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  1. Points deduction eh? Chansiri guilty of dodgy dealings. 21 points for sure according to some here. Bet there are a red faces now.
  2. Force majeure will be in the contract, they won't be redressing anything.
  3. TV money has already been paid. The only additional TV money clubs will lose out on is the live broadcast games, which is £1.1m per game for premier league teams, £100k for championship teams and then I think it's around the £35k for league 1 and 2 (not sure on the last 2 figures though). So not much lost there. The big issue for lower league teams is the POTG money.
  4. Except we aren't minus 2 coaches, because we moved up coaches from the u23 setup.
  5. They have though. But yeah, "wE hAvE nO cOaChEs"
  6. The only space we haven't filled with a coach is the assistant role, which Bullen is occupying. We promoted from the academy staff and moved folk around. There is a difference between not having coaches and not having the coaches Monk wants.
  7. We brought in 3 coaches for Bruce, plus a highly rated fitness coach in the close season. Not exactly refusing to sign staff is it?
  8. I haven't seen many bring in coaches mid season from other clubs. They might bring in an out of work manager and his staff, but they are free agents.
  9. Availability of staff that Monk wants, other clubs unwilling to waive compensation for a member of staff that is under contract, staff not wanting to work under Monk, staff not willing to move to SWFC, clubs/managers not willing to let a valued member of their first team coaching staff leave halfway into a season, the list goes on and on. Not everything is because DC doesn't want it to happen. Get a grip.
  10. If it's broken he may have been doing that anyway. Turns out that feet are the most important part of a footballer's body though (who knew?!) so being out for 6 weeks is preferable to potentially damaging the rest of his career.
  11. Seeing as the club have as much of an idea about the outcome of the arbitration as we do, I not sure what you want them to say? As for rumours about players, do you really think the club should make a comment about what Derek down the Nag's Head said about Westwood? I mean, his mate told him and he saw it on Twitter and the person who wrote it got his info from his auntie's friend Tracy, who is friends with the Westwood's cleaner's dog Walker's cousin's girlfriend's mum, so must be spot on. Good grief, stop being so needy.
  12. Despite being on the side of a team that just capitulated 5-0, Bannan was still the highest rated player in the game for passes, passes completed and key passes. So yeah, he's pretty good.
  13. 3 different owners have bought into Bolton and they were losing tens of millions a season and nearly £200m in debt. There will be plenty of groups interested in buying our club if Chansiri did decide to sell.
  14. He's got a way to go before he gets into the Eustace/Yorath/Shreeves/Jewell bracket, but he is getting there.
  15. @The Italian Stallion Why the negs on any post about it still being a problem? Don't like the truth being told about homophobia still being problem?
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