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  1. Club will struggle to ever be sustainable in L1 long-term so now is the time to push at least to the level needed to get our Championship status back. Fans at least get the prospect of promotion each season to the big time.
  2. Konate was the Ford Mondeo to the Rolls-Royce of Upamecano. If he was that good Nagelsmann would have had first pick probably and hasn't bothered. Fenway look the types to have made a fortune and will now tick over for a season and sell, probably to a new set of US investors.
  3. All looks fair and correct to me. If we stay up and he helps it was worth losing the extra £500k, £27k p/w salary is not total a disaster in the Championship. If we go down he knows the fee isn't bonkers, he gets the move, we get a mil and his wages off the books.
  4. We'd at least have been playing Atletico Madrid if Mammadov was owner.
  5. Most predictions have us top 6, many top 2.
  6. Plays on the shoulder of the last defender.
  7. Must be the most humiliating part of relegation really.
  8. £3-4m and gone probably. Byers could be decent but only started 4 out of 14 games for Pompey.
  9. That's a good Onen for us going forwards. Just hope it won't be Onen and one out.
  10. Stadium sale a really clever move had we just done it faster and put it in the right accounts. Had we stayed up it would actually have worked out quite well for Chansiri.
  11. Dion Charles and Colby Bishop a great partnership at this level, envious of Accrington. Fees being mentioned very high though. Would have gone for Bakayoko at Coventry too on a free. Useful player Bolton got there.
  12. I get the logic but as mentioned above there are many more things that could be done already if the will really existed, Twitter especially loves to censor replies and accounts over fairly tame debates. Yet it often seems to not really bother with bots or anything outrageous. Certainly posting under real names is a definite no. If the details for an account are held I don't see why that'd be needed anyway though. I admire anyone brave enough to post anywhere under their real names but think unless you are very insulated from any comebacks over disagreement it's just too dangerous. Lawsuits and employment tribunals will be through the roof.
  13. Dawson probably decent enough for L1. The weak wristed Wildsmith is never a keeper. I suppose any upgrade on Dawson is still welcome though.
  14. Amr Zaki, Mateja Kezman, Luiz Adriano. Rebrov. Corrado Grabbi.
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