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  1. Fair enough, about the best reason I could’ve been given!
  2. Why are we giving away like 20+ fouls a game, versus the opposition’s 4-5? Are we arriving late, or being ‘overenthusiastic’? Been away all month so my ST has yet to be christened this season and haven’t been able to watch any games live, reasonably ok with results so far but the stats on BBC have made us look like reyt cloggers at least twice already.
  3. He’s a good player, give him a bit to settle
  4. Irreverent? But no need to correct in this case. I’ll give you the last one. They are indeed FAR more like you. Well done!
  5. Interesting, I’m more of a mind we’ll prevail narrowly in a potentially quite high-scoring game here. Wouldn’t be too surprised at a 3-2 or similar.
  6. One of the best things about signing him IMO - hasn’t been any real competition for midfield places for ages
  7. *cough* Luongo. Let’s not have another ‘Nuhui/Jaoa’
  8. I like how the Poundshop Shakin’ Stevens gets his phone calculator out to do 39 x 2
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