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  1. No big deal just isolate them. Small enough numbers to deal with.
  2. Just sorting through the videos I took right up in the last row of the whole support doing hi ho Sheffield Wednesday, incredible.
  3. Staff and players trying to cover up their failings by pretending they haven't thrown the play-offs away yet.
  4. Depression is a tough battle so definitely give him plaudits for fighting back against it and getting his career resumed. Having said that in footballing terms he has looked a yard off against most midfields the last couple of years and think that accounts for so many of his bookings for late challenges. The aggression and bite just covers for it. Championship level is too high for a combative midfielder who can't naturally train daily. Still think he'd have been better abandoning midfield and being a CB. Far less strain and easier to manage as Ledley King found. Can see him being a great CB in League One for a few years.
  5. Nothing good will come of it for us if we re-start. Still hope it all gets voided.
  6. I remember seeing it reported Carbone was offered £32,000 a week to try to keep him.
  7. As much as I'd rather all was voided and started again in September I can see why the EFL and EPL want to get things going again on the money front as most businesses are saying the same. The lockdown did it's job to give the NHS capacity but will end up taking more lives over a few years than the virus ever did if it continues much longer. Having half the nation on social welfare isn't viable, probably ended all universal basic income talk too. The more I think about seeing Tom 'Panic' Lees and Cameron 'Bar of Carbolic' Dawson play again so soon though the more I think nah cancel it all still.
  8. Can't see most of L1 and L2 voting to continue.
  9. Benjamin Bloom on Youtube had Kieran Maguire on discussing Wednesday and Derby also talks about De Marco. Nothing new really but might be worth 5 minutes listening.
  10. No idea. The way we play without him suits the rest of the team better certainly with our squad of the last couple of years in my view.
  11. We play better when he isn't in the side.
  12. Was a rare bit of smugness allowed when we were top. Remember a friend had one of the football magazines that related us being top to an X-Files mystery. We lost 0-2 to Chelsea and the bubble then burst.
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