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  1. New Manager & Doyen

    So tell us then?
  2. Think its bad now

    FFP resets after this season. We will be fine. Get a new manager with new ideas and add a couple of loans in the window and look to rebuild for next season. I just hope the scrubbers don’t go up.
  3. New Manager & Doyen

    DC needs to realise the experiment whilst initially good has now gone sour and it’s time to get a british manage who had full control on signings.

    Trying to to type without anger but I can’t. Yet another inept performance. It was clear as day we were struggling playing 2 in the middle yet Carlos did nothing to address it only bringing on Lee for the woeful Jones who spent more time kicking the opposition than offering anything else. It’s also clear as day our full backs are sub standard. Palmer is an absolutely shocking RB who offers nothing. Can’t cross, can’t defend, can’t cope when under pressure. Fox just as bad and loses his man most of the time. We then did the usual thing when 1-0 of dropping off. If we are going to do that then it made more sense to bring Lee on at half time rather than when the game was lost. Yet another guess the line up but not the formation which as we know will be another 4-4-2 which doesn’t suit us. Then we revert to the diamond and bring big Dave on to try and repeat the heroics of the san siro (Portman Rd). The zonal marking is a joke and resulted in a free header. Our defending this season has been rubbish largely due to a defensive coach that insists on zonal marking and looked at over 200 centre backs and then picked Aken. Not the lads fault and will be a good defender when this lot have cleared out. When you’re struggling like we are you would think a change in formation could work but no plod along with the same old tired way of playing that offers little other then a bit of possession. The sooner Carlos and his back room staff are gone the better. We are flipping awful and going nowhere. A horrible season to watch.
  5. We are even below Brentford now and look at the start they had. Give it a rest Carlos. Going nowhere under him.
  6. The chiseled adonis has spoken.
  7. Not really proved himself yet as a manager and any appointment would be based on sentiment. Maybe one day.
  8. “Owls have two choices”

    We don't have a promotion rival because we won't be going up. Not unless Carlos get the chop and quick
  9. Of course we will Carlos and l'll be a millionaire by then.
  10. When he looks down on the bench it reads "Urby was here"
  11. Time for a Truce

    Time is of the essence. Strike now and sack him and we have a chance. Plod along till January and the season will be lost as we will be too far behind.
  12. So this new dawn

    I think in the modern era it's very difficult to have both a successful chairman who is also liked by the majority of fans. We will always find something to moan about, ticket prices, the kit, the pies. signings, the manager. There will never be that perfect balance.
  13. So this new dawn

    Because it comes across as ungrateful. He's already outlined why the ticket prices are like they are and explained the kit delay, but still gets criticised and abused in some quarters despite having us on the cusp of the PL twice in 3 years.
  14. So this new dawn

    Yes I do and I'd even go as far as to say this season if he sacks Carlos and appoints the right manager. Long shot I know but the team has some quality that with a couple of additions and a tweak to how we play could see us click again. I always had this date of 2020 in my head so I will say we will be back in the PL by this year at the latest.
  15. So this new dawn

    The chairman had made some mistakes as outlined in the above posts but to have a go at him is a bit below the belt. Yes we all know our ticket prices are bad and the majority of us want stripes back, a wish that hasn't gone unnoticed by DC who wouldn't rule out them coming back. The kit thing wasn't handled great but there were circumstances beyond our control when a supplier moves the goal posts at the eleventh hour. As for the corporate boxes, I couldn't give a monkee's. Those business took advantage of us in the past because we had little money and for them it was a cheap day out with prawn sarnies and their own bar service. They will be bursting the door down to get back in once we get back to the PL. The chairman is new to football and there will be lessons learned I'm sure. He's the only chairman in the last 20 years with the dough to mount a serious push to the PL. Under Milan and his predecessors we would have been a L1/Championship yo yo club but give us cheap tickets and stripes and we'll lap it up? The biggest issue I have with DC right now is keeping Carlos. He should have gone in the summer and we are drifting away with him in charge. But let's not kid ourselves we were in a better state under previous regimes of the last 20 years because quite clearly we weren't. Milan was too old and didn't have the funds or the will to push us on but will forever be held in the highest esteem for saving us, that's right saving us, we could have gone under and we have had two near misses on returning to the PL. What other chairman can say that of the last 20 years? Yes there are still issues with our club but you can't fault DC for his backing. I just wish he'd get rid of Carlos.