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  1. Sure I saw a stat after Rhodes’ loan spell at Norwich which has him down for a goal every 161 minutes (from memory). Not bad at all.
  2. Me too. I’d walk away from my contract when it’s up in 5 months time. In the mean time, I’d put my feet up and take the p*ss.
  3. But surely he had to believe he’s good enough to break into the Celtic team and play in front of 60k, challenging for trophies, playing with better players, and enjoying European football? Who wants players who don’t believe in themselves?! Worst case is he’ll end up loaned out - probably to someone in better shape than his current employers.
  4. At least it’s not plastered all over our shirts.... oh wait!
  5. I can’t even imagine being a Wednesday fan working within the club right now. How they haven’t lost their sh*t I’ll never know. True professionals!!
  6. So, you saw this coming as we made sensible recruits such as Forestieri for £3m, Hooper for £3m, Wallace on a free, Pudil for £1m, Bannan for £750k, and so on? You saw this coming as we swept teams aside with attacking football, not seen at Hillsborough since Big Ron’s days, and reaching the Play-Off Final - only losing to a wonder striker against a team with Premier League standard players and budget? Chansiri’s ownership has turned sour - but let’s not kid on its always been this way.
  7. On 10 times the money, challenging for silver wear, playing European football, and away from a basket case of the club. Tough decision for the lad, Wednesdayite or not!
  8. Did Rhodes end up scoring more goals at Hillsborough for Huddersfield in one game (4-4 draw) than he has for Wednesday in his entire career with us?!
  9. Mr Chansiri is actually starting to sound more like a Liverpool fan each time he opens his mouth...
  10. Steve Bruce’s fault for him appointing Steve Bruce... Tony Pulis’ fault for him appointing Tony Pulis...
  11. Aye, ok Mr Chansiri. You sailing our great football club to Division 3 after wasting £300m is just like being disappointed with a movie. FFS. Stick to canned fish pal.
  12. Feel sorry to Chansiri right now. I’ve no doubt he’s doing everything with his best intentions of the club, but he’s talking some right utter rounduns. He comes across like a beach whale trying to get back to the sea, flapping about and hoping a magical unicorn will come to his rescue. We hear the manager has the final day on players - so he’s completely immune to poor signings - then goes on to tell us we can still sign players without a manager, as they need to fit into his philosophy. Does he forget the crap he’s previously told us? His problem is, it’s a
  13. So, let me get this right... Chansiri appointed Steve Bruce, by his own admission saying he didn’t want to but was convinced to appoint him. Now, Chansiri tells us he didn’t like Tony Pulis’ brand of football and didn’t want him, so appointed a manager in Garry Monk who plays a similar style, only to then appoint Pulis a year later? Why does our Chairman keep making appointments he didn’t want?
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