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  1. Wouldn’t be surprised to see another club make losses bigger than ours and receive a lesser punishment. The EFL are corrupt top to bottom and not fit for purpose.
  2. coe_22

    Michael Hector...

    Kieran Lee
  3. That’s what I’ve heard too!
  4. coe_22

    Danny Batth

    I saw someone that looks very much like him walking out of Middlewood after the U23 match.
  5. Yes plenty of it too!
  6. coe_22

    Gary Hooper and Kieron Lee

    I spoke to Hooper on Saturday. I asked him how much longer before he’s back playing he said “ a couple of weeks”
  7. coe_22

    The North West Corner

    Coming soon!
  8. coe_22

    The sending off

    Correct decision and actually one of the best the ref made all game!
  9. The quality of the stuff is 100 times better this year. I really like the mid layer 1/4 zip tops and understand that I can get a plain under armour one cheaper but it’s just not the same with out an owl on it!
  10. coe_22

    The North West Corner

    They’re also after a sponsor to advertise in that space once it’s covered.
  11. Just passing on the info straight from the horses mouth.
  12. That’s exactly the reason. This was said at the steering group by Richard Stanford the club’s safety officer. (Apologies if that’s not his proper title).
  13. I did get that impression. Maybe it’s just towards the fans?