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  1. More of an individual than a single moment per se, but in a relentlessly bleak season I've been massively heartened by Adam Reach's emergence as - or at least rapid progress towards being - the player I dared to hope we might be signing when we got him. Took a while to assert himself/gain real confidence after CC stopped using him as his 'gap filler' utility man in a different position every week, but he's come on in such leaps and bounds this season. In a makeshift side, true, but he's clearly a first choice player regardless now, and has franlky carried us single-handedly (at least going forward) at times. In my view we'd have been in much more serious trouble as a Champoinship team now - and, as a club, potentially for the next few years - were it not for his efforts, energy and trend-defying fitness over the past 7 months. Good on you Reachinho son. Soccer!
  2. For a skinny lad our Reachinho doesn't half stick his belly out - posture of a sulky toddler
  3. #DareToNuihui

    If Atdhe Nuhiu is the answer, what is the question? I honestly don't know. Love the big man though. Gerrim on!
  4. Top Trumps!

    Rest assured I'll be suing them for trademark infringement
  5. Joey Pelupessy

    I really like his attitude in-game, great to see how well he supports the team emotionally, but his contributions - barring that one great goal - have been very, uh, 'subtle' thus far. Like many I had assumed he'd been brought in to provide a bit of much-needed muscle and leadership in midfield, so on that front I've been slightly underwhelmed. On the flipside, he doesn't do a lot wrong besides the odd misplaced pass (which everyone in the team seems to have been guilty of for much of this year in fairness). I do think he's still settling and am prepared to give him more time, but would hope to see signifcant progress over the next 7-8 games - any continued talk of needing to 'learn the pace' will have worn a bit thin by the end of the season IMO.
  6. Clean language viewing

    No problem, I've been saving up since October for a really good 'un on last day of season
  7. Deadline Extended

    Anyone's guess mate, loads of mysterious goings on in that photo
  8. Deadline Extended

    The pic at that link is great, love looking at big photos of Wednesday crowds. Loads of happy cheering weirdo faces. And the bloke who just potted Butters stripping off
  9. Deadline Extended

    The early bird catches the worm Lots of worms left at S6? A CAN OF WORMS, EVEN?! *Sings* All I do is win win win no matter whaaat
  10. Dave and Who

    Maybe not the 'spine' in the footballing sense, but he's certainly accounted for 90% of our team's backbone this past three months.
  11. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS absolutely massive three points. WELL PLAYED THE WEDNESDAY, bossed it. WAWAW! Bannan throwing his shirt into crowd. Probably still smells of Lenor.
  13. GOOOOOOOALLLLLL!!!!!!!!!

    God I've missed TayTay this season.