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  1. Musn't Grumble

    South Stand Announcer

    The bloke actually lives on Southey and the club runs the announcement through Autotune.
  2. Musn't Grumble


    Robert the Bruce had a decent record in Scotland.
  3. Musn't Grumble

    Sitting on his backside all game....

    My view is that he shows a total lack of enthusiasm. As fans, we get animated occasionally (not as often as we used to) but today, all that he was missing was a set of headphones and a copy of The Beano. He couldn't have looked less interested.
  4. Musn't Grumble

    Credit Rotherham

    Both teams didn't show anything to suggest that they will not be in serious risk of relegation after Christmas.
  5. Musn't Grumble

    Mr December

    I bet the winter nights fly by at your house...
  6. Musn't Grumble

    Rotherham United

    Rotherham's best chance not only to win but to win comfortably.
  7. Musn't Grumble


    100% agree. When JP arrived he looked promising and you can't really fault him for effort. It looked like he needed a few games to adjust to the faster English game but he hasn't really kicked on.
  8. Musn't Grumble


    I don't disagree with this but I suspect that the manner of his departure from the current regime suggests that neither party would be particularly enthusiastic about renewing the partnership. Shame, really, because this bloke has exactly the right attributes to approach the current crisis and there are very few other names that spring to mind.
  9. Musn't Grumble


    I think that this is one occasion when even the "remainers" have lost all hope.
  10. Musn't Grumble

    FA Cup 3rd Round

    Look on the bright side... After a 2-0 home defeat, we'll get to hear Jos trot out the "We can now concentrate on the league" piece.
  11. Musn't Grumble

    The bigger picture - Conspiracy theories...

    I suspect that you may not be far from the mark with that.
  12. Musn't Grumble

    Is Jos trying to get the sack ?

    Maybe this was the start of Holloway's job interview? i'm not certain that he would be a suitable replacement, by the way!
  13. Musn't Grumble

    Just got home

    I didn't go but I listened to the commentary on Radio Sheffield and the opinion there was that both full backs got roasted or were out of position and there was little or no support for either full back. Sounds like the confidence is well shot and Jos simply keeps on digging.
  14. Musn't Grumble

    Players Leaving Aug 2019

    I hope that Rhodes does go to Norwich and we get a decent fee but, if Norwich get promoted, they will want to replace a Championship squad player with a top line Premier League striker. I reckon we'll get Rhodes back as a result. If they don't get promoted, they may decide to sign him but £10m (reduced to effectively £8m after balancing the wages. as per Student Owl's post) is a little enthusiastic. Norwich hold the all the cards here.
  15. Musn't Grumble

    Is Jos trying to get the sack ?

    Holloway summed the situation up perfectly on this week's Quest EFL show. He reckons that Jos has inherited an attacking squad that played attractive football and turned them into a defensive nightmare. Pretty damning comment from a fellow member of the managers' union. I tend to agree. Jos has basically inherited a decent top ten Championship squad and turned them into relegation fodder. No mean feat, considering.