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  1. 1.8 players to a single goat. I reckon a goat is at least twice as effective as some of our players though. DO THE DEAL DEJPHON.
  2. southportdc

    Borukov to play?

    Can't wait til we knock whoever that poo Belgian team Hirst joined is out of the Champions League with this kid. Anyone know what his dad's like?
  3. Just reinforces what we already know. FFP means you have 2 years to blast it then sit out for 2 years. Forest are on the way out of the downswing. We're on our way in.
  4. "I've told you a million times the bear would win"
  5. I worry about this site sometimes.
  6. Bluetooth headphones. Nod for volume up. Shake for volume down. Wobble to change songs.
  7. What if he saw it coming and thought a period of a couple of years without spending big was worth it to try and get promoted?
  8. UPDATE: To date there is no update, which is a positive update.
  9. Those odds are mental. 4/1 top 6 and 66/1 winners. Preston half the odds to win and exactly the same to reach the top 6. We must be really specifically not good enough to win but fine for the playoffs.
  10. Had a mate on Facebook who legitimately was arguing that he wouldn't want Neymar at his club because of the diving and general shithouseness. Said mate is a United fan. NEYMAR? MO THANKS M8 LEON CLARKE DOESN'T DIVE
  11. How many Elton John concerts do you think it takes to pay Forestieri's wages for a year?
  12. We've just squeaked past an FFP assessment, and as such there is an imperative need to reassess how the club is funding transfers and wages in the future, with the ultimate aim of ensuring long term sustainability. The outcome of that appraisal is WE'RE GONNA BUY EVERYONE COME AT US FOOTBALL LEAGUE
  13. Most people have biases even if they aren't aware of them, yes. In my old job they gave us a test to demonstrate this (was essentially linking good and bad words with white, black and Asian faces - the idea being that your biases will mean you find it easier/quicker to link 'good' words with faces you like). Turns out that subconsciously I am quite racist. Most people manage to avoid racially abusing people though (if Fernando did, which we don't know).