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  1. Sarcasm seems lost on you. Westwood conceded 24 in 20 with 6 clean sheets. 25% clean sheet rate, 1.2 goals per game conceded. Dawson conceded 9 in 8 with 3 clean sheets. 33% clean sheet rate, 1.125 goals per game conceded. Remind me which is the experienced keeper that you say would have kept us up??
  2. Aye, and when Westwood was back all those goals we were conceding disappeared. Almost as if the goalkeeper is only part of the problem/team and that it’s irrelevant who’s in goals if the rest of the team isn’t addressed. I’m not saying we shouldn’t improve the keeper position, if in budget and other areas are fixed. But right now I’d be prioritising LB, ST, RW, CM before keeper. Who knows, maybe those positions are already sorted with players set to sign.
  3. Where have I said we only play the kids? In the blueprint example of Barnsley is that what they did too? I said I was excited to see Waldock, Hagan, Dawoda, Adedoyun in the mix, that mix would also have (I hope anyhow) a bunch of senior players that are already at the club and within a sensible salary structure. I'm guessing Green, Dunkley, Luongo, Iorfa are all on salaries that are 50% less than those that need shipping out. Then, you add in a bunch of new recruits that are available. It's what almost every other club do. So it cannot be hard to find pla
  4. Maybe - but I'd rather be relegated playing players that may improve, have potential resale value and that we can afford than playing players that have no chance of improving, we cannot afford and that will likely leave for free. I would rather we were relegated and got our act together in being a sustainable club, than overpay mediocre established pro's that don't fill me with confidence that they will do any better. The blueprint is there by little old Barnsley. Some of their fans thought at the beginning when selling their 'best players' imposing sensible salary cap that they
  5. I'm really excited to see Hagan along with Waldock, Dawodu and Adedoyin in action next year. I'm sure they can't be much worse than some of those departing, but with the added opportunity that they can develop into low cost first teamers. I really want to see us ship out the overpaid 'stars'. Put into place a sensible wage structure and give youth a chance.
  6. In fairness, when we had spendagedin we rarely had players in before preseason. Not expecting it to change now we are on the bones of our harris.
  7. I mean you’re already proven wrong as Dawodu already signed his contract renewal. I don’t get why our fans post definitive statements that are clearly false.
  8. Maybe I need another coffee. I have no idea what you’re saying here.
  9. No other forward in our squad compares to how Nuhiu could hold it up, be the outlet for the ball to stick to, win us free kicks, take it long…. But yeah, he wouldn’t have helped us hold a lead. Let’s just rely on defending rather than keeping the ball away from our own goal, that can’t fail.
  10. Do you think he’d miss the penalty that captain combover missed? Those three points alone keep us up
  11. How do you get to see Hagen? As a fellow expat I’d love to see the kids action so I know what to expect this coming year? I think there’s a million miles between constantly berating our players and being a happy clapper. It’s not as binary as one or the other. I don’t blindly forgive every player because they wear blue and white. But I do try and look for the positives and support them, I mean even if a players a donkey, he’s our donkey after all. I mean Dele, has been as good/bad as Hunt last year. But I’d not write off one or the other, both require a good run of games
  12. As it stands yes. But I’m sure lots will change between now and then.
  13. It’s not as if he’s guaranteed first team football here. We have Dunkley, Iorfa and Hutch. Assuming we play 4231 then that’s already one too many. Yes I know the three of them are injury concerns but all three likely start ahead of him if fit.
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