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  1. Lighten up. We've all slagged players off and been made to look silly, even if only for one game.
  2. Footballers have a habit of making idiots of all of us, even our leader
  3. Crazy idea for one match, as others have said, not worth the risk.
  4. This is too funny, the Big Man is losing it. Either have a drink or lay off it.
  5. I like this site but if anyone dares to disagree with you you resort to insults. Pathetic.
  6. All these pathetic excuses, leggy, too much travelling, too many games, their tired. Professional athletes are supposed to be fit. Good job they're not cyclists in Le Tour, they wouldn't last two stages. They weren't good enough, end of.
  7. Just want add that Maurice Norman, the Spurs and England centre half was a God where I grew up, but most of my mates at that time believed Peter Swan was a class above Norman.
  8. Great player. I remember seeing him at White Hart Lane in the 60's and the first time I saw him thought he was the best player on the pitch. RIP.
  9. Kinky Seth, Big Geoff and Big Lisa, the Grenoside Threesome gone public.
  10. He should be ok for this season, his court date is scheduled for June 21.
  11. Owners are scared to give young managers a chance, ex England idols excepted. That is why we keep seeing the old boys recycled well into their 60's.
  12. If you give a penalty in that situation it would be ridiculous. Why they had mess around with the laws in recent years is beyond me, especially offside.
  13. These comments are similar those I heard about today from an ex player and ex blades manager, both saying that Chansaris reputation regarding working with managers was very poor.
  14. Keep playing like this and I dread to think what the final score will be.
  15. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I understood he was not listed as part of the management of TUF and the sourse of his income unknown, apart from the assumption that Daddy was financing him. If Daddy has pulled the plug, we are fu....
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