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  1. I think Bruce has done us a favour. GM is a young, hungry manager with a point to prove. We have set sail and heading for the sun.
  2. Nobody on here knows who has applied and who hasn't. I would have thought by now we would have found a suitable manager, if Bullen is getting time, it would have been nice for the fans to have been told. It just seems from a distance that we are no further forward and in danger of falling further behind.
  3. Was getting worried, Stubbs should have let us know you were away. Love to see a third win, fear it will end 1-1.
  4. As long as dotty doesn't tell us to lump plenty on him we may have a chance.
  5. When we can't use all of our facilities to optimise revenue, it is time to either refurbish or move. I know it is our spiritual home but a move may be the best option.
  6. I hope Snoots is ok, he is a damn decent chap after all. 2-0 today, onwards and upwards.
  7. We travel with hope. A very close win 1-0
  8. The ITK Owlstalkers have gone very quiet now they have their own thread.
  9. It's time we named and shamed the so called ITK wannabes, who know nothing.
  10. Pulis is a greedy prat. Coleman will do.
  11. Give it to Bullen on a short term contract. He might be the answer with the current squad.
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