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  1. Looks very much like Chansiri saw what Mel Morris did at Derby very late on. Nothing wrong with it and probably barely any hassle if it goes in the next years accounts which aren't delayed. Wouldn't have helped immediately with FFP but think honesty was needed that at somepoint we'd have to take a slap on the wrist to get sorted out going forwards.
  2. Going by the Boro forum and elsewhere Gibson does seem to have deflected their issues well and given them the feeling of if we struggle it's bearable as long as Derby and in particular Wednesday suffer.
  3. Had we held on and it been 9 points with no possible deduction and 2 home games coming up maybe we have 1% of a chance. But now just hoping to stay up. Deluded Bazza.
  4. Watford one was just as good irc, think they said Chamberlain in the Watford goal would have lost his fingers if he touched it.
  5. Knowing our luck we'll make up the gap on the last day then on 90+3 minutes get our EFL points deduction.
  6. If he ends the season well, Monk happy enough with his effort and gets an extra year on sensible terms great. Fletcher has been on it all season though despite also needing a deal. That's the difference.
  7. Any deduction over 9 points and we are gone, even that might do it.
  8. We can still get play-offs, just giving the others a chance.
  9. Can Lees go 1 minute without giving away a penalty this time?
  10. Chances are Fletcher is already more fit than Wickham.
  11. Quite easy really. Know loads who bet 1k+ on Hull in the Play Off Final as a small sweetener if we messed it up. Have to bet in the knowledge you'd be 100% happy to lose the cash though.
  12. Somewhere a tiny violin plays. Yet more money wasted by the club.
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