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  1. Borner deserves his place ahead of Lees.
  2. Should have been in for Taylor last summer. Bargain.
  3. Would try to get a few new players in who maybe aren't totally proven but don't cost the earth like Borner. If we can sell some of our better ones in January we do get the added bonus of 6/7 months without having to pay their wages.
  4. Our city neighbours would have won that 2-0 last season no doubt.
  5. Monk has said the squad is unbalanced. Maybe those few tweaks if allowed to be made can alter that.
  6. He hadn't scored for 10 games. Step up Wednesday.
  7. I'd have expected him to miss it. Never been the same since bottling that penalty.
  8. Not a pen but he got involved in a tussle. Should just have gone down and ref gives a free kick. Makes Palmer look like Maldini.
  9. Would love to see the stats for goals per corner in this league. We seem to get tons of them.
  10. Big test for Rhodes tonight. Still laugh at the love-in over Hutch. Would take a draw.
  11. Derby disastrous away but will be tough at their place. Classic Wednesday bottle it scenario where we can get really high in the table for a while. How many times have we messed that up? Would take a point.
  12. He's busy with an election in a few days.
  13. Was never a worry and now needs a run. Seems to have progressed really well.
  14. Agreed. Just the extra mobility helped, any L2 forward would have been an improvement in Nuhiu's 1st half. But Rhodes was slow and like a fan who won a raffle. He did 2 of those headers towards our goal.
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