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  1. coe_22

    South Stand Announcer

    I said to my mate I was expecting him to announce “We will fight them on the beaches and in the streets”!
  2. coe_22

    Message for Cammy

    Message for the owner of Vehicle registration dn671hdklrebcyedtg26457 please move your car as the number plate is blocking the exit.
  3. coe_22


    Is it now yet?
  4. coe_22

    Send For Him

    I’d have him at Hillsborough in a heartbeat! come home Gary!
  5. coe_22

    Chansiri out !

    I hope for our sake you’re right!
  6. Kieran Westwood Regards Jos L
  7. I believe that is what’s known as a “cupcake”
  8. It was raised at the steering group that the club should go all out in advertising all of the charity/community work the players & club do. It was agreed the club don’t publicise all of it as it would be every day!!
  9. coe_22


    Injured, too old & doesn’t train enough
  10. coe_22

    Chansiri kicking off

    Nail on head!
  11. coe_22

    Chansiri kicking off

    They already have!
  12. coe_22

    Westwood Injured

    Westwood is not injured