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  1. I'm sure that this is the product of aiming "just to stay in the Championship". A point here and there and the odd win when they take the lead and timewaste thereafter... They have prepared themselves to get 50 points this season and that's it. Apart from that world class save from Phillips, Charlton didn't seem bothered about anything other than a nil-nil to keep their modest aspirations on track.
  2. FF is also coming back from a long injury layoff and it is quite possible that his input is being built and managed carefully.
  3. Very noticeable improvement with Fox having a decent game in defence and supporting the attacks down the left. Fletcher did more in the 15 minutes he was on the pitch than the rest of the strike force had done since Christmas. However, it was a laboured victory with the team working so hard and the performance deserved so much more. The response of the Charlton team after the goal summed it all up - nil-nil would have been a disgraceful result.
  4. You raise a valid and important point. I note that there was a discussion on Sky last week about the "plight" of Manchester City and the general thought there is that they would win any appeal against FIFA/UEFA and get their two year ban rescinded or reduced on appeal. Not sure about that outcome but a better and fairer method to impose financial fair play that was discussed in the programme was be to hold directors responsible for losses and make clubs pay bonds. This might have also prevented a Bury situation let alone the growing number of clubs finding ways (unsuccessfully, so it seems) to circumvent P&S/FFP. Taking this a stage further, If the bond was equivalent to that loss, the club could remain solvent and owners might be more careful in how they run the club, for instance, offsetting the cost of purchase against the share value of the club or lumping debt of other companies on the club (as happened at Manchester United with the Glaziers). For example, if you make a £10m loss for the year, you must place a £10m bond with the EFL which is returned once the club gets back into profit. Not sure how easy this would be to police but it does allow for owners who want to invest in their own club to do so whilst protecting the integrity of the club accounts and financial fair play. If, after a few seasons of doing this, the owner has had enough and decides to walk, the accrued bonds would match any losses made over that period and make a sale much easier if the return of the bonds are offset against the losses on condition that the sale is agreed. The selling owner might take a bath financially but the football club itself is basically still in a break even position.
  5. Hello, I've been in a coma since December. How are we doing?
  6. I had to read this about twenty times but, from what I can make out:- The Applicable Tribunal are entitled to publish any judgment, decision or award as long as the grounds for any judgment, decision or award remains confidential. So, the Applicable Tribunal doesn't even have to publish any judgment, decision or award let alone set out the reasons as to why they arrived at their conclusion. So apart from maybe a "gulty" or a "not gulity" (if the Applicable Tribunal feel like it), we won't hear anything at all. I hear the clip-clop of hooves as a coach and horses is driven through this one.
  7. Wouldn't surprise me if, after tomorrow's game, Monk walks under his own steam.
  8. Unlike Bates, at least Terry Henfleet was available to play if selected.
  9. Many years ago, an old coach once told me (then, I was a new coach) that in any competition about 25% of the athletes know that they have prepared well and can win, another 25% of the athletes THINK that they've prepared well and it would be nice to win and the remaining 50% of athletes were either just pleased to be there or knew that they were not good enough to win (in the comfort zone, in other words). I suspect that the SWFC players THINK that they are putting a shift in but they are clearly bereft of any confidence. This is shown in the performances where we no longer win 50/50 tackles (in some cases, we no longer tackle, apparently!) and the team is disorganised and disjointed. Confidence is basically a trust in your own ability and these players ain't got it. These days where we have the knowledge and management skills, it should be relatively easy for any decent coach to rectify. Let's not forget a time before the turn of the year when we were battering teams like Forest and Middlesbrough with essentially the same set of players with a few more added or removed since. (PS: Admittedly, there were a few dodgy performances where we nicked the points despite being second best performance-wise, too) Likewise, I am sure that the manager is aware of the shortcomings and as a head coach and leader, he should be addressing this lack of confidence in training. For whatever reason, however, this is clearly not happening and the manager himself appears to be very downbeat, too. The players react accordingly and we get an ever decreasing spiral. This is not a good situation we find ourselves in. Speculate away as to the reasons why.
  10. Coaching rule #1:- Do NOT use competition for trying out new ideas that you haven't practised in training.
  11. Imagine the meltdown if Putin did buy SWFC?! The EFL's and SAG's anti-Wednesday stance woud be a walk in the park compared to the sanctions placed on us by the UN, EU, United States and everybody's granny. It would be fun, though... Anybody prepared to start a new topic entitled "So Putin buys this football club in Sheffield..."
  12. Aim for the play-offs, we stay up... Aim for mid-table, we get relegated.
  13. Nail and head, mate! Wilder has taken a bunch of journeymen League One players and created a team that is far greater than the sum of the parts. I doubt that any of them before this season would have got a gig in the first team at another Premier League club (Henderson apart). Each manager we have had seems to done the opposite with a consequence that the players get paid a lot whether they play or not. Talent is a lot more than just keepy uppies and nutmegs in training.
  14. I've been going since '66 (after the Cup Final) and I reckon you can add the Wembley semi-final versus the Bl*des, the '91 Rumbelows Cup Final and the promotion away day at Exeter to the Hartlepool and Wycombe matches... There's your top five days as a Wednesday fan over the past fifty years!
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