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  1. They were all about 25+ years ago?
  2. Mr. Tom

    Hirst Gone

    Thank fizz it's actually finally over. And thank fizz our lot were right to keep him at arm's length, even when lots of fans were (very understandably, I'm not criticising) baying at them to cave in plenty of times. Rotten behaviour all 'round. Does not bode well for attitude, loyalty, commitment, nothing - and yeah ok, I get that that's maybe not even 'a thing' in football anymore, but still. Team spirit is, at very least. Of course I wish we could've got some money paid back to the club for what we must've put in so far. But I'll gladly accept us getting zero just to get shot of the whole toxic affair. Can't imagine any of it has been good for the other lads in the youth teams, who've been working their knackers off for the most part. Hopefully now they and we can just crack on, put it all behind us and focus on those ones who want to be Wednesday players. Best crop of youngsters we've had in an absolute age, exciting times. Moreover, Hirst wasn't even close to being the best of 'em IMO - if he'd been a solid defender keeping clean sheets every week, I doubt there'd have been half the flap over him. Whatever, enjoy Belgium and mad Nige. And Leicester, for that matter. Know where I'd rather be.
  3. Mr. Tom

    Ideas/ opinions please

    Looks like you've got enough tables already mate
  4. Not massively, I realised that - that's why I edited the original post to say 'unsung/backroom'. Basically i just meant individuals who've worked directly with the team to really improve our all-round game without ever being part of the first XI.
  5. 100% live snap of Lawro commentating:
  6. Mr. Tom


    I sent them an email asking to be unsubscribed before I got one prompting me, 'cos I realised they'd continued charging me through the close season despite zero new content being uploaded and I was hopping mad. The fact that I want to try it with a VPN next season and wanted to sign up under a different email is pure conincedence.
  7. Up there with Alan Smith in terms of top unsung/backroom heroes over last 25 years at Wednesday IMO. All the best Andy, sorry to see him go.
  8. No. I earn an absolute pittance compared to the vast majority of anyone professionally involved in League football so it's a moot point anyway - I simply can't afford to - but even if I could, I feel I would be helping support and perpetuate a rotten system by contributing to the persistent belief that making it to the Sky League is the only way to survive and prosper as a family football club. That's bullshit and I don't accept it. I'd rather support Wednesday in ANY division than watch us turn ourselves inside out trying to catch up in the very toxic rat race that's wrecking the whole bloody system.
  9. Mr. Tom

    Andy rhodes

    You did bloody well, they usually start shouting about my gaffes about two seconds before I hit 'Submit Reply'
  10. Mr. Tom

    Andy rhodes

    Late Saturday afternoon, mid-October. A stiff breeze, and from somewhere the faint autumnal tang of woodsmoke. After four solid hours' repeat drills, you finally master the epic in-off-the-bar bicycle kick you've been practicing by 'crossing' it to yourself off the corner of the garage roof. You've nailed it six times in a row. You are Hirst, Beckenbauer, Van Basten, the lot. Your dad needs to know about this immediately. (You aren't sure why, but that probably isn't important.) Excitedly you shout for him to come bear astonished witness your godlike new skills, and, after a brief delay (probably with some muffled swearing) he materialises - huge and immovable in the orange glow of the kitchen doorway light, a dripping paint roller clutched in his mighty fist. Silently he watches you go through the elaborate setup routine twice, three times, four times... falling flat on your arse again and again as you get steadily redder, angrier and more flustered. You're nearly crying with rage by the sixth go, but being on the verge of a toddler-style meltdown somehow powers you to new heights of physical majesty: your inverse left-foot roundhouse connects with an almighty THWACK, the battered size five Mitre Delta screams off into the gathering dusk, and a second later you hear the glorious CLA-CLANK as the crossbar fully detaches from the flimsy, rusted tin goalposts over by the leaf-clogged water butt (a.k.a the long-suffering centre half donkey in many of your Roy Of The Rovers training scenarios). DID YOU SEE THAT, you bellow breathlessly into the half-light, DAD DID YOU SEE, DAD DAD, but there's no answer. Deep down you know it's because he slipped quietly back inside to finish painting the back bedroom after the fouth time you swung at fresh air. In fact not even 'deep down' - you saw him go, you flipping plum, and carried on anyway. A light drizzle begins to fall. It's fish fingers for tea. THE END
  11. England will scrape through winning 1-0 and 2-1 against poorer sides and probably drawing or narrowly losing to Belgium. If we meet literally any of the top 20 footballing nations in the knockout rounds, we'll get immediately and comprehensively murdered. Spoiler alert: I haven't gone out and bought myself a big new telly.
  12. Mr. Tom

    Hillsborough refurbishment

    Agree in spirit, and I'm purely being devil's advocate here - but tbf it's a neutral reference guide to the STADIUM, not our club. Be a bit weird if they didn't make an early mention of *by far* the single most infamous day in the stadium's history, which - much as I hate the fact - it was, is and might well always be. We're pretty much the one minority group on the planet who don't see it that way. Such a shame but it is what it is. Anyway, don't mean to derail the thread, not even sure why I'm commenting really - it's partly that I was having a similar conversation with some non-Wednesdayite friends recently and I realised how hard I found it to think of Hillsborough as anything but my cosy footballing 'home'.
  13. Mr. Tom

    Hillsborough refurbishment

    But arguably pretty accurate for the vast majority of non-Wednesdayites. Sigh.