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  1. steelcityowlsfan


    Wow I will stick with my CD copy at that price
  2. steelcityowlsfan

    BREAKING - George Hirst Gone

    If losing coaches and players is a sign of things to come what’s the flaming point? May aswell save a few bob for the first team.
  3. steelcityowlsfan

    BREAKING - George Hirst Gone

    You know I was resigned to losing him but for it to happen this way feels like a betrayal and to have 2 club legends involved or influential in the deal makes it even worse.
  4. steelcityowlsfan

    BREAKING - George Hirst Gone

    Second division football in Belgium. Manufactured move to Leicester to avoid paying compo.
  5. steelcityowlsfan

    BREAKING - George Hirst Gone

    Going there (if confirmed) seems like a swipe at the club.
  6. steelcityowlsfan

    Sam Winnall at #SWFC

    Dunno but it's clear he has no future with us and could be waiting a while after burning his bridges with us.
  7. steelcityowlsfan

    #SWFC to lose a top coach

    Didn't they take another of our youth coaches a year or two ago? Annoying to say the least. Any sniff of talent and they get poached by the PL fat cats.
  8. steelcityowlsfan

    My guess for the new #SWFC Kit...

    It’s bibs at home and skins away. Elev8 FFS!
  9. And before that there was the 6 million that got turned down by Cardiff for Morrison. I bet he's glad he didn't join looking how things turned out for them.
  10. steelcityowlsfan


    Other than first, last and boxing day game, I really don't take much interest. Happy that the list coming out means we are a step closer to the new season mind.
  11. Thought we paid 3 million for Van Aken to be honest.
  12. Easily forgotten fella. LB we signed a few years back. Maybe Floro maybe Flora maybe Flo rida. Didn’t do much.
  13. Of course Fred. Hoping we bring him back.
  14. Our ratio of good to bobar of Portuguese players isn't great is it. Joao ok Matias ok when fit Melo poor Semedo good for L1 and a club legend Amado had one game at Stocksbridge which was enough to make him homesick Rafael Flores poor Any others I have missed?
  15. Who have we missed out on? I'd love to see a list of players that have gone to other clubs that we could have brought in. It's a slow window for most and with the players still on holiday and the loan window open up till the end of August (we are expeceted to utilise the loan market) I'd say we shouldn't worry.