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  1. I'd would rather win the home game and hope for a plum tie in the next round. Whilst a trip to Anfield would be great, I don't think it would be as good as knocking out the best team on the planet on your home turf and being in the hat for a guaranteed Round 5 tie. Still, you'd be chuffed either way!
  2. Why does Monk need excuses? He’s done a sound job so far, even more so given the situation he inherited. As for getting on with improving the squad, he can only move as fast as the Chairman allows.
  3. Or the club has learned lessons from previous recruitment and actually want value for money rather than just throwing money around like confetti?
  4. He has. Monk said he came to join the U23's and has impressed in his couple of months here, so he's basically earned his right to be around the first team.
  5. Exactly. Mr Chansiri buys just 1,000 that's up to £6m into the club that wasn't there before. Sure helps us in the transfer window and of course our ongoing battle with the EFL!!
  6. Voted no. Fernando has to earn his place back because he's been very ineffective the past few seasons. If he was still the Forestieri we had in the first 2 seasons then he'd come straight back into the team for me, but he's not, so he doesn't. Also, Monk seems to be building a team with great work ethic, trust, and high spirit. To take someone out and replace them with the current Forestieri could damage all that. Unbelievable talent on his day, sadly that day doesn't come round too often these days.
  7. I'm not so sure. £5,000 loan these days probably set you back £3-400 in interest depending on length of loan and your financial circumstances. It's a small price to pay to lock into a fantastic deal. I certainly would have done that when I lived in Sheffield and had a season ticket, no bother. Interesting that the deal is limited, which I don't get. Limiting the availability would result in buttons (relatively speaking in football terms) so would it even be worth while from the club? Still would not surprise me if this was so Mr Chansiri and associates could "buy" a few thousand to invest millions into the club...
  8. Agreed, if fans and the club can afford it then it's a great deal. My only concern is we don't get promoted in the next 10 seasons, how do we then pay the bills?
  9. Sure this is different mate. If we don't get promoted for 20 seasons, then you'd get 30 season tickets for the price of 10. However, if that does happen, f*ck knows how we'll pay the bills in 10 seasons time!
  10. If Mr Chansiri buys 10,000 of them at an average of £5,000, then that's £50m for Monk to spend!!
  11. Mr Chansiri must be confident of going up otherwise how does he plan on paying the bills in 10 years time?! Given it was 20 years ago since we were in the Premier League, had this scheme come into force then, you'd have had 20 "free" season tickets already with at least another 10 to come!
  12. Maybe I've mis-understood, but if we don't get promoted for 10 seasons, you'll still have another 10 seasons (minimum).
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