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  1. In an ideal world it would be, but there is a reason why 'coming out' still has to happen , and it's even more important to do so in this very public way when you are in the position he is in. He wants to inspire and let as many people, inside and outside the game, know of his story so others may also take this step. I'm sure the lad would just like to casually drop it in to conversation, but even in the most supportive, mundane environment the whispers and 'suspicion ' are rife.
  2. Not much between the 5th and 4th tier, which is why you see some teams immediately compete at the top of league 2 when they come into the league. No difference with attendances and player budgets ...Wrexham signed John Mullin from Cambridge , with the player obviously earning more in the National League than in league one..
  3. Absolutely brilliant, an incredibly brave thing to do as he will now be targeted by knuckle draggers everywhere. There is a reason why footballers don't come out; the culture in football is ridiculously laddish no matter how hard players like Jordan Henderson go out of their way to try and promote more inclusivity. Speaking of knuckle draggers, I'm sure there will be posters who comment 'so what' and 'don't care' ..completely missing the point of why a public announcement like this is a huge deal and an incredibly important step on the path to gay footballers not feeling like they have to live a lie.
  4. 100% not what I said, the ' foreigners' were technically better players than ' our own' , which is why we went with that market. However, how nice is it see players come through the ranks and break into the first team rather than us just go out and spend, spend , spend?
  5. We will pick up another BPF type from a Premier League club hopefully. Both BPF and Bazunu have had excellent seasons in league 1, both now established as International keepers. I expect Bazunu will go on loan to a Championship club, and BPF will challenge Pope for the number 1 shirt at Burnley. Plenty of decent keepers 3rd or 4th choice at top Premier League sides, it seems loans are the way to go for this position anyway.
  6. I certainly don't want us in the cess pit that is the Premier League. I saw Wolves suggested line up the other day . No British players and 6 Portuguese, with a Portuguese manager, coaching staff and owner. I think if you are 40 year old + Wolves fan, you would be struggling to say that they are still ' your team'. I would imagine none of those players would care about the history of the club. I would hate that to be us to be honest, that complete loss of identity. I struggled to identify with SWFC as a fan when we had the likes of Chris Waddle and Des Walker, and had a pool of European players to come in whenever we got an injury..Alexandersson, Ingesson, De Gruyse, Blondeau , De Bilde etc.. Not been to a game for a few seasons, but my happiest times as a fan have been when we were in this league previously, with the likes of Steve Haslam lining up for us. We were rubbish, but it was a hard working, honest rubbish. My first taste of Wednesday was in 1977/78 when we were in this league; I still thought we were brilliant. Anyway, what's my point? yeah - be careful what you wish for I guess.' Success' on the pitch doesn't automatically mean contentment and enjoyment as a fan.
  7. Old Brucie! My first one i remember :
  8. The devaluing of the FA Cup is a knock on effect of the riches of the Champions League / Premier League I guess if you have been watching football for less than 25 years than you won't remember how important and prestigious the FA Cup used to be. It used to be a fans dream to have a cup run, the games had higher attendances than league games. Obviously cup final day was one of the highlights of the year for a football daft kid..one of the only live games you got to see, with hours of build up. Anyway, jump to 2022 and you have it played whilst other games take places, at a time when fans have been on the drink all day with inevitable consequences , and a set of fans behaving like nobbers by booing the national anthem and the FA Cup hymn.
  9. That Jack Robinson looks a loathsome piece of work.
  10. I'm not normally a big hater of united, I just have no feelings most of the time for them....but bloody hell I want them to get smashed in these play offs. No way do I want them to go up again.
  11. Either of those teams go up, they will get destroyed in the Premier League. In fact, whoever goes up in the play offs, and as long as it isn't dem blades I don't really care, will do worse than Norwich and Watford this year. The owners will just take the money and not really care about staying up and won't particularly want to shell out on wages for mercenaries that won't achieve much.
  12. Astonishing. You wouldn't give credit to a manager that has done really well this season, and would get us promotion next season, but you think a manager that has done neither in this league and is doing bang average in the championship is a the real deal?
  13. I don't really think anyone expected promotion this season..some hoped, but in the position we were in after the season ended we were more expecting a relegation fight . At one stage we thought Bannan was on his way, and Shaw and Urhoghide had jumped ship, and no signings looked on the horizon.
  14. Managers go to Watford knowing it's a good compo earner..a years pay for 3 months work.
  15. Kane is pretty much stuck at Spurs now, until his contract runs out.
  16. Not out of the question, if it upsets or unbalances the team. This is purely to win the Champions League, and it wasn't a lack of striker that got them knocked out against Real Madrid was it?
  17. I don't even know any Sheffield people that say Dee and Dah either, and I was dragged up on Shiregreen.
  18. Puts Kane in a really difficult position, I bet he definitely had his heart set on a move this summer. Haaland is younger and cost almost halve the price - resale value as well, which Kane wouldn't have at his age. This will be very interesting at City, they will have to spend the summer looking at a different way of playing now. Maybe time for Sterling to move on? even KBD? Certainly the likes of Gundogan, Silva and Mahrez will be interested in any offers from big clubs on the continent.
  19. Well yes - a sitcom based entirely on the notion that all scousers are benefit swindling law breaking dodgy cheeky scoundrels However - written by a professional scouser, so does that make it OK ..playing up to a stereotype? When people talk about offensive sitcoms of the past , I've never heard this one mentioned before. With regards to the chant, it's pretty old school..almost nostalgic. Not far off us calling Nottingham Forest fans ' scabs' maybe, in so much as is it's historical and bears no relation to current times?
  20. Think that's where I am. Cancelling this generations old chant dilutes the argument of getting rid of the generally bigoted/racist/homophobic stuff. I dunno, theres something really impersonal about the 'sign on' chant for me. It's more about ruining that song than hating on an entire fanbase.
  21. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2022/may/09/tottenham-fans-trust-disappointed-with-sign-on-chants-at-anfield-liverpool? Poverty and joblessness no longer fair game, says the fans group. What do we think?
  22. No he isn't. That's absolute garbage. Sunderland beat us with an injury time goal. ' Far Superior'. Yeah right.
  23. I'm not surprised at the vitriol aimed at Darren Moore by a huge number of SWFC fans. There has been a grim faced stubbornness not to appreciate his extremely good achievement of taking a team that most believed would be lucky to avoid relegation, and get them to 4th place in the league, with a huge points total and a squad of likeable committed players that he has someone gelled together over the course of a season. I've said on twitter and I'll repeat it here : If Gary Megson had done the same there would be calls for a statue of him outside the ground and demands he be given a contract for life. There's something about Moore a lot of our fans dislike , for no obvious reason I can see. He is a decent manger for this level and probably the next, and he's most definitely earned the chance to have another go at going up next season.
  24. I think we know who the brainless idiot here is.. To recap, in the summer we thought we would go straight through league 1 . A huge amount of people on here had resigned themselves to that. Moore has put together a squad of free's , loans and misfits and nearly got his promoted at the first attempt. We've constantly improved, Hillsborough has had a fortress vibe about it, 2nd half of the season goals have been flying in. From a desperate situation we managed to recruit an international keeper, a series of solid defenders, keep the divisions best player, and a get a hardworking 17 goal striker. Moore deserves next season. Megson did worse and fans on here still love him.
  25. Over to all the smug Moore haters then, knock yourself out.
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