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  1. sherlyegg

    Hands up if it's coming home

    Well we've avoided Hudders in the semi, every chance
  2. This spy I know, who goes in our pub..says his russian secret agent mate says England will not win..cos his government have 'made arrangements'..
  3. Tbf, no fire sale cos no bugger would buy 'most' of em..
  4. They reminded me of leeds in the 70's....scrub that...they reminded me of leeds
  5. Must be the biggest Wednesdayite contingent ever in an England team now...Vardy, Maguire, Stones and Cahill...not to mention the Arctic Monkeys playing a holding role..
  6. sherlyegg

    Our fire sale

    We will have to take a hit and lose loads of dosh re-Rhodes. Any one of Fletcher, Bannan or FF should make up the loss. Then the other two left are money in the bank...to offset a chunk of ffp...not for new players, yet. At least 2 of our 'best 4' will be off, possibly 3....bigshithitsthe fan all 4. Can see Boyd staying along with Abdi mesen
  7. sherlyegg

    Fans' verdict: Season ticket sales

    Turned the corner?..the foookin indicator's been on for yonks
  8. sherlyegg

    It's all very quiet at Hillsborough

    We can't spend any more dosh, grass seed from B&Q is a reyt price. FFP would kick in, hence we will have a bald pitch next season
  9. sherlyegg

    Rhodes to Rangers

    Wich word woz spelt rong
  10. I think we will be rebuilding....FFS get some new fooookin builders, been rebuilding for yonks now
  11. sherlyegg


    On behalf of Sheffield Wednesday Football Club we would like to offer you £££££££ of DC's money ....to sign...re-sign or get fooooked Too right, a fantastic job she's doing not just any fooooker would be able to do that..
  12. I think the current squad is capable of auto promotion, assuming we throw the negative tiptappie shyte out...as cc should have done. He could have been a contender but he foooked up tactically and was a stuborn foooker...so near yet so far.
  13. Then there was Wigan and Blackpool ..play off contenders for a couple of years then.....err