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  1. An honest man who knew how to get results and not leak goals with a limited squad. What I wouldn't give for the alternate reality where he was given one season with half the finances Carlos was to see what would have happened
  2. I'd have him out at the end of the season, not right now. Either we get a points deduction or we don't. If we do get one, it'll be sizable. If it's sizable, we're going down regardless of who's boss. There's nowt to be gained by sacking him now, leaving us short-staffed for the final few games while unable to replace him. Wait til the end of the season, get rid of Monk and hopefully Chansiri fairly shortly after, and the new owner can bring their own manager in. Let's just see this season out, whatever will be will be, and get a purge in that leaves everything stable for the new season, whatever level it's at. We need to consider long-term stabilisation, not short-termism sackings. And yeah, I really did describe 4 more games as "long-termism"... ffs... what a [email protected] state.
  3. Quite enjoying Brentford doing what they're doing after a couple of posters laughed at me when I said 12 months ago they'd be in the Premier League before we are. So many on here (usually the DC apologists) insisting that their model doesn't work because they're still in the same league as us. Fantastic team and attitude, and they're going to be at least a play-off chasing club in this league for the next few years. I'm very jealous.
  4. I'm just quoting you so you read the notification and waste another few seconds of battery
  5. I think the better question is "How do you prove this has disrupted our season and damaged our reputation?". And of course, the answer is the same as in your question... "You can't". And for that reason, we can't do anything... if we get off this scott free, there is no way we can prove that it has done anything that warrants us being rewarded for some sort of damages.
  6. I'm looking forward to the meltdown on here when 5:05 comes and goes and nowt's been said
  7. Well... 9 points in 4, I didn't go back any further. What would be fascinating is to see if any of our other players have earned that many points in 4 years of substitute appearances. Whodya reckon is in with the best shout of beating him on that front, I'll save you the legwork and look for you... all you have to do is give me one name that will have earned more points from the subs bench in four years than Atdhe.
  8. vs Birmingham 06/02/16: Subbed on in 61st minute when losing 1-0... he assists equaliser and we go on to win 2-1 vs Hull City 12/02/17: Subbed on in 55th minute when losing 1-0... he assists and we eventually draw 2-2 vs Ipswich 22/11/17: Subbed on at 87 minutes and scores to turn 2-1 loss into 2-2 draw vs Preston 27/04/19: Subbed on in 67th minute when losing 3-1... 3-3 draw after he scores and assists vs Fulham 21/09/19: Subbed on in 77th minute when losing 1-0... scores equaliser in 93 minute vs Leeds 11/01/20: Subbed on in 69th minute at 0-0... provides a goal and an assist for a 2-0 win The above doesn't include times where he has been subbed on and either directly scored or assisted in a game which has subsequently changed the result of that game
  9. If we had XI players of his quality, we would be in the play-offs IMO. Hopefully the 2. Bundesliga can gift us another couple like him for next season.
  10. Because we won't be signing anyone if that's the standard we aim for
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