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  1. It's almost as if Moore is breaking the golden rule of coaching... i.e. "Do NOT use competition as a practice or training session" Please tell me that playing Marvin Johnson at LCB is something that the squad have practiced and rehearsed at the training ground.
  2. Aaarggghhh NO! Please don't use the Army as a dumping ground for malfunctioning idiots whilst teaching them how to use weapons!
  3. "We're going with anti-gravity boots and two 'keepers"
  4. I also have higher education qualification in Sports Psychology... Do you need an assistant?
  5. I would wholly agree with you regarding fine margins in any sport and I hope that, in comparing Big Jack's baptism as SWFC manager to Darren Moore, you are bang on with the same outcome.. It was touch and go with Big Jack at first but, once that awful 77/78 season was out of the way, Charlton's signings delivered in bucket loads. Brian Hornsby, Jeff King, Dennis Leman, Ian Mellor, Ray Blackhall... in addition to the stalwarts, Pickering, McCulloch, Curran and Bolder whom you mentioned, really solidified the squad. Of the players already in the squad when he took over, Charlton turned the likes of Leman and Johnson virtually into new signings. I was at that FA Cup game at Wigan in November 1977 and the side that won on that memorable night at Blackburn a couple of seasons later was light years ahead, not only in terms of skill and fitness but also in terms of application, determination and tactical awareness. It was to Big Jack's credit that, by the time he left, he had already built the foundations for a return to the top tier, something that was unthinkable in those dark days just a few years earlier.
  6. Chairmen come and go; fans are forever. At some point, the current owners will be gone but the supporters will still be there. As Elbert Hubbard once said; "The graveyards are full of people the world could not do without." But this does not affect the overall commercial principle:- "If I buy goods or a service from you, I provide the cash; you provide the service. If neither of those things happen, we've got a problem."
  7. Southport 2 - The Mighty Owls 5 And wasn't it uplifting to spot Asia's #1 Wednesday fan, Osama bin Ladin, in the crowd at Southport during his weekend away from the Tora Bora Mountains...? (about 1:05 onwards)
  8. Speaking to one of Mike Ashley's neighbours a couple of weeks ago and I can assure you that football club owners are light years ahead of fans when it comes to being bonkers!
  9. Reminds me of Pleat's logic of not having Carbone and di Canio on the pitch at the same time. It would not surprise me that the current manager is looking at Corbeanu and thinking "Every manager in the League will play Corbeanu from the start but I am different so I won't"
  10. If you don't care about the performance, how the hell do you prepare to win consistently?
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