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  1. No way is the height given online for Pelupessy accurate, he's a smidge under 6ft IMO.
  2. Joey must be standing on a hill then... either that the distance from the bottom of his nose to the top of his head is two inches
  3. Joey Pelupessy is about half a foot taller than Bannan
  4. We got a player on our hands!

    Also seeing a lot of comments about Reach neshing 50/50's. While I agree he needs to stop doing that, it may not be as bad as everyone makes out... he averages the 7th most tackles of any of our outfield players, ahead of the likes of Hunt, Jones, Pelupessy, Bannan and Palmer. Not saying he's a defensive powerhouse, but he's still ahead of a lot of our midfielders. Maybe wingback wouldn't be a bad shout?
  5. We got a player on our hands!

    Only Wednesday fans can be told that they have the player with the seventh highest number of assists in the league and then criticise him as not being a good enough creative force.
  6. U18's

    Think it's safe to say that most of Huddersfield's trialists won't be getting considered for a contract
  7. Yiadom's contract at Barnsley expires at the end of the season too. If they get relegated, he's nailed on to end up at either us, United or Leeds surely? Good fullback in this league and his wages would probably be on par to Palmer's... and he's definitely a step up from that.
  8. Out of contract at the end of the season... I wonder...
  9. Funny isn't it... I thought "June" in my head, I said it to myself as I typed it, I read it on my phone screen... shows how much of a dopey twát I am really
  10. I think it's normally the first Monday of July? It'll be around then officially for sure
  11. Player Ratings

    He's convinced me that there's a place for him on the bench next season. He's an experienced, hardworking player that has shown he can play at wingback after spending most of his career further forward. There will be plenty of situations next season where that is exactly the sort of player you'd want to bring on.
  12. Player Ratings

    Boyd scored one, assisted the assister for the first goal and made more tackles than any other player on the pitch. Not bad really... and I'm someone that doesn't massively rate him!
  13. Adam Reach

    Our player of the season. He's played 43 lots of 90 minutes this season in the league and is still tireless. 9 assists this season gives him the 7th highest in the entire league. A good Championship player despite what some still seem to insist on saying. Still think he'd be the perfect player at left wing back
  14. Gossip

    What, the guy who's on £140k per week?
  15. Gossip

    I wonder if @pauli would know of any out of contract 2. Bundesliga lads or Lasse-s we could go for for? Certainly if we opt for the free-transfer route, then so be it