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  1. What can we salvage?

    Wouldn’t make nd seeing something different. Like three at back and wingbacks, maybe give the lad Penney a chance on left, even if just to replace Reach. Feel at this stage of season there may be no better time than to do something like that.
  2. I said a few months back when all looked to be going the wrong way that I wouldn’t be totally against a total reset! With all but a few being up for sale and clearing the decks as best we could over 2/3 windows. Then allowing a coach either either to buy his own, or to try something a bit different and bring some younger hungrier players in. Players such ad Westwood, Bannan, Lees, FF, Fletch, Wallace, Boyd you’d expect to be in fairly high demand. The only players I’d try my damnest to hang on to being Hooper and Lee, with even those going if someone wanted to pay above and beyond. Whilst I don’t feel anyone has to go, neither do I care if they did. We could ship 10 or so players and still field a team that performs to this level and also blood Penney and a few of the kids.
  3. Paul Hurst - Shrewsbury Town as head coach. Owl fan, young, progressive.... Megson - Director of football
  4. A mature approach to change

    I don’t always agree with you Guru, but in this case I think you’re spot on. Bringing in somebody at this stage without money to change the personal and with an over inflated squad could be a huge mistake. The new New coach would either have to agree to use the existing players and be able to get them firing or we’d have to go through a fresh cycle of change; clearing out the old players and replacing. if we were to scrap the current plan (I assume their is one) and restart we’d likely need 1-2 seasons of transition trying to shed many players that are over paid and not in form. The only thing in our favour is the transfer market has risen at same or crazier rate which may give us a return on many of our sub par purchases.
  5. Whilst I agree that the fans have a part to play in cheering on their team and have been disappointed to here our team boo’d off and the audible dissatisfaction at times. I think our collective low confidence is way past fixing by fans clapping and cheering. There needs to be a change and quickly, we saw it last season with a surprise switch to 433 and a few results going in our favour. We need something to change and maybe the mass team change on Saturday is first signs that Carlos sees that too. Hopefully he has as he can change players, formation or it’s oikrly he’ll be the change himself with the sack. This is set of players playing with confidence are more than good enough to beat most of the teams in this division. Player for player there are very few teams that I’d take more than 2/3 players over ours. Yet watching our players you’d think they were inferior.
  6. The result in isolation isn’t a disaster but it’s a worrying theme that our talented players seem unable to apply themselves at the moment. I saw the mass changes on saturday as a positive and hopefully shows that the apathy seen at the moment of the 11 players that go through motions has been noted and a change is required. Reminds me of how arsenal were last season before Wenger out of the blue changed to three at the back. I wish we’d give that a crack! We need something to give them a lift as far too many are playing well within their capability!
  7. Post a positive!

    The squad is the best I can remember in almost two decades with huge strength in depth across the majority of positions. We, despite having a pretty shoddy start go into most games expecting a win, be that against high flying teams that traditionally struggle (Bristol) or struggling teams that traditionally do well (reading). Our forwards at the club could hit form and fire us on a late charge, with at least one playing well bellow their capability at present. Arguably our best players are out and still to return / reach full fitness; Lee, Fessi, Boyd, Abdi (positive thread so I’ll be optimistic that we can get 10 games out of the Abdi at his Pre Wednesday standard). Our overseas reputation is so good at the moment we can convince other clubs captains, playing top flight football to come to us on loan just to help out with the U23 squad. Our defence will get better with confidence, they always get 17 clean sheets a season so I’m expecting quite a few of these to be saved up for our new year rise up the league. Dave scored!!
  8. Rhodes and it’s gonna be a goal too! Cue half time replacement for fletch :)
  9. Westwood at the end

    Probably has a clean sheet bonus! I’d be miffed too, not had many this season so far so he must be s few quid down!
  10. Man of the match - Player ratings

    Torn between a few... Bannan, Butters, Reach and Hooper. Reach winning out for the thunderbolt goal to get us off to a good start.
  11. On my dodgy stream they showing the reach goal over and over... from every angle. It must be murder to be a villa fan
  12. Best 45 minutes I’ve seen us play in ages. On the whole, worked out but off to make it hard for them to create, and when on the ball stroking it around with ease. Long may this continue!
  13. Matias Joao and Abdi

    I’d love nothing more than to see Jaoa running at Terry like we get to see any opposition striker run at Loovens. Jaoa and Rhodes be interesting combo.
  14. Loovens

    Personally I’d keep playing Joost. He’s the future. There is at least one mistake every game with Loovens.
  15. Rhodes starting

    He’s missed a fair few sitters by his standards this season but have to imagine if he can score one or two he’d be scoring again for fun. I keep reading how we don’t give our strikers service, I must be watching other games. I bet we’ve served up more chances than most teams this season.