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Community Answers

  1. 3 at the back was working ok defensively before we had that 3 week covid break. We'd conceded 12 goals in the last 12 games. Teams have figured us out though and we're being targeted down our left hand side time and time again.
  2. No point mentioning the ref, players deserve all the blame today. Poor game management again. Almost cost us last week despite "dominating".
  3. Undoubtedly. Without Windass and Luongo either surely. We'll need some serious signings to be competitive.
  4. 30 points from our last 22 league games. The aim this season was top 2. Top 8 looks unlikely now.
  5. Why on earth was one of the worst defenders on the pitch be picking him up from a corner? Shambolic.
  6. Not sure what previous injuries you're referring to. The year before he signed for us he was on loan at Ipswich where he was in the first 11 or on the bench 34/46 league games. The two seasons prior to that at Wolves he was involved 30/46 and 45/46 times. At least 4 of those missing games was suspensions. Even if all the other gaps are injuries, that's hardly a major red flag.
  7. Clearly kept his head down when he was out of the team and done the business in training.
  8. Worth a go with Kamberi out, Berahino being useless and Moore not knowing what to do with Pato.
  9. If he's on £25k a week in L1, we're being absolutely robbed.
  10. Wolves have made the right call to be fair. Theo is an incredible talent for a 19 year old and he's started 6 out of 24 league games, all of which have been at LWB - not his natural best position.
  11. The Chairman needs to take some flak for the points deduction and embargo which totally tied Monk's hands. Monk's with us was terrible though. Far fewer points per game than Bruce or Luhukay with basically the same players.
  12. Absolutely the type of player we need to strengthen at the back.
  13. It seemed to be out of necessity at first as we had injuries. Now Hutch is back, surely we can play Brennan, Palmer and Hutch at the back.
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