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  1. “It’s not the despair, I can take the despair. It's the hope I can't stand.” UP THE FUCKINGOWLS - COME ON!!!!!
  2. I’ve not got much money left but I’ve bet every penny on us winning today..... Thank me or kill me later
  3. My favourite player ever! Fuckingdream to watch.....
  4. They’ve all caught the new “ballboy variant.”
  5. Do the players here the fake crowd noise on Sky? Can’t be much fun listening to the Fletcher song if they do BECAUSE IT DRIVES ME FUCKINGCRACKERS!!!!!
  6. Other thread been locked but we all need one of these everytime we play. It’s a fuckedclub buttplug.....
  7. Seriously though I want to marry the person who commissions this product. They are quite obviously batshit crazy and he or she is very good in bed. I want a Prince Albert done with the scooter keyring..
  8. To be fair I emailed them about the tape measure and got an instant response. They say it only goes to 10 inches so not going to bother now....
  9. And a pair of these for my girlfriend. She’s got a clubfoot....
  10. I’m having one of them for my mate’s chihuahua Nina - she will love that!
  11. Thank God someone else has noticed.... I didn’t sleep last night and it was nothing to with the dying seconds goal....... I was 3 hours trying to buy this....
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