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  1. 4-2 loss in Asia over the winter isn't bad.
  2. Going to ruin New Zealand's entire year by losing badly enough to India to knock NZ out of the WTC final and off number 1 spot, then making them go to Birmingham
  3. Peak villageness as Jonny hits the ball into a bucket of whitewash and they have to change it
  4. Even if we do scrape over the line the message from this series is we can win in Asia if the home team randomly decides to throw away all their wickets at least once a game.
  5. Huge bottle job from McDermott twice. Don't beat Mahomes like that.
  6. Parkinson has a better average, strike rate and economy rate than Virdi in CC. Also leg spin is objectively cooler than off spin even if you're getting smashed.
  7. Probably give him a chance in India then never pick him again when he gets carted. Tbf there's a strong chance he's terrible, I just watched him at Southport once and he was turning it twice as much as any other spinner in the game (inc. Borthwick, so not just a product of him being a leggie) and got Stokes out. Absolute bunny though and can't field, so England will always pick Bess first.
  8. I really wanted Parkinson to get a chance. He bowls too slowly still but at least he rips it. Bess is just nothing.
  9. I've not seen the show but the whole timing of it really sucked for Michelle McNamara.
  10. Turns out we're not as good when they don't absolutely gift wickets to the spinners.
  11. Think Broad plays first two, Jimmy and Wood last two.
  12. Although based on the Gabba, probably not
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