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  1. Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. How about a raffle. Users who want to join donate £1 to Owlstalk. One entry per member (with the opportunity for users to donate more if they wish) Total amount gets donated to the Children’s Hospital Present a cheque to the Children’s Hospital for the total amount and get them to draw out the winners name at the same time.
  2. I would imagine that the clubs all have a contractual media obligation as part of participating in the competition which is why the talks with the EFL are taking place. I would much prefer the EFL to stop wasting their time by talking about it and support their members by backing the initiative.
  3. There’s a chance that we could be playing Barrow Town or Brighton’s Academy team in a professional competition next season.
  4. We might be down but I’m sure we have yet to reach the bottom by a long way. Sadly, relegation just feels like the beginning
  5. Hopefully mate, they're just enjoying playing for the team whatever level they represent the club at. I use the word "club" as an all encompassing word that should cover everyone involved at Sheffield Wednesday, whether thats the first team, the reserves /U23's, U18's or any other level. After alll its supposed to be the club that they are representing. They may even be happy with the amount of exposure they get from the club, in the matchday programme etc. Is there more the club could do? Without knowing the ins and outs of what the club do provide, do th
  6. I’ve not missed the sound of someone banging on a drum way too loudly reverberating around the stands of an half empty stadium.
  7. Strange how you see a shirt and a certain player (or players) spring to mind 1 - Dicanio / Thome 2 - Degryse / Hirst 3 - Wallace 4 - Sterland
  8. And theyre putting in these inept performances without even feeling the fans frustrations, half of them looked like they were just going through the motions in the second half... just riding the game out without a care in the world.
  9. They really know how to bring you back down to Earth with a bang
  10. Have you ever felt so disjointed and so unconnected to a set of players as this lot of wasters?
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