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  1. sMacLean

    Mr Chansiri

    Nothing Chansiri can do now. FFP has us stuck, can't spend and can't really sell the club. In total limbo. Doyen and Carlos ran rings around him and even if he has now woken up it's too late.
  2. sMacLean

    We all need to admit it

    Wilder is one of the best motivators around, light years ahead of Jos but we are where we are. It is annoying seeing their average side constantly in games even if they narrowly lose. It doesn't help but we gloated at getting to Wembley when we were on a high and now it's their turn.
  3. Jos is a negative coach, that's his style. Does this side have the ability to attack all game like a Brentford? No way. Well try to keep games tight then sneak wins even at home all season.
  4. Might be looking at the season after next to have a real go by the looks of it. Any player not likely to be with us for that push is pointless to keep if they have value. Bannan will be 29 at Xmas, Forestieri 29 next year, even Lees is 28 next month. Our Wembley side is getting older and value is dwindling. Will they be much use to us in 2 years time when we are ready to go again? Doubt it. Even Reach will be 27. Probably now lost any value Hooper and Lee had (Maybe £20m between them little over a year ago). We must learn. Bannan,Lees,FF,Reach should all to be sold in the next 2 windows along with the big clearout. Start again completely.
  5. sMacLean

    Reach to Wolves ?

    £15m and i think we'd sell. If we could still get £8-10m for Forestieri we'd be looking at around £25m for 2 far from consistent players. Added to the summer clearout ahead we would be in a great position to rebuild.
  6. sMacLean

    Fernando injured

    Should definitely cash in if anyone still wants him in Jan. Different if we were a genuine top 2 contender but think we might rue losing £10-15m in a years time. 29 with 1 year left on contract in the summer.
  7. sMacLean

    Matt Penney Contract

    Considering the amount of old timers and crocks we've ended up with on high wages and long contracts i don't see any reason not to offer 15-20k to someone young who we genuinely think will make it and is worth it. Those that probably won't make it at a high level will already know, or at least their agents will as there will be no Prem interest. 5k then looks very tempting. So we wouldn't have to do it for all youngsters. Rather we ended up with Penney failing to make it into a £10m player on a decent wage 3 years from now than have another Jones or Boyd on the books for the same time.
  8. It all depends on how you view the clubs ambitions. Clubs with zero expectations usually have fans willing to support players who try hard but aren't that talented and accept it. Since Chansiri we've been built up as a side wanting promotion to the promised land. Players like Palmer stand out as average and it has been frustrating to see him relied on in a supposedly ambitious side. This season is an odd one, most accept we have had to cobble a side together but still feel we should look at the top 6. Chansiri is still pushing us as a potential promotion side without the squad looking like one. No surprise fans are divided in their views of a players worth.
  9. I think within a few months 2/1 on West Brom might look like printing money.
  10. Wouldn't be fussed at all to see Forestieri go. Winnall and hopefully Hooper to come back. He can be trouble and January sales are usually reserved for players that can push top of the league teams over the promotion line. It means you can charge a premium. Reach is a good player but can't see anyone like a West Brom thinking he's the final piece of the puzzle over half a season. Build the team around Reach.
  11. Run of Stoke, Forest, Villa, Leeds, West Brom and Brizzle out the way too. 9ts out of 18 from 6 tough .Just Boro to go now.
  12. Well done Wednesday, would have taken a point there. West Brom result made up for.
  13. Last minute, hold on Wednesday.
  14. It's painful having so little faith in a side to hold a 2-0 lead.