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  1. Luhukay was probably earning a 10th of what Bruce is, we tried another cheap random option after Carlos and it failed. If we hadn't progressed at all since Jos left i'd be worried what we were paying for.
  2. Expect us to be top 6 next season regardless. Bruce isn't here to finish 12th.
  3. Needed Bruce in 10 games earlier to have a chance. Looks very promising for next season though.
  4. Looks like a player ready to retire.
  5. Much better when he sticks to defending.
  6. Hope someone finished Hutch's haircut at half time. Forestieri off with a hamstring injury for Boyd. What is it with us and inuries.
  7. Can only get just over evens for a Hutch booking now.
  8. Expecting us to win. First time in ages in this fixture.
  9. Offer him an extra year on reduced terms. Wouldn't do more than that. He seems to have more of a hope of regaining form than Lee.
  10. Nothing he can do with the current useless lot. Had that feeling when i saw Boyd starting again. Play offs are gone, he probably already knows most of these are leaving in the summer so just going through the motions. I bet Bruce wishes the season would just end now.
  11. Only FF could get sent off for celebrating a goal scored by someone else.
  12. In games where he and Palmer just have to defend, away from home especially he'll be adequate enough. At home neither is good enough to attack teams.
  13. Our finishing was horrendous as usual. Hopefully Bruce can get them much more clinical, should have had 4 or 5 there.
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