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  1. We’ve three winnable games in next 6. If we can get 9 or more points from next 6 we’ll be in good standing and hopefully out of bottom three. I don’t get the clamour to play expansive football or the demand on beating better teams with better players and better managers that are in better form. Our aim is fourth from bottom anything else is a bonus! So we don’t need to win every game, just more than Wycombe and two others!
  2. We’ve played two better teams, in better form with better players and arguably better managers. Judge the performances vs Coventry, Rotherham, Wycombe, Barnsley, Luton etc they are games against teams that are on our level/in our battle. Saying we must or should beat top 6 teams is a tad naive of the situation and football in general. We just need to finish fourth from bottom and we’re on track to do that despite a horrible start.
  3. Don’t be silly. There are 30 odd games left this season, we don’t need to win them all. We don’t need to win half of them to save ourselves. Thinking you do adds unnecessary pressure and likely returns the type of results we saw in the Luton, Rovrum, Wycombe run. If we draw against the top half teams more often than not and win against the bottom half teams more often than not we’ll be comfortably safe. We’ve been abysmal this season and had a six point penalty yet still are only 4/5 points from safety. Our goal difference vs those at bottom is like an extra poi
  4. Turgid football, but we limited free scoring Stoke to next to nothing. Be interesting to see how we fair vs a team that’s about our level.
  5. Shaw played up top I think in 18/23s for a bit as too many good midfielders to play them all in midfield. Not sure how we line up today but interested to see.
  6. Fantastic how some folk see one thing and others see another. One poster has Paterson as a 5 as he never won a header all night? Yet a quick search of stats show he won 11 aerial battles, 8 more than any other player in our team. Almost as if they didn’t watch us just battle or hearts out to be one of a handful of teams to take points from the Liberty?
  7. In the interest of balance, whoscored has Paterson as our MoM... isn’t football wonderful.
  8. You'd think that playing many trialists in the striking areas that the club were aware of this. the point still stands that these 20 players, 2 strikers, 1 that is injured are more than a handful at this level. With many of the attacking midfielders, more than capable of scoring goals too.
  9. Have that group of 20 that you were quite dismissive of played in all other games? The point you were commenting on, was that if they play together they are more than a handful for any team in the league, as demonstrated. However, too many have been in and around the first team IMO without actually playing.
  10. Still beating the league leaders... go figure!
  11. As an expat I love iFollow and the service it provides. It keeps getting better too. I also like to feel I’m contributing to the club revenue! Wish there was more I could do. I wish there was an option to turn off commentary and just have match noise like it used to be, as at times the commentary team can be a bit cretinous. Weirdly I’ve found listening to the opposition commentary team more informative and less biased at times.
  12. Such a shame, a back three with him at centre of Iorfa and Borner/JVA could be colossus. Playing a back four him and Iorfa I’m sure be decent too. Pace, Power, Experience....
  13. Best I’ve seen Joey, Borner and Kachunga this season with any of them being worthy winners in my opinion.
  14. Monk would win me over if he resigned, then when Wilder is poached after the piggies are relegated he takes over, takes them into back to back relegations as we are promoted unbeaten next term to swap places with them. Then and only then!!
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