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  1. Pay as you play only. He’ll be skint in December!!!
  2. That’s is genuinely a brilliant question!!
  3. I wanted Ollie when Bruce left. 3 promotions from the championship under his belt. Only Warnock and Bruce have more (4 each).
  4. Aaaaaaaand I’m done! Been offered a free ticket by a friend. Told him to sell the pair and we will use the money to go on the pi55!
  5. Can only thank the OP for not allowing me to witness this sheet show
  6. He owns everything in that photo so why not?
  7. We are crying out for a ruthless approach that doesn’t accept running a lot as success! You either perform or you’re dropped. Same in the dressing room. Any disruption and you’re out!
  8. Teams have been doing it for years and we have fallen for it EVERY time!
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