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  1. Tommo_

    Is it just me

    It was his constant shooting from 30 yards out that got me. After the first fail Just pass it, not that hard
  2. Doom Howson with his bum chin
  3. Fletcher you flipping numbskull
  4. When they're not caught offside. Which is all the time megalolz
  5. Palmer is dogshit. Instead of hitting the ball to safety heads it on to the attacker, solid save by Dawson in the end
  6. How Palmer starts ahead of Baker is beyond me
  7. Fletcher wide open. Can't any of them look up before shooting?
  8. flipping hell Pelupessy get fizzed you silly get
  9. Defence holding the line well, Stoke caught offside for the 6 millionth time
  10. Don't let Pelupessy shoot or cross please