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  1. Our mum had it in her late 30s and it nearly did for her - no hyperbole, she came close. In hospital for about a month, full oxygen mask, isolation ward, later a recovery ward, the works. Not asthmatic, no underlying health conditions. Horrendous business. Still has a persistent dry cough 30 years later and prone to picking up chest stuff, she’s never quite been fully fit since. Wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. Glad you got over it mate, all best to the gaffer. Couldn’t give a hoot about how it affects the team, doesn’t matter. Wouldn’t matter if we were challenging for playoffs
  2. ha, didn't even notice you'd posted the exact same question a few min before I did
  3. On a side note, is there an actual environmental/planning/permissions reason we know of why none of the blue(s) used in almost every area of the ground are actually the blue of our club/kit colours? I mean it's not really even close. I know some of it is because certain parts fade in the sun and whatnot, but they weren't ever 'right' to start with as far back as I can remember (early '80s). Even when we used to paint some of the wooden seats, and have the standing barriers on the Kop, they were more like sky or azure blue than royal. I've always wondered why that was.
  4. And none of us should ever consider starting a business - Amazon and Tesco already exist and ours wouldn't be anywhere near competing, so what's the point
  5. On a side note, does anyone think it's totally cringe that we (and so many other clubs) still refer to the 'ladies' teams? Naff as all hell.
  6. I know plenty of women who've got way more into football over the past 3-4 years with the relatively massive rise we've seen in the general profile of the women's game, which even so remains criminally underfunded. I believe it's a valuable grassroots way in to active lifelong club support, especially for whole families with younger kids (and most notably girls, of course). I think it's going to prove to be an important vector over the coming decade or two, and I think clubs failing to harness it properly during that timeframe will miss out significantly in the long run. Besid
  7. you can't win with some folks, even 5-0
  8. it should be wrapped in used nappies and fired directly into the sun
  9. sad part is despite the typo he's not been on loads less than this, fml on £300 thinking i'm doing oreyt but getting stressed about cat food
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