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  1. You are wasted on a football forum. With condescending posts like that you could quite easily become a lib dem candidate.
  2. I rarely watch mod, england matches are more often than not a bore fest. Hate the diving fake injury / cheating tw@ts. Beats me why football is in such a healthy state financially. If it weren't for Wednesday I would have turned to cricket / dancing / chess yonks ago
  3. Mm, we don't keep key players fit, we and every club in the league need a striker with pace..and we never get one. A very average top 10..yet we are making hard work of it. I ain't optimistic this season, not just the Blackburn game, been plenty like it. In fact probably just the midds and leeds game where we looked ok....and midds are fooookin shyte.
  4. Bit below the belt from Mow, but he's right. Any average side would give us a game..and a few poor ones. Crypton factor tactics seem to be our thing these past few years.
  5. Some of dem socialist don't like England flags on white vans either ... ET....
  6. You must be using the same gate as me
  7. Think anybody can beat anybody in this leage..... ............mainly because most of the teams in it are equally shyte.
  8. This league is nuts...there isn't one good side in it.
  9. Dave, Fletch and Hutch were ok today..a reyt handful. Our 'flair' players were a bit missing... Still should have done em
  10. Thought Reach wasn't on it today...again Though he was henergetic... Surprised he has 4% of the vote...
  11. Don't think he meant to elbow him on the head, he was clearly aiming for the middle of the face.. Dirty scummy little short ass Bang red all day long
  12. We are 1 transfer window off a real good chance of top 6...or better No one comes in, mid-table. 3 players needed..they don't need to be world beaters just solid, competitive with loads of henergy. Imho of course Deffo no has beens needed, let leeds, derby, florist and swansea have em.
  13. We do tend to hang on a bit...but 3rd in the league suggests we ain't too bad at it. I suppose there will be some serious mumping going on at qpr, swansea and west brom tonight as well.
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