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  1. This all feels a bit like a petulant teenager playing championship mananager with two clubs.... how to find one through the other etc. That said, if DC does genuinely want to put more cash into us without breaching rules. There is the obvious way around it. Buy an obscure team in a country without FFP regs and take over liabilities such as Abdi etc. You never know, in 10 years time we may be doing well here, and loaning players from Belgium champions!!
  2. If Nuhiu is its only recently surely. We signed him in our skint days and can’t imagine up until recently we broke the bank to keep him?
  3. He’s not a winger??? How old was van der sar when man it’s paid ten million for him a decade or so ago? Early 30’s is prime for a keeper.
  4. Philb125

    Westwood will be Off

    Top post!! Whilst I love Westy, I’m past 5 years I’ve feared he’d leave twice on a run down contract. If he’s not looking to sign an extension we need to cash in ASAP and put our faith in the young lads we have here.
  5. Philb125

    Liam Palmer

    Without any inside knowledge of his salary I’d guess that we pay him a great deal less than many other players that in my opinion need to depart before him. I’m assuming as a home grown player that knows he’s a back up he’s probably as good as you’re going to get for the outlay. Back up players and squad members that drop in when called upon without moaning are vastly underrated.
  6. Philb125

    The Sam Winnalll situation

    Good championship striker, bought at great price that will either be an asset to us or generate decent profit. I wish we had more players tgat fitted into that category, definitely an area that we should be looking to improve and take players that are running out of contract at lesser clubs, see if they can make it with us and loan/sell at profit.
  7. We have a winner!!
  8. Philb125

    Preslav Borukov

    And yet in true OT style: - He’s signed an extension - He’s home sick and wants out - He’s declined our offers Interested to see how it pans out!
  9. Philb125

    Preslav Borukov

    Not just other clubs in the championship but ALL clubs face these problems, even the best clubs in the world. It appears a new new issue for us; producing players that both we and other clubs want. But any club that produces desirable players loses players that they would prefer to keep.
  10. Philb125

    The future of Joao

    HE like quite a few others that are in last year need to be offered new contracts or moved on. We must have 4-5 key players approaching their last year and I’d rather lose 1 or 2 for cash than let any leave free at end of season.
  11. Philb125

    Westwood interview

    Personally I’d be trying to extend his contract and if he’s not keen to do that then sell. I don’t want another prized asset walking away with little to no benefit to us.
  12. Ah much more eloquently put!
  13. Whys that? Are either of them top 6 championship quality players? Im fairly certain we could lose them and 5-6 others and still compete next season for a top 6 spot, and if all is to be believed about finances competing may be most we can hope for next year.
  14. Philb125

    Full Backs Needed.

    Look at Spurs, at times it’s hard to know who their best RB / LB is as have 2 in each position that are arguably as good as each other!