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  1. I wasn't stating an issue with Ashley. I was stating an issue with the logic in the original post. The original post said he knows how to get teams out of this league as a positive for him owning us. There's no evidence he knows how to get teams like us out of this league. Both his promotions were off the back of parachute payments and PL-quality players. Last time they were in this league they paid wages of £112m and lost £90m in one year.
  2. Knows how to appoint someone who can get us promoted on the biggest budget in the league with the remains of a Premier League squad. When has he appointed anyone to build a squad for promotion on a relatively smaller budget?
  3. He knows how to relegate a Premier League team then bounce back with parachute payments.. What evidence is there that he knows how to get a Championship team promoted?
  4. Easy solution to all our problems here. All the teams in the EFL do this. Chansiri buys them all out of admin. Chansiri votes in irrevocable new rules saying Wednesday are massive and exempt from all other rules. Chansiri puts the other 91 back into admin.
  5. I really hope Gary has our players and staff in the busiest crowds he can find. Just licking people's faces. Ironically, coronavirus is Wednesday's best/only chance of survival.
  6. "Says here that we're fizzed, lads"
  7. The reason the top level Prem clubs generally still respect us is they haven't seen the utter mess we've become in the past 20 years.
  8. Fully expect our arguments to have been so compelling that we're awarded 25 points as an apology for wasting our time.
  9. Never attribute to malice that which can adequately be explained by incompetence.
  10. Even in the most extravagant fever dream of conspiratorial Wednesdayites, Chansiri robbing the club seems far fetched. He's literally pumped in tens of millions of pounds of his own money for no apparent return, and the best asset he can hope to get out of it is a stadium in a flood-prone area of Sheffield which would hardly be the most desirable for development. The concept that a bloke from Thailand hatched a masterplan to (incredibly slowly) asset strip and run down a Championship football club to attain his lifelong dream of building a few terraced houses by the Don seems unlikely.
  11. RE the 'magic of the cup' and anyone being able to win it. Since 1960 17 different teams have won the FA cup. 14 different teams have won the top division of English football. Man U, Man C, Spurs, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea and Everton have 49 of 59 league titles and 47 of 49 FA Cups. It's not exactly random pot-luck.
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