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  1. steelcityowlsfan

    Heading for a stint in League One again

    No consistency other than the defence being awful. Guess the line up. Team sheet looks like a work experience itinerary
  2. steelcityowlsfan

    Transfer stratergy post embargo

    That Miguel Nelom could be a goer again. Now a free agent and we weren’t linked with him a while back.
  3. steelcityowlsfan

    Wildsmith or Dawson

    They both have qualities that set them apart. Dawson seems to command his area better where as Wildsmith is the better shot stopper and has the better agility. Both aren’t at Westwood’s level though. I appreciate that wasn’t the topic just saying.
  4. steelcityowlsfan

    sky commentators embargo reference

    £4.99 in the club shop if you buy a £90 gold membership.
  5. steelcityowlsfan

    just got back

  6. steelcityowlsfan

    Energy for Sunday

    We needed a win for confidence. Even a fully fit first 11 would struggle at Brentford. They may well be top six this season. Jos got it right.
  7. steelcityowlsfan

    just got back

    Did you travel by bicycle?
  8. steelcityowlsfan

    #SWFC team for Sunderland

    Maybe this: Wildsmith Thorniley Neilsen Pudil Palmer Bannan Pelupessy Reach Matias Nuhui Forestieri Subs: Dawson Baker Lees Van Aken Penny- Dreadful (Jones) Fletcher
  9. steelcityowlsfan

    40th present ideas

    A signed postcard of Abdi in the Maldives.
  10. We will finish:15th Top goal scorer:Forestieri with 12 but sold in Jan Will Jos be in charge?:No he resigns and we go for an out of work British manager till the end of the season Stand out player?: Thorniley Notable crazy moment of the season:In the derby the pigs think they have scored and run off to celebrate. The ref rules it out and we quickly counter and slot one in to send the kop into orbit
  11. steelcityowlsfan

    SWFC Strange Claims Thread

    Don't worry about FFP, we have friends Us turning down the BBC Radio Sheffield deal will see a domino effect with other clubs choosing to negotiate their own commentary deals. Doyen were never responsible for player recruitment I didn't want Jordan Rhodes, I signed him for the fans
  12. steelcityowlsfan


    He's grasping at straws. If it wasn't for wasteful finishing that game would have finished 3-1 to us.
  13. It won't make a difference. Brentford will leather us anyway.
  14. Wish you'd had Chansiri's money pal.
  15. Attire for Saturday