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  1. So the club should be built around one player then? Seems like a sensible idea.
  2. We need to stand by him wether he’s found guilty or not. Look at where taking the moral high ground has got us in the past? We lose players for peanuts and then they go on to be world beaters or big transfers. Everyone bangs on about Liverpool fans and the club being so great etc yet Suarez went around racially abusing people and biting people and they stood by him. Club legends wearing t shirts saying justice for Suarez etc. A year later they get 70million or whatever it was for him. Like it it or not, right or wrong if you have morals and play by the rules in football then you are putting yourself at a huge disadvantage, which we cannot afford to do in our situation.
  3. Hull, Huddersfield, Brighton, Fulham and plenty of other teams have been promoted without either of those players. They’re not indispensable at the right price just like any other players. It’s reinvesting properly that’s the key.
  4. If it’s a decent offer then let him go. This group of players have had 3 seasons to achieve promotion and failed. Any of our players should be for sale at the right price to enable us to reinvest in the team.
  5. Completely agree. Bang average team that’s strong at set pieces. Midfield is especially poor with nobody capable of controlling a game. Gifted a route to the semis so I don’t think they have overachieved as the first decent team we have played have knocked us out. This Wednesday team would have qualified from that group.
  6. All our players should be available at the right price. They have shown over the last 3 years they are not good enough to get us promoted so I don’t see why everyone is having a breakdown over losing a few.
  7. 83owl

    Peter Atherton

    Bang average is far better than most of the defenders we have had since then. That includes fan favourites like llera and all the other dross we had whilst in league 1 and the championship.
  8. Eric dier makes Henderson look like xavi
  9. 83owl


    I’m pretty sure he will fail a medical at the minute.
  10. 83owl

    The 1990's Forestieri

    No wonder people say we’re deluded. Saying a good championship player in ff who was deemed not good enough for the premiership by Watford is better than an at the time good premiership player is ridiculous. It’s up there with the Kieran Lee and Tom lees are good enough to be in the England squad statements.
  11. 83owl

    FF miss.

    You can see ff demanding the ball as reach receives it.
  12. 83owl

    FF miss.

    Should have scored. Plenty of time and was just inside the area I think. Could have taken a touch if he wanted to although it wasn't a great layoff by reach.
  13. 83owl

    How many signings?

    Don't think Rhodes will leave on a transfer. Doesn't it push us further into ffp if he does as we then have to pay the remaining balance off rather than paying in istallments?
  14. This snow won't go well with our passing style. We underhit every pass as it is.
  15. Seen to remember he made some top saves in that debut v wolves.