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  1. Not fussed about him, flatters to deceive as things stand. Made a point of watching him almost every time we weren't on the ball, I'd say 9 times out of 10 he was doing an extremely slow jog back like it was a Saturday morning in the park. Reminds me a bit of Lewis McGugan if truth be told when he isn't in possession.
  2. Did a great job blocking Matias off from getting to his man about 2 seconds before Matias was then slow to his man to give away that free kick...
  3. ... but it's really nice to see us playing in a half-decent game of football with a little bit of attacking intent. I was a Jos apologist up 'til the end of October, but the difference between what we're seeing then vs now under Bruce is like night and day. It's being going long enough that you can no longer put it down to the "new manager effect"... it's just a bit more like what we can expect from now on. Refreshing stuff.
  4. Kind of feels like the whole debacle has been done incorrectly. There's absolutely no way this should ever have got to a court of law. FF could have called Pearce every racial slur under the sun... with absolutely no way of corroborating it he was always going to be found Not Guilty. It was just a waste of time and resources. That said, I can buy that he did say something, simply by Pearce's reaction. And for that, the FA will probably hand out a punishment. But then that goes directly counter to what a court of law, a far more comprehensive and rigorous system, has found. And yeah, you can argue whether it's right or wrong for the FA to dish out a punishment like this with next to no evidence, but now he's been found Not Guilty in a court, it will make any forthcoming punishment look even more "wrong" to give out. Add on a seeming complete ambivalence about doing anything to the bloke that dropkicked Tom Lees in the spleen, and it just feels like everything's been done badly wrong.
  5. Honestly think we've been alright Stoke have dictated the game sure, but we've looked decent in the spells we've been allowed to do our thang while ensuring Stoke haven't had too many major threats just yet. Could go either way
  6. With respect, it's been obvious for a long while that this is where we've been heading. Don't have a go at fans that figured this out a while before you did. This is where we're at, it's been obvious for at least a year and a bit that this is where we're at and where we're going to be for the foreseeable future.
  7. According to that quoted bit, only the middle point is valid to our scenario... the decision was altered. Surely having had the ball tackled fairly out for a corner that means it should have been a corner? Lord knows. Certainly my interpretation both before and after the incident seems to me to be the common sense one, but I guess it's just the wrong one irregardless.
  8. Yeah, and we're not AFC Wimbledon The point is that we only had 3 shots... there have been far more one-sided fixtures on paper than this one and the underdogs have universally managed more attacking intent than we did. I never expected us to even come close to winning, but a shot every 30 minutes is just unacceptable.
  9. Bloody hell, I know we should be managing expectations, but averaging 1 shot every half an hour just isn't acceptable in a one-off match where we should be at least giving it a go... I'm willing to bet we had the fewest shots of any team in this round of FA Cup fixtures. FFS the team bottom of League One managed to score more goals against Premier League opposition than we've managed shots today.
  10. We've had 20% of the ball Full credit to the back 4 that after nearly 80 minutes we've limited an Argentianian and Brazilian international, Real Madrid attacking midfielder and one of the best teenagers in the country to only two goals in nearly 80 minutes. Lord knows how Fox is getting pelters
  11. George Boyd gets a lot of love on here cause he works hard But he does seem to be playing the game as if he's running through syrup a lot of the time
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