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  1. It's a tenner for me then.
  2. I've called a few players "Canty" over the years but never the stand.
  3. He reminds me a lot of Howard Wilkinson and he didn't do such a bad job.
  4. Maybe Westwood hasn't impressed in training ?
  5. Owlinmad

    Why has Jones been banished?

    Is this another of those occasions when a player isn't in the team or signs for another club they are world beaters and the answer to all our prombles ?
  6. Owlinmad

    Blue and white skies

    Sky is blue, Clouds are white.
  7. Jack is Kierans' son.
  8. They may up their offer for FF now.
  9. Is that true or just Owlstalk FACT ?
  10. Maybe the situation is clear between the parties that matter ?
  11. That is 100% not true.
  12. Owlinmad

    There’s 3 10mill bids on the table..

    I've not read all this thread but I was told at the weekend that Middlesboro have had an offer for FF turned down. Source, involved in grassroot scouting in the North East region, not at Middlesboro though.
  13. Owlinmad

    Where is Westwood going

    A move has been agreed between all parties but is dependant on another transfer happening first. It's nothing new in football.
  14. That's what happens when you're out of work for 2 months
  15. Didn't the first caller say he used to listen to the commentaries from Cambridge ? I thought you had to be in the Radio Sheffield area to be able to listen to it ? I'm confused. I also think he was a stooge for the BBC. He was far too eloquent for your common or garden Wednesday fan.