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  1. The painting was available as a limited edition print entitled "The Hillsborough Roar". I would imagine that the one that's hung in the board room is one of those prints.
  2. Hopefully now. Same old problems remain unaddressed
  3. Sounded like we were puffing about at the back again
  4. Staton - You don’t notice a lot of what Luongo does, he just seems to be in the right places Erm….. how do you know then?
  5. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, thank god we don’t have to endure Giddings waffling on for 90 mins Added bonus that it’s Staton.
  6. Seems like there are definitely buyers out there. Is Sheffield Wednesday still for sale?
  7. I think sometimes people hear things often enough, it starts to become the "truth", when in reality its somewhere inbetween. Whilst no one can argue that it does require modernisation, the stadium can still be a thing of beauty, case and point below....
  8. Where would you rather be playing your football? In the premier league, in a full London Stadium and all the top away grounds to go with it, or in an half empty stadium in League One and visiting the respective teams in the division? Seems a no brainer
  9. The North Stand is still a thing of beauty today. Looking at the picture above, I wonder how impressive it must have looked when it first opened and what people must have thought of it back then.
  10. Would be a solid signing. Experienced player and a position we need to strengthen. Only hope is that it doesn’t mean Iorfa is leaving
  11. Surely kicking the ball away (and I’m not talking about kicking it a few yards) is either a booking or it isn’t. Can’t be both. Something so simple is black and white and that’s why supporters get frustrated when we get booked for something by one referee, yet the same thing is ignored by another referee in a subsequent game One of those officials isn’t doing their job properly, it can’t be both
  12. And can someone tell me whether kicking the ball away is a bookable offence or not? one of our players got booked (possibly the previous home game) for doing so, yet in games since then, including today, it’s gone unpunished. one of those referees clearly isn’t applying the laws of the game correctly
  13. Amazing how some people refuse to give their own team credit. Excellent performance all round…. But must have been the oppositions fault.
  14. although I’ve just checked Grimsbys form and it doesn’t look up to much either
  15. looks like a poor decision to me I’m not sure putting him in a team who are struggling at the bottom will do much for his progression or build confidence May as well left him playing in the league below
  16. The way last season ended and considering we needed to completley rebuild the team under transfer restrictions, my fear was dropping straight through league one. It wasnt just me, there was a serious concern amongst our supporters that we could completley disappear down the league ladder. Moore signed a lot of players, and when you sign so many not all of them are going to settle in, click or even work out at all. And while we signed one or two players like Hunt and Wing, there were a number of players that I'd never even heard of so struggle to get carried away thinking this team "should be better". I know as a fanbase we should be expecting promotion, we should be demanding a team that is capable of not only getting into the Championship but also competing at that level too. And if you stop expecting then you start to accept mediocrity...I get it. But there still has to be a level of expectation versus reality. Im far from defending Moore, and one of the concerns right now is the amount of loans theres a potential that next season will need another big recruitment drive. So do we give Moore another transfer window and see how he recruits ......or do we bring in a new manager again before this project has even had a chance, tear it up, start again (new tactics, team, formation, time to gel etc..) and then bin that one off when its doesnt work after only half a season and start again....and the cylce continiues ad infinitum Many may not agree but to finish in the top half will do me this season as long as we start laying the foundations for the future. If we can push for the play-offs then brilliant, but surely top two was never a realistic expectation?
  17. FFS Ive had an absolute shocker here havent I? Can we pretend its the latter?
  18. We have to be up there to be honest.... We would have qualified for Europe (more than once?) if it hadnt have been for English teams being banned. Didnt even get into Europe for getting to two cup finals in '93. When we finished 3rd, we qualified for the UEFA cup, this would have been the Champions League and all the money it brings just a few seasons later. Bad luck that we had an owner who seemingly wanted to get petty revenge on Ron Atkinson. Bad luck losing the FA Cup final replay with the last kick of the game. Getting relegated from the Premier League the season before parachute payments were introduced. Im sure there will be more.
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