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  1. I must be getting old or summat because I can't understand any of that.
  2. Us old uns will be back. It's the young snowflakes I worry about.
  3. I'm glad I'm not in the trenches with you bloody lot
  4. I reckon Neil may be right again. Keep the faith.
  5. I don't think even DCs fans, if he has any, can be happy with what they are seeing. What's interesting is the "day after day these stories coming out" bit. That buying price is going down faster than the brides knickers.
  6. Not on the medical side but my son is a sports agent. He had one of his clients phoning him at 3 o clock in the morning demanding he brought him a pack of nappies and some Sudocrem for his 2 month old baby.
  7. You do realise that will now become FACT on social media
  8. A source close to me says BB is on nowhere near £27000 a week.
  9. All this bad news coming out of the club can only force the buying price down can't it ?
  10. I like how they spin the new transfer policy . "Sheffield United are drawing-up a list of young players attached to leading Premier League clubs after resolving to make better use of the loan market during this summer’s transfer window." Not a pot in plain English.
  11. When I saw the thread title I thought he was having a fortneet in Bournemouth and wasn't happy in Barry Bannans nan-nans caravan. That's all we need them two falling out.
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