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  1. Why haven't you posted after his other 6 appearances this season... every other game has been a sub appearance in a loss. Carrying on the tradition of only making an impact 20% of the time.
  2. 4 goals in 11 games when the team you play for is bottom (comfortably) is an excellent return. You can argue the quality of the Bulgarian First Division, but to pretend that isn't a good record (for that level) is pretty disingenuous
  3. Well there you go then, that explains the delay... it's normally once every ~365 days. There's a lot of beans to count... so many some have even gone mouldy, a few are going into a gravy mix and I think Tango's on a health kick so he's had a few handfuls. No wonder they're struggling
  4. Spot on. We were hamstrung by the obvious... no money and a 12 point deduction making us the most unappealing side to come to in the division. Any fans that think or thought otherwise in the summer are/were completely deluded. However... this insistence of Monk to recruit around his 3-5-2 system was always going to be the second bullet in the kneecap. It makes us completely inflexible and now leaves us in the unenviable, and indeed scandalous position, of having to play JvA at left back and Paterson up front at times. I personally firmly believe Monk made th
  5. This doesn't bode well at all. It's either a lie or the truth. If it's a lie... then why lie about things like that? Why would our chairman be willing to spew such nonsense and think he can get away with it? If it's true, then is he the most incompetent chairman in football? It's an astronomical amount of money. And more than that, we've all got access to the yearly accounts as filed to HMRC. We can see that it doesn't equate to £350m worth of losses, even if you include the purchase price he paid for the club and the wiping of the debt he did after buying from MM (even
  6. Mate, in almost every single sense, this has nothing to do with Westwood. It's a comedic (depending on your sensitivities and biases) dig at a subsection of the fanbase that have had the knives out the second Dawson has done owt wrong... one that has persisted for ages. That same subsection have also deified Westwood as the best goalkeeper in the league and forgotten the (at least) half-a-dozen costly mistakes he made in the run-up to being dropped in the first place. This thread is a dig at them too. I've made my thoughts on Westwood incredibly clear over the last year-or-so. I th
  7. Unless that player is Barry Bannan, there's no way he's dropping that ball anywhere near a player's head, it's on target to hit his waist!
  8. This feels like something that we'll all laugh at, but maybe should sincerely result in some sort of serious punishment...
  9. Preston commentators sincerely describing Jordan Rhodes as a "goal threat" has made me literally spit my coffee out.
  10. Absolutely no one in this thread is hating Westwood... if you can't see the hypocrisy behind your attitude in here vs Dawson threads then lord help you.
  11. you got a link mate?

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