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  1. He's our 4th CB behind Loovens, Lees and Van Aken... following the 2 players for every position policy.
  2. The tweet suggesting we "cheated"...
  3. Is SWFC's recruitment that bad?

    Agree with the OP. We've spent a bit, but not that much compared to other clubs really. According to TransferMarkt website, of the 18 clubs who have been in the Championship 2 years running now, 7 have spent more money on transfers than us (Villa, Wolves, Fulham, Norwich, Derby, Birmingham and Leeds). We've only spent fractionally more than Bristol C and Reading in the last 2 years too.
  4. Jordan Rhodes - WINNER

    I think he's possibly guilty of caring too much and over thinking stuff maybe.
  5. In hindsight...

    We've definitely tried. Buckley, McManaman and now Boyd have all been brought in to upgrade. None have cut it (although Boyd has been unlucky to get injured after years of playing every week).
  6. As bad as we think things have been...

    It will be more than that after tonight's games. Preston vs Villa so one team is guaranteed some points.
  7. Rhodes on... goals coming obviously.
  8. The majority of the Wembley team were put together under Stuart Gray and then after he left signed when Glenn Roeder was Director of Football. Since then it's been a complete disaster in terms of bringing players in and moving them on at the right time.
  9. Jake Kean

    We seemed to recruit well a couple of years ago when Glenn Roeder was Director of Football. I've got no idea who's in that role now but I think they should be sacked before Carlos.
  10. Penalty

    Looks a clear penalty to me. We still didn't deserve anything from the game... We can't concede 2 (almost 3 If Madine had scored that sitter) at Bolton and expect anything.
  11. some people on here

    Agree with all your points except this one. It was pretty even in the first half against Sunderland and we only went in behind because of a stupid rule that made a defender leave the pitch followed by a Westwood howler. We completely dominated the second half and on another day we'd have won that game.
  12. Matias / Boyd

    Boyd's had surgery. Fair play as he's only missed 7 games in the last 3 seasons so that's just bad luck. Matias has been fit through almost all of 2017 and just isn't getting picked. He's starting for the U23s today. Abdi is a crock who looks a complete shadow of the player we thought we'd signed. Proper pants round the ankles job.
  13. Derby away

    It seems simple at the moment. If we concede first, we collapse.
  14. Referees are killing us.

    We can't concede 2 against a side in Boltons position and blame the ref. Fair enough, it seriously affected the result at Brum, but we've only got ourselves to blame today.