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  1. Westwood was always going to be on at least mid £20k's per week. We know our wage bill (at least from the latest accounts), we know the "average" Championship salary and we know he's one of our highest paid players. Fanciful to think he'd be on less unfortunately...
  2. (If you ignore yesterday)... almost every time he ends up leathering it straight down the middle from a passback to behind his 6 yard line, the ball ends up bouncing pretty much on the halfway line. It's something I've noticed when trying to judge his kicking distance. By that logic, a standard edge of the box "HOOF" is landing somewhere about halfway between the opposition D (oo-er) and edge of centre circle in their half. Equally, most of his goalkicks to the halfway line end up bouncing just pretty much on the halfway line. If you think about the distance the ball traveled being reduced because of the angle... again, his kick is hitting the opponent's edge of the centre circle. I don't get this idea where people say his kicking doesn't go far. As for his consistency from goalkicks at least landing within a 10-12 yard square on the pitch... again, at the very least his kicking from when he's set and ready is very good. Surely?
  3. Adam Reach getting a yard of space on the left and pinging it into the middle is probably one of the most aesthetically pleasing things we do as a team. It always looks so natural. Seems to happen much more frequently when he comes off the bench too. I can't decide if that's because he's wasted on the right or that it's because he has fresh legs when he's subbed on so finds it easier to find that little bit of space. Maybe a bit of both. Either way, I'm finding it increasingly difficult to justify starting him on the right in games. I was/am a massive advocate of him on the right 'cause he can cut inside and shoot... and you can still see that opponents poop themselves a little when he does cut in... but the bloke just isn't doing it right now, it isn't working out... and he's such a natural at delivering balls in from the left... Even I'm pretty much converted to "stick him on the left ffs". It empirically works much better than him on the right at the moment.
  4. If it helps, it's still 4 losses out of the last 5 league matches?
  5. Thought he looked really out of his depth initially but he grew into it well. Be interesting to see how he develops
  6. If he's going to make an error, I guess the 93rd minute when you're leading by two is the time to make it. He best not do it again
  7. Wednesday fans: I hope the EFL treat our case impartially and not put an overly-severe punishment on us because some other clubs have "got away" with breaking FFP Also Wednesday fans: OMG THE FA DIDN'T AUTOMATICALLY FIND SOMEONE GUILTY OF RACISM IN A CASE I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT BUT FF WAS THEY SHOULD BE TREATED THE SAME I think the phrase you're after is having your cake and eating it
  8. Think it's what you refer to a bloke who hasn't had his back waxed in a while?
  9. I don't think he's once played as a number 10 and I'm very confused that you think he's been utilised as such. Classic box to box for me
  10. I was. He was at the base of our midfield triangle for 75 minutes, then got moved further forward in the triangle... then we scored two goals. Fair enough, we kept it at 0-0 for 75 minutes versus Leeds, but we never rarely looked threatening from open play during that time. Bannan at the base of our midfield trio will never, ever make us a cohesive attacking threat. He likes to come deep to collect the ball at the best of times... at that base he comes deeper than our entire back line. Lost track of the number of times yesterday I saw he and Börner interchange passes, Börner get bored and step forward 5/10 yards, look for an out ball only to find Bannan occupying his LCB spot and every other búgger 40 yards away from him waiting for one of those Bannan pings/second ball wins. We're clueless on how to pass through the lines, which is no good when you have one 5'10'' striker to aim at.
  11. This is going to be one of those legendarily bad days I think. Just going to accept the loss and have a giggle I think.
  12. It's really frustrating when Tony Mowbray's Blackburn Rovers are better to watch than your own team.
  13. My personal thought process: Two year contract as one of highest earners at the club. £25,000 p/w for 100 weeks = £2,500,000. Sheffield Wednesday = sell stadium and under serious threat of points deduction due to overspending. How many appearances will we get out of Westwood for our £2.5 million? How many will be good?
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