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  1. I never advocate posts like this made during games. Surefire way to make yourself look a reactionary idiot. But I tell you what... some players need to take a long hard look at themselves. You can forgive it if it's down to a lack of ability. You can forgive it if it's down to bad luck. Players are human, they make mistakes. But there have been three or four players out there today that have been sauntering about or completely unable to do even the basics. Some truly disgusting performances today. Full credit to those actually trying to make a battle of it.
  2. Well you're"when will we learning" but ever since Hector has come in to step up from that 3 at the back we've looked good IMO
  3. Didn't we play 3 at the back when we beat Bristol?
  4. StudentOwl

    reach vote gotm

    Sounds like a euphemism to me... have a tissue ready
  5. I was going to say that anyone who says they "hated" Carlos from day one is probably a bigot. I followed the trail back as I was curious who the perpetrator was, and discovered it was MK. Blimey...
  6. If he'd had left us after Huddersfield, I'm sure there would be a great deal more positive sentiment from fans. I know I wouldn't be irked by him as much as I am now. Unfortunately the only thing he does is remind me of a semi-smooth talking conman
  7. StudentOwl


    I'm sure I'll get a backlash for saying so... but some of our fans are absolute neanderthals. And I don't mean in the Leeds/Millwall thuggish sense. I mean in the sense that they're stuck with a very 70's mindset... two up-top, would rather have someone like Hutch kicking seven shades of sh*t out of the opposition playing, never ever want to move away from Hillsborough and can't see that having a stadium close to good transport links is an objectively better thing... and perhaps most importantly of all, living off of sentiment. That sentiment is what keeps people calling for the likes of Westwood and Hutch, neither of whom have been close to class at this level for nearly 18 months. The sentimental specs get put on and instead of seeing that Dawson is performing above where Westwood was 12 months ago, they see that Dawson is performing below where Westwood was 24 months ago. Both sentences are true, but there's this selective blindness where they only acknowledge the latter and not the former. It reminds me a little bit of a couple of years ago, when I kept criticising the age of the signings we were making- saying they were all older and that in the medium term it wasn't a good policy.. I had a few posters to tell me to stop worrying and making a big deal out of nothing... I think you were one of them Si? Fast forward 18 months and you're right up there with me, criticising that we've signed too many older players with no resale value. This situation reminds me very similar of that... sometimes it takes some fans a little longer to see the bigger picture. They'll get up to speed eventually. You've just got to hope in the meantime that the persistent and near villagers-facing-Frankenstein mob mentality doesn't effect the player in question.
  8. But he strikes a ball clean
  9. Maybe because people think the FGR player's goal was better than ours?
  10. Makes up for that one a few years ago where they were given extra time to prepare vs us around the Christmas period
  11. StudentOwl

    Something is seriously wrong with the game

    Interestingly, Swansea City have received four bookings so far this season. Yep... you read that right.
  12. StudentOwl

    Boro Away form

    Very important we don't try to beat them at their own game... if we get caught trying to match their direct style we'll get eaten alive. Apparently they struggle with "skillful players" though (whatever that entails) and defending against long shots, according to whoscored anyway. IMO that means FF and Reach both have to start. I'd play Onomah over JP initially though to try and take the initiative more and be a bit more conducive to a positive short passing game. Hopefully JP for Onomah substitution on 70 minutes to protect the lead we'd have earned. Lees Hector Thorniley Palmer Penney Onomah Bannan Reach FF Joao For me. We won't win the strength battle up front so mobility will be more important.
  13. And yet historically, if we lost the next three we would literally have to be extraordinary through the remainder of the season to pick up the points needed to guarantee a play off spot according to the OP. You don't want to have to rely on top two/three form throughout the entirety of the rest of the campaign
  14. StudentOwl

    Reach nominated

    2 goals and 2 assists in September Add on one of those being that monster volley and it's no wonder he's in contention!
  15. StudentOwl


    Number of saves per 90 minutes Aerial duels per 90 minutes Keep flapping Cameron I say, you're doing alright by me.