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  1. You can blame Vontaze Burfict for the Bengals loss to Steelers in the play offs.
  2. We'll play him LWB guarenteed. Same was what we did to Corbeanu.
  3. We're only 5 points better off than we were at this stage that season.
  4. Oldham fabs have been through some utter crap with their owner for years. Can't see it turning well. I think they're doomed to relegation. Playing for a club in turmoil should be great practise for him though.
  5. Well his dad was called Neville Neville. Oh you mean JRM?
  6. One of the great play off games surely.
  7. The turnaround. Good lord. It's fixed surely.
  8. Oh ffs what was that Rams mistake
  9. Rams starting really well. Kupp is uncoverable at times.
  10. One positive is that we have 5 more points than we did in the 2010/11 season at this stage. A second positive is that we have 8 more points than we did in the 2003/04 season at this stage.
  11. Giving it a listen just now. I like the smoky jazz/swing qualities.
  12. The pattern on these plates interacts with the subconscious mind in a violent way and causes severe verbal naughtiness. They've done studies on it and that.
  13. To remind his players that they have to keep working hard considering they got lucky defending in the box.
  14. Just noticed my start of the year Bills 49ers Superbowl prediction is still alive.
  15. My NFL history knowledge isn't very good so I googled it. 2 superbowls lost to the 49ers I see! Well, that would be a superb rematch and one I'd very much invite. It'd be refreshing not to see Mahomes or Brady in the Superbowl for once.
  16. Did not see that 49ers win coming. Great from them to make it to the NFC Championship game.
  17. I'll be surprised if Burrow isn't sore but I don't think they'll care!
  18. Bengals need to protect Burrow.
  19. Come and have a drink with us we'll drink you to a frenzy
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