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  1. Bottom line is, football is the very definition of non-essential. It exists purely for our entertainment, because we invented it FOR FUN, and should be one of the very LAST areas of society being given any priority whatsoever in terms of financial support or logistical planning. I appreciate that there are livelihoods involved for people other than just wealthy high-level playing staff, and to those people I am very sorry if I sound harsh or callous. But some form of prioritisation is going to have to be the new reality as we reboot our economy and society after all this. We simply cannot justify putting spectator sports anywhere other than at the very bottom of the pile, along with other equally non-essential industries like fast fashion, indulgence foods and luxury goods. The amount of waste, greed and utter frivolity that we’ve come to accept as normal across the board is absolutely shocking and I for one will be rethinking how I prioritise my own life and spending after this. Football plays a role in society that goes beyond the game itself, undoubtedly, and for that reason I will still gladly participate as a fan when the time is right to do so. But I could do that anywhere, for a lot less than £35 a time, and not have to be supporting grotesque wages at the upper echelons of a supposedly grassroots industry that’s lost its damn mind. There will need to be a massive rethink of the whole thing after this. It cannot carry on the way it has been since the 1990s - this horrible worldwide situation has totally highlighted the utter visibility of the emperor’s dangly bits. Well, about time.
  2. I see the point you’re making but ‘by design’ is hardly fair (and I’m not defending the govt by any stretch of the imagination!). Obviously lockdown is an emergency measure put in place to try to give the NHS a fighting chance and reduce long-term impact of pandemic on whole uk economy as much as possible. Furlough-wise, emergency support measures available to certain people are there to help those likely to be placed in financial strife as a result of this horrible situation. It’s not supposed to be for everyone to take advantage of regardless of need, there just hasn’t really been time to put proper means testing in place. Maybe we’re at cross purposes but I’m not sure how it’s better to separate the issue of player wages from general furlough suitability chat during the pandemic - it’s the very crux of the issue. These furlough payouts are literally just to try to minimise incidents of companies sacking their employees while this drags on, leading to massive unemployment and recession later. In that regard, yes, they indirectly ‘benefit’ the companies by easing cash flow - but the funds aren’t FOR the businesses, they’re for the individuals employed by them. Championship footballers don’t need the support as individuals, so it would be wrong for the club to claim any support on their behalf, even if that were technically possible (which I don’t think it is, again the money isn’t for the employer).
  3. First paragraph would make total sense if the £2500/mo was coming from inside the club and that’s all they got. Hard no to any funds coming in from elsewhere though.
  4. imagine if it restarts next year and we've all realised we're not bothered 'got reyt into chess in lockdown, football seems thick nar'
  5. Owls one step ahead as usual, most of us did that in December
  6. nah cba getting angrymad about Wednesday, I’m generally seething for 15min but then the old depressed resignation folds over me like a cosy grey blanket of turds and it just feels *right*, y’know? On the other hand I saw ‘been’ instead of ‘being’ on here one time too many and am now history’s most prolific serial killer
  7. How is it DC’s fault or problem? Literally every league club is in the same boat. Decision to shut it down was made way above individual owners’ heads, and enforced universally - seems to me it’s the very definition of a non-liability scenario. Irrelevant whether we’ve prepaid or not IMO, the circumstances are so exceptional. You *can* technically legislate for it, and someone probably will going forward, but nobody’s ever had to before. Come to think of it a ST prob doesn’t even guarantee us a min/max number of games - just a seat at all the home ones we *do* play where an audience is allowed in. Unlikely to include a tsunami/earthquake/alien invasion clause, and just as unlikely to have a baked-in rule about what happens in the event of a global pandemic shutting down all four divisions at once. The list of warranty clauses would have to be literally endless if you started having to specify protocols for stuff like this.
  8. sat on South for Citeh, place wer buzzin at HT 0-0, cracked mine chopping out a cheeky line of Werthers with the old boys
  9. I’m not suggesting he runs it. I’m saying that through it and through family he has access to very credible legal and financial advisors. IMO it’s unrealistic to assume he’d utterly ignore those sorts of connections, at the potential cost of many personal millions and very public failure/shame, out of sheer bloody-mindedness. I just don’t see it.
  10. she and stuffing boy have prior links it’s all incredibly tangled and suspect
  11. The latter. The former makes no sense, he’s not gonna be too proud to make a small net loss on a few random player deals if it means his entire business very publicly disappears into a financial black hole.
  12. Sorry, should’ve been clearer - he has family business pedigree of some note, his personal involvement is unclear but I can’t see him being just left to fail publicly. He’s also had top legal & financial guidance from a major corporate lawyer in Thailand, understands how FFP works and has done for a long time. He isn’t so naive as to not understand you need to sell as well as buy, let’s be realistic. Something else afoot. Look at some of the players who’ve come in - so many, so random, half of whom barely get a game. He’s not finding them himself, nor profiting in any way from us acquiring them on absurd contracts.
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