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  1. Minton

    OFFICIAL: Iorfa Signs

    Nothing yet on either sky or BBC as far as I can see?
  2. Minton

    John Marquis

    Not what we need. We need a winger and full-backs to provide more chances before we get another striker, there is a reason that strikers tend to go dry here and we haven't addressed it at all.
  3. Minton


    You pretty much said *exactly* that... "Screamers aside he doesn’t do an awful lot. We create nothing , and hisnjob is to create . Kind of sums it up well "
  4. Minton


    This season: With 3 assists, he is our joint top assister this season (tied with Bannan and Onomah). With 6 goals, he is our second top scorer, behind Joao with 8. 2017/18: With 12 assists, he was our top provider, creating more goals than the players in 2nd and 3rd combined. Only 4 players in the championship assisted more. 4 goals, 6th in the list Yeah, does nothing, provides nothing. Give over ffs, he's probably our most valuable player.
  5. Minton


    I was under the impression it was due in the summer, but now I'm not so sure, may be next summer. Titties.
  6. Minton


    He's out of contract in the summer. I suspect we've already lined up the contract talks for April once he's into the final 3 months of his deal and we can talk to him. Don't see why we would pay a fee in Jan when we can potentially sign him for free in the summer.
  7. Minton

    English manager

    Comin o'er ere, tekkin our jobs...
  8. Minton

    Birmingham goal, was NOT Palmer's fault!

    If you read the rest of the thread I did take it back having seen the replay, I was sat low down on the kop so live I thought it was Palmer rather than Lees who lost out. My bad. He still needs replacing with someone who can cross worth a damn though.
  9. My mistake, I was sat low down on the Kop, I thought it was Palmer who got beaten.
  10. Westwood 6 - few iffy clearances Fox 7 - worked hard, didn't really do anything wrong Hector 7 - solid Lees 6 - Did ok Palmer 6 - got caught sleeping for their goal Hutch 8 - chased well, looked up for the midfield battle. Extra mark for *that* tackle Bannan 7 - in and out at times, anything good came through him though Reach 6 - Nothing really came off for him Matias 7 - all over the pitch, little anonymous 2nd half Boyd 7 - attacking threat was back Fletcher 8 - great hold up play and great finish for the goal Bullen 6 - too late with the subs
  11. Minton

    Reach Theory

    I love the logic of some people; Adam Reach the player who has, more or less, our best and most consistent player from the last 2 (if not 3 seasons) picks up a knock that if he stresses it, will become a potentially long term injury, so the automatic thought is that we want to sell him, not that the club think he's better off missing 1-2 games rather than 10-12 weeks. Flawless logic.
  12. Minton


    I'd ask teams like Portsmouth and Blackpool if hovering outside the championship relegation zone is bottoming out before holding out too much hope...
  13. Minton

    Wednesday - V- Rotherham OMDT

    So they rebelled and went from 1 nil up to losing 2-1? Sounds like Jos had it right then...
  14. Minton

    Reach to Wolves ?

    Boro sold Adama Traore for £18m in the summer. Reach scores more, assists more and is more consistent. Add him being English to that and it's £20m+. If we did sell him. Which I hope we don't.