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  1. What ever will be will be, I’ve not supported our club any more for being in better leagues or having better players, I shan’t support any less if we are in lower leagues or lose any star players. Actually for what it’s worth, part of me thinks a stint in league one, with time to rebuild and bed in our prospects may do us some good! Obviously that’s a consolation prize so to say! Either way, I’m positive with the support of our fans we’ll carry on!
  2. Philb125

    Going backwards...

    Exactly this - we were short sighted and looked for instant success IMO. Instead of cashing in on a few of our successes, notable stories linking players such as westwood, Lees, Bannan, Lee, Jaoa, Fessi & Hirst over last three years we decided to keep them, not just keep them but pay them more too! Championship teams cannot afford to stockpile good players, you need to continually be finding the next Bannan, Lees or Fessi not being held over a barrel to re-sign to new improved contracts. If we look at teams that have spent in the season just gone, with exception of relegated teams they have all sold their best players in years gone by. Derby, Leeds, Forest.... A few years ago we seemed great at taking a punt on an unwanted player and reviving careers. What I don't get is why that stopped and when we moved to a new model of buying proven players. I can only go back to that short sighted part of wanting instant success. It hasnt happened and now we are stuck with players who arguably can still do a job this year, but are the jobs they are doing worthy of the salaries being spent.
  3. Philb125

    Sam Winnall...

    Cant say I disagree - but not sure who else you'll get for 30K per year! Wouldn't catch me taking the abuse for that any how :)
  4. Philb125

    Sam Winnall...

    If we have to have a few sensible budget seasons he's exactly the type of player we need. Already here, has good resale value, low salary, proved he can score in the league. Now is he likely to fire you to promotion? Maybe, maybe not. Is he likely to score as many as Fletch, Hooper or Rhodes on I'd guess at least half their salary....Probably.
  5. Philb125

    Sam Winnall...

    We were not allowed to offer a renewal until embargo lifted - but I take your point. If I were the manager I'd let him know that he was the future of the club and that he wasn't 6th choice back up! Tough decisions need to be made as we cant keep everyone, hopefully they are made quickly as it is painful to see the debate, criticism of our future players at expense of our past.
  6. 100% this - you dont come out and say 'we're selling everyone, please buy our players, we really need cash!'. How many transfers nowadays start with selling chairman saying: 'He's not for sale at any price!' I thought yorkshire folk were tight and could barter... sound like most on here expect our chairman to tell them the truth, even if that means halfing someones resale value.
  7. Philb125

    Sam Winnall...

    One of the better pieces of transfer business we have done and what we should be doing more of, exploiting lesser clubs to take their better players at low costs with low salaries to go with them. If we end up having a clear out, I hope we keep him - I think him and Jaoa be a great front two for any mid level champ team as we continue to shift deadwood and balance finances.
  8. You keep banging this Baker showed he’s not ready on Sunday drum but I’m not really sure why? What did he or didn’t he do that was so wrong in you’re mind? Im asking as the stats show he made more tackles, clearances or interceptions than any other player in our team. He had a chance to score, he was marking one of the better, quicker forwards in the league and I think it’s his 3rd or 4th competitive start. Can’t see why you’d be singling him out in a performance where many ‘better’ players were no better and if stats to be believed actually were worse.
  9. Philb125

    Formation - confusing?

    We’ll win one soon and season will be off and running. As fans we’re fickle, Carlos was as good as our before surprising us all with a 5 on bounce wins... It’s never as bad as it seems, never as good either but we’ll worry about that after a win or five!
  10. Philb125

    Formation - confusing?

    I’m unsure when the formation change was decided upon, pre or post Reach getting injured in warm up. Matias can’t play the Reach box to box role so unsure if that forced our hand. Either way it’s odd that we’d change from back 3 after persisting with it so much.
  11. He visibly stopped and through his hands in the air yesterday two or three times when things didn’t work out for us. That is while their players attacked against us. So not only is he not encouraging our players but he abandons them while he throws his hands around. It’s not the type of attributes I want in my captain i’m afraid. I don’t mind the senior pros dishing it out, but you wait for a break in play and certainly don’t chastise players for missed passes or not making runs you expect of them. He’s not a leader, he’s right now acting petulant and unprofessional. We lack leadership to install confidence, to give guidance and to blast players when needed (hutch giving away needless pens etc). Who that is I don’t know, but it’s certainly not Bannan.
  12. If he were to sell FF he’s done the right thing in being adamant that he won’t. Anyone with a bit of sense knows we’re in trouble and prices will be getting slashed, if you at least make noises you won’t sell you have a chance of getting fair value.
  13. Philb125

    Sam Hutchinson

    Let his team down! Some would have him captain, not me! He’s a liability for many reasons and we’ve stood by him when many wouldn’t and pay him handsomely for that privilege too! I’m also upset that Lees isn’t up to job of screaming at senior pros and getting them switched on. I wish we had a way of resting Lees as he looked off it today, a few of his passes were suicidal.
  14. My league 1 squad: 1 Dawson 2 Baker 3 Penney 4 JvA 5 neilson 6 Thornely 7 Preston 8 Pelupessy 9 Winall 10 Jaoa 11 Kirby 12 Borukov 13 Wildsmith 14 Palmer 15 hunt 16 O Grady 17 Nuhiu (if he’s got 2 year deal) Could probably keep a few others too or completely start a fresh, but that’s a solid foundation that playing competitive regular football would develop leaps and bounds for a fraction of our superstar seniors squad we’ve assembled.
  15. Is it bad that part of me thinks league one may be our only way out, to push his hand into clearing decks and starting over. In that league we have a squad of U23 players that we could compliment with low cost, experience.