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  1. I’m glad you're not the manager. About 20 goals over a full season with that team.
  2. Would you be happy if Harris had sidefooted it instead? As as long as I can remember we have had terrible starts to the season. Year 2000 “what’s the difference between swfc and a cocktail stick? A cocktail sticks got two points” 2001 pressman getting sent off after about 30 seconds. Even after the investment we needed a late push to get into the playoffs. We have had a disruptive offseason with the umbongo and mrs doubtfire leaving but we’ve won 3 out of 4 games. 3 points is 3 points it doesn’t matter who it’s against, anyone can beat anyone in this league and I guarantee Luton will take points from plenty of teams. Top of the league despite not playing particularly well and people are complaining.
  3. We kept a clean sheet so had we not gone in front last night we would have got a point. Also these teams are exactly the ones we seem to have struggled against in recent years.
  4. Reminds me of a game for my local team. I had been away with work and missed the start of the season. Got subbed on at half time with the instruction to play “left and right wing”
  5. Just hope when he does step up that it’s not to take a penalty.
  6. Problem is LJ is worth something. FF is near the end of his contract, on a high wage and played about 20 games over the last two seasons as well as being nearly 30. From a selling point of view he’s effectively worthless. That ship sailed years ago.
  7. Carbone was a good premiership player. As far as I’m aware FF has never even played in the premiership.
  8. Should have got rid years ago when he was actually worth something. Will be a bit part player over the next few years and then will leave for nothing.
  9. 2 players who spent most of their time here injured?
  10. We have 4 cbs so we don’t need another one. Won’t be signing him unless we sell one of van aken, thorniley or lees.
  11. Most of our fans would still have Reda, Semedo and Wickham in the team given the chance.
  12. I looked at this last night and tried to make a team out of it. Whatever formation I tried and even pretending all players were fit and available the team still has glaring holes in it.
  13. Difference being that the top two in Spain have had success with that core of players. We haven’t.
  14. Dawson palmer Pudil thorniley Lazaar Hector Pelupessy Lee FF Joao Fletcher See how long Lee lasts. Give pudil a final game. Ff free to roam wherever.
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