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  1. oh_weds_we_love_you

    Adbi playing for U23's

    I suspect these two job roles are not within Abdi's contract of employment!
  2. oh_weds_we_love_you

    Chairman’s statement

    Agreed there are no excuses mate, and we should get ourselves out of the mess we've created. My point was the FL have changed the bar once - wasn't it £5m/season loss under Milan, now it's basically £13m/season? At some point you'd expect the FL to review and possibly make changes - then how does that impact how we move forward?
  3. oh_weds_we_love_you

    Just an idea

    Imagine the melt down across the city if we bought an Italian team and they bought Abdi, Fox, and Pelupessy for £30m?
  4. oh_weds_we_love_you

    Chairman’s statement

    At what point do the Football League look at the number of clubs hamstrung by P&S and decide to change the regulations again? £39m over 3 years in football these days is pitiful.
  5. oh_weds_we_love_you


    I don't see football has having changed much in the 3/4 years since he was banging goals in for Blackburn. He suits a 4-4-2 structure with service from out wide - same with Winnall, from what I've seen. Would we really be "behind the times" if we played such a system now?
  6. oh_weds_we_love_you


    ? Rhodes was successful 3/4 years ago. Then he went to Boro and didn't suit the lone striker (yet still got something like 6 in 14 starts) and was in and out the team. Carlos didn't play to his strengths (nor any of our striker's strengths hence our poor goal return in his final season and a half). Jos (or finances) sent him to Norwich. Norwich also play the lone striker, and Rhodes comes on when they shift to 2 up top. Given the buttons we would currently recoup selling Rhodes, surely he's worth a shot under Bruce, who gets goals from his strikers, if Bruce wants him here?
  7. oh_weds_we_love_you

    Now the dust has settled...

    Would be happy to stay in the league and give Bruce the 5 months to assess his squad and start planning for a much better next season.
  8. oh_weds_we_love_you

    Agnew on recruitment

    This. Had Bruce turned up at S6 and Mr Chansiri said he had to work with what he'd got, Bruce would have been out the place and straight to a club who would back him.
  9. oh_weds_we_love_you


    If that's possible, what's the point in agreeing a fee ahead of the loan move? I'd guess if a fee has been agreed, then Norwich have the option to buy or return.
  10. oh_weds_we_love_you

    Average age of squad

    Way some guys go off on here, Wednesday have a team that would compete in the over 35's league! Good to see the stats don't back that up!
  11. oh_weds_we_love_you

    SWFC v SUFC Moved

    Cheers for posting this yesterday mate. Had I not seen it and booked my mate's stag do plans, I'd have been heading home on the Sunday and missed the game. Now I can make it!
  12. oh_weds_we_love_you

    SWFC v SUFC Moved

    I'm still living in hope that he decides to boycott the game and we don't have to go to Wrexham!
  13. oh_weds_we_love_you

    Where’s your whelm at?

    Interesting opinion. I suspect Bruce isn't short of a few quid and this 'failure' (if a play-off final defeat can be considered a failure) at Villa had big personal reasons attached (both parents passed away). Bruce is a million times better than Luhukay, so I'm already happy. Also, Bruce would not be here if there wasn't some scope for developing the squad with the necessary talent to be towards the top end of the table again, which can only be a good thing, surely? This season is done for me - can't see any January activity. But I expect some serious overhaul in the summer.
  14. oh_weds_we_love_you

    SWFC v SUFC Moved

    Sadly, yes! He's a quality mate and had to come and watch Hibernian vs some other Scottish sh*te for my stag do (we only went to break up 4 days of drinking, he's an actual Chesterfield fan hence the game!), so it's the least I can do!
  15. oh_weds_we_love_you

    SWFC v SUFC Moved

    Where you seen this mate? It's still 2nd March on the club site. Ideal for me as I've a mate's stag do (watching Wrexham vs Chesterfield - - on the Saturday) so Monday will suit me perfectly!