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  1. Right man at the right time, solid appointment. I’d hope we’d be in a better position and a more attractive club in the summer/18 months time for a more modern manager. Football is going to be horrific mind - glad no-one will be there to watch it!!
  2. Maybe we are just realists and understand we have a uphill battle right now? Some fans think we can attract Eddie Howe and the likes. And even if by some miracle he falls in to a coma and signs for us, think he'll play champagne football with our current crop of players. Zero chance!
  3. No mention of contract length: https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2019/january/steve-bruce-appointed-wednesday-manager/ And I think this is a press conference where both Chansiri and Bruce refuse to be drawn on length of the contract (but it's no longer available): https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2019/january/full-press-conference-as-steve-bruce-unveiled-as-owls-manager/ Only speculation of course, but one of the local press said it was a 1-year rolling contract with the option of an additional year (can't remember who or find said article mind) when compensation for his move to N
  4. Paterson was selected by Steve Clark for Scotland when he was managed by hoofball Warnock, so I can't see why not!
  5. Of course, the Chairman has made plenty of errors, however one thing he's been savvy about it manager's contracts. I don't think one has had more than a one-year rolling contract, I can't see him suddenly moving from that to give out a 2.5 year deal.
  6. Has as been covered loads of times before, even by former Chairmen of our club, at this level managers get a 3/6 month pay off regardless of length of their contract.
  7. I have to confess that I'm surprised Mr Chansiri would sack a manager, who claims to have hit the target set at this stage of the season, without having a replacement lined up. We've got a good break until our next game, surely it would have been prudent to have a manager coming through the door as Monk exited. I'm guessing he didn't decide to sack Monk overnight. We seem to take flippin' ages over everything. If it's not the kits coming out in November, it's player recruitment at the 11th hour, or it's taking forever to replace an outgoing manager. We move slower than the local co
  8. That's interesting... I'd say that he's choosing a manager for our current situation, not long term.
  9. Heard it from the horses mouth... Dave told me he'd applied when he changed my exhaust yesterday morning!
  10. Absolutely guarantee it'll increase from the current goal every 2 games! I've not seen one long term credible candidate, who would be interested in coming here. Eddie Howe is a pipe dream - more chance of seeing Elvis live at the City Hall.
  11. Of course, but how good are they? Sol Campbell, Phil Neville, and Dave at QuikFit don't really fit the bill.
  12. We've just lost at home to Luton, hammered away to Rotherham, gifted Wycombe their first ever Championship win, and drew at home to Millwall - all without scoring a goal. We've scored 6 all season. We've won 1 home game this year. We've won 3 out of 11 so far. We'd still only be 21st in the league if we didn't have 6 points deducted. That's below Rotherham and Barnsley. We can't make squad changes until January. You don't think we are in the mire? Seriously, who do you think we could attract to manage us right
  13. Really? I think this squad is perfect for Pulis. Big lad in Patterson up top for the long ball and knocking defenders about. A bit of pace out wide to chase the said long balls/flick ons. We've got some aggression in midfield in Luongo and Pelupessi. Units at the back in Iorfa and Borner. I'm sure we have a long throw merchant too!
  14. Most manager contracts at this level are limited to a 3-6 month compensation pay off, so the length of contract isn't such a big deal. I'm happy with Pulis to get us out of the mire this season and then I'd hope we'd be in a better position to attract a more modern, footballing manager. Would be an unusual move for Mr Chansiri to offer a 2.5 year deal though as I'm sure Carvalhal, Jos, Bruce, and Monk were all on rolling contracts...
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