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  1. true - sorry, previous reply sounded narky, i'm griping at him really, not you. What I should've said was it doesn't let Luongo off the hook for what was a very silly challenge. Easiest red that ref will give all season, he was fully over the ball. Would've walked whether or not he caught the player, which he did.
  2. whataboutism at its finest what their player did or didn't do doesn't affect us for the next three games
  3. tbf i think they've been better this season than in a good few before
  4. The thing about machiavellian conspiracies is, they normally benefit somebody. Can't for the life of me see why this would be one.
  5. these draws will bury us if we can't turn them to wins by mid-Jan, but you've got to be happy with that tonight from 70min onward, especially given the state of the starting selection
  6. RS commentary just said Bannan gave Wing "a low five", like he has any other choice
  7. "wednesday have started to turn over that plate" sorry, no, i'm not having that as a legitimate phrase
  8. i mean it was true, but yeah fair enough, he didn't know much about it
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