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  1. Happy to be corrected but I dont think youre allowed stripes on the front and back due to FL rules. Something about making the numbers easier to see. Dont shoot the messenger
  2. Yeah..... trying to arrange something fun during the school holidays to try and get the next generation interested in Sheffield Wednesday. What an "horrific" thought
  3. Hi Marcelo, Seeing as you are here, pressumably because you got recognised at our training ground, I will give you all the inside knowledge you need. Firstly, our danger man is Fox. If he plays then you need to make sure you have 3 players on him at all times, whether he has the ball or not. Dont bother with the rest if the team, just mark Fox. The knowledgeable folk on Owlstalk will tell you that Fletcher, Hooper, Hutchinson and Lee (although still injured) are all finnished here. Check the threads, search the forums... the experts will tell you, these players are all done here. I wouldnt worry about any of them. Next, Liam Palmer..... he is shocking. Again... read the forums, He would be better to move away from Wednesday for the sake of his own career and for the good of the club. Sam Winnall is the one to watch. With every game that he does not play, he turns more into a cross between Messi and Ronaldo. The longer he is out the more of a world beater he becomes. By Saturday he will be 2 days better, so youd better watch out. I wouldnt bother with any of that defending lark, just play 2 at the back. We like to play for 0-0 draws, especially away from home so we will be looking for another 0-0 win! We lack width and pace so dont let any of that bother you. We will just sit back... we have no outlet... its the Wednesday way.
  4. Cant understand anything up at the back of the Kop either. Just sounds all muffled. I used to think it was the tannoy/sound system but whenever there is a safety announcement or there is a different announcer you can hear perfectly fine. I think the guy just mumbles.
  5. Absolutley. Hooper is the player at the club
  6. The atmosphere was pretty good when we scored, when they levelled the atmosphere was as if we’d gone behind. The disappointing thing for me was the number of people who left when Villa scored. I know it was near the end, I know how gutting it was but after the second half display I thought the players deserved better. Almost felt like the crowd were turning their backs on the players. A bit more togetherness and appreciation from the fans wouldn’t have hurt
  7. Is it just me who can’t understand a word of any the songs that any of the teams from Birmingham sing apart from when they shout Villa and it sounds like a bunch of school kids in a swimming baths
  8. Unlike the grunters, I don’t put my hatred of my rivals above the support of my own team. I love Wednesday far more than I hate united.
  9. He had a good spell earlier on in the season when people were praising him, yet some of our fans couldn’t see beyond the scapegoat tag that they had branded on him when he arrived. Granted, he may not be good enough to take us to where we want to be but he was far from being the reason that we lost today. I would put a string of 3 maybe 4 of players names who were at fault before I even thought of Fox.... Thats if we want to play the blame game!
  10. Don’t think it was a lucky save from the penalty i thought Fletchers penalty was woeful
  11. Whats that got to do with anything? You saying it’s justified for fans to run on then pitch?
  12. It looked like more than one on the pitch to me. A few got dragged out by stewards And knocking the advertising boards and running across the netted off area to goad the Wednesday fans. Their fans throwing things.
  13. You think their behaviour was acceptable? Running on the field of play is fine?
  14. We didn’t miss out on the playoffs because of today’s results We missed out because of the shocking first half of the season
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