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  1. Kieran Lee and Gary Hooper

    Lee is potentially done full stop, there was talk of retirement not so long ago
  2. Time for Moneyball?

    Most clubs use a similar system to moneyball to find and buy players already http://www.skysports.com/football/news/11668/11277117/why-does-willian-use-wyscout-digital-scouting-tool-explained
  3. Any flying is not recommended
  4. Because frequent flying is always great when recovering from an operation. Ask Phil Jones, he did it (unknowingly) and nearly lost his leg and was out for almost 2/3 season
  5. Player insurance is a wonderful thing. We aren't straight up haemorrhaging money for him to be away, the longer he is recovering, the better it looks on out books...
  6. It's a groin injury. Latest update from the club is that he may need surgery.
  7. My take on injury crisis

    There is no doubt that the conditioning of the players has contributed to the injuries. But. Some posters on here are clearly unaware of the nature of sports injuries for sure. A grade 3 muscle tear of a hamstring for example, is a 3 month recovery period. And another thing to consider is perhaps some of the players (like Bannan, Westwood etc) who have had shorter recovery times and then broken down, maybe they have been so desperate to return to the team and improve our God awful season that they've pushed themselves too hard too soon. I'm not saying that is the case for all, but the default position that all our players are just out to steal a wage is complete b0llocks
  8. So your solution is to give a senior debut, in a derby game, away from home, to a player who (being generous here) has done an average job, in a different position, for a club heading towards the lower end of the league below? Get a grip.
  9. That's cutting off your nose to spite your face though surely
  10. I don't understand this obsession with Clare starting? He's had an alright spell at a mid-table league 1 team. 1 goal and 3 assists in 25 games isn't pulling up any trees. Bench for sure given the current injury situation, but starting?!
  11. Megson or MacLaren?

    I'd rather see McLaren as manager with clones of his previous managing jobs as his backroom team rather than Megson. Schteve as assistant and the Wally with the Brolly as fitness coach would at least provide some entertainment.
  12. Um, doesn't he have to be recalled? It's a 28 day emergency loan that can't be extended...
  13. As far as I can see, a boss thinking some of his staff aren't performing and deciding to replace them is doing their job as a professsional. And glad to see you're able to voice your opinion without immediately resorting to being derogatory. Bravo. One question: is it hard to lift your knuckles off the ground to type or do you just put the keyboard on the floor and mash it?
  14. Before I get immediately negged, this is not a pro Carlos thread, I'm not a 'happy clapper' or whatever else gets thrown around by some as an insult. This thread isn't even about being for or against Carlos, so hopefully it won't descend into people arguing that either. This is about the unnecessary abuse that some people are hurling at our manager, chairman, players and other fans on here and on other social media platforms at the moment. If you don't like Carlos, fine. If you think he's the best or worst manager we've ever had, you have every right to voice your opinion. But there is a line and when some people start giving others personal, downright nasty abuse (particularly from behind a keyboard) that line is crossed and it's getting well out of hand. Whatever you think about Carlos and some of our players, they don't deserve the horrible vitriol that is being spewed at them. They're footballers by profession, but they're still people. Be disappointed, be frustrated, be angry, but don't be unnecessarily abusive. Maybe before typing think "how would I feel if this was being said to my mum" I've been away for the last month working in South America, I've been catching up with things and some of the posts I've seen have genuinely made me ashamed to be a Wednesday fan. Sorry for the long post, but feel like I had to get that off my chest. And for the record, I like Carlos, I'm forever grateful for what he did in the first 2 seasons, but feel that it's time for him to go. Anyways. Peace out