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  1. Ain’t that the truth! We don’t want those fancy Dan players coming here and being good!
  2. I honestly believe players and clubs will see us as more attractive prospect even in league one, with a manager who wants to play attacking football compared to a Monk or Pulis playing negative hoofball.
  3. Created more assists from open play than any other player in his tome here. Criminally mismanaged, constantly available and criticised by most…. Almost as if our managers and fans didn’t recognise a good player when they seen one.
  4. Been in the UK since 2018 so I'd assume he has citizenship by now.
  5. I think Reach will get more assists next season than creative genius that is Bannan. Irrelevant of what league Bannan is carving up. Most mismanaged player of last 5 years.
  6. Which of last seasons signings was it he said he’s heard nowt about and it was just paper talk hours before he was announced? Kachunga maybe.
  7. Personally I don’t want Bannan anywhere near our back four. He lacks defensive discipline and gets drawn to the ball like a moth to a flame. Leaving huge gaps for his colleagues to cover and usually they bare the brunt of having to do his work. I’m not sure he’s capable of playing in the 10 role, but I’d rather him there with two behind him. FDB seems to be playing in more advanced positions in preseason so I’m not sure his best role. I’m hoping Hunt goes out on loan if Bannan isn’t sold. Plenty of options though which is great.
  8. Surely we need a few outgoings especially in the number 10 slot and up font if we are to bring in an actual striker or two? but other than that it is shaping up very nicely. S
  9. I think you need a club captain, an actual leader who’s been there and done it. That’s Dunkley. I’d personally play him too. Wing’s deliveries from corners and set plays may see Dunkley and Iorfa as our top scorers as it stands.
  10. I think Green will get better and better the more he plays. He’s been out for a long time, but prior to the injury he was thought of in very high regard. Had pace and trickery. IMO he could be a star in this league.
  11. I’d prefer smaller senior squad like you say supplemented by a strong u23 squad.
  12. As the EFL are limiting our wages, how big could they be?
  13. Would Wing play alongside Bannan or instead of Bannan? I can't recall him playing against us or his strengths.
  14. This - for every gamble that succeeds there most likely is one that doesn't. But, you would expect two gambles cost less than one proven player. We used to be really good at picking up players that for one reason or another had points to prove and were undervalued. Thinking Lees, Lee, Westwood, Hutchinson, Bannan.... arguably our most influential players of past 5 or so years were all picked up for next to nothing and played the best football of their careers with us. Can we find the next batch of players.
  15. I’d take that. Cost nothing, small contract. We get 10 goals and assists out of him he’ll have done a great job for us.
  16. Both have 50+ games at championship level averaging a clean sheet in +27% of those games. Both have had spells where they have looked good. So I’d say both have the aptitude to be good keepers at this and championship level. However!! Both have certainly gone backwards. I’m not sure if this is attitude, mental fortitude, confidence…. It seems to long a spell to be considered form. I believe both would benefit from a spell away from here in a less pressured environment. I’m not sure how realistic that is for Dawson considering the bumper salary he got to prevent him being 2020’s Shaw/Urhoghide. As back then there were plenty of talk about him leaving for Celtic/Rangers and a clamour to pay what it takes to get him signed up! How hindsight is a wonderful thing. I fear if we go into season with them, they regress further. Our fans are hardly supporting of players going through bad patches and I think that would only impact their confidence further.
  17. That’s ok, each to their own. I’m just like the abuse victim looking for tiny signs of change, hoping, praying! To be fair, I’m happier with this seasons approach already than I have been for several years gone by.
  18. Cheers. I hadn’t realised you were saying one off gestures. Makes sense.
  19. I’m not sure you would. I don’t think you’d sell more, but that’s by the by. Would we make more money? That’s they key part. Looking at 2017/18 season we had attendances of 14/17k at lower end and 27/32k at higher end. I am certain the higher end games were cat A. As they are against Leeds, Sunderland, Utd, Boxing Day, nee years day…. The lower attendances against nothing clubs like Ipswich, Reading, Swansea. I just don’t think more people go to the lower games when you price it more expensive and I don’t think we gain many more to the Cat A games if they’re cheaper.
  20. But there is a need to generate revenue. Otherwise we don’t pay our bills and we make huge losses. Granted we haven’t done great at making losses or paying bills in last few seasons, but these would be amplified if we didn’t maximise revenue from higher demand games. We need to generate more and spend less. Whilst I’m sure we can be more creative with other revenue streams, scrapping categories seems an odd way of becoming more sustainable.
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