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  1. Youve obviously missed the start of this thread, Moses is a winger apparently.
  2. Yes you're right signing Wickham is a no brainer, anyone with an actual brain wouldn't sign him so that leaves only the none brainers that he is eligible to sign for. I expect a 3 year deal for us will be announced over the next few days.
  3. That reminds me I wouldnt mind a burger Patty right about now.
  4. If he gets £0 weekly then yes it’s a good deal. Anymore than that and it’s just money down the drain.
  5. Yes but before those 4 years we had about 8 strikers so we’re kind of even really.
  6. Their priority will obviously be to stay in the division. Wouldn’t surprise me to see them make a hell of a lot of changes for the cup matches.
  7. Charlton Suite seems a bit expensive. £1500 just for the Charlton match is a lot to ask for.
  8. Professional footballers want to get paid to play. What a shock.
  9. Don’t recognise any of those names as former F1 drivers. Had to look them up and it appears Pirro was one briefly. I would have thought the steward panel would have had a higher % of former drivers than that.
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