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  1. Jaoa hasn't improved in 3 years. People talk about him like he's a prospect that needs development but how old is he? 22-23?
  2. Nearly as bad as the poster who said Lee and lees would be playing for England if we were in the prem.
  3. How all of a sudden has Joao become the saviour?
  4. 100% Westwoods fault. If you line a wall up in one side then the keepers responsibility is the other side. If they put one over the wall and into the top corner then fair enough there's not much you can do. He took a step to his left, completely off balance for the shot. Poor goalkeeping.
  5. Liam Cooper, Leeds

    Yet he gets in a team whose defence has conceded half the amount of goals we have.
  6. Glenn loovens

    Tom lees is not captain material. He needs an experienced defender next to him to hold his hand. Laughable to think some of our fans think he could be in the England squad.
  7. Our performances in the playoffs have got worse. Good first leg against Brighton, second leg we did what we had to and finished the job. Drab final (can't remember us having a shot at goal). Poor in the first leg against Huddersfield and lucky to be going back at 0-0 and then scared stiff of playing against them at home.
  8. Tom Lees

    I've seen some pretty poor England teams but to have Lee and lees in we would have to be really struggling.