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  1. and they’re mostly not ready until they’re nearly 30, must have some reyt drills going on over there
  2. Reyt annoys me that they still take your money in close season, robbing gets - and that you can’t unsubscribe for Jul-Aug without actually writing them an email, which they conveniently take a week to respond to and then until the next month’s payment to action on your account, so it’s basically time to resub by the time you stop paying.
  3. Song for Liam Palmer Song for Liam Palmer Na na na naaa Na na na naaa sorted
  4. 163 you say? No possible way the ground can be evenly lit then, ‘cos that’s a prime number
  5. If they’re able to be separated into individual lanterns I’d love one as a shelf souvenir. Think the entire rig wired in for BBQs might wind up the neighbours though.
  6. Blue shorts make the whole kit look like an M&S pyjama set
  7. No because I’d never buy food at a match, I eat at home or sometimes make a sarnie for the car if I’m rushing. Convenience food prices wind me up so much, and at footy grounds the price/quality ratio is about as bad as it gets. That said, we should keep some healthier stuff on hand for those that do feel the need to snack. Shocking that you can only get pastry, chips, crisps, chocolate etc in this day and age. It’s a sports environment after all, seems odd to have all these community initiatives to help people exercise and stay healthy then serve that stuff back to them.
  8. so basically they’ve been friends since they started working at the same place
  9. I think both those teams are mathematically safe mate
  10. my god we’re like a sad ex on insta
  11. heard DC typed up a contract on his phone as Hutch was staggering off against Sunderland. Got him to agree to being paid in tuna, but null and void without a signature and Hutch was too concussed to remember his own name. Foiled again!
  12. He’s come in from so far out it’d almost be weird if anyone in our back line WAS tracking him tbf. Much more interested in who NML and Mass think they’re covering in that first pic, and the rest of the midfield being totally out of shot is slightly incriminating IMO - I know we were pushing for a goal but it wasn’t THAT rapid a counter
  13. I think he meant Windass Sr crap CB at any age
  14. Big difference between caring a lot and letting it get you down. The latter should really only be reserved only for things we can control or influence directly. (Obviously I’m not talking about extreme stuff like bereavements, but as a general rule for most things in life.) When you fully know and accept that you as an individual have zero control over something, it seems fairly clear to me that the only way to gain anything constructive from the experience is to find the good in it, and enjoy or learn from that any way you can. For years now I’ve viewed Wednesday as my version of the TV soap operas or reality shows that loads of other people love. I get nowt whatsoever from those, but Wednesday is the bizarre show I can’t miss an episode of - even if they do sometimes kill off my favourite character, or bring in a storyline I don’t find particularly engaging, I’ll never be able to turn my back on it. It’s fascinating. I do very much want everything to ‘work out’ for us, of course…but in a weird way, wouldn’t that sort of feel like The End? I don’t want the end, I’m hooked!
  15. Very much agree with the OP. There will always be big frustrations to look back on this season - we could and should have nicked autos, but for a handful of downright bizarre results away from home - however, for the first 60% (at least!) of the season there was always an identifiable reason for why we struggled in a particular fixture. Once our squad settled and the traditional Wednesday injury carousel slowed to jogging pace, we actually had just over a third of a season on absolutely rocking form - best we’ve seen in a long time, and not just against classic ‘div 3’ sides, but including a good handful of teams who you wouldn’t necessarily pick out as obvious bottom three fodder were they in the Championship. It’s been a good season by any standard, really - let’s not forget that points total, which would have been considered an outstanding achievement on its own any other year. But when you look at where we were as both a club and a dressing room last July, it’s actually been quite remarkable where we’ve got to. Our preseason was effectively - what, ten days or so with a playable starting XI? Keep the majority of this squad together, lose a couple of ‘key’ players maybe but replace with younger recruits who have more to prove, and I see us being a proper force for autos next season, rather than having to fight tooth and nail through another nervy up-and-down campaign where we continually clung on by our fingernails until the last couple of games. We’ll done DM and team, pity we didn’t show ourselves at our best in the playoffs but it’s been a right scrap to get here and we just looked a bit spent IMO. Get a full preseason in and hit the ground running, I think we’ll still be cooking on gas my the time the final placings are decided (and ideally before the season actually ends). Onward and upward, we’re not about to get stuck down here for an era, like certain others have in recent memory. (I’m also reasonably confident we might enjoy the added ‘chef kiss’ of passing our recently promoted neighbouring stalkers on their traditional slump back down this time next year!) UTO, looking forward to a campaign befitting a great old club and a relatively quick return to the class above.
  16. Been a good half a season. A good full season next campaign and we’ll be up autos. Happy to wait 12 months, last season in champ was absolutely minging, way worse than anything this year. Looking forward to handing out some absolute batterings next term.
  17. I just felt sad about it, even at 1-1 its just not the same game now still great but less great
  18. been off it for weeks IMO, can spoil play in his sleep but has looked shocking in possession. Head’s elsewhere. Pity.
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