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  1. Yeah because tackling is the main attribute you look for when signing a winger.
  2. Only problem is I Don’t think we are in a financial position to pay a reserve keeper what KW will be getting.
  3. Won’t see FF playing regularly until late in the season. He will have to start putting the effort in then to get game time to earn a contract somewhere.
  4. I’ve seen Dawson throw the ball out quickly more in the space of this run of games that I have Westwood in his whole time here.
  5. Think van Persie once went 10 games without scoring at all, Owen 12 or 13 I think. If even the best Strikers have droughts then our championship ones certainly will.
  6. We might do if Dawson leaves in the summer.
  7. He’s also on a high wage so I can’t see him being in a rush to go anywhere.
  8. I’m not saying he’s a great player or anything but like anyone you have to play to their strengths. We know he can’t run and isn’t particularly good in the air for a big guy so why are we surprised when he doesn’t play well when we are pinging it at his head or in the channels for him to chase. I’d love fletcher to play 90 minutes every game but given his injury history, his importance to the team and the fixture list it’s not going to happen.
  9. Exactly, but we aren’t good enough/composed enough/mentally strong enough however you want to see it to put the game out of sight when we are the better team. You can play as well as you want but you are always at risk with a 1 goal lead.
  10. Sums it up perfectly. Good teams are consistently good. We aren’t. We played well to start with but can’t maintain it and press home that advantage when required. We have struggled to get that second killer goal all season. They were the other way round, not good enough to play at home and be dominant from the off but good enough to ride the storm and then press forward and scrape an equaliser second half (even though they didn’t play particularly well)
  11. To be fair to nuhiu he likes the ball to feet and is not the type to run the channels, athleticism is not an attribute of his. All we did was pelt it at his head or in front of him.
  12. When did he say that? I can’t imagine this squad is better than one with Swansea where he finished 6th in the PL? Doubt it would be great for morale if he came out and said what he actually thinks.
  13. Apart from the header straight after half time
  14. It’s exactly what monk is trying to do now but yet people are still asking why he subbed fletcher off. The point remains that the team we had then wasn’t good enough and hasn’t got any better yet we are expecting them to challenge for promotion. The only reason we are even in the hunt is because the league in general is of a poorer standard and the top 10 teams are all very similar so we will have frustrating performances and give away points easily because quite simply we are not a particularly good team.
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