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  1. He has zero pace and nearly gave away a pen as he looked to have no agility anymore. Looks overweight but Monk reckons he is one of the fittest.
  2. Reach looks unfit still. What is going on there?
  3. That chance Bannan missed was massive. Never looked like scoring.
  4. Kept giving away silly free kicks we just lack that winning mentality.
  5. Might as well play FF as an attacking midfielder considering how deep Bannan tends to sit.
  6. Lose Bannan and the midfield has no creativity, lose Fletcher and we have no suitable replacement. Definitely our key areas along with LB.
  7. Wonder where we are in terms of oldest squad in the leagues, last season we must have been near the top.
  8. He used to live a few doors down from me I remember him being absolutely gutted his move to Wolves broke down when he was a teenager still. Very down to earth lad who is doing very well.
  9. Imagine a whole Prem season of Carlos fitness training and playing sides like Liverpool. Scary.
  10. Millions = £350k ti us. He probably will be high millions, sadly exactly the type of player you sign in January for £8-10m and sell in the summer for £15m+ his stock is rising so fast. QPR have a nice nest egg there.
  11. Probably be mostly loans. Diangana is doing great at West Brom from West Ham. Need a couple of a similar level.
  12. Ryan Needs, Xavi Calm, Brian Todger. What a funny bunch there.
  13. Eze from QPR as an attacking midfielder would be fun and probably a good long-term investment. Would also have liked Nahki Wells to have come here in the summer, one of the best finishers at this level. Jutkiewicz at Brum would be a decent target man to switch in and out for Fletcher.
  14. Final year of contract so if he isn't motivated now he never will be. Who will take him next summer at 30 on any kind of decent wage with his track record last couple of years?
  15. If it stays tight like this the January window will be more crucial than ever.
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