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  1. Or take those into the consideration and up the permitted losses so ambitious clubs with wealthy owners can compete.
  2. Which £40,000 a week player was worse value?: Jordan Rhodes or Wim Jonk?
  3. I suspect the points deduction will be just enough to keep us out of the play offs or not enough to drop us in the bottom 3. Whether that's 12-20 points will depend on when and if they win the case.
  4. It will be like Wetherspoon’s during the play off semi with Brighton. One in, one out.
  5. I would assume any transfer ban will be imposed quickly with a later judgement on points deduction to come. Presumably based on our league position. If by come chance we are 6th and 9 points clear of 7th expect a 10 point deduction to just push us out.
  6. What if we agree to go on an FFP awareness course hosted by Steve Gibson. Maybe we'll avoid the points and a transfer ban?
  7. The best thing clubs in this league could do is resign from the league and form a PL2. It’s a completely unbalanced and unfair league that relies on dropping on an outstanding manager to go up. Other clubs can’t match the spending of PL relegated clubs because the EFL won’t let them. They are strangling big clubs with ambition and dressing it up as some sort of parity to protect the game. Load of bull.
  8. FFS I’d just signed up to club 1867 phase 2. They may as well freeze me and stick me next to Walt Disney by the time we’re back in the PL.
  9. Two good shouts there. Kodija out of contract in the summer too so wouldn’t necessarily be a loan.
  10. We are a mid table team and that’s why we are throwing points away. Our game management lacks that of a side with promotion aspirations. Until we address that it’s mid table all the way.
  11. They offered nothing and even the goal came because of a goalkeeper error. The Carlos season 1 side would walk this league.
  12. I can totally understand people’s frustrations tonight. 1-0 up with 7 minutes to go and we come away with no points is criminal. We shoot ourselves in the foot time and time again don’t we.
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