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  1. Musn't Grumble

    Favourite Wednesday Goals

    2007 relegation six-pointer dogfight at Millwall... Millwall score practically direct from a corner against Lee Bullen in goal for the injured Lucas... Goal disallowed for a foul on Bullen and Wednesday take a quick free kick and score up at the other end whilst half the Millwall team are still celebrating. Memorable and very funny! (Simek the scorer; 0-1 final score)
  2. Musn't Grumble

    Favourite Wednesday Goals

    I also liked / went barmy Llera's free kick at Huddersfield in the Mind The Gap season. This again set us up nicely for the season run in culminating in the Wycombe match. Glorious days.
  3. Musn't Grumble

    Favourite Wednesday Goals

    Maclean's penalty was probably one of the most significant goals in Wednesday's recent history. Just eight minutes to go and their keeper got his fingertips to it but it still went in. After that, once we got to extra time, there was only going to be one winner and Talbot's icing on the cake was a welcome bonus not just on the day but for the next few years.
  4. Musn't Grumble

    Favourite Wednesday Goals

    Official attendance at the BDM was 49,309 - a record for the old 3rd Division - but these days, that figure has crept up to much more than that. I've spoken to people who weren't even born in 1979 who reckon that they were there on that day!
  5. Musn't Grumble

    Nuhiu, Palmer, Pelupessy, Dawson et al

    ... and, I might suggest, that all four players mentioned always put in 100% and,for that reason alone, they are all worthy of praise.
  6. Musn't Grumble

    Las Vegas for Boro Game

    Help! Currently stuck in poor/dead man's Vegas (i.e. Ayia Napa)... Do they have televisions here?
  7. Musn't Grumble

    Premier league 2

    Not a lot will happen until one of the "Top Six" gets relegated. Just watch the flurry of activity that would follow that unlikely event.
  8. Aston Villa 25/1? Is there a zero missing somewhere in this?
  9. Musn't Grumble

    Taking two others up

    Dem Blavdes four points ahead of us and a superior goal difference with three games to play to decide the final automatic promotion place...
  10. Musn't Grumble

    Lee johnson

    God ruined it when he added vocal chords.
  11. Musn't Grumble

    Bristol City - V -The Wednesday OMDT

    Great result. Up to sixth in the Championship. We can still play a lot better.
  12. Musn't Grumble

    Red Button Coverage

    He's doing his best, considering he's only got an iPhone and the bloke next to him doing the commentary.
  13. Musn't Grumble

    Bielsa Bucket Song Banter

    Trust me... it'll sound a lot better with Autotune.
  14. I though it was Carbone who got a yellow card for needlessly arguing with the ref near the Wednesday corner flag (against Charlton, perhaps?). This produced a ban, because he used to get booked quite a lot, which meant he went home to Italy for Christmas (or so the story went). Can anyone confirm?
  15. Musn't Grumble

    Hooper - hutch- Lee

    Calf injuries can be quite serious. Depends what it is but a tear can be up to twelve weeks recovery.