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  1. Never an easy game. If we continue our unbeaten run with a draw I'll be happy, a win will send this forum crazy, comparing us to Brazil !
  2. We were all dazzled by his wealth and, because his family were respected international businessmen, it added credibility to him and his plans. We weren't to know he was reckless, stubborn and would be a car crash of an owner. Hindsight eh ?
  3. Have players received all monies owed to them ?
  4. It will soon be this week again, happens every 7 days, what's the predictions ?
  5. I wish I could get any enthusiasm. I just want to know that all the problems have been sorted and we start with a clean slate. Some hope.
  6. Who in their right mind will by a season ticket ? A few days ago most on here were saying I wouldn't give DC another penny.
  7. The family have pulled the plug, that's why we're in the poo
  8. All this bickering at each other and points scoring is getting tedious. There is only one person any anger should be directed towards, the owner of SWFC. I m so angry that I don't want to type his name. A man with immense wealth, who wastes money, wont listen to advice, arrogant, and has ran our club into the ground. Just give it up or there will be nothing left.
  9. I just hope Chansiri doesn't owe money to the Taxman, that could be the end of SWFC.
  10. The players haven't been paid because the well is dry. He has blown his money and ain't getting any more.
  11. Daddies stopped bankrolling him. We're in trouble, big time.
  12. Protest, yes, threaten and criminal damage, pathetic.
  13. Lighten up. We've all slagged players off and been made to look silly, even if only for one game.
  14. Footballers have a habit of making idiots of all of us, even our leader
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