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  1. A massacre. Get it on the honours board quick. BCD Massacre, BCD massacre.
  2. i rather you just take a long walk off a short pier.
  3. He needs to put out as strong a team as possible. It's a game we have a good chance of winning, a game we need to win. No point resting players "in case". If they are fit they should be in.
  4. Because of where you put that thermometer the last time
  5. NURSE.............................
  6. Your glowing endorsement will have them beating the door down
  7. If he can't improve as a centre half with Steve Bruce coaching him then he may as well quit football.
  8. The Baconrola style is balls in behind the fullbacks and crosses into the box. It didn't work last night and Peppa Mardiola had no answer. Don't believe the hype about brilliant passing football................they don't play that way.
  9. Salad cream and fish fingers.................good stuff.
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