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  1. Yep they can, start one up, it's a doddle. Unless you are famous or very good / lucky all you will get back is running costs, perhaps a bit of beer money. You mention advertisers, they won't pay jackshyte without the numbers, affiliate advertising maybe, then the site/channel would need to be well targeted and even then you would need loads of visitors to make money, unless very niche, selling jump jets etc.... It can be done, no doubt, but very very difficult.
  2. Monetise? Industry standard: Google pays roughly £800 per 500,000 youtube views...a Wednesday page.. if lucky would get half of that per year..£400 a year? You need tons and tons of subscribers to make money. Ask the star or any other news channel how easy it is to make money from a news channel. Unless of course it was a paid subscription, in which case no one would pay...or very few. Or if like Ryan Kaji 25M subscribers and makes $25M per year, from several billion views per year.
  3. To make decent dosh you need 250k regulars at least, we have well over a million fans in the uk alone. Wawaw..loads of dosh... Best way forward imho is to be niche..something different, bit of comedy...pish taking etc along the lines of old fanzines..has to be funny though, we in sheff are lucky, the piggies are always giving even when they are semi- average...
  4. What one panel says or does has no baring on what another may judge to be ,'fair' or right. If that were the case appeals would never be successful. The EFL have appealed Derby's let off, as nuts as the EFL are, they know they have a case..the EFL have a 100% record on winning appeals. The law as it stood at the time, the EFL had no punishiment in place, higher than a 9pts penalty..and even that was flawed. My guess is it will be revised to -9...or hopefully -6 being that we consulted and was upfront with the efl throughout.
  5. Bound to be heard on Oct 31, trick or treat for Gibbo.
  6. Penthouse? Thursday, cheese and wine party, drinks 10p.. Never saw any wine or cheese though.
  7. Greatest come back in football history, the shock of the century. More points than a herd of hedgehogs, promoted with 10 points to spare.... And no fooooker there to see history being made. A film will be made; and in years to come it will be on telly every Christmas instead of that Steve McQeen film. Oh well
  8. I don't want to pay him 44p though, btw how do you know that i don't know i was born. ?
  9. Don't think it's unfair to have a moan at someone whose wages I help pay, without any option. Others you mention, music stars etc, I do have the option.
  10. According to sky in depth stats, we had them well beat in all areas.... Except aerial duals... So we just need an aerial leader... 😋
  11. Don't really want em in Sheffield...crowded already.
  12. I've never been a fan of 'resting' players..save em for important games etc etc etc. But tonight we should have fielded a junior side...imho of course.
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