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  1. So it’s taken him a quarter of a season to get his first start and first goal. Tearing it up.
  2. It’s the end of November and so far he’s manages to contribute the same amount of goals this season as Paterson has for us. The guys on fire we should never have let him go.
  3. Last few years we’ve signed kachunga - free paterson - 500k? windass - 500k? dunkley - free pelupessy - 200k? harris - free luongo - 1m And now we are going to sign £10m/60k a week Gayle?
  4. Easy to have the balls to say no when you’ve already got a job lined up with your mate up the road.
  5. We’re absolutely skint and already have a big injury list so let’s go and spend £60k a week on a guy that can’t even run. Makes sense.
  6. Can’t think of another reason why there hasn’t been anymore youngsters coming in.
  7. I don’t think Pulis wants marauding runs from the full backs. Tends to like a pretty rigid back line with CB’s in the full back position.
  8. Can’t believe people are still bringing up Connor wickham
  9. I’ve been playing him upfront on Fifa if that’s any help.
  10. From what I saw we were happy to stand off a bit in their 3rd but then closed down together as a group when they pushed into the middle third. We then looked to play quick direct balls either down the channel or in behind. There were a few occasions where we looked to be in a promising position but the attack fizzled out and then ended up playing back to our defence. I think this is a deliberate thing as if the initial attack hasn’t quite gone to plan we are happy to keep the ball at the back and bring them higher up the pitch to us before another long ball to try and exploit the space agai
  11. I’ve explained this a million times on this forum. Contract talks often begin 6 months or longer before the end of the current one so the Players will know if they aren’t being offered one or not. You really think they would just carry on playing if the manager says yeah don’t worry about it you’ll get another 3 years but the agent hasn’t heard anything from the club? If anything they should appreciate the honesty.
  12. You just have to turn up and have two functioning legs to be amongst the first names on our team sheet.
  13. Doesn’t matter how many games you lose if you’re drawing every week. We went from 15th-16th to 12th so yes a slight improvement but some make it out that we would have won the league had he not left.
  14. He brought in Iorfa. That is literally the only thing he did during his time here.
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