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  1. What I took from this is we've moaned about everything except the beer.
  2. Yeah. All the others who weren't wearing one were really inactive.
  3. £5 to take an infant

    Disgraceful. Charge them double. Don't even sing along properly.
  4. When it’s run like a business (putting prices up as long as demand remains) people don’t like it.
  5. Naming rights for the stadium

    From the other side, won't a lot of companies be put off by the idea of it becoming Hillsborough/The Dave's Used Tyres stadium?
  6. I know for a fact you’ve been on here for ages so you must have grasped it by now.
  7. Queue at club shop

    A fine, but important, distinction.
  8. I tried to break into a few cars during the Bolton game just to get away.
  9. Cospiracy theories.

    The club shop are stealing all the 'N's because they weren't prepared for the rush of people wanting Bannan on their new shirts.
  10. Queue at club shop

    He said on Owlstalk at quarter to 12.
  11. This inflation rate is flipping ridiculous.
  12. #boycottthekit

    I only visit matchday when something has been stirred up. I'm like the people who slow down to look at a car crash.
  13. It would really help our diversity numbers if we could find someone who covers all of them at once.
  14. #boycottthekit

    I sincerely hope not as it's been on a boat for the past few weeks