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  1. Gossip

    Dennis Diekmeir.
  2. First time post. Bit of info

    Why have you got a soggy Mars bar ?
  3. IF

    Where did you hear that from ?
  4. IF

    Where did you get that info from ?
  5. IF

    It's hard to know what goes off in peoples heads to be honest.
  6. Hull City fans tho....

    Come on be fair what about the chap with the superdry t-shirt ? OK I know it's a knock off from Ingoldmells market but at least he's trying.
  7. Arsenal don't usually send the representative they did today though.
  8. Arsenal representative in attendance as well.
  9. He doesn't wave his arms about enough.
  10. Some of them must have been told at the start of the season then !!
  11. What about the good agents, should we keep them ?
  12. Is Lord Lucan really Arsene Wenger ?
  13. hirst to united

    But you made the statement, so..............................is it true ?