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  1. Man of the match

    Van Aken would have been runaway winner, was just unlucky with their goal. Went for Lee, showed us today how much he was missed.
  2. Nah mate he's by far the worst manager of all time to ever manage a football team.
  3. George Hirst Off!!

    There'd be no where near this interest in him from supporters if his name was Keith Smith
  4. Will they ever learn?

    One point difference
  5. Its not the epicentre of Sheffield Wednesday either, and thank roger.
  6. However, judging some of the reactions on here you'd swear we were in huge turmoil. Do people forget that we were on the verge of liquidation 6 years ago?
  7. Keeper

    At the same level?
  8. Granted, but to react the same way you would if your cat took a poo in your cereal, breathe
  9. Keeper

    Based on what?
  10. We had chances last night to either win or at least draw level. bobbar happens, move on
  11. First Half Stats

    Thank golly there are two halves