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  1. Bannan is easily our best player.... But lets be reyt he has no competition at all
  2. There's 10m people in the country on 80% of their wages...some a lot more due to no overtime...thousands and thousands get nothing. Thousands and thousands have been laid off...
  3. With the exception of Shaw, none will get a better deal than they have had here..none. Don't think they have downed tools...most are simply not good enough as proven over and over again.
  4. Me too..0 points from 15, just a feeble 6 points would have kept my spirits up... Now just a shrug and bollloxe to it...we've had it.
  5. I'd would've ran out of the dressing room at HT, soz I've made a mistake I'm off back to Donny..
  6. Hardly a parasite, he ain't getting a free ride here..he's lost gazilions.
  7. Not convinced Monk did get rid.. But tbf, even if he did. He said he was looking to strengthen in the Jan. transfer window...and now we know, no foooker did any strengthening at all.
  8. He got the money from somewhere. It's his house in name only, the mortgage company really own it. Not sure who the lender is tbh..
  9. Barnsley move into play offs.. Ffs Wednesday bolllocking shyte...in a piece of pisss league this season
  10. Wonder what the record is for most managers in a season...we must be up there. Got to try and get something from a shyte season
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