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  1. I smell a rat... Rotherham had only five subs in the bench in midweek. Their players were going down like flies, injuries galore. And Smith is on a three match ban. They haven't got eleven players to rub together (even if they were allowed to).
  2. Got a positive feeling about this one. Moore was always near the top of the list in most people's choices, too, so he'll be popular with the customers. I also get the drift that he's come from a successful League One club to a basket case Championship side. Why would he do that if he didn't think he could fix things? The recovery begins NOW!
  3. Look on the positive side... Dunkley had one leg that wasn't broken.
  4. 4/11? That's not gambling, that's a charitable handout.
  5. ^^^ I think that this sort of thing is the way to go. Standing in the rain booing and hissing, even if a number of people meeting up does meet Covid-19 restrictions and when the owner is thousands of miles away, won't have the desired affect on the people/person that matters. I've often wondered if there would be a case for a creditors' winding up petition (12 points for any incumbent owner, presumably, but we're going down this season anyway). There has to be plenty of people still owed money from season ticket sales two years ago. However, it looks like the current co
  6. Surprised me! Certainly looking the part today. I like it when players prove the fans wrong!
  7. My favourite CP moment....? "Carlton! Carlton!!... What's he doing up there?... How many times have I told him?..." "He's scored boss"
  8. The way I see it is that it's a simple transaction... I give someone money, they provide a service. If either of those things don't happen, we got a problem.
  9. As bad as Football Heaven is (or isn't), I'd rather listen to that than watch all these dumb4ss, low budget "celebrity does this" / "celebrity does that" reality (not at all) shows we get lumbered with. Having said that, "Celebrity Bricklaying" would be a good watch, seeing Gemma Collins trying her best with a Dutch Bond and Gordon Ramsey having one of his hissy fits and getting filled in by a six foot nine hod carrier.
  10. That Hirst goal came a "long ball" move but done brilliantly. Not just a big hump up field, which is what we see today, but long and accurate passes with a quality lay-off from Williams to Hirst and a superb, controlled finish. Ah..... Happy days indeed!
  11. When the match was announced as an afternoon kick-off, the headmaster made a big announcement about "everyone must be in school". So I got mi' mum on the case, drafted her a letter to sign and take back to the school about "as my son is a regular in the school First XI, watching Pele is vital to his academic wellbeing" and, as a result of other additional lobbying, the headmaster relented and decided to allow anyone who represented the school at sport (even the chess played made an admirable case!), the time off to go to the match. Anarchy ensued after that with "repres
  12. A refund on the 2019/2020 season would be nice for a starter. Then we can decide what to do about this season. Some kind of communication from the club would be appreciated.
  13. Had Fred been around last week, he'd have sorted out the boiler in no time.
  14. In the unlikely event of season tickets for next season being less expensive than this season, presumably everyone who bought season tickets this season will get a refund for the difference? (Don't all laugh at once)
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