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  1. I worry about this. We can't spend without breaching FFP rules so it's going to be gambling on freebies.
  2. Blocked their best chance of the game saving a certain goal, then created our best chance with that pass to Fletch... MOM for me.
  3. I tried to watch both games but lost interested. He seemed to do OK.
  4. Ben Marshall.... So good he's a free agent at age 28.
  5. The odd cameo for the last 2 seasons from someone who was supposed to be worth £10m+ once. Tragic decline.
  6. He was 1 in 3 for Boro in the Championship, and a third of those appearances were off the bench. He barely got 200 mins game time in the PL for them so that's not really comparable. Even for Norwich last year, his minutes per goal was almost back to his best. The fact is, the only place he hasn't performed at this level is here. Blackburn: 164 mins per goal Boro (Championship): 193 mins per goal Norwich: 168 mins per goal Massive: 375 mins per goal
  7. Daryl? Not sure as it's hard to tell them apart.
  8. A goal is rarely 1 persons mistake. Westwood is probably mostly to blame but others haven't done their jobs either. KW should have caught it or punched it further but saw it late so was scrambling. Neither Odubajo or Iorfa have dealt with the cross and Cairney is wide open and should have been picked up by BB or SH.
  9. Money talks. Apparently Cowley was on £140k a year at Lincoln and Udders offered over £1m.
  10. From L1 next season? They've not got a hope in hell of even a top half finish this season, they were dreadful today.
  11. Offside flagging hasn't worked that way for the last 20 years. If Hughill makes no attempt to collect the ball then there's no flag. This one's just cut and dried poor defending.
  12. Played well today. He's got the attitude and determination to succeed. Faced up to criticism and got on with it. Well done Foxy.
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