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  1. We could just play without a keeper?
  2. Despite the spaff fest on here by certain posters who were jizzing over the fact we now had a “proper manager” nobody can honestly say he was anything other than one of the worst managers we have ever had. Should have been sacked the minute he played Iorfa as a central midfielder. The mans obsession with playing centre backs in every position was ridiculous.
  3. Wasn’t a dive. Another clear example of the EFL agenda against us.
  4. Mauricio Pochettino gets my vote
  5. We have to stick with Moore for at least the season. Don’t get me wrong we are crap, but thankfully we are in a league that’s absolutely crap so we are still well in with a chance. A patchy start yet we are still well in the mix and we have quite a big squad comparative to other teams in the division.
  6. You can get away a bit more with being crap in L1 which is a good thing for us.
  7. 83owl


    All after the Wlad fight. His mental state for the preparation was perfectly fine. He even said himself that the feeling of achieving his ambitions is part of what made him spiral back down as there was nothing else to achieve.
  8. 83owl


    What mental state was fury in when he beat klitschko?
  9. Yes he was fantastic. The way he guided us from 17th to 13th was amazing as well as leaving us stuck with old crocked goalkeepers on huge contracts and amazing new players like Kadeem Harris.
  10. He was past it and not the same player. Very rare for a player to have a major hip op and a year out of the game and come back and not lose anything. The difference is now we (and Lee) are now playing pub league football.
  11. I’ve always said I’d like to see the team under Joss Stone
  12. He shouldn’t be able to do that playing against the best midfield in the league
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