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  1. Hutch to team up with Lampard ?
  2. Four year contract on £45 grand a week any good ?
  3. We need a dribbler.
  4. Owlinmad

    Harrison Reed

    Sounds like a chain of mens outfitters.
  5. A week round Pitsmoor dodging bullets and crazed knife men will do them the world of good (other areas are available).
  6. Owlinmad

    Midfield STILL Our Problem Area

    Try telling Jesus that.
  7. If we're not 12 points clear by the end of August he needs to go to give the new manager time to sort things out.
  8. Owlinmad

    Summer transfers :- the outgoings

    We don't just need pace we need dribbling ability and pace. We had pure pace in JJ and Helan but little end product. An Atonio or Drenthe type who can run with the ball and has good acceleration. Maybe Matias will be that someone ?
  9. Owlinmad

    Foxs' head

    Get it on the honours board quick.
  10. They are having a good go at that themselves to be fair.
  11. Owlinmad


    Dennis Diekmeir.
  12. Owlinmad

    First time post. Bit of info

    A likely story
  13. Owlinmad

    First time post. Bit of info

    Why have you got a soggy Mars bar ?
  14. Owlinmad


    Where did you hear that from ?
  15. Owlinmad


    Where did you get that info from ?