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  1. They're supermarkets with artificial grass flooring.
  2. It's @NYCOWL's story. Mine is re. Andy Gray .
  3. Rowett both experience wise and tactically is the best fit from all the others mentioned if Hughton has said no.
  4. Achieved best banner ever award in his most recent job in China....
  5. In October 2015, Coleman led Wales to their best ever position on the FIFA World Rankings, 8th.[35] On 10 October, their qualification for the UEFA Euro 2016 tournament was confirmed, a first tournament qualification since 1958.[36] The team came first in their group in France, and eliminated Northern Ireland and Belgium to reach the semi-finals, losing to eventual champions Portugal. Coleman received interest from other teams due to his management of the Welsh team at the tournament. Football League Championship Manager of the Month February 2009
  6. His interviews are so honest and easy to listen to unlike CC and Jos - so refreshing! In Bullen we trust!
  7. Coleman being reported as frontrunner now by a few recent tweets from several sources.
  8. Robbed from my beloved Man City but you can have it 'cause I love you all!
  9. Giovanni van Bronckhorst sounds like an Italian/Dutch fusion dish with pasta and Dutch sausage.
  10. Blue moooooooon Fatcunt Bruce has left you too sooooon!
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