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  1. So Hillsborough and Middlewood are definitely built on old Indian burial grounds !!
  2. Only Wednesday would buy Rhodes, sell Joao and they would swap abilities in the process
  3. DC’s marbles have been properly lost!! What a shower of s**t
  4. Chuffin hell!! We’re not made of money!!!
  5. She does a turn. Mind you she’s big so it takes a while!!
  6. The worst thing is, I know our club is a shambles and on its way down but I’ve given up caring. I’m literally not arsed about it. I just sit and laugh now.
  7. Come on Wednesday!!!! Please just don’t be chuffin pathetic pleeeeeeease.
  8. A friend asked me if I had to describe our style of play why would it be? I couldn’t answer him! We’re not a pressing side we’re not an attacking side We’re not a defensive side We’re not a long ball side we don’t play out form the back What are we other than below average at most things?
  9. The only reason I signed up to Sky Sports was because they said they would be showing all midweek games on the red button. They then didn’t! SS can rounduns!!
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