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  1. Probably the sort of player they want settled in ready for a possible immediate drop back to the Championship.
  2. Think we'll endeavour to sign him.
  3. Think that's what is going on here. Chansiri will want to squeeze every penny in but clearly if found in breach over the valuation we end up in trouble and the whole exercise is pointless still.
  4. Seems to be the way forward. DC owns it anyway in reality.
  5. Veteran keepers are increasingly rare now in the Championship, would imagine Westwood is oldest regular 1st teamer in the league now.
  6. Not worth a 2 year deal. Depending on the wages it could be nearly £2m. Too many niggles and expect we could get in a decent young Prem keeper on loan for far less.
  7. He says it's partly for economic reasons, bet he's on peanuts over there.
  8. Exactly the type of signing Wagner and Farke were making and who have excelled in the Championship from German football. We need to follow the blueprint, it's as cheap as chips too if it fails.
  9. Vydra has struggled at Burnley, might be worth seeing if we can get him in on loan and to a lesser extent Nahki Wells who I really rate but struggled at QPR if we ship out most of our forwards. Matt Connolly at Cardiff a very experienced defender that Hull were after. Decent experience at this level, Bruce will shop well I'm sure. Odubajo would be great.
  10. Going to be even more of an open season than this one where everyone can beat everyone.
  11. Norwich and our city rivals all got in players to fit their system. When we play it looks like a horrible mash up of several systems, bit of passing then out of nowhere a hoof ball. Bannan looks totally out off place especially. Bruce seems to know how we'll be setting up. Hopefully something quite dynamic like Hull and Brentford have been this season.
  12. Expect Hooper will be kept on too if we are doing this.
  13. Hope one day we find out what went on. If he is able to play elsewhere that will tell us a lot.
  14. Did well for us, hoped he would get another promotion to the Prem here but wasn't to be.
  15. Might as well get what we can out of him for another season. If we are up around the top 6 he's a good experienced player to have around.
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