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  1. I quite enjoyed watching tonight, most of it anyhow! Can’t say I’ve said that much this season. I’m very encouraged by the turn around after the break!
  2. Despite giving the pen away I thought that was Odubajo’s best game for us. Surprised how many interceptions, Tackles and headers he made and was an outlet at end too. Didn’t look out of place barring fact he can’t mark at set pieces and should be on halfway line starting a counter attack. Maybe a sympathy vote but he gets mine! Murphy other than that!
  3. I think you see tonight this difference of a good team vs our team. We played good football without really troubling them, not just due to our inability to convert good possession to cutting chances, but more so the fact we got anywhere near a dangerous break and we were pulled back or scythed down. We’ll play worse than that and win I’m sure!
  4. Thought other than giving away a soft free kick that lead to a soft penalty we’ve played really well! I’ve seen us play a whole lot worse this season. Shame Moses giving another pen away, other than that he’s probably playing his vest game for us.
  5. Adam Reach creates more assists per minutes on the pitch than any other player in the squad. He’s only one behind Bannan despite playing in two thirds the game time and despite him not taking every corner and free kick. That’s in what is arguably his worst season for us and some folk seem mad keen on getting him out the door. Crazy.
  6. I agree to the extent his main attributes are wasted especially when we are playing wingers or down flanks. I don’t remember him finding many of Matias runs when we had him, bar his teeth his movement was his best attribute but we struggled to find him all too often. Back to Bannan, classy player but doesn’t offer enough defensively or offensively for me. Not many teams can afford someone like that in the heart of team, we certainly don’t have enough around the pitch to compensate for his inability to score/defend.
  7. I’m with you there! Be interesting to see similar thread on providers minus free kicks and corners but I imagine that’s harder to get hold of!
  8. I’m a Bannan Critic but mainly as I judge him to far higher standard as he’s a far better player than most we have. I can’t see how we accommodate him in any midfield that includes wingers. He’s more a luxury player in my opinion and we need more all round attributes than a great passion range. I’m not opposed to any of the old guard leaving so long as we replace with younger models.
  9. wouldn’t you cash in on Bannan if he’s a Bannan type and replace with newer model? Reach still a good age and despite getting bit of stick on here delivers same assists/minute as the wee man, although more of his assists come from open play as he doesn’t (Dennis Waterman voice) take all the free kicks, take all the corners....
  10. Has Nuhiu signed a new deal? Rhodes played his best football and was most prolific in his career off of a target man, I’m not sure Nuhiu despite his giant stature plays that way but in theory it should work just fine against most teams at this level. Especially if we get decent crosses into the mix from Reach, who despite his worst season here still contributes as many assists per minute than Mr ‘takes all the set pieces’ Bannan.
  11. Thanks for the kind words and delivering a better youth update system than the club itself! I’m sure Jordon will go from strength to strength and look forward to tracking his progression. Feel free to remind him that some very talented players have gone on from a Wednesday rejection to great great heights! From Cantana to Kovacevic, Vardy to Afobe. Please keep us posted on the next exciting step in his career and hoping we can keep tabs on him! All the best to both of you!
  12. If our recruitment team have done their homework (I know, this is a huge if) then I think this is a great time to rebuild. Many many players on fringes will be released in my opinion. There should be a huge surplus of players available out of contract both tenured experience pros and academy prospects. Clubs in league one and two will have to sell stars with likely lower fares next season. Those players are likely very aware that cash has gone out of the game and that should ease financial burden of assembling a competitive squad next term.
  13. Was the only name that shocked me on list too, I may be biased by @John O'Brien updates and posts but Jordan seems to have had a decent first term in 23s despite some layoffs. Best wishes were ever they all end up especially Jordan!
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