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  1. Garry Monk and his "if it's broke don't fix it" approach to his 3 at the back tactics.
  2. Sliding on your knees into an empty corner is like that one kid that slides on the dancefloor at weddings.
  3. So cringeworthy watching players celebrate with no crowd
  4. I'll start. If we don't win on Saturday we're down.
  5. How are you so sure it was Chansiri's decision?
  6. A youth coach showing the last 2 excuses for managers we had how it's done
  7. The ones that voted no are currently spaffing themselves
  8. Garry Monk is more to blame for the last 2 years but here we are.
  9. Understand that Clarence Seedorf has lost his hand in a crocodile accident on gold course. He remarked "it's all in the hips"
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