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  1. He had one decent season at Watford years ago where they finished 3rd and lost in the PO final. His Birmingham stint should completely rule him out of managing at this level ever again. 2 wins from 24. I remember them at Hillsborough that season... played some nice football at times but we beat them 3-0 without getting out of 3rd gear - every time we got into their half they collapsed. There probably isn't a manager on the odds list who I would want less.
  2. That's insane. Wages being 168% of turnover is beyond irresponsible.
  3. It's not exactly a tough afternoon for them!
  4. I think most of those for Blackburn and Preston were at CB too.
  5. Good. Definitely about time. I'm glad they're consulting with other forces. West Yorkshire Police seem to manage Elland Road fairly well.
  6. Injury record? Nonsense. Other than one long term injury in 17-18 he's hardly missed a game in 5 years here.
  7. We've got 39 points in 22 games since Jos left. That equates to 81ish over a whole season... comfortably top 6.
  8. Matias might be worth another year. It all depends on whether we think we can sign better under our current financial restrictions.
  9. Agreed. Dropping him for 6 months has brought him back a changed man. He's giving 100% fighting for his career and looks like the best in the division currently.
  10. He was really young when we signed him. Was supposed to be a long term feature at CB, but the move to LB was a massive part of our promotion in 2012. Injuries caught up with him in his late 20s and he struggled to play LB and he's been in the National League for a while at CB.
  11. As if they wouldn't want him back!! Midtable with him last season, now bottom.
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