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  1. that's one of the most hilariously shocking penalty decisions I've ever seen. Odubajo gets literally wrestled over, then his attacker falls over him. Unbelievable.
  2. Rhodes put a shift in, looked fairly bright I thought. Fair play lad.
  3. these short slow hospital passes with players closing in, jeeeeez
  4. Bogle has looked on the edge of a meltdown since the 5th minute, don't know what his problem is but he needs to calm down, tosspot. Head's gone.
  5. Bannan must've been caught in possession a dozen times in the last two games, driving me barmy
  6. Is Waghorn injured or just being rested? Martin looks like a Meadowhall Oasis security guard, reyt chonker.
  7. Such a weird appointment, that. Genuinely wouldn't be interested in having him here, can't see what on earth it would offer any team other than *maybe* an U23 side.
  8. We never win when we have more possession. In fact it seems like most Champ sides don't. Weird glitch in the matrix.
  9. This, I think he actually absented himself at the last potential call-up didn't he? Bannan is a weird one, should walk into that team. Selfishly kind of glad he doesn't, mind.
  10. I live there and can confirm mine are spectacular.
  11. ah no, was being lazy - per SWFC OS: “The trip to Pride Park to face Derby will be shown live as a co-exclusive Sky Sports selection. Coverage on iFollow remains unaffected, with match passes available in the UK and overseas and live match commentary will be provided by Rob O’Neill and John Pearson.” Offering me a chance to buy a ‘video match pass’ from a UK IP, so presume I can take that at face value. Which is ten fooookin nuggets.
  12. Does that mean no iFollow coverage for those without Sky?
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