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  1. Wildsmith but he should have come for the cross that they scored from.
  2. He's hard to take seriously as a human being to be honest.
  3. That clash of heads was sickening. You could hear it plainly. Hope both are ok.
  4. Oh dear. that call may not be coming just yet Chrissaay.
  5. OGS to be sacked and Chrissy to take over. It's written in the stars.
  6. "Sheffield United will be kicking themselves" they'll probably miss there as well.
  7. A good defensive performance from the team today and not so many stupid fouls in dangerous areas given away either. I loved the rugby tackle by Luongo to stop the break away. A work in progress but at least you can see the progress.
  8. It was tactical. If you couldn't see that then you know nothing about football.
  9. Would be a fantastic signing. Not what we need, Not a Pulis type player. Poor goalscoring record. Good goal scorer. Fast. Desperation signing. Not read the thread yet but am I right ?
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