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  1. He got sacked cos of richards...he had the casting vote. Not one player wanted him out,..not one.. Finished mid table..trying to build a new team after richards lost interest and was setting himself up with the fa....hence richards wouldn't 'take a chance' with cantona's 'demands' earlier...nothing absolutely nothing to do with playing on grass btw. The club at the time had a clause in wages...any international will get bonus payments...at the end, every foookin 1st team player at the club had bonus payments....thanks to francis..
  2. If a property owner has big bucks tied up in property...and i mean big bucks he will have no problem getting loans.
  3. Disaster..spiv and a chancer..derby clutching at straws..last chance saloon. Tellin thee he's dodgy..
  4. Hudds play rotherham next...can't decide what would be the best result for us... Suppose, with their games in hand rothers should be safe ..so if I had to pick would go for a rotherham win..hudds in free fall. Then again if hudds win panic sets in at rovs.. A draw, might at the end be very bad for us. Oh well..passes time wonderlinging
  5. Assuming 50pts are needed, any three from eleven can go down..wycombe are down. In fact scrap that...49 pts will be enough 4 wins and 2 draws...we can lose one more game...unless we win 5...then we can lose 2. Not even sweating time yet
  6. Paxo's signings looked like world beaters last night...best performance by any side in the champioship all season...i'm sure the sky guy had is todger in hand. Well done Mr P...
  7. 5 wins from the last 7...or maybe 4 wins and 3 draws... Never say never...hope it goes to the wire...need something to live for
  8. Tbh at the exact mo when he wanged it over...thought ffs..
  9. Take out Bannans superb performance, ....Rhodes, Lees and Paterson and others all put their bollloxe on the line...and would be candidates for mom.. Fooookin Wednesday for ya... is it too late..?
  10. According to Hinchcliffe the best individual performance from a player all season in the championship...Bannan. Can't argue with that...but what makes it special is all our players were 9/10..
  11. Absofuckinlutely outstanding performance...from all
  12. Anybody can beat anybody in this league...if you really really want to..
  13. Don't think I understand football yet...we look ok...cardiff are relegation fodder
  14. Bloody ell cashed in at 1-0... Not reyt bothered though..
  15. Edit...roverham are reyt shyte...8-0 will do it.. It's on....
  16. Its in our own hands to go 3rd bottom as it stands... 9-0 would do it..
  17. Think we have been certs relegation for the last 10 games or so..before that had a bit of hope. However I will be having a decent punt on Some Neck in the GN...about the same chance of winning as we have of stopping up. Skybet will only let me have £40 on it...they are trembling like shitttting dogs.... So never say never..
  18. Absolute bolloxe..i was there at the time also. We needed 2 players to win the league...richards decided not to go for it..he didn't like francis and never did....in context loads of transfers go apeshyte...you cherry pick one
  19. Yep Waddle was a whole £1M..Warhorse was free. ..can you provide links where it says we were outspending Arsenal...or was it just over a couple of months..? Francis went on a split decision...that ******** wanky chairman at the time decided. Marvelous decision...never looked back since.
  20. We are 1/8 to get relegated. It's nailed on imo.
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