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  1. By the end of April ? I'll have a double of what you've been drinking. By the end of April we will be in a position Italy are in now.
  2. You have to negotiate hard with Sky when your contract is about to expire. I have Q with 2T box and multiroom. All channels except movies and Kids for £48 pm
  3. If DC had been the Chief Exec of a business,he would have been fired months ago. He cannot manage people or finances. Trust us to get a wealthy owner with those attributes.
  4. I am surprised the vote is so close. A man with plenty of money, who has wasted millions.
  5. Where are the goals coming from ? Hope I am wrong and get slated later.
  6. Not that smart. 08/12/19 0847. Jordan Rhodes thread started by Waltham Owl.
  7. The proof is easy to find. "Class is permanent" said a couple of days ago. I thank you.
  8. 'Giddy as a teenager ' Love it considering I am 70 plus
  9. Unlike you. I said class is permanent. You are so negative.
  10. Class is permanent. He has it in him and if he comes good we have a £15 mil + player. He must be given a run of starts to show one way or another if he can return to form.
  11. Is our owner desperate, dodgy or naive ? He is certainly stubborn.
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