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  1. There aren't half some drama queens around in the world today.
  2. They had one shot on target didn't they ? Unless I missed one when I fell asleep wasn't looking.
  3. His Dad was a Liverpool fan. Chris played for Arbourthorne EA and often turned up for training in a Liverpool shirt. He spent more time as a kid watching both scouse teams than he did watching dem blunts.
  4. Chris Wilder was not "one of their own" growing up and playing football on the Arbour' back in the late 70s early 80s.
  5. The current obsession in football circles of playing out from the back. If you play this way you have to have the right players and accept you will concede goals and have the courage and confidence to outscore the opposites. We don't have the right players or any courage and confidence. Square pegs in round holes.
  6. Berge was touted to all and sundry in the last couple of weeks of the transfer window. Not a sniff. They are well up the creek without a paddle.
  7. You can still support your team even if you're not there.
  8. England's number 1 a bit slow getting down there.
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