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  1. Can only thank the OP for not allowing me to witness this sheet show
  2. He owns everything in that photo so why not?
  3. We are crying out for a ruthless approach that doesn’t accept running a lot as success! You either perform or you’re dropped. Same in the dressing room. Any disruption and you’re out!
  4. Teams have been doing it for years and we have fallen for it EVERY time!
  5. Who was supposed to be playing in front of Odubajo on the wing?
  6. He is. Neshed yet another 50/50 today. No wonder he’s got a good injury record!
  7. As we have seen before an excellent right hand man to the head coach/manager is worth their weight in gold.
  8. Definitely an 8. DC didn’t allow true club to be held to ransom over Hector and the players we have brought in are all needed in their respective positions.
  9. He also said that we should conserve chicken and eat seagulls to get back at them for nicking people’s chips and ice creams
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