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  1. Philb125

    Gary Hooper

    I can’t imagine being unable to work for 9-12 months, even if I were still getting paid I think I’d go crazy with it. I’m sure little to no footballers would rather be injured to be fit and able to play, especially in last years of contracts and needing to prove self to current or future clubs. I don’t begrudge any of our long term absentees from doing activities away from football so long as it’s not hindering their recovery.
  2. Philb125

    Gary Hooper

    Would you rather him at s medical facility with a treadmill next to the bed and weights room down the corridor for the 9-12 months he’s been out?
  3. Philb125

    International break

    I don’t know who has been called up this time around but players I’d imagine to be in contention or possible call ups include but not limited to: England U21: Onamah, Penney (must be due a call up) Wales U21: Baker Jamaca: Hector Scotland: Bannan, Fletcher (maybe bit of stretch nowadays) Kosova: Nuhiu So thats 5-7 potential first team players unavailable, so I think wanting us to play on regardless may be a bit of a strain on our limited resources.
  4. Philb125


    Not my opinion, but an independent site with objective ratings. https://www.whoscored.com/Matches/1288812/Live/England-Championship-2018-2019-Bristol-City-Sheffield-Wednesday I view it from time to time when I think I’ve seen a different game to what others are posting/saying. I find we all have bias and see what we want to at times.
  5. Philb125


    Youre backed up by stats on your observations. Rated our joint second worst player yesterday; gave the ball away more than any other (3x dispossessed + 3x poor control) made few tackles, few key passes. Whilst im sure he’s an awesome player and looks it in fits and starts what I’ve seen of him so far, yesterday he was nowhere near our best player.
  6. Philb125

    Mid table team

    If only there was a way to rank teams so you could all see how wrong you are and how we are so mid table!!
  7. Philb125


    Today we saw the good and the bad, luckily the good came second and I’m pretty sure he plays on confidence. Those two goals hopefully help remind him he’s an absolute powerhouse and it’s almost impossible to stop him when he’s on it!
  8. Philb125

    Form over 9 games

    Some extremely tough fixtures in that run of nine too! There are a few easier in the next nine but I’d happily settle on 18 points from them again.
  9. Second half was marked improvement by us, referee however started bad, got worse as game went on and less said about the end the better!
  10. Hes got one job when we are attacking; pass to Bannan. Simples!
  11. Like this but 4231 Palmer, Lees, Pudil, Thornley Hector, Onamah Reach Bannan Penney Fletch
  12. Philb125

    Matt Penney Contract

    With the likely departures of very well paid/overpaid senior pros next year, I’m fully expecting us to sign all of our youth team players involved with first team to long term deals that are competitive in salary to what other clubs would pay for a first team squad member. Not the silly money money we were chucking around but an average salary for a champ player all the same. You’d think that Pudil departing funds both Penney and Thorniley to long term deals. Same with Westwood and young keepers. Abdi, Jones, Boyd... all way through to past favourites of mine Hooper and Lee. I think the days of us having ‘star players’ that were bought from higher up food chain are likely behind us. And our average wage per player should drop in line with other clubs around us. Having 5-10 players north of 25-30k is a recipe for disaster but having odd one mixed into a squad of hungry / talented players should do nicely!
  13. Really?? I bet they melt down by new year as they always do, I’m also fairly confident that we’ll grow and get better as season progresses.
  14. Philb125

    Simple Question

    Fair enough, I’m fairly happy with way we’re progressing. Happy to see a coach thinking past today and considering the future.
  15. Philb125

    Simple Question

    Really? Who would you drop for ‘football reasons’?