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  1. We’ll play far worse than that and win before seasons out.
  2. 60 Minutes

    Maybe, personally I think bit of pace and trickery vs an aging terry may have worried them a bit.
  3. 60 Minutes

    Even Stobbs for Dave and playing 541 with pace on counter would have worked for me.
  4. 60 Minutes

    This, this 1,000,000% this. Subs needed to either freshen up players, break flow of game or just give us a breather! I couldn’t for life of me understand why we didn’t change anything. Also at that point we need our players to also be less naive. Stay down for few minutes, slow down a few set plays, not play risky balls when in full flight of counter putting team back under pressure.
  5. George Boyd

    I player really is blurry when you think a giants George Boyd.
  6. FAO Neil Swarbrick

    Hard to tell watching on mobile via I follow but he seemed to be missing quite a bit from them and within seconds penalizing what appeared very similar against us. Theres no way he’s a prem ref, was bullies by their players and had lost control in my opinion.
  7. George Boyd

    Was it Boyd or Reach playing a 5 yard nothing ball that set up their second? My I follow was blurry at time.
  8. Hey I’m not skating you for the comment I agree with it! Just saw it at same time as wondering why when at 2-1 and under heavy pressure we didn’t think to change something and slow Game down a bit.
  9. Took this far too literally and neglected fact you can use subs to bring on players with energy, waste time and to disrupt the flow of the game. Unsure why givibg fact our players are so unfit and he’s bemoaning all the games coming up.
  10. Whilst there were significant positives in that display and against a top team which were greatly assisted by a very questionable referee, I’m left wondering why: a) we made no subs, our players we are told are hugely unfit and yet we left the same team battle it out, we were clearly slipping away at 2-1 and needed a break and sub would have been perfect to break up play a bit. b) at 2-1 we break on counter and either Boyd or Reach play a disaster of a nothing pass to give possession away and assist their equalizer. Massive naivity to not play it down the channel to a screaming Jaoa. C) can something be teach Dave how to fall over? He must be the most fouled man in football yet wins nothing!
  11. Has he extended the contract yet? Looks very at home at this level.
  12. Best I’ve seen from us in ages. Playing well, challenging for every ball and genuinely look to have them rattled from corners. cant remember last time I got excited for us to take a corner!!
  13. Glenn loovens please retire

    I’m hopeful that Loovens, Pudil, Wallace are all thanked for their service but let go at the end of the season. Wouldnt begrudge Loovens a coaching gig, I’m sure he’d fit in well. Pudil looks decent at CB but he’s likely a top earner and unless he’d be willing to take a cut in line with going rate as a back up CB I’d let him go. All three have served us well but all three are too costly both in salary and performances.
  14. I wouldn’t mind a season or two of belt tightening and blooming of the kids. Clear some of the deadwood out and go again in a season or two.
  15. Adthe Nuhiu

    If it’s to come on and disrupt we don’t have anyone else as good as him. He’s well worth a spot on the bench.