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Community Answers

  1. Nope, it’s a bit of a joke really.
  2. You are also trying to detract from the fact that you resorted to abusive comments straight off the bat. You lost the high ground at that point.
  3. So you have no sympathy for people with alcohol addiction or eating disorders, and their situations should be ignored because someone hasn’t posted about their personal struggle?
  4. Where did I say I didn’t? It takes a lot of courage to come on here and lay yourself bare and a lot less to hurl insults. Maybe you should take a leaf out of his book?
  5. Wondered how long it would take! Different opinion = resort to abuse!! Well done Paul! Give your brain cell a round of applause
  6. We should ban food in stadiums so that those with eating disorders don’t relapse. Definitely close all the pubs in the area too for those with alcohol addiction.
  7. Same could be said for closing betting shops in case they want to walk round town? Where does it end?
  8. Don’t agree with this at all. This whole cancel culture is out of control!
  9. This was the excuse given 4 weeks ago! Have they ordered the replacement part via fax?
  10. Those gloves look like Anne Summers specials with all those knobbly bits on!
  11. You’re 100% correct! I stupidly looked at the ifollow website and it said it wasn’t on
  12. Is there any media services showing this match that anyone knows of? I don’t think it’s on Ifollow.
  13. What the hell is going on at this club? It’s unrecognisable and I love it!!!
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