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  1. Carlos interview

    Jesus H Christ! I’ve got to laugh or I’ll chuck myself under a bus!!

    Make some right money on Wednesday gifting teams their first win or ending their miserable winless run!! Please, Mr Chansiri, show Carlos the door. Breathe of fresh air the first 18 months, now a negative, predictable coach who can’t get the best out of an expensive squad.
  3. Rhodes will never score till SWFC supply crosses

    This. Doesn't matter how many crosses we put in if they're sh*te crosses!
  4. Hutchinson vs Jones

    Aye, that makes Lopez and Jones better than Hutchinson.
  5. Hutchinson vs Jones

    Happy with Jones until Hutchinson is 100%, then I'd want Hutchinson to return. For me, Jones is getting better and better - though he did start off pretty poor for us last season.
  6. Sky Championship Table Predictor

    Neither Leeds or Wednesday will be top 2. Cardiff won't drop that far. Villa will finish much higher. United, Ipswich, and Preston will drop. Reading, Fulham, and Derby will finish higher.
  7. Championship Budgets 2016 - Chasing the Dream

    On staff? Does that mean playing staff (salaries only or transfer fees and salaries) or the whole staff employed by the club? Also, a section of the league is missing, including us...
  8. University student and staff prices at SWFC

    I’d only lower myself to the tram, not a bus, so wasn’t aware of the bus route tbh. Always drove to Hillsborough when I lived in Ranmoor, and the team gate/local parking permits made it a ball ache. Also, when I worked for UoS and based on Glossop Road, I could probably walk to Bramall Lane quicker than I could drive/tram it to Hillsborough! Only students I could imagine going to Hillsborough would be based in Crookes/Walkley if we were talking about ease to stadiums. Isn’t the new Halls of Residence built just off Fulwood Road (just past Manchester Road)? Surely that’s easier to get to the Lane than Hillsborough, even via a bus?
  9. Just Visiting

    Pretty interesting as Layards (no idea why, but it makes me laugh!) vs Sunderland, Forest and Wednesday would surely attract a bigger viewing audience than vs Bolton, so makes you wonder what was so special about the Bolton game - as SiJ says, opening game of the season, traditionally one of the best attended/watched fixtures on the calendar? Leeds are well known for having a big southern fan base, and I wonder how many of those fans watch the Leeds games in their home with a cold beer because the southern pubs would rather show Chelsea vs Arsenal - therefore count as one person equals one viewing on the viewing figures. Compared to Wednesday fans who have a larger fan based based in the local area, with pubs showing the Owls game because 100's of Wednesdayites will flock to their boozer for the game - therefore 100 Owls fans equals one viewing on the viewing figures...
  10. Watford seem to be doing alright with their manager/coach rotation policy!
  11. Letter from angry Sheffield Wednesday fan to SWFC

    Think the most frustrating thing about how the commercial side of Wednesday is run, is if it was run properly and generated the income the club should be generating, then match day price might be more affordable and FFP wouldn't be as big an issue... When buying a match day ticket, it feels like I'm paying extra because some clowns in the commercial department don't appear know their ar*e from their elbow.
  12. Just Visiting

    Would certainly be interested to know where you can source Sky Sport viewing figures (can't find them online) for each game and what the criteria for the figures is - for example, does a pub count as one viewer, even though there might be 150 football fans in the pub watching it?
  13. This. Would love to see how the super clubs cope when they have their spell in the bottom 6 (even if there is no relegation). Arsenal fans moan when Arsenal finish 4th in the Premier League, what would they be like finishing 14th in the Super League?!
  14. Wednesday or England

    It's not even a choice - Wednesday every day. Even when I used to go to all England's home games, it still wasn't a contest!
  15. University student and staff prices at SWFC

    See above, definitely choose Wednesday at present for an extra fiver. As I'd have chosen United 10 years ago - if I was a neutral obviously. Getting to Hillsborough from the UoS halls and the Broomhill/Ranmoor/Fulwood (Crooks maybe as it's walkable) area is a complete pain in the a*se, much easier to get to the city centre!