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  1. Appreciate that this would take the convo off-course and so I don't suggest we go further into it here, but FYI i would be really interested to sit down over a pint and hear more about why you feel that way re: BLM. I completely understand that the core message has got really badly blurred by all the media coverage focusing on the associated unrest, but its *basic aims* seem very pure and simple to me, can't find a hole in it.
  2. I also think it's really important that we can actually have this conversation on here, and that we can do so without anybody feeling picked on - it's great if we can disagree in a way that makes us all think about what we feel and why. THAT'S the ultimate way forward. I'd urge caution when replying to a specific post and/or poster because it's an incredibly hot potato and keeping the conversation going is really really important. It'll shut down in seconds if we're heavy-handed with each other. Keep talking. Keep listening. Hopefully we can all go into tricky area like this prepared to defend our views but not in an aggro way - prepared to see things from other points of view - and to be critical, but in the sense of being analytical rather than just gainsaying. Be great if we could do it.
  3. I think it's important that nobody is MADE to take the knee, obviously, because that would completely nullify the point. Where the debate so often gets derailed, though, is the disingenuous claim from non-knee-takers that people are 'forced' to take it in a roundabout way for fear of being labelled racist if they don't. That's clearly rubbish - you absolutely don't have to if you don't want to. However, if you don't, you *should* expect to be questioned about your choice - and you *should* be expected to give an honest and meaningful answer if you are challenged. Just like the knee-takers are questioned all the time, and made to justify their actions. Fair's fair. By the way, it's not an elitist thing - the answer doesn't have to be massively academic or amazingly historically informed, but it needs to be honest and it needs to make enough of a valid point to be at least relatively robust. Like any argument, if it's too flimsy to stand up to counter-argument and scrutiny, it's a straw man and very likely not worth the time it takes to listen to it. You're not necessarily racist if you don't do it, I think that much is obvious. However, there's no such thing as a 'non-racist' who isn't anti-racist - you either sympathise with it, or you're appalled by it. There's no 'middle ground' with racism, the debate simply doesn't leave room for that. If you're not racist, you're anti-racist. If you're anti, why oppose the knee? (Of course, if you boo it, you very likely are racist. That seems pretty much a no-brainer when the option to refuse and explain, rather than openly boo, absolutely exists for everyone.)
  4. All for taking the knee. The message is important and there will never be an appropriate time to say 'ok we've fixed that now, let's shut up and move on' until...well, until we've fixed it. Not as football fans/players/clubs, obviously, but as a global society. Football has no *particular* responsibility any more than any other industry, but it is really nice to see footballers doing it because they're role models to so many young people. Get the message out young, get them challenging the crusty old views of racist boomers instead of just sucking them up and spitting them out again.
  5. I can understand how someone might see this as a logical approach, but it's deeply flawed. Racism isn't like the Streisand Effect where you make it worse by bringing attention to it. Most racism is quiet and insidious. Institutionalised and internalised over generations. People who honestly don't even think they're racist at all can harbour distinctly racist attitudes about certain things without realising it until a very specific button is pressed. Keeping it quiet is a real and huge problem, and honestly we're better of screaming about it at the top of our lungs every time we see it. It's the only way it will ever die off.
  6. wasn’t criticising mate, good for you doing what you can manage
  7. I think she’s great, just trying to get people to be responsible with the planet, entirely valid cause, speaking truth to power, etc etc - saying it quietly certainly doesn’t work. (She’s also got Aspergers and was literally a minor five months ago. Weird target for such exasperation IMO.)
  8. Bit gutted he had such a ‘mare here, really thought we’d played a blinder bringing him in IF he could stay fit. Would’ve loved to see it work out for him in Sheff, great lad who’s had a tough run of it. He has been pretty dreadful on the whole though, few decent games but mainly just looked completely rattled.
  9. our secret plan for the opposites this season
  10. Does nothing whatsoever for him, and little for us, but since he’s just said he keeps spitting in it I’d like him to leave it on
  11. So you’re saying someone on here will know edit: OH GOD MAN PUT THE OWLSTALK EMOJIS AT THE TOP
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