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  1. Players not without blame

    Of course players are not blameless, but the way Carlos waffles on to the press, just imagine what he's like with the players, I'd switch off, which is what is probably happening. Many times players are stale and under achieving until a new man takes over and they pick up, only got to look at Everton now with Big Sam
  2. I hope he goes with dignity. If he hangs around and the poor results continue it will get unpleasant.
  3. It would appear my comment stating "day one" is causing merriment. I'll clarify, I do not mean in the context of Carlos starting as manager, but from the start of this season.
  4. Why are you being so personal ? I am no manager, just a lover of football. It was obvious after the Huddersfield games that Carlos did not have the necessary tactics, nouse, call it what you want. I am not being a smart arse, but I and others did not believe he was the right man.
  5. We were right from day one, not in hindsight.
  6. I avoid listening to him. He has nothing sensible to say.
  7. So sad this is still being debated. Many of us wanted rid after Huddersfield but were shouted down, well they tried but a few of us never wavered.
  8. Says something that they missed a sitter and have had more possession. As I type it was nearly 1-1. Hope you are not tempting fate.
  9. Players must do this. Fans must do that. What are you doing Carlos ?
  10. This is a typical response by all football supporters. If a local Journo dares say anything other than heap praise on their team, players or manager, they turn on him/her. Same as family I suppose, we can say what we like but woe betide if anyone else joins in . Truth is he is just about spot on.
  11. If we reach the playoffs what have we to fear ? With Carlos in charge we have an expert who will know how to prepare a team mentally and tactically to prevail - don't we ?
  12. Time for a Truce

    How many have said they hate CC ? Very childish comment, it's business pure and simple.