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  1. The atmosphere wasn’t bad for the first 5 - 10 minutes of the game then drifted off. The second half got better as the half went on. There were a few patches where the fans found their voices, particularly after the 2nd goal. Got a bit nervy towards the end. coincidence?
  2. Love how the Brentford players were suddenly not so keen with time wasting tactics
  3. And the amount of arm waving is getting ridiculous In the first half, 2 of their players were holding Atdhe, he was clearly getting fouled, yet Bannan ran 20 yards to give him a rollocking. I just spilt some coffee on the kitchen table and fully expected to turn round and see Bannan windmilling at me
  4. Pelupessy got absolute pellets against Blackburn for his poor corners.... Bannan has been shocking, today was worse then ever. One in particular was embarrassing
  5. I think the fans have just gotten too used to the ‘formula’ players come out... band bang drum players do handshakes and wait for players to run towards the Kop half for applause Team read out and Hi Ho Silver Lining Starts Band join in, even though we have music, so 9 times out of 10, half of the kop is clapping out of time to the rest of the stand eventually messing up the song Team get a corner - sing song A or B Team score - band play Aida even though half of the crowd are singing the goal scorers name Fans try to sing anything different that’s not in accordance with the above formula and most people are just confused so sit in silence Its too ‘samey’
  6. You missed off ‘Bannan shouting at people who are having a better game than himself’
  7. I think it’s 2 things Firstly, we don’t look too far off but make silly decisions at both ends. A simple pass for a tap in, a cross with a bit more quality, a bit more composure instead of smashing it over the bar or start making the amount of corners we have count. At the other end, close a man down, put it in the stand or stop dribbling in dangerous positions. We’re so close. Secondly, rightly or not, it feels like everyone is against us at the minute. Even seems like we’re getting the wrong end of some very poor refereeing decisions and it certainly isn’t ‘balancing itself out’. It’s SWFC against the world and the fans want to see the same fighting spirit from the players and defiantly not be defeated no matter what anyone chucks at us.
  8. Too inconsistent and as good as he is going forward he often shirks his defensive duties Theres this thing with Wednesday fans where Bannan seems immune from any criticism. People are allowed to point out when a player has a poor game.
  9. As frustrating as we were, that was fully deserved Hope it breeds some confidence now
  10. I honestly don’t know why any team tries to hold the ball in the corner when there’s so long left
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