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  1. Are you his agent? He poo his potful last week and showed himself up for the expert he is. Needs to crawl back under whichever rock he was hiding under and let someone who has a bit more knowledge, insight and respect take up the position rather than a jumped up, clapped out, cockfaced, shitstirring ex player who has been neither seen nor heard for many, many years in or around anything to do with Wednesday. Boring, miserabletwat.
  2. First home game for a lonnnnnnng time yesterday and only attended under horrific circumstances and as part of a "process" but at the same time embraced with the required enthusiasm and involving the attendance of my son who is a 6'4", 17 years old Piggytwat. Anyway, the sun was shining, the drive there involved a beautiful moment in standing traffic on the Parkway and after driving around a little to look for parking, we opted for a dark corner of the KFC car park which worked out fine. Went for a few drinks in the Hillsborough WMC and treated myself to two cheese and onion sarnies on very nice breadcakes with very strong onions before toddling off to the turnstiles with our complimentary tickets and entering the North Stand just in time for Hi Ho Sheffield Wednesday. The first half highlights, in a game being played out in the spirit of a practice match on Wednesday's part and a team scared to lose on Reading's part, consisted of some poor parenting directly in front of me, trying to focus on Boyd just in case he actually decided to actually run around a bit at any stage and the goal. I was also keen to both try and prove the existence of the Chilli Beef Pie during the break. I joined a no cash queue to buy my mate a pint and myself a hot chocolate and a caramel shortbread thingy which would act as my pudding after me then joining another no cash queue to buy pies, 2 of those that others said I was imagining and 2 chicken baltis for the boys. I received warning texts from my bank in Spain for high value purchases on my card being used in a foreign country. I smiled to myself thinking of a Spainish computer swearing at clearing €26 for snacks and drinks which would pay for 3 x 3 course meals including drinks in the right place in my now home country. I'd eaten my pudding already in the walk between kiosks and excitedly carried my pies in their colour coded foil holders back to the gang. They had dispersed during the wait which led to me sneaking a quick ciggie before seeing Boyd both run a bit for the first time and score on a concourse tv with the picture quality of a channel run by a dictatorship in South America. If the general dryness of the pies, for which I'm convinced health and safety laws play a part, symbolised the first half performance then the last mouthful of what should have been was the taste of the rest of the game. We oozed juicyness, flavour and moistness in stages and and FF produced the spicy aftertaste. The missing gravy was supplied by taking the p1ss out of sonofsonofbert2 as Birmingham took control of the grunters' faltering play-off push. A short stroll to the Crown for a few more pints in the sunshiiiiine and some interesting pre-Owlerton fashion before returning to the car and heading home after as nice a day as it could have been. Re. how it all looked inside the Theatre of Hope and Despair: Our kit looked nice especially against their horrible offering, the scoreboard and funky hoardings are Premier League, the band still want shooting and the high pitched feedback reminded us we're not just quite there yet and the same for the much improved Jordan Rhodes. It was good to be back and it was good that we went and thank you Wednesday for making a tough day a touch easier.
  3. Westwood in demand?

    Who's Kevin?
  4. Owls Legend, brief video history then close up of an honorary first crack in the new half-time game of "Smack the Band."
  5. Calum Best is coming to #SWFC

    I hope Anthony Costa has plenty on him.
  6. Hughton and Jos.

    The conclusion I have drawn is that most fans who post on club forums are fickle, reactionary knownowts who are as thick as mince.
  7. Blast from the past - Lee Chapman

    Can vouch for this as I once bruised my nutsack on a bedside lamp.
  8. Probably undercover Barnsley fans seeking revenge for the airbomb attack on the disabled in the bowling alley which is now known as the Metrodome Massacre.
  9. Blast from the past - Lee Chapman

    He also used to shave his legs if nobody has mentioned this yet. I once asked him (shouted) from the Uncovered during the warm up and he admitted he did. What a guy!
  10. You're right of course barring your unexplained use of an indented paragraph.
  11. Once got hit on the head with a coin at Newcastle. 2p piece the tramps. Remember having bags of hot tea and golf balls chucked at us at Everton and being gobbed at all game at Maine Road. Once got cornered by a baying mob at Millwall but luckily had a 6 pack of Primark womens tangas in each of my fromt coat pockets and once I started chucking them they backed right off. Geoffrey learned me this trick when we were chased up the back alley behind a boozer in Blackpool.
  12. First visit to the KFC yday

    My first one was City Road when their gravy used to be a lot thicker and the corn on the cobs were double the size.
  13. Barry Bannan

  14. Form Table - last 29 games.

    The fans have to at least take some of the blame for this.
  15. Barry Bannan

    Can only be Reach and behind him possibly Nuhiu. You can't have a "He's our best player and would have been player of the season if he hadn't been injured" award.