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  1. O'Donnell and Donnelly were on £20k+, as was Carbone, Di Canio, Hinchcliffe, Degryse and pretty much anyone we signed was above the £10k line. We were paying players more in 1998 than we are now, so I think uncle Dave does have something to answer for.
  2. U21 players (as long as they aren't on loan) don't have to be registered and can play any time.
  3. More than half the window left yet, you should probably have kept your flouncing powder dry until the last few days.
  4. Macclesfield were deducted points last season after the ppg was calculated, there is precedent I'm afraid. It's why the games coming up against fellow relegation candidates are so vital.
  5. No we wouldn't, our 6 points comes off *after* the ppg tally. I believe we are currently down if we stopped now.
  6. A lot of deals (both loan and permanent) are being complicated by clubs insisting on new Covid-19 clauses being inserted into contracts. 'PL clubs including 'Covid clauses' in new contracts' http://www.skysports.com/share/12185015
  7. Seriously watch Everest Rescue on Discovery+ to get a flavour then. If you've got SkyQ you can get 12 months free Discovery+ and it's on there.
  8. Ah! You might get a chopper down if you're ill or flush with cash, many just trek back though.
  9. It's bloody tough, I spent a couple of weeks in and around La Paz at 3,600m and had a few bad days. Others were struggling to do much and one even ended up passing out. Base camp is 5,400m (17,500ft), so expect it to be a lot worse. If it's something you want to do, definitely do it because Nepal is an amazing place. Just be aware that the trek is 2-3 weeks, not a 3-5 day thing. https://www.switchbacktravel.com/nepal/everest-base-camp#:~:text=The main EBC trail is,feet) at Everest Base Camp.&text=Guiding%3A Recommended but not required. Also, spend a w
  10. There isn't much at Lukla other than the airfield and it's still pretty high, you really feel the altitude even there. I'd imagine most will be 2-3 week treks going to a couple of peaks of varying altitude, descending to a lower altitude before going up to base camp. Have you done anything at altitude before?
  11. Depends how long the trek is and what altitude you go to. I'll have to ask a mate of mine which route he took when he did it a few years ago.
  12. No, the death rate of people who climb Everest. We had cases of people flying up to base camp from Kathmandu to experience it and being evacuated within a couple of hours with HACE. Without acclimatising, it can be genuinely dangerous.
  13. Pish draw. Let's hope we get a good 5th round draw to motivate
  14. I've seen some proper b*llocks posted on here, but this is up there with the best of them. Shut the f*ck up, you clearly have no idea what you're talking about.
  15. So the Scottish FA have just announced that they have suspended all games below the Championship for 3 weeks. Wonder if this will get the EFL's attention? Might have a knock-on with FA Cup games if it happens here as well. 'Scottish football below Championship suspended' http://www.skysports.com/share/12184974
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