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Jordan Rhodes ...... Sky sports understands ....

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Go after Hooper, Rhodes the less proven of the two and Hooper has adapted to our style. 


Probably spend a maximum of £5 million on Hooper as he has a resale value as well. 


We need a proper winger as well, so if we really have got £12 million then what we don't spend on Hooper we can chuck at some wages for a premier league class winger on loan 

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He was worth 12M when he was scoring for fun, but he's not now and with goal scorers that is crucial.


Get Rhodes for 7m and Hopper for 4m and we're sorted lol

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On a serious note, how can Derby be making all these signings and not be in breach of FFP?


Also, if they don't go up (which I hope they don't) Can they afford to keep paying such huge salaries?


Think that was a wee wee taker saying Derby are in for him at £17m. Good point though. 


I hope they don't go up because they'll be screwed financially. 

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Think I would rather have McCormack tbh.


Than Rhodes? Definitely a no from me to that.

Well if he is its the wrong attitude and doesnt deserve to be playing football.


Maybe he wants to work with his Dad? That'd be ok with me, bit short to go in goal but we need a backup keeper!

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