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  1. sonofbert2

    Pelupessy proves old saying

    I thought you meant that other old saying.... "There's some folk who talk some reytshite on that Owlstalk!"
  2. sonofbert2

    Gary Cahill

    Player Manager - make it happen! Vardy as Assistant Boss and Jermaine Jackson in charge of Matchday Music.
  3. sonofbert2

    Why did we sign Hector?

    I don't see the connection between this masturbation technique and weakness and especially if you're poking with the toilet brush as crying is both unavoidable and enjoyable.
  4. sonofbert2


    Brentford away, last 15 minutes of the first half after a steady enough start for the team in a difficult fixture where the "older heads" were being looked on to lead, guide and mentor some of our young players early in the new season at the start of a new journey. He didn't come out for the shambolic 2nd half in which we totally fell apart.
  5. sonofbert2

    Blame for their goals

    He has, it's true. You used to go to the match to forget life's problems not take them out on your own players. There seems to be some sort of collective addiction to anger amongst folk these days. You see it surface for the slightest of issues and it's quite scary when it's a group thing as it just seems so irrational.
  6. Import a few of these from South Africa...
  7. sonofbert2

    Where to start?

    I agree, it really needs to...
  8. sonofbert2

    Caption competition

    My really big scissors beat your paper.
  9. sonofbert2

    Sean Clare Signing for

    #seanmare #seanmeh #seanallthewayupthere