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    Tell you what mate, I've got no chuffing clue
  2. No it wasn't, it was never rumoured to be that. At the time of the signing it was reported in the Dutch press the fee was, with add-ons, €2.5m. Equally in the British press it was reported as, with add-ons, £2.5m. I think it's safe to say that one of the potential add-ons was a promotion clause, so it wouldn't be an unfair guesstimate that the initial transfer fee was within the region of 2 million pounds/euros. Half of the 'rumoured' fee that was fabricated by Rocket on here. Also worth noting that he originally started the misstruth around late autumn last year and he started with £3m before increasing that fee incrementally up to £4m by spring. He even tried saying it was £4.5m a couple of times.
  3. Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes truth. Bizarre.
  4. Then they introduce a scheme that has 9 potential different price points for your average adult alone. I get what the club are trying to do, totally. It's just... I think they're struggling. I really do.
  5. StudentOwl

    A Quick Look at SWFC's Finances

    Was the second richest owner in world football at Wolves and "worth £700m" Dejphon Chansiri not large enough investors for you?
  6. Brand New Stick! COMING SOON
  7. To be honest Neil, I'm just waiting for him to screw up a £50 note. That'd impress me a hell of a lot more than his current "quiet and dignified" approach. So dull.
  8. Whether Jos is the right man for the job or not I'm still not 100% sure, but I suspect it's mostly immaterial. If I had to make a guess as to how he's remember by the majority of fans in a decade's time, it will be as a boring and uninspiring manager that ultimately achieved very little. Which is a damned shame, because I'm still relatively convinced not even Harry Houdini could get us out of the mess we're currently in. Doomed to be regarded very poorly in this corner of South Yorkshire I fear. I hope I'm wrong.
  9. StudentOwl

    40th present ideas

    I think you should take inspiration from the club we all love and last year's 150th celebrations Take him on a weekend out to Glasgow and surprise him with a giant cake dodecahedron with a squished picture of his face on it
  10. I had to design an experiment for my Biology masters... it was a multi-layered factorial design Without exaggeration, that design was more simple than the minutia of our pricing structure.
  11. My first reaction is "what foundation" See, it really is straightforward for fans to wrap their heads around the options available to them. Accessible, simple and fun!
  12. Don't know what you're on about really, it's all very simple -You can buy a season ticket in any of the four areas that home fans are allocated... that's the Kop, North Stand, Grandstand and South Stand. -If you can't afford one of those, or it isn't practical, you can buy any of two different membership packages, gold and silver, which are £90 and £50 respectively and offer differing levels of discounts and extra goodies alongside the matchday ticket discount -If that isn't viable for you, you can purchase tickets on a match-by-match basis. There are seven possible categories of matchday ticket prices, so keep an eye out for the different categories of games. -Finally, this ingenious new scheme that allows a bundle of six matchday tickets to be purchased in one go! Possibly with limitations of what category of games they will allow entry to, we'll see once everything's been finalised. To me, that seems dead simple and not at all far too many options. I firmly believe that watching a sporting event should be as simple as possible, and having four different pricing options for season tickets (of which there are only five sub-categories for pricing in each depending on your demographic!), two different membership options, seven possible categories a match can be priced (with three sub-categories in this depending what stand you wanna go to) and now a 6-game matchday ticket option seems extremely straightforward to me and not at all requiring an excel spreadsheet to calculate what might be the best deal for you.
  13. StudentOwl

    Nando car accident

    This would never have happened if he'd kept that bike
  14. StudentOwl

    So who identified transfer targets?

    So you'd like me to jump through hoops like a trained dog just to satisfy your curiosity? "Recruitment has been very, very poor overall not addressing last seasons' weaknesses at all. Every single signing has been good, but the overall recruitment has been highly sub-par" August 28th 2016 "You combine all the transfers together, what has our recruitment been? A bunch of players in their late 20s/early 30s in positions that we were already considered 'strong' in. No resale value in any of them and not addressing the areas we all thought we were weak in last season. We're still weak in exactly the same areas now as we were in May. [...] Signings have been great. Recruitment, poor." August 28th 2016 "Without wishing to be negative, the only players we've signed in the last 18 months with any resale value are FF, Hoops, Joao and Reach (with 'maybies' over Hunt and Matias- who is fast diminishing). All the others are in their late 20s/early 30s and will almost certainly go for less than we got them for. As it is, I doubt Hunt or Matias will move on for anywhere near as much as we got them for" August 31st 2016 I posted the above just a week ago... I really can't be bothered to do any more searching through my posts that are between 18 and 24 months old... I just hope that the above does enough to satisfy you.