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  1. I don't think Bullen knows Fessi that well. He hardly sees owt of him
  2. And furgie, the special one, klopp....hundreds of em.
  3. How do you know he's even considering him..cos he's 2/1?
  4. I think it is. Just ramping up interest to make it look a 3 - 4 horse race. The most popular bet is cc at 50/1. Not concerned unless someone goes short odds on quickly
  5. You said we will be rooted mid table at xmas, i presumed because you know that means you know someone who will do better..just wondered who it was thats all.
  6. Which one on the list will guarantee us top 6 or better at xmas? I'll go with him, tell me who he is...and I'll have a tenner on promotion
  7. Because it would be difficult to attract a manager doing well where he is, to come here and work under ffp restrictions. Maybe a foreign manager who wants a go in England, or a 1st div manager doing well....but then the not proven at this level would start. The easy option is to opt for someone on the managerial roundabout, I don't think DC will do that. Sometimes you just have to go with the hand dealt to you. Stick or Twist? Imo it will be Bullen or someone not yet on the list. Just glad I decided against buying Wednesday, it's a reyt ballache
  8. Rowett is shortening too, Bullen is drifting. They ain't got a clue. Beginning to think the new manager isn't even in the betting yet
  9. Yeah, like every club in the country would like one of them. Can't see any on the list who would be a viable option. Most are out of work for a reason; cos they want too much money for players. Or they are just plain average managers, or they are sat on their aris waiting for a 'big club'. They don't mind waiting cos they have made loads of dosh on the manager circuit, when they realise that a big club ain't coming, they will jump back on the circuit with a club like.....
  10. Eh? You said, maybe he didn't know what he was signing up to. (for a sly dig at DC of course)...What you on about now? OK try this one 9:30 in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qDdNkVYZFto
  11. When he joined "I didn't think twice. I thought long and hard about whether I wanted to go back into management, but when I got the phone call from the chairman (Dejphon Chansiri) and met his enthusiasm when we got face-to-face - he wants this club to be successful. "That started the old adrenaline a bit to say 'let's get back on the horse again'." ----- at the end of season Bruce, who has sampled defeat just three times in 18 matches in an uplifting start to his Owls’ tenure, said: “It was one of the reasons why I am here due to the quite unique band of fans. “If you are honest and straight with them they will support their club. That is quite refreshing. “To get 5,000 (away fans) at Preston, who else would do that in a dead-rubber? “Thankfully we have given them a little bit (back) because it has maybe been tough for them for 18 months after nearly getting there. “But you cannot deny their loyalty; they are quite incredible.” Sounds reyt snakey to me
  12. Ok Historically, Bruce is more likely to quit a job than be fired, with his exit from the Black Cats one of only three times he has experienced the sack - the other two occasions being at Huddersfield, his second club, in October 2000 and, 18 years later, Aston Villa. He resigned at seven of his other clubs and on four of those occasions Bruce was named manager of another team within a week of leaving his previous employment. He was in charge of the Owls for 18 league games - less than half a Championship season. That is by no means his shortest spell at one club. In his early days, Bruce accepted three different jobs in 2001.
  13. So Giovanni van Bronckhorst is nailed on fav here, yet most say we need someone who knows the league... He's dutch and may never have seen a championship game before. Sure i've heard that before somewhere?
  14. The games moved on since then mate..
  15. Yep, it's a different game now, that's why we do so well. Jos Sideways and Carlos Backwards were like a breath of fresh air.
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