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  1. Surely it's the players? Watching yesterday was an eye opener - for long periods under Monk, Pulis and Thompson at the end we made no attempt to play football at all. A few games early on for Monk and Thompson, they surprised me to the point where we played good passing football. But yesterday we tried to play, and it was scary how uncomfortable they were doing the basics. Passes miscontrolled, with first touches bouncing off our players and pretty much all of them not just one or two. The first half especially when we had a full compliment the second touch was far too often trying to regain
  2. Never heard of him, no idea where or how he plays but I’d swap him for Hutch sight unseen.
  3. I’ve only watched the second half it bits, but I’ve counted 5 sliced clearances/completely missed ball. How bad do you have to be that you’re paid to kick a ball and you can’t even make clean contact with it. Our complete lack of composure is evident. Horrific touch and no confidence at all. Keeping the same players playing week in week out is as cruel as it is crazy.
  4. Thank god they managed to score again, their coach looked terrified.
  5. Being 2-0 up and in complete control doesn’t mean you win.... only last week I saw a team crumble from that position.
  6. Started every game since his return hasn’t he? Crazy how he keeps starting.
  7. Hutch dives in and gets sold whilst shaw pulls out. Here I was thinking you couldn’t get a CM partnership more inept than Bannan & Hutch!
  8. No worries, I don’t want to row with other Wednesdayites. It’s hard going watching this mob but I live in hope of a surprise performance.
  9. Questioning why others choose to support the club, whilst you choose not to support the club most certainly makes you less of a supporter in my eyes. You choose whether to support the club or not. But I don’t like people digging out us who choose to keep supporting them, no matter how painful it is. I’ve chosen to support them, I’ve paid and financially supported them, I’ve sat through the dog being out down....but I didn’t leave the dog alone like some of our ‘supporters’ do and then choose to dig the ones out who sat through it.
  10. I mean saying ‘how come anyone one is watching it’ kind of makes you less of a supporter. Choose to watch or not, that’s your prerogative but don’t question us others that continue to watch on and hope, and support both in spirit and financially.
  11. Im genuinely interested to see Shaw, Urhoghide and Penney. If they extend contracts we could be building a team around players like that next season.
  12. Its hard enough playing with ten men, why leave a luxury player on too? Or would you rather a Bannan Hutch midfield duo that couldn’t get a grip of the game 5 years ago in their prime?
  13. I don’t know what’s more frustrating. When we don’t even try to play football or when we do try and embarrass ourselves. it’s not just Borner, 5-10 times already the first touch has been so bad that the second touch is a recovery or a tackle.
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