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  1. This was on the wolves forum tonight, not sure who the Everton coach would be and the other championship link
  2. You’ve got good spelling and grammar for a 5 or 6 year old though
  3. Have we signed anyone in these 380 pages yet? I’ve not been keeping up
  4. If that’s a borner his wife must be very frustrated
  5. Should have never employed Jos in the first place, he must go down as one of the worst managers our club as had considering how he treated some senior pros We could have been top 2 this season with the right man in charge. he should be sat annoyed with himself in my opinion.
  6. Love the bit where it says we now have all the latest facilities as it shows us the toilets were the players dumping in a hole in the ground before this?
  7. Spunked million’s on poo through the cc era, without reading the small print, fatal error in this game, add the shambolic managerial and player recruitment, only leads one way, the guy is football novice, but he’s a multi million pound business man, where is the common sense, it’s been school boy stuff at primary level.
  8. Finally a manager who knows how the league works, someone who knows how to gain promotion from it, can attract decent players and a manager we should all get behind. time to put the past to bed and let’s look to the future. good luck Steve Bruce, you have my 100% support.
  9. Good lad Sam, sat in silence whilst mr clueless was here, vents his frustration now he’s finally gone. 2 clean sheets and 6 points answers anyone’s questions
  10. Exactly the sort of manager we needed after Carlos, I’m willing to move on from this Jos fiasco, but lessons must be learnt, it’s a club, not a one man band, we win lose and draw together, don’t isolate yourself for failure.
  11. If this is exciting, stop the world and let me off now.
  12. Chansiri wants to know which player got him the Bruce almighty dvd for secret Santa
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