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  1. Didn’t expect that sort of mentality from Hutchinson- when things are a bit rubbish he doesn’t want to be around the football team? Someone with the right mentality would break their balls to get things positive again. Won’t blemish what was a good speller at our club though, even if his availability was limited. When he was available and did play he rarely let us down. Surprised he’s a higher earned though - he’s lucky to have been playing professional football, and his injury record says we were a little stupid to have him as a high earner. Good luck to him moving back down south to his family.
  2. I never noticed either on the match day squad, hence I wasn’t aware they were on the bench? Apologies if I missed it, don’t recall seeing them when I checked the team prior to the game. Add to the fact neither came on, which is bizarre given the changes we made, I still wasn’t aware they were on the bench.
  3. Didn’t see them on the match day squad when I checked before the game, and never saw either come off the bench if they were?
  4. Sometimes, accurate passing and end product is better than pace. Reach has an end product, he’s definitely got plenty to offer to be on our bench - as a minimum - when fit.
  5. Clumsy challenge? The Bristol City player fell down under no contact. Da Cruz held the ball and carried it forward well. Didn’t he have a shot well saved late on too? Agreed re the two players though - they are first teamers and unless injured should surely be in the squad.
  6. Wouldn’t have minded seeing him sign an extension as he’s a good age, he’s done well under the last two managers, and seems a professional. However, let’s not have short memories. He was utter turd for 80% of his time here and replacing him shouldn’t be the most difficult task of Monk’s summer, so I’m not fussed. All the best Fox!
  7. Anyone judging Monk given the situation he inherited, the failures with big egos in the squad, the 3 month interruption, and the circus going on off the field, needs to give their head a wobble. Time for judging Monk is next season.
  8. Whilst I applaud the club for ensuring staff get 100% of their salaries, why is a football club who pays footballers millions of pines having to go scrounging to the Government for tax players money to pay ticket sellers, cleaners, and office staff etc.? This outgoing must be peanuts compared to the other costs within the club, and the Chairman has already said the millions fans pay to go through the turnstiles doesn’t even touch the sides with regards to expenditures. At times like this, I feel the club should be helping the community and giving something back, not penny pinching and going to the Government for handouts. Doesn’t sit well with me. The Government furlough fund should be for those in need, not for multi-million pound football clubs to dip into. I find it even more vile that Premier League clubs are also doing this. Some not even making up the 20%!! Shameful.
  9. I've just moved to a new job in the arts and without such fantastic generosity like this I'm not really sure how long we'll be collecting a full wage (even though I'm still doing my job in full working from home). Thank you!
  10. Aye, it's probably thinking coming to Wednesday was one of them!
  11. Invest in players; Willing to work hard Decent track records with their fitness Hungry to succeed Have the right mentality to play for a club of our size and expectation Be better prepared to sell players when we believe their values are at their peak then reinvest that profit back into the squad Please, no more; Packed treatment rooms Expensive signings sat in the stands Random guys here for a season with no intention of being played who the manager never wanted Bottlers or serial losers Egos who think they are bigger than the club Last pay day signings Holding on to valuable assets until they are worth nowt
  12. I think we enough of the way through the season to adopt something similar to the Lewis & Duckworth method in cricket. Something like Points/Games to give you an average Points per Game total for the season so far and re-adjust the league table accordingly. Whilst it would be amusing for fans who don't support those clubs, imagine Liverpool missing out on their first league title in 30 years, Leeds missing a return to the Premier League, etc. by just voiding the season. Don't know if there is a precedent - seasons interrupted by war, etc?
  13. We'll take the points deduction this season please EFL!! Then cancel the season... and reset P&S spending whilst you're at it!
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