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  1. Don't forget the 20 point deduction though.
  2. Owlinmad

    Credit to Reach's fair play

    Ross Wallace wouldn't have been so nice !!
  3. Owlinmad

    Lee johnson

    I thought he was referring to the 2nd goal but got mixed up.
  4. Perhaps it means Westwood ISN'T performing in training ?
  5. Owlinmad


    Uselessees you mean ?
  6. Owlinmad


    I must be getting old.
  7. Owlinmad

    Red Button Coverage

    Boast post.
  8. Owlinmad


    He may have moaned in Dutch but no one understood.
  9. Owlinmad

    Adam Reach

    I'd give him a rest for the next game and bring Fox in.
  10. What's Giddings doing in your kitchen ?
  11. Calm down dear.
  12. NO footballer wants to be injured.
  13. Owlinmad

    Leeds fan in peace

    We didn't do too bad second half either considering we were up against Barcelona and Man City combined.
  14. Owlinmad

    Leeds fan in peace

    I can't agree with most of that, but that's what opinions are for.