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  1. Chansiri isn't even going, they're going to lock the doors and release tigers into the room once the fans are all in.
  2. Leicester didn't get King Power by coincidence. Reading have Waitrose paying a good fee already. Our sponsor before Chansiri was Mammadov. Before that, Wandisco. I don't think we're getting much for our sponsorships.
  3. southportdc

    Who Is to Blame?

    I blame Ash76
  4. southportdc

    Who Is to Blame?

    Why isn't the Baby Jesus an option? Not very festive.
  5. southportdc

    I've got a source in club (No joke)

    (sorry mr chansiri sir it was just too easy)
  6. southportdc

    I've got a source in club (No joke)

    Yeah it's where's wally
  7. southportdc

    I've got a source in club (No joke)

    "I've got a source with a high-up position at Hillsborough" = "my mate has a season ticket at back of the Kop"
  8. southportdc

    Barry Bannon - unhappy at the club?

    He's only upset about the owner, manager, other players, weather, city, stadium, his height, being Scottish, Brexit and being called Barry though. Everything else is fine.
  9. southportdc

    I've got a source in club (No joke)

    Getting a head start on the betting stakes here
  10. southportdc

    Your Questions for the fans forun

    Would he rather fight one horse sized duck or a hundred duck sized Owlstalkers? The Owlstalkers are very angry.
  11. southportdc

    Fans forum

    Be good watching them Owlstalk donation target though. ”we are 0.1% of the way our goal of raising £3m to pay Fernando’s wages”
  12. southportdc

    Fans forum

    2/1 he demands we sacrifice the malcontent fans in a Hunger Games style format 5/1 stripes are going because they're too expensive to print 10/1 he goes 'you own the club now', straps on a jetpack and disappears forever.
  13. Just because other clubs had nice screens and pitches before us, doesn't mean it cost Chansiri less to do ours.
  14. southportdc

    Pulled the plug or selling

    Depends. He isn't getting back what he's put in if he sells - he must be in for £70-£80m. And nobody is buying us at the moment when there's very little any owner can do to change the direction we're going. If we're going down, you might as well wait and buy us when we lose value in L1 rather than pay for a Championship side you can't spend money on to keep them up.