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  1. Formation

    Frustration is from the fact he has all the ability and talent in the world, but quite often uses that to sprint 30-50 meters back demand the ball from Lees only to pass it to Pudil or Fred. Many more players without his talent play much worse, but you can’t be frustrated at that. Can you?
  2. Formation

    I agree with you here fella, Bannan is the most frustrating player I’ve ever seen in a Wednesday shirt. You know that on his day he’s one of the best players in the league. Yet time after time he demands ball from CB1 to pass back to CB2 and puts them under more pressure than if they’d just passed one to the other. I’d love to see him receiving the ball in the opposition half rather than stood between Lees and Pudil, was so hopeful when JVA was signed to save Bannan from having to go collect the ball. Unfortunately that’s not worked out so far, but I do love in hope!
  3. anyone on I Follow ?

    Working fine in South Africa
  4. Basement Bargains?

    Is there a consolidated list of players out of contract this summer. Unsure of accuracy but so far I’ve seen: Fabio - Boro Yiadom - Barnsley Bjeliend - Brentford All would instantly improve our match day squad. There must be dozens of good players at this level available and you’d like to think we’d have a good shot at tempting many.
  5. Time for an Experiment?

    NOt many options to try is there? Maybe the young right back or the striker that’s banging them in for U23’s not young Hirst the other 17 year old. Id like to see Rhodes get a few more goals, either helps him for us or rebuilds market value. If pudil is not getting contract he can start his holidays now, same with Dave. Happy enough if both stay but if not no point in using either.
  6. Hope he wasn’t injured as he look to take knock before coming off. A run of games and few goals do him the world of good and if nothing else puts him back in shop window for post season window.
  7. Venancio & Lees

    Whilst he’s been a saving grace as prior to him appearing we were looking more than a little short back there (well everywhere) I don’t think we should let the results blind us. They could have easily have had 2-3 today, similar to a few of the other games. Now i don’t know if that’s down to the defense or those in front of them. But I’m still not 2million Audi’s worth convinced he’s the right guy. But I’d trust in Jos! Be great to see what the lads like if he if he stays here surrounded by our better players.
  8. I thought you’d be pleased to be proved wrong! Great first half and hope it continues through to end today
  9. Hull City 0 - 1 #SWFC - OMDT

    To be fair he looked more up for this one and mobile from the off. Not sure if that spell on bench has done him good or if he like everyone else just despises Hull.
  10. Can you moan like this before every game? They may like proving you wrong... you never know. Far from a slow start, Best 15 mins I’ve watched all season, well since wheels came off anyhow.
  11. Hull City 0 - 1 #SWFC - OMDT

    Not too sure if iPlayer is playing up but we looked lively that half! Rhodes looked mobile and up for it, Reach life is recharged and all bar almost giving it away before half time we’ve looked the better team! Great work from the fans too, out sung them all half with particular favorite of’wherecwere you all wembley!?’
  12. Great post - even if we swapped two of our out of contracts in Pudil & Loovens for Fabio & Bjellend I think we'd have upgraded and likely for similar outlay. I know we are likely to have to cut our cloth accordingly this season but assuming we lose Loovens, Pudil, Wallace and a few others there should be enough in the kitty for a few freebies and younger prospects. I am actually looking forward to that more so than us buying ready made expensive options.
  13. Positives

    Thought Palmer looked awesome second half. Not seen him play like that in ages. Decent goals, good to see Matias playing again too. Hard to tell how much was qpr stopping or us getting better after they are 4:0 up but glad our heads didn’t drop and we kept at it.
  14. How many players are out now?

    A whole team of players?? Westy Hutch Loovens JVA Fox Abdi Lee Bannan Wallace Hooper Fletch Subs: Clare Stobbs Whilst a few are back its still a pretty shocking situation!!
  15. hirst to united

    great example - thanks! hoping that the variation between forwards and keepers sticks and we get something similar but bigger!