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  1. IMO Windass was being out muscled by the defender, wasn't quite central enough, and realised he would never get the balance to beat Foster with a strike from the angle he ended up at. Cue a shoot and fall over and exclamation that the defender leaned in too much. Not a pen for me... had it been given it would have been very, very soft... but I do think the defender couldn't have got away with much more before it was something of a stone waller...
  2. I look forward to this thread exploding by about 30 pages once he bags his first goal... I mean ffs who cares
  3. Season-before-last? Good grief man, it was 2014!
  4. No, it's a good point... we always look clueless at throw-ins... watch the game back and compare us to Watford, it's like chalk and cheese I'm sure it's not been a priority on the coaching ground, but once they've addressed the more important stuff (looks like they've made a lot of progress), it's something that needs to be looked at and sorted. A game of fine margins and all that...
  5. Think it was a remarkable Tom Lees impression he must have been doing then
  6. He was fine. A significant step up from his last appearance at Hillsborough
  7. This music makes me think I've accidentally got pornhub open in another tab
  8. I might be wrong, but I made it about that long before a Watford player in our half successfully passed it to another Watford player in our half. They didn't manage to do it much more until the last 10 minutes of this first half either. To say I'm pleasantly surprised with how we've controlled the game for the first 45 minutes is an understatement...
  9. Swap the midfield 3 around... Bannan will be left of centre, Brown right, Luongo at base of diamond... at least that's what it was last week
  10. Squad player designed to probably play a part in about half of the fixtures in the entire season (most sub-appearances) on little money and good attitude... still Wednesday fans keep posting 'jokes' about how he isn't in the squad. It's genuinely reyt strange isn't it?
  11. Aye, he just doesn't look like he suits a back three... not quite mobile enough He could probably succeed in that central role, but it looks like that's Lees' to lose at the moment
  12. ******** off... that's the local team I was on about with the left back with a class left peg... I literally grew up watching them
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