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  1. I loved the 70's...always optimistic no matter how bad it got, my dad thought i was nuts...'they will always let you down, the board have no ambition blah blah ' took no notice of course, had some great away days, weekends in southend, blackpool, london. Once the signs of recovery were under way it was brill being a wednesdayite. Think you appreciate the good times more.
  2. 45/46 according to historical football kits website. Though the film was released in 1943..perhaps the producers knew a kit change was coming..
  3. Any of at home, in order of pref. Man u Arsenal West ham Norwich Spurs Pigglingtons
  4. 15/1 we get the grunt bags...assuming they get through...and no replays... Oops, one already... Away or home?
  5. Nope, but it depends who we are playing. We are poor against tough gritty time wasting sides. Good sides we seem to do better. We are easy to out bully, creative footballing sides don't need to resort to shyte anti football tactics...usually! Btw we deffo bottled the hudds semi...especially the pens
  6. Yep i thought so, too much tip tappie for a start. Second season even worse, far too negative, with a more possitive approach i don't think auto would have been out of the question. Their was a glimpse of what we could do ..occaionally. Though I did like him, just the football was boring as foook in many games. Having said that, things haven't improved on the entertainment or reletive success front since he left.
  7. I don't think he pretended to be injured but undoubtedly he got injured on a purpose.
  8. The winter of 1962 was reyt reyt cold, worse on record. Besides that our robbing chairman hiked the price to get in to 5/-
  9. We always called it 5-3-3 at school ( goalie counted) Don't know why our football coach got onto formations cos every team we ever played we and the oppos played it. Before every game he would say..we will line up 5-3-3 and see how it goes...never changed never altered.
  10. Coffee 'ont kop is the reason...he's reyt mad
  11. Thanks My earliest memory of Wednesday was watching the 66 cup final on tv...and my dad saying bloody ell ..Young...not like him. So assumed to this day he was always a defender. I had been to a few home games before but can't remember anything about them. Wouldn't have known, if the original owner of the programme hadn't have scribbled in the actual line up.
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