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  1. 9th Feb was Rotherham's last goal. We're great for ending teams bad runs.
  2. We're paying a massive price for having no LBs at the club at all. 3 at the back has been tried and failed. Penny simply isn't a Championship LB.
  3. We've got a decent chance of making the top 6 I think... Next season... In League One.
  4. Surprised by this but under our current circumstances we couldn't have done better really. My Dad's a WBA fan and absolutely loves him - says he should never have been sacked there.
  5. Anything north of £1m and we should be snapping their hands off, particularly with his age and our impending relegation.
  6. Very sad to hear that. 65's not old at all. Came across as a really nice bloke. His contacts and advice in summer 2015 led to our best transfer window in a long time.
  7. Their 2nd and 3rd goals are down to the system we're playing: 352 only works with exceptional wing backs. We've just not got players that suit this at all. For the 2nd - Penny doesn't follow his man and Harris isn't even in our half. For the 3rd - Lees has 4 players around him on his own when that cross comes in. Harris is miles away and the other 2 CBs have been drawn to the ball. We looked fine in the first half when we were on the front foot but a tiny bit of pressure and we've capitulated. They had 3 shots on target all game.
  8. Yep. I genuinely think with the right formation, strategy and coaching - we've got the players to stay up. We're on our 3rd manager this season though who hasn't got a clue what that is by the looks of it.
  9. Formation? --------------Wildsmith------------- --Urhoghide--Lees--Borner-- Harris-Bannan-Hutch-Penny ----------------Brown---------------- -------Windass----Patterson----
  10. There at least seemed to be fight and leadership in the 09/10 team. I remember Purse screaming orders at players and JJ crying leaving the pitch after a mistake of his cost us points. They were poor but they cared. 20/21 just don't seem to give a to55 at all.
  11. He's not played 90 mins for Wednesday since January 2018. Subbed off every start. He's been subbed off this season more times than he's started
  12. Players need to take some responsibility. Looked like a total CBA display tonight.
  13. He's fine at LWB against an opposition who don't put him under pressure, but we've known for years that he can't defend.
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