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  1. He'd also have 12-16 assists, which would be enough to be one of the top providers in the league...
  2. Managers are now subject to the same rules as players and can be yellow or red carded, so you'll see less berating of match officials anyway. It's a pointless endeavor anyway, it won't change a decision, only taint an official's view for the next time there is a controversy. Stay classy Gary Monk.
  3. Mentality from the fans maybe. He has provided 25% of our goals for nearly 4 seasons now. We are not carrying him in any way.
  4. Does he need to be a team leader to be good though? Look at his games played, goals scored and goals assisted stats and tell me he is crap.
  5. So he's crap because almost nobody is scoring and creating more chances than him?! What utter nonsense!
  6. I'm not too sure. He's been one of our best creators and scorers over the last 3 seasons and has played 40+ games season after season. Maybe because he isn't throwing himself into tackles or 'getting stuck in' some see him as not trying. Same goes for Bannan, I can't see how anyone thinks he is anything other than the best player we've had for probably a decade.
  7. Lee gets back in a CB because Iorfa is twice the RB Palmer is.
  8. We've scored 17 goals so far, Reach has been involved in 22-23% of them. That's a decent return.
  9. Absolute horseshit. Joint 2nd this season for goal involvement. 1 goal, 3 assists.
  10. And yet he isn't worth a shirt and should be sold according to this thread. Mind you, some of the posters on here reckon Bannan is a waste of a shirt too, despite him being our best passer and creator in the stats.
  11. Dawson suspect at set pieces, Palmer with the attacking prowess of a cheese sandwich, Luongo disappearing in the second half and taking off our creative engine did *not* help at all.
  12. Because the minority of fans can't behave like reasonable people. There is only one group to be blamed for this; The moronic tails who smash up trams, busses and other fans. They're tolerated far too much, I've yet to see any of these kind of issues with rugby or cricket fans, so why should their brand of bullshit be tolerated by anyone?
  13. I get your point, but for the last 20 years any local young player with talent wanting to make it as a pro footballer went to the blunts as they had a far superior academy and scouting network (I've just been sick in my own mouth saying that). Things are changing, but it takes more than 4-5 years to remedy such an imbalance. We currently have more u23 players out on loan than the scrubbers do and our u18s winning the national title last season will have a big and positive impact on our recruitment over the next few years. But we won't see the fruits of those labours for another 4 or 5 years.
  14. Actually now 'ripping' up the Premier League 2, struggling to make the Leicester U23 side. 4 appearances, 1 goal, 1 assist.
  15. Not an issue with the Chansiri era, it's the hangover from the decades of under-investment that was first brought up when Milan came in. We had 1 scout in total, zero working locally and could barely put out an u23 squad. The investment that has been put in recently has resulted in our u18s becoming national champions last season, but many of those players are 16 and 17, nowhere near developed or ready for first team football. We won't see the fruits of DC's investments for another couple of seasons I would imagine, but there is potential for those numbers to change quite drastically in 21/22 and beyond.
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