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  1. If anyone can sort him out Harry Munk can!
  2. I’d keep you at least until FF leaves.
  3. We should have fixed-term membership on Owlstalk and have a clear out now and again of some of the plantpots. We could make a list and all debate what contribution they make to the site.
  4. I know. Unreal! George at Asda is where it’s at. FuckingTescos, God help us all!
  5. I quite like it although it’s a bit feminine. I imagine it more on the upper thigh/going round to the bum with a black body when I look at it...
  6. It would be horrible to lose 7-3 in his first game in charge.
  7. Cowleys' training session would be better than that!
  8. That's why I'm logging off on Saturday and sticking to my beloved City until I might need a play-off ticket as our 2nd spot is challenged towards the of the season. Not seen this yet: In Monk we trust!
  9. I was born on a Sunday. Ain't No Mountain High Enough was USA No.1 and Tears of a Clown No.1 in the UK. Jim Morrison got arrested for cracking one off on stage...
  10. Huddersfield have spent over 60m on just 7 players the last two seasons - a good few of 'em are French - imagine the egos, poorbastards having to be in fuckingHuddersfield....and we think we've got problems.
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