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  1. Can't belive the p1ssiness on here. We're all mad about the result and the performance, but honestly. An apology. As if they've been caught shoving an old lady around on the tram and sceaming racial slurs at a snail on the way home. Good grief. And while we're at it, I'm fed up of people saying they weren't bothered, don't have any team spirit etc. Absolute nonsense. I'm as f*cked off as anyone but get a grip. 'not bothered', all i saw United do when they scored was jog around making mobile phone signs (for some reason) and sticking their tongues out (because it's easier to breathe with their mouths open wide). Honestly, f*ck 'em, stop letting them rattle you. It was a sh1tshow and we'll learn some harsh bloody lessons from it. We've got another 35 games to play this season, god help some of you. Sorry, I'm pig sick too - literally - but my GOD the meltdowns. It's like a creche in here sometimes.
  2. Next Manager: Nigel Pearson

    He's an insane bully. Loved him on the pitch but toxic with a bit of weight to chuck about.
  3. The Women that confronted Carlos

    Come on Bluesky, there's trying to make a point and there's being really quite offensive. Not trying to get involved in your spat, but this isn't even close to ok. And it's categorically not a matter or 'opinion' or 'politics'.
  4. Liam Waldock

    I'm giving you a big hug whether you like it or not, fella. Sunday was weapons-grade horrible. Be reyt though. Fancy a tea? (Sugar is extra, you've just had all you're getting.) Unity, boys, unity. There are depressed jokes going awry here. WAWAW
  5. the bouncing day massacre

    Wouldn't swap the above for all the greasy sh*t butties in whatever sordid grief-hole they spawned from
  6. the bouncing day massacre

    Brilliant...except here's no such thing as a 'Bouncing Day', it's therefore structurally and conceptually flawed, and I claim my complimentary director's box for Leeds.
  7. Seriously? Wow. No wonder they're not getting any better. I give up. Except f*ck that, no. I don't. I think I'm as angry as everyone else, but on here it's aimed in as many different directions as there are fans. I'm almost more depressed by what I've seen off the pitch that what I saw on it. Fascinating. Weird. (And that's just the Jones-Joao sub.) Football at S6, in a nutshell. Good grief, let's get 3 points at Brum. UTO
  8. Actually, y'know what, as a professional journalist of 19 years (not on a godawful local rag thankfully), I take genuine f*cking exception to this link. It's p*ss poor, both critically and ethically. "This is not a journalist chucking his toys out of the pram because the job has been made more difficult." It absolutely f*cking is, mate. That's EXACTLY what it is. Prodding a beehive in the hope it'll explode in everyone else's face, but not yours. Well done for calling undue attention to precisely what you've just done, you utter halfwit. "We'll find something to fill those spaces in your newspaper because, no matter the obstacle, we always do." Hurrah, we agree! You do. You absolutely f*cking do. And that's why your coverage has been b*stard awful for years. With respect. Seriously, f*ck this rag. What a shambles. I'll do a proper article about the derby loss tomorrow, and I won't need to harangue any traumatised footballers to do it. Because if I'm going to open my gob about it, I'd better know which end I'm speaking from. I'll send it in for free. Into the void. Absolute arse 'news'. Get a grip, you raging prodder. Come on OwlsTalk, seriously - we can chew it out on here until the cows come home, but if we can agree on nothing else, let it be that we ignore this bilious tripe.
  9. The lesser-spotted Rictus Horribilis. Critically endangered, will be extinct soon if we just ignore it.
  10. Butterfield

    deleted, sigh - cannae be arsed tonight
  11. I was devastated and angered by the game on Sunday. I've only been embarrassed by the reaction. Totally agree.
  12. EVERYONE - Star, manager, players, OT, the lot - needs to shut the hell up for a bit. Get back to basics, wind necks in, get off Instagram, stop turning a three-minute interview into 14 articles with videos nicked off twitter, and PLAY FOOTBALL.
  13. Butterfield

    We've seen absolutely nothing of him. Don't even bother yet, at least give him 30 kicks of the ball before we tear him to bits and throw him on the 'we're better than every player we've ever had' pile. Not a jab at you, just saying i already get the feeling he's the next target - by virtue of pulling on the 'hallowed' (rapidly becoming 'toxic' if we don't chuffing BREATHE A WHILE) shirt. I'm fed up of it. God knows how they must feel.
  14. The Women that confronted Carlos

    Pudil seems to want a better view Is that Brooks drinking Yazoo? Christ we really did get dismantled by a kid didn't we
  15. Will we ever bounce again??

    They did, fair enough - and that's all they're getting. There's another one this season, and we shall STEAL IT BACK. Probably.