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  1. This Real Madrid side badly needs freshening up now but they don't have the funds to do it.
  2. Not bad for a squad player but never a starter for any side seriously wanting play-offs or more as I believe Bristol City will. A poor winger and even worse wing-back. At least we got a fee for our last reject Jack Hunt.
  3. Luton could totally batter a tired Rotherham, very tough side to have a 'free' game against.
  4. No nerves at all, can see a load of stress for us to get something then a drab draw in the game after sends us down.
  5. Thank goodness this team thrives on pressure and adversity.
  6. The big platforms that silence conservative views wanting to champion equality and diversity. Not for me thanks.
  7. Highly paid under achieving footballer in criticism shocker.
  8. Frederic Longuepee lol. But seriously yes it's a mess at Bordeaux, look a great club to invest in. Marseille and others are total basket cases too though in that league.
  9. Swansea can draw provided we win and we can even just draw with Forest provided Derby lose. Swansea play-off situation hasn't helped but Derby are awful.
  10. A nothing footballer here to fill a shirt, reminds me of Pelupessy.
  11. Smith is miles out of his depth but what can he do? In 20 years we'll probably read in his book how truly awful it was when he came to us.
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