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  1. Nobody gave a shyte about the coffee/ chips / pinot grigo when we were beating brighton.. Its all about the football it's that simple.
  2. Think that's right, we came out at half time but had to persuade the gateman to let us out...while we were deciding which pub to go to the gateman opened the gates wide open..then hundreds walking out.
  3. Though the thread was going to be about fans still in the ground after 50 mins.
  4. Must say it seems very strange, if what we and derby have said is true and water tight, why would the efl carry on. Going through the motions, then pulling out at the last poss minute....or are they holding something back?
  5. Just had a look on Wayne Rooney's Derby County forum....they is reyt mad...They say they ain't going to sing any anti EFL songs because they say, we (Wednesday fans) will claim we sung em first.
  6. Need to get reading, on board and go for a class action against em Fans as well, untold damage to wellbeing, lack of sleep and deciding if to buy a 50 yr season ticket. Gorra be worth a few mil each
  7. Wonder who's in the dock first us or Derby. Winner may take all
  8. I don't think we have even got to the actual stadium sale yet...they are getting the face on cos we sold ours when they wern't looking.
  9. Surely board members would not be allowed a vote on matters directly related to their own club.... Have they admitted 'mistakes' with our case or just Derby in particular
  10. No need for devine intervention...leeds will bottle it, nailed on.
  11. Did the same lawyer write that, that wrote ours
  12. Not itk by any means but how can the efl fine us for overvaluing? Surely we would then have case with the independant valuers whom no doubt would then sue the efl...to protect their integrity..blah blah blah. I just can't see how the efl could win on the valuation point.
  13. It hasn't no, not yet... but it has west brom, fulham and swansea. Besides that, the knock on effect pushes prices up for players, which of course affects none parachute clubs the hardest.
  14. Can only get tougher if we don't go up Next year there will be another 3 clubs with a £65M start on us. Half the clubs in the league will be on parachute payments.
  15. Assuming the sale value was indeed 'independant', I can't see how the efl can win.
  16. Not sure but I think the charges relate to FFP prior to the ground sale, hence 9pts deduction is widely tipped (same as brum) I don't think so, could be wrong of course
  17. Derby said in September they “adhered to the profit and sustainability rules” over the sale of Pride Park. “The stadium was subject to an independent professional valuation before sale, nearly 18 months ago, and the EFL indicated in writing the arrangement was in accordance with its rules and regulations,” the club’s statement said. “The EFL cannot now, long after approving the arrangements, suggest Derby County breached the rules.” Sounds familiar
  18. Don't think they broke any rules...they would have if not promoted, their gamble paid off.
  19. So Derby have been charged today, no date set for the hearing. Has some fooooker nicked all the efl calandars..?
  20. He's on Dragons Den next week, not said yet if an investor or a contestant
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