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  1. Just showed this to my 9 yr old daughter. She now wants one!!!!
  2. I was in the shop today and my 13 yr old chose the 91 home shirt out of anything in the shop. The quality is very good and pretty much everyone in there was also buying one of the retro ones. A great move by the club!
  3. I once had to chew on a phantom trumper’s flatulence
  4. Loads of nice new builds there now he’d love it!
  5. Surely the club can sue Abdi under the trade description act calling himself a “Footballer”. I’m horrified by how much money this fraud has stolen from our club! Fanny Jeffers mk2
  6. Slovenian Rambo
  7. I’m currently in the RAF. Joined when I was 16 just passed the 16 year point. Moving back to Sheffield into my own home this year. Bring on the ST.
  8. Please pass on our best wishes Trev! Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery. WAWAW
  9. Bannan’s parking needs a little work!
  10. He’s absolutely nails!
  11. But apart from that what’s gone wrong?
  12. Dan Glebols

    I’ve heard he’s got the sack!