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  1. How low is your head buried in the sand me owd ? Care to explain why we won't be deducted points
  2. Think Brum was the clue, if we are 1/3rd of brums over spending we will get, 2pts deducted...and so on. They have set the precedent now. You may recall the brum chairman saying he was going to reduce costs, sell players...he didn't (maybe not his fault, as trying to get rid of average players on big bucks is not easy) It is very similar to us. DC said we were in the shyte. I don't get why some are ignoring what dc said, ignoring what brum got as though we are some sort of special case. That tried ever so hard to cut costs and the EFL will show us even more leniency that birmingham...cos they won't
  3. Points deducted will be carried on to the prem, if punishment decided after March 28 ...assuming we go up. The deadline is 28 March for any points to be deducted...after that it's next season, clubs affected will start on -points. They EFL/P&S say any sanctions for breach of rules should be applied in the season they occured....if possible. It's unlikely but not impossible it will be this season. OH and btw we will be deducted points. I don't think they will get it through this season......If they don't no matter what league we are in next season, we will start on -pts.
  4. No, it was a legal technicality over Brums signing. I would assume any points deduction is based on how much the overspend was
  5. I have wondered why Meire left? Why after only 12 months....I do wonder if she had a fall out with someone...no sales in January, perhaps she thought fooook this I'm not getting the blame for a fooook up by yet another chairman
  6. We will be deducted points, otherwise Brum would not have been deducted points. Being stuck with players is self inflicted it is not an excuse and they will not listen. Brum said they will strive to reduce wage bill and sell players (not easy when on contracts on big dosh...or injured) DC more than likely said the exact same thing. Brum sold no fooooker or reduced wage bill.....we have done likewise. Next season makes no difference, we will be punished on the previous 3.
  7. Don't know why some still do not understand, Brum were not penalised for signing a player while under an embargo, it was 'legal' it had no impact whatsoever on the penalty imposed. It was taken off the table as instructed by the qualified legal person at the hearing...the efl fooooked up.
  8. Yeah I suppose you could, though you would lose money, Millwall at home, or M Utd at home....it's a really difficult decision to make for a casual, which one should I go to
  9. Just been told we are on for a 6pt deduction, Villa 8 and Derby 8...It could happen this season (mid April) though it is likely to be next season. Reasoning is all 3 clubs are in with a chance of play-offs, so they would have to do all at once, which would be difficult as appeals are likely. If one were to be promoted a points deduction would carry through to the prem, the prem has agreed on principle...but not ratified yet.
  10. It is really really really really important we are promoted this season, cos next season we are on -21pts, Russians will be in charge of gate money, floodlights will not work when it's dark. The army will be in charge of crowd control, beer will be £20 a pint, pies will be £10. Parking fines will be £25,000 I've heard summat like it somewhere else
  11. Can't touch us this season and why are we not in bold links like the other two...
  12. I think that is bang on as we know only too well. It's a no win scenario I strongly believe DC said to EFL, we will reduce wage bills, players will be sold etc blah blah blah (in the Jan window)...we didn't and he had no intention of doing so or nobody was interested that's why he said we must get promoted this season. He did say he will accept a financial hit. If we are not promoted this season we will be -6pts or more start of next season....all of course IMHO...Though it is likely, along with Villa or Derby..or maybe Forest...or perhaps the piggies whom are on reputedly, it ain't fair bonus
  13. Exactly, us, derby or villa is a good bet or even 2 of the 3. My point was that if promoted they will be fined and no doubt a substantial amount. In relative terms peanuts though. Then you will have Bristol, Preston etc complaining that it was unfair, they have cheated. Similar to relegation, no doubt Rotherham, Reading, Millwall, Wigan etc will complain Brum should have been deducted 21pts because they cheated ... IMO the EFL are not a fit and proper organisation to rule. Then on top of that you have parachute payments for clubs whom failed...it's dead bent and bang open for corruption
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