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  1. I was just looking to see if anyone had posted this! I heard him say this in a press conference on Sky Sports..."Anyone who knows me knows I'm not a quitter, and I taken on challenges " Absolute and complete rubbish, Bruce is probably the biggest mercenary in football management. My memory is that Bruce jumps ship for more money pretty consistently. He won't quit Newcastle, that's the truth. Stay and get sacked and pick up the compensation. That's how management works these days, but they do like to dress it up as 'not being a quitter'
  2. Absolutely staggering achievement..bizarrely looked like one of the worlds best as well, she hasn't just been lucky.Incredible improvement. Also, find all the references on here and on social media to 'Sports Personality of the Year ' a bit weird..as if any athlete ...or non athlete..gives a throw about that award
  3. It's like they deliberately went out to find the exact opposite to what they need in a centre half. Brighton alone have 3 other centre backs who would have been better options. They have now signed a really bang average keeper..just think, Peacock-Farrell and Bazunu are both better than 'Rammers' , and playing in league one. That's how bad their recruitment has been.
  4. The English alternatives to Southgate are non existent. Lampard, Potter, Gerrard, ..err that's it. Ashley Cole or Lee Carsley from the U21s ? Nope, get rid of Southgate and you are back to the foreign mercenary model again.
  5. Well, I thought they were looking dangerous going forward in the last 15 mins. We should have had two or three before that though, nowhere near clinical enough after decent build up play.
  6. Brilliant goal , he hasn't done that for ages in an England shirt..what a strike, almost like he used the defender to disguise it. Not many strikers around can do that in a game like this.
  7. Still the systematic fouling by the Poles continues; ref needs to get his card out. Mason Mount, so it goes, is a coaches dream. Apparently every coach/manager says they have never known a player that picks up complex game plans and instructions so quickly, and transfers it to the game - keeping it going for the 90 minutes and making sure his team mates do what they should be doing as well.
  8. Double Pivot of Rice and Philips quite rightly gets praise for defensive strength, but you need creativity in that position to win tight games against top opposition. Bellingham should replace one of those two in the starting 11.. probably Rice for me as he is too one dimensional. Any other league/country and he wouldn't be thought of as a top player.
  9. Evenly matched so far, although big Bob is giving Stones and Maguire a hard time..good job he hasn't really got any quality around him. Have to say, first thing I noticed is that Luke Shaw is looking 'big' again. I think he's one of those players that is going to struggle with that throughout his career. Good job he's naturally rapid and fit.
  10. Is this one of those bizarre Owlstalk things when we randomly decide a bang average player who was here for 5 minutes is a legend?
  11. So basically you are saying it's no big deal, it's only the same as other kinds of crowd behaviour that could be construed as ' impolite' and has been happening for ages, and you might as well ban football if you are going to make a big deal of this? Also, somehow, it's been blown out of proportion because some people actually rate this disgusting behaviour a lot more newsworthy than another straightforward predictable win in qualifying for England? I should bloody well hope that bigotry in the game that reflects a huge problem in society, gets more publicity than the latest flat track bullying by Harry Kane as he stumbles towards the national goal scoring record.
  12. This lad will be playing in the Premier League next league, probably as Burnley's number 1. Pope has seriously lost form from what he was, and Hennessey is a back up all day. Put it this way, I genuinely and without blue and white specs think he is better than £25 million ' Rammers'.
  13. This 100% I think if the lads had know that Moore would make so many astute and positive signings, they would have stayed. This would be the ideal environment for them. When they left it was a no brainer for me, it was the obvious thing to do. It looked like Bannan and Windass would be going, and that we were in free fall. A few months later and we have , what, 13 new signings? . both lads would probably be starters in an exciting new project . As it is, they have the money and the ' big club' , but if they can't get into that team now, it really isn't looking good for them. It's a totally different situation to George Hirst, who now looks his career will be nothing more than scrapping around league 1 and 2 , desperately looking for a run of games and a goal scoring streak. The way he was seemingly manipulated into signing for Leicester's feeder club by his dad and ' uncle Nigel' was pretty unsavoury.
  14. They should be kicked out of the competition; the Hungarian F.A. and Government simply don't care and virtually encourage it. FIFA Aren't bothered either, like the social media companies they just come out with sound bites. I also believe to stop taking the knee gives in to these scumbags and the organisations that protect them.
  15. Well, we are going to have to trust Darren Moore on this, but I'm not sure why we have risked this..we have a perfectly good set of strikers forvthis league. Potentially, some hardworking player with a good attitude will have to make way for this guy .That's not going to do wonders for team moral. I think sometimes managers get a bit arrogant and think they are the ones to finally suceed with a player where others have failed. Anyway, last time we signed a striker we didn't need ? Jordan Rhodes...
  16. The money that they will steal from Arsenal for the hapless 'Rammers' - a keeper I rate no higher than Cameron Dawson - should be spent on tried and tested fighters in that division. And for the love of God will someone rescue Rhian Brewster from that club? I bet the lad would swap his contract length for a jail sentence at this stage.
  17. Brilliant striker, his dedication to his craft and the condition he keeps himself in is up there with CR7's. Definitely as good if not better than Haaland, Kane and Lukaku .
  18. He took my advice! Seriously, what a smart move this is - going somewhere that wants him, living in a beautiful city and experiening a great culture. Just hope he gets on with Mourinho.
  19. They have some very talented players, but as a poster above said, you can't look at one game and think 'yeah, their favourites for that' . I'm not saying they will get relegated, but they will struggle to get top 10. Another season out of Europe, and their best players will be off - Saka, Tierney, Martinelli, Smith-Rowe. The centre backs would struggle to start for Norwich or Watford. The only 'out' for them is to have such a poor start that the useless Arteta gets the boot, and a more experienced, respected manager comes in and ups the effort and commitment.
  20. Meanwhile, Vestegaard has gone from Southampton to Leicester for £15 million, a very solid and commanding centre half. I get that Leicester are better than Arsenal these days, but they still should have better pulling power. They've dodged a bullet with Ramsdale, but selling Martinez was another clanger. I think Leno suffers from having no confidence in his centre backs, but he's still bang average.
  21. Players have a remarkable capacity to underperform if they want to. Eden Hazard, Fabregas and Costa were a disgrace at Chelsea when they decided they wanted Mourinho out. Levy has to sell Kane now, so Spurs have as long as possible to shop around for replacements. Tammy Abraham will be £40 mil to most clubs, but £60 mil for Spurs when Chelsea know they are desperate and have £100 mil in their back pocket.
  22. Leave Rhodes alone , it's the clubs fault he never did it for us. As his fans on here will remind us, we simply should have signed two Premiership wingers, two creative midfielders on £50k a week each, four target men that Rhodes could personally select from on matchday, and also employ a manager of his choosing. I mean, you don't buy a Rolls Royce and keep it in the garage do you, FFS.
  23. I find it amazing to think that he's still only 35. Blokes been finished as a player since he went to Everton at 31. There's players like Modric, Ronaldo, Ramos etc still playing at the very top at the same age or older. Zlatan is 39 - 4 years older and playing in Serie A. England and Man Utds record goalscorer, but many people will still think he never made the most of his ability due to a complete lack of discipline and refusal to look after himself physically. It's Derby's business that they made him manager, but he's obviously massively out of his depth. It would come as no shock if he was sacked before the first game of the season.
  24. He's only sorry because he got caught. Again. The blokes been a pi$$head all his career. Southgate bombed him out of the England team more or less straight away because of it. I bet the Derby plays treat him as a joke and have zero respect for him. Mind boggles as to what else Rooney could have achieved as a player if he'd have looked after himself .
  25. Absolutely delighted to get an email from Tramlines confirming our tickets have been rolled over again after I completed the official form and uploaded evidence to state we had been told told to Isolate / Quarantine. I think that's an excellent gesture to be honest.
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