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  1. Owlinmad

    Stop the blame game.

    When you had a new boss at work did you put a bit more effort in and tried to impress ? Most people would. Footballers being like most people do the same. Therefore it points to fact that maybe the players are not as good as they think they are or we would like them to be. Apart from the odd player our squad is poor for the standard we are playing at, lower mid table I would say. Our squad is 2/3 years behind the times. They have not improved while other squads have, meaning we have gone backwards. We need a clear out and freshening up, which should have happened 2 or 3 seasons ago.
  2. Owlinmad


    He'll be back.
  3. Owlinmad


    I only do grass.
  4. Owlinmad


    Even I could pass that one........................just.
  5. Owlinmad

    New signing next week?

    I have heard the exact same thing. My shrink has just had me sectioned.
  6. Owlinmad

    Frederick Nielsen

    I imagine he would take notice of opinions from people who actually know about football to be honest.
  7. Owlinmad

    Frederick Nielsen

    You can't do either on a handful of appearances.
  8. Owlinmad

    Frederick Nielsen

    It doesn't seem to stop the other idiots condemning a young kid after seeing him a few times.
  9. Owlinmad

    Van aaken off

    I was told a few weeks back that he wanted to move nearer home for family reasons.
  10. Owlinmad

    Van aaken off

    This is going the same way as Dave Jones wages I fear.
  11. Owlinmad

    Why was Hutch not rested

    He had to play as he has a clause in his contract saying so.
  12. Owlinmad

    Press Conference

    It's Al Murray ain't it ? Or a bald Paul Gascoigne.