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  1. I expect most are at work but no updates on twitter. Thanks to OT for this thread.
  2. SWFC Home Shirt – Hummel Style

    Well it's stripes but personally I have seen better fan mock ups. Would still take it over non stripes though.
  3. Win against Villa

    A win here will see us on 40 points. IMO 46 will see us safe will then just need 6 points from remaining fixtures. Cant believe I'm looking at other fixtures and results at the bottom of the table such is the cluster fluck this season has been.
  4. Nah him and Clare will be the next Hirst and Sheridan
  5. Young George

    If he stays with us and progresses as expected/hoped, we can shift a couple of big earners on in the striker department, get in line with FFP and strengthen the team in other areas this summer. Could be a win win all round.
  6. I hope he has signed a new deal. On paper our best prospect in years.
  7. Young George

    Would be great news in an otherwise horrific season. We’ll see.
  8. Few things we learnt tonight

    There was no logic in how we set up tonight. None at all.
  9. Owls 0 - 3 Burton

    I remember a formation that included a striker.
  10. Jos post-match interview

    Oh yeah I forgot that they used to play 46 games but they were only 30 minute halves and they never played more than once a week back then. FML modern football.
  11. Honeymoon over Jos

    I can’t for the life of me understand why you would play with no strikers when you have 2 in good form on the bench. It wasn’t Man City away. A missed opportunity to get some points. They must have got an extra boost when they saw how much ridiculous respect we gave them with that line up. Jos has had some mixed performances and results in difficult circumstances and I think he’s done ok but tonight he dropped a boll**k of the highest order.
  12. Not even close. Messi and Ronaldo the best of all time. What I will say though is defending has got worse in recent times. No disrespect but when you see strikers like Kane and Immobile having a goal a game ratio you know something isn’t like it used to be.
  13. Stripes next

    Expect stripey paint on sale in the club shop too. Perfect for painting the kids bedroom.
  14. Sam Winnall plans to stop at Derby

    Let him stay there. We’re short on beds as it is.
  15. It’s a question not really answered isn’t it. On the face off it it seems like we are being penalised by having to tip up early to get the multi year deal. If they had said the option would be available next year but to a maximum of 4 years I would understand.