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  1. I'm so out on this poo. Club being docked points and chairman being banned for not sticking within arbitrary rules on losses and so being 'unsustainable'. Meanwhile nothing done about Bury or Bolton or Macclesfield who manage to go bust or right to the wall, all within the rules and with FL-approved owners. The most we can aim for is scraping a season or two in the Prem where we'll have to wait 10 minutes to celebrate any goal in case it's ruled that our guy's nostril was closer to the goal than theirs. Going to watch netball or something.
  2. 42 is the answer. Your book must have had a typo.
  3. Can't remember if it was against Villa or West Ham now, someone of those colours. Dan Petrescu scored in a 1-0 win. Which means it must have been West Ham as he appears to have never scored against Villa. Chris Woods took me on the pitch because I had a Chris Woods #1 kit on. Ozzie Owl terrified me. I was 21 at the time.
  4. I know FFP is there to protect the club from knobhead owners and whatever, but I'm getting so fed up with the apparent distraction from life's tedious grind towards inevitable death getting hung up on things like 'when the land registry recorded a sale of the ground' or 'was the striker's nipple closer to the goal than the defender's patella at this random moment'. I just want the stripey ones to kick the ball in the net more than the other ones.
  5. He'd just build one wall and call it done.
  6. I would rather be World Champions than beat Blackburn Rovers in a league match that everyone will have forgotten about in a month.
  7. "Remember lads, if it's an absolutely must-win game, best idea is to two-foot someone in the 10th minute and get home early"
  8. I'm suspicious of every element of this story.
  9. Know some very nice Everton fans. Lot of them in Southport. Also the only legitimate, gone-to-jail-for-it football hooligans I know are Everton fans. And they're flaps. Same as most fanbases really.
  10. You're all boring with your 'ground on stilts' nonsense. Build the whole thing miles underground. Lifts for home fans, away fans have to use stairs. Like St James' except the horrendous climb is after the game.
  11. Saw quite a few people tweeting about problems on Penistone Road with the additional crowds. I think the intention is the SAG see that and decide to reverse their decision since it's made the situation worse. This is misguided. The SAG will see those tweets and cut capacity further to account for it.
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