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  1. £40M should keep them afloat...mid-table my guess, though they could possibly do a Sunderland. And Cardiff / Fulham will have a head start, not saying they will be contenders btw but a huge bonus having dosh in the bank, Fulham will pay the wages..and loads of players like the bright lights of London. Then three from four, Villa, W Brom, Leeds or Derby all would be top 6 contenders next season and then the unexpected, Swansea, Stoke? or even Barnsley...whatever all will be hard to beat. It won't be easier next season, just the same, most of the above will be shorter prices than us
  2. Wednesday win, nailed on..miss out on top 6 by 1 or 2 pts. Sicker than Baldricks, sick bucket when he's had 16 pints of wards and 3 bottles of brandy.
  3. It ain't fair, how come he knows how much we have lost when I ain't got a fooookin clue
  4. Thought Lee signed a 25k a week contract about 2 yrs back
  5. We could be the first team to get promoted while starting the season on - points
  6. Reyt unlucky against villa...bad luck against norwich....not to mention the give away against west brom. Could have been comfortable top 6..even being shyte most of the season...oh well
  7. If the mighty wigan can cause an upset, so can we..lets pizz on the norwich promotion party..kin ell after today's results we could have been contentenders ...oh well
  8. Well we will need to be Barcelonaesque next season to have sniff. 9 / 12 pt deduction coming, depending on who we can shift in the summer, Rhodes would save us 3 pts...assuming we get £6m.
  9. Thought that was a cc fault....fooookin ell they are all at it. Can't keep making excuses for bannan...he's been poor more than once this season...anyhow on to newhugh..
  10. What? The mighty l**ds...they were biting their finger tips for 20 mins...and they had the ref on their side. Thought we did ok today, especially with Bannan giving the ball away...and givin hospital passes...he was off it today
  11. As if we were ever ever to do the grunters a favour..stoke...villa did us. We will be playing the pork brigade next season
  12. Fully expect the piggies to win Saturday, and they will go second. leeds will be shaking like pooing dogs come kick off time against us, knowing it's a 'must win' to go back 2nd.. And we will win 1-0 don't be disheartened though, you will end up 2nd...the piggies are serial bottlers..
  13. Bristol have.. Villa away Us at home Derby at home a tricky couple.. one away at Milwall and one away at Hull. One 'easy one' at home to Reading. Don't think Bristol will have enough. Hopefully they will get a point at villa, a point against Derby Lose at Milwall, lose at Hull. IMO, If we lose on Saturday it's all over...if we draw the fat lady will be clearing her throat, we would have to win all remaining 4 games to have a cat in hells chance...72pts. Realistically we need to win all remaining 5 games..74pts. The villa game was the killer, even just a point would have made a big difference (two points off villas total). Foookin jammy tw@tts
  14. 74 points will be enough to make top 6...in fact I'll have a bet if you like. Not saying it will be us though
  15. Gorra be leeds to go up...kin ell, piggies in the prem?.. We would lose potential new fans... and the flippingscrubbers would be a nightmare to talk to..if not already. No thanks, lose in play offs preferably at wembley 5-0.. If we lose to Forest tonight...I wont be arsed if we lose to the scummy leeds one bit. Apart from that, hope they both miss out..
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