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  1. There’s a big difference between being cursed and being inept
  2. If he’s still got it I’m sure our scouts will have picked it up. We are obviously scouting the football hotbed of the cypriot leagues for all our top signings.
  3. Didn’t want a target man so much we offered A new contract to Fletcher
  4. 3-5-2 Our centre midfield is one paced, crap and each player is unable to play in a two. We also have nobody able to play as a lone striker effectively. 3-5-2 is the only formation that solves both problems.
  5. Apart from a number 1 keeper, decent fullbacks and a couple of decent central midfielders.
  6. Just have to keep our fingers crossed that there’s some players out of contract at Cardiff at the end of the season who are willing to make the step down to L1.
  7. PL is a different beast now. Global outreach, social media a huge influence etc.
  8. Think Iorfa has another year anyway. I can’t see anyone being too bothered about buying him in the summer as he’s just had a serious injury and let’s be honest athleticism forms a huge part of his game as he’s not the smartest defender. We don’t know yet how he’s going to be once he returns so I can’t imagine anybody desperately trying to sign him until they’ve seen how he’s recovered.
  9. Who would you say are our better under contract players you would want to stay? I genuinely can’t think of any that I would be bothered about leaving given their wages-effectiveness
  10. To be fair DC has been ranting in public for a few years now
  11. We also had John Harkes. I’m not sure on the state of the American national soccer team in 1993 however I would guess not many other Americans were playing abroad for a top 10 club in a European league.
  12. Exactly. In the match day thread there were a lot of comparisons to the pigs penalty and why no red card. The pig defender actually made a genuine attempt to play the ball so no red card. Boner just tried to rugby tackle the Reading forward.
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