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  1. No i believe FFP is calculated through a rolling 3 year period so we don’t start again.
  2. Didn’t look too greedy when he squared it for reach to hit the bar. FF would have had a shot from there instead.
  3. If Rhodes started and got injured you would moan about that anyway.
  4. Great fitness record as well to fit all those games in 4 seasons.
  5. Good at eating kiwi fruit though 🥝
  6. Made plenty of worse signings than stevie may. Yeah he didn’t work out but I think we made our money back by selling him.
  7. If he signed for £8m then £50k a week probably isn’t far off.
  8. Not really. Roberto Carlos played most of his career at the highest level Champions league wins, world cups, la Liga etc where as Penney will more than likely play second tier football throughout most of his career just like windass will and just like hooper did.
  9. I like that he’s direct and with his shooting doesn’t really try fancy stuff, just generally hits it hard towards a corner. I think in this league that’s what you need rather than over complicating the finishing.
  10. Winning 2-0 away and still some people aren’t happy. Any excuse to have a go at the manager.
  11. We havnt got a pot to pi$$ in so spanking £40k a week on an overweight, unfit injury prone bodybuilder is probably not the best use of our limited financial resources.
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