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  1. Money talks. Apparently Cowley was on £140k a year at Lincoln and Udders offered over £1m.
  2. From L1 next season? They've not got a hope in hell of even a top half finish this season, they were dreadful today.
  3. Offside flagging hasn't worked that way for the last 20 years. If Hughill makes no attempt to collect the ball then there's no flag. This one's just cut and dried poor defending.
  4. Played well today. He's got the attitude and determination to succeed. Faced up to criticism and got on with it. Well done Foxy.
  5. A good move for all. He's 23 later this season so really needs to start kicking on.
  6. Literally no one was saying prematch that the lineup was wrong.
  7. Commentators on Millwall iFollow are furious. Might only have been one footed but it was a terrible challenge.
  8. Bad mistake there. You've got to get something on it if you come for it as a Keeper.
  9. As inconsistent as Fox is, he's a great option from the bench as he can play anywhere across the back 4. He's the only real defender on the bench.
  10. On loan so they didn't get any money for him so they can't bring a replacement in.
  11. Just been on their forum for a nosey... most of them convinced Hughton will come. Poisoned chalice there this season - bang average squad and high expectations from fans.
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