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  1. Pride

    Nah, we lost...soz...but there is still a few games left
  2. Pride

    Do you mean like teams fighting relegation do, with no shots on target though....again?
  3. Perspective

    ..kin..hiccup...more like whooping cough.
  4. Something has to change!

    I used to think that but it is becoming more and more obvious we don't, or maybe we do have a great squad but they are not performing. Which leaves only one option, whatever the reason

    Top of the league? maybe 2nd?. I foookin hate 'The Savior' mode...he bought us for one reason only, if he hadn't, some other fooooker would have. He got us dead cheap, he made a gamble and thus far his judgement is not going to plan. Pro gamblers always make some mistakes. The savvy ones will make loss adjusting decisions along the way. Trouble is, now he's foookin stuck with stock he bought.
  6. Are you sniffing glue? Don't give a shitola about shirts not available, don't a shitola about playing in the ipswich kit, don't give a shitola about the price to get in (well i do but that isn't cc fault) don't give a fooook about watches...CC is in charge of the team and it's broke. How broken do you want it to be? A simple restoration or a right off?
  7. Are we in a relegation fight?.

    Right now, i would take that. Cos it looks like being worst than that
  8. Are we in a relegation fight?.

    Looks like it, it's reyt hard to get out of a rut....reyt reyt hard, I can see the cushion lobbers returning. But Derby are a fantastic side so we really shouldn't be knee jerkin
  9. The chestnuts were not roasting today, but that does not mean chestnuts never cook. Once the fire is roaring all our chestnuts will be in the moment. We just need to get the fire going, but bad referees keep putting water on the cokes...blah blah blah
  10. Very good, now I will bet you £1M to your £5 that Chelsea finish higher than Palace, you seem to be getting slip-ups and and shambles mixed up
  11. horse today

    Yep, the neigh offs, the trainer will play for a dead-heat though but get beat on the nod
  12. I know but, how hard can it be to set someone on who can sell stuff in a shop, how hard is it to say mek us some shirts and i will pay you, if they come late you get fooookall How hard is it to look at the table and think, Mm we ain't on target and we ain't played anybody decent yet.
  13. Could get a lot worst next season, FFP could be a right pain in the crappper, if we have to sell we will get stung, although there's only few players worth owt significant...and at £££££ to get in, crowds will drop like a stone...the big fooookin wheel is going the wrong way again... Anyhow I'm off to ebay for some cheap rope..
  14. Just a rumour...

    IMHO, nailed on to be sacked, cos things will not get better, not being harsh it's now very obvious. Just when, not if. I would think before xmas (this xmas btw) Massive mistake renewing his contract and said so. Nice bloke shame about the tactics.
  15. Just a rumour...

    Nah, setting someone on is different, sacking is instant...leave ya desk now, don't come back. Besides CC would spill the beans or was he told not to say owt till tomoz ?