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  1. oh_weds_we_love_you

    Nuhiu’s form at the end of last season...

    I think one simply has to look at the careers of both Fletcher and Nuhiu to see how accurate your post is!
  2. oh_weds_we_love_you

    The Star - Were after a CB

    Wonder if someone is going to have to leave to fund this...
  3. oh_weds_we_love_you


    People who ask you to sit down away from home, when they know beforehand that everyone stands up, grind my f*cking gears!! Aye love, I’ll sit down - so I can see f*ck all because everyone in front of me is also stood up...
  4. I get that. But you’re losing 1-0 and chasing the game, who do we bring off the bench today to try and salvage a point? We had Fletcher who is still recovering from a long lay off, the rest were kids - and relying on them to change a game is desperate.
  5. oh_weds_we_love_you

    Mick McCarthy

    No guarantee of success, but an experienced manager with masses of knowledge of the Championship should give you a better chance than a manager who has limited knowledge at this level, and was unemployed for a few years prior to this gig. Jos did exceptionally well at the back end of last season, but his record before that was pretty awful and this season hasn’t exactly started off well.
  6. Can’t blame him. Our bench today says everything about our clubs ambition at present. Whilst I like seeing young players come through, we need game changes on the bench, not a bunch of kids.
  7. oh_weds_we_love_you

    Wildsmith or Dawson

    Jos changed it last season - Wildsmith was playing in the league, Dawson in the cup, then Jos gave Dawson the remaining games once safe.
  8. oh_weds_we_love_you

    Liam Palmer

    No-one hates Palmer, why would they? He's a local lad, supports the club, and gives what he can when called up on. Many just don't rate him and don't believe he's good enough to be first choice here. I've even given you the list of areas I believe he lacks, you disagreed. That's football. Doesn't mean he's hated FFS.
  9. oh_weds_we_love_you

    Did I hear right?

    Would rather we offered new terms to Bannan and Joao first!
  10. oh_weds_we_love_you

    Wildsmith or Dawson

    Prefer Wildsmith, but there isn't much between them.
  11. oh_weds_we_love_you


    I said the same about Harry Maguire 4 years ago...
  12. oh_weds_we_love_you


    Ours and United's business plans are different. We charge to maximise ticket revenue, United charge to put bums on seats. That's why Wednesday's ticket revenue dwarfs United's. So, I can't see us giving students cheap tickets - it's not our plan. PS, wonder how many of those students purchase £10 tickets and flog them on for a profit (but still cheaper than full price)....
  13. With Westwood seemingly being moved on, I suspect he's not being played in order to reduce the chance of him picking up an injury that could scupper a move. That's the only possible reason for Westwood's absence as, at present, he's the best GK at the club. I just hope we an move him on - we'd look rather silly having the best GK at the club, one of the best in the Championship, and earning a massive salary, sat in the stands watching us ship on average 2 goals a game (up to this point).
  14. oh_weds_we_love_you

    Why has Jones been banished?

    Clearly this.
  15. oh_weds_we_love_you

    Westwood is 3rd choice - Official

    This was most likely said in terms of Westwood being sold. We need to raise funds/reduce costs and Westwood is one of the obvious guys to move on, so having two excellent young GK's would soften the loss. However, to not play him when he's fit and a Wednesday player is something completely different, and it seems pretty barmy to me.