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  1. 83owl

    Man of the Match - Player ratings

    If Dawson has given away a needless penalty and conceded that third goal everyone would be saying he isn’t good enough.
  2. We would get completely overrun with those 3 in the middle.
  3. You have to consistently sell your best players to keep finances coming in to allow you to keep the squad fresh. Makes me laugh how people on here think because we have a bit of investment from Chansiri it means we can just sign all the players we want on massive wages whilst at the same time not have any money coming in. Liverpool lost Suarez and Coutinho and they seem to be doing ok. Man Utd sold Ronaldo but apparently we can’t sell any of our players?
  4. Any successful club sells players at the right time. When they hit their peak value you sell and then re invest. We are not a successful club.
  5. 83owl

    Reach Theory

    Liverpool in recent years have sold Suarez and coutinho who were their best players at the time. They seem to be doing ok.
  6. 83owl

    Adam Reach

    With that kind of attitude Liverpool wouldn’t have the team they have now. They have consistently sold their best player for huge profits for the last few years in a row. If you think that the transfer policy of championship Sheff Wednesday which has been sign everyone and sell no one is sustainable however then great, it’s served us well over the last 3 years hasn’t it?
  7. Westwood palmer Lees Hector Penney Pelupessy hutch reach Bannan FF Fletcher joao winnall onomah pudil thorniley
  8. There will be plenty clamouring for him if we appoint Bruce.
  9. More than good enough to stay in this league with that team. Also if all of those 4 players are sold then surely that will cover all our ffp shortfall and leave us with some money to spend In the summer.
  10. Another 30+ player on mega money. Just what we need.
  11. 83owl


    Thats what I would play with the players we have. 2 decent full backs turns that into a very good team at this level. Fletcher/joao/winnall for the striker role or joao could play one of the wide forward roles either. Bannan and onomah competing for the forward central role and Matias is a useful sub or could replace FF if he leaves in jan. hutch and pelupessy in front of the back four would make us a lot more solid. Both are good enough on the ball to play it easy and let bannan/onomah have the ball further up the pitch where I want to see them and not coming back in between the 2 centre backs to look for the ball and leaving us totally disjointed.
  12. 83owl


    So he’s wasted playing centrally but not wasted at left back? Makes no sense, especially when he can’t tackle and has little defensive awareness.
  13. 83owl

    Atdhe Nuhiu today

    No other team near the top of this league would play him. You can’t say a striker is okay because he wins a few defensive headers.
  14. Lees insists the players effort and commitment should not be questioned. What a load of balls.
  15. 83owl

    I’m worried

    Sell Reach, BB and FF.