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  1. That's it, justify the consumption of Class A at a football match... that isn't a remotely bizarre thing to do as far as most people are concerned
  2. People blaming Loovens?

    Supposedly that only comes into play where a genuine attempt has been made to play the ball As the ref has decided there's no genuine attempt to play the ball (which to be fair there wasn't), the second he decided it's a penalty offence it's also a red card offence.
  3. The calendar for 2018 is available before the kit that will be worn for nearly half of 2017
  4. According to his own LinkedIn page, Ken Ryder is Head of Recruitment He's the man how scouted the gem that was Stevie May, apparently
  5. OK But do we like Chansiri, or do we like his money? Because it seems to me any gormless idiot that happened to have a few million he was willing to chuck at a football club could have improved our pitch (that obviously needed improvement), improved our squad (that obviously needed improvement) etc. My general question, not just to you but to the thread as a whole: What has Chansiri done that another multi-millionaire maybe wouldn't have done? What business strategy or strategies, what particular thing has he done where you've gone "Oh yes, now that is smart"? Because (and yes, I'm being hyper-critical) I can't think of anything that I wouldn't have thought of... and I'm a gormless idiot when it comes to running a football club or even any business at all.
  6. Gary Hooper's blue boots

    For all we know he's going to be donating the money he raises to a charitable cause... My guess is it'll be going towards club 1867
  7. Alas, it's pretty much the right analogy. If you want another one, it's like when you're dating a lass in your early 20's and you realise it isn't going to work out, but instead of breaking up you try and stick it out as long as you can and hope things improve. Ultimately the only thing it does is make you more miserable, waste both your time and means once the breakup finally happens you both feel very bitter about the whole situation. The sex life has turned stale and repetitive, we're tired of hearing the same stories from him again and again, and now we're looking at other men and wondering what it'll be like to have them instead of Carlos. Time to go get a new man in our lives by the sounds of things.
  8. I wouldn't doubt it, he's a good manager as evidenced by his first season with us But good managers can go bad at certain clubs... it isn't just about the quality of the manager, it's about the timing of the appointment, personnel around him etc. Even the best managers can potentially stay too long and things turn sour. I think believing anything else other than we're at that stage with Carlos now is sticking your head in the sand. Lord knows I wish it could have lasted longer, but it's time to let it go.
  9. 20 wins, 5 draws and 9 defeats

    All this "we only need x number of points to have a real chance of the play-offs" Who gives a throw? Even if we achieve that, we get there and we'll bottle it a third time with Cautious Carlos at the helm.
  10. Fernando Forestieri

    There's a joke about throwing toys out of the pram in there somewhere...
  11. I Finally Lost Confidence In Carlos Today

    Was March last year I realised it was over with him... the Reading game. I remember in about the 60th/70th minute looking over at CC and watching him for a few minutes (the game was as memorable as your standard Wednesday game of the last 12 months). Looked like a man who didn't know what to do. We've all seen managers with that expression and body language on the touchline. "This is it", I thought to myself. "It's been a good run, but it looks about time". 7 months later and somehow the man who looked lost is still here.
  12. Myth-busting, and where we go from here...

    A comprehensive foolish post requires a comprehensive response
  13. Lambert, Karanka and Moyes

    Well he signed them on the back of popular fan opinion. While I'd argue that he didn't "listen" to the fanbase, if Carlos were to be sacked on Monday many would say that DC has "listened" to the will of the fanbase, which IMO is just a tenuous an argument as saying that he listened to us to sign the above two players. I'm using the same logic, not sure I'm condoning said logic
  14. Lambert, Karanka and Moyes

    Now I'm fully on the "CC out" "DC doesn't look like he's got a scooby" bandwagon, but this statement is just removed from reality and needs addressing He "listened" to the fans about McGugan and Rhodes, and those are two investments DC is probably lamenting more than most. Listening to the fans has got him rodgered financially, so he won't do it again and on that record I wouldn't blame him either.
  15. FF's no-show at Norwich came about a month before we signed Urby