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  1. Anyone else watching the match in dublin?
  2. Belgium are terrible in the final 3rd
  3. Pickford Cahill Jones Maguire Alexander Arnold Henderson Dier Loftus Cheek Delph Vardy Rashford
  4. Tommo_


    A lot like threads on FFP
  5. Tommo_

    Next 20 goal striker since MacLean

    Could have easily been Hooper if he was fully fit the entire season
  6. Tommo_

    #SWFC 5 - 1 Norwich OMDT

  7. We normally do well against Norwich at home
  8. Tommo_

    The 1990's Forestieri

    Forestieri is Carbone II
  9. Tommo_

    Jos is the man

    He's dragged teams kicking and screaming to the Bundesliga.
  10. We're going to fool the league next season
  11. Tommo_

    Left Back

    In terms of the level we were playing, Heckingbottom was solid.
  12. Tommo_

    #QPR 4 - 2 #SWFC - OMDT

    Seasons been over since January. Who cares?