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  1. Mr. Tom

    Great pic...

    I'm always surprised by people immediately reaching for the 'overpaid, DGAF' cards whenever we turn in a frustrating display or middling result. I honestly feel that, of all the many criticisms we *can* level at our footballing shortfalls and dour playing styles over the past 18-24 months, a lack of visible effort/desire really hasn't been one of the problems for 98% of the time. Even when we were clearly struggling for group fitness in the late CC era, players were going out and pranging themselves badly every week, absolutely on their 'arrises by 80min. And they've always looked pretty crushed to me whenever they knew they'd fallen short, too. Not saying that's worthy of any particular priase - it should of course be standard - but to hear some folks on PoG etc, you'd think a majority of the players were absolutely phoning it it week in, week out. Never been the case IMO. Easy to assume it's all about the paycheque when you see them raking it in the way they do, but I've never once really felt their hearts weren't in it, even when things were clearly badly awry behind the scenes. Either way, feels great to be entering into a new era of group positivity. Give it time, a bit more patience and a couple of canny transfer windows for loanees/outgoings etc, and I'm feeling confident the results will start to follow.
  2. Mr. Tom

    Forestieri Red Card

    95% of celebrations are silly, let's face it. 30-year-olds doing rubbish knee slides like a sugared-up primary schooler at a wedding disco, ffs
  3. Mr. Tom

    Forestieri Red Card

    01:50, their second goal celebration - so that's fine, is it? https://www.skysports.com/watch/video/sports/football/competitions/championship/11639325/rotherham-2-2-sheffield-wed
  4. Mr. Tom


    Mind you, that means if he'd been on pitch from start, he'd be our top scorer by 100min, on one more than Joao BRUCE OUT
  5. Mr. Tom


    Dominic Iorfa, Wednesday legend. Appearances: 0.1 Goals: 1 Goal to game ratio: 10 [Dominic Iorfa, all other team stats: Appearances: 125 Goals: 1 Goal to game ratio: 0.008 ] BRUCE MAGIC
  6. Yeah that's the kicker, could understand if FF was denying them a goalscoring opportunity but was he heck, game was over at a draw. He's trying to appease Rotherham fans, which is ludicrous. Their team has been hacking us about all afternoon.
  7. No, my mistake I think folks, assumed he had been sent off previously but i don't think he has, actually. Probably just the one game as @Tom22709 says
  8. FF misses Blunts match, top stuff. For celebrating. What a ref.
  9. Yeah I can excuse him an off day, he's been brilliant. Obviously out of sorts today. Rest of 'em are more of an issue, just business as usual everywhere else on the park. Gah.
  10. We've all asked that three games in a row now, must know something we don't.
  11. Rotherham fans every time Forestieri gets a foul against him