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  1. Clearly he's never met the guy I get it off of
  2. Butterfield

    I don't think he's got worse overnight, just over the course of a few seasons. I know it's crude but according to transfermarkt: 2013/14: Middlesbrough, 31 appearances, 3 goals and 2 assists 2014/15: Huddersfield, 45 appearances, 6 goals and 7 assists 2015/16: Derby, 37 appearances, 7 goals and 1 assist 2016/17: Derby, 40 appearances, 1 goal and 3 assists 2017/18: Wednesday: 16 appearances, 0 goals and 1 assist Interestingly he "only" scored 3 goals and made 1 assist in 2016 despite playing the majority of games in that calendar year Seems to me he peaked in 2014 and 2015 and has been going downhill since 2016. So not really an overnight turn around into a bad player like Snooty says... I'm interpreting this as a slow descent into mediocrity at Championship level. Hope I'm proved wrong.
  3. Neither can I, don't worry
  4. New scout/coach?

    Was just thinking the same thing Impossible to know exactly who's responsible for what, but so far the Boogeywoman has been less Oogie Boogie and more "let's facilitate bringing in staff that know what they're doing and building a good footballing structure". My thirst for drama is left disappointed, but my cautious optimism for the future is nearly overflowing. Most exciting thing for me is with Bullen staying on (for the time being at least), the appointment of an experienced Dutch youth scout and our assistant manager being well involved in youth football in Holland; coupled with a manager who's apparently got a bit of a rep for using resources wisely, it seems that we fully intend to make lots of signings for younger players with resale value while also giving our own academy prospects a fair crack at the whip. It seems like the last 18 months or so we've been following Derby's failed promotion model of the last 5 seasons by spunking big wages on big names and hoping it clicks. Rowett's come in and made some changes and they look good for a top 4 spot at least. Maybe we'll get just as Luhukay next season.
  5. Agree with this apart from Besic being expensive The transfer fee was thought to "only" be about £5m tops when he transferred from Hungary, and Everton were paying for potential there. 37 league appearances and 4 years later, it's kind of safe to say that he hasn't lived up to that potential. Issue would be wages... I don't think he'd be willing to take a cut. Garbutt would be a shout. Klassen as Quist says would be a phenomenal signing but can't see even a loan being possible with wages and all.
  6. Was out for all of last season with an ACL tear... he'll fit right in here FFS
  7. Nuhiu or Joao for Swansea?

    If Swansea were to offer us five quid for Steven Fletcher we should accept...
  8. Midfield 3

    Wildsmith Lees Venancio van Aken Clare Lee Joey Reach Matias Forestieri Joao I would love this to be our starting XI for the opening game of next season assuming no new signings and we make Venancio permanent. I don't think it has all our "best" players in it, but I think that midfield four would give us a lot of energy. Or maybe I'm just mad. Mad I tells ya.
  9. New scout/coach?

    Looking at transfermarkt he's been involved in a lot of youth football in Holland, including Heerenveen who have an excellent youth setup. Will be a good addition to the backroom team with whatever he's doing IMO
  10. Pelupessy, Matias, Joao

    Personally I'm not bothered if our holding midfielder who rarely makes strides forward has pace or not as long as he's mobile enough to cover the defensive areas he needs to cover. Not really sure how any pace he does have is going to be an obvious injection of pace into our attack... what will be is the speed and direction of his passing... that I am far more interested in seeing what Pelupessy can do.
  11. In all seriousness from what was being said at Feyenoord's end and looking at his appearance record, it seems like he maybe wouldn't have been appropriate for us. Kind of glad this one hasn't gone through
  12. New back room Staff?

    For some reason I wasn't aware that Remy Reynierse was so involved in youth football That must really enthuse the entire youth academy- that and Lee Bullen apparently sticking around as a coach (hopefully permanently... IMO of course). Early days but it does seem that what has happened over the last fortnight or so comes under the bracket of us "talking the talk". Let's see if in the medium-long term we can walk the walk...