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  1. Like several other people on here, I would agree that the current squad is still better than the various squads from around Christmas 1974 until Jack Charlton arrived early in the 1977/78 season. You have to consider that in 1976, we were in the third tier and just one match away from dropping into the Fourth Division. We finished above "sleeping giants" like Colchester, Aldershot, Southend and Halifax (beating Southend 2-1 in the final match of the season - a "winner take all" fixture - to finish one place above the relegation places) with teams like Chester, Grimsby, Mansfield
  2. Imagine turning up at the office, excited at the prospect of a new assistant joining the company and day-one, he phones in sick. Now imagine if that was six months ago and the new bloke still hasn't been seen at work because he's still off sick. Turns out he's had more days off than Father Christmas. I wonder how long this would go on for before the cover is blown?
  3. To be honest, I think that many of our players are struggling to play in their own position without wondering which of them can do a job for us up front.
  4. If I was on £30k per week, I'd carry on playing until I was 60.
  5. Rhodes looked slow against a pedestrian Stoke defence. Through balls knocked over and between the defenders were either running through to the keeper or being dealt with comfortably by the central defenders. He didn't look like he'd got a challenge in him. Weird to say this but whilst Dave was never gonna trouble the scorers in terms of how many goals he got, at least he ran his socks off and made himself a nuisance against opposition defenders, smashing into them, get up for headers, tackling back, winning free kicks and just generally chucking himself about..
  6. They have to expand the PL... They have so few points that they are nearly off the caption.
  7. A bit of a zzz-fest.... Don't think anyone as outstanding for us but, likewise, nobody had a mare. Wildsmith had one shot to save (and then the Stoke goalie had one less than that to deal with). Bannan ran around a lot so I'd probably give him an extra point for effort.
  8. Sorry about that... I love to see the ball knocked along the ground if only to see Bannan heading it. Having said that, did you see him contest a header at Swansea and WIN the ball?!
  9. There is no doubt that Maradona was an extraordinary, once-in-a-generation player. I doubt that anyone can disagree with calling him the best player in the world in his time. He did indeed almost single handedly win the World Cup for his country and his off-field contributions were often admirable, too. For me, though, Pele was the better player. He was just 17 when he won his first World Cup in 1958 as a star player in the Brazil squad. Indeed, he was the youngest player to appear in a World Cup Final, score in a World Cup Final (with not one, but two goals) and win a World Cup F
  10. I appreciate that the plural of anecdote is not data but I witnessed a similar assault a few years ago where a bloke was walking down some stairs into a pub when one from a following gaggle of women grabbed his backside. He just about kept his balance on the stairs but the women all thought it was hilarious. Nothing was done as a result. I think this tells us several things:- Firstly, this sort of behaviour would rightly not be tolerated today. Even if the person who is assaulted is reluctant to press charges, there are people around who will fight the corner for them a
  11. Cheer up, everybody... It'll be January soon and the "early bird" window for 2021/22 season tickets will be open!
  12. Here we go.... six point deduction for using ineligible player.
  13. "Altogether, lads! 'We're on our way, We're on our way, To the Premier League, We're on our way...'"
  14. There's this thirty-bob millionaire called Trump in the US who is gonna have a lot spare time on his hands soon...
  15. Mid table... but I'm not sure which league.
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