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  1. I think we will be rebuilding....FFS get some new fooookin builders, been rebuilding for yonks now
  2. sherlyegg


    On behalf of Sheffield Wednesday Football Club we would like to offer you £££££££ of DC's money ....to sign...re-sign or get fooooked Too right, a fantastic job she's doing not just any fooooker would be able to do that..
  3. I think the current squad is capable of auto promotion, assuming we throw the negative tiptappie shyte out...as cc should have done. He could have been a contender but he foooked up tactically and was a stuborn foooker...so near yet so far.
  4. Then there was Wigan and Blackpool ..play off contenders for a couple of years then.....err
  5. sherlyegg

    We got a player on our hands!

    Bloody ell, then how would the rest of the squad do in the prem..0.25 of a season in the prem?
  6. sherlyegg

    #QPR 4 - 2 #SWFC - OMDT

    Ha, foookin ell, you count coming on for 10 mins as being a stat to suit your argument...just spit it out you hate the guy. No shame in that, why backhand snide comments?...just say why he is shyte 3-0 down to foookin QPR in 15 mins and you bring our top scorer this season into the blame game, why would you feel the need to do so?
  7. sherlyegg

    #QPR 4 - 2 #SWFC - OMDT

    1. It was, or why mention him? 2. It's reyt hard playing well for more than a handful of games when you only play a handful of games.
  8. sherlyegg

    #QPR 4 - 2 #SWFC - OMDT

    Wondered how long it would take to blame Nuhiu...backhanded digs are real eye openers
  9. If it wasn't for Stone age, you could well be describing CC (Cos he likes to play modern tip tap tip.. hoofball) Considering he has had only 10% of our budget and they have 6 points more than us, I would think your argument is a bit flawed Not that I would want Big Mick by choice...but we could do a whole lot worse...fighting relegation even
  10. Yep, some good results..but lets be reyt we could easily have lost a couple of em. Plus he's gone and got Bannan injured now, not fit enough shouldn't be playing when semi fit.. It's an out from me, far too negativenessation
  11. sherlyegg

    What does Jos mean?

    CC didn't need a squad of ultra fit players, just tip tappy types...He did not believe work horses would secure promotion, to some extent I agree. But for the machine to work properly a few needed to be dead fit and make sure the bearings are well oiled...unfortunately he didn't grease up the component parts and had no maintenance plan.
  12. sherlyegg

    Nuhiu’s market value

    Nuhui is a free agent we get fooook all..
  13. sherlyegg

    Nuhiu’s market value

    Yep. He may be offered 50K per week on a 12/24-month contract, west brom / villa / stoke / palace etc. It may sound a lot 50k but no transfer fee to pay. £5.2M over 2-years, if he was in contract a club would need to find more than that for the transfer fee alone then top the wages we are paying (unless he was unhappy and wanted to fooook off) Think we will do well to hang on to him, we will have to be close to what others are willing to offer. He's in a great position, no doubt his agent thinks so too. Much depends on what Jos / DC thinks....Hooper, Rhodes, Fletcher. I thinks any two of, Nuhiu, Rhodes, Hooper or Fletcher will be off. Doubt very much all 4 will be here start of next season.
  14. sherlyegg

    Naah then Colin!!

    Col is the best wum in the world no question, a real character in today's mostly characterless football world. He managed the dark side and dissed the massive over and over again...he can fooook off and be a great character at Barcelona, I don't give a foook, don't want him here.