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  1. You build a team around one player what happens when that player gets injured?
  2. Compare it like for like then. Bruce’s first 20 games compared to monks first 20. Barely any difference.
  3. It’s very rare a player isn’t in negotiation to extend before the end of the season. The club doesn’t want to leave it that late as if talks break down there’s no time to renegotiate before someone else signs them up. Agents/players don’t want to leave it late as if they get a serious injury towards the end of the season then they are without income for the foreseeable future. Boyd and Matias will have known they were leaving, you seriously think they would believe Bruce if he said “you’ve barely played for 3 years but you might get a new deal if you play these last 5 games” Footballers are generally stupid, but not that stupid.
  4. Bruce took over last season we were in 14th and finished in 12th. We are currently in 15th, hardly a huge difference.
  5. The players will know they are going at the end of the season if they haven’t been offered a new contract. Their agents will be in contact with a representative of the club and if they aren’t in talks to extend then they know they will be leaving. There’s nothing a manager can do to incentivise them. I can’t believe the number of people that don’t seem to understand this and keep bringing the same point up.
  6. Owlstalk posters - Why hasnt Penney signed a new contract yet? There’s only 6 months left and we are in danger of losing him on a free. Owlstalk posters - I can’t believe monk told the players whose contracts are expiring in 6 months that their contracts won’t be renewed. That’s bad man management telling them that.
  7. I’m sure they will. They will watch a highlights video and think what a player we have, and on a free as well an absolute bargain. 6 months later they will be asking how long did he sign for as our £1.5 million a year could be spent better elsewhere.
  8. If he is so good why then did Watford practically give him away when they won promotion? I think we paid £3million for him? That’s peanuts to a club just promoted to the PL. In fact he couldn’t even get in their starting 11 in the championship most weeks never mind in the PL.
  9. FF has scored two goals this season, surely even Doyen can find a forward who can bring a better return than that.
  10. Hasn’t Morgan fox (the defender) scored more goals than Forestieri (the forward) so far this season?
  11. I may be wrong but as far as I’m aware this season he’s scored once against Swansea and a penalty against Birmingham? If that’s a forward playing well on 30k a week then it’s no wonder we are screwed.
  12. Haha I don’t think he’s ever played in the top tier in any country he’s played in so he isn’t going to start now.
  13. My thoughts and prayers are with the players at this difficult time. I can only hope that the club can offer them the correct mental health support after what must have been a highly stressful experience.
  14. Bannan is the best midfielder in the league, FF is the best player in the league, Iorfa is close to being called up to an England squad in the near future and Westwood is the best keeper in the league. Surely someone must be interested in any of these players given their pedigree?
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