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  1. That's the FFP sorted then. Within four weeks, the combined weight loss of the squad will be the equivalent of losing five players off the payroll.
  2. I vaguely remember that there was talk that Curran was on standby for the England squad, a rare occasion that a player form the third tier had been called up. The only other player in modern times called up to the full England squad was Peter Taylor who was then playing for Crystal Palace in the old Third Division so even talk of Curran being called up showed how good he was for a couple of seasons.
  3. The Greeks will take a dim view of that opinion, though!
  4. Probably nothing in this... The political situation in the Balkans suggests that Kosovar Albanians might not be welcome in North Macedonia. This part of the world is still a bit of a tinderbox.
  5. What on earth have the FA been doing for the past year? It's as if they have just woken up from a deep sleep and forgot to do something. And what was the ban AND the fine for in the first place...? It's like some terrible movie sequel... "Misconduct 2... This time it's personal" I don't think that the club would even need a top lawyer when around 90% of folks posting on here should be able to drive a coach and horses through this one for free.
  6. I vaguely remember Matthews playing at Hillsborough (possibly Don Megson's testimonial or maybe John Fantham's testimonial?). Megson's was highly regarded in the world of professional football and I remember watching some top class players on show that night but can't be certain that Matthews was on the pitch. Can anyone confirm this, please?
  7. Can You do this? I thought that any house in Hull, by definition, was a grade 1 listed building.
  8. Leon Knight had a good song tho'...
  9. I really hope this gets to court and goes the distance. The words "come uppance" and "karma" immediately spring to mind for at least one of the parties concerned (...in the north-east).
  10. Agreed. The Championship is now something like the third largest football league [in terms of aggregate attendance] in the World (behind the PL and Bundesliga but more fans turning up to watch from the grounds than Serie A and La Liga*) and must easily be the strongest second tier anywhere. Even in terms of average attendance of 20,000+ per game, the Championship is better supported that the top leagues in Argentina, Brazil, Holland and Russia. (* - Admittedly, the Championship having 24 clubs as opposed to 20 or fewer has far more games and this helps this aggregate total, but it's still shows the scale and confirms that the Championship is a decent competition) Check out the stats at:- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_attendance_figures_at_domestic_professional_sports_leagues
  11. I'm looking forward to the gallant Gibson taking Bolton to court on behalf of their staff who haven't been paid for around ten weeks.
  12. Fancy. Wednesdayites causing trouble? At Millwall?! Only Met Police could come up with that one! True story... I was walking from the Tube station to the New Den (on the Frankie Simek Winner / Lee Bullen In Goal day) and I overheard a conversation between several police officers and a bloke who had just parked up in his Beemer... "I wouldn't park there, sir" says Sgt Dixon. "Why not? There are no yellow lines and I'm not blocking any driveway or anything." says the motorist "Well, it probably won't be there when you get back" says the policeman in a withering voice.
  13. Try the usual "there was a big queue at the bar" excuse to explain your two and half hour disappearance.
  14. I must admit that comment certainly had me flicking through the TUI brochure... A fortnight in sunny downtown Sheffield 2? That's a bit like living on the 14th floor and winning the speedboat on "Bullseye!".
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