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  1. The championship on ch5

    I don't generally comment on grammar but if I was still teaching English to kids, I'd use that as an exam question. They'd sail through the easy bits and then spend ages wondering if the last word was some sort of trick.
  2. Fernando Forestieri rehab

    We will get royalties from his new cooking series and subsequent recipe book so all is not lost.
  3. Consilio et Animis - really?

    Olderus Biggerus Betterus Thanthem Cuntus
  4. We won't be relegated

    I'm sorry but that is accepting mediocrity. We have just beaten a team pushing for autos and I personally feel the team has now set a standard that shows we should at least beat any team we play who are below Derby between now and the end of the season. I also expect us to at least make the final of the FA Cup and if we win it then we have to go into the Charity Shield looking to gain the mental edge early on over Man City.
  5. How you feeling tonight?

    Told ya!
  6. We won't be relegated

    Last time you cried like a big baby after failing to beat Barnsley we responded by all out attack against Rotherham the week after and winning six on the bounce. Sonny called it on Sunday and I will definitely buy you a pint in Chansiri Heaven if it works this year again...
  7. Late run for the play offs?

    Sneak in last day and win the FA Cup and Play Off Final in the same week. Next season everyone will be complaining that the sleeves are still white and the prices need to go up to keep the gloryhunters out.
  8. Reytfucking line up that Tashmeister! 4-1 to the Chansiri Skillful Flight Owls!
  9. They should stock these in the club shop for kids to celebrate and remember our 150th season:
  10. Any I-Follow users on here?

    I like this feature as I never want to even remember most of our games this season and can't face highlights never mind full match replays.
  11. Any I-Follow users on here?

    It's a bitwank but better than nowt and gave me my biggest anticlimax since getting all 6 numbers on the lottery on 2 separate lines to win 20 quid.....i.e. Preston away first match, new season, new service, reyt excited!! Fell asleep 10 mins before h/t and woke up just in time for their goal.
  12. Jon Newsome comments

    It is. Etched in my memory.
  13. Jon Newsome comments

    Newsome gave rise to Dirty David Pleat's best ever quote. When he signed him from Norwich for a couple of million from memory he backed up his shrewd knowledge of the ins and outs of football with, "I like a man who likes fish and chips."
  14. Jon Newsome comments

    Yes but they'll have big, flat screen tvs and smartphones and probably eat ready meals and takeaways too. No pity from me.
  15. Jon Newsome comments