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  1. 2/1 to go down ...not short at all very very generous.. After all we are getting 12 points minimum deducted nailed on..say some... Lump on I say Though the bookies ain't got a [email protected] clue. If they had we would be 1/4
  2. Gobbo is running low on suing funds..now his furlow/ parachute money is coming to an end. 😛
  3. What we need is someone like Gibbo, big mardy arse gobshyte..who doesn't mind wasting money...as long as it's not his own...when the shyte hits the fan just blame others.
  4. They would still know, betting patterns are shared between the big 6. Even reletively small bets, I tried to get £50 ew on a horse last week, 12/1. They said nope max bet is £50...ended up having £25 ew, came 2nd as expected....
  5. Yet we have to compete even though they get a £gazzilion start..? There is no alternative world, most clubs lose money...some are allowed to and some are not. A sustainable manner...what's that mean? If it's what I think you mean then 90% of football clubs may as well go part time. No ambition would really pull the fans in.
  6. Circumstantial evidence is overwhelming.. Wonder who else ain't got paid..🙃
  7. They want my email address..not giving it them..spam filter is already groaning..besides, if it's a real concern it will be in a proper paper..or someone on here will know.
  8. Yep no doubt they will and rightly so..if the efl say get foooked, De Marco will be on it pronto..
  9. The Chinese have bilions and billions tied up in London alone. So why would they do a tittt for tat, we have all their tittts in this country, and they just have our tat in theirs...or summat. And if they get reyt mardy, we will just compulsory purchase it back, Trump and Boz are both massive Wednedayites after all and will lend us the dosh.
  10. 9pts off 6th and a game in hand... Get that Steve Mcqueen hum in ya head..
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