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  1. Can't disagree We made a big deal about him being considered the Billy Big Balls in the squad. Watford fans said that when FF felt adored, he was phenomenal. His first season showed that. We got to the play-off final with a sustainable level of losses (if such a thing exists) with FF being one of the top earners in the squad. That should have been the blueprint moving forward... anyone we signed from then on couldn't be on much bigger wages than Bannan or FF, and you try and build sustainability from that. Whether we would have won promotion following that a
  2. I've already accepted it... we're going to go behind in the 12th minute, then come from behind to win for the first time all season after conceding first. Then Rotherham will score a 97th minute penalty and send us down.
  3. Guess it depends if my girlfriend's over or not
  4. He was very good for me on football manager? Young, pacey, potential diamond in the rough...... not our style. Nothing to see here.
  5. I asked two questions and you failed to answer either of them 1. Do you work for Chansiri in some capacity? 2. What would it take for you to acknowledge that Chansiri is doing crap at fan engagement? Does such a metric or level of feedback exist?
  6. You really will make any excuses for the chairman won't you. Genuine question, do you work for him in some capacity? The survey started in 2018/19, where we were ranked 88th (12th in Championship). In 2019/20 now has us as 89th, with a league finish of 16th. So they don't really correlate. What would it actually take, save the scores on the football index that doesn't correlate with league position, literally dozens of anecdotal pieces of evidence posted on here, the fact that thousands of fans are still awaiting refunds, the fact that the women
  7. So many moments... it's not just that one. Though, of course, that one was perhaps one of the most sickening ones.
  8. Awh come on... you can't dangle the carrot without letting us have a nibble
  9. FFS He doesn't need to "name his source", the source is "literally any website on the planet that lists statistics for Andre Green where you can see with your own eyes he was without a club from June until he signed for Wednesday at the end of January". You can then use the source of your "brain" to deduce that that means his first paycheck was in February, and if the rumours as reported in multiple national papers is true, that means that that February is his only paycheck. I think it's great that you're maintaining a level of scepticism that's run through several threads. I
  10. To be fair mate, I get what you're saying, but hijacking the POTS vote seems such a pointless/pyrrhic endeavor, especially when there ARE a couple of players who deserve recognition from this shìtshow of a year.
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