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  1. They've got 12 points from 7 games if they hold on. Hardly relegation fodder.
  2. I missed most of the first half. Was it 3 at the back with Mosws, Flint and JVA?
  3. Names are wrong on this but looks to me like the classic 442 narrow diamond formation. Football Manager players win the champions league with this regularly.
  4. BBC website says Rhodes has come on for Dele-Bashiru. Thought that was odd.
  5. I reckon he's off and been left out. It better be well north of £5m... We're in big trouble without him.
  6. Fair response. Didn't realise he'd missed so much last season.
  7. And got an assist. In hindsight with almost all our strikers leaving this summer, we should have kept him.
  8. Joined. Always do crap at this so hoping to keep it up this year.
  9. Hooper permanently was in January 2016 I think. 16/17 should include Reach as well. He was £4m+
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