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  1. Reality is, Nuhiu didn't want to stay.
  2. Exactly my point. I mean, some have suggested Paterson should be taking it over Bannan and he's never taken one in his career...
  3. I've seen Messi practically roll one into the keeper's arms before, should he not be on penalties anymore?
  4. Windass has scored 10 and missed 3. Paterson has never taken a penalty in his career. Bannan has a better record than both. Still should be Bannan.
  5. Which is why Bannan is taking them, our only striker was on the bench. And his penalty record is a bit... questionable for us
  6. Before today Bannan has taken 8 penalties, scored 7 and missed 1. So you would say Bannan.
  7. A player who drinks 3 cans of red bull a day and smokes. He won't be doing much in the game at 36.
  8. Don't think Red button is active on Tuesday night games.
  9. I'm fairly certain that no player has been involved with more goals (either scoring or assisting) than Reach whilst he's been here. £5m is a bargain when you look at comparable transfer fees around the same time.
  10. We should be supporting, promoting and funding our women's team more for sure. It's a quicky growing area and we should have a team that is part of it. The new Sky Sports deal will just be the start and 10-15 years down the line, there will be some fairly profitable deals being made IMO and we should try and be in a position to benefit from that. Having said that, at least we have a women's team, many EFL clubs don't have a team at all.
  11. They're desperate after the previous takeover fell through. Bury mark 2 might be the outcome.
  12. 6 points from safety, better goal difference than the teams above, playing teams who are gonna be on their holidays and some confidence finally. It ain't over yet. I mean, it probably is, but I've seen stranger things happen in football. Like a team bottom of the league who are the lowest scoring team in the division putting 5 past a decent Cardiff team...
  13. Big Mick's tan is fading and Cardiff have been terrible. Coincidence? I think not.
  14. What am I watching?! It's like watching Barcelona
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