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  1. It will be interesting to see the prices now we are in league one. As a comparison, here are the prices (early bird) Sunderland were offering earlier this year: https://safc.com/seasoncards/plan-and-prices
  2. I can’t believe we find ourselves not only back in league one but in financial trouble again and feeling like the clubs very existence is under threat. The last 20 odd years have been largely abject set for a couple of promotions back to what is effectively the old division 2. The play off final was a huge opportunity missed and no succession planning inevitably lead to a decline coupled with mismanagement of the accounts and a shameful points deduction. Chansiri has brought shame on our club. He needs to do the right thing and sell us for a realistic price to som
  3. I remember a time when the final league positions were decided by matters on the field. Football is so corrupt and sleezy now. Doesn’t represent the game I grew up watching. The game has been stolen by the rich and it’s us fans that suffer.
  4. Lucas Joao is worth more than our club now. At least we have a sell on clause
  5. Just when it looks like they will scrap FFP we go down. It’s so Wednesday
  6. We deserve it and it might be the only thing that prompts DC to sell. Let’s be honest even if by some miracle we stop up, we’ll probably be right back here in 12 months time. I don’t want us to go down but sometimes things like this are a necessary evil.
  7. Yeah 5 at the back with 1 up top and a striker at RB was the way forward. Tactical masterpiece. Why change it?
  8. We’re unworkable while DC and his cronies remain.
  9. I hope Derby are 4-0 up by half time. Let’s pull the plug on this sh*t show and hope DC f**ks off in the summer.
  10. If you didn’t know, you’d have thought Forest needed a result the way the were aggressive with their subs. We just sat on our hands content with things. There was a shot of the coaching staff near the end and they were just looking at each with no clue on what to do. Everything about this club is rotten.
  11. As if you let Harris take that free kick at the end. Absolutely clueless the lot of em
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