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  1. This is why we should have basic first aid training before we leave school as part of the national curriculum. These accidents and incidents always happen when you are least likely to expect them and usually there are no suitably trained people around to help at the time. As a sports coach, I must have basic first aid training at least every three years to keep my coaching qualification. Whilst I have been lucky in that I have not attended to seriously injured people, I have attended to athletes who have been rendered unconscious and had injuries such as a broken bones
  2. Owlstalk is turning into TalkSport... I remember that bonehead, Mike Parry, advocating the same merger tosh for cities like Sheffield, Bristol, Stoke, etc. All that happens when you merge two rubbish clubs is that you end up with one rubbish club.
  3. Terry Jacks' "Season Tickets in the Sun" Blue Mink's "The Bannan Man" Little River Band's "(Good)night Owls" Abba's "Take a Chansiri on Me"
  4. It would be much easier and cheaper to start a new club "FC Wednesday" (or whatever) that try to prop up the current regime. We don't even know how much the current owner thinks that the club is worth but many of us suspect that he does not have the wherewithal, skills or desire to put things right. Starting afresh would take many years to get back in the Football League, let alone the Championship, but a non-league club with the sort of backing from disgruntled SWFC fans might be the best option in the long term, assuming that there is no one on this planet who is rich
  5. Imagine being at work and your gaffer comes in and says "Good news, folks, I can't pay you or give you your entitled back pay until the start of next month"... Followed swiftly by the sound of things being broken...
  6. Before deciding on whether to come back next season (if there is a "next season"), this elderly fan and his not-so-elderly offspring would like to know what is happening with regards to season ticket policy and arrangements thereof.
  7. And Staveley MW FC play in blue/white stripes and are run by a (former?) Wednesdayite, I think.
  8. Spot on! Even if the club was for sale for £1, the actual assets (which no longer include the ground... and probably only include a paid-on-time Barry Bannan and that's about it) won't come anywhere near covering the liabilities. The SWFC brand has also taken a battering so the value of the brand is not worth as much as it could be. The club was only worth £40m when Mandaric sold it on and that was on the basis that there were no debts to carry forward. DC claims that he invested at least a further £100m which means that DC is probably stood to £140/160m. Un
  9. The way we are at the moment, anyone going to watch Wednesday from next August should take their boots with them in case they get offered a game, too.
  10. December '77, I think. Dave Grant made his debut at left back and Jack Charlton had just taken over as manager.
  11. Yep... even eclipsing the previous low ebb when we lost 1-0 at Northern Premier League Wigan in the FA Cup.
  12. Surprisingly, there is no definition in legislation of a ‘fit and proper person’ according to Government guidance in instances of, for example, appointing directors of registered charities. I am not sure if the EFL Rules & Regulations are clearer. However, in addition to obvious exclusions (such as criminal activity, which is certainly not being suggested here), to quote:- "Appendix 3 (of the EFL Rules & Regulations) also imposes reporting requirements on Clubs and on individuals who are or propose to be Relevant Persons of Clubs, to facilitate The League's policing and en
  13. Two things I have gleaned from this whole sad episode:- 1) How can such chicanery pass the "fit and proper" (or "Effit and prosper", as known in our household) tests? 2) The football industry doesn't give a flying f*rt about fans.
  14. This ^^^! Bad communication is 99% of the world's problems. If you keep people informed, regardless of how bad the news is, you rarely get further issues. However, in the absence of information, information will invent itself... you have only got to read many of the posts on here which, not unreasonably, revert to conjecture and opinion rather that situations based on fact.
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