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  1. Rightly or wrongly, the judgements of this courts of this land are not dictated by what you or I are and aren't convinced by.
  2. Speak for yourself, I honestly didn't know there was another football club in the city
  3. George Hirst

    ffs can't the club just get you in to sort out this mess?
  4. Road Closures Sunday

    As a masters student living with third years and friends with many fourth and second years, I promise you... 99% of students in all years have come back over the last week Those that enjoy frequenting nights out in Sheffield will have seen the difference over the last few days... fresher's week isn't just for first years!
  5. Road Closures Sunday

    Not true 99% came back on 16th/17th for fresher's week, so at least there won't be scores of obnoxious and stressing parents transporting their obnoxious sprogs to uni
  6. Westwood

    This is such a nonsensical argument "Player X was great, so we can't ever complain about a string of poor performances" Fact is, Westwood has looked like at best an average Champ GK so far this year. Now to some hypersensitive individuals, this observation is tantamount to blasphemy and they'll just shut down and call you a Blade/just to "shut up and stop moaning". But if you look at it objectively, it's hard not to come to that conclusion. Now saying he should be dropped and/or we need a new GK at this stage is daft, but pointing out he's been below par by his standards is not automatically a lynching offense. I think all genuine Wednesday fans are hoping he picks up back to his best. It isn't helpful to just tell people to "shut up and stop moaning" when they just point out the bleeding obvious.
  7. Extended Highlights: Cardiff v Wednesday

    Watch it at 0.25 speed. I was the same as you, on first viewing I was having kittens it was given, but I can't argue with the video replays and taking off the blue and white tinted specs it seems a blatant foul. At the risk of putting words in your mouth, there's no way in a million years you would be calling that a 50/50 if that challenge came in on one of our attackers in that position
  8. Van aken

    Regrettably, bang on Easy to look good when you've got the ability and wind in your sails, it's when the tide turns and you've got to take the impetus yourself that we'll see if he's just a decent Champ player, or a really great Champ player. Have every faith it'll be the latter, but you never know
  9. Extended Highlights: Cardiff v Wednesday

    Got to disagree, had Bamba been Lees and that had been an attacking striker we would have been having absolute kittens if a penalty had been awarded. There's some contact but it really is minimal, and although kinda difficult to tell from the highlights there's no arm around Fletcher's front and definitely no obvious shirt pull. Have to agree- I like him too, but he seems to have very little composure (think Newcastle last season where he somehow hits it in the one place Dummett can save it). Works best when he has little time to think and just has to hit it or head it first time... hell he can be lethal in those situations. As for the offside, if you look at it in 0.25 speed and pause it at Tomlin's point of contact, Bamba's right leg is in an offside position and his left leg onside... the caveat of that is that his right leg that's offside is elevated and not in contact with the ground. Is it offside if his leg is elevated? Genuine question, the offside rule has been faffed around with so much that I've not got a clue any more, I know with 100% certainty that if his leg is on the floor he's off. Regardless though, they harp go on about benefit of doubt for the attacker, and to be fair if it's a matter of one leg being offside, then it's very tight anyway and you can hardly blame a human linesman for getting a decision like that wrong. EDIT: Honestly have more issue with how Westwood saved the free kick... pause it at the point he saves it and where that ball is in relation to the rest of the goal. About 3 ft off the ground and about 3 ft to the left of centre of the goal (from camera perspective) and not hit with tonnes of pace, that should be being saved comfortably and not pushed out 2 yards like that. Still, you only need to watch Westwood over the last few seasons to know he's his own harshest critic... bloke knows he should have done better and he pulled off a near worldie earlier in the game so... swings and roundabouts innit
  10. Comparison table and graph Game 8

    Not having a go, but I bloody hate this line of reasoning. Pretty much any side in the top 8 could say the same thing... hell if Leeds had bothered to turn up yesterday they could be 3 points clear of everyone, imagine how much regret they're having! This league is crazy difficult this season with a lot of big teams with expensive squads... I can't see there being any sort of favourite for promotion until the last couple of weeks of the season. What will be will be
  11. Westwood

    Eh? Definitely not one of his best assets, has always been one of his biggest weaknesses... very good shot stopper, very poor at coming for crosses- has been that way his entire career Still a class keeper at this level and the call for a new keeper is clearly B/S, but he has been found wanting in recent weeks. Hopefully he can turn it around in the next few games and be back at his best. Considering how many points he's saved us on occasion, he's allowed the odd mistake, and all keepers have them
  12. Puddle

    Thought he looked a bit out of his depth today (weheey!), but considering it was his first game at LB this season it's somewhat understandable Don't really understand what Fox did wrong in the first half-dozen games to get dropped... he didn't look spectacular but he hardly looked out of place at fullback, and if Reach isn't playing there, someone with a bit of pace might be preferential in that fullback slot. Think he could feel slightly hard-done by on balance
  13. One thing holding us back

    I said around the hour mark that Fletcher looked tired and Joao would be an ideal replacement. Fletcher had a decent game but he was a non-entity for the final 15/20 mins, and as the OP says, the lack of pace meant we just had nothing going forward and invited ever more pressure. I know exactly why Nuhiu's on the bench, but I can't help but feel having Joao as the more proactive sub would be a good thing