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  1. and lo, a new internet phenomenon was confirmed, ‘Owlstalk’s Law’ - every thread over 4 pages long must inevitably descend into random handbags
  2. completely misread the very last word and thought 'yeah i'll bet it was'
  3. Yep, exactly how i saw it when i posted it. Like I said, he's just on the wind-up. Hardly going to publicly seriously rebuke his own lad for scoring a cracker on his return from injury is he.
  4. That six-second rule must be easily the least well-policed and most widely abused rule in the entire game. By a country mile in fact, I'd think.
  5. haha i know mate, just being annoying
  6. way handier for him than Stoke then
  7. tbf that thread was already limping so badly I’m surprised Wednesday didn’t sign it up
  8. Oh we all do that, of course - genuinely think for some folks though it must be a coping mechanism to come and get reyt angrymad for 90min once a week. Can’t help but wonder what they’re always so hopping mad about by the time they arrive though, it’s like they’re permanently wound to snapping point and just need to yell and point at summat for a bit to blow off some steam. (And trumps.)
  9. oh god what have I done, think I just heard a wazzock bugle in the distance
  10. Honestly some people are just fully addicted to misery, negativity, pessimism, and getting a nark on. That lot probably tape Eastenders so they can ‘enjoy’ it twice.
  11. plenty of time left to one-up his old man, reckon he’ll bag at least 22 in our upcoming 10-game month. well, that or get omicron and miss two thirds of it
  12. He’d walk into this side, albeit probably via the bench. Still, a frightening realisation!
  13. tbf he also said ‘not bad!’ in a second reply, just thought this one was funny
  14. you know a tongue-twister is hard when the person who invented it can’t even say it
  15. Communism has nothing to do with oppression or fascism, it’s just hardline socialism. The problem is that communist regimes have historically been imposed as a front for several fascistic dictators who themselves were anything but socialists. They only used it as a way to control and repress their own populations further, which has nothing whatsoever to do with communist ideals. Freedom of speech doesn’t necessarily mean having to tolerate the intolerant, you can still have freedom of expression with exceptions for speech/material that seeks to limit others’ freedoms.
  16. ah I see, cross purposes then - I’ve always seen him as a fairly attack-minded CM!
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