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  1. I don't get the bit about us wanting Arrons and Lazaar and others from Newcastle on cheap deals in return for Bruce. What if our new manager doesn't want them?.
  2. Will have gained less from this than a game against any L2 side back here.
  3. Think he's thought of far too highly. As said before when they hit a bad patch he can't get them out of it. Always looks like he has zero authority over players.
  4. Yep if it was Newcastle he'd have started immediately.
  5. Lineker has worked hard over the last few years to destroy what was once a very decent reputation. The work continues clearly.
  6. I think this might indeed be an Azerbaijan land of fire scenario playing out again albeit with slightly different factors.
  7. Lot of people saying how impressed they were in the Cobblers end as soon as the ball went to him they expected him to cause problems.
  8. Forestieri showing the art of drawing fouls and shielding the ball perfectly. Reach the standout player.
  9. Hoping for a 5-5 draw. Couldn't get a better night for a game.
  10. Put 20 quid on Stendel so he'll be favourite by morning probably.
  11. Few more big earners will drop off next season probably. Need to keep the squad from getting as big again as it has been especially upfront and sell a few here and there and we'll be ok. Without parachute payment cash you are restricted to loans from the PL to get out of this league really. The sides that adjust quickest to the new reality have a big start on everyone else. Can't fault Chansiri's perserverance. He knows a spell in the PL like Huddersfield just had doubles his investment.
  12. This story is starting to really ramp up. Would be a shame to lose Bruce but if we did we would be ok.
  13. Sides like Brentford who have spent fairly little and earned a lot for so many years will do well in the future. They'll just wait for the failing big spenders to get stuck like us then finally go for it whilst staying competitive in the meantime. Really like the whole Brentford set up.
  14. Did he leave the Iron on or something?
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