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  1. Defending isn't a big prob as such... We have the 3rd best defence in the league...even with a dodgy keeper
  2. It's not easy bringing players in for big bucks..never mind for next to nothing. Even the big name managers have all made big mistakes in the transfer market. The difference is they can just go and buy someone else...or have one of their 500 fringe / academy players making a breakthrough. Moore wouldn't really have known what would work and what wouldn't when he brought in 14 players overnight...no one could. But he had to get players in and obviously had to make an educated punt. I would think now he will know what's needed to improve. Will he be allowed to bring more players in, in January and maybe shift some out? Will he be given the time / funds...are we still under embargo..or will be in Jan. I was firmly in the Moore out a few weeks ago. I've changed my mind, he needs until mid January. And needs to be within 2-3 pts of play offs max. Assuming we don't spiral out of control before then. The same dilemma could arise again in Jan...for instance if we are 3-4pts out of the play offs.. I would think that's a realistic guess. Then what? Cross that bridge when and if it happens would be my answer. Imo it would be a massive needless gamble to get rid now.
  3. Not good enough at press conferences.. Also he doesn't know how a stool / chair or a bench works. He'd get slaughtered on here
  4. Yes Often thought some players looked confused. Perhaps Moore's plan is sound but some players can't process the instructions quickly enough or don't understand...you only need one whose unsure. Though I am biased, always thought overcoaching is a problem for a lot of footballers. Play it simple stupid if need be.
  5. Maybe not them two together...but co-managers might work...similar to a clough/taylor type set up.
  6. It's the world we are in. Take some Newcastle fans today, dressed in Saudi headgear, now that's offensive for a large group of people...some mp's calling one another scum..etc etc. The world has gone to ratshyte. Hope Newcastle are relegated btw...
  7. Hope Moore rests a few against Sunderland. Don't want no tired players against Plymouth...
  8. Gerrin North with all the nutters...it's revitalising. It's like being back in 70's. Some of em can even drink 2 pints without burping.
  9. We should have gone 3-0 up...21 attempts. Get what you are saying...but yesterday was a bad example.
  10. Yes it is...if a player doesn't deserve a chance then what's the point? Btw BPF is no superstar..Moore or whoever decided to bring him in made a mistake...it happens a lot...especially at Swfc.
  11. And he makes a mistake....what do think would have been said? Wildsmith deserved his chance, he earned it. Hindsight is a wonderful player...
  12. For what it's worth..we must have the least happy clappers in the world.. Cos 99% of our fans are moaning foookers..myself included.
  13. I think the inference being...boo or don't go, which in turn will result in the manager leaving more quickly. Once the manager loses a large majority of fans trust/support his days are numbered. Not saying it's right but that's what happens at most clubs.
  14. Not sure a psychologist can help some owlstalkers.
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