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  1. This is double-paned sound-proof glass
  2. What in the name of Chris Waddle is that red tracksuit all about???
  3. Nah... Lees would just do a poor attempt of passing all responsibility on to Dawson.
  4. Watch the comparison in a few years when the BlaVdes have their 150th anniversary. You can be sure as sh*t it will put our little whimper to shame.
  5. The thing with Warnock is his own arrogance.... he only supported that lot because all of his family were a Wednesdayites. He often talks fondly about standing on the Kop watching Wednesday. He would love his legacy to be the same as Derek Dooleys, in that both Sheffield clubs have an admiration for him... he would take the job in an heartbeat just for that. He wouldn’t accept the crap that’s being served up now. Hes also a grade A, first class nobber of the highest order. Feck him.
  6. there’s very little pay on the day, the majority of attendees are season ticket holders (thanks Dejphon) People not turning up won’t affect the club as the money has already been paid. People need to turn up and send a message. We’ve been patient for far too long and need to show that the current status is not acceptable
  7. Shows the standard of players we’ve had to put up with since our fall from the premier league .... and highlights the lack of anything from the current lot
  8. Oh and Bullen is the closest thing that we have had to a legend in the past 20 years. What he lacked in ability he more than made up for in character, passion, pride and effort..... all traits that our current squad are seriously lacking in.
  9. At the end of the period where Bullen took temporary charge, you could hear the disappointment in his voice that the players had let him down. You could almost feel in his interview that he wanted to let rip at some of them but stayed professional. He wanted the job so badly yet his ‘mates’ who were still calling him ‘Bully’ underperformed for him.
  10. To be fair, it’s not the first time he’s been at war with Radio Sheffield
  11. The last time DC made a statement, the BBC completely misquoted him when he suggested that he would put the club up for sale. Even when they were told otherwise, the local media continued to run with the same incorrect story. English is not his first language and maybe he doesn’t want to be misquoted again. This is obviously my opinion but it’s strange how that seems to be the last time we heard from him. That being said, someone needs to tell us what is going on.... a press officer or employ a CEO... anything.
  12. Absolutley, and this is why I’m on the fence. Keep swaying both ways to be fair.... however, should these players be able to get yet another manager the sack? Let’s be right, they’re not even trying
  13. True, but the if the players are out of contract or have been told by their agents that they will be elsewhere just don’t get injured ... what can Monk do? Whatever has happened, what happened to playing for the shirt? Playing for the club? And most importantly, playing for the supporters who have been nothing but impressive and loyal for so long?
  14. I remember when Carlos left and he gave the impression that he was going spill the beans. Most were saying it was just because he was losing the plot. Wonder what he wanted to say.
  15. I remember when Carlos left and he gave the impression that he was going spill the beans. Most were saying it was just because he was losing the plot. Wonder what he wanted to say.
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