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  1. So Wolves are playing a front FIVE? Christ. Enjoy yourself, Joe lad.
  2. ATTACK! ATTACK! ATTAaaaaaah my god
  3. 20 Rothmans Blue in his trackie bottoms an' all, clearly pretty chilled. 4-1 Wednesday.
  4. Act of kindness

    That's the spirit crikey
  5. Wolves at half time, us at full time is a very tempting offer at 40/1. Be so typical of Wednesday to sneak a win tonight - we don't get out of bed for anyone except the top two
  6. "You have to keep positive and approach every game in that frame of mind,” he said. “We have to consistently remind ourselves we need to win and the three points are the most important thing in each game" I think the context he's getting at here is "forget how good Wolves are, we need to focus on our own result". He's not saying they literally keep forgetting to win.
  7. Pre-Match Video

    Are you one of the entire block of fat lads on Kop who slowly meanders out of the pie tunnel 11min into every single game and gets all aggro 'cos I'm "in his mate's seat"?
  8. not moving forward

    And people are acting like Wednesday killed their dog in 2017
  9. Squad overhaul

    Tell you what, when you put it on paper like that we really should be top 2.
  10. Boyd got a shoulder injury. The thing about 'running too much' was a kiiiiiinda joke that really didn't scan well IMO - it came literally a fortnight after CC going on about how amazing Lee was with all his running, then Lee's hip fell off. I saw the Boyd comment as somewhat wry. Abdi a completely different story IMO, he's done in - even if he gets fit, I don't see him coming back from such an absence with any real force at his age. Would LOVE to be proven wrong.
  11. We've got an amazing squad! I've seen the stats loads of times! In unrelated news, has anyone got a spare copy of Football Manager newer than 2012, I'm bored of mine
  12. Got to be El Loco

    Don't go for a pint around Castleton way after a snarky OMDT, 'cos he'll pin you up against a dry stone wall. He's a nutcase.
  13. Can I Mention the Kit Please?

    The kids sound like lil' smashers, and I'm sure they are. Get them something else. The kit debacle is a debacle, but it's not ruining innocent childrens' lives. C'maaaaaaan.