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  1. Erhun Oztumer out of contract at Walsall, tiny but clever midfield player. Scored a goal every 3 games over 2 seasons.26yrs old.Few Championship sides interested apparently, might make a decent squad player.
  2. sMacLean

    If Fulham win the play offs...

    Fulham have no parachute payments next season either so imagine they'll be like Norwich and have to sell. On the one hand i can see why people want Fulham up and out of our way but on the other Villa gone and a weakened Fulham is better for us i'd say.
  3. 7 teams had parachute payments that season. Newcastle, Villa, Norwich, QPR, Fulham, QPR, Cardiff, Reading and Wigan to varying degrees. The first 3 got over £40m, QPR 31m and the rest £16m that season. Fulham and Norwich have lost theirs now. QPR have 1 more season. Norwich had a wage bill of £55m that season, 2nd highest in history.
  4. Winnall coming back too, Jos might want to look at him i suppose so even more competition.
  5. That effectively seals our place as Champions next season.
  6. All that time plotting to jump ship to Swansea then takes them down to the same level he was at.
  7. sMacLean

    Jamal Lewis and Onel Hernandez

    Sounds like a new hip-hop duo.
  8. sMacLean

    #SWFC 5 - 1 Norwich OMDT

    Nuhiu is better than Salah.Take that bin dippers.
  9. sMacLean

    #SWFC 5 - 1 Norwich OMDT

    One season we will actually beat Norwich on the last day and it actually mean something.
  10. Nobody to fear next season. Can see Stoke in particular struggling. Best hope now is to see the back of Fulham and keep Cardiff down with us.
  11. Players groins everywhere thank you for retiring Glenn.
  12. sMacLean

    Glenn Loovens

    Be hilarious if we have banners and chants saying thankyou Glenn, goodbye Glenn then the club offer him a new deal lol.
  13. Louis Sackshaft would be better.
  14. The mighty Cobblers relegated too, undone all of Chris Wilder's decent work. Wouldn't want him back now he's tainted though.