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  1. Bob

    Big Atdhe haters

    Getting boring.
  2. Really ? Many other sportsmen have to discipline themselves to be fit and practice without supervision, why should footballers be any different ? It is the long standing culture deep rooted in the game that leads to a "jack the lad" attitude. They are paid huge wages and have a responsibility to themselves, club and fans to be super fit and perform.
  3. Bob

    R I P mum and fly high

    RIP Mrs Tinks x
  4. If a Premier club wants him he will go. He will want to ply his trade with the big boys and if the money is right it will be bye bye.
  5. Bob

    Championship Table

    I'd love a maid to make me laugh
  6. Bob

    Nuhiu - what a player

    Never doubted the big man
  7. His form and goal scoring recently has been remarkable, so I too am going to join the fan club
  8. Over the years I have been on this site I have seen you at work winding members up and you are good at it. This thread is deliberately worded to generate multiple responses, which is why I posted "job done" You want debate but this thread is divisive. The term "Nuhiu haters" is juvenile. I don't think he is a particularly good striker, his goal scoring record is poor. He is scoring now and in the absence of others not playing or scoring it is a bonus. To say or infer that if you don't think Nuhiu is wonderful labels you a hater is pathetic.
  9. 11 pages and counting, job done.
  10. Bob


    I hope M'Lord is well.
  11. Another ex Matelot, way back in the 60's.
  12. Bobby bored now.
  13. Bob

    Waking up after a win

    Please don't talk about playoffs, lets be safe from a relegation scrap first
  14. When DC arrived we all spaffed ourselves believing we were minted and here comes the promised land. He has wasted millions on aged players on big wages and long contracts. He gambled on promotion and it nearly came off but it didn't so we are now in big trouble and unless we start getting results quickly, we will go down. The Barnsley game will tell us if we have a chance, a repeat of last week will intensify the fans anger and despair, a win will change the mood. Only DC will know what he will do if we are relegated. I wouldn't be surprised if he walks away, if he can get a buyer.