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  1. Course they can, though not in the same way as most of us, like you say. Course we can, though we cannot set someone new on in a similar role in the immediate future. Not that we should or want too...the country is injured. Pay back time.
  2. Also a player may think foook that, i ain't playing....or maybe says nothing and plays...then gets a cough, both teams then isolated..etc etc etc. This season is over it will be abandoned or postponed until next season and could quite easily not start until Jan next year....or even later. Even when over the peak the meds are not certain the virus will disappear, it could erupt again, especialy in the autumn early winter so I would think any mass gatherings will be out of the question until they are sure it is safe.
  3. Knew Joe quite well... Once on a tram to Hillsborough from town...v piggies at ours. Scumbag piggies gobbing off and spitting on him ( well after director days, so was getting on a bit). He said to one of em...once more porky and I'll knock thee out and they backed off...
  4. Can't see a question re very angry pointing..done loads of that since I turned 35..
  5. Intetesting, i never knew that or at least didn't know how serious. And that was at a time when I was the most wednesdayitish in my life. He was a tw@t that hardaker..if true. Just wonder if we had a similar bug towards the end of cc's reign...
  6. Think myself, the powers that be will postpone this season and resume next season. Next season's fixtures will be abandoned...maybe cup ties, friendlies only. Players contracts etc etc will be up to individual clubs to sort out. Will have to play with what available..same for all...except for the prem..whom will be able to afford to do wtf they like.
  7. That is true, a poor excuse from the club..TF didn't like the excuse and was the scapegoat who had to explain.... At the time several clubs...including wednesday were under investigation for 'back handers' to players, some players wanted back handers or if not available went elsewhere.. Some clubs were not under investigation....anyhow..we let him go..
  8. Ha...not so long ago Ffs Reach don't shoot from therrrre. Gerin..
  9. Seen similar, though they were square...shareholder tokens, think you are right
  10. Everton away in old 1st division, or blackburn away fa cup quarters 1966..can't remember which way round...i would have been 10 😩
  11. After bird ( before all pubs opened until daft o'clock). Through till 2 with graham pugh...
  12. I know for a fact ( cos i was there)..to wee wee man ure off even more... 'Someone' said, ffs its fergy again, tell him we want ryan giggs in part ex as well...that ought to foook him off. The decision not to sell was TF's alone and had majority backing from the board.
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