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  1. Good signing for Fleetwood, hope that it works out well for them both. Good luck Ross and thanks for some great memories.
  2. Miffed

    Club's Best Moment

    I didnt know this. Im guesing this would have been even more impressive when you take into consideration that it was only 2 points for a win back then.
  3. Or Richard Wood, who thought it was a better career move to go to Coventry rather than being the Wednesday team captain. Look how that panned out.
  4. Miffed

    Worst Signing Ever

    When someone thought that it would be a good idea to replace John Sheridan with Andy Sinton That was the day it all went wrong
  5. Miffed

    Bronco Layne

    What song was this? How did it go and what was the tune?
  6. It says in another thread that it was always the intention to only play him for 15 mins
  7. Miffed

    England vs Spain, 1931

    Check out those boots!
  8. Miffed


    Thats the Maghoma song recycled then.
  9. Miffed

    Leeds in for Batth

    Were (are) we really in for him though?
  10. Miffed

    Tonight’s attendance

    Get a big team either home or away in the next round and watch the clamor for tickets. Nothing to do with price, or being midweek. The kids are off school still, take them to a game of football. People bemoan the Premier League but just like the other year when we played Arsenal, they're usually the same people who want Hillsborough making bigger.. Fans who go to these games against the less attractive opposition teams should get in cheaper for subsequent games.
  11. Miffed

    The sending off

    I thought the same as well. No wonder supporters fee frustrated with officials.
  12. Maybe as we get closer to kick off, or the players come out at half time, we play local bands singing Wednesday songs? Pretty sure someone recently recorded a version of ‘singing the blues’ (Not Terry Curran). Imagine playing a version of WAWAW recorded by a collaboration of local artists and the stadium singing along.