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  1. Sometimes I think some footballers are not all that err...smart? Cameras all over the place, you might forgive a spur of the moment tantrum.. But that was premeditated..obviously did it to get him worked up...
  2. Be some bovver if London is allowed... They were mumping before that they were ok Even though the plague spread from that there london..
  3. 1980B-32 Player with hole in pocket feel coçky all day.
  4. We have no chance whatsoever at swansea..none. Treat as a training opportunity, play several under 23's, just to see what's what. Preston yesterday were absolute garbage yet we managed FA, nothing, ziltch. Windass should have started with Rhodes, Westwood should not have been in the team. Bannan was wasted as per normal. Carry on with performances as shyte as that, no ******** would save us from relegation, nobody.. Preston were absolute dog-shyte..so what the foook are we like..
  5. Var was brought in cos all the big names in the game wanted it. Now they all think it was shyte idea but just blame every other foooker, mostly the ref.. He should have a look, he should have stuck with what he thought...blah blah blah. Sometimes it's not possible to spot a dive..the 'big' names are ace at it, they must practice em. Should be actors some of them.. Tbh, football in the prem is very often boring as foook, cheating is the norm. Even motd pundits often say, any touch in the area go down. I think the chase for the top prize is better
  6. Not sure about that, isn't the 90% mixed in with them that never get it in the first place? As for lockdown, every country in the world has some form of lockdown many more severe than ours, some in europe even have curfews in place. My theory is they can't all be wrong.
  7. The last bit, and the first bit, and the bit in the middle
  8. If they do go on to ban heading, boxing in its present form will be banned. What's the survival rate for over 60's / 70's
  9. I reckon if he hadn't gone on to be a boxer we would have gone on to be a reyt side.
  10. Quiz question, who was 3-0 up with 3 minutes to go and lost. Oops think you might know the answer
  11. Been once yonks ago, can't remember when or the score. All i remember is bouncing on their wooden kop...like a trampoline. Sag would go apshyte today..
  12. Ryan Elliot (oddschecker) tipped us in his longshot treble. Longshot? We is nailed on man, get a grip.
  13. There wouldn't have been any money available, the fee we were offered wouldn't even cover what we would have owed Gibbo, plus more ffp probs, and another striker to find. Doesn't matter what anyone thinks regards ability etc etc. Just didn't make financial sense at what was offered.
  14. He wasn't sold because the offer was not good enough. The fee to borough would have had to be paid in full, which would have further hampered FFP. And a player down. This is why Gibbo hates us...
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