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  1. That game was better than a truth drug. I’d have said anything to make it stop. I wonder which will happen first, finding life on Mars or some home goals at Hillsborough? Pulis has some task on his hands turning this team around.
  2. Would love him but just signed a new deal at Burnley and in their predicament, I can’t see them loaning him out.
  3. He did one with Chris McClure and Pete McKee which was superb.
  4. Despite him constantly banging on about having clarity at the club and a team to be proud of, he turned out to be another manager not up to the task and actually made us embarrassing to watch. He’ll be very lucky to get another crack at this level.
  5. “Tony won’t allow us to have our head in the clouds. He’ll save that for Saturday!”
  6. If he does that he will regress and our most saleable asset will decrease in value IMO but I can see why you have said that.
  7. Appointing Pulis is like being locked in a cell and being made made to watch the same episode of the south bank show over and over again.
  8. Can’t wait for the opposition fans with their “Yes you won the game but I’d hate to watch that every week” Or “You’re just a team full of bullies” Definitely two quotes we’ll see while being managed by Tones.
  9. Can’t wait for us to sign Shawcross in January. Maybe Crouch could come out if retirement? Hoooooooffffffffff!!!!!! The sky’s the limit!
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