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  1. I'm suspicious of every element of this story.
  2. Know some very nice Everton fans. Lot of them in Southport. Also the only legitimate, gone-to-jail-for-it football hooligans I know are Everton fans. And they're flaps. Same as most fanbases really.
  3. You're all boring with your 'ground on stilts' nonsense. Build the whole thing miles underground. Lifts for home fans, away fans have to use stairs. Like St James' except the horrendous climb is after the game.
  4. Saw quite a few people tweeting about problems on Penistone Road with the additional crowds. I think the intention is the SAG see that and decide to reverse their decision since it's made the situation worse. This is misguided. The SAG will see those tweets and cut capacity further to account for it.
  5. Honestly don't think 99% of Liverpool fans would care. They played at Hillsborough for 15 years or so after the Disaster, and the justice/truth campaign was never about boycotting Hillsborough or Sheffield Wednesday. Suppose Gerrard personally might have some issues with it seeing as his cousin died at Hillsborough, but that's for him to decide. If we want him, which seems a bit presumptuous given he hasn't really got many credentials as a manager.
  6. Yeah they've given them tonnes of money over a long period, it's not going to look the same as a one-year shirt deal.
  7. Think the Brighton one is a little bit misleading there.
  8. I bet it's something like the ticket office saying 50% are walkups and someone thinking that means they actually walk.
  9. Solved it. Easy access, still in town, and only annoys Hallam Uni. And who cares about that?
  10. There's a park right near my house that could be perfect. It's in Warrington, but every option has drawbacks.
  11. We may as well move if we're only allowed to use 2/3 of the home parts of Hillsborough.
  12. Sat on the train this morning and this guy went past in a Northern Rail shirt. And they're completely poo . Just one of those mornings.
  13. Thought the analysis on Leppings Lane was fair enough myself, but it fails to consider the implications of halving exits from the North.
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