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  1. Most of our fans would still have Reda, Semedo and Wickham in the team given the chance.
  2. I looked at this last night and tried to make a team out of it. Whatever formation I tried and even pretending all players were fit and available the team still has glaring holes in it.
  3. Difference being that the top two in Spain have had success with that core of players. We haven’t.
  4. Dawson palmer Pudil thorniley Lazaar Hector Pelupessy Lee FF Joao Fletcher See how long Lee lasts. Give pudil a final game. Ff free to roam wherever.
  5. Pelupessy hector Lee FF Joao Fletcher 4231 for me with bannan resting next week. We are short on cm cover if hutch is out still. Thorniley can play Cb to let hector step into midfield. See if we can get a half out of Lee and then hooper can come on for him with ff moving out to the flank.
  6. Good form but not great. The form we’ve been in is still only good enough for 3rd-4th. And we’ve choked or been overrun and outplayed in the vital games in this time.
  7. No pace and little physicality in that midfield. Hutch is often injured and needs reigning in as he often chases the ball out to the full back positions. Boyd is average at best. We Hardly got a kick of the ball in the midfield against Leeds.
  8. So he’s the worst keeper in the championship?
  9. So he’s the worst keeper in the championship?
  10. Nothing to do with our defence just standing off their players on the edge of our own area then? Horrendous defending.
  11. He’s garbage. If you want to praise someone for putting a shift in then pay me 25k a week and I’ll run around for 90 minutes as well.
  12. Given that Watford practically gave ff away when they got promoted what makes you think that 4 years later another premiership team will pay 10m for him? I’d snap someone’s hand off for half that.
  13. Proves the point that people will complain about anything. Clubs just keeping up with the times, everywhere is gradually going cashless. Presume you take this stance everywhere?
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