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  1. Thought the ref was about to cave in to Ayew screaming in his face
  2. Many a time Swansea have passed it back to their keeper and no pressure put on him...
  3. I'd rather watch a pulis side winning than a monk team fade into 3-0 oblivion like we did last time we were down at the Liberty
  4. You know it's been a fabulous transfer window when your marquee signing is Fisayo Dele-Bashiru
  5. Stupid to put a foot that high, obviously the player on the other end is going to make a dog's dinner of it which he did, got straight back up as soon as the card came out
  6. Who's big idea was it to put Giddings on commentary? Absolute tosspot Pearson sounds like he's ready to chin him, "what are you laughing at Andy?"
  7. I was talking to Paixao just the other day, Pulis goes to his local
  8. Winning games or attractive football? In our case we can't have both. Some of the worst football I've ever seen us 'play' has been in the last 12 months under Monk. In case of winning games or attractive football we had neither.
  9. Curse the owner for hiring a proven, experienced manager. Our fans are unbelievable
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