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  1. Geoff Sheard is the aerial maestro isn't he ?
  2. There's the foul on Clare early doors where he then grabs the ball as he falls also the header from Reach where Whelan is making love to him. That's in the first couple of highlight minutes.
  3. Snodgrass tweet

    Yes, you are right and always will be.
  4. Snodgrass tweet

    The context is the Tweet from Snodgrass. Nothing to do with his ability or comparison with one of our own players.
  5. Snodgrass tweet

    Why bring Rhodes in to it ?
  6. Snodgrass tweet

    So why the need to compare against one of our own players ?
  7. Snodgrass tweet

    Why the need to slag one of our players off when he didn't even feature ? Quite simply you are on the wind up and becoming tedious.
  8. They went home in the refs back pocket.
  9. FAO Neil Swarbrick

    So do you like them or what ?
  10. Poor Game Management

    Individual errors and poor decision making cost us again.
  11. Did I catch a glimpse of FF today at the ground ? May be my eyes aren't so good now days, should train to be a ref perhaps ?

    To give only one foul against a pro team in 97 or so minutes of football is not incompetence. Purely and simply BENT.
  13. FAO Neil Swarbrick

    I've said it before that it will not be long before some serious allegations regarding cheating in British football hit the headlines.
  14. The Referee

    According to flashscore Villa only did one foul in the 97 or so minutes. If that isn't bent I'd like to know what is.
  15. Long term Jos....

    I would imagine it depends on the new owners after the takeover ? Off to the match now.....bye.