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  1. Philb125

    Big shake up

    Whilst I agree with this, all too often he’s filling the void left by Bannan who’s dropped back to the CB’s to collect the ball. I’d originally thought this was due to our CB’s not having the ability to try a forward pass, however in the majority of cases Bannan takes it from them, then returns it to them whilst standing 5 yards away for them to attempt a long range pass with one fewer options as Bannan is now out of the picture. Surely our coaches see that Bannan running back to collect the ball over and over delivers very little in terms of upside and makes our entire offence one player short, the one player that is championed as our creative spark is all too often a spectator stood between the two CB’s watching them attempt spectacular passes to Fletch, Reach, Fessi or Boyd.
  2. Philb125

    Man of the match - Rotherham (A)

    Went for Fox out of him and Thornily for me. Nobody else in starting eleven stood out above a distinctly average performance.
  3. Philb125

    Could have been...

    Even at 7 points out you’re still only in 13th spot. 7 points away and in 7th is something you’d think may be achievable but in 13th it’s not just the 7 points you need to claw back against one team but also hope 6 more teams don’t do the same or better. There are some very good teams between us and 6th so you’d expect a few of them to go on a run between now and end of season.
  4. Philb125


    But we were a better team without them? I mean we may have been better still with them but without them we reached two sets of championship playoffs. Unless I’m mistaken with them we were a worse team, finishing in worse positions. Sometimes you can sell good good players and build better teams.
  5. Philb125


    Bannan frustrates me more than any other player in our squad. He’s hugely talented but all too often does naff all. If he had no quality I’d except fact he covers every blade of grass (except middle of park) or tries to get on the ball at every opportunity. But all too often when he is on the ball he’s passing it where it came from, backwards or to someone who would have received it if he’d not run 40 metres to stand in between two of our players to intercept a simple pass. Who ever plays lays next to him ends up doing the graft of two men, and in absence of an engine like Lee that exposes players like Hutch, Jones or Joey. I’d be keen to see stats on chances created, tackles, assists and goals against other CMs in the league as I think he’d not come out great in comparison.
  6. Philb125

    Club 1867 Launch

    I’m confused, like the Tesco advert says surely every little helps? Or or are you saying anything less than £3 mil is not helping? All participants of scheme get discounted season tickets until promotion and upon promotion gain free season tickets for 1-5 years. So I’m guessing, anyone that plans to buy a season ticket for foreseeable future and can afford to stump up cash at moment would potentially take this out. It’s not for everyone. But sure enough will go for it and it raises decent chunk of our deficit. Seems a no brainer.
  7. Philb125

    Club 1867 Launch

    I guess it depends on your definition of making a difference. This could raise hundreds of thousands to millions of pounds so I’d not turn my nose up at that even if I was on the search for 10m+. It may mean mean difference between selling one, two or three players? Personally I’d welcome more revenue streams rather than fewer. Saying that I’d also assume selling of players is absolutely still needed.
  8. Philb125

    Club 1867 Launch

    I must be in minority’s who thinks this looks an attractive proposition for those that can afford the outlay. - If promoted the outlay is refunded through season tickets. - If not promoted season tickets discounted until promotion. I mean other than affordability, I’m not sure why there’s the amount of negativity attached to it. I’m sure it’s not designed for the masses but rather a number in line with those that bought into multi year tickets. Not sure on how many that was but a few thousand people taking this out seemingly raises millions.
  9. Hes involved in almost every thing we do so you’re right about that. Conversely all our bad moves normally start with him too!
  10. Philb125

    ‘We will just replace him’

    I agree with both these posts, Kieran Lee fit was an absolutely awesome player at this level and I think many underrated him. Trouble is he like many for one reason or another have peaked and declined, yet contracts remain high or worse go up!
  11. Philb125

    ‘We will just replace him’

    And yet this argument is disproved by every other team in the division (bar the bottom three of course) who have found a way to play without Bannan & Reach. Whilst I think both are great players, to say without them we’d be anything is a prediction at best, and there are many many clubs both above us and below us who are more competitive with arguably weaker players in those positions. As a championship club, to be a sustainable challenger for promotion you need to sell players. I imagine Leeds fans thought they’d never replace Wood, arguably they haven’t as Wood is a fantastic old school number nine. But there they are up there at the top of the tree playing in a different way, same with Derby and countless players, same with the pigs, same with well pretty much everyone else. If we are to improve we must get better at finding the next Fessi, next Bannan, next Lee, next Reach not continue to let their values go down whilst their contracts go up. You’ve said on other posts about how there’s no players that we could replace them with that would be inexpensive. Just look through the teams in the league or the leagues transfers to see how wrong that is.
  12. True enough! Westwood didn’t put a foot wrong vs Luton. But I’d suggest the past 6 games may be a bit early to judge the improvement. New manager bounce seems to have fizzled out just a bit. Again, I’m in no way trying to say it’s all their fault. Just today we looked equally as bad if not worse than any other game.
  13. Not really no, just that was the main beating stick for our last coach and today with those two legends in the team we were equally as bad if not worse than in any game this season. But it let’s be clear, no one comes out of today with any credit. Those two were no better or worse than anyone else on the pitch and we were terrible from front to back.
  14. But with Westwood and Hutch in the team we’ll have character and confidence!!
  15. Worst performance of the season. No one comes out of that with any credit.