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  1. We should just contact the Bin Ladens and ask for a loan.
  2. If you've just sorted your season ticket why do you need to change seat ?
  3. He's looking forward to getting back and playing under Bruce.
  4. They can't score against us so not much of a test really.
  5. I heard part of it...... something along the lines of "you had better put a shift in this half or your meat will be doing a flyer at full time".
  6. Our problem is we score goals like that but not enough of the simple tap in ones. Maybe Jordan coming back next season will change that.
  7. At least we got Hopper on the scoresheet.
  8. A massacre. Get it on the honours board quick. BCD Massacre, BCD massacre.
  9. i rather you just take a long walk off a short pier.
  10. He needs to put out as strong a team as possible. It's a game we have a good chance of winning, a game we need to win. No point resting players "in case". If they are fit they should be in.
  11. Because of where you put that thermometer the last time
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