brilliant content and plenty of mileage so the future’s not looking that bleak for them to be honest.
  12. Maybe not, but we had some good times along the way. In Carlos first season we could have beaten anyone at home, the Arsenal game, Wembley, the Play offs, attractive football, averaging 28,000 each home game. Id rather have experienced some of that than tread water under Grey for a few more seasons. Football is always about cycles. So many teams, even Man U under Fergie had to dust themselves off every now and then and rebuild.
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