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  1. Apart from the lay-off to bannan for the opening goal?
  2. Westwood iorfa Lees. Hector. Palmer Hutch. Bb Reach matias. Nuhiu. Aarons not a fan of reach playing there but with the personnel out that’s what I would play.
  3. If that was my top speed then I’m pretty sure I could run all day. The pace is more of a fast walk but slower.
  4. Yes about time we had a go at reach. Only scored two last week and one assist. Useless.
  5. Posts like this show why people say Wednesday fans live in the past.
  6. I don’t know what you see in the rest of the squad but to lose our joint top scorer, whose also got the most assists and say we won’t even notice he’s gone is optimistic at best.
  7. I don’t want him making tackles. The more tackles he makes the more chance of him being injured. He’s in the team to score goals and make assists.
  8. A goal line clearance and setting up the opening goal not enough for you?
  9. I’m glad we are nowhere near. Saves us the embarrassment of losing to the pigs or Leeds when we inevitably choked again. This squad has no leadership, direction or drive whatsoever. Just 11 shirts aimlessly drifting around a football pitch.
  10. Would just drive the players wages up even higher than what they already are.
  11. This really annoys me and has been a habit for the last few years. The receiving player doesn’t even have to take a touch to control it as we seem to pass the ball so it trickles to a halt at his feet. It’s like we are having a game of bowls in the middle of a football match.
  12. Does anyone know the best way to get in touch with DC? I want him to pop round and value my house.
  13. They don’t even have to be academy players. Every player has his price, once you get a bid which is realistically the maximum you are going to get for that player in that league then you sell and reinvest. Liverpool have done it with Suarez, coutinho. Man Utd sold Ronaldo and Barcelona sold Neymar. None of our players are irreplaceable, there’s plenty of other good players around. Our transfer policy since DC came in has been bizarre.
  14. If Dawson has given away a needless penalty and conceded that third goal everyone would be saying he isn’t good enough.
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