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  1. Might propose we send this lot to Ahmedabad and have the England cricket team play for Wednesday. Both likely to do a better job than the 'real' team.
  2. This club has been a net negative on my life. Cardiff and Wycombe do not stack up against the amount of weekends and evenings they've ruined. How do you sue a football club for emotional distress?
  3. I think - just a hunch - the Alpine might be French
  4. British racing green Aston Martin
  5. Chargers in on him too apparently because Watt ******** hates rings.
  6. He obviously wasn't looking for real contenders because apparently it was between the Cardinals and Bills.
  7. I think he's going to be suspended for quite a while, because this makes the industry look like it doesn't care about the horses. In reality, sitting on the dead horse seems to me less of a problem than working it until it collapses and dies, or making it jump fences until it breaks a leg and you shoot it, or whatever else actually causes the death.
  8. Would be interesting to know if other pink tests have had a higher than normal proportion of LBWs off spinners. Might be that they're all skidding on more, but it only showed so much here because the 5 balls an over not skidding on were turning a mile. If it's not happening elsewhere, suggests a problem with the SG pink ball.
  9. Both Kohli and Root suggesting that the problem wasn't so much the pitch as the lacquer on the ball meaning that sometimes it just skidded through. Essentially gave every spinner an unpickable arm ball because some of their deliveries weren't turning by chance. Combined with a decent amount of turn for the normal deliveries, pretty difficult to play. Can't pick a bowler who doesn't know what's happening himself.
  10. Shambles of a pitch but also shambles of an effort with the bat.
  11. Stokes was the last chance I fear. Pope batting like a 4 year old at the moment.
  12. I've stopped watching but the live text said pad first so
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