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  1. An apology to Nev would be the way to go then surely, not another snipe at a poster ?
  2. As a fanbase we have so many legal, financial, coaching and managerial experts on Owlstalk alone it does makes you wonder why we are in such a mess both on and off the pitch. Get your CVs sent in to Mr C and we'll soon be sorted.
  3. Don't we have a manager, or have I missed something ?
  4. I wonder who Kilroy was ? Oh by the way the club and the EFL were in dialogue last December and an agreement was made.
  5. No it was take one get one free. DC couldn't resist.
  6. Stop being a bunch of fluffy bunnies............................we are gunna smash 'em.
  7. Funny how quickly love turns sour isn't it.................isn't it ?
  8. So he makes a statement to stop all the rumours and speculation and yet this thread is then full of rumour and speculation.
  9. One of those rumours is 100% not true.
  10. We don't support Fulham. Or Leeds....I hate Leeds, does anyone else ?
  11. So out of those who were involved last night which are the ones who weren't showing commitment or effort ?
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