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  1. 83owl

    The 1990's Forestieri

    No wonder people say we’re deluded. Saying a good championship player in ff who was deemed not good enough for the premiership by Watford is better than an at the time good premiership player is ridiculous. It’s up there with the Kieran Lee and Tom lees are good enough to be in the England squad statements.
  2. 83owl

    FF miss.

    You can see ff demanding the ball as reach receives it.
  3. 83owl

    FF miss.

    Should have scored. Plenty of time and was just inside the area I think. Could have taken a touch if he wanted to although it wasn't a great layoff by reach.
  4. 83owl

    How many signings?

    Don't think Rhodes will leave on a transfer. Doesn't it push us further into ffp if he does as we then have to pay the remaining balance off rather than paying in istallments?
  5. This snow won't go well with our passing style. We underhit every pass as it is.
  6. Seen to remember he made some top saves in that debut v wolves.
  7. 83owl

    The Ipswich Free Kick Goal

    That means all the Ipswich players have free reign to stand where they want as they can't be offside.
  8. Didn't he go and reguarly watch the pigs when they were in the premiership?
  9. Can anyone tell me if George Hirst is still at the club after the first season in the game?
  10. When are Lee and hutch ever fit?
  11. 83owl


    A top 2 starting 11? A left winger playing at left back, a player at left wing that doesn't want to play there and a cm playing on the right wing?
  12. 83owl

    Jos had a dream?

    Build a football team Our players are shyite and we can't afford no loans we're Shiite at the back we're Shiite in attack welcome to league 1 we're on our way back
  13. 83owl

    Chansiri out

    When people start threads like this I always wonder who they think will pay the wages should the chairman leave?
  14. 83owl

    FAO Katrien Meire and SWFC

    A62 from Oldham to hudds is open. Possibly the a635 (greenfield-holmfirth) by now as well
  15. There were no wars before the armed 'services' then?