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  1. This is true Could have sworn they said they had ugraded the speakers and the sound system pre season. Seems worse than ever.
  2. Guarantee if we were at the top of the table we wouldnt be having threads like these.
  3. Possibly, but I’m just basing it on the last couple of seasons. There was a real threat at the end of last season that we could drop straight through this division and possibly into oblivion. Anything other than a relegation battle would be a positive season as far as I’m concerned. The rebuild is going to take time, the complete playing squad from top to bottom was a mess. At least Moore and his team appear to be addressing some of the issues, and not just with the first team.
  4. For me it’s the fans who have built up the hype and got carried away, not the players. It feels like we signed a new team and all of a sudden people started losing their heads thinking we were going to walk the league. Expectations have completely overtaken reality and now we’ve had a couple of bad results it’s upset a few. Maybe it’s the fans who need the reality check and not the players. Mid table would still be a good season as far as I’m concerned.
  5. Unless, of course, it comes out that he hasn’t paid them again
  6. We’ve been poor for the past 3 seasons, we finished rock bottom last season and we’re in genuine danger of falling straight through this league as well. What makes our fans think that just because we’ve signed a few new players that we have the divine right to walk this league? We knew it was going to be tough in this league. Very few teams come down and go straight back up. Yes, today was very disappointing, but we’re still very much a work in progress. People are going way OTT. BTW, has anyone mentioned photos from the training ground yet?
  7. Not good enough but let’s scratch it off as a bad day and try and learn from it. It’s got to be a wake up ca to the players and the fans alike. This season was never going to be a walk in the park, especially considering how bad we have been for the last couple of seasons and we are still at the very beginning of a rebuild which isn’t going to happen overnight. We need to find a much better formula and a style that suits us a lot more along with the mentality that we need dig in at times in order to get results. We need to remember that much like that other city which sits on 7 hills, it doesnt get built in a day.
  8. Credit to our fans, travelling all that way and still making a load of noise. When are we going to get a team that the fans deserve
  9. Feels like it’s gonna be a long afternoon This club really knows how to bring you back down to Earth with a massive bang
  10. The minute you start believing that you’re too good for this league, it will come back to bite you hard. We have to earn the right to play football and win games in this division and so far it sounds like the players aren’t doing it
  11. At least now we will have an idea what’s happening
  12. Pleased for the lad, hope it continues. As posted above, he just needs to reach Bannan to try placing them rather than trying for full power and blasting it over every single time
  13. The other lot across the city seemed to make an habit of getting the best out of "troubled" players (Warnock and Wilder almost made careers out of it). Maybe Moore is the type of manager to be able to do the same?
  14. It sounded like we were on the front foot for the majority of the game, we’re unlucky in front of goal and got hit by a sucker punch. Quite frankly I’d be more concerned by the result had we not dominated. This will be one of the big games that Morecombe will have pencilled in, almost like an FA cup game, we need to get used to it and find a way to turn these types of games into wins, or at least away draws.
  15. Hope the team and the bank holiday weather can bring me some sunshine for a change and doesn’t leave our fans singing in the rain
  16. Maybe the club should contact the posters on here who have a crystal ball before we make any future signings.
  17. I’m prepared to wait and see how bad the injury is and give him time. He’s a player who could be vital for us so I’m not prepared to write him off just yet. Also bear in mind that many posters on here said Hutch was ‘done’ and ‘finished’ and ‘would never play for us ever again’.
  18. I seem to remember Carlos made it clear who his targets were and what type of player he wanted… He didn’t get them. I’m not even sure Carlos was ultimately responsible for the players we signed …. From what people were saying on here at the time, Carlos requested the type of player that he wanted and the powers above provided them. One example was Austin, the midfielder who left L**ds, but we couldn’t get a work permit for him. Big strong battling box to box midfielder Fans can debate whether he was the right player or not but that’s ultimately irrelevant, it was who Carlos wanted … who did we end up with instead? As above, can we truely say that Carlos signed all those players?
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