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  1. First goal...............simple as.
  2. What's with all the "he's been treated badly here" ? I'm 100% certain he hasn't been treated badly and is rather a lucky boy.
  3. Tonight's matchday programme

    It's an even sadder state of affairs when people can only criticise no matter what the club does.
  4. To Old and to Slow

    What it tells me is your facts are wrong and you need a change.
  5. You sound like my missus. Oh hang on you said pic..........
  6. Such a salvageable season...!

    If you always do what you've always done you always get what you've always got.
  7. David hirst

    Why didn't David Hirst complete a transfer to Man Utd ?
  8. “I’ve read somewhere that we haven’t got any leaders, that’s not true. I can't imagine where he read that.
  9. Mick the owl on bbc FH

    That describes Owlstalk and any other football forum.
  10. DC skint

    Football is cyclical. Life is too I suppose.
  11. DC skint

    Stop sitting on the fence pal.
  12. Pace

    We need a ball carrier. Someone who has trickery and likes to run at defenders with the ball at his feet. We are a very good passing team but we need another element. Oh.....and another manager.
  13. Dear Carlos

    No need for all the abuse but Carlos has taken this club as far as he can. It's time for a shake up.
  14. United

    I thought the same when I heard it.
  15. If you feel so strongly why not make an offer to DC for the club ?