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  1. southportdc

    Iyad Hamud

  2. southportdc

    World cup bid 2030

    Have a word with yourself Don't see any possible way that England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland host it (and presumably get in as hosts), but Norn Iron don't. Politically far too difficult I'd think. I think Wembley would get the final, but a semi in Wales and Scotland and a quarter final in England/Wales/Scotland/Ireland. I think you'd get: London: Wembley (Final) WHL (or Twickenham if they just go mental for capacity and using rugby stadiums everywhere) Midlands: King Power Villa Park North West: Old Trafford Anfield Yorkshire: Elland Road North East: St James Stadium of Light Scotland: Hampden Murrayfield South West and Wales: St Mary's Ashton Gate Millennium Island of Ireland: Windsor Park (capacity raised to about 30k) Aviva
  3. "Yeah looks like he's completely knacked from the waist down but, lovely bloke"
  4. southportdc

    'i dont wear red'

    I won't even say or type the word. It's awkward as I drive one of those paper sh***ding vans for work.
  5. I could draw a United badge with a reference to Jesus on it but it doesn't mean he was a fan.
  6. southportdc

    Gary Hooper and Kieron Lee

    Everyone's critical of the medical team when it takes months to get guys back from injury, but I don't see them getting any credit for reversing the ageing process and making some of our best players under 23 again. Typical Owlstalk.
  7. southportdc

    Forestieri banned

    Yeah, the players get fined in terms of wages. What metric are we getting fined by? Man City were fined £50k for failing to control their players at Wigan in March. I don't believe their income is only 2.5 times ours.
  8. southportdc

    Forestieri banned

    The fizz have we been fined 7 times more than them for?
  9. southportdc

    Free loans!!

    I'd probably accept Zaha playing for us every week.
  10. southportdc

    Wednesday In One Word

    Facepalm Wednesday 1 - 1 Leeds (former SWFC player, 90 + 7)
  11. southportdc

    Michael Hector Signing?

    Bit weird they let him play for Hull in a Reading kit. That's got to confuse attackers.
  12. southportdc

    Michael Hector Signing?

    Standout player for Troy vs the Greeks, though that was a while back.
  13. Has anybody blamed Chansiri yet? He's clearly going through all the gloveboxes and nicking parking change to keep the club running.
  14. southportdc

    Millwall Score prediction

    4-0 miwaw
  15. southportdc


    I reckon we'd have almost the same number of points so far this season even without him. Get rid.