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  1. sonofbert2

    Fletcher to Panathinaikos

    I'd drive him there myself but I can't spell where he's going on the satnav.
  2. sonofbert2

    What they up to?

    Looks like they're reliving the best bits of their successful X Factor audition as rock duo Luky Brunts.
  3. sonofbert2

    Atomic Kitten

    Do you really want to hurt me Do yiu really want to make me cry Everytime that I feel hungry I goi downstairs and you've run out of pies.
  4. sonofbert2

    Atomic Kitten

    Fuckoff Dave you miserable get, I love this song, it gets me all wet, My length gets hard and long, It's my favourite song, Football gives me bone again.
  5. sonofbert2

    Lincoln away

    Just up the road from the ground.
  6. sonofbert2

    Elev8 done it again

    It needs an extra 6 months extra wear building in to allow time for the next one to arrive late.
  7. sonofbert2

    WORLD CUP 2018 - Matchday Thread

    We have absolutely no chance of winning it in your lifetime given you sound like you'll be chucking yoursen under a bus before the final on Sunday. Man up and cheer up ffs. They're only young and we weren't far off.
  8. sonofbert2

    Away kit 2018/19

    I will go memtal if they don't have this in the Pro Fit version too.
  9. Take your time, leave your phone at home and enjoy!
  10. Give it a rest you boring git.
  11. They will be on the website anytime soon in alphabetical order with pics done by Tracey on reception on her Samsung S6. Gordon in IT has only had time to do the J's so far because he's off sick again with his gout but he's not in any bother because Jack and Jordan have gone already.