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  1. Decent, I’ve sat there. I’m V1 but luckily right down the front by the gangway so it doesn’t feel close to the band. Upper third of T2 you’ll get a great view of Bazza’s shots in warm-up, they’ll be coming right at your Bovril
  2. This would be perfectly reasonable but it assumes a level playing field across the board. The opportunities may be *technically* equal on paper, but hiring and recruitment policies - to say nothing of the culture within workplaces all over the UK, and football especially - are anything but.
  3. Classic format on here is to start off sensible and then completely lose your marbles midway through. You’ve done the exact opposite. Maverick!
  4. Fair point, I was being a good bit facetious for effect. But he was thrilling on the ball. Worked hard too. Wasn’t fit when he arrived, did well until he succumbed to the Middlewood twilight zone. Hands tied with FFP, we’d be mad to turn down any sort of cheap deal IMO. Agree re: not accepting mediocrity; he’s anything but though. Fitness remains a question, sire, but if it’s a good loan deal then we don’t hamstring ourselves even if he does.
  5. Absolute LOLZ, most Wednesday thing ever that our fans are genuinely kicking the tyres on Aarons. Four years ago it would’ve been absolutely inconceivable we’d get a look-in on a loan deal for that sort of young Prem talent. It wasn’t long before that we were all excited about Stevie May coming in. We nust be one of the most confused and confusing fanbases in the entire football league. Madness. If he wants in, gerrim in.
  6. Hasn’t thought about it in quite those terms, it’s a very good point
  7. Sympathise with the frustration mate but honestly I think your first paragraph there is way off. It seemed far more like his struggle for form/service in a weird team shape here shredded what little confidence was left in him after his Boro debacle. He was visibly delighted to be here and worked hard, but looked broken by the time ‘pengate’ came along. Don’t forget how toxic the atmosphere was becoming around S6 at that time. Yes he *should’ve* been able to shrug that off as a professional, but we all know his personality - he’s about the nicest guy in football, and for better or worse that tends to mean he’s very human with it. He was properly rattled, desire or commitment didn’t come into it for me.
  8. I don’t think we can really talk about Rhodes in terms of the general model of our (broadly pretty dreadful) transfer activity/policy over the past 3-4 years. Despite the fact that most of us were delighted to get him here, the deal that brought him in was a uniquely naive and shortsighted one, even by our own maddeningly clumsy standards. We paid so wildly over the odds for him that we can’t possibly sell at a ‘reasonable’ price now, having had so little out of him for the investment we made, without looking like total mugs. (Although the coldly pragmatic part of me says we probably still should do, for his sake and ours - even if it amounts to a tacit public admission that we got our pants pulled down.) On the other hand, I’d love to see what he can do under Bruce, who I do believe will focus on bringing in some pace down the flanks to provide better service into the box. Finally. We haven’t had that in YEARS, and it was a big part of why JR didn’t get any joy here. Who knows, it could change things massively. Either way, point is we’ve timed it all so badly that if we give him another season here and it doesn’t work again, we’ll barely be able to ask anything for him the year after - 30, contract winding down, high wage. (A million if we’re lucky?) Had we made a better post-CC appointment than Jos, who knows. But the time we wasted treading water there played a big part in putting us where we are now re: Rhodes, ie. in a very awkward position. One thing I really think we must bear in mind either way is that none of this is Jordan’s fault, and it’s unfair to talk the way some do as if he had anything to do with the fee. We’ve spent considerably more, collectively, on at least four or five other players who’ve contributed far less between them even than Rhodes has been able to in his frustrating time here so far. There’s no use in pointing the finger at any one person, because it’s been a joint effort really, but the money we’ve frittered in the past few years on weird agent shenanigans and gross errors of judgment really has been shocking. Rhodes may have had the highest individual price tag, but reactions to his time at Norwich have for me confirmed what we already knew: look past the silly numbers and he’s a player who will score goals (9 for Norwich = joint third top scorer for us, level with Reach), even when not fully sharp/on form/starting. A true pro who always works his butt off and is great for the dressing room. He’s still ours as things stand - it’d be absolutely joyful to see him hit 20 in a season here. Can he? I suspect so, but it’s a gamble. We know we’ve stuffed up financially, and selling for just £3-4m now - although exacerbating our FFP issues in the very short-term - might well be less damaging overall than getting next to nothing in 12 months’ time (having already paid another year of his wages). Or perhaps not, depending on how the 3-year rolling loss period works out - you’d need the full accounts in front of you to really see all the permutations clearly. Can we afford to roll the dice again on keeping him? Fletcher has played brilliantly this season, but not as a finisher, whereas that’s really all Rhodes does in the right setup. Bruce badly needs a player LIKE Rhodes, but we’ve not got the money to buy anyone established - it’s JR or a young loan gamble. High stakes. Very tricky situation.
  9. Loving the clutch purses on the table. So precious. Hunt’s clobber was always absolutely hilarious, good to see Bristolians haven’t managed to teach him any better
  10. And he’ll drive a two-seater D taxi
  11. Funny thing with Winnall is he doesn’t do a lot wrong - but it’s very hard to pinpoint what he actually *does*, aside from the odd goal here and there. Contrast that with Fletcher (tireless header-winning target man with nobody playing off him, EVER, bafflingly), Hooper (link-up play second to none, reliable finisher on the rare occasions he gets a clear opening), Joao (frustrating as hell but a wizard with the ball at his feet when he can be arsed to stay vertical), Atdhe (massively flawed, but anyone who genuinely thinks opposition defenders are happy to see him come off the bench with 20min to go hasn’t been to enough games last 5yrs)...even Rhodes (being fair, he had a shocker in terms of chances forged/goals scored but he ran himself ragged every game in a system that didn’t suit...well, anyone, really...and always looked a threat when he did get some service) and Matias (basically sort of dreadful, but quick and weirdly effective about one game in four during the rare stretches he wasn’t nursing a ludicrous injury.) Winnall isn’t inept in any of these areas, making him handy as utility cover...but he doesn’t beat ANY of our current/recent strikers in their respective areas of specialty/expertise. He’d be a great asset for a team with fewer options, but we’ve splurged so extravagantly (albeit short-sightedly) on strikers in recent years, we’ve basically ended up lumbered with a specialist for every occasion when what we really need is an all-rounder. Winnall isn’t the best on our books at anything, but is he on average the best all-rounder? I’m not sure we’ve ever really had chance to find out. (Mind you, also heard he might be a total pillock, which seems entirely plausible.)
  12. If it’s what they want to spend their dosh on then I mean fine, ok, whatever. If there’s any shying out of headers etc next season they’ll get reyt pelters though, and rightly so - only reason they can afford this is ‘cos they make silly money to fight every battle to their fullest on the pitch. That said, we’ve never seen any evidence of either of these lads ever giving less than 100% in every department - these two in particular, in fact - so as long as that doesn’t change then fair play to ‘em. A bit depressing that they feel sufficiently self-conscious about it to bother, but that’s a whole other issue. Plus it’s not like they’re sacrificing a family holiday or a vocational training course or whatever for it - when you’ve got cash in bags, it probably feels less of a big deal. Daft to claim its ‘modern footballers’, lads have been upset about losing their hair for decades. Only difference is, in the past it was tough titty, and today it’s still tough titty unless you’re fairly minted. C’est la vie. Another 50 years and you’ll be able to swap your whole head for a better one.
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