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  1. Me too. I wanted him in previous seasons, but I've not seen him play since his first season with Newcastle. If he's the player he was then - strong, athletic, fit, full of desire, and a quality midfielder - then I don't care of his age. However, he's likely to be expensive salary-wise so we have to make sure he's still capable of what I mentioned earlier. One thing worth considering when comparing to Carlos' older signings, I expect Bruce will get us pace along side the experience, which is something we didn't have under Carlos and caused us all sorts of problems.
  2. So, a 3 match ban already served, cleared in court, and 11 months later the FA charge him with the same incident...? Bizarre. Are the FA still digging out their VCR player to review the GBH in Tom Lees in the same match?
  3. A player wishing to take advantage of them being a reasonable well off club, who, thanks to Premier League failure money, can pay far bigger wages than us (if they wanted to)?
  4. From a person far more knowledgeable about P&S than me, a poster on here previously showed how selling Rhodes would seriously impact on our P&S rolling year limit. I *think* the 4th year £2m owed would roll into being £4m in the 3rd year, and therefore that would give us £2m less to play with. Then you factor in the £1m loan fee we received as income. When P&S is as close as it has been at Hillsborough, that could be the difference between a breach (and transfer embargo) or not.
  5. Sure Bruce will have a good idea if he's capable of playing the way he wants us to play. I don't think football has changed that drastically, I just don't think Rhodes can play the lone striker role. There will always be a place in football for natural goalscorers who is in good confidence.
  6. Would rather Rhodes had a chance under Bruce than simply giving him away. Wouldn't transferring him now also trigger a change in how we can spread his transfer fee over the accounts and impact our P&S numbers? Obviously, if we are talking a few million. then we have to think about it. Even if that money sorts the P&S issue mentioned above, at least we'll have his salary off the books. Can't imagine any sale would give us substantial movement under P&S (whether that's a problem with the rumoured stadium sale, who knows!).
  7. I wouldn’t even risk finishing my cuppa, can always make a fresh one when the job is done!!
  8. A crock who played 35 games this season? One long term injury doesn’t mean someone is a crock. Also, when you have FFP issues and want to bring in quality then you have to take the odd gamble. Take comfort in the fact he’s a free transfer, Bruce knows him well, and given our recent problems with injured players there is likely to be a very thorough check on potential signings.
  9. Be great to see that thread as I recall it differently. There was talk that we would have to do without big earners going forward and the two young GK's were ahead of Westwood as a result. People understood the logic and based the decision based on us not being able to afford to keep Westwood. Don't recall anyone saying Westwood was behind the two young lads on ability/merit as Jos had made out!
  10. Difference this time is the manager will be signing them and he knows what he's doing!
  11. This. There is rivalry and banter, and then there is just plain daft and unhealthy obsession. I am absolutely staggered, that a week after United have won promotion to the Premier League, they'll STILL be trying to stick it to Wednesday. When Wednesday get promoted, I'll have a couple of minutes winding my Blades mates up before continuing to celebrate our achievement and look forward to the exciting and massive 12 months ahead. Absolute tinpot and absolute classless.
  12. Not sure how many times it has been said, or needs to be said again. Hector is heading in to the final year of his contract at Chelsea therefore he won't go out on loan again. He will be sold to the highest bidder, which given our P&S position is highly unlikely to be us.
  13. Season tickets are decent value, match day tickets are a disgrace, so we'll have seen an increase in season ticket holders in fear they would be priced out of going to 10/12/15 games a season. Financially, Mr Chansiri's plan has probably worked. Attendance-wise it has worked. Long term impact as a result of the pricing structure, well we'll have to wait and see.
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