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  1. This is probably the sort of thing where managers have crunched the data and found that you concede x% fewer goals from corners and the following phase of play if you have everyone back vs leaving 1, 2, 3 etc up. It's always seemed counter-intuitive to me when teams pop everyone back, but it seems so prevalent in the game that there must be a logic to it...?
  2. Luongo wasn't free... QPR reckon they got over a million for him, some reports at the time suggested it was a little less than a million. Still, £1m to ~ £1.5 million for the three of them... the sentiment behind what you're saying ends up being the same. Like chalk and cheese
  3. Makes up for the corner they scored from actually being a goalkick
  4. It's extremely rare you get a player that's blessed both with enough technicality to be a proper ball-playing defender with the fortitude and class to be a metaphorical brick wall. Add on his pace, and he is a wee bit special at this level...
  5. Yeah, thought that might have been the crux of the matter... So either he's backdated the sale of the stadium by at least 6 months, or he withheld the stadium sale from fans for more than 6 months. Eesh
  6. This might be "morning brain" from me, but wasn't the stadium sale instigated after January 2019?
  7. I remember it very well because I was surprised at how strong and unpleasant your vitriol towards me was, after I expressed my concern about the scattergun recruitment seemingly focussed around older players in positions that we seemed pretty well stocked in. I thought it pretty unreasonable at the time. But by all means, live in the present... that's the only thing that really counts right now. And the present is looking potentially pretty naff for us Wednesday fans
  8. Really? I distinctly remember arguing with you during Carlos' second season about how our recruitment strategy would leave us with an expensive squad full of people we couldn't sell, and that we seemed to be gambling on short-term success and things could go very bad. You called me a bedwetter.
  9. Also, ya know, the others don't have non-trading companies as their sponsors and questionable dates as to when their ground sales occured. If they've got only one case they can hypothetically win, it's ours.
  10. Keeper did some gamesmanship prior to the penalty being taken, trying to put Fletcher off. Kept telling him "you're going to miss" before the pen was taken... keeper even said "don't miss" or similar as Fletch planted his standing foot to strike said penalty. Fletch rightly telling him where to stick it after scoring... don't think ref was impressed by the lack of sportsmanship on display either.
  11. It never ceased to amaze me that for a club that was very nearly wound up about a decade ago, Wednesday fans were quite willing to unconditionally support a man who had to sell one of the most historic stadiums in football, and create a non-trading taxi firm and sports drink just to fund a day-trip to London a few years ago. I would have thought the fanbase would be a bit more scrupulous.
  12. Would be gutted to lose him... but for eight figures you've got to say yes. Add on a sell on clause and you're golden...
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