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  1. Miffed

    From a player.......

    It’s one thing to think that there is nothing wrong with the club but it’s another to spread rumours without any substance for the sake of it Its pig propaganda... nothing more than Pigaganda
  2. Miffed

    Atmosphere today

    Fixed it for you mate
  3. Miffed

    Atmosphere today

    The band will try drumming along to ‘Hi ho Silver Lining’ as usual, completely out of time so that half of the Kop are singing at a different point to the rest of the stadium, killing the song yet again. This usually sets the tone for the start of the game. Someone tell them that they don’t need to drum, we can hear the music !!
  4. Miffed

    Please tell me

    At least he was prepared to take one for them
  5. Miffed

    #OnThisDay in 1992

    Am I right in thinking that it would have been Ajax in the next round, who were a big European club back then. Imagine the team we had back then going up against Ajax. Edit: Just checked - It would have been Ajax in the next round, who were also defending champions.
  6. Maybe a friendly / testimonial type of game between Wednesday and Trinity would drum up more interest.
  7. Miffed

    Linesmen/ Assistant refs

    What use is VAR if it’s the same inept referees making the decisions? its still the same useless guy on the pitch who will be looking at the screen
  8. Miffed

    Premier league 2

    Its not the parachute payments that are the problem, its what they are being spent on. Had parachute payments been around when we were relegated from the Premier League then we may not have been in such a financial mess. We were crippled financially by players on water tight contracts who we were paying top dollar for. Should we reach the Premier League again, I would like to think that we have the opportunity to compete by offering Premier League wages. This is where Parachute Payments are a good thing. There needs to be a rule whereby Parachute Payments are only used to cover existing player wages and not for funding additional players and therefore creating an uneven playing field in the transfer market. Clubs should have already made their money from being in the Premier League in the first place.
  9. Miffed

    The room for improvement

    This is Sheffield Wednesday fans you are talking about...... there always has to be a scapegoat. These are the supporters who booed John Sheridan..... Gave players like Lewis Buxton and Atdhe Nuhiu tonnes of abuse but then were all desperate for them to sign contracts for us. Look at the Dawson thread.
  10. Miffed


    I think the whole "Doesn't command his area" is just a load of cliched dribble that rolls off peoples tongues sometimes. Its just an easy thing to say about any goalkeeper and you dont really have to back it up with evidence. I cant remember many occasions (if any) where we have conceded due to Dawson not commanding his area, definitely not in the past few games. Maybe due to the defense not doing their jobs properly, yeah, but certainly not Dawson.
  11. Miffed

    From Doom and Gloom to Top 2.

    One defeat in 9
  12. Miffed


    Jos has clearly told him to play it out ftom the back... problem is, it doesn’t help when he plays it to experienced players like Lees and he looks like a rabbit caught in the headlights and plays it straight back. it also doesn’t help that when he’s playing it from the back the crowd are moaning and jeering. How counter productive. im sorry but the only thing ‘flapping’ is our own ‘supporters’ in the stands
  13. Miffed


    At the back end of last season, when Westwood was out injured, the majority of our fans where saying that it would be unfair if Westwood walked straight back into the side. The young keepers had done nothing wrong and it would knock their confidence if they were suddenly dropped when Westwood came back. The majority of fans all agreed that Westwood should have to fight for his place, and rightly so. We have lost one game in 9 is it? And instead of backing a young, progressive goalkeeper, our fans can’t wait to knock his confidence and hinder the progression of the team and ‘one of our own’. Our fans will never learn