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  1. This ^^^... From the refereeing viewpoint, two bad decisions which in this case balance each other out. Fletcher handled the ball and the ref added time needlessly for a free kick that shouldn't have been. The final score should have been one-one but Had that been the case, I think that the game wouldn't have been half as good.
  2. Ron Springett for me, too. This was at a time when Gordon Banks, undoubtedly the best keeper in the world, just shaded the Wednesday keeper within the England '66 World Cup winning squad. The only other keeper at the time who came close to these two was Soviet keeper, Lev Yashin, another world class talent and a joy to watch but not as good as Springett or Banks.
  3. List of scouts? Not at all. This is a list of teams admitted to the new UEFA Super Elite European Premier League starting next season... We got the nod ahead of Liverpool, Real Madrid, Man City and Paris St Germain.
  4. "Mind the Gap II... This time it's personal"
  5. I would have also had wrinkled skin and gone grey at 23 with a crack pipe that size.
  6. Report in the Pitsmoor Sentinel said that his season ticket expired at ten past four.
  7. We should return to bartering... "A pint of your finest porter, sir, and here's a mushroom and two eggs... Keep the change, fine fellow. How goes the day?" "Two nowt down, mate"
  8. Notwithstanding that he had a decent game (apart form taking down Hutch and getting a yellow card), did anybody else notice Whelan didn't celebrate any of the Villa goals and instead just took up position alone on the centre circle awaiting the re-start? And he also followed the last few Wednesday players and applauded the Kop at the end. Views? Comments?
  9. Loved how Hutch was able to wind up Grealish like a clock and how the latter stood there stamping his feet every time Hutch tackled him. A masterpiece in watering down the opposition.
  10. It would be interesting to see a similar table showing the projection of where we would have been had Jos still been in charge based on current form. I suspect that we would not be in the top six!
  11. Perhaps we should revive the tradition of giving out monkeys (or apes) to the players... The sight of one or two players being followed around Meadowhall by a couple of silver-backed gorillas would be an experience not to be missed. Any suggestions?
  12. "You leave this court with no stain on your character other than you have been acquitted by a Mansfield jury" said the Judge.
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