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  1. Shiney Dockers.

  2. Could turn out to be a very daft idea selling those seats to our fans especially against the backdrop of previous decisions taken re. segregation at big games. Hopefully not but very risky when you look at maybe the point being made and the revenues involved.
  3. Westwood

    He saves many more points than he's ever cost us but like any footballer he has his little dips in form. He is always very honest re. his errors and he will know himself he could have perhaps done better. Giving it away in the first place, the save and the follow up take away from a fine performance and a point we would have all been happy with beforehand. It'll even out at some point if we carry on as we are. We are one of the better sides in this division and over the season I fancy us, once again, to prove that. Well played (again) Wednesday!
  4. Westwood

    He's on a bit of a run of clangers. Well not clangers but "should have done betters"
  5. Promotion form?

    Want us to beat United with a Rhodes penalty. Be even better if he pretends he doesn't fancy it before scoring. Oh, and at their end.
  6. I've enough listening to my piggybastard mates bigging themselves up without having to read it on here. Same fannies who complain about us giving teams too much respect mainly too, I've noticed. We have only ourselves to fear. Older, bigger and better.
  7. Can you do one with UNT for a few on here?
  8. Happy Wednesdays one based on Happy Mondays design was one with fixtures on the back like tour dates. Bought one after semi-final at Wembley with Owls 2 Scum 1 and an owl swooping down on a pig on the front. I wore it under my jumper at work all day and was really nice to the boss (pig) all morning and then waited for the perfect moment when everyone was there, complained the office was warm, took my jumper off. He was very close to tears.
  9. Current Form Table

    Very early days still but the table above proves we are nowhere near as bad as some make out and that this is a very tight and difficult division. Nobody really ever runs away with it, even when they eventually do, if that makes sense.
  10. Whichever city sells the most Primark leggings should get the rigtt to his heritage.
  11. Butterfield was second choice

    Derby (board/manager) attempting to cover their backsides with the other deal now falling through and them leaving themselves short in midfield and sailing very close to the wind re. what stuff should be made public. Local journalist, starved of attention and resentful of the national, expert shitstirrers he aspires to be applies selective editing to cause a reaction. Meanwhile both parties forget he was simply chosen by Wednesday like the rest of us. It is a single, lifechanging act, a calling, an explosion of religious significance in the mind, behind the eyes like a late night firework display in Hillsborough Park. It is now simply up to the player to tread the path and accept his calling and he will one day too have a keyring or his picture in the club shop over 5 years after his exit to the afterlife.
  12. Waddle did say three seasons not three games into the new season. Apart from that he's stating the obvious re. CC and it's a bit early to judge all the new signings given a good few are still to make their debuts and a difference.
  13. Daftest Moments as a Fan

    Told the full story once in the DR but once got p1ssed on, nonced and shat my pants (in that order) all in one day away to Stoke. Also very close to getting nicked for laying a (very sloppy) cable in their coach park when we first got there. Reyt day out!!