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  1. We can learn from today - will go one way or the other - one of life’s turning points.
  2. Some reytcunts talking absolutebollocks in this thread.
  3. 15 years of getting wankedoff on The Kop watching Wednesday. Bargain!
  4. Just bought two for me and my bird with the blue nails from Rotherham. Good value and much better than the locksmith I had to call out yesterday just to change the barrel.
  5. Hopefully DC’s missus will buy 1000 for all her friends and family.
  6. Whether he is available, he signs, or he doesn't sign, those questioning his quality as an addition to the present squad given Fletcher's injury are absolutely fuckingcrackers.
  7. The old “just found these keys in Tesco’s carpark” trick.
  8. Is she left-handed? Asking for a friend...
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