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  1. Give it to Bullen on a short term contract. He might be the answer with the current squad.
  2. I was shouting at the tele when I saw the position he took before the free kick. If he had been in the center of the goal he would have had a chance, shocking.
  3. I hope we get a top half finish, got 5-1
  4. It amuses me that folks on here are always slagging off referees. They are not perfect but generally do a good job.
  5. So early, he's done nothing yet. I am optimistic for the future but on the whelm scale stuck at 5.5
  6. Happy New Year to all. Here's hoping Bruicie is in post soon and the Owls can soar.
  7. Many on here are happy to wait a month if reports are true. I would have liked a bit of certainty, but if the appointment is announced soon and explained properly I will be happy.
  8. I was happy to wait until New Year was over but another month is ridiculous . Time to move on.
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