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  1. Fans will jump on any chairman who will not spend spend spend. Fans will jump on any chairman who spends too much (always after it goes pear shaped...always) We need a chairman called Goldilocks and a manager called Houdini to keep all happy. Easy..
  2. Done us a favour.. DC said...sign here Baz...a £3m clause if relegated. Baz said get foooked..£1m or I'm signing FA. Then I go for free. We / chansiri had no choice. Shame, he'd have been ok in Div 1. There wouldn't have been a queue to buy him for £3m in any case. Reckon we are down around 500k from his true worth..so not that bad considering we would have got FA...like i say he did us a favour. ....and tbh he looked good here cos comparitively with most team mates he was a ginger Messi.
  3. This forum needs a new owner.... In no way is this a critism of the forum.
  4. Tbh that usually works. The problem was the buyer really needed to know what to buy and how much to pay. And should have used paypal...
  5. Seems a clear message to stay...seems to me
  6. Once you tell your boss how to run his business then he will be your ex boss very quickly. And not just in the football biz.
  7. If covid had arrived a few years earlier he would still be here. DC loved him...would never have sacked him, fans got him sacked, so its the fans fault ..it always is (myself included)
  8. He won't get a better contract anywhere in the world.
  9. Our leader will not sell anyone for less than £35m. 30 goals for Windass and 30 assists from Bannan next season. Promoted by christmas no prob.
  10. Unless we get off to a flyer there will be 20,000 empty seats even if only 7/6p to get in.
  11. Too young for Big Rons era ( think he would have been sensational with Ron at the helm.) Not a tip tappie player...wouldn't have got a look in' in CC's team. Might have been ok with Megsons team along with Antonio..but overall just wrong place wrong time. As with some managers, sometimes everything just clicks into place, keeping it going is the hard bit.
  12. You may be onto something there... The older and worse a player gets the more DC will pay em
  13. Think we would have just escaped relegation with Monk...but the writing was on the wall he had to go. Biggest mistake was getting Pulis in...at the time thought it was a bad choice but at least we would stay up....worra mistaker to maker.
  14. Our deduction was due to incompetence with dates. Derby cheated full on...ground value and dodgy valuation of players and 3rd party ownership (rooney)...all at the same time as chansiri's calendar was upside down. So they are in for a minimum 12pt deduction next yr. Wycombe should stay up...doubt that will happen though.
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