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  1. Pick one from any match JJ played in when he got into the opposition penalty area...
  2. Croatia are not part of the European Economic Area and therefore need work permits.
  3. Idowu, Bubnjic, Brlek and Mokhar wouldn't get work permits.
  4. Good. Seeing one of my childhood heroes working for the scummers at Millwall always made me a little bit sad
  5. Zayatte. I've seen FAR worse than him, plus he scored against weeds
  6. "it's only a few tens of millions of pounds, who cares if the CEO wants to take it out of our company's profits to shadily pump it into his son's loss-making football club" Said no shareholder ever. Particularly when John West's profits for Europe in 2016 was £22.6m, down 22% from 2015 and projected to fall another 15% in 2017, Giving a large chunk of those falling profits to a football club for no real commercial return isn't going to fly and would likely result in the CEO (Daddy) being removed. Basically, it isn't viable. As for Man City, there are a couple of points that you missed out that meant it passed the UEFA and EPL conflict of interest tests. City don't actually own the Etihad Stadium, Manchester City Council do. Etihad aren't owned by Shiek Mansour, they are owned by the Abu Dhabi government. There may be connections with family members in the government, but their (successful) argument was that it was a business deal rather than simply a hand out. City earmarked a lot of the £400m to the youth stadium and coaching,training facilities and developing the local housing and as UEFA don't count money spent on "improving infrastructure, regenerating surrounding areas and youth development when it comes to totting up losses" they passed FFP. Perhaps DC and his accountants are more savvy when it comes to finance and how exploit the grey areas in a company than you or I and he is milking his personal investments as much as possible without falling foul of the rules. But that would mean that DC actually wants to succeed and is trying all he can to do so and I'm feeling that doesn't sit well with some of the conspiracy nuts on here. FYI: Links to sources here: https://www.theguardian.com/football/2011/jul/08/manchester-city-deal-etihad-airways https://www.undercurrentnews.com/2017/10/04/john-west-boosts-sales-volume-but-brexit-hits-profits/ https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/manchester-city-set-400million-jackpot-4377857
  7. Firstly, using CAPS doesn't make you look like you're shouting, it makes you look like a plum. Secondly, it's not "Daddy's" money, it's John West's money. They are a multinational limited company, answerable to shareholders, not a personal fund that the CEO can just dip into for whatever they please, whenever they please. It's not how companies are allowed to operate.
  8. What makes you think that the naming rights of our somewhat old and tired stadium, with it's significantly reduced exposure and (unfair) links to the events in 1989, are valued at £2m per season? Coupled with our recent history in League 1 and only being considered an outside bet for the play-offs, I highly doubt any company would see a £10m multi-season sponsorship deal value for money.
  9. Minton

    SWFC and young England

    This is a perfect example of why we shouldn't (and didn't) give in to GH and Clare. Of those players listed above, only 3 made an appearance for England, they managed 22 caps between them and 18 of those were earned by Carlton. (3 for Hirst Snr and 1 for Zico) Being promising at youth level doesn't mean a player will make the grade in the big boy teams
  10. Only teams from another nation can do that in January, it's April before players can sign pre-contract agreements with home nation clubs.
  11. So established clubs get assistance, but if you're just going up then tough luck? That my friend, is how to make the Premier League a closed shop in one quick and easy move. Why would clubs spend money on transfers when they will go bankrupt if they are relegated? Or spend the wages to attract quality players? You'll end up with 3 championship standard teams coming up and the same 3 teams going straight back down every season with that kind of thinking.
  12. Minton

    Reece Burke

    Played 25 games for Bolton this season. Now Moyes has gone it's going to put a scupper on things until the new manager is in though
  13. They last for 3 years, 2 if you only last a single season in the EPL.
  14. Parachute payments are now 3 years, not 4 and are in fact only for 2 years if the club only spends a single season in the EPL.