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  1. You mean like how people who don't have a driving licence aren't allowed to drive to protect other people?
  2. You mean the road when outbreaks of covid occur, keeping the freedoms of movement for those who've had the jab whilst ensuring that those who refuse to be jabbed are stopped from becoming a huge drain on public health and potentially spreading the virus to the most vulnerable when they end up in hospital? Yeah, how draconian that road sounds... Also, I'd maybe refrain from using terms like 'thick' if you've not got terms like were and was nailed down
  3. If they can't, then they are able to get an exemption and will be able to show it when asked. If they won't, then there are consequences to that. Once of which is non entry to certain venues at the moment. Deal with it.
  4. Pfff, you're thinking so small. I reckon with the right offer (I'll thinking Beres) we could tempt Aguero out of retirement...
  5. That's bang out of order. Potatoes contribute to society you know.
  6. I had the szechuan chicken and rice last home game I went to. Food was proper tasty, portion was big and was £4.50 (I think). I was impressed.
  7. Quite right. I haven't bought a pack or paid for fifa points since I've been playing and I'm a division 3/4 player in FUT. For the most part, the teams that pop up with 3/4 icons, the latest 97 rated striker and some insane 96 rated wingers are the ones you know you can beat, it's when someone comes along with a team full of 75 rated players you sh*t your keks and inevitably end up 5-0 down in the first 20 mins
  8. Ouch. League 2 beckons... https://www.dailystar.co.uk/sport/football/derby-county-points-deduction-championship-25018115
  9. And if frogs had wings they wouldn't bump their arse on the ground when they hopped
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