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  1. I'll be surprised if someone in the Championship takes a punt on him given the divisions financial woes and Brown's atrocious season with us.
  2. He's 6'1" and 33 isn't that old. Was on the bench 44 times last season with Millwall so looks to be fit again after injury. 300 odd games as a pro, half of of them in the championship. Worth a trial at least I'd say.
  3. Agree with this to an extent but both Dawson and Wildsmith and some abysmal games that sucked any confidence out of them and in the defence in front of them. Rotherham away last season was one of the worst professional goalkeeping displays I've ever seen. Dawson was at fault for all 3 (almost 4 but one was offside). It's too much of a risk trusting them to perform after several years of this. Both have made over 60 league appearances for us and have not found regular form. I'm no expert, but we can bring someone better in for free. Two options that need a serious look are Jo
  4. You mean the player Boro paid £18m for? I'll have what you're smoking... Another Championship club will snap him up no problem (if he doesn't end up at Rangers).
  5. I can see someone with top 6 ambitions like WBA/Swansea/Cardiff picking him up for free and using him as a squad player. He's been crap for us for the last couple of years - no stomach for a relegation fight but he's a talented player
  6. We'll be nowhere near the top half of the table with Wildsmith or Dawson in net, even in L1. Loads of clubs are cost cutting this summer. There will be tonnes of players available on a free. We need to pick an experienced keeper up who's been released. Not had a proper look yet but someone like Frank Fielding from Millwall would be a good shout (or better).
  7. Fox was on a free last summer and Hunt was released last week. The market has totally changed since covid. Bannan is a great player but he's 32 this year and is probably our highest earner now. I hope we keep him but a seven figure fee would be better. A key part of any sensible transfer policy is selling at the right time for the right price. We should have offloaded Lees for a fee a couple of years ago - he's not been the same since Loovens left. Norwich were after Rhodes permanently when his loan finished but DC wouldn't take the £2-3m they were prepared to offer a
  8. If someone comes in with £1m+, I think we should sell.
  9. He's been a complete disaster for Hudds. £11m plus massive wages. Only managed 16 starts in the last 2 years. Proven player at Championship level so I can see someone like Derby, Brum or Blackburn taking a punt. There's no way we should be touching him with his wages and recent game time.
  10. Out of contract this summer isn't he? I can see him leaving for them to stay in the championship. Only 30 so he's got a good few years left.
  11. Yep. He only played 90 minutes for us 16 times in 3.5 seasons. Averaged 49 minutes per game here but 85 minutes per game at Blackburn. We've just not played him enough, particularly this season when we needed him the most.
  12. I remember him having a good season for Hudds but jeeez, I've just checked his injury record. Only played 31 league games in the last 4 years.
  13. I can. One of the most prolific Championship strikers of the last 10 years on a free transfer. Even as a squad player that's worth a go for some clubs. Lost his way a bit with us but still managed 10 goals in only 22 starts in the last 2 years. 31 but almost never injured. I'm sure his wages will be dropping from what we're paying him.
  14. If I was a Hudds/Cov/Derby fan I'd want someone with a bit more of a proven track record. He's only scored 13 in his last 2 seasons at championship level.
  15. Boro paid nearly £7m for him from West Ham. Would be an outstanding free transfer for us in L1.
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