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  1. No it isn't, have a read up about how the club have been ran...most clubs would have been down by christmas... And look up remarkably in a dictionary.....
  2. He should let him make all decisions
  3. How much will walk up tickets be next season?..if it's more than a tenner i'm not gooing either.
  4. He also did Unknown Legend....he will make himself known tomoz
  5. Had £200 on us to stop up.. So I'll be watching in cloud cuckoo land...
  6. This 'entitled' demand from fans who somehow think they have the right to demand to be told the absolute inner most points of what is going on is just absurd. I totally get that people are concerned, and they absolutely should be. But, at the end, we are fans and our interaction with this club is just that. Btw Nicked from the dcfc forum...
  7. Windass won't be on the pitch in the last minute...so will have to be Bannan or Peluswervy
  8. If we finish 4th bottom we deserve to stay up. If we finish in the bottom 3 we deserve to go down. The tables don't lie.
  9. Rooney's done his.. No regrets on laughing about relegation a few months back...been working on defending set pieces all week. Someone's told him we are brill at corners
  10. Derby ain't come from behind and gone on to win all season...useless tw@ts.
  11. The green bin is always offside..he don't know the bloody rules...
  12. The ones who got us to a final match shoot out, against all the odds.
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