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  1. Even top gear love the big man!

    Yep. Makes me think they're talking about Geoff.
  2. Even top gear love the big man!

    One of many acceptable spellings I've seen on this forum.
  3. Highlights

  4. Points dropped from a winning position

    Wow... I knew it was bad, but didn't realise it was that bad. We'd be 6th if we'd held on to all those.
  5. 8 wins this season, 6 of which were under Carlos. We'll stay up, but it's thanks to an average start to the season and 4 awful teams at the bottom.
  6. We're lucky that the bottom 4 can't buy a win. That's what'll save us.
  7. Bad enough to go down. Those first 2 months of the season are saving us at the moment.
  8. Do people still ask this? I thought we all knew.
  9. Doesn't put a foot in or offer a lot going forward either. Seriously reminds me of JOC.
  10. Hernandez back from injury. They'll finish above us now he's back.
  11. Not the reason we didn't beat Sunderland or Hull at home.
  12. That's a sad list. There'll be no excuses if the worst happens.
  13. Can we beat Bolton Wanderers

    I don't get this argument about him being out of his depth. Yes, it's his first job in England but he's managed Borussia MG and Hertha in the Bundesliga. They're both far bigger jobs than SWFC.
  14. 11 in 26 for Blackburn by January? He hadn't gone when he joined Boro. Those saying he was crap at Boro have forgotten he scored 6 in their promotion run in from the game time of 13 matches. He's been dog dirt since he came here, but who could really have foreseen that?