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  1. Not for me. He’s ok but doesn’t really fit our formation and for that amount I’d at least want to be buying a guaranteed starter.
  2. I think he averages assists at a better rate than anyone at the club per game/90 minutes played. That's despite having an off season last year and being played in almost every position for us. That's more than Bannan without the luxury of most of the free kicks and corners. Weirdly though as you say some folk always seem to be on his back.
  3. I only got to watch the highlights as expats were restricted to just radia. But watching extended highlights, he was involved in most of them.
  4. I'm fairly certain he will get plenty of game time this term, likely through necessity rather than choice. But I think that will be great for him, rather than being in and out or only off the bench and we'll see his best return for us. Now I know that wont be hard, but if he chips in with 10-15 goals this term alongside similar figure from Windass and maybe even Kachunga then that should stand us in good stead and him too. Win win.
  5. In a season where the lows will inevitably come, I think relishing the highs is great! Long may it continue, some fans don’t know how to be happy/proud of their club.
  6. Did you miss the Cardiff game? Rhodes wasn’t just in the right place at right time, wasn’t just winning free kicks that led to the goal, wasn’t just winning flicks on to runners but also rubbing his balls off as you put it. To be honest, I’d rather he didn’t run himself into the ground and focus on being in right place and fresh, but I guess that’s a call for Monk and Rhodes presses as much as any other striker at moment.
  7. Scores quite regularly for Wales and brings the midfield into the game. I thought he’d do well at Cardiff but if they just going to lump it up to him vs 3 centre backs he’s probably on for another meagre season.
  8. Fixed it for you! I think some of our players need managing with more sophistication than play them every game. But it’s a game of opinions I guess.
  9. Indeed you did! Apologies for misunderstanding. I still think we need to rotate these cup games though. I agree players still need minutes but there are enough fringe players who need them more and enough games to consider it conjugated be they league or cup. The last thing I want is an injury to any of the midfield three, any of our three. Nor do I want to burn out Harris or Penney.
  10. You said there are no midweek games for the next 5 weeks, there are if we win! So unless you’re picking a team to lose, we have 5 games in 15 days starting yesterday. So, I would pick a team that considered that. This season is shorter than normal, with less of a preseason to build up. So I’d manage players even more than normal or expect a full treatment room.
  11. Think Cardiff were a bit one dimensional yesterday. Moore definitely looks better for Wales than he has for Wigan or Cardiff. I think if we had him with Penney, Brown and Bannan firing balls into him he’d be a right handful.
  12. I agree, think we need to manage that workload carefully. Early stages of season so no wonder he looked a bit spent by time he came off. I’m glad we have options at wingback as they’re getting plenty of miles in. Really hope we don’t burn out the lad and assume because he’s young he can play twice a week doing that!
  13. In isolation yes, sure. However if we win Tuesday we’ll play 5 games in 15 days. The season, is shorter than normal, making it even tougher and by 60 minutes today he looked spent. A few times he could have overlapped, just before being taken off and he just stood there. Personally I’d rather we spread the workload and pick the games where we can do that. I think Watford will be a tough game and I’d like Harris and Palmer in for that one for their experience and grit.
  14. Someone posted just before you that if we win Tuesday we play 5 games in 15 days? Seems pretty congested to me.
  15. He can’t play every game so against the top teams I’d play Palmer / Harris and have him to come in from bench.
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