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  1. The playoffs is an achievement with the overpaid, unbalanced, selfish ageing squad we have now. With the squad we had Back then it was the minimum standard.
  2. Good players that work well together to make a good team. Good players whose styles conflict with others or who put personal performances above that of the team don’t get you promoted.
  3. Yeah I bet the pigs Norwich and villa were gutted they didn’t have him in their midfield last year but yet they still managed to get promoted without him just like plenty of other teams before them. He’s not irreplaceable.
  4. Sorry but those stats simply aren’t true. I know this for a fact as I repeatedly read on here that reach is a waster who offers nothing and bannan is class and we would be nothing without him.
  5. Hard for him to shift players on though. They are all on contracts they won’t get anywhere else so why would they leave?
  6. It’s easy to say when on form he’s one of the best players in the league knowing full well he’s never “on form”. The best players in the league play consistently to a high standard week in week out, FF doesn’t do that and hasn’t done for 3 years.
  7. The only young player in the DC era that springs to mind is joao and we made profit on him.
  8. Winnall, Westwood, FF, Rhodes are all on wages which won’t be matched anywhere else. Would you leave your job if somebody offered to half your salary?
  9. Our wage bill is horrendous, we can’t afford to push the boat out for any players whilst we are paying players £20k+ a week to sit around doing nothing for months on end.
  10. The young lad at Norwich came in last year and has kept his place throughout their promotion season and beyond. Reports of him being worth £20m now. If urhoghide is good enough and playing well enough then keep him in. He should only get better.
  11. Nobody is going to pay KW wages so he will just sit out the rest of his time here and milk it until his contract runs out. FF again on high wages and given he has spent most of the last 3 years either injured/suspended/uninterested then I can’t see anyone wanting to take him in January. Rhodes may interest some, however I doubt anyone will fork out for a transfer. Would most likely be another loan deal.
  12. I’d say there were other far more important factors that made us improve in that time.
  13. He had no involvement in the goal whatsoever but it was at that time when he got injured.
  14. You must have been watching a different Westwood to me this season.
  15. Charlton away FF started. We scored our goals to win the game after he got subbed off.
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