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  1. We miss those two badly for sure. Think they'd have us on a few more points.
  2. Just can't believe he hasn't done more to at least try to ensure we keep our Championship status. League One will cost him far more than the outlay for a manager and some players.
  3. Sixfields, although probably the Cobblers will go down too. Ipswich.
  4. Bannan thinks he is above this side really, he'll love strolling around in L1. Wonder how keen he actually was on the Brentford move, they'd soon find him out.
  5. Chansiri must know he's about to have a £350m L1 side.
  6. Thompson should resign, this isn't fair on him. He puts cones out to kick the ball around nothing more.
  7. I don't want to see those eyebrows again after a match
  8. About as good as it gets so far, got to get that 2nd. Luton are awful.
  9. 4-0 Luton, think they'll have too much energy and fight especially if we go behind.
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