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  1. Still see Wycombe, Rovrum and Coventry below us eventually. Pulis will need to beat the sides around us though. Today was a free hit in some regards and nearly worked. I'll concede though that without getting the 6 points back we'd be down and last.
  2. Not sure the end of the world, they are top after all.
  3. We lose that 4-1 under Monk, Pulis has them well drilled. Lees still a liability though.
  4. Paterson reminds me of Darren Purse. Are we sure he isn't 40?
  5. Changes that Monk wouldn't have dared make. Joey can run around better than Bannan.
  6. Pulis is who you want at least in these positions. Bannan scampering around like a small child vs their giants is ridiculous.
  7. Liam Shaw about to get the hair dryer treatment for the first time in his career I suspect.
  8. A win tomorrow and we drag Rotherham right into the mix. Derby won't stay there long nor Forest.
  9. Joao Carvalho £13.2m now at Almeria. Cavaleiro was nothing special at this level either really for the fee. No certainties.
  10. Leicester will want to bounce back next game, oh look who they play.
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