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  1. Cod Army just bagged themselves a League One legend.
  2. Mr. Tom

    Club's Best Moment

    First six seconds of this (then quickly switch it off forever and never speak of it again) (except on here)
  3. Maybe that's what caused all the injuries
  4. I don't think we'll see a weaker all-round team performance this side of Christmas.
  5. Mr. Tom

    A dose of reality

    Not often 85% of the team has such a bad night but they were nearly all well off it tonight. Pity, momentum was building nicely. A real dig-in needed over the next few tricky fixtures if we're to gloss over this deflating blip.
  6. Played well at both ends of the pitch and Thorniley just looks better and better. A small positive on a pretty rubbish night for the vast majority of the team.
  7. Very poor. Impressed with Fox and Thorniley, Lees Bannan and Dawson ok, nobody else really showed up.
  8. How can you be getting caught offside two yards into the opposition half at this stage for goodness' sake
  9. Bannan sitting at third CB again, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh
  10. Worst thing tonight is that Forest have been horsecake
  11. Bloody typical. YESSSSS but also FFS Wednesday
  12. I suspect he might do. Far as I can remember we've not even properly challenged for an aerial ball in the box