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  1. Match abandoned after we go down to 6 players, lump on
  2. 10 years ago he was 9, he hasn’t got that excuse. It was a daft tackle, no malicious intent and yes the player milked it but he could’ve really hurt him the way his whole body comes through the challenge with all that momentum. If there was a planted leg it the way, it would’ve been bad. I’m glad for both that it didn’t happen, important lesson learned for young Shaw today which will improve his game in the long run. Annoying for us, but given everything else that happened it’s hard to say that one incident cost us 2 points.
  3. ball went in the square bit with string on it, wor reyt good
  4. It’s interesting though isn’t it - why do they, and yet they continue to get picked up again? Can’t think of another industry where this happens so predictably. The only logical conclusion can be that most of them make naff-all difference, and their main role is really just to deflect criticism from the players for as long as they can until the levy breaks. Obviously there are exceptions but those chosen few serve only to prove the rule, it seems. As an experiment, I’d love to see one team play a season with no manager at all, and see how they got on.
  5. I mean there’s kind of a once-a-year limit on the latter, unless we start backdating them an’ all
  6. 19? He looks about a decade off getting his carriage clock at Arnold Laver. Hardly surprising mind, that’s what watching Wednesday does to you!
  7. you’ve misunderstood, we need players who can take a shot on
  8. ‘Bullen Gardner’ sounds like one of those B-road gastropubs with a massive fake fireplace filled with decorative logs and a car park that goes all around the outside that’s it, that’s my contribution, shut up I’m tired
  9. Tony blabs himself into starting on -45 points effective immediately
  10. sounds horrible, I like it now when everyone’s shafted and furious
  11. Knowing our luck, I’m quite worried that Trump is now available
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