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  1. Inspired by the unofficial merchandise thread, I'm getting in early. 10 quid each, PM me your orders, send me the money via PayPal but you'll never actually get one....
  2. https://www.footballbobbles.com/product-tag/sheffield-wednesday/
  3. Just posted wrong photo but YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!
  4. The same name as bread The same name as breaaaaaaaad Stevie Fletcher Fresh hair on his head
  5. I want a sausage butty with your sister. PM me hun Xx
  6. Miss Richmond at Hurlfield Baths is why I'm a lesbian.
  7. When you used to have to tie knots in your 'jamas, make a float and dive for a big block of hash just for your bronze medal...... Them were the days.
  8. Boyd leading a session in pretending to run.
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