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  1. Stupid decision! Win at all costs is what he should be thinking. Jos didn’t even look interested in the first half.
  2. coe_22

    Ash Baker

    Looks to whip a cross in at every opportunity.
  3. coe_22

    Fernando watch

    Already done that. Currently sat in a cell in Hammerton Rd Nick next to someone calling themselves Holmowl? I managed to plug my mobile to sneak it through.
  4. coe_22

    Guess the kit pricing?

    I hate the fact the club price the Kids kits so high. I’m not bothered that they charge a lot for the adult ones.
  5. coe_22


    Met tango a few times and drank with him at QPR away. What a nice bloke he is!!! Just loves Wednesday and is always a gent.
  6. Just showed this to my 9 yr old daughter. She now wants one!!!!
  7. I was in the shop today and my 13 yr old chose the 91 home shirt out of anything in the shop. The quality is very good and pretty much everyone in there was also buying one of the retro ones. A great move by the club!
  8. I once had to chew on a phantom trumper’s flatulence
  9. Loads of nice new builds there now he’d love it!
  10. Surely the club can sue Abdi under the trade description act calling himself a “Footballer”. I’m horrified by how much money this fraud has stolen from our club! Fanny Jeffers mk2