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  1. Ironic that there are similarities between what Monk has done and what Luhukay appeared to be doing.
  2. Doesn’t state that he’s coming back to Hillsborough there though
  3. We’re coming for you We’re coming for you Zero points We’re coming for you
  4. Giddings and Brian Laws Are the EFL going to continue to punish us?
  5. Just put the radio on Giddings ‘And a free kick here for Cardiff City....” No context, not telling us where, not telling what what happened. Giddings next sentence.... “And here’s Bannan for Wednesday” How can people listen to this?
  6. Cheers So I’ve paid to listen to nothing 😂
  7. What a joke took ages to sign in Took ages to accept payment had to quit Chrome and use on Firefox And I’ve paid to listen to Huddersfield
  8. Hope Van Aken comes back having learned from his experience away from the club in the same way that appears Penney has benefitted.
  9. Dawson 🤦🏻‍♂️ Wildsmith has always been the better of the two.
  10. Nice touch and best of luck to the big guy. Shame that a few other recent squad members didn’t have the same ‘attytude’
  11. The first real game of the season and that predicted starting line up is worrying. We haven’t seen the wholesale changes so far that we all so badly wanted at the end of the last campaign. I want to be optimistic about our survival chances but that team looks far worse than last seasons.
  12. Does anyone really think that the problems at our club can be resolved in one preseason? Especially the kind of preseason we have just had?
  13. Was just thinking the same. Look more like a team these days rather than a bunch of individuals. Adopting a style of play that is applied at all levels of the international team also helps massively.
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