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  1. To be fair I’ve only ever heard of one rumour of anyone wanting him, Bristol a season ago when he was injured. I’m not sure it’s price putting people off, as I’m sure we’re pretty desperate for cash. He’s a good player but not sure he’s that in demand.
  2. Not sure it works like that. Fairly certain it’s the adjusted profit of the ground, so sell for 60 bought for 30 profit of 30 shows, but I may be wrong. I guess time will tell but I’d be shocked to see us doing anything of note in this window or next few. That said, you can build a really good squad from free transfers, loans and others unwanted players.
  3. Stadium balanced the 30m loss, so can’t be done in this years. Income of Joao, saving of wages etc isn’t likely to total 20m. If you consider fact that in the 30m loss there are other incomes such as Rhodes loan fee, Rhodes wages paid etc. I really think you may be disappointed in just how little room we have to play with at the moment. We have massive Ongoing losses and unless we shift a few contracted players out with the out of contract lot this summer I think it’s still going to be a tight year or so. My guess is the year after next is first we’ll not be staring down the barrel and that’s only if we cut cloth accordingly for next 12-18 months.
  4. do you really think we’ve gone from losing 30m in previous year to losing 10m? How have we made/saved 20m?
  5. So 15/16 we lost circa 10m, we’re about to lose that. That was a small one not a big one as 16/17 we lost circa 20m last year was due to be loss of 30m prior to stadium sale. I’m not sure is losing the best year loss wise really helps us and gives us room to manoeuvre as you think.
  6. If we could only sign one player - who/what position would it be? Mobile Target Man If we could only get rid of one player, who would it be? Rhodes Purely to free up wages. Choose one player not playing regularly you would give a chance in the team. Joey P in midfield 3. We need to structure, determination and doggedness. No one does the dirty work but plenty wagging fingers. If you could have one ex player back in the team playing at their prime, who would it be now bearing in mind where we need boosting at present? Carlton Palmer - can’t disagree he’d certainly occupy the gaping hole that is our soft centre and give Bannan licence to wander. Failing that get Hirst up top. If you could attend S6 more often but are put off, what is the one thing that stops you going more often? 12 - 16 hour commute! If the club was to spend money on one off the field item (eg, facilities, catering, academy) which would you choose? Data driven recruitment team, a la moneyball / Brentford. Choose one word to describe the season so far. Meh
  7. I disagree. His showing for the ball as you put it, is him retreating from where he should be and vacating his position meaning Lee, Jones, Joey, Hutch... whoever ends up trying to occupy the entire centre of the pitch. I agree he goes behind, but him going behind Borner whilst Borner brings the ball out or whilst Borner steps in to make the challenge is to the detriment of the team and to who ever is by his side. We have other problems too, but us not having a functional midfield is up there with the worst of them. I’m not saying he can’t play there just far too often he’s dropping deep / going missing.
  8. Couldn’t be more wrong. Not Available: Already played for two teams this season so isn’t allowed to play for a third? Not Affordable: Loan fee alone for half season was reported to be in excess of a million. That’s without wages. Not Realistic: Even if he was free and could go out on loan, he’d not choose to play for a team hoofing the ball upfront without a target man to win the ball for him.
  9. How many midfielders are we going to right off because they look poor when partnered (use that term loosely) by Bannan. Whilst Bannan is without doubt one of the best players in our team and in the league, when he goes missing very good players are left to do the work of two men and end up copping the stick when they fail. Bannan needs to stand up and be counted in the centre of the park and allow the team to do better rather than him going where he has an easier game.
  10. It all depends how we set up. If it’s Bannan DCM and Winnall up top on his own it will be horrific again. Im hoping Monk has learnt his lessons though!
  11. He’s probably the best CM at the club for me. Very good engine, can tackle, can pass, can score. Suitable to play in a 2 or a 3. All of our other options may have one aspect of their game that’s better than his, but none have his all around game. Wish we had a partner for him.
  12. There are many new things we need. New captain - Borner gets my vote New work ethic/determination - They are soft, get bullied, dont defend themselves or team mates New central midfield - teams walk through us. New Strike force Fairly content with our strength of defence / wide player
  13. IMO Monk is as much to blame for the result as the players here. All the bad that occurred are not new traits, it's not as if Bannan shocked anyone by dropping back 30 metres and leaving a huge hole in the middle, it's not a shock that Murphy doesn't offer as much defensive cover as say Reach or Harris, it's not a shock that Winnall would win very few of the aerial duals. We all see this week in week out, he must too? The subs he made on the other hand though, they were a shock. Was he hoping to tighten up and only lose three nil? Why is he moving the best CB we have to RB? Why does he keep Bannan on in a midfield 2 when he's being over ran when he was in a 3? I'd love to think this is a freak result, or a one off but in reality we've been poor quite often this season and results have papered over the cracks. Monk has proved he can be decisive and almost savage, just hope he has the balls to do that with some of the fan favourites as I think many need a kick up the ass and reality check if not moving on. I'm really looking forward to a new look team, I think/hope the team next year will be unrecognisable.
  14. If we only had players that they could afford to pay thier salaries to swap. Looking at others in that league with exciting stats there are quite a few that I know nothing about but look to be doing well. Anyone know much about... Scott Fraser at Burton, an ACM with 5 Goals, 11 Assists Benjamin Whiteman at Doncaster, a DCM with 5 Goals Cameron Brannagan at Oxford a DCM with 5 goals, 5 assists Loads of youngsters down there performing numbers that if replicated in our team be awesome. Midfielders that score goals - who would have thought that was a thing.
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