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  1. Well if you could hurry that along, that would be great!
  2. Yeah cherryade with a viagra should do it! 👀
  3. Rhodes looks like a weight has been lifted off his shoulders. His whole demeanour is different!
  4. It’s a posh version of the screwed up shopping bag in my car's boot.
  5. To be honest, the players we have get a lot of people out of their seats. It’s usually when we concede a third!!!
  6. Football seems to be at a crossroads of adapt or die! It needs to become more affordable to the masses as we are heading for a massive financial challenge globally. Hopefully it will be a bit of a reset moment but I really doubt it!
  7. Yes it is. Also told he was too small to be a pro footballer so became an England Rugby International!!!
  8. TOP FOOTBALLERS Jacob and Josh Murphy are helping in the community during the coronavirus crisis by delivering Boots prescriptions to the elderly. The kind-hearted twins, who are contracted to Newcastle and Cardiff, have been working as volunteers in Downham Market in Norfolk for the last two days. The Murphys, 25, are back living with their parents in the town halfway between Peterborough and Norwich during the UK lockdown but wanted to help people in need. So the pair joined a Volunteer Coordination Group for Covid-19 Mutual Aid on Facebook and are collecting and delivering the essential medicine to people at home who cannot travel to the pharmacy. The Murphys, using their time to good effect with the season currently on hold, wear official volunteer jackets and are equipped with masks in their new roles. And they also fulfil the social distancing requirements laid out by the government by placing the prescriptions on doorsteps, knocking on the door of the house before moving two metres back. Can only applaud them for this great to see.
  9. Pay as you play only. He’ll be skint in December!!!
  10. That’s is genuinely a brilliant question!!
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