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  1. His tactics and game management were spot on all day.
  2. Talking to a Man City scout today. They, City, are a bit disappointed and concerned, that Master Mcatee hasn't progressed as well as expected. Hence him going out on loan to the blades. Maybe not yet ready to be the next Silva ?
  3. Should have stayed with One Direction.
  4. Our first, of many, 3 points of the season.
  5. JJ got you out of your seat because you were trying to dodge his shot or cross.
  6. He has massive potential but is still very green. (Not Celtic green though).
  7. Our players are starting a new initiative on not heading the ball to save themselves problems in later life. Groundbreaking, it's the future.
  8. We constantly fail to stop crosses at source and keep giving away silly fouls at both ends of the pitch. When (if) we start and stop doing those two things we will improve.
  9. Would be a great signing and just what we need. I'll no doubt get slated for this now.
  10. I'm being kind to dumb animals.
  11. Mid table mediocrity at best.
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