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  1. Five managers and caretakers and not one of them has got a tune out of these players. That should tell you where the immediate problem lies.
  2. He had the Rotherham game, how much time does he need FFS.
  3. We are waiting for notification from the EFL before they can be submitted. They are dragging their heels not the club.
  4. What has our current situation got to do with what I posted ? Answer...........................nothing.
  5. Instead of wanting more and more officials, cameras etc, which just means more possible different opinions, the players, managers and media should be instructed to abide by the 1 referees decision. Accept his OPINION, because that is all any decision is, instead of questioning and micro examining every little thing. It's called having DISCIPLINE and worked well enough for over a hundred years previously. The authorities should crack down on dissent against the officials. Goal line technology fine. Anything else no.
  6. Big Tony couldn't get a tune out of these players so why expect Neil to ? Pulis has years of high level management under his belt and no matter what you think of him he has been successful in a lot of his career. He saw the problems ahead and got out PDQ !!
  7. Another one who gets better the less he plays.
  8. A friend of mine who has close links to the United camp says the "proper football people" comments are aimed at his clubs owner and the board. Apparently all is not well in the Mardiola camp.
  9. Bournemouth appoint Woodgate until end of season. Imagine the meltdown...............................
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