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  1. The April fixtures are a killer. It's just too big an ask for us.
  2. Copper mistook him for Wilder. He thought they were gold teeth!
  3. He had piggie Sharp in his back pocket all night.
  4. It's a shame Penney is out. I'd love to see how he would have fared under Bruce this season.
  5. Well as 0-0's go it was a better performance by us than last time.
  6. Surely not..... Well it's certainly rousing.
  7. It's Hutch that we need to keep calm. Think FF will be fine
  8. I can see why this wasn't a tweet.
  9. Those April fixtures will put pay to any hope of the play offs I'm sorry to say. It was along shot anyway. I would be delighted to stuff the blunts and knock them down to 3rd. I think we will finish 10th but lots to build on for next season and a big summer ahead.
  10. It’s nice to think there is something to aim for this season but I think it’s just too big an ask. A win on Monday will be fantastic especially if it dents their top 2 chances. Anything beyond this is a Brucie bonus.
  11. Nice one Vic. I shall try and listen live or go for the listen again option. James’ is a media darling isn’t he? Jon x
  12. So did the pigs but they are doing well for a second season running with players such as Sharp, Clarke (last season), Couts, Duffy, McGoldrick all 30 plus and but for Coutts who broke his leg due to a horror tackle they have been fit and available most of the time. It runs deeper than the players age.
  13. Should have a lifetime ban just for how he pronounces the word “club”
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