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  1. 300 year season tickets just announced, another world first from the mind of the maestro
  2. If we do indeed start on -12, by any reasonable standards finishing in 4th place in the league would be a fantastic (and eyebrow-raising) achievement. You'd certainly see a very healthy return if you lumped on it before a ball had been kicked. Shirley you're giving us the ol' Ross Wallace? Edit: in fact, never mind, YOU DEFINITELY DEFINITELY ARE
  3. I understand that the rolling three-year accounts cannot exceed a deficit of -£39m, so an average of -£13m a season for any three consecutive seasons. What I'm still struggling to get my head around is this: the recent verdict from EFL says we're guilty of P&S breach for the period 2015-2018 (and presumably we're bang to rights on that) - ok, fair enough that means they're telling us the stadium sale in 2019 CANNOT be used to cover shortfall in our accounts for the 2018 season *as part of the three years 2015-2018*, which is what DC tried to do - ok, again, fair enough BUT, if all arrears/profits are considered as part of the three-year period in which they took place, then a stadium sale in 2019 *is by definition* also considered part of 2016, 2017, 2018, 2020, 2021 AND 2022 accounts at some stage. In other words, it both is and isn't allowed as part of 2018, depending where you start counting from. (Great system if so! 😂) Is that right, or am I missing something really fundamental with the three-year rule here? Feels like I must be. If not, am I right in thinking that 2015-18 is literally the ONLY three-year period they could realistically 'get us' on (assuming, of course, we can now stay below £39m net losses over any three-year period, INCLUDING the 2019 ground sale) between now and 2022...? Jesus wept, could they have come up with a worse system for this!?
  4. If we don’t win this, playoffs are going to be a tough ask. I really like Atdhe and am honestly quite sad he’s going. An asset to our club in so many ways and genuinely a bright - albeit flickering weirdly at times - light in an era of much gloom and stress. Wish him all the very best. Nice piece, Snoots.
  5. I've been sad this last couple of seasons. Mostly this season. Feeling low about the team, about our prospects, about the atmosphere at games. About all of it. Wondering why, apart from hanging out with our loved ones or following some vague sense of history-related 'obligation', we continue to put in so much thought and energy and - yes - passion, as a collective entity. The long-suffering fans. You can see it reflected on here, occasionally, and more often in the stands. Scrapping and sniping and weird petty grudges that drag on and on when we're all wearing the same shirt. Obviously lively debates and strong opinions are what supporting is all about, but it's been...different for a while. Not as nice. Not as funny. Not as much of a family feeling. I dunno, just kind of 'off'. So I was trying to remember when I last really *enjoyed* football, whether for glorious moments or laugh-out-loud moments, or whatever, and I kept coming back to some vague memory of an old video I used to have. Looked it up on YouTube: it's Danny Baker doing Own Goals and Gaffes. Stupid, yes. Is he everyone's cup of tea? Heck no. But I dug it out on YouTube, and this opening segment has me almost weeping for the glory days. To quote: My friends, fellow Owls, I can't help but feel that somewhere in here there's a kernel of truth we've left far behind, and need to rediscover. Not paying any of them 30k a week is a start. Add that to the pile of things that mustn't 'go back to normal' after the horrors of lockdown. Whatever happens, UTO, and give us a hug you idiots. (Yes, I've had a beer.) (Part 1 free here, it's a lovely thing indeed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EEdQCdsQ_6A )
  6. i thought that sounded too smug for the joke, but absolutely agree
  7. Should’ve called it SWFC Mistrust, you’d be beating them away with a sh*tty stick (in seriousness though, good luck with it!)
  8. Exactly the type of poorly thought-out post we didn’t need amidst all this uncertainty and worry. Should’ve got it in brine, it’s much nicer.
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