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  1. We play in a half empty stadium week in week out. The programme seller was the most Intimidating voice at hillsborough
  2. “Full microscope of a packed S6”
  3. Yeah would be crap watching JWP banging free kicks in against top teams every few weeks. Much more exciting watching Callum Patterson stumbling around like he’s just been in a lock in for the last 10 hours.
  4. Didn’t know he worked at the cinema as well. Hope you told him he shouldn’t be working and on the phone at the same time.
  5. Nothing more tinpot than that. Except of course having a band or turning on your phone light every time you score a goal.
  6. The two players that have come through the ranks in Dawson and palmer get more stick than anyone.
  7. Young ones have better senses. Get a ticket on the kop and see if she can sniff out who the phantom trumper is.
  8. Why stop there? Personally I think a PL keeper is the minimum we should be looking at. One with CL and/or international tournament experience.
  9. Don’t want any of those foreigners in our club. Taking jobs away from the hardworking British players.
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