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  1. Out of interest who would you rather than any of these 4... (and I have no knowledge of who we’ll be able to get but let’s just chuck 4 in who definitely walk into our team if fit) Gayle Colback Aarans Laazar
  2. Just heard a fantastic quote on football ramble that kind of goes against the logic of the OP and few others, it went something like this: Former Sheffield Utd manager Steve Bruce has quit current club Sheffield Wednesday to take over his boyhood club Newcastle. Returning back to the North East where he grew up and also managed arch rivals Sunderland. It’s almost as if the former Birmingham and Villa manager doesn’t know the meaning of Loyalty!
  3. Says in this article he was 11th choice.... 11th!! https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-7255977/Newcastle-confirm-Steve-Bruce-clubs-new-manager-three-year-deal.html
  4. He favours 433 style, which I feel is our best use of the group we have. Solves several key issues: - Best creative player in BB, looks light weight in midfield 2 - Most talented player FF, not really a striker, not really a winger - Reach, Harris, FF & Joao all suited to wide forward roles - Remaining strikers suited to down the middle with a few that could arguably play both - Lee, Hutch & BB (WHEN FIT) look tremendous in same team and it’s hard to fit them in to a 442
  5. Keep reading if someone willing to pay 2m reinvest, what does 1-2m get you in today’s market?
  6. Few possible reasons: - He’s 60 and earned enough to retire comfortably - He’s still on payroll of Brighton earning c. 500k this year to potter in his garden - He’s just been sacked from his toughest season and potential wants a break to recharge Out of interest if you could afford to retire, just been through most stressful year of career aged 60 and we’re being paid over half a million a year to sit on your Harris would you up sticks and go take on a new challenge? Now i’m Not saying he won’t or anything but I can certainly see why he may.
  7. Its more to do with their model of buy them cheap, play them often, sell them high. 40% of 15-20m plus s decent upfront fee is a significant return.
  8. Plays CM too, fairly certain he’s capped by Wales senior team in that position. Being welsh I'm biased but for me he walks into the team and is a class above anyone we have.
  9. His short managerial career so far is hugely impressive averaging 1.99 points per game at Feyenoord and winning the league whilst there. Plays 433 which would suit us well, wants to come to England (if reports that he was keen to take Newcastle job are correct). Whilst hes he’s a big name, no chance that Feyenoord pay as much as we were paying Bruce. His ex teammates from an illustrious playing career hold top jobs all over Europe’s top clubs so you’d hope those contacts be golden too. What’s not to like?
  10. Plenty to choose from too: Hughton, Moyes, Monk, GvB to name a few. Less compensation, immediately available barring them wanting to watch ashes or something similar etc!
  11. Agree Bullen, Thompson & Co. all very capable to coach and get the squad into shape.
  12. If you mean Bruce’s Exit, then I’m sure a foreign appointment seems like good idea.
  13. Whilst I don’t agree with all that you’ve said, this last point is spot on!
  14. I think they turned him down due to his lack of premiership experience which is perfect for us as it shows he’s willing to come to England and manage, if was keen on a shoiithole, cluster duck of a club like Newcastle he can be tempted here no problem.
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