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  1. Best of luck next season. We didn’t want a happy sesh in Covent Garden anyway
  2. To the tune of Xanadu: Wireduuuuuu Wireduuu uuuuu
  3. You mean a blade didn’t do his research and still wanted to argue? Shocked!
  4. A member of the Addam’s family is also named after us.
  5. I fancy Forest over 2 legs so happy with that draw.
  6. Need another Moore rollocking here. Come on Wednesday up the ante.
  7. To think this fixture is a third division game is crazy. Had this been the final it would draw 90,000. Just think the second leg of Villarreal v Liverpool in the champions league semi final will have less fans than either of our fixtures and like I said had this been the final you would be hard pressed to find another game around the globe with a bigger attendance. Two mismanaged and well supported clubs in this position is unacceptable to most but it is what it is. If Sunderland beat us I will be firmly in their camp and hope they go up.
  8. To the tune of Bruce Springsteen’s I’m on fire. Hey everyone let me tell you all About a guy in the middle he can do it all His name is George now, he’s gonna take us higher Whoa oh oh we’ve got Byers!
  9. I think Moore will be our manager next season regardless now.
  10. Click on the person icon and it says they have put aside something for you (or words to that effect) then select click here and you will see the rest.
  11. Only slightly restricted views left. Is that the seats behind Tango?
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