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  1. Do you work with Sheffield United fans?

    Their fans are the typical small club syndrome. Always trying to get one up on their bigger more illustrious neighbours. They can't handle the fact we are the bigger more successful club and resort to little jibes to try and rile us. Sunday's game means more to them than us because they have spite and bitterness in them. We just like to beat them to shut them up and laugh at them. Neutrally we are far more liked as a club and fanbase than them too. I'm so glad to be a Wednesday fan because their club has a stain on it that stems from a Sh**ty fanbase and "We are the victims and picked on" mentality of the club. Wouldn't care if we never played them again but sincerely hope we smash them on Sunday to shut them up again. They never learn but then again you can't educate pork.
  2. Hooper

    Simon Hooper will be the man in charge on Sunday. Was demoted to the championship after some dodgy PL refereeing. http://www.edp24.co.uk/sport/norwich-city/controversial-referee-simon-hooper-appointed-for-norwich-city-s-clash-with-derby-1-4787868 The Blunts love him. Denied them a penalty at Bradford last season apparently.
  3. Seen plenty of moaning about kits, but..

    I won't buy one now. Not paying £50 for a shirt with a shelf life of 7 months. I appreciate mistakes happen but as a good will gesture the shirts should be £30 or they should last for 2 seasons.
  4. Not sure if performance is taken into account. You'd assume it would be. It seems to have hit a bit of an impasse at the moment. I'm not confident we'll get a good price of it goes to a tribunal.
  5. Sheffield Wednesday V Brentford OMDT

    I suspect this will be our team tonight: Westwood Palmer Lees Van Aken Reach Jones Boyd Bannan Butterfield Hooper Rhodes
  6. Weather forecast for tonight

    Oh dear oh dear, I've forgot my bas***ding cap anarl
  7. Frederik Fisker

    He doesn't do finger blasting does he.
  8. A very decent debut. Ok he dived in and cost us a goal but other than that looked solid and strong in both boxes.
  9. Come on now Jordan

    All Rhodes lead to promotion
  10. Man of the match

    A goal and an assist. Surely has to be Lee. Can't be fully match fit yet either which shows how influential he is and how much we have missed him.
  11. We're Going Up

    He's faster than bolt, he's faster than boollllltttt. Jermaine Johnson, he's faster than bolt. oh...........sorry wrong thread
  12. The situation we find ourselves in only re-enforces the view we should have gone with a tried and trusted brand such as Adidas, Nike or Umbro. It's our 150th year shirt. We should have had it well before now and it should be mint. Waiting for a shirt that will have a 7 month shelf life and no doubt cost at least £50 is rubbish.
  13. A walk around Wednesday's old grounds

    What a superb thread. I love that stand at Olive Grove and love how they brought it to Owlerton (As it was then) and re-built it. I hope if we ever build a new stadium or renovate Hillsborough we pay homage in some way to our old stadia. Great stuff
  14. Message to Carlos

    Message to Carlos, you can run but you can't hide. At least that's what I thought it was going to say.
  15. Carlos

    As far as I can tell, nobody has voiced their displeasure directly at Carlos only on social media and forums. I don't for one minute think DC or CC come on here and read what we think. I agree a harmonised fan base would be nice but it's a game of opinions and having the opinion that he's not going to take us up is a growing opinion among the fan base. it doesn't make us less of a fan, it's just an opinion. I'm hoping Carlos proves the doubters wrong but I can't see it. As for not getting sacked this season, I don't subscribe to that. DC has invested a hell of a lot of money since taking over. Whatever his relationship is with Carlos is if it looks like we are losing ground on the play off places I expect Carlos will be relieved of his duties. Any successful business man would do the same. Come rain or shine I will be there to cheer them on regardless because I am a fan. UTO