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  1. I’m not sure I grasp. Just pointing out Tuchel and you are both entitled to opposite opinions but his is slightly more qualified as one of best coaches in the world. For what it’s worth I fall on your side of not changing things, but what do we know?
  2. Great thing about football is we all have opinions. Some are more qualified than others mind
  3. And yet with Bannan we had created just more than the bottom three after the first 8-10 games. Almost as if his attacking/creative threat doesn’t outweigh his lack of positional discipline.
  4. Weirdly the only reason art of our team that looks like challenging for proportion is our CB’s. I’d not touch them. The rest of the team? Christ only knows. It would appear we hadn’t thought through the what if scenario around Luongo being injured. I can’t believe we would have let Waldock go on loan then be left with Hutch only to play back up to the midfield screener of defence. Hunt has looked better last two games, but early on he looked shadow of his former self. Not sure how our forwards get a game. You have shopido who scored double figures last year in this league sat on the bench, Sow & Theo look decent enough with attacking freedom but we’re so ponderous getting the ball to them that they’re having to beat 2/3 to get into decent positions. This league isn’t much good though, you don’t need to be fantastic to win games. Just solid defensively and get the ball into Dangerous areas often and quickly.
  5. not sure how giants becomes Aunts. Stupid fat thumbs….
  6. Cardiff have one of the best target man type forwards in the division and aunts at the back. I can’t fathom how he isn’t doing well there. He’d struggle here, we don’t have any targetmen style forwards, he’d have Dunkley upfront.
  7. Lost 6 on a bounce with Cardiff, fans can’t stand him there. Team playing without effort or style. Cardiff squad isn’t bad, not sure how he’s getting it so wrong there.
  8. How I long for the day that our central midfield is made up of two athletic, energetic, mobile all round players capable of passing, tackling, running, heading, shooting…… and letting our creativity come from two out and out wide men given licence to just attack rather than covering the gaps left by our powderpuff midfield.
  9. Can’t fathom how he sees the game out when we have Johnson as direct replacement or 3 other singers we can bring on and swap to a back four. I just don’t understand how you don’t make a sub when you have so many options and two subs unused??
  10. Whilst my stream was a shocker today, from what I did see we created a bunch more than normal. That’s good progress! However letting them back in like that is exceptionally poor and the players/manager have to take that onboard. Positives - true, lessons to be learnt - also true.
  11. How does Brown see that game out with Johnson in the bench or with any of the singers and swapping to a back four? How?? Why do we have a subs bench with arguably better players than we have in staring XI and yet we fail to use our subs?
  12. BPF Iorfa Dunks Palmer Theo Adeniran Luongo Johnson/Brown Wing Berahino Paterson/Windass I'd like to see us play something like that, 3 at the back with a DCM paired with engine of Adiniran. Wing in behind two strikers and try and get it out wide as often as possible.
  13. One of worst performances this season and that’s saying something, how we won I’ll never know. Gregory for the goal and special mention to Wildsmith in goals.
  14. 60% possession, 12 shots, 4 corners… but that’s enough about Bolton, this is a Wednesday forum after all.
  15. I think so yes, but thought we went from awful to just poor.
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