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  1. Musn't Grumble

    What they up to?

    St Pancras... The patron saint of clandestine meetings.
  2. Musn't Grumble

    Championship stadiums ranked

    Ah yes. TalkSport. Those self-appointed, allegedly educated and expert people who think that Sheffield, Bristol and Stoke should only have one football club. More annoying than an evening of Michael McIntyre, Alan Carr and Eastenders.
  3. Musn't Grumble


    It's the old saying... You owe the bank £10,000, you are in trouble. You owe the bank £10million and the bank is in trouble.
  4. Musn't Grumble

    Fletcher to Panathinaikos

    I like both Fletcher and Rhodes but, the way we play, we could lose them from the current squad and still have several attacking options without weakening the side. The only downside is if we get another injury stricken season like last season when our massive headcount was undoubtedly a big help.
  5. Musn't Grumble

    Jos trimming the squad

    So we are definitely keeping Abdi... But who are the other two?
  6. Musn't Grumble

    Thats nice of them (World Cup)

    I'm of the lucky ones... My company has hired a couple of pubs tonight near HQs in Manchester and London, got the big screens, beer and food sorted so everyone working locally to those offices can be accommodated. They have also had a World Cup dressing down month where everyone can either dress business casual, if facing customers, or wear their teams' colours. Not sure what they will do if England win it let alone get to the final. The good employers are still out there!
  7. Like Kelham Island but without any decent beer...
  8. Can everyone stop mentioning the fact that Winnall is still injured, please? The Blunts probably don't know about the ACL problem... Either way, this could work very well for us and I hope that, like his predecessors, Agent Winnall will do a good job and be paid handsomely in return.
  9. Musn't Grumble

    Jack Hunt statistics

    And the versatile Buxton made a decent fist of playing centre back, when required, too.
  10. Regardless of attendances, one thing is for certain as a consequence of the England team's performances... Football has succeeded where politics has bitterly failed. Football has united a country.
  11. Musn't Grumble

    If Hunt leaves....

    I can't wait for the technology to catch up and we can deploy a virtual Roland Nilsson at right back again.
  12. Football is the winner... because the Colombia team will be on their way home. Imagine how the tournament would unwind if they were still in the competition.
  13. Musn't Grumble

    Initiation - best one yet?

    He'd be a decent warm up act in front of the Kop before the match... "You're everywhere and no way, baby.... M'nah, m'nah..."
  14. Musn't Grumble

    Out for Season

    Abdi has broke down so many times that the RAC have cancelled his membership.
  15. Musn't Grumble


    Kieran Lee (left) alongside Barry Bannan?