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  1. Usually from them who want it next to the M1. The vast majority of our fans can get there within 45mins. I read somewhere that 60% of fans could walk it within 45mins. And all the 'best' clubs never move home....just mostly the tinpotters who cash in on city centre land price hikes. Parking can be a pain...but so are all grounds/concerts etc...MK bowl one of the best concert venues I ve been...but 2 foookin hours to get back to the M1 after. And it still would be a pain if we moved.
  2. Different line up with the same system though. We tend to make changes and alter the system...but we shouldn't do that cos we haven't the players that can do it. Find a system/style that basically works for the majority and stick to it, everyone will know the role they will play....whoever makes the line up. If it doesn't work then thats the time for tinkering with system/tactics etc. We should play to our strengths at all times, let the oppos do the tinkering. Same line up and system on Saturday for me...or bring in Windass if fit....but ffs don't ask him to play alone up top...or at left back... Aimo of course
  3. This painting is said to be 1899 Sheff Wed 1st game at new ground.....think it was done fairly recently and it looks to me like it's based on the photograph.
  4. It took foookin ages to get rid of some...and when they went some wanted to come back
  5. Big game Saturday... Oxford will be tough... All true.. But jeez ...kill me now..
  6. Could live with Wednesday RB...oldest first
  7. Nothing but loan shuffling in the pub league...top end loan shuffling in the championship though. (Hope the filter doesn't change shuffling to w@nking)
  8. Yep missing out to title fights at the stain and oakwell...not to mention missing out on Bruce Springsteen concerts anall
  9. I'm most very likely the best player who never wanted to sign for PNE
  10. Great pic that. The open fields to the side of Herries Rd..what year 1900 ish?. No houses at the side of the North stand yet. Looks like it was in the middle of nowhere...was the Parson Cross estate etc built then...must have been a bit of a trek to get to for a lot of people..
  11. When we play out from the back...i think the oppos think we are tekin the piz. Brentford must have been studying how we taunt and tempt usual crappy strikers.
  12. We finished 7th in the prem 25 yrs ago... And we have been in the playoffs 3 times and a straight promotion in the last 25yrs. In fact we are a reyt club; every 5 or so yrs we get excited about summat.
  13. Our newsagent ...a wednedayite... Someone always said what time are the Green'uns coming and he always answered 5 past Hope .. (Think that's what the blunties keeper was called) When he let in 5 goals 3 games on the trot..must have been in the 70's. He kept saying it right through until they stopped publishing it. When he said it the massive queue waiting for em ....if we won...would shout..yeahhhh ...kin ell the good old days
  14. We are a much better team when half the squad ain't got covid.
  15. Nice bit of clicking and geling today. Moore for an obe...never doubted him.
  16. Good job we are winning...theo just scored a worldy
  17. Sometimes cannon fodder is for the greater good... Melchett....to his Darling
  18. No Wing...No Paters...No Windass..think we will struggle today
  19. He's getting on a bit and well past his best.....but far better than anybody we have. 12 month contract with pay as you play bonuses...assuming he would come here for a basic 20k per week.
  20. Bang bang...rat a tat tat brr brr brr (machine gun fire). Just to make sure
  21. In the mind the gap season we were 3000 better than them..we are having similar crowds now as then, so we haven't lost crowds over the past 10yrs. Go back to the mid 90's in the prem...past few years in the championship has seen a small drop in the average...to be expected ..prem v championship. They have had a good run of attendances.. But considering 5 good years...1st div promotion, 2 good seasons in the championship and 2 in the prem. (Had a shyte 2nd yr in the prem...but tickets were already bought in expectation of Europe ) The increase was to be expected. And not that good.
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