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  1. I work with a current FA refs assessor, he came to talk to me about it this morning as he knows I'm a Wednesday fan, he's good friends with Fridays ref and said he spoke to him last night. He thought it wasn't a second yellow but could understand why it was given. Also said Wallace should've been red carded but the ref told him he didn't have a clear view and didn't send him off because it would've been guess work. He also told me the ref had a falling out with wilder after the game
  2. Im clutching, let me clutch, please just give me something to clutch
  3. Hopefully Nixons sources came after the initial talks were held and DC said errr no chuff that after speaking to the giant chuffer.
  4. He couldn't make a challenge with his feet, I was just pointing out the difference in the rules - genuine attempt with feet is yellow card not red. Will ask the question about an appeal when I see him tomorrow.
  5. thats dependent on what the ref writes in his report.
  6. Hutch didn't make a genuine attempt to get the ball and denied a goal scoring opportunity, if he was trying to use his feet in a genuine attempt to win the ball it would have been yellow. This will be classed in the bracket of pulling someone back intentionally to deny a goal scoring opportunity.
  7. This is spot on. i work with an ex PL referee who's now also a football league refs assessor, showed him the clip to get his take on it, he said definite red and explained why.
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