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  1. No mate.... North Derbyshire supporters club are taking over..
  2. Are you looking to organise a coach to try and compete with the Rotherham Owls?
  3. It’s not the squads that both sides have right now, it’s their potential. With their huge fan bases, EPL money and their pulling power they would certainly have the potential to upset the status quo in the Premier League, which is why, in my opinion, they will never be allowed in the Premier League under the existing set up.
  4. Seems like the perfect match for us Captain Cook and HMS PTL
  5. Echo what everyone else has said in this thread. Great player during his time with us, with an equally great attitude and character. One of the few who cared enough about the club to continue to play on for us last season beyond his contract (unlike the deserters) Best of luck Kieran and thank you.
  6. Thompson has already got more wins that Pulis
  7. That’s the kind of result that’s going to disappoint a fair few people ... especially those on Sky TV
  8. Yes!!!!! Threadbare team but we dug in and defended well, weathered their mini storm and scored a goal through sheer determination. Happy with that
  9. Can’t be MOTM.....He hasn’t scored yet Everyone knows the goal scorer is always the MOTM
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