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  1. Tell mi mum, mi mum....... I don't want no tea, no tea.....
  2. when we win the FA Cup 'Cause Wednesday are the greatest football teeeeeeeeeam!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!
  3. sonofbert2

    Adbi playing for U23's

    Something like this?
  4. sonofbert2

    Adbi playing for U23's

    Too soon for legend staus and nomination for a statue?
  5. sonofbert2

    Efe ambrose

    A defensive midfielder actually big and strong enough to boot BB back up the pitch if he drops too deep.
  6. sonofbert2

    Adbi playing for U23's

    Did he play the full 90?
  7. sonofbert2

    Efe ambrose

    I was a bit worried for a minute and thought he might just be a bit Efe.
  8. sonofbert2

    luton game

    Get what would be a very hard earned win at Luton, big day out at Chelsea and nick a draw for another decent chance to progress “under the lights” at Hillsborough. A chance for something to cheer about and a bit of old fashioned feel good factor. Decent run of winnable games coming up too and FF due back and maybe Onomah can continue his improvement with some chances for Penney and Thorniley to be involved again and be rewarded with a bit of a taste of the bigtime. Some of those continual wasters and letdowns from Saturday need binning off for good but dropping them for their attitude will do for now. Both United and Leeds are still very capable of fuckingup so let’s concentrate on trying to make the best of what’s left of a messy season so far for us - management, team and supporters. Let’s at least try to be Cup Kings for starters.
  9. sonofbert2


    Leeds started their game on Friday night with 10 of last year's team/squad and a fantastic full debut from an 18 year old. Makes you think a bit....
  10. sonofbert2

    No one coming in....

    I am currently trawling, cutting and pasting all Mr F's anti DC posts to send to him in an email with a desperate plea to save any fresh recruitment until the summer.