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Fulham -V- Wednesday OMDT

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2 minutes ago, cain said:

We’ll be lucky to get 15000 at home next season.....Who in their right mind would pay to whack this rubbish?

Boris “We will trail low numbers in stadiums to see if it works in October, maybe 1000”


Wednesday ticket office “Tickets will definitely make general sale” 

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1 minute ago, Tommo_ said:

Deleting Posts isn't the best thing to do is it? Thought Forums were an unbiased platform to express views? If people disagreed with said posts they were able to reply, no? Thought the most mature thing to do was to share reasons as to why posts were deleted.



Saying that, we are absolute shybo. Not Monk's fault, at all. Golden boy.





Nobody's deleted a single post of yours mate

Just merged it into the correct thread



Apology accepted

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Owlstalk Shop




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Weirdly I thought a few of our players have looked right up for this one! Hustling well, pressing, winning second balls and interceptions..... then there are a few of our players who look like Sunday league players. Not the normal week links either! Bannan has got to sweet passes straight into touch, Iorfa giving pens away when their player heading for corner flag, Wildsmith making people think maybe there’s a reason you’ve not played all season. 

I feel sorry for those busting a gut just to watch others make silly mistakes and throw the game away. 

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Hopefully Chansiris been thinking long and hard about his next manager and already has him lined up for when this season finishes. 


Absoloutley no chance this will be the case though and I fully expect Monk to be here next season.

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Just now, striker said:

Playing like a team seeing out the season with nothing to play for. 


Certainly no sign of a team worried by a points deduction. With Barnsley's renewed moaning, maybe it's known nothing will affect our league position this year.


We know as soon as we concede first, that's game over as we have no strike force, certainly no chance from 3-0 down. 

you would really think they know the outcome of the hearing to be performing like this but i really think they haven’t a clue about the result and the team are just a bunch of wasters that couldn’t give a crap. 

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Just now, TaxiMark said:

Well I nip to the supermarket half knowing we will prob be up against it come out and its 2-0 get home and its 3-0 .

Sorry the only comfort i have is I win 1500 quid if we drop into L1


What did you buy? We need some excitement. 


I’m guessing a Pot Noodle

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A complete purge needed. Nearly wholesale.


Monk as manager... I've given it 10 months to make up my mind and I'm finally settled... he can f00k off on the horse he rode on in. "But he hasn't been given a chance to sign his own players"... tough. I don't care. Even without 'his' players we can see what he offers as a manager. Dinosaur football, hit and run. No sense of a gameplan on how to organise a team to unlock defences. How many goals have we scored from open play since Christmas? My guess would be 6, if we're lucky. Huddersfield are dogturd... did you notice some of their interplay at times the other day? The sign of a team that's being coached... give their coaching staff some decent players and you can see they can make something of them. Monk... no, I've seen no evidence he can get any team playing owt more than pump and run.


As for the players... I cannot wait to shift them. Nearly all of them. The hero worshipping of average Championship players is embarrassing. Yes, Barry Bannan can single-handedly run a game... he maybe does that 5 times a season. The rest he's a pre-madonna wannabe Championship superstar who at best can't defend for shít and at worst can't even keep possession while not defending for shít. Tom Lees is a joke. And somehow captain. Pathetic... when he's not on it, he can't even drag himself up to pull out a half-decent performance, let alone the rest of the team. Heart of a mouse.


What an appalling football team we've managed to construct with an absolute dinosaur in charge.

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I was thinking how we had played ok, but totally shoot ourselves in the foot - wildsmith error, give it away on the edge o their box and get caught on the break and then a stupid penalty. 
We’ve been lively going forward - terrible errors as always cost us

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43 minutes ago, Hotten Owl said:

Have we not won a game in which he's played then? 

Hardly any, and certainly not today!

Worst central midfielder I have seen watching Wednesday in 50 years.

Average 1 tackle per game for a defensive midfielder says it all.

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