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  1. No surprise. Gives countries more time to potentially finish the domestic season too.
  2. No. Over 30, one of the biggest earners at the club and only started 29 games in the last 3 years. It's a tragedy to release what used to be our most valuable asset but we've got to start rebuilding by clearing out.
  3. Yep, 34 league games, 41 overall. Megson came out publicly and said why he wasn't picking him - Miller didn't play for about a month before he waived the clause. Miller has spoken about this publicly too... hardly a conspiracy.
  4. Yep. He played 19 games that season then was dropped as 20 would have triggered an extension. I think he waived that clause in his contract os he could keep playing as he played 41 that year and then we released him.
  5. January 2015 was a very odd transfer window. DC had just taken over and there didn't seem to be any strategy in place. Shortly after, it looked like DC had learnt his lesson and put the committee in place to oversee transfers. We had a brilliant window in Summer 2015: Forestieri, Hunt, Pudil, Lopez, Bannan, Joao, Wallace, Matias, Sasso and Hooper (shortly afterwards) There were some misses that summer though with McGugan, Lachmann, Wiggins and Sougou signing. Summer 2015 is probably the best window we've had since relegation in 2000.
  6. The answer is leadership. He seems to have very little of it and hasn't even put a structure in place where it exists beneath him. There's no leadership up and down the club from the pitch to the coaching staff and ultimately in the boardroom.
  7. That's seriously a decent idea. 323 career appearances, mainly in L1.
  8. We sacked Luhukay after 10 points from 13 league games. We'll have 9 points from 14 games by the end of the day. Monk has to go.
  9. First start for 18 months... I think he had a superb game overall.
  10. Ridiculous that Hutch is sat at home tonight.
  11. 2 finishes in the top 6. 4th, 6th and 3rd best defence in the division over 3 seasons. I agree Bullen should go, but the above hardly constitutes failure.
  12. I think some people are being too harsh on his injury record here. In 17-18 he only managed 19 league games but he played 40 in his 16-17 and 18-19 and then 24/35 this year. He's been our best player by a mile for the last 18 months. We've got to sign him up. 32 isn't past it for a striker these days if his game doesn't rely on pace.
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