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  1. Can’t see this stadium thing being settled for some time mate, which I think will also play it’s part. If we are found guilty of whatever the charge is, I expect we’ll legally challenge it.
  2. Our Chairman has averaged 1 sale every 2 years, despite P&S problems, you think we’ll flog 5 in 31 days?
  3. Excuses with the new owners about to come in. He also thought the game was even and we needed a pen to win!!
  4. Will leave at the end of his contract in the summer, which would be the correct decision based on the last 2 and a half seasons. Shame given we could have got £10m+ for him & we wouldn’t be needing stadium sales to keep on the straight and narrow financially. This club really needs to learn when to sell players!!
  5. Thanks. I gathered from previous that you knew the person/company hence asking.
  6. Where does our accountancy firm sit with regards to this allegation? Remember at the time you said if our accounts have signed off the stadium as being worth £60m then all is good as an accountant wouldn't put their reputation on the line by over-valuing or anything not above board. Suggests the EFL don't buy the valuation and don't buy the transaction being shoved into the accounts from a previous season.
  7. You seriously blaming Dawson for that free kick vs Cardiff?!
  8. Exactly. Teams in the big league would rather finish 4th for the Champions League revenue or 17th in the league to keep their Premier league money than add a League Cup or FA Cup to their honour board. Same goes for those Championship clubs trying to get to the Premier League; but those clubs also have the realisation that even if they field a full strength team in the cups, it's likely Man City's 3rd string will wipe the floor with them anyway, so it's not worth the risk to their goal of getting to the money league.
  9. Says something about the state of football when £20 for an early round League Cup tie on a Tuesday night is considered "cheap"!!
  10. How about away fans are kept behind for 15mins during “medium to high risk” games. Home fans dispersed, then away fans free to leave. This has happened many a time before and seemingly worked, what’s stopping it from being a solution now?
  11. Have our local authorities really forgot what happened in 1989 when fans were led to an insignificant number of entrances? Why are they now leading everyone in the North Stand out through insignificant exits? You couldn’t make the incompetence of these morons up. Not fit for purpose? That would be SYP, SCC & SAG, not Hillsborough Stadium.
  12. Depends which end of the North Stand you're on. If you're toward the away end, you've to wait for the 8,000 fans in front of you to get out first. Doesn't make a great difference heading towards town TBH. It's a pain in the *** though if you're heading towards Manchester and you're on that side of the North Stand!
  13. He wouldn't be in the match day squad if he was being alienated!
  14. Bullen has been on the non-playing side for much longer, learning from a number of managers/head coaches/assistants. He’s also actually managed - and won games - in the Championship. Bullen is the better option. The Sun said he hasn’t been paid. The Sun said Liverpool fans robbed their own dying fans in 1989. The club statement says they split by mutual consent, nothing about salaries owed. Even if it is over salaries owed, why jump ship at this crucial stage after 4 months without payment (assuming The Sun is right)? Why not at the end of the season? Why not before pre-season? The comment about Carlos was in reference to Campbell “just” keeping Macc Town up therefore it’s still an achievement/success. My example was Carlos “just” made the play-offs after spending a shedload of money; is that also an achievement/success? I don’t believe scraping survival in League Two is an achievement in the same way I don’t believe spending a fortune to scrap a play-off place then going out with a whimper is an achievement. Amen to the last paragraph (it was you who questioned my opinion and started the debate )!!
  15. Yeah, after spending considerable sums of money.
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