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  1. And Paterson is not a midfielder.....
  2. Same here. Every goal was on the break. Top day/night out though. Saw The Smiths at City Hall same week, night before I think. Had to stop the coach to have a shiite on the hard shoulder on the way back. Got back on to a chorus of “Have you wiped your shiiity arse?” I was only 14, wagged school to go and got some grief at home.
  3. It Musa be love ’Cause he’s Wednesday now It Musa be love But we signed him somehow....
  4. They’ve paid enough money for enough punishment already. They should give an allocation to Owlstalk. Be nice for a good few on here to have a look around the stadium on their first ever visit while it’s relatively empty.
  5. Even if they were selling ‘em, and there were only 4000 in, you’d still not get a bastardpie!
  6. He locked me out of his house for 2 days after the election. Put a new padlock on the gate.
  7. Imagine surviving Covid and all its consequences then cheering yourself up by going to watch Wednesday.
  8. Watching this with a mad Trump supporting Palace fan. I think he might kill me.
  9. Build a Tesco Build a Tesco Build a Tesco at The Sty Poor piggies shopping Where the bags are blue and white!
  10. Very! I couldn’t be arsed to post them all. But fairplay to the fella!!
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