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  1. 4-3 to England with a Nuhiu hat-trick?
  2. I can see SAG having a field day if this ever comes about.
  3. What with double standards, I sometimes wonder how serious the EFA are with regards to stamping out racism. "Banter between team mates" may be one thing, but publishing a controversial comment in front of up to 600,000 followers is surely a far more serious offence that deserves more than a one match ban and a week's wages.
  4. Only problem in those days was VAR... It took four hours for the illustrator to prove that the ball had crossed the line and Spiksley was eventually awarded the goal.
  5. You'll need a hi-viz jacket with "Chutney Supervisor" written on the back in black felt tip. Then simply approach the gate and shout "Chutney supervisor... coming through!" and you'll get straight in, no problem. I did it a few weeks ago and I didn't even have to pay to get in.
  6. We never used to have all this bother when Bill Foggitt did the weather.
  7. Well these two websites hardly clarify the matter either... https://www.askthe.police.uk/content/Q387.htm https://www.rac.co.uk/drive/advice/legal/parking-on-the-pavement/ Therefore, I'm supposing that the cars parking on the pavement on the Hillsborough Park side of Parkside Road are possibly causing an obstruction because they have to block the pavement to create enough room for traffic to go up and down Parkside Road. Otherwise, it's a case of park where you like as long as you are not causing an obstruction, the council hasn't put restrictions on the road/pavement/verges, you are not blocking access or you are parking in London. As ever, I am not a legal expert and not qualified to provide legal statements so I am only referring to advice given by acknowledged "experts".
  8. The Glen Miller of center halves... last seen boarding a tram before the Leeds match. Not been seen since.
  9. Was it the legend that was Tony Coleman who used to frequent the Park Hotel until 15 minutes before kick-off?
  10. Thought I saw a police officer trying to arrest someone under Section 5690 of the Criminal Justice and Pointing Act 1834 (something about being drunk and refusing to point) but then I realised it was just somebody in fancy dress on their way to a Halloween party.
  11. A bit too early in the week to discuss international honour for the lad but those overlapping centre half runs he made in the second half of Saturday's match may well have W***er spitting out his tea and choking on his malted milk biscuit!
  12. Do what I do... Stick your teeth in the post or drop them off a day or two earlier at the dentist whilst you carry on doing whatever you want. The advantages of wearing dentures cannot be understated.
  13. Stoke had just beaten Fulham and Swansea in their previous two matches before they came unstuck last night against The Massive.
  14. Fox is like a new signing at the moment. Monk is certainly getting the best out of him.
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