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  1. My pal in Scotland has been raving about him for ages, can play both sides but a LB really. Says he is just unlucky they have Robertson and Tierney at national level , incredible depth there. I imagine Tierney and Hickey could overlap at Arsenal.
  2. £10m in fees minimum. Spendageddon 2 has arrived.
  3. Thought he'd look a class above in L1 but think really he is a L2 player who has just done very well for himself so far. If he was on a Joe Wildsmith wage I wouldn't be bothered but he isn't.
  4. Paterson will be a nice wage to get off the books.
  5. Dawson would be fine for us at L1, no point paying crazy loan fees and wages.
  6. Stewarding wasn't great. After one vaguely pointing to about 5 different places for my seat on the Kop I eventually found it and someone with a ticket for elsewhere had decided to sit near his mate and wanted a punch up over it despite me showing a ticket and being infront of about 5 Stewards. I then had to stand by the row opposite for a minute whilst trying to sort this out myself, bloke on that row then got all upset squaring up to say not to stand there. Someone else then decided to try to squeeze through everyone arguing and got upset with me. Match hadn't even started. In the end the lad in my seat gave up and decided to stand the whole match virtually sharing the same space, blocking the stairs to the point neither could applaud without whacking each other, vaping the whole time with his daft mates right infront of the Kop stewards at the top of the stairs. Then to top it off heading out onto the street I heard them clearly pointing me out to another group of lads so left sharpish. A lot of aggro that could have been solved earlier.
  7. Whoever Peterborough are in for when they come down just go for them.
  8. Oh god I had forgotten about being in the Papa John's again
  9. Think Chansiri will keep him on, very lucky though
  10. Leaving off soon and it feels a bit like the Hull play-off final which the match is worthy of. I think Moore probably should have scraped us into the automatics but on the other hand we were a mess coming down, season looked over by half-way, we have had crazy injuries no doubt and improved as the season went on. So just having a chance at going up is a great thing. If we lose then we have Spendageddon 2 to look forward to this summer, Scott Twine and Ross Stewart please Mr C, and we'll start as favourites next season.
  11. Hutch found his level for this stage of his career at Pafos FC. Stewart went past him like he was playing over 50's football.
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