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  1. Philb125

    Alan Nixon

    No I think I asked I they compared head to head. Played 1 lost 1 for the day dinner lady with a vastly superior squad.
  2. Philb125

    Alan Nixon

    Wgat number of games does it become significant? I mean it’s the only head to head they have at the moment. One with a vastly better / valuable squad. Was that hat the only recent game Bruce got turned over by a lessor team / manager?
  3. Philb125

    Alan Nixon

    How many games has Bruce won in charge of Wednesday? If we cant compare direct like for like I may as well try and do what you’re doing and look at facts that have no relevance to the hear and now situation.
  4. Philb125

    Alan Nixon

    What’s Jos record like vs him?
  5. So are you taking the bookies generous 7/1 odds then?
  6. Win two or three and all is forgiven. Carlos was all but done, won five on the bounce and Carlos had a dream was back in full force and we get an extra 12 months of him.
  7. To you maybe, not to the bookies. I think latest odds are 7/1 - lump on if you think we’re looking likely to go down. That’s incredible odds for a likely event. To give you an idea, Southampton are only 3/1 to beat arsenal at home. So they are more than twice as likely to beat a team unbeaten in over 20 despite having almost no wins all season and no strikers who can score.
  8. Best post I’ve read in weeks. Weird that we are begging for a man manager to motivate over paid, underperforming players and the fans choice seem to be crying out for a guy that couldn’t get their star player to turn up for training. Current position as our manager is a thankless task; get rid of dead wood, bed in youth to form basis of squad, manage fragile players that you have to get through 25-30 games each by wrapping in cotton wool and rotating. Jos is doing it with minimal fuss, and whilst there may be better options to do it, they are few and far between. Im not against Jos continuing to do the dirty work, take the flak and handing off to someone once we’ve navigated our ways out of FFP worries. With a solid group of young robust players, many who are from our own academy. Needing a touch of class thrown in to bolster quality.
  9. Fans are fickle, win a few games and atmosphere will change. Who knows, atmosphere changing may help us win few more games and so it goes on until the next tine we lose a few.
  10. Absolutely petrified. Worst case scenario is DC cashes his chips in, calls in the loans that we have no chance of winning and then see us ruined financially. Unless there are other wealthy idiots idiots lined up to put 100s of millions in to us.
  11. Philb125

    If I was SWFC manager.

    So if I’m reading this correct, you’d ask the players their best attributes, positions and formation. Do the same with the coaches, then take all that info, shred it! Ignore those idiots and play your preferred formations. I like it, pretend those scummy underlings have an opinion worthy of listening to and then do as you wanted prior to it! Sounds like my manager actually!
  12. Philb125

    Westwood starts u23

    Maybe we want them in shop window, proving they’re fit and ready for January sales?
  13. Did he mention which Monday?
  14. Philb125

    Really Bruce ???

    Miles better!
  15. Philb125

    Alan Nixon

    Mad said every gambling addict ever :)