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Community Answers

  1. I literally don't see how this can be tracked and enforced?
  2. If we can get a striker in by the weekend, we might actually be in kind of a decent spot.... Weird this
  3. Considering you think 9/11 players are Championship standard, we should have very little problem finishing in the top 8 I would have thought.......
  4. If he really wants to do this, then he will hire a DoF and/or CEO next week. But we know he won't.
  5. The lack of creative acquisition, strikers and goalkeepers is concerning everyone, but if you work on the assumption it's because we are struggling to attract these players on salary or poor reputation grounds, the signings we've made are all reasonable. And you're right, it looks suspiciously like a sensible pool (fun novelty). Just hope we can bring in the other 3/4 (if we bring in Opoku) we need as a bare minimum, and that's notwithstanding any more departures
  6. Suppose it can be attributed to the same "reason" as was given when Champions League players went to Wolves. The excitement of the project, ambition of the owner etc... That he's probably on a wedge not too dissimilar to what he would get at a bottom-6 League One club, with a guaranteed long contract and legendary status amongst the fans for such a coup joining, probably has very little to do with it...
  7. Does this mean Wrexham are now out-competing us in the market?
  8. Having witnessed Rob and John misnaming our players at least half a dozen times per game all season, I can safely say it isn't for my benefit...
  9. Stripes on the back of the kit has made the numbers look unreadable for the last few years. Don't like the keeper kits much, but maybe from a distance they'll look a bit less offensive. Stripes on the home kit are definitely too thin. BUT, overall I like the look this year. Good opening salvo from Macron.
  10. My untrained eye tells me that's a mid-table League One team. Still grossly lacking in depth behind them though, and we need more quality in the final third IMO
  11. Is Jack Hunt going to be our version of that bearded right back the other lot signed a few years back?
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