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  1. Time to go Moore! Learn your trade in to he National League, not here.
  2. Decent sports psychologist needed still oh and a new manager.
  3. Forget the god squad, I want Darren to be joining the job squad.
  4. Could easily let in 3 or 4 against these, their game at Ipswich showed that.
  5. Has to be personal choice, the vaccinated still have equal chance of transmitting it from what I have read. So the protecting others argument looks weak to me. Anyone who has had covid (in Callum Robinson's case twice) and now feels they don't need the jab would appear to have an especially strong argument.
  6. Never rated him or really seen what he is supposed to offer a side. A pound shop Adam Reach.
  7. The style of Carvalhal's last season seems to be etched into the club. Maybe Chansiri wants that.
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