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  1. MM saved us but his promise to leave us in safe hands was undone by the Mammadov saga. We had a shirt sponsorship that we never got paid for and the club was sold on a promise. Paixao and Sir Dave were sold to DC as part of the deal. Actually, thinking about it, you could probably write our recent history of madness and base it on our shirt/sponsors.
  2. Ultimately the buck stops with him but he was sold a package by MM which included the advisors. They almost pulled it off in year 1 and 2 then it all went a bit pear-shaped and has placed more weight on the shoulders of the FFP advisor who has followed the path of others around the stupid rules but MAY have come unstuck. It wasn’t a daft plan when you look at what needs to be spent alongside who gets promoted in this league - only a very few have broken the mould in this regard. Could have beens and should have beens have been done to death but this league is in every respect in the context of modern football; fine margins. Fuckoff Wednesday!
  3. I want to write an essay but I really can’t be arsed. Fuckoff Wednesday!!
  4. They were a nice idea, badly executed. It’s pretty obvious that they will only be done now to “meet the rules.” I’d also argue that if we’d pulled off the same stunt as a few others to skirt the ridiculous rules like we thought we had then things are/were definitely getting better. @SiJ nailed it in his earlier post and it sums us up but is seemingly part of the club’s DNA. For much of the time we are prettywank when it really matters. A lot lesswank than some but a lot morewank than many others. People talk about Brexit Fatigue after 3 1/2 years, Wednesday Fatigue lasts pretty much a lifetime.
  5. Tell them to fuckoff, seriously! They’ve had Bates and the dodgy Italian bloke who Lees caught snorting charlie on his desk. Everyone goes on about United who only 2 years ago had a truly secret embargo and avoided a winding up order by borrowing money from the Bin Ladens. The problem is the modern game and the need to be murky to compete for the big prize.
  6. We have been CHARGED with breaking the rules.
  7. He bought both the advice and the plan when he bought the club. Sir Dave Richards is our FFP Compliance Consultant.
  8. That is why he was introduced to an experienced FFP Compliance Consultant.
  9. Yes but I can’t be arsed anymore. I said I wouldn’t be drawn into thisbullshit again but I have been and now I’m out. Que sera, sera... Be reyt!
  10. Everything is very obviously not ok but let’s have a bit of honesty - some folk would be absolutely gutted if it was. We’re in the shitagain and some are rightly worried and concerned but there’s a little, vocal crew that are absolutely loving it. I genuinely wonder why thefuck they even bother. They seem to only be in it for this sort of stuff. Stirring upbollocks, winding up so called fellow supporters. More horrible than our current predicament. Tragic.
  11. So many people talking so muchshit! We gambled, we lost but the battle goes on. Grow some you big set o’fannies! Long way to go yet. Wallow in doom or bathe in optimism. Same old faces waiting for and wading in potential disaster. God knows what you’d do if we did owt - you’d be lost..... I told you so is more important than we’ve done well tha knows. Pathetic!
  12. We are potentially on the point of making history here (again) in a good or bad way. We either win and they change the rules or lose and get hammered. I prefer we focus on football history and continue to try and get promoted. League 1 and Grunters in Europe is currently worst case scenario. I’ve coped with worse things in life. Neither will happen anyway. I trust Sir David Richards.
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