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  1. Relegation for us is like Judgement day, it's inevitable. It either happens this season or next season with DC in charge.
  2. Pretty clear they are in collusion with the EFL and have a clear agenda against us.
  3. Taylor Swift sat on my knee for an entire match once. It was a pre season game away at Stocksbridge Park Steels.
  4. If its anything like Bannan then I imagine its because the players around him arent good enough.
  5. Ive been on a hunger strike since lunchtime, starving now just hope DC has noticed.
  6. And some numpties still saying Shaw is making a bad move to join Celtic.
  7. Id say I agree with 90% of your posts however this one is 90% rubbish
  8. He also got more points per game out of this shower of a club than any of our managers since have done.
  9. I've been having a mental protest all year. Constantly making sure im not thinking about DC however doesnt seem to have had any affect yet. Going to try a dirty protest next and see how he likes that.
  10. Depends what you want from a holiday? A lot more to do in Mexico than Barbados although i'm not sure if everything will be open.
  11. The programme seller will be screaming 3quid right in his face. Eye to eye
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