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  1. 29 games he played, so I wouldn't say he barely played at all. Mostly from the subs bench, yes, but was an effective impact sub for sure. If Pukki hadn't been in such good form, he would have been playing more too
  2. As I've said (and shown!) in several posts, he's played FAR more games as a right or left winger than full-back
  3. Rhodes was 21st in the minutes per goal list last season, ahead of Roofe, Che Adams, Grabban, Jay Rodruigez and Assombalonga (to name a few!) That's pretty prolific, especially when you consider that 4 of the players in that list played less than 8 games. There is a reason why Norwich want him back and why we value him at £6m+
  4. Surely Kodjia is more of a striker than a winger as well, his prolific season a few years back was at centre-forward for sure
  5. Snodgrass only got 4 goals last year, 8 in 17/18 and 9 in 16/17... Basically the same stats as Reach
  6. Doubt you'll see any loans from PL teams until towards the end of the window and the teams have more or less decided on their squads and deemed which youngsters they want to retain as squad players, particularly as u23 players don't have to be registered as part of the 25 man squads
  7. That's after tax. His gross is £41k p/w https://www.capology.com/club/monchengladbach/salaries - Change the filter from Net to Gross
  8. He's signed a 3 year deal with Norwich and was on £45k p/w in Germany, I doubt he will have taken much of a pay cut
  9. Drmic has played 30 games in 3 seasons, only scored 6 goals in that time and he's an absolute crock. There is a reason Monchengladbach let him go on a free. Norwich will still be in the market for someone, I wouldn't rule out Rhodes going there just yet.
  10. The pigs are in for him now, doubt he'll be coming to us
  11. Dem Blvdes signing Freeman from QPR for £3-4m. That's an annoyingly shrewd signing if it's got legs
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