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  1. Said the same thing on Facebook and got murdered for it "gEt OfF hIs BaCk" grow up, have an adult discussion without pooing the bed
  2. They're a bunch of diving twatcunts. Hope for some serious collinding 2nd half
  3. pass from hutch on the halfway line - booked
  4. Ooft OP Pelupessy had a solid game today. But your original points is right, last performances he was more invisible than not. However, this is the standard for him now. Top game today
  5. 2-0 linesman had one eye on the prize, other on the pie
  6. So by that equation we'll be expecting Harris to be a world beater too
  7. 4-0 loss to Wrexham in the league Cup. Shudder Edit- 4-1. Just remembered whelan scored. That's how bad it was
  8. Never believe anyone who starts a tweet with "understand that...." And he posts "breaking news" 6 weeks after everyone heard about it.
  9. Will guide us to the promise land
  10. Agree with that, should have at least had a crack
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