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  1. It was more the ‘never been a player’ type comments despite him at time of purchase being the highest scoring forward in the calendar year. I’d agree though with a run of games or even run of sub appearances I think he’d build up a bit more momentum than his current one outing every 5/6 type involvement.
  2. Swap Murphy for Luongo, Reach our wide, extra bite and energy in middle. I’d potentially bring in Fox for Cotten Eye Joe, although he played much better second half Sunday.
  3. Whilst the cross was great, it’s only as good as the person on the other end of it. If Winnal doesn’t lose his marker, doesn’t move into that spot etc, it’s just a good ball into a dangerous area that gets left to go out of play. thought he drifted off his market into the space well and the finish was sublime. He played great IMO, also put a good cross / cut back in that I think Reach should have done better on, and won ball back few times from their defense. Weird how some on here don’t rate him at all.
  4. Posted this before but when I asked a die hard Cardiff fan on his thoughts his response was along lines of: he’s a great player, got injured and on his return our wingers playing were doing great so struggled to get back into the team. He had a falling out with warnock regarding this and struggled for game time ever since. Played well when he got a chance including MoM vs Fulham. He still thought they had better first choice options, but was upset to lose him. So to surmise, quality player that doesn’t like Colin.
  5. Thought him dropping deep and playing original through ball was good, then to put his head in to win it second time was very very good!
  6. Is the game on iFollow video or not due to tv rights?
  7. So we have three strikers and Murphy in the line up? I’d guess winnall is in midfield maybe? Odd set up given Fessi on bench.
  8. In tough away games I don’t see what value Bannan adds. I used to think he got bullied in a two but it’s in a three too. Luongo would start with Hutch and Lee for me I’m away games.
  9. Said last week and first week, he may be quick but looks an absolute liability. Positional sense looks nonexistent, loses ball in silly areas and now gives pens away for fun!
  10. Moses is fast becoming the latest signing to hugely excite me, then to play and realisation that he’s actually not as good as you’d thought. Not sure how we get get back into this on back of that display. Fletcher isolated, midfield being ignored.
  11. Great move for him! Hopefully thrives and comes back stronger!
  12. I wouldn’t be opposed to us getting quite a few out even if just up until January. Winnall, Baker, Penney, Preston etc. I think our squad is a bit big if anything at the moment and hard to keep everyone motivated, match fit or in form. Why do we need 4/6 players that can cover RB/LB/Striker when only one can play there?
  13. Westwood Palmer, Lees, Borner, Fox Lee, Hutch, Luongo Reach, Fletch, Harris Solid defensive platform, high energy / tough tackling midfield and mixture of pace/work rate up top.
  14. To the tune of Can’t Stop Me Now by Queen: He’s rapid Down the left wing, yeah Incredible speed That's why they call him Mister Fahrenheit He’s traveling at the speed of light We’ve got a supersonic Kadeem for you Can't stop him, can't stop him Can't stop him, hey, hey, hey Can't stop him, can't stop him Ooh ooh ooh, I like it Can't stop him, can't stop him Can't stop him, hey, hey, hey Can't stop him, can't stop him
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