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  1. I’ll never buy Slazenger trainers again after this.
  2. For me we are about 4-5 players short. CB LB CDM Winger Striker Borner a bit of insurance in case we don’t get Hector back. Fox not good enough at LB. Penney could kick on but that’s being wishful at this early stage. Pelupessy not adequate cover for Hutch, we need better. Harris very promising start so far but we also need the same type of player on the other wing to give us a genuine counter attack option. None of our current strikers can play off the shoulder of the defenders and stretch the opposition. We need that threat to have defenders on their heels. The right manager could make the difference and get the best out of the current bunch so here’s hoping we get the right man for the job.
  3. Maybe he’s chasing AVB around Dakar again.
  4. I highly doubt we’ve approached him. Wagner won’t leave a top job at a club that will be aiming for a champions league place to come back to the championship.
  5. Stubbs reminds me of Van Wilder. Should have left about 3 years ago but still there giving teammates wedgies and filling boots up with talc.
  6. When it clicks under Holloway, it really does. We saw that with Blackpool and Palace and the football was good. Its just wether he can work his magic one more time? Didn’t go so well in his last two managerial spells. Worth a a gamble if we can’t get GVB or Hughton as I rate him above Pulis, Rowett and Coleman.
  7. They have replaced their players season upon season. No reason we couldn’t do the same.
  8. How about sell some players and stop hording and wanting over inflated prices for players. Reach, FF, Rhodes could all have gone and raised a good bit of cash to reinvest into the team. If Brentford can do it, so can we. The only difference is we are a bigger club than Brentford and wouldn’t have to do it every season.
  9. This reeks of let’s make the situation about me. Load of old boll**ks
  10. Karanka wouldn't be in my top 3 but he isn't necessarily a bad pick. Has experience of this league, plus a promotion on his CV which seems so coveted these days. I would prefer Hughton but we aren't in a position to be over choosy.
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