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  1. Minton

    Wednesday Autumn 2018 Transfer rumours

    You clearly don't have an inkling of what a transfer window is either. You can loan any player on a full/half season deal with a mandatory future fee agreed for January/June. It's effectively a transfer, just an initial loan to beat the window rules/deadlines. If only there was an example I could give to really spell it out...
  2. Minton

    Lee Cattermole

    Worst disciplinary record in the history of the premier league (a red or yellow card every 2.9 games). Old. Slow. Tail of the highest order (Banned from all pubs in the area for 4 years in 2008) SBNation (their fanzine) has this to say about him: "The midfielder has had a turbulent last year-and-a-half on Wearside that has seen the Stadium of Light crowd go from almost worshipping the Stockton born 30-year-old to turning on him after a series of woeful displays in last season’s Championship campaign - not to mention his alleged pre-season outburst at Hartlepool. Our love affair with a man who was once tipped for an England cap is as dead as a door nail - the man we all used to love has fallen so far out of favour fans are clamouring for any club to take him off our hands. These days he’s slow on the ball, his tackling is weak and mistimed; he’s so far removed from the Lee Cattermole we loved only a few years ago. But apart from the obvious playing limitations - why else has his stock fallen so quickly? Is the unwavering criticism fair? Yes. 100%. He’s been poor for well over a year..." Nuff said. TLDR version: No, he's cack.
  3. Minton

    A Quick Look at SWFC's Finances

    The £21m loss per season includes wages, surely? It's not just player purchases/sales alone
  4. Minton

    A Quick Look at SWFC's Finances

    If we let the players go who are out of contract (Bannan, Abdi, Matias, Fox, Palmer, Westwood and Pudil) their wages will go off the balance sheet (along with the transfer fees associated with them) so that's nearly £10m saved right there. It's not totally unrecoverable, if we receive fees for someone like Westwood and (God help us) Bannan and Forestieri, then we could actually then a profit...
  5. Minton

    'Football is big business'

    You don't think that the £4bn of TV money all comes from UK Sky subscriptions do you?! The majority of that revenue comes from selling their TV coverage to African and Asian networks. The vast money in the EPL comes from demand to watch the games from around the world, not from Rupert pushing it on telly in the UK
  6. Under the new parachute payments it's only 2 years of payments if the club are relegated in their first season in the premiership, 3 if they've been there for more than one season. Relegated clubs will receive 55 per cent of the equal share of broadcast revenue paid to Premier League clubs in the first year after relegation, (£55m) 45 per cent the following year (£45m) and 20 per cent in year three (£20m). If the club are promoted straight back, their 2nd set of payments are distributed through the EFL leagues I believe. It's not the massive cash cow of the late 2000's any more. Also, don't forget the solidarity payments to each EFL club. Championship clubs previously received a flat free of £2.3m each per season, with League One clubs getting £360,000 a season, and League Two clubs receiving £240,000. Under the new arrangements, Football League clubs will receive solidarity payments which amount to a percentage of the value of a Year 3 parachute payment. Championship clubs will each receive 30%, League One clubs 4.5% and League Two clubs 3% of the value of a Year 3 parachute payment.
  7. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2018/08/02/birmingham-city-face-punishment-despite-lifting-transfer-embargo/ "The Football League is also permitting Birmingham to make five more signings in this transfer window, but they will be restricted to free transfers and low-budget loans." That was due to their small squad size. The latter bit of the article is about them then signing Pedersen for £2m, despite their limit of free transfers and low cost loans, and the EFL effectively telling them that they will be going and sitting on the naughty step. (Points deduction I would imagine) The TLDR version: We can sign low cost loans and free transfer players if their wages are deemed moderate (£600,000 per year total I think)
  8. The point I was trying to make is that it builds our case for signing loan players due to the small squad size, Embargo or not.
  9. Any player under 21 (I think) doesn't have to be registered as part of the 25 man squad, so a lot of our youngsters aren't classed as being part of our squad. Bringing in a couple of prem quality youngsters can't hurt.
  10. We probably will. Embargo or not, we can ask the EFL to ratify loans and transfers to take us to a 25 man squad (Like Birmingham have done this season). Why do you think Jos has been saying in the media we have a small squad?
  11. In my mind, our formation would be:
  12. Fans in general I guess. I just see it a lot on here as it's one of my main ways of connecting with fellow Wednesdayites
  13. I wasn't singling you out in particular, more the sheer number of people who constantly called for 3-5-2 when Carlos was here and now we are playing 3-5-2 under Jos, there seems to be a never-ending demand for us to play 4-4-2. Personally, I’m of the opinion that unless the team you're playing is also playing 4-4-2, you leave yourself hideously exposed in midfield and down the flanks every time you attack.
  14. Love the irony on Owlstalk. Carlos plays a no frills 4-4-2, gets no end of stick and fans demand he plays a more attacking 3-5-2. Jos plays 3-5-2, gets no end of stick and fans demand a more solid 4-4-2. Who'd be a manager eh?