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  1. Don’t particular think it helped when managers couldn’t decide where to play him. Rather than playing him in his ‘natural’ position, or the position he learned his trade, managers tried him up front, centre mid and even full back… yep, full back.
  2. And when they paid him, he won player of the season, and (as someone else posted) he pretty much carried the team during Luhukay’s tenure. That season, everyone was raving about him and singing his name on the terraces. Think the performance against Cardiff last season was a clear statement that if you pay the players they are more than capable of competing in this league…. I don’t think those random performances were a coincidence.
  3. Doesnt matter how much he was on a month, his mortgage, bills, debts would have been relative to his earnings and still needed to be paid.
  4. According to the OS the attendance was: 12,860
  5. Apologies if already mentioned, what colour were the numbers on the shirts and how did they look?
  6. I’d love to know whether there’s something about the training ground and facilities that is part of the reason we get so many injuries. It seems to be something that has riddled the club for decades now.
  7. He never does, he’s the worst to listen to. It’s not commentary of the game, it’s an hour an half of listening to Andy Giddings chatting about random nonsense with the off update on the game.
  8. Just lost the first game of the season 2 - 1 against newly promoted Hearts
  9. A tall Albanian striker….. What could possibly go wrong?
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