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  1. I'd be interested in trying for Scott Sinclair on loan from Celtic. He's not happy about playing time and would be a very good attacking option.
  2. How many times in the past few years have we seen actual crosses going into the box from out wide other than from Reach? There has been little point for our strikers to venture into the box for the last 10 years because they would have died of old age before getting a ball they could head. What's changed is a couple of actual wingers have been added to the squad to join Reach and Fox has remember that he needs to cross now and again. If we could somehow get that memo to Palmer, we'd be a very dangerous side indeed
  3. This. I've slagged off Fox for sure in the past. Mainly because at points, he was utterly, completely and totally dog-dirt. But I can't really do anything other than say he's been good this season. He's not perfect and I still think we need better, but well done for the vast improvement.
  4. Perfect hat-trick from Rhodes too. Right, left and head.
  5. Westwood on the bench. It's almost as if he was injured and lost his place and now has to wait to get his place back. Which as he's on the bench, he is willing to do. The conspiracy lot on here do my melon in, they really do.
  6. If we are looking for a pacy striker, Borukov isn't the answer.
  7. We don't have the wingbacks to play a 3-5-2, simple as that. Harris is not a wingback, nor is Reach, Iorfa, Fox or Palmer. You can't just shoehorn an attacking winger into that defensive position and expect it to be anything other than a disaster. It's not Fifa or Football Manager, players don't just suddenly become able to play in a position they aren't suited to. Plus you'd need to bring in a number of players to cover those positions for if/when your starting wingbacks pick up injuries or suspensions. What we need is better fullbacks. And a striker.
  8. Yeah, cos he is setting the world on fire at Reading...
  9. Spoiler alert: Fletcher is not on 50k
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