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  1. Not bad for someone I branded four years ago as "the worst Championship fullback I've seen" Shows what I know
  2. To be fair, your PS4 has much less space on it than a quarter of a football pitch (The "style" being implemented by that team is chuffing fantastic)
  3. No chance, no team in the world could stop someone that calm and direct... like a Panzer is our Julian
  4. It's said so much that I'm starting to think it's just a really crap joke that I'm not in on
  5. So that bit where I said he's not been great this season = up for the ballon d'or? Did you read my post, or just my username and the first five words of my post and just fill in the blanks? Be honest
  6. Just because you're making enough negative posts to be the equivalent of about 6 people doesn't mean so many people think he's been poor He's been not great so far this season... still been kinda decent.
  7. Torres, if Reach is so naff, why has he got 3 assists less than Bannan in his Sheffield Wednesday career... whilst also having about 30 fewer appearances? Bannan also has the added bonus of taking the majority of our indirect set pieces.
  8. If he has no intent to win the ball, why does he average more tackles per game than 15 of our other players that have played this season? Is two thirds of our squad just running around with no intent?
  9. Actually speechless at how daft this is. So just to be clear, because 26 year old Kadeem Harris was available on a free to us in 2019, we shouldn't have signed then 23 year old Adam Reach for £5m in 2016... a player who has been almost omnipresent in the starting xi since joining. Here's the obvious question... who should we have signed in 2016 to play on the left wing/left back/right wing/centre midfield/attacking midfielder? To win the game, the player needs to a) be close to as versatile as Adam Reach has been b) been available for less than £5m in the summer of 2016 c) has a record which shows he can play 40+ games a season for 3 consecutive seasons d) has at least 75% of the number of goals and assist as Reach in either the Championship or a comparative league e) would realistically have signed for Wednesday in the summer of 2016 The best part about this game is that you even have the benefit of hindsight... instead of pretending you're in 2016 and trying to anticipate how good they've been, you can look back from today and see how good they have been. So, who should we have signed?
  10. This really is the heavily redacted version
  11. We should go for him, he'd be a great signing. Plus be hilarious as it juxtaposes your repeated moans about our squad age
  12. After seeing what Börner has done after moving here from 2. Bundesliga, I really really hope that we're doing everything we can to ensure we bring Penney back at the end of his loan. If he's being a main left back for a side chasing promotion from that league, he's clearly kicked on enough to be a main left back for a similar side in the Championship.
  13. Look, I know this is tantamount to sacrilege on here, but Pearson's commentary is nowhere near the standard that should be expected from a paid service. It was great to have Hutch on, who had plenty more to offer than screams that scare pets and "That's great goalkeeping" every time our keeper (whoever it may be) makes even a very routine stop or catch from a cross.
  14. Don't worry about it mate, the site has been pretty unworkable for me too... Neil's forgot to put pennies in the meter again
  15. Posts like this always interest me. Because if you look at the map of our player's average positions from yesterday: it looks like you two are objectively wrong. Are you using pre-conceived biases to come to a conclusion that isn't true? Or is the map above very misleading? My own opinion of yesterday is that Fletch was well supported by the midfield- which I was pleased to see was backed up by the map above when I looked for it. But then am I using my own pre-existing biases... 'cause I quite like 4-3-3? Genuinely curious to know your guys' musings on it...
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