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  1. Not really sure how this helps Bury to be fair, either the team or their supporters. Had they found a way to play this game it might have helped them financially, even if only a little Never mind, FFP (or whatever it’s called these days) will stop this sort of thing
  2. We all dream of a team of Roland Nilssons’
  3. When they aren’t the droids you’re looking for
  4. When Jos was relieved of his duties, people were demanding that the next manager is British with championship experience. We got that in Bruce, why has this suddenly out of the window now that Bruce has left? As a fanbase we are going backwards and accepting mediocrity based on Bullens history with the club. I don’t want to be left wondering what a more experienced manager would get out of these players.
  5. Black shorts sets us apart from the Colchester’s and Wigan’s of this world. Black shorts give us our identity and scream ‘Sheffield Wednesday’
  6. The away end needs knocking down and rebuilding as a separate stand .... we missed a trick not seeking funding for this in the 90’s The kop - cantilever the roof, remove the pillars and fill in the corners. Makes up for any lost capacity from the away end. There plenty of room behind the Kop for extra facilities North needs work behind it to upgrade the facilities, increase space and entrances and exits Sounds cheaper than a new stadium to me. If anything was going to happen it would have already started. Nothing will happen until we reach the premier league
  7. Just playing devils advocate here.... If Chansiri wanted to spend the money on a new stadium why wouldn’t he consider making some upgrades to Hillsborough instead? And why hasn’t he already done it?
  8. My feeling exactly. Didnt want Bullen to get the job but after seeing the pace and energy, the way we press teams and attack more directly , we are definitely building something good here. I don’t want someone coming in and changing it all. That being said, I feel there’s still a lot of work to do. Playing this way is all well and good but will it last all season? Player management is key to not burning them all out by christmas
  9. Be great if both Sheffield clubs could come together and show a bit of solidarity.... problem is we are too busy trying to point score over who has the biggest rust bucket
  10. Hillsborough Orgreave Child sexual exploitation scandal one common denominator... SYP The force should have been disbanded years ago. Could be wrong but the way this has all panned out looks like a number of people complained about policing during the derby game and the SYP response is to deflect blame to the club. Shameful if true
  11. I thought that we appointed someone last year with the task of sitting down with the Advisory Group and going through the stadium, stand by stand, looking at ways that we could get back up to full capacity. Not that we sell out often, but there are games every season which create a larger demand for tickets and its a shame that we seem to be losing almost a quarter of the stadium capacity.
  12. I think Chansiri deserves a lot of credit right now. Be great if all the fans couldn’t get behind the team and the owner this season and let’s see what happens
  13. FFS What happened to Performance Mode?
  14. They'll probably let you pay to sit anywhere you want in the stadium tomorrow.... Saturday might be a different story though
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