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  1. What are you most angry about?

    I get most angry about people being constantly angry.
  2. Great summary here: (colon).
  3. Their second goal

    I just think everyone was still in shock at just how woeful Fletcher's "pass" was....
  4. Great Point

    Some people take all this stuff far too seriously. After the comedy of errors that gave them their goal then watching the big fella come on and grab a 94th minute equaliser after not scoring for 42 games shortly after watching Jack being a silly what his surname sounds like trying his best to get sent off then all I could do is dance about and laugh while singing a bit of Johnny Cash.
  5. Their second goal

    This just needs a fleppy slamon heeder to fineish it of.
  6. Their second goal

    A terrible, terrible goal to give away yet required an exquisite flappy salmon like finish to punish the chain of errors. All very bizarre as it happened.
  7. Live on twitter now

    Gave up on the cheesy ones:
  8. Leon Clarke anyone?

    Have a look through then and dig out the last time you suggested we sign him.
  9. Leon Clarke anyone?

    There is a reason it's taken you almost 4 years to bump this thread. It's because during that time and until very recently he has done absolutelyfuck all to "justify" you doing so. You are in effect bumping the fact that at the time you were wrong unless I'm missing something?
  10. Leon Clarke and all that has gone before has finally made himself what he currently is. He is currently proving a hell of a lot of people very wrong but let's have some honesty because he himself would probably be the first to admit that he was overweight, lazy and could only ever be really bothered in very small patches at the higher level which he gave glimpses of belonging in. He is in the right place at the right time and it seems at least in part it's taken a truly horrible experience to motivate him into delivering what he most likely always had more consistently. The best thing we could do right now is suck it up, wish him well and each and every one of us send him a tin of Roses for Chrimbo and pray he caves in.
  11. I bet even 99% of Unitedites would agree that you're a bit of a sadfucker starting threads in here constantly and pretending you're a Wednesday fan. Weirdo.