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  1. I think most of our players are Championship standard. Some would absolutely be regulars for relegation battlers sure, but some would be welcomed in a lot of squads in this league. I know Thompson isn't a tactical genius so that won't help, but I've also seen enough to know that a lot of our players aren't capable of anything more nuanced. Probably been coached out of them by the League Two tactics of every manager we've had since Bruce tbf, but still. We're not just mentally weak in that regard either, as a group we are mentally fragile. Heck, mentally broken really. T
  2. I wonder if we look to see the number of goals we concede and score with Pelupessy on the pitch vs when he isn't on the pitch, we'd see some surprising stats. I legitimately don't know if we would or not btw, but it's an interesting thought
  3. Brown has been, up to this match, one of the most disappointing signings of recent memory (and that really is saying something) vs the hype that he came with. Deservedly he's barely had a sniff in the squad. After that 45 minutes, I'm wondering what on earth he's been doing out the squad? Looks right up for it.
  4. Just a reminder that he's only 20 years old. We can't afford to let this lad leave on a free in summer. Surprisingly consistent for a lad his age, and very confident on the ball for a centre back/defensive fullback. I'm a big big fan.
  5. Work harder Matt Penney please. Börner shouldn't be doing the left-wing pressing in the final third for you.
  6. It's also worth reminding people that if DC said spent this sort of outrageous money, but instead of 100% of it had gone to the playing side of thing and instead "only" 50% of the losses we incurred went towards playing staff, and the other 50% went towards training and youth facilities 1. We wouldn't have broken FFP, because those costs don't count against it 2. We would almost certainly be in no worse position than we are now 3. We would almost certainly be seeing the benefits of having millions pumped into player development like that If DC wa
  7. I think he'll be a good addition to the matchday squad when we're in League One. A midfield pool including Shaw, Hunt and FDB learning their trade in League One could be quite effective. Sadly, I don't think we'll ever see that.
  8. It doesn't need to really be said, but we have a mentally destroyed group. It's why I'm so against giving players like Bannan (for all his genuine on-the-ball ability) the captaincy. It's why I keep arguing Tom Lees has the heart of a mouse. Why Hutchinson is overrated. Why Reach is such a shrinking violet. These players are just not winners. Maybe on an individual basis they are. Maybe if you stick separate the group and put them in different teams in a fresh environment, each would have the required grit. But as they are, they just don't. The play-off defeats proved it.
  9. I read this while imagining the dramatic music that plays at the end of The Dark Knight
  10. DC's destruction of this football club has played out in such a way I'm wondering if he grew up as a Blade. Price out casual fans and hire a succession of managers that play "boring" football. That way, no young Sheffielder will have any interest in supporting the Owls, especially not in the wake of our city rivals having a golden period. Disillusion dozens of local and loyal long-term employees. Never follow through with the promised substantial investment in the youth academy and training ground... that area of the club that's about 30 years behind the modern game can
  11. I've finally figured out why Matt Penney has never really been able to break I to the side. And why he won't ever be a Prem player, nor maybe even a Champ one again after this season. I've never seen a professional footballer be so frightened of challenging for a header.
  12. shrug I haven't been a student since 2017 and have been working full time for the last three years. Good on you though
  13. Having been tagged I feel almost obliged to respond... I'm 26
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