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  1. We'll definitely replace him with a Rhoys Wiggins type signing. Blow a load of the budget on an injured over the hill crock.
  2. We all know League 1 very well. We've spent about a quarter of the last 17 years down there.
  3. We are the only team of our size that has experienced potentially 3 relegations to this level in the modern era. You can name your Leicesters, Wolves, Forest, Southampton etc but they were only down there before rebuilding to the highest level.
  4. The summer we did nothing after the Huddersfield failure i knew we were lacking knowledge and experience at all levels of the club behind the scenes. Since then it has been a disasterclass. How to erode a football team and its fans.
  5. There's a lot of collective issues that are watering the game down. For me personally, and some might think wildly different, one of the worst things is the match day atmosphere. Much smaller and insignificant clubs seem to have a strong influence from within the fan base and crucially from the club to try and create atmosphere. It seems at Hillsborough from the club, SAG and wider steralisation that the in stadium atmosphere is dead. Same with many clubs to be fair. Again, it is culturally embedded but you only have to watch small clubs around Europe to
  6. Just fact checked and we only scored more than 2 goals 3 times in 48 games that season. Hard to get promoted like that.
  7. I remember how poor we were that season. We played defensive football and were regularly finding ourselves on the right side of tight games. We only scored more than 2 goals a game on a handful of occasions from memory. That defeat to Huddersfield had been coming. I remember feeling shocked we'd managed to get to 81 points at the time because we were bang average.
  8. Massively disagree in terms of talent. For example Norwich on paper are much better than our team under Carlos. I don't think they were ever anywhere near automatic promotion standard. I reckon they'd be about Bournemouth level this season. Overall I think by finishing 6th and 4th we pretty much hit our ceiling. Don't forget we finished 4th in a year where Huddersfield and Reading (who were both awful) were also up there.
  9. 'There are some issues with the accounts'. Well run club.
  10. Man City play for this. Any hint at all of a counter and you foul. Any hint. It is deeply engrained in the players. They don't even risk it. Even if the counter was by James O'Connor and his everbent knees as he snailed through the Man City midfield, someone would topple him. Lack of intelligence for me.
  11. I am scared of Chansiri. I am scared of League One ownership under Chansiri, because it will be worse.
  12. Yet we'll go and get a red card on the 20th minute when we are playing well. But we should have taken a red if necessary to shithouse that Rotherham counter. Obviously the players don't care so I wouldn't expect them to do such a thing.
  13. Another team who will no doubt enjoy our latest charitable donation. We donated it extra special tonight though.
  14. Brentford would have taken a yellow in that 3rd picture. Our players are too thick. The only time we actually want to foul someone ffs. So typical.
  15. If you could sum up our club in a flick book. It's a superb summary of our decline under Chansiri.
  16. Agreed. But I don't have any faith that the ownership has any clue how to use this blessing that we've been gifted with.
  17. As a Wednesday fan growing up I was always told about the good old days of the 90's. Hirst, Waddle etc. But I never saw it. I honestly think that the good old days that I can now talk about for the next decade to upcoming youngsters are the 2015-2017 seasons. That's maybe as good as it gets for us.
  18. Come on though, he probably wants to say the same things as us. He's been here 3 days. He'd lose all respect if he hung the players out to dry. I'm sorry but come on. It's an impossible job that Moore has, he has to work with these losers on a daily basis now. He's probably going to get more out of them if he doesn't murder them on day 3 of being manager.
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