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  1. southportdc

    Summer Sort Out

    Looks a bit like Bruce I guess
  2. southportdc

    Jos to Westwood :It's 'financial.'

    Maybe 'financial reasons' means 'I want to buy someone and to finance that you need to go' but DC didn't agree (at the offered price)? Doesn't explain why he didn't play him after the window shut though.
  3. southportdc

    club crest

  4. The first one is actually Ronaldo. 100%. This is a FFP scam, pretend we're signing poo when actually it's world-class players.
  5. Definitely fake PES names for some other footballers
  6. southportdc


    In a way I'm pleased that the guy who eventually punched him was some Peaky Blinders ripoff.
  7. southportdc


    You're not a real TrueFan unless you hang out on the streets singing 'We Hate Millwall'
  8. southportdc

    Alex Bruce Tweet

    Why not submit a complaint about it?
  9. southportdc

    Alex Bruce Tweet

    "You're sunning yourself watching the cricket for whatever reason" is the killer line for me. You should know the reason. It's very, very basic research. Without that you're just an ex-footballer talking poo .
  10. Lee Dixon too. Wonder what motivation they'd have for critcising BBC pundits.
  11. southportdc

    FA Investigation:

    Look I don't want to hide behind the old 'everyone does it' excuse, but as Jesus said 'let he who has not cast swimming goggles at a £30m Brazilian footballer to express their disdain with VAR speak first'
  12. southportdc

    On Telly If ....

    Good this. If we get through against Luton, we get a decent game. If we don't get through against Luton, we were taking a principled stance against money-grabbing TV execs. Everyone's a winner.
  13. southportdc

    Lookman deal done....wow

    If we keep going for another day or so then this thread will have more pages than that account has tweets.
  14. southportdc

    Steve, Steven, Stephen

    Worst Jolene cover ever.