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  1. Poundland epoxy resin gels much quicker than our squad. Foookin gelling
  2. They had more shots than us, more shots on target and more corners.. We could have won not should have...and this is Shrewsbury ...relegation fodder.
  3. Maybes..but look at the stats, i have nothing else to go on. Thus far even the wins were not convincing, we have not looked a decent team once in 90mins. The too good to go down is much said..and you know what happens then. Besides that, mid table is not acceptable. Hope I'm wrong but to me we are in a relegation fight and the stats and form backs me up....others that say otherwise are just hoping. He needs to go quickly or it will be too late again. AIMHO of course..
  4. Not much point? ...he's tailoring relegation with his playing style
  5. Going for a halloween sacking this season...rather than the customary xmas. And don't give me no gelling time jive.. Going back last season and this his record is abysmal ...and foookin abysmal.
  6. That couldn't happen, FFP is in place and stops clubs getting into financial difficulties.
  7. Yep we usually bounce back after a couple of losses. We are one of the top clubs in the country at bouncing back. We are like a coiled spring
  8. DC has always given managers time to turn things around....... Unfortunately
  9. Must admit, weren't much of a fan last season..some strange choices... Anyhow benefit of the doubt..players didn't give a shyte etc etc. Set off ok this season even when they were ungelled.. Well results were ok..performance wise, nah. Just wondered how jelled do you have to be for an individual to trap a bag of cement..or look as though you could.
  10. We've been geling for 20odd fooookin years though...
  11. It's only September, the players have hardly played together...once they gel we will fly up the league....
  12. Ffs no.. Wonder if they are going to branch out... We buy any club... If so I have a 9 iron for sale...always reliable never falters. 100yrds every time, straight as a dye... Even if 40yds from the flag.
  13. Morcambe had the highest gate ever in their history.. Obviously our players were frit and Moore neshed it.
  14. 81% posession 35 attempts 12 corners. Shouldn't be too difficult. City just done it against the mighty Arse. Cake walk today 0-3
  15. I'm sure they do, but the same stats are available for the punter. Just a hunch, but if 50 people here predicted the results of say 10 games then the 10 most popular predictions of each game used it would be just as accurate as any statistical analysts for the same matches. Basically what the bookies do to form a book. What statisticaly is more or less constant is. 50% of home teams will win 25% will be away wins And 25% will be draws. Robotic stop start American sport is not a good comparison imho. I'm sure measuring work rate etc could could be useful for coaches though. But what is more useful for a teams success...a lazy but very skilful striker or a striker who never stops running but couldn't hit a barn door from 5yds. The best guide of all is the league table coupled with a manager who knows the game. Aimho of course
  16. I checked out the American stats (the one that has us winning the league...posted on another thread.) Anyhow it's fairly new and supposidly the most intense analysis of all. They got 6 right from 12 in div 1 on Saturday, percentage chances of winning that is. Which is just below what I usually get correct (7 from 12 on average). Without any number crunching needed...just hunches and decent favs. If stats were a good indication of final results the bookies would be out of business very quickly.
  17. Donny Bogle.. Reckon we will give loads away this season..but we are a goal better than most anyhow
  18. To be fair; they were only relegated because no crowds allowed...it affected them more than all others. (According to some well respected squealers) The grunting at t'lane scared the shyte out of the oppos. Now the crowds are back just watch em go.. Straight to div 1...
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