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  1. I might be losing my marbles here, but wasn't it rumoured Westwood turned down a no.2 role at Man City to come here because he wants to play games? Out of our players, I'd keep Westwood and Palmer - both earned a deal with their contributions this season. Don't think we can offer Hooper and Lee contracts to keep them - we really couldn't justify long, high paid deals for them, and I reckon Hooper especially would get something better than we would offer. I'd like them to stay, prove their fitness, and accept realistic deals, but I don't hold much hope of that. Rest would go, though I think Bruce will keep Boyd if he can. As for the loans, 3 are injured, which is exactly what we need to get away from. I think Bruce bought the 2 Newcastle lads in simply for extra bodies until the summer and that's it. Hector will go for a fee as he'll be in the final year of his contract at Chelsea. Probably counts us out.
  2. St Pauli has my condolences. #prayforStPauli
  3. I doubt we can carry as big a squad as we have done in the last 3 years going forward with P&S, so it's vital we have a squad of players with proven levels of fitness. I'd be willing to make exceptions for Hooper and Lee because they are proven top end Championship players and have earned another shot with their contributions prior to their long term lay offs. Matias hasn't, which is a shame as I think he'd be a valuable member of the squad if he could stay fit.
  4. This. Top 2 away from home over a long weekend with a squad down to its bare bones. Play-offs were always a massive outside chance, and that was before the Villa 6-pointer and more injuries. Don’t believe 5 wins will be enough either, especially with Villa’s form and Bristol City picking up again. But whilst it’s possible, I’ll probably still believe!
  5. Chelsea won't loan him out again as his contract expires in June 2020 so they'd be effectively releasing him on a free transfer. Will be sold to the highest bidder this summer, which is unlikely to be us given our P&S situation.
  6. I think I've stumbled across a Football Manager thread!
  7. Maybe crime in general, possibly as a result of public cuts, is up across the broad spectrum of criminal offences?
  8. No photo, but the Star article says he was an Owl and changed to a Blade due to making it through their academy. https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday/latest-owls-news/jamie-vardy-tells-harry-maguire-you-re-either-sheffield-wednesday-or-sheffield-united-you-can-t-be-both-1-8992921 Who on earth "changes" who they support?!
  9. A stadium share would make sense from a financial point of view you'd expect, but from a fans point of view it would be horrific.
  10. Massive outsiders - have been for weeks. Still more than doable. Enjoy the ride and don't lose your sh*t over an away draw at Stoke with half a fit team.
  11. Clearly after a bit of publicity and visits to her social media on the back of this.
  12. To be honest mate, I always assumed "what happened on the pitch, stayed in football" - can't even remember Cantona getting into any off-field trouble after the kung-fu kick. The CPS and Nottinghamshire Police taking the Forestieri case out of football and into the courts is a new one on me - and I'd have expected they'd also be aware of the assault on Tom Lees, given it took part during the alleged Forestieri incident. Bizarre to have dealt with the two incidents so differently - one goes unpunished, the other ends up in court. I'd consider assault just as seriously as racial abuse.
  13. Love it when someone goes to a bit of effort and sh*ts all over someone else's "facts" that they don't think will be called out!
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