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  1. A loan isn't beyond our means if we move other players, however if we did get him it would show we haven't learned from past mistakes in overpaying for players and hurting the team going forward. If we had parachute payments it would be different but we don't so we must target a more affordable striker be it on loan or permanent.
  2. Even though Fessi's goal is the best, McGinn will win cos Villa fans will be all over it.
  3. Vaulks is an interesting one. Could be a similar player to Morsy but cheaper. Be interested to see what fee he goes for.
  4. Only club to win top flight title under 2 different names? The Wednesday and Sheffield Wednesday
  5. I wonder if Bruce may consider a loan for Abel Hernandez who he had at Hull?
  6. Derby did it and rumours Villa will if they miss out on promotion. This is what it’s come to with the daft restrictions set by the EFL. Chansiri has exploited the last remaining loophole. I believe that stadium is well and truly still in his possession. Its not ideal but as a short term measure it could work. Sooner or later though we have to sell some players or start recruiting players with resale value.
  7. Yeah I noticed he was featuring in the match day squad towards the end of the season so you could be right there.
  8. 100% agree. We need someone to stretch defences with their pace. Young and dynamic. The trouble is they are very well sought after those type of strikers. We either have to try and loan someone from the English leagues or overseas. Brewster from Liverpool could be one to look at.
  9. Like it or not I think Paixo (spell-check) may still be around though unlike Carlos I don't see Bruce accepting any signing he isn't keen on.
  10. After almost begging we sign Rhodes I think my judgement on strikers is shot. I like the Odubajo signing if true though.
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