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  1. Whilst I completely agree about him drifting in and out of games, looking lazy etc. His run into the box distracting the defenders likely makes our second goal possible. I cant remember the last time Bannan, Hutch or Joey ghosted into the box for a cross. Reach maybe but he was part of a midfield three. I think he has attributes and ability, just question his application and desire.
  2. I think 3 or 4 of them could have got it, best FF performance of season, Boyd, Matias and Fletch worked their socks off. Palmer not only looked decent defensively but also going forward. Hector and Lees did well on the whole against a team full of running, speed and guile.
  3. Poor game management costs us again. When will we coach them to keep it in the corner at the death?
  4. Just sometimes we needed to shift it a bit left to squeeze Wallace in too!
  5. How many midfielders do you think have contributed with 15 goals this season? Think you may be undervaluing that especially in a team that has struggled for large part of the season.
  6. I think he enjoyed it down south and with Fullham likely to offload Ryan Sessegnon I think they may be back in for him. Think we’ll be lucky to get 5-6m for him and that’s the only place I can see him going that have cash to spend.
  7. Imagine how many he’d have had in a team doing well? We’ve been terrible by and large for last two seasons and he’s managing assists and goals. In a high flying team I think he’d look twice the player again.
  8. I think Matias may be decent if we can keep him at what I imagine is a low basic salary. Hard to imagine we can sign a better player for free who costs less per week than him. Can play up top or on either wing wing and I think scores a goal every three games when he plays. If he’s over his injuries he’s a great squad player at very least.
  9. Weird that so many of the posters on here are happy to get rid of Reach and claim he’s disposable. Was a stat on Sky yesterday that Reach is in top three for assists over last two seasons in championship with 17 I think. If you add add to that his goals, fact he’s usually fit and plays almost every minute hard to see how we replace him.
  10. Hopefully in these last few games we can see if some of the returning / out of contract players are upto the challenge again to earn new contracts. Whilst I too believe we need better (which team doesn’t) getting better, for less may well be tough. Plus let’s not forget that every transfer is a risk, be that players who’ve been there and done it or young hungry players on the up. We’ll be thinning the squad down this window no doubt. Definite departures to Pudil, Jones, Abdi. Then we we have a few maybes in Matias, Boyd, Hooper and Lee. I’d like to think Palmer and Westwood already done enough to prove worthy of deals. Then there’s a huge crop of contracted players that are likely available at right cost. Depending on how many we let go/sell may influence who is retained/signed back later in window. I’m not opposed to us keeping players like Matias (who I assume isn’t on salary anything near that of Boyd/Nando) who offers us something a bit different and is very useful player. Same with Palmer.
  11. I always like to have a peek at WhoScored after the game as I’m sure quite often I’m overly critical of Bannan. Today though he was rated worst player on pitch, that wasn’t a surprise though... what was is that Hutch was rated higher than Westwood...
  12. When he was out I thought he may well be done and even said he’d be just like Lewis Mcgugan and disappear once he left us.... How wrong I was! What a great performance to add to so many good performances he’s had since his return.
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