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  1. Yes let’s get Brunty back along with Whelan, Maclean and Wallace. Be like cocoon 3.
  2. Don’t know how he’s kept his job after the appalling set of results and performances we had leading into the forced break. His record is as bad as Jos’.
  3. They are both locked in room 101 or the Urby Emanuelson suite as it’s known.
  4. If we’re heading for league 1 let’s get Semedo, Marshall, Batth and COG back. “We’re putting the band back together”
  5. Would have been the impossible job for him. Every bad run or result would have been intensified because of his allegiances.
  6. And they can use the cardboard cops from home bargains to police the crowd in case of any trouble.
  7. Nothing to see here. We are bringing football back to lift the spirits of the nation. It’s perfectly safe.
  8. I’m not so sure. He must be losing a lot of money with this lockdown and with a potential fine and points deduction on the horizon, it might just force his hand.
  9. Was very highly rated earlier in his career. Still ok 23/24 and has a bit of pace. The kind of signing we should be looking at if the wages are ok.
  10. It will be interesting to see how clubs vote. I was under the impression that most wanted a resumption of the league but it might just suit many financially and current league position wise to say sod it we vote cancel.
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