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  1. Our next manager after Bruce’s long and glorious reign, please and thank you
  2. Yes absolutely. The principle is the same but in reality, he’s probably had money off us already that’d set him up for life really, so it’s hard to argue that severing ties is particularly callous or discriminatory under the circumstances, even if he has developed a problem along those lines. He’s pretty well taken care of now, whatever’s gone on.
  3. I’m sure there are specific cases when it can, but in the vast majority of jobs, terminating someone’s contract solely due to a bout of mental ill-health would be illegal, and rightly so. Absolutely no idea what the situation is with Abdi. Just like everyone else in this thread. Wants shutting down IMO.
  4. Such a dilemma with him. Never known a player like him for commitment and guts. Incredible tackler, good vision, and a huge boost to the whole side when he’s on. Being forced to make a sub before the break six or seven times a season could well cost us dearly over the course of a whole campaign. I’d love him here on staff with options for an intentionally more occasional playing role, but we’ve got a pretty full dugout as it is. He’d be such an inspiration for the U23s, for example, but he’s not yet 30 himself and clearly lives to play. Incredibly tough call, but Bruce’s clear focus on addressing the two-year injury crisis might force his hand. Then again, we lack backup for him. What a rare breed of player and man he is though. Huge respect for him.
  5. Palmer for me, got kicked to bits and stayed really strong. Proper streched down the flanks. Iorfa solid, Fletch immense again and Big Hec pretty well pocketed the most lethal striker in the division. Nando looked like the player we had two years ago, but only 85% fit. Literally can't stop watching that absolute thunderb@stard of a hit, don't think I've ever actually heard a commentator scream "I DO NOT BELIEVE THAT" at a goal A great team effort all around. Props to Boyd for an absolutely ludicrous shift in pure mileage terms, never stopped. Matias tracked back really well too, wasn't his fault for the equaliser, he was stitched up proper by a shameful dive, and the ref blocked his initial challenge.
  6. Farke talking always sounds like he's trying to convince himself to let himself interfere with himself
  7. Glad to see you back OP, all the best. Joey was immense tonight in fairness to him.
  8. Oh my goodness, the slow-mo replays of that 'foul' on 95min. SUCH an unbelievable dive, and the ref five yards away. Absolutely ridiculous.
  9. Lucky buggers, did an absolute job on them. All hail Bruce. What a performance lads, too.
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