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  1. Our top two assisters in the last two seasons. Reach also in our top 3 goal scorers. Yeah, overrated. What utter nonsense
  2. Odubajo is a midfielder, not a fullback. Is not signing a LB has left us with stand in players
  3. Because he's being played in midfield. Bullen's positional decisions are utterly baffling.
  4. What a cross. Reyt player. End of.
  5. It's almost as if he's a wide midfielder being shoehorned in at fullback...
  6. Harris for me. Closely followed by Sluga, the Luton keeper. He had a belter for us
  7. No skill?! He cruyff turned 2 players this evening and made the showboat reel on Soccer AM after the dingles game. As for tonight, when we replaced him for Winnall we lost the cohesive link between the midfield and attack. He offers plenty. I would be interested to see him, Bannan and Lee working in a midfield 3 (may or may not work without an enforcer like Hutch) and would certainly expect him to be pushing Murphy for the RW spot if Murphy keeps on his current performance levels.
  8. After reading the title I read it with the homophobic twang of a 70's working mens club 'comedian'.
  9. Tuesday game is officially off. Bury are f00ked
  10. You can't sign a pre-contract agreement with players in the same nation until 3 months before the end of their contract, only teams from a foreign nation can sign players with 6 months to go.
  11. Chelsea want to make a profit, clubs aren't taking the bait. My view is wait until January, see how Borner has settled in and then make a bid. Potentially even wait until he is available on a free in the summer.
  12. I agree, I would rather we spend on a LB and a pacey striker, from the sound of it Luongo is quite close to being done and he can cover both DM and CM
  13. The only people who have said it's lunacy are some posters on here and Norwich who are trying to get a cheaper deal.
  14. £4-5m is not mega money. Bristol got £20m for Webster, Reading just spent £7m on Joao, £5m is a fairly low price these days I'm afraid.
  15. You can't recall loan players any more (unless they are academy players), it's 6 month deal or 12 month deal.
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