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  1. Without the crazy penalties, we had more shots on target than them. We also had more attempts than them. Yep we were poor today but were hardly well beaten by a decent preston side.
  2. Here's one for ya, Bullen 45% win rate. The best manager we never had.
  3. When i was a young'un, if a big game, my dad always said, we best go in canteliver today... Not safe anywhere else. Kin..ell, now its the only place that isn't safe..now sag have fooooked about with exits
  4. Going to be 85 degrees at ko. Mad Dogs Preston will be foooked by 3:30, we can then tip tap our way to a 3-0 win.
  5. Think it will be a good game, Preston don't do tip tappie, goalie goes long most times...but not very accurately. High tempo up and at em style, get deep quickly ...prob be a few bookings Think we will get decent chances. Even Wigan and Stoke had good chances, did em no good mind Fancy us, and 2/1 widely available seems generous, might semi-lump on see what the line up is first, though i don't think Bullen will line up not to lose
  6. Preston beat norwich 3-1 last season, if we lose this easy winnable game we can forget about promotion.
  7. Over the years, allus had a fiver on the oppos it sooths the pain..come back jos..
  8. Prefer being a top 4 team mesen...wait a minute...
  9. Toughest game of the season so far, except for millwall, reading away and barnsley at home. Can't see us getting anything there and ffs don't lump on
  10. Liverpool cops were reyt hoolies..never no bother at anfield or goodison..cos they just whacked any foooker who was an away fan...long white sticks...tw@ts..70's 80's. In sheff, the cops hadn't a clue even back then. Allus bother, especially against, bury, roverham and chesterfield...and the piggies...in that order
  11. Not sure if you want to bet with me or the original poster...but anyway Barnsley, reading, millwall, luton. 3 of the 4 will be relegated, I'll have a friendly £200 they won't.
  12. https://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/glenn-loovens-departs-sunderland-jack-16802074 Sounds like he's after a recruitment type role, not coaching. But don't lump on that.
  13. They have had a go at other sports, wasted 20 gazillion on the student games. Just to tickle some fooookers ego.
  14. Top of the league at xmas, tickets reduced to £20 ...ground ain't big enough...done it before.
  15. As snoots said this situation will not easily be resolved. So even if it went to high court, the cops would show footage of the piggie stuff, every little thing they could find..we would have no public support whatsoever. They would quote the 'experts' advice, sags and local cops. What judge would be willing to ignore. Imho, in the short term ban all away support..not sure if we can do that without the efl going along with it...
  16. Think it's time for a no confidence vote for hillsborough and surrounding areas councillors or even mp's. They work for you...so they pretend. Yet none have stood up and given a counter argument...bottleless tw@ts as per Seems like project fear to me.
  17. Not sure but i thought sag were the gaffers, appointed by the council. Who actually said the north /west exits were unsafe, syp or sag? If it was syp, then what role do sag have. I was of the understanding that sag have the final say. If so, then the police have no say except in advising, which no member of sag would be willing to go against. So in any argument they will pass reponsibility between...the usual passing the buck. Unless we know exactly who said close the north exits it's very difficult to know whom to argue with. The police have in other situations tried to ban marches, demonstrations etc, sometimes they get their way, in others they get overruled..so who are the overrulers..council, government?
  18. Maybe Chansiri hasn't made his mind up yet. Just a thought. Need someone quick though, winning is a reyt pain in the trumper..
  19. How come the Barnsley manager has dropped off the radar..loads on here wanted him a couple of weeks ago. Think Stoke will be adding to 'the list' soon, no doubt he knows the game inside out, has contacts all over the world. He was brill with Luton.. Nailed on 1/2 fav in a month.
  20. Not bruce players..without a doubt, never ever does bruce play 4-3-3..the players brought in are ideal for that formation. Bullen being a pull...? kin foookin ell, dc pays the wages not bullen..and that's all they come for...not a tw@tting luv in with the mighty steve bruce
  21. He won't be happy until bullen loses a couple on the bounce or he'l never get to say i told you so. When that happens he will be reyt happy cos we will end up with another jos, or an out of work talking head. With guaranteed promotion though and very exciting football.
  22. Not only DC's. Best start since........
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