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  1. Referee was very good. Could have booked Fletcher far earlier than he did and didn't get conned. We played aggressively. The high foul count reflects that, not a ref being soft.
  2. We look like we're lacking tactical fluidity at times. But we keep winning. So what do I nor anyone else know? I hope we can sustain this.
  3. Don't care how premature this thread is I have not just watched him let a goalkeeper's kick bounce at his feet and go over his head so he had to turn around and run back towards our goal to clear it, have I?
  4. Hate to be harsh on the kid, but I can't see him doing anything up there. Just not good enough.
  5. The Owls The Swans Now he manages all of the birds. The bloke has a thing for our feathered friends.
  6. It almost feels like wasted breath, but for the gajillionth time, it wasn't £4m. It was, at the time, reported to be €4m which included add ons including a promotion fee and appearance bonuses. That equates to about £2.7m. As we haven't been promoted and he's barely played, it's probably much closer to a £2m fee. The £4m was a myth created by Owlstalk because apparently the Euro and Pound are the same and installments don't exist.
  7. Ah, so we have a motive for this thread. The motive being that you want "Jos fanatics" to apologise for supporting Jos, who was the manager of Sheffield Wednesday at the time. Can you name some of the "Jos fanatics" who haven't yet apologised for supporting the manager of Sheffield Wednesday at the time? I know a few posters have expressed their dismay at supporting the bloke over the last few months, but as you've been monitoring Owlstalk closely enough to have spotted that a few yet haven't admitted they were wrong, it'd be great if you could name and shame them.
  8. Iorfa looked a lot better at right back last season than Odubajo has so far this season. Plus he's got a few inches on him and all. I think Iorfa would do more to nullify their physical threat, and having him instead of Moses wouldn't result in us compromising our own game either. I personally want to see Odubajo further forward anyway. Purely personal preference, and I don't know whether this would be the "best" thing to do, but I'd quite like to see us start with Iorfa at RB, Reach at RW, and Harris at LW... then on 70 minutes bring Harris and Reach off for Murphy and Odubajo. Imagine being faced with that sudden injection of pace... eesh. Most important thing is, irregardless who lines up at right back, we'll have options on the bench with raw pace as an attribute and with skill enough to change a game.
  9. I'm just wondering at what point you get invited to join. I'm planning on doing a PhD one day, I quite like the idea that as I shuffle offstage at graduation with my certificate in hand, some bloke with sunglasses and a little silver badge will sidle up to me and be like "psst... now you're an expert, whatdya say?". As for what I "don't understand", my old boss was one, and I'm not sure he really had as much influence as he liked to believe. I needed to print off invitations for a lodge meeting 'cause he couldn't even figure out how to do that. One final question... are you a travelling man?
  10. One game, I think a cup match very shortly after Jos took over. I didn't care for it much but I liked the view.
  11. The South stand has an atmosphere. The Kop has an atmosphere. The north stand has an atmosphere. A museum has an atmosphere. A club as an atmosphere. They're all just different types of atmosphere. Maybe the OP sees the north as the best type of atmosphere for an older bloke, who from the description is probably in his 60s and 70s and, and his son? Don't get why there's any need to guffaw at another Wednesday fan that wants a matchday experience that he can enjoy with three generations of fans and family
  12. Is this analogy intentionally awful? First, we're not 25 steps into a 10k marathon, we're over 400 metres in to a 10k marathon (2/46ths of the way there). So we're ~500 metres into a 10k marathon, and we still haven't decided how we're going to run it yet. We decided during training (pre-season) for the marathon that we weren't gonna wear the fish costume, we've decided to take it seriously, but beyond that... what are we doing? No one serious about a marathon hasn't thought up their strategy until they're 500 metres into it... that's perspective for ya. Choose a better analogy, because your one of choice actually makes us sound super unprepared, and it definitely isn't that bad! Heck, it's been a really good month or so. All people like myself and the OP are saying is that we want to maximise everything at the club, performance on and off the pitch, maximising and getting the extra quarter yard of pace and speed of thought and get an extra inch of precision onto the first touch of every player etc. Does a good coaching staff guarantee success? Course not... but it helps. Is a marathon decided after 500 metres? No, of course not, but it would help to know what the overall plan is by now. Getting the coaching staff in is the equivalent of making sure you've got plenty of drink stops along the way. Or something.
  13. I mean, to each their own... but is typing a few sentences into Microsoft Word, making sure every fifth word is a swear, and getting Windows to read the text really what passes for comedy?
  14. To be fair, whenever Bruce moves he leaves a huge void...
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