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  1. The Reach bit just reminded me of when the band used to play Steptoe theme when an opposite made themselves look like a piece of cheese. Was brilliant that. How come all they do now is join in with a chant halfway through, at a different speed and in a different key? Boo!
  2. Hillsborough medical staff arriving to work 18 months ago https://www.youtube.com/embed/2zO5sIm3I9c
  3. Heard he was on Fargate first time someone played him a recording of the lairy lads singing it, and inadvertently got a full Börner outside Orchard Square. Sadly there were no survivors.
  4. Someone got a new filter off the app store Nah fair play, our club output for these sorts of fun little things that we NEVER USED TO DO has ratcheted up massively this season. I’d actually quite like to know if we’ve brought in one new person, a small new team, or just given more leeway to whoever had the bright ideas that was already here. They deserve a shoutout IMO, doing muuuuch better. Reyt pee’d off that my hot pink shellsuit got greyed out in this vid tho, gonna write to DC
  5. Exactly. Horses for courses. If he was *also* a frequent middle-of-park ballwinner, he’d literally be a £15m player and we’d never have got a sniff. As it stands he’s probably worth 25% more than what we paid for him on the open market, and more like 50% to the 2019 Wednesday starting XI.
  6. Yep. I mean individual ‘match ratings’ on any given week are one thing, but you’d have to literally not be watching matches for months on end to miss the fact that he’s consistently a very key part in almost anything really good we do as a team. He’s so obviously one of our best players in several years, in or out of weekly form.
  7. Agree with those saying it’s all relative. He’s not been as good as we’ve seen him of late - but in the past we’ve seen him carry the team pretty much single-handed for the best part of 12 months, bang in five absolute worldies in a season, and for about three years be literally our only player who could get down the byline and cross. Wouldn’t be surprised if he’s a bit knackered. Earned the right to some patience during a middling patch, at the very least.
  8. How many coats is that lad wearing
  9. Not the right thread to describe today’s adventure trying to buy a half-time pint then? Well done receptionists, at any rate!
  10. He shouldn’t walk back in. Great player and one of our most reliable, but he’s had no competition for too long. Good that he has to fight for it. (And, not wanting to be harsh, we’re not missing him as captain.)
  11. Bonus point for ‘triumvirate’; one of those excellent yet incongruously esoteric words that, bizarrely, only ever seems to get used in football chat. (See also: ‘onus’, ‘impetuous’, ‘imperious’) (Bit of a Latin theme emerging?)
  12. Never mind about football, tell us more about this wheelie bin
  13. It’s not very worrying, not after 11 games. Those sides are in the bottom 7 *because* we (and a couple of others) beat them, not vice versa. There’s still just a couple of wins between most of those six and respectability at this stage. League is stupidly tight, barring the bottom two or three - and we’re barely a quarter of the way in. Some of the teams currently propping up the table WILL finish well out of the danger zone. Been a decent start for us, not spectacular but solid. We’ve beaten far better sides than we’ve lost to. Hull took three undeserved points off us, we barely broke sweat beating Hudds, and Hudds absolutely smashed Hull today. Gonna be like that all season IMO. Just need to grind it out.
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