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  1. Best be a 4-4-2 otherwise Monk has fully lost his mind. Odubajo at CB is perhaps the most frightening tactical idea I've ever seen
  2. The proposals as they stand, have 9 teams with a weighted vote with only 6 of those needed to make dramatic changes to the league (such as a change of leader or change of television money distribution). That's a joke and if that comes in, they might as well form a breakaway league anyway.
  3. I would agree to all of the suggestions except the big 6 having the voting power. That stinks to me.
  4. He isn't getting anywhere close to their starting XI, I highly doubt Watford will splash the money needed to get Iorfa for what would be a backup.
  5. We haven't scored in 4 games either if you want to get technical...
  6. And yet saw fit to bring him on in the first place.... It doesn't, hopefully it just makes it more obvious to his supporters on here.
  7. Palmer best be injured, otherwise Monk has full-on lost the f*cking plot
  8. Almost as if the tactics being played don't suit the players available...
  9. They haven't seen constant reinfections no. They are now however, seeing a steady rise in the number of infections and a steady rise in deaths, meaning holding them up as some sort of example of herd immunity (which is what you did) is nonsense.
  10. You're absolutely allowed to have a different opinion, just don't be surprised if you get called out on it if it's complete nonsense.
  11. As my post above shows, they did far worse than the other Scandinavian countries.
  12. Not that well, certainly worse than other Scandinavian economies who adopted a lockdown strategy. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-53498133
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