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  1. Miffed

    Bannans Arms being sponsored

    This actually makes sense.... he was waving them around enough yesterday in front of the Kop. Maybe someone saw that and thought of the idea. Next idea.... a sponsorship on the front of Westwood’s gloves so everyone can see it when he’s waving to the crowd at the end of the game
  2. Miffed

    From a Wigan fans forum

    Who wrote this crap? Please tell me it wasn’t a journalist
  3. Bannan has had 2/3 bad games recently. The problem is, when Bannan is off his game then so are the team as they rely on him way too much. There is no one else in the squad who can take control of a game, no one else who can step up and be creative. I also believe that teams target him. Stop Bannan and you stop Wednesday. we can’t afford to be dependent on just one player.
  4. Miffed

    Agnew on recruitment

    I think Bruce will get signings...... just not this transfer window. I dont know why but part of me feels that Chansiri has something up his sleeve for next season. We just need to ride this season out and see what impact the new manager can have on the current team and then strengthen ready to go again next season,
  5. Miffed


    I often wonder how good Rhodes would have been in Carlos' first season. The way we played, especially at home would really have suited his game. (Or even if Carlos hadnt changed his football philosophy in his second season) Agree, look at players like Teddy Sheringham or Kevin Phillps. Not the quickest but were clever players who knew where to be at the right time.
  6. I have a feeling you may have missed a joke.
  7. Miffed

    Sitting down at away games

    The only time that you should sit down at an away game is during half time, to have a rest.
  8. Miffed


    Except for that time that the kop was closed for a cup game when he was manager
  9. Always said that cheap tickets should start on the kop. Fill that first and create and atmosphere in the place
  10. I heard the name he used but didn’t hear who he called it
  11. Miffed

    Jos was right

    Some of the younger players definitely have the potential but trying to play them all at once was always going to be a huge gamble and a risk to the players futures. They need more more experienced players around them on the field to nurture and educate them. Help them develop at their own pace rather than chucking them all into the fray with the weight of the supporters expectations on their backs. im only hoping that their confidence hasn’t been shattered by Jos’ crazy gamble
  12. I think its also time that the fans showed him that we mean business too. Lets back the guy and see where he takes us. I firmly believe that he has a plan, the problem with our fan base is that we want everything now. I believe he does have a plan and that he is working hard behind the scenes. D Taxis and the energy drink company appeared to be a way to bring in more funds but, for whatever reason, dont seem to have hit the ground yet. I have no doubt that the owner is working on something but understandably isnt going to announce to the world his buisness plans. Remember the infamous question of whether the fans would like us to continue with our current model of investing in the first team? No where on there did it say "when" For me, this season was always going to be one of consolidation..... in the meantime we gave it a crack with the kids and it didnt work.... we build and we go again. I think Mr Chansiri deserves a chance.
  13. Reading between the lines from the forum, it almost felt like Chansiri was hinting that funds will be available, the club have a few things to sort out first a d it won’t be just yet. All just my opinion btw
  14. Miffed

    Boycott the Luton Game

    So pressumably, should the club sack Jos before this game we can expect a sell out then?