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  1. Someone has to make a stand against the greed and coercion. Good on him. He'll be amongst few friends though as most will go with it. Against modern football.
  2. Only a club with one of the worst financial records in Europe would pay that for an ageing striker.
  3. I reckon that's what Hull are thinking. They have Turkish owners they will be aware Joao could move to Besiktas giving us a little windfall.
  4. Said it for years everything about this club financially and in terms of planning is short term, sticking plasters. Even the recruitment this year highlights that (which I am contextually happy with, I believe we need older players to get us promoted) but we have no faith in our ability to improve players and add value to them and I think it's a fitting metaphor for the way the club is run. It's hard to ever see the evidence of us investing in the medium to long term future of the club. Everything seems like a season long reaction to our previous failings. We're chasing shadows in a lot of ways and there's no surprise why much smaller teams historically continually show us up off the pitch and on it.
  5. The people criticising the Glastojogger will be sat watching VHS reruns of Roy Chubby Brown, crying about how the good old days are gone whilst shovelling packs of ham trimmings into their mouths on margarine drenched breadcakes.
  6. He's in the final year of his contract and is 29 soon. I can't imagine anyone paying more than £3M to 3.5M for him. He is probably worth more than that but contract length will put Reading in a tricky situation. If we can nab some money to cover the Wilks signing and maybe another then thats very good.
  7. Think maybe 40 from attack. 20 from midfield 10 from defence 3 own goals.
  8. **** me just wait until the first drab draw or defeat against Forest Creams, Chelentus or Bayern Shrewsnich. Are we daft or what its gonna be a right old scrap. We can definitely be up there but i'm not setting myself up for an eggy faced fall.
  9. I know for a fact this worst Owlstalk 11 would probably beat us at Wembley in a one off game as is the voodoo surrounding our fortunes.
  10. Presuming he would be based on the fact he moved to Fulham for about £6M and has recently been on Prem wages. It's not hard to imagine that he could have been on over 30k a year as recently as 2021. I don't think what we could offer, or should be offering, as a League 1 club would be anywhere near that considering we've just signed the likes of Heneghen. I know we will put our hands in our pockets for more centre backs but can't see Hector being one of them.
  11. A quick scout indicates he's played the equivalent to 26 full games in the 3 seasons since he last played for us. Is it wise to sign an expensive 29 year old who has played no more than 9 games a season for 3 years? Not for me. Hate looking backwards too. Let's move on.
  12. No transfers/rumours ever happen in the order they are revealed anyway. Its more than likely we enquired about Payne before or at a similar time to Vaulks. Vaulks signs and we no longer need Payne but from the Swindon side they still see we are one of the teams to show interest. Most likely these things have been going on for months and months as well.
  13. Unless it gets us success I disagree. We are in League 1 and have been on a downward trend for years. Unless we show we can recruit successfully with small budgets we will forever just swim around league 1/lower Champ like we have for the last 23 years.
  14. Rather send him on loan than play in that. Its basically just reserve football. He clearly thrived at Grimsby in the rough and tumble of persistent league games.
  15. Bet it doesnt work in reality. The place needs cutting edge/highl level/ high stakes football to sell out and have a good atmosphere. Even in periods of success, as last season proved, you can't get numbers and atmosphere against your Cheltenham Rovers and Burton Uniteds.
  16. What a bunch of chavvy scum the pig players are.
  17. Like others have said get off the train, get some beers then hold your breath and follow the bacon.
  18. Bolton home first game Peterborough home boxing day Lincoln home final game
  19. Think it's more about the sort of player Smith is. Very physical. In fact I'd say he's horrible and ugly to play against.
  20. Isn't there a wage cap in League 1 anyway. It's still probably more than the tramps at Rotherham can offer. This would be very very funny.
  21. Luongo going is a good thing in my opinion. Too injury prone, likely a higher earner and probably peaked as a player. As a bloke he came across as committed and genuine. I'm sure he'll get a good deal at another decent club but I'm happy with Vaulks taking his place as it stands.
  22. https://www.ccmb.co.uk/showthread.php?453584-Vaulks-signs-for-Sheffield-Wednesday/page2 Cardiff views on Vaulks.
  23. Have to agree. People were raving about him but he genuinely didn't stand out for me at all. He wasn't as poor as your post suggests, in my opinion, but he certainly wasn't Nemanja Vidic.
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