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  1. Anyone else find it ironic that the second and third top referring sites are the Huddersfield and Sheffield United forums? Chuffing obsessed
  2. Only one post in the last three days on their own transfer megathread on the Fulham forum. Seems these strong rumours are awfully muted in their volume
  3. So was Jones in the same midfield wasn't he? Yet he's hardly looked like a centre midfielder than was a near mainstay in a promotion team. Their age doesn't matter, only that we get them before the age catches up with them and leaves them ineffective. That's the trick. As for asking what the obsession with age is... if you haven't noticed we have a squad full of older players who are past their prime that's restricting our finances and ability to make transfers as freely as we'd like and contributed to our £20m losses last financial year. So that probably has something to do with it.
  4. StudentOwl

    Henry Landsbury anyone??

    If we're going for a Villa midfielder, I'd say Hourihane. I think regardless who anyone signs from Villa, you're paying more than you would otherwise because of the name rather than the quality... but at least with Hourihane you'd get some quality as opposed to just the name. Still, irregardless I'm not sure we have the cash to get anyone from Villa anyways, despite their financial worries. We'll see, eh?
  5. Too old now... if he hadn't had the injuries fair enough but the fear is that his body won't be able to deal with Championship footie However: The number of Wednesday fans that didn't rate him at the time and still don't is just a joke. Genuinely, I think our fanbase has a very real problem in both recognising talent and supporting it... they're too quick to judge. I'd imagine they're the same people that spent the majority of 2016 and 2017 telling us how our player of last season Adam Reach was crap. Lopez had the highest % of forward passes completed for us in that season of any player... he grew into Championship football quite well, getting a bit more bite to his game, and got us moving the ball with tempo and precision. He would have been far far more useful to us than the likes of Abdi and Jones, and would have probably been on lower wages. Still, I guess no point crying over spilled milk eh... what's done is done.
  6. I find it incredible that on a thread spanning one and a half days and five pages, we have, by my count, a total of 15 posts actually referencing the topic of the thread- ie Borukov and his contract. And that's including Neil posting the OP twice! Must be an Owlstalk record this
  7. How's he coming on by the way? I might be getting mixed up, but isn't he the small nippy tricky player we've got?
  8. I find it ironic that every year since I've been on this forum (3/4 years now?) you come on here bigging up what a great position Leeds United are in for the season ahead. It could be your apparently superior financial position, the quality of manager, the quality of player... It's the consistent assuredness you have that gets me every time. What was Einstein's definition of madness again? So, go on then good sir... what do you think your chances are of finishing in a better position than mid-table?
  9. I saw that too Seems that first vid literally just takes footage from a couple of games and shows every touch of the ball, the second one is a bit more of a "select" highlights package. 17 assists last season is pretty good, but there's a big difference between the Austrian Bundesliga and the Championship. Be interesting to see if there's anything in this
  10. StudentOwl

    Brum in for Bannan?

    Random hypothetical question: If Brum were to buy Bannan for exactly the same price it would cost us to get Hourihane on a three year deal... would you take it?
  11. StudentOwl

    Brum in for Bannan?

    The 21st century, a time where people's misses can have a 14 inch dobber
  12. okay you can say we are in debt! No more than other teams though and so what so we sell our best assets instead of getting rid of the deadwood including Fletcher, Rhodes, Matias, Palmer, Jones, Abdi (all havent done a deal). Reckon this is what our season comes down to... if we can get rid of even just three of the above it could end up saving us at least £2.5 million a year, if not more depending on what three go and just how high their wages really are. That wouldn't leave the side any weaker realistically, and the not insignificant sum of money saved would probably be enough to ensure FFP compliance. And if we're under FFP anyway? Even better... £400k Pelupessy wasn't a bad get... what could Jos do with £2m to play with? Yep, it's going to come down to luck and salesmanship. Katrien's going to be really earning her money if she can pull this off.
  13. StudentOwl

    Brum in for Bannan?

    Look, I don't think anyone wants to see Bannan go... however, if an offer of say 5/6m came in, considering he's in his late 20s and has only one year left on his contract... would it really be the end of the world? Jos has already proven that he can get a half-decent Championship player for c. £400k... so what could he do with 10x that? Hopefully if we can offload Abdi, Fletcher and Rhodes we can free up a lot of finances without really weakening the squad. If we can't manage it then yes, it'll suck losing some of our better players, but if we can reinvest a half-decent % of that back into the playing squad, I honestly think we'll be fine. It's not an ideal scenario... but it was pretty clear even two years ago this would be the case if the gamble didn't pay off... no point getting in a tiff over it now if you were happy with the continuous buying of aging players on huge contracts at the time because you thought it'd get us out of this league.
  14. I said his replacement would have big shoes to fill, not big shirts. FFS. (Would be a good get)