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  1. hi darling, I’m on my way home, take your blue pill now and think of me in my apple catchers. see you soon big boy
  2. That was a present from the players to the fans and a dig at the top. the rot starts from the very top
  3. I started a thread the other week about this getting out to the wider audience (which was deleted I may add) Part 1 complete
  4. but ripped every ounce of pride and soul from the club in the process. gazilions or not, he’s inept and completely and utterly clueless about football.
  5. My most worrying thing is I just don’t actually care anymore, until the parasite running the club departs it will never be the club I love. he has destroyed its soul from top to bottom
  6. Where has the soul gone from our club? it’s like a circus
  7. If dc didn’t like the straight talking pulis he will really get on with keanes honest opinions!
  8. Bruce Employing journeyman managers will never work, they are named that way for a reason.
  9. Take your ego and your clueless ideas about OUR club back to Thailand put the club as officially for sale
  10. he came in with his hands tied, a pile of poo to work with, what were you seriously expecting? it’s ok though, we have our next victim lined up, poor sod! chansiri out
  11. How many of this shower did he sign? how well would you work if you never knew if you were getting paid? It’s been decline after decline, it doesn’t matter on the manager. Pulis was a dinosaur, but he was an honest dinosaur and that is what we needed, to root out the rot in the club. I think we all know the root of the rot now. Pulis is an honest straight talking manager, this response from chansiri seals the fact he can’t take any form of criticism.
  12. You can’t polish a turd simple as that Chansiri couldn’t run a bath on his own anyone seriously coming out with stats about Pulis are very very short sighted
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