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  1. Had my laugh of the day. Let's hope we are all Happy Clappers at the end of the month.
  2. I'm getting fed up with these negative threads and tedious posters. I know it's a fans forum and debate and disagreements are normal, but these type of threads are started by trolls and they should IMO be warned and if they continue banned.
  3. Really don't want to pursue this, but, how many games has Nuihu been involved in and not scored ? Hardly a world beater and at his age isn't going to be.
  4. No, not live, video footage. Still stick to my comments.
  5. I don't get these comments about Nuhiu doing a job for us. He is supposed to be a forward whose job is to score goals and he doesn't. Hirst is a prospect, a very good one, who could potentially be worth a fortune. He is worth keeping sweet, and appearances on the bench occasionally would help. Who knows, he may even score some goals.
  6. Why would we want a shiny new one? It is old and the patina adds to the historical importance. Bright and shiny is not always best.
  7. A nice man? Yes, I am sure he is. A great coach ? I am far from convinced. The problem could be he actually believes he is.
  8. A lot of great goal scorers lacked bulk, but their speed and know how around the box was what mattered. I haven't seen him play but he needs to be tested so a loan period with regular games is needed.
  9. I said in another thread some weeks ago that the commercial side of the club is a shambles. The playing side is ........
  10. 60 pages full of ITK/KFA.
  11. Rate our summer transfer window

    0/10. The one person I wanted out is still here.
  12. Fernando Forestieri

    The manager could do both daily if I was earning their wages.
  13. Now the dust has settled

    Another Owlstalk wind up.
  14. Style of play is boring. We did well to finish fourth last season. The real disappointment was we had two teams to beat for promotion. Neither were world beaters and we went out with a whimper.