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  1. Can he? When was the last time FF won us a game because I genuinely can’t remember. Also I’m pretty sure Rhodes “won us the game at forest earlier this season”
  2. Yeah because you always see footballer being dismissed from their contracts don’t you. Don’t you think if it was that easy then Rodwell would have been binned out from Sunderland long before he left. Footballers contracts are tighter than anything, whatever happens they always get paid.
  3. You think? KW won’t leave as nobody will pay his wages so he’ll sit out his contract and watch cheadle town. FF I can see going to play in Europe somewhere. Hutch will probably end up at a championship club near London.
  4. Westwood was dropped after the last Swansea game after dropping clangers. Had he accepted this and just done a few games on the bench he would have had another chance as Dawson’s form wasn’t great. Instead he spat his dummy out again. Nobody to blame but himself.
  5. You don’t think championship clubs will be interested in paying a transfer fee followed by 25k a week to a 35 year old keeper or to a limited CB?
  6. 60k a week, had a major knee injury, played about 15 games over the last 5 years, too old to improve therefore unlikely to ever sell him for a decent fee are all good reasons not to sign him. Hes scored two goals from corners and come back from lockdown in decent shape (as expected for a professional footballer) and is now seen as some kind of must buy player on Owlstalk.
  7. I would say we need more midfielders than just one, selling Pelupessy will leave us with - bannan Lee - No chance of playing 90 minutes 30+ times a season Hunt - Still untested at this level Luongo - Had a number of injuries this season already. If we sold Pelupessy I think we would need another 3 centre midfielders, I don’t want to see reach or Palmer playing there.
  8. Nobody is going to match Westwood’s or Tom lees wages so I can’t see them going anywhere.
  9. Yes I agree they are important this season but we need to get away from the attitude of looking at players as irreplaceable, that’s what’s got us into this financial mess as it is.
  10. We can do without any of them as long as we sign the right replacements, nobody is irreplaceable. Wolves, Newcastle, pigs, Brighton, Huddersfield, Cardiff, Fulham all been promoted in recent years without any of those players.
  11. Times like that I just want to see Harris drive into that space, he’s too hesitant sometimes.
  12. If it was up to the fans we would sign every single player and never sell anyone. Clubs evolve all the time no player is irreplaceable, If Madrid can let Ronaldinho leave I’m sure we could replace Lees and Bannan.
  13. Think we need a further 2 centre midfielders, Possibly 3 depending on if we are staying with this formation and what happens with hunt and lee.
  14. Professionalism and dedication. During lockdown players will have had to look after themselves, added to that is that there was essentially a very limited “pre season” after the break means the ones that have done the work whilst away will stand out.
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