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  1. Reckon they will make 8 changes..4/1 us to win seems a lump on no brainer. I have the lump and no brain though
  2. Very cc-esque fooookin w@nk against a reyt shyte hudds
  3. We never win 12 o wee wee tail ko's on sunday.. So i'm going 1-0 to us.
  4. I ain't going, cos the toffees will play a reserve side. We will ' experiment' which is manager speak for don't give a foook. Oh, and i don' t wanna go... Hope that covers it.
  5. Spoke about the piggies very often, The Sty at Night..was me fav programme when i was an apprentice planet hunter.
  6. Set off like seb coe, finished up like bil ko
  7. We once had a saint coach us. Dint stay long though. Packed up...nothing he could do
  8. Same season we drew at ours, drew at theirs i think..could and should have won. We didn't turn up in the final, regardless if they were as good as barcelona.
  9. Why would you want to get rid of coach, who has a better win rate than the bloke replacing him or even the bloke that preceded him.
  10. Same as who, Bruce or Joss? Same knives would be out, even if revolutinary leader Che Guevara ...i mean Cowley
  11. Has he gone yet..betting suspended. Strange choice imo..though there is plenty of time to change things around... If he/ they get hudds firing. And we,..err don't.. DC will get some reyt shyte. From cowley's owlstalk fanclub.. Fooook being a chairman, rather clean shyte out of cuckoo clocks
  12. Not thrilled with playing out from the back bit... We are proven beyond reasonable doubt that we are shyte at it.
  13. Why? Shouldn't be having probs against hudds. Very winnable, easy start. If we don't beat the likes of hudds we can forget about top 6.
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