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  1. Agree with that, should have at least had a crack
  2. We would have got that 3rd if joao wasn't so useless
  3. Or he's just a shitcunt. Barry should have took a crack at goal instead of fancy danning it to fletcher; and joao just makes my wee wee boil, pass to fletch you waste. Ref played well over the 5, but to be honest we should have been home and dry anyway, bonehead decision making that needs to be addressed if we want to poo all over the league next season.
  4. They throw bottles of wee wee . fizz em,
  5. Fox has a lot to put up with, Chelsea are down the left side constantly If anyone needs taking off it's Boyd
  6. Not over yet Andy. Sunderland were worse off than us at this stage in the the 06/07 season and ended up winning the league. Fulham last season were struggling up until october/November and finished 3rd We'll either win the league or finish 3rd. Heard it here first
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