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  1. Be ok in Swansea...getting back could be a right problem
  2. 12 days - 4 important matches

    Yeah strange that, especially after the last 'rest'...that went well
  3. Just a thought

    'Rotating' in form players is fooookin nuts, playing without strikers is.... errr...worse.. Just a point would have done at milwall, FA in two, what next yogi...
  4. Should always put out best side, bollloxx to all the 'saving players for another game'...unless it's don't give a foooook game
  5. Sam Winnall

    Cos you said he was nobheadd and not liked at barnsley (not true btw). He was out of contract any time soon, hence he was cheap...though barnsley have sell on clause.....why would any club buy a wwwanker in your words?
  6. Sam Winnall

    Ah, the Winnall hater is back, telling us how much he is hated all over the football world...yet then goes on to say we will make a healthy profit. Wot a foookin kernobhead
  7. Sam Winnall

    FF is going, Joao is not our new managers type of footballer, nor was he CC's We need to hang on to Winall...unless he hates us too much now
  8. Pigs win anyone??

    The porkies are firing again, think they will beat em...no bother though they will still finish 8th/9th
  9. Sam Winnall

    Hopefully Jos will realise we ain't money to do any better
  10. Sam Winnall

    Wow, he didn't even make the foam cushion here
  11. Strange but true...

    Is your name accurate, are you male or female cos I'm undecided if to get a semi on, I need to know fairly quickly...
  12. I'm actually on about your comment, that DC does not want him anywhere near the club, reluctantly lets him play? So Jos (whom DC has never heard of) has twisted his arm and said play the foooker you dimwit.
  13. Today's Times

    Thanks Plonk, BBC said no snowflakes today though...
  14. Oh right, so DC didn't think he was good enough?