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  1. Where has the form from the end of last season gone?
  2. sMacLean

    Cardiff in for FF

    Has FF ever had a release clause? He has no re-sale value to any side which has to be factored in too for anyone rating him over £15m.
  3. sMacLean

    50/50...which route then?

    Be depressing but probably sell as many as possible and get as near to a fresh start as possible for next season then go at it again. We've had our few cycles of high spenders and not cracked it. Also got dwindling amounts of players actually worth anything to raise funds who aren't short on contract, injured or ageing. Brave to start planning this season for promotion in 20 or 21 but maybe that's needed.
  4. sMacLean

    Cardiff in for FF

    Cardiff probably planning for relegation and already one eye on next season to try to go back up. Can't see Forestieri as a premier league player now getting on towards 30 as someone would have gambled by now. £12-15m would be about right and we could get a few in.
  5. sMacLean

    There’s 3 10mill bids on the table..

    Think he'll stay until January then if we're well off the play-offs he'll go. Club has to consider his transfer value. Will be 29 with 1 yr left end of the season. Could be £15m now or in Jan vs £5-6m next summer. If we are well off it one of the top 2 wanting to cement automatic might go for him like Boro did with Rhodes.
  6. Totally agree, the adoration for Westwood in past years is justfied but not his last spell in the side. Agility has gone and never did learn how to kick. Possibly now prone to niggles post-injury. Added to his age and contract we'd be better buying a defender with his sale.
  7. Wasn't a don't care performance like Preston just inept. Lot of sides expecting to be near the top had forgettable opening days.
  8. sMacLean


    For all the talk of FFP we've not been mentioned as one of those in the spotlight. Would be a decent cover for someone not wanting to buy any new players if they are about to take what they can and go. Maybe we need new enthusiasm off the pitch as well as on it. Not too fussed really.
  9. Stelling already talking about our survival hopes.
  10. West Brom, Forest, Boro probably all having similarly depressing 1st half talks. A point here would be a great salvage job, hopefully Joao will get on 2nd half.
  11. Let's hope this isn't a sign of what the season will be.
  12. sMacLean


    Problem with Fernando is he thinks he is on a level that he simply isn't. Prem players must look at Forestieri and think we can't just do things like that. He's talented but he's 28 years old still kicking around in the Championship. Players know they can wind him up, refs love to go after him when he reacts and he's as much a liability as a game winner. Frustrating player.
  13. Be chuffed with that for development of our players.