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  1. We have good players but they sometimes lack the vision and composure in the final third. Harris a prime example of this at Cardiff. Blazes a wild shot over the bar when he had time and we had plenty of men in the box, also easy return pass to reach for a 1-2 and he boots it out. Just lacking that quality going forward at decisive moments.
  2. His athleticism certainly helps get him out of situations he finds himself in from a short lapse in concentration. Him and borner seem to work so well as they both have strengths which are completely different to each other, no reason to bring lees back in he has to wait his time. Passing was a bit off tonight but he wasn’t alone in that regard.
  3. Refs done ok so far tonight I think
  4. Unbelievable. Harris has done nothing whatsoever, bannan been poor. Reach has literally been the only person willing to run at them and the only person to put a couple of decent crosses in and already numerous posters calling him out.
  5. So you would drop both fullbacks. Odubajo to play RB and LB then?
  6. Same as Cardiff but odubajo In for Palmer. FF on at halftime or just after.
  7. I mean there’s no chance of it happening. Not by me personally but sections of our support can’t wait to jump on the backs of certain players.
  8. Some people have already made their mind up about fox’s performance before the games even started. Dawson is competing with fan favourite Westwood so hasn’t got a chance.
  9. Hopefully he starts scoring more often as we know he can. FF to come back hopefully chips in. Iorfa and Borner should get a few each over the season which is something we have lacked from our CBs over the last few years. Luongo from midfield will get forward often. That leaves Fletcher, the only striker we have capable of playing the lone role effectively for a number of games but he’s never been prolific throughout his career and his injury record with us isn’t great. There’s a lot of hopefully there and we need to have some luck with injuries for once.
  10. There’s no doubt that reach could be playing better. He seems to have stopped shooting from outside the box and i’d like to see him run with the ball at defenders more often. However after every game there is a thread on him which is pretty much negative. He’s nesh, we are carrying him, should be sold as soon as possible, offers nothing are all just a few of the things I’ve read in the threads about him. Harris however is apparently having the season of his life. I don’t think I’ve seen any negative posts about him in any thread. I’ve checked 3 different stat sites and although assists can be subjective they have all said the same. Reach 1 goal 3 assists Harris 2 goals 2 assists Not a lot of difference for a player who is a waster and one who is currently a fan favourite.
  11. Have to see which FF turns up over the next month or so. A motivated FF who stays fit for the rest of the season along with a bit of luck with injuries to the rest of the squad and we won’t be far off. Nothing to fear from any particular team in this division this season. A new striker in January to take the load off fletcher is imperative.
  12. We would just have a huge hole out on the left as bannan would just drift inside anyway so you are sacrificing someone on the left just to put FF upfront which has been shown a number of times not to work. Nothing wrong with the formation we have, worked fine in the first half against Cardiff with both wide forwards as well as bannan and luongo supporting fletcher. created a number of good chances and with some better decision making could have created even more. Bannan has to just stop sitting so deep, this is where our problem lies. We look a different team when he plays 15 yards further up the pitch. hutch has the range of passing to play from deep and can also drop in to let iorfa burst forward.
  13. Palmer provides no attacking threat whatsoever. For someone who used to play in midfield he’s terrible with the ball at his feet but in this system he’s the only outlet on the right hand side. Harris is playing well but you’ve moved him to play in to the centre so we can accommodate an extra striker. Our current forwards are Nuhiu, Rhodes Winnall and FF. Which of these forwards do you think are worth bringing in to that position?
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