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  1. No the equivalent would be bringing drugs back through customs, declaring them, customs signing off on them and telling you it is ok to do it, but months down the line deciding that they actually aren't ok with it and trying to punish you retrospectively.
  2. That would be misleading. However it is more the case that our sell by date stated August 2018. As far as we are concerned, that covers it up until the 31st. The EFL are saying that it only covers it until the 1st August.
  3. Except when we sold the goods to the EFL, we asked them to check our goods were in date and they accepted that they were and signed a document to that effect. Only to later come back and claim that they have changed their mind. Which from a legal standpoint is wrong.
  4. We set our stall out well before the lawyer came in, he had no say in how our accountants did our finances
  5. Back dating sales is common practice in business. The club has said that we submitted our accounts to the EFL and they accepted them. The EFL stated that they charged us after new documents came to light. Derby have said the same as us, that the EFL have effectively moved the goalposts after the fact.
  6. It's worse than that. It's like Camelot checked your ticket, paid out the money, sent you a letter saying it was fine, let you spend the money and then decided that it wasn't fine and went you to give the money back. Sellers remorse basically.
  7. So because you haven't had any issues it's all fine then? Read more into the research done about the effects of heading a ball, day after day, week after week. There is an undeniable link to a marked increase in neurological disorders later in life, so they have decided to stop children, whose brains are still developing and skulls softer, from heading a ball and limiting the number of repetitive minor concussions. I don't get how you can be against it, I really don't. As has been pointed out earlier, rugby banned tackling in young age groups nearly 20 years ago. The result has been less injuries, more skillful players and the national team reaching 2 world cup finals.
  8. Yes. Contact isn't allowed in youth rugby, nor is lifting in lineouts or contested scrums.
  9. And those players for the 'good old days' are three and a half times more likely to develop dementia.
  10. Welsh fella from the look of the name
  11. Goes to show that we are not spending more than other clubs when it comes to wages or transfer fees, despite some posters on here claiming that we pay way more than everyone else.
  12. Thought he explained it in his message, it was for footballing reasons. Monk obviously sees Dawson as his number 1 and wants to free up the high wages of his now number 2 goalkeeper.
  13. Gary only punches horses and you know it.
  14. Under the 1st and 3rd of those 3, we were sliding down the table with a defence that seemed rudderless and fragile. Under the 2nd, we arrested the slide and became tighter at the back. It's almost as if removing good players with strong personalities from the first team leads to the team struggling...
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