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  1. Buying clubs like it as it doesn't band around that they're splashing the cash (or not), potentially pushing prices up for other players. Selling clubs like it as it doesn't publicly advertise how much they've got for a replacement. Quite simple really.
  2. kristmace

    Robert Huth

    Could be the best CB in the Championship... the reality though is that he's 34 this summer and hasn't made an appearance for Leicester in over a year.
  3. kristmace

    Player signings

    10th in transfers, 8th in wages, 4th in the league. That's a good performance in my book. QPR and Norwich have spent a fortune on both and haven't finished in the top half in the 2 years since.
  4. kristmace

    Westwood Going

    If he goes to Stoke, get Lee Grant back from them in a swap with cash.
  5. 8th highest wages in the division. Finished 4th. Not bad. Dreading this seasons :(
  6. kristmace

    Glenn Loovens "My Time Has Come"

    Superb servant to the club. Played a crucial role in 3 successive seasons of almost record breaking clean sheets. He's not made much impact this season on the field, but I imagine he's been essential off it.
  7. kristmace

    Ross wallace

    He's put a very good shift in here over the 3 years. 2 crucial goals in the 15-16 playoffs, so he was a major factor of us getting to Wembley. We really missed him in the Huddersfield game last season. Always turned up for the big games and could really have made a difference had he not gone off.
  8. Poor bloke's been out for 18 months with a knee injury. In other words... SIGN HIM UP, He'll feel right at home.
  9. They've been bad enough to go down over the last few months. Can't see them spending much money either.
  10. kristmace

    #SWFC Highlights

    A couple of those they really should have scored with. Well played Dawson.
  11. kristmace

    Player of the Season?

    If we keep winning for the last few games when he plays, could Bannan sneak it?
  12. kristmace

    Almain Abdi

    https://us.soccerway.com/players/almen-abdi/11491/ Two full 90 minutes last season. 11 starts, came off in 9 of those.
  13. kristmace

    Tomorrow's referee

    Fair play to the ref and linesman. A tough call in injury time but looked like the right decision.
  14. Don't agree with this at all. Lopez did do well that season but he only made 24 appearances, a lot of which were from the bench. He only played 1400 minutes for us (15.6 games). We replaced him with Abdi and Jones which were good signings on paper but injury has got the better of Abdi and Jones didn't perform well enough to displace Lee, Hutch or Bannan last season.
  15. kristmace

    Player of the Season?

    We could compete if we had our top players fit. FF, Hooper, Lee, Bannan, Westwood, Lees, Hutchinson are all top Championship players who have missed large chunks of this season.