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  1. Happy to keep him. Happy to sell him for £14m, especially out of the division. If it is a windup it's not a very good one.
  2. Even if this mental clause is true, presumably it would only operate if we wanted to overrule Norwich's right to sign him. If they turn down the chance to do so, as presumably they will, then we'll get him back for nowt.
  3. Well that's next weekend's headlines - for those who don't want to know the results of tomorrow night's games, look away now.
  4. There's some village cricket clubs that date from before 1800 (I think maybe even 1 or 2 from before 1700).
  5. It could be interpreted those ways. But since they'd involve Pearce being mistaken, it would be weird to interpret the judge saying 'it's unlikely Pearce is mistaken' as meaning he was mistaken. Unless the judge is mistaken. Or the reporting is mistaken. Either way, to me it reads like the judge has had a little dig at FF by basically saying he believes the offending word was said, but he can't rule it as proved beyond reasonable doubt ('can't be satisfied to a criminal standard' and 'not met the burden of proof'). He's cleared FF, but also left it hanging over him by what he's said which seems a bit poor for a judge.
  6. Wouldn't he be mistaken if he thought he heard it and didn't? Bit surprised by the judge's comments (as reported by the guy I quoted before) to be honest. Seems very much to be saying that he thinks Forestieri said it but it isn't proven. Not sure how he works that out from the evidence presented.
  7. Basically judge is saying 'he probably said it'.
  8. Judge It's unlikely that the alleged victim misheard but it's not proven beyond reasonable doubt. Owlstalk:
  9. Darren Fletcher has 5 Premier League winners medals, and a Champions League. Steven Fletcher has a Scottish League Cup.
  10. They could have done with him. They've come out of a double header of Kazakhstan and San Marino with negative goal difference.
  11. Imagine though. Start playing football age 4. Pretend to be Scottish just in case you need a backup plan. Graft for years in a fairly poo team most of the time. Get a decent amount of abuse for your troubles. Play loads of Scotland under 19s and under 21s games in places like Aberdeen. Finally crowbar your way into the England Scotland senior setup. Get sent to Kazakhstan. 2-0 down after 15 minutes.
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