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  1. Nuhiu... Wednesday legend or Wednesday leg end?
  2. Any advance on 63? (or don't Wednesday fans survive beyond that)
  3. Like the modified "five substitutes" rule, drinks breaks are an admission that the players aren't fully fit. Despite this, someone has decided that the league shall be finished even if coaches know that the required fitness levels aren't there.
  4. Probably lawyers from the EFL being given time to find a new job.
  5. Another bunch of "businessmen" driving a coach and horses through the spirit of P&S and FFP. Surely the "fit and proper" test should also apply to the EFL's own rules? i still reckon that the simplest and easiest was to rein in misappropriation and bad practice is to get companies running these clubs to match any losses with the placing of a bond for the same amount of the losses that is only repaid or partially repaid when the losses reduce or the annual accounts return to profit or break even.
  6. The tattoo on his left arm says "left". He's got one on his right arm that says "right".
  7. We've missed you! Must dash... Nurse will be here shortly with my tartan zipper slippers, a mug of hot cocoa and a topical magazine containing lots of glossy pictures. Thank God I broke my reading glasses. The joys of living in a fantasy care home.
  8. Football really needs at least one of the "big clubs" to get into financial difficulties and get relegated. With more clubs like Wolves getting promoted on the back of huge investors and competing with the top outfits, clubs like Arsenal are feeling the competition. This is reflected in the league positions currently. Imagine the s/storm in the halls of power a few years from now if the Gunners were the first of these so-called "big clubs" to end up in the Championship? That would be the first proper steps to franchise footy... no more promotion or relegation from the top tier.
  9. He's probably already told the EFL about his plan to employ 45,000 cardboard stewards, too.
  10. Are Blackburn Rovers and each of the other clubs a business or a charity? I'm already confused trying to work out the difference between a fan and a customer. Basically, (1) I pay to watch and (2) the club puts on a show (more or less). If either of those two actions don't happen, then we have a problem. (PS There are four of us in the household with S/Ts and we've already paid for next season, whenever that will start).
  11. The whole saga reminds me of my grandad when the judge told him: "You leave this court with no stain on your character except in the knowledge that you have been acquitted by a Sheffield jury."
  12. The appearance of "excess money" can give is often a sham... Many years ago, one of our customers had a lowly clerk who suddenly turned up to work in a Porsche 911. He might as well have put a poster up on Campo Lane saying "Hi everybody, I'm Dave and 'm embezzling the boss's cash". Needless to say, he was investigated, arrested and banged up. By the opposite token, I was speaking to a National League manager (who also had a very successful professional career in the leagues) a few weeks ago. He car shares with the physio and a couple of players to get to training and home matches. I also know a youngster with a PL club who still stays at home with mum and dad. Although I doubt that many players in the PL and Championship (maybe L1, too?) are struggling cash-wise at the moment, £200k per week is very much the exception and not the rule.
  13. Jeez.... Has it come to this? All we need now is Vinny Jones lipsyncing all the effin' and jeffin' on the field to complete your unique lockdown matchday experience.
  14. Strange one this... Is it that a decent player can become awful overnight? Or was it that he's been a lucky lad in securing jobs with decent clubs that are above his standard?
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