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  1. it was mentioned in one of the lost gospels I think, probably when discussing virgin birth. I mean, where else would he finish?
  2. Use common sense... Jesus Tittyfucking Christ. For the last time, they wouldn't be penalised twice. It's a different offence if they fail the P&S next season, but the accounts from 16/17 and 17/18 form part of that.
  3. They had points knocked off that due to some legal wrangle I think, the EFL dropped a ball with some paperwork
  4. Period 1: 15/16 - £1.982m loss 16/17 - £12.944m loss 17/18 - £33.861m loss Total loss £48.787m - points deduction 9pts Period 2: The 15/16 period is dropped and the new 18/19 accounts are added. 16/17 - £12.944m loss 17/18 - £33.861m loss 18/19 - They need to post a profit of £4m or more, otherwise they will in breach of the P&S rules again. Each period is a new assessment, legally sound to penalise them for it. It's how the FFP rules work in Europe and how the P&S rules work in the EFL. They will be penalised again if they breach the P&S rules. That is how the rules work. The clubs have signed up to it, it's what is happening. I don't get how you are arguing against it? I feel like I'm banging my head against a brick flipping wall. Just accept the facts ffs
  5. The point you're making isn't valid though. It's a different offence. They aren't being penalised for the same thing, it's a new assessment period. Therefore perfectly legitimate and legal to be penalised again. It's how the rules work. It's to stop clubs posting a heavy loss in year one, taking the pain after year three and then having a reset again. The aim is to make clubs financially viable year after year, not just one year in three.
  6. It used to work as the EFL had no powers to impose penalties on EPL clubs as they are different bodies. This has now been changed and they now can impose fines or points deductions on Premier League clubs, so doesn't work like it did with QPR, Brighton, Leicester etc
  7. They have been penalised for breaking the rules for the current period (which is 15/16, 16/17 and 17/18). Next season is a new period (16/17, 17/18 and 18/19), so they haven't had any penalty for this. In short, they need to make a profit in 18/19 or they will incur another penalty.
  8. There is no set limit for points deductions or fines, nor is there any bar on applying them once they get to the Premier League (as there was with QPR) so they would have been screwed any which way. The threat from the EFL was that a deduction would take an auto team to the play-off positions, a play-off team to outside, a play-off contender to a lower mid table etc etc. Birmingham will be under embargo next season for sure and have to make some SERIOUS savings to avoid another points deduction as well. They could well be battling relegation this time next season with a points deduction looming on top. And spunking £40m in one season, then selling loads and not spending for the next 2 seasons and coming close to the limit is pretty much the point of P&S.
  9. It's a rolling 3 year thing. You don't start a new 3 year period, just drop the earliest year for the latest one. The whole point of the rules is that if you make substantial losses, it isn't a simple 'take the pain now and do it all again', it hurts you for years, so Birmingham will need to make some BIG savings to avoid deductions next season. Investing heavily is possible if it's infrastructure based, as certain things are exempt from the P&S rules (youth academies, stadium changes etc)
  10. That would make sense. I wonder if there are additional fees to be paid by Norwich if//when they get promoted as well, that may go into the 18/19 accounts
  11. I think they should be in the 18/19 accounts, but they could be spread across both or put completely into 17/18 or 18/19 depending on when they were completed I guess
  12. We have the Hunt sale, plus Rhodes loan so that should be £5-6m savings in total
  13. True, but we also have upwards of £6m per year of wages coming off the books, along with a number of agent fees, signing on fees and transfer fees from players signed in the 15/16 period.
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