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  1. Mr Tutton said it happens all the time going from upper to lower case......
  2. How is the sizing compared to last year's?
  3. I love Wednesday only but like to see United do well too. It would be great if both clubs were in the Premier League so here's hoping we go up and they stay up next season.
  4. It's not too difficult really.....
  5. I think if you went with £21.92, £26.76 and £30.60 then you might be onto something....
  6. Broke my wrist last Friday, recalled for surgery last night - this is very tricky but welcome back Kieran Lee.
  7. I remember singing "Bobby Bolder stay with us, stay with us, stay with us, Bobby Bolder stay with us, we love Bobby!!!" from the uncovered, last match before he went to Liverpool.
  8. Remember the match when they gave loads of 'em out for nowt. We had that many that we were chucking chunks of 'em at each other all match.
  9. I never thought he lost his confidence. He's young, able and up for whatever and we should get behind him.
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