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  1. Young George

    Bobby bored now.
  2. Waking up after a win

    Please don't talk about playoffs, lets be safe from a relegation scrap first
  3. When DC arrived we all spaffed ourselves believing we were minted and here comes the promised land. He has wasted millions on aged players on big wages and long contracts. He gambled on promotion and it nearly came off but it didn't so we are now in big trouble and unless we start getting results quickly, we will go down. The Barnsley game will tell us if we have a chance, a repeat of last week will intensify the fans anger and despair, a win will change the mood. Only DC will know what he will do if we are relegated. I wouldn't be surprised if he walks away, if he can get a buyer.
  4. Recon we will need 14 points from 16 games. If we can't do that .......
  5. Said enough about Carlos. No more. Move on.
  6. New start for the club, players and fans. Could take some time to achieve consistency, just got to be patient folks, that includes me.
  7. There are many on here that defended him against those that saw through him months ago. He talks and talks, just a pity it's mostly bull s h I t
  8. Just like Carlos nose did when he was talking rubbish.
  9. CC will be loving the extra media attention now he is the manager of a Premier club, especially from Sky Sports. Enjoy the ride, it won't last long.
  10. Do you honestly believe anyone else will care ?
  11. Some on here thought he was the best manager Wednesday ever had.
  12. RHODES

    Good penalty. Would love to know why he didn't want to take the play-off one. ??
  13. Abysmal article

    I stopped listening to his pre and post match comments weeks ago. No wonder the players have been so poor as a team, they must have switched off as well