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  1. Loved his attitude and a aerial monster in both boxes, pitty he never really got back to fitness and stayed fit as he was superb in spells.
  2. Isn’t he a Scottish LB? Don’t Arsenal already have one of those? Transfer business of the premier league is insane compared to league 1. Crazy the golf in two leagues.
  3. yay we win more than we lose….. I mean booo we’re not shybo in league above. Ah well we still have a club to follow.
  4. I went for Luongo as I thought he was left to do the work of two men last night. I just don’t get the logic of playing Bannan if either A) he’s not fit enough or B) you’re playing to contain the other team. Bannan has been great of late but last night was like watching his last two years of championship. Couldn’t get on the ball, when he gets a touch it’s backwards or out of play. Running everywhere and leaving massive gaps in the middle, ah we’ll hope he’s back to last 3 months form Monday.
  5. If that’s the case it’s shocking by Moore and shocking by Bannan too. He had less touches than all bar one of the outfield players in first half, second half he wasn’t any better until they subbed off Pritchard. Moore should have not let this happen, Bannan as senior player and captain should have not let it happen either. Him, not touching the ball, not dictating play, not physical, not able…. No better than anyone on subs bench that was fit, able and willing.
  6. Except for the only two or three times we looked like even coming close to scoring?? I mean there were a lot of passengers today. I don’t think Liam was one of them.
  7. he’ll see out the 90 though. Despite not having any touches, creating anything, tackling….. ah well!
  8. Be just our luck that we take a punt, get him up to speed, then watch him flourish elsewhere. I really like him, seems to be a different class in terms of movement and links us up really well. I think he’ll do well next season.
  9. It’s more about MK than them, they have to win to have any hope of Autos with nothing to lose. I have faith in them rather than us, maybe that’s just three decades of hoping, preying, watching us in need to win games.
  10. Plymouth face MK Dons who still have a chance at autos. That fills me with more confidence than knowing a win keeps us up in playoffs.
  11. Due to some severe buffering on my IPTV service I only saw the first 5 minutes and a 3 minute blast in around the 70 minute mark. Looking at the other ratings it seems like everyone had similar issues.... other than three Gregory goals I didn't see a bloody thing.
  12. I went for Hunt, he was getting in behind them and creating holding opportunities in first 15 minutes it should have been 2/3-0. Could just as easily have gone for 4/5 others. NML, Palmer, Johnson, Byers all played well. Upsetting to see Bannan off his game after such a good showing previous week. I can’t help thinking if we’d have been 2/3 up as we should have been he’d have been given a bit of a rest. Paterson looked off it by miles, glad we have others to come in for him.
  13. I’d still start him next game. His finishing was atrocious last night, but his link up game, chasing down defenders, stretching their defence was very good IMO. Him and Gregory are out starting front two of it’s up to me.
  14. FairPlay we have some fantastic fans, but my god some of our fans are very tinpot. If they’re not throwing flairs on pitch, jumping barriers to get a cuddle with a player or throwing objects at ex players….. they’re calling for the manager to be sacked whilst 5th in league when most predicted preseason we’d either battle relegation or be mid table. I bet those that come on gear after a loss crying and moaning for people to be sacked are the same lot that text an ex when out on the lash. They need a good friend to confiscate their phones in both scenarios.
  15. Im not saying he’s perfect, if he was he’d be managing higher than league one. Most are a bit OTT and flip flop their views based on latest result or performance. Personally and it’s only my opinion so it’s as valid (or more so as invalid) as any of the flips or flops. I happen to think if we’d kept a settled side for most of the season, no matter what 11 that may be, we’d be 6th or higher. It’s not a great league, it’s not full of great teams, we often get beat by lessor players earning lesser salaries. Just requires hard work, basics and bit of consistency to do well.
  16. I mean in all fairness most on hear no next to nowt and their opinions change more than their underpants. Review this season for example: BPF: best keeper outside of the prem> calamitous clown with a clanger in him > top player, hope we keep him next year Iorfa: Absolute colossus, keep him for and we’ll pish the league > not first, second or third choice CB, should be nowhere near starting Byers: What a waste of a signing and wage, not fit to wear the shirt > Part of best midfield three in the league Berahino: Busted flush, part of moore’s god squad, should never have been signed, get him out next opportunity > has to start! This is league one, players, managers, teams are simply not that good and most goals are scruffy and from mistakes rather than moments of quality. Everyone’s entitled to an opinion but professional managers tend to know more than our fanbase with a track record of looking like silly sausages with short term, over reactionary thinking.
  17. When we had him on iFollow doing commentary he was talking about hutch and said something along lines of…… he’s like me, he’ll play injured and through pain barrier. I almost fell off my chair! Great keeper in his day, but it was a long time ago now.
  18. Bit of an overreaction isn’t it? Anyhow if that’s what you think I’ll see you next season. I’ll stay along for the ride, just in case you’re not correct on this one.
  19. Was just thinking of Bannan knocks that snap shot in from near penalty spot or Paterson nods home were home and hosed. Upsetting to concede another set piece, you’d think with three centerbacks with Paterson and Gregory on the pitch you’d expect us to be clearing it comfortably.
  20. For me, Kieran Lee is the best player we’ve had since the premiership days. He was incredible! To add to that he was in reliably informed a very humble modest fella who was never on a big wage. What I’d give for another Lee in the team right now!
  21. Well you could say it too and it would be absolutely true for you too I remember debating Lee vs Forrestieri several times never once did anyone pipe up with, hang on Bannan is our best player!
  22. Im not buying into this nonsense that our best player of this century you need to surround by good players to get the best out him. Look at his ratings and stats in our play off seasons (surrounded by the very best players in that league) vs last season. They’re not far apart. When we were challenging for the playoffs, I really don’t remember anyone saying he was our best player. You had folk saying Fessi was, that Lee was, that Westwood was irreplaceable that even Lees was worth 10s of millions when rumoured Burnley wanted him. I remember zero interest for him, zero fanfare. He was just what he is now. A decent to good player at this level. If we were to pay any other individual 200% of what some teams earn in this league I’d expect them to be better than decent to good, he’s been better than that since other good players came back, but is that because they’re doing more or he’s doing more?
  23. Like I say longevity and consistency he’s top most likely. But for a 20-40 game period his best IMO is way way below that of Westwood, Forrestieri, Lee, Hooper, Hutch….. The season Forrestieri scored a bunch he also was the top tackling midfielder in the league. Hutch used to read the game and control/enforce the midfield at a levels we’ve not seen since Carlton. Lee’s work rate was immense. He made it possible to have a Bannan in a two at times literally doing both of their work whilst Bannan had freedom to do his thing. He added goals to his game and pre the horror injury was ever present and IMO the best player in our team if not the league. Westwood won keeper of the year didn’t he and set back to back clean sheet records. Hooper scored goals for fun once fot and if he had have stayed fit he would have fired us to the prem IMO. We’ve not had a goal score like him in decades. Bannan has been good, and he’s been here a long time. He’s in the form of his life and he’s struggling to pull a team that earn a fortune into the top six of league one. The others in the form of their lives, you could drop into most teams let alone this one and I’m sure you’d see a top two team. They were just that good.
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