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  1. Played some really good football that half I thought? Took wind out of us after the goal but before that we looked very good against another top team. Westwood needs to own that goal, firstly he doesn’t communicate to Fox, you see Fox rowing with him after putting it out and then flapping at it like that is not the standards expected. If one of our younguns had done it we’d be bemoaning their communication and command of their area. Still it’s all to play for and we’re due a goal or four!
  2. I wonder if any of our fringe players could be used as makeweight for deals. I think there are plenty of clubs in a similar situation to us, strapped for cash and with a host of players on expiring contracts. I’ve seen Jackson Irvine mentioned, not followed him at Hull but thought he’d be a good fit before they signed him, his contract expires this term would Hull want Winnal, Rhodes or Joey as an example. I’d not mind Wigan’s Moore, not seen much of him before international break but he looked top draw for Wales against Croatia and Slovakia, again would they fancy Winnal?
  3. Cheers John, hope your lads ok and nothing too serious.
  4. My only problem with commentary is the dreaded commentators curse... imaging saying I’m checking the table and we’re fourth at moment. 3-5 minutes later we’re 2-1 down.
  5. I know it’s a silly superstition, but the moment commentator on iFollw says I’m just checking the table we’re 4th at moment you know it’s going to all go wrong.
  6. It’s easy to feel confused when you’re debating using hypothetical/made up/in correct information and the people you’re trying to convince use facts. I’d imagine you’d start doubting yourself or your own opinions.
  7. You just keep saying things that are a bit odd and based on nothing, the latest saying he’d be more suited to league one. Now I don’t know if he’s ever played in league one and assumed as you suggested it that you’d have some evidence, facts, inside knowledge to back up that claim. But I guess not.
  8. How many games in league one has he played?
  9. That’s not the conversation; you said he’s not a championship player. I pointed out he’s played 149 games in the championship and by definition clearly is a championship player. You then stated you could play 150 championship games. I said you couldn’t or you would have. If you’d have said ‘I don’t think Fox is good enough’ or something to that effect then fine, your opinion, you’re welcome to it. But if you’re spouting nonsense that’s disproved in seconds that’s not fine.
  10. I mean I’m not entirely sure if your footballing skills or your financial situation but IF you really COULD play 150 games in the championship I’m guessing you WOULD have and I’m guessing you’d be a much wealthier person if you had. By the fact you haven’t, I’m guessing you couldn’t and therefore you arn’t a championship player, unlike Fox.
  11. bit confused here, I’ve just posted saying Fox probably shouldn’t have won PoM as had only had two good games of six and only played in three of the six. Unless you’re opinion is Fox should have won it (which I’m fairly certain it wasn’t) then I’m agreeing with you that Iorfa had contributed more across all six as was only player playing all six with a consistently high rating. Or maybe you are bowing down to my agreeing with you and your superior knowledge!
  12. I often wonder how many championship games a player needs to play before better informed fans stop saying ‘just not a championship player’, ‘never been a championship player’ etc. I mean playing almost 150 games in a league seems quite a few for me?
  13. wasn’t quick enough... fox only played in 3 of 6 games as only played Cardiff, Stoke and Leeds. Of the three he only scored well in last two. Boerner was highest rated in early games, Iorfa fairly high in most. I voted Fox but I was wrong... short term memory syndrome had me revelling in his last two outings and forgetting he’d not even played half the games.
  14. going by WhoScored ratings he’s been man of the match the last two games. I’ll check the rest of the month now... and edit if I’m quick enough.
  15. His assists/goals this season are again impressive. Does he take corners by any chance? I think we’d be flying if we could fix set pieces with Dom, Adthe, Fletch and co attacking.
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