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  1. Swansea are ballbagged financially, they won't be making many signings with high wages or transfer fees in the next few seasons https://swansea.vitalfootball.co.uk/wheres-the-money-gone-not-to-d-c-united-financial-accounts-paint-a-bleak-picture/
  2. Game 1, 21/22 season if Monk stays in charge
  3. We're paying a fee for Dele-Bashiru, so I'm hopeful for a few £1-5m signings. Saying that, Armstrong would probably be £6-10m and I'm fully aware that we probably won't spend anything close to that on a single player. But a girl can dream right?
  4. If we're going to be spending money Adam Armstrong at Blackburn please.
  5. I thought Brentford's plan was to buy players cheap and sell them on for profit? I mean this season alone they signed 13 players and sold or released 8, it's hardly in the 'building a squad over time' category...
  6. Vorm is being released by Spurs. I'd definitely take him. *edit* Read his age wrong. 36, probably not the ideal signing. Nothing to see here 👀
  7. The EFL have already seen our accounts, teams have to show provisional accounts to the EFL end of Feb so that any deductions can be sorted before the season ends (a la Birmingham)
  8. How would that work? It's only one points deduction, so either we get relegated or start next season on minus points (if we do get a deduction) but we can't be relegated *and* start on minus points in League 1
  9. I would imagine scouts are on a bit more than £40k for a championship club. Then there is flights/travel, accommodation and expenses so you can probably double the cost. Then there are the analysts and backroom staff to make it all work. So for a basic scouting network you're looking at £1.5m+. For a network like Brentford, you'll be looking at far, far higher. There is a reason why Brentford had to make the choice between their scouting network and their youth academy.
  10. 154 appearances in 5 and a half seasons, despite being frozen out twice. That's a pretty good record.
  11. Hutch wasn't injured at all this season and missed 3 games last season with injuries. He was frozen out here not injured, he'll be a huge asset to any club in the Championship
  12. Coming up towards the tens of millions for a scouting network that size. It's why Brentford sacrificed their academy to move to a moneyball system. At our level, it's an either/or scenario.
  13. Well in the relatively short time since since the scouting and youth recruitment improvements were started under Chansiri, our U18s have won the national league and a number of players have made the jump to both the U23 and senior squad. So yes, we have a scouting network.
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