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  1. The pies at Hillsborough are already hotter than the sun. They are in need of flavour, content and texture rather than more outright heat.
  2. The first sensible answer! These marine flares burn can burn at something like 1,600 degrees C. By comparison, your medium/well done steak cooks in four or five minutes per side at around 240C. Not sure about smoke bombs although inhaling the smoke can cause injury. Having said that, if there is room and properly supervised area, go ahead.
  3. The health and safety of players, staff, officials and the supporters should be the top of list for every EFL club and the EFL itself. Idiots who inflict injury on someone else anywhere in the ground need locking up for a long time for the sake of everyone's safety. Running onto the pitch and assaulting someone is not "high jinx", it's not "just a bit of fun" and it's not "a reyt laugh". If they can't keep off the pitch in such circumstances then we may see the return of (some sort of) cages and I doubt that anyone wants that.
  4. I literally bumped into a few Sunderland fans whilst leaving the ground and we had a chat, shook hands warmly and wished each other all the best for our respective teams. That fixture should have been the playoff final. However, it isn't but I'm sure the vast majority of Wednesday fans will be cheering on Sunderland on Final day. Hope we catch you up in the Championship this time next year!
  5. I remember Thorniley's performance at Chelsea in the FA Cup a couple of season's ago. The team were given a lesson in football that night except for Thorniley who had Higuian in his pocket all evening.
  6. ... but not necessarily the cheapest option.
  7. Wycombe 2-0 lead to take into the second leg... Doctor Who couldn't waste as much time as they surely will...
  8. Part of me hopes that Wycombe will go all the way to the Premier League where they will get beaten 12-0 every week by footballing sides.
  9. Just the ten players to start then on Friday... But wait! As the referee brings the whistle to his lips to start the game... Here comes Barry on his silver charger!
  10. What the heck was his mum thinking about in letting him out of the house dressed like that?
  11. Always had a soft spot for Sunderland especially with the link to the late, great Ian Porterfield for the sterling service to both clubs (and that winning goal in the 1973 Cup Final against Leeds). Shame about the ticket allocation but both venues will be well sold out. Pity that this was not the final... 90,000+ at plus for a Wembley Final in the third tier would have been some experience.
  12. Or even penalties... I'd prefer to take mine against the Kop in S6 rather than the South Stand at the SoL.
  13. Agreed. Plymouth would have made a decent final, too. They would would have brought a fair few fans to Wembley, far more than Wycombe or MK Dons.
  14. Did we ever determine the nature of his last injury? He looked to be describing double vision (maybe concussion) when he was taken off but there were suggestions that it was a calf injury. Return from concussion injuries is somewhere between six and nineteen days but I would have thought that a bad calf injury is a months rather than just a couple of weeks.
  15. Presumably, the Leppings Lane gate will be open to all fans after the match, seeing as the bottom half of the West stand will be full of home supporters anyway?
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