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  1. Tommo_

    Jos was right

    Not over yet Andy. Sunderland were worse off than us at this stage in the the 06/07 season and ended up winning the league. Fulham last season were struggling up until october/November and finished 3rd We'll either win the league or finish 3rd. Heard it here first
  2. Tommo_

    Alan Nixon

    But when he does He gets it right
  3. Gordon Strachan might be
  4. Tommo_

    From a player.......

    Can people clarify their sources? Or sauces? Both, I like my gossip with reggae reggae
  5. Well, that was painful to watch. 3, maybe 4 players came out of it without criticism. The games we play with the tactics employed all reflect Jos' personality, boring with no real fight or fire. We need a manager who can instill the fire in every players bellies, giving youngsters chances is one thing, throwing them onto the pitch with a do or die attitude is what we need. Think mentality of megson with the work ethic of Stuart gray and the suave exterior of Carlos. We need passion, we need ambition, we need good old gumption. Maybe even Snooty's mate Stubbs. Crying out for a breath of fresh air. We need our footballing Churchill, all we have now is a gutless Dutch Chamberlain.
  6. Tommo_

    Jos out

    No, losing while putting in full resolve would have been a lot better than just drawing with 11 defenders. This was Jos' opportunity to go against the grain and go all guns blazing, these performances are becoming all too typical. Only difference was we didn't concede, albeit for the first time this season.
  7. Tommo_

    Jos out

    Gutless, at least try an attempt at attacking. Only thing on the line was pride, we would have gone down what, 2 spots in the league? Better to go down with the sinking ship than take the cowards way out with the women and children, which we did. A bore draw devoid of any passion or resolution. Jos out
  8. Can jos get fox off the pitch. Jesus
  9. Fox is absolutely useless. fizz off
  10. Tommo_


    First time for me. Absolutely gutless performance from every squad he chooses. Seen more creativity on a barcode. flipping useless