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  1. I remember when we didn't turn up against Hull. 1or 2 more signing they said..autos next season they said.. Sometimes when you get a chance you better grab it cos you may not get another for yonks. I have a sickening feeling we could be here for a piggie type length of time or worse. Moore sacked at xmas and big shyte to follow. The good news is; I'm usually optimistic.
  2. If you can't go 90 mins without a sushi sandwich and a pinot shandy...then you need to get checked out by a doc.
  3. As I understood. Manderic was a business associate....he asked him to find a buyer. He found DC and CC...along with several new players. He knows all the 'agents' and was himself part of the main one.... He is more than an adivisor ...imo
  4. Such a shame they got rid of water cannons..
  5. Went in the directors box a few times in the early 90's. The thing that stood out for me..Ladbrokes just had a table..no kiosk, money all over.... Madness letting me in..
  6. When was the last time it was used.. Can remember kaiser fans in 1992 or 3 I was in the Gate about 2ish thousands of em came in..no bother.
  7. Maximum squad of 24 named players before season starts which includes under 21 players. All loans made before season starts 12 months minimum. The loaning club pays all wages 2 subs per game max. 5 up and 5 down in each league. Playoff between 5th and 6th to go up..1 game..5th gets the home tie. 5th bottom playoff with 6th bottom. That might even it up a bit and not the end of the world if relegated..
  8. They won't. Wycombe will and at 5/2 is great value. They did a job on MK and Sunderland will be easier. Aimho of course..
  9. When I was at junior school 300yrs ago...25 free tickets were given for most home match...I very rarely paid (even though it was cheap to get in then) The club gave every school in Sheffied that had a junior football team tickets. Don't know if they still do that, if not they should..catch em early and they will be moaning for years and years to come.
  10. Though if a player goes on to better things with others suggests the player wasn't utilised correctly. As many have pointed out here...and while he was here. It was ..as you point out a waste but that's down to the coach/manager/owner...not the player. He could have been a contender..but for shyte tactics..using him in a role that was totally alien to him. Complete foook up by the management and coaching staff... And it's still continuing to this day Imho of course
  11. Ordinary water courses are the responsibilty of local authorities...besides which the EA didn't get extra powers until 2008.. A year after the flood. At least try and pretend you know what you are talking about.
  12. The flood risk is minimal...the reason it flooded in 2007 was because the foookin council did not maintain the river for 50yrs.
  13. We need a 30 to 40k capacity if as ambitious as the fans want...it needs to be future proof just in case we get good.. We need a stadium at least twice as big as Brentford. Brentford's ground was originally costed at £50M, it eventually went up to £70m plus.. within 3yrs....even though the advancement of building tech...that's just construction costs. As for solar power...we are all paying for it in subsidies. The rainwater thing is just box ticking...we have probs with too much water. We could probably demolish Hillsborough and build a new 30 to 40k capacity stadium on the same site for around £125m. To buy land and build elswhere within the city would cost a whole lot more...even if land was available.
  14. It's built in the same place. Don't think many would complain if Hillsborough was demolished as long as the new ground was built in the same place.
  15. That was construction costs..how much for the land.? And it holds 17k
  16. I read somewhere you would need 15 acres to build a football stadium and that's without parking facilities. And around £0.5b - £0.75b to build. So there's nowhere in sheffield to build one and no money to pay for it. Apart from that it could be a goer..
  17. Agree with some of that, some very very poor teams have done us. Not entirely sure if players or Moore foooked up several times. Bit of both maybe...whatever Moore carries the can.
  18. Don't get the 'get young hungry players' You can be young and hungry and still be crapola.. This league needs players who are experienced and a bit peckish.
  19. Hope Wycombe win. Sunderland will implode if they don't go up this season...like us after Hudds... Neil will be sacked at xmas or thereabouts. AIMO of course....and I ain't bitter.
  20. Why not, vast majority ain't good enough. Start again... Suppose we could keep Bannan as our apprentice manager
  21. Yeah but at least we would be in the championship with crap players
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