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  1. He was off that day they did defending at coaching school
  2. Difficult decision. Bench for me, on at 60 mins ish Try and keep all happy. If that ain't good enough for some, fooook em, put em on the bench next to westwood
  3. Soz, thought you said money makes no difference to a players commitment...just thought Hirst and Clare and for a short while FF wasn't committed, FF ended up committed when he got a rise, the other two foooked off, they weren't committed enough cos of money. My mistake
  4. Eh? Why did Hirst and Clare foook off then and why did FF threaten to....and that's only the ones we know about.
  5. Next 3 at ours are: Leeds West Brom Middlesborough Currently the top 3 in the league I'm deluded, 5 pts minimum shouldn't be a problem. If we get more than 4 pts, then the 'expert pundits' on here will be more deluded than the original deludees.
  6. Great result but foookin ell, way OTT. Villa ain't Barca, they couldn't beat Reading or Ipswich and got hammered at the piggery. Some thought we had a perfectly reasonable chance of turning Villa over
  7. I think we would have won 2-0 if westwood was playing..
  8. sherlyegg

    Rub It In, Jos!

    What if Jos decides to foook off?
  9. Looks like both aren't working
  10. Very true...but he isn't doing himself any favours with the boring negative style of football.
  11. No idea if it will work or not... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xW8OSpe4QFY
  12. If this game goes apeshit, it will get difficult for him no doubt...the negative looking line up suggests he's lost the plot....but who knows, could be a genius decision
  13. The piggies beat em They couldn't beat Ipswich They couldn't beat Reading Yet we will pass it around the back for 85 mins cos they are Barcelonaesque