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  1. Never bring sentiment into football. A player from our past that’s well past his best.
  2. Saw the YouTube training video but didn’t see FF in any of the drills.
  3. Rowett wasn’t even contacted. Dotty’s source done him up like a dogs dinner. The words “Lump on” will forever be entwined with the 3 dots.
  4. He's been seen eyeing up houses in Monk Bretton.
  5. Have a breath and read that back. Seriously?!!
  6. Sheffield Wednesday are delighted to announce Chicago town pizzas are back on the North!
  7. A non event. We exploited a loophole as other clubs have done. What we have done hasn't broken the EFL's rules. They can't touch us. If they so much as tried they would have a lawsuit against them. The best they can do is re-write the rules yet again and actually get someone competent to do it.
  8. Or to Ozzy Osbourne's Mr Crowley: Danny Cowley Did we get in your head? Oh, Danny Cowley Did it start a new thread? Your football to me seems so magic With the thrill of it all You wowed all the faithful with your magic Yeah, you waited on DC's call
  9. What if they got picked up in Lincoln by Andrew Lincoln in a Lincoln?
  10. Players to be issued with black plimsoles and slipper bags on Cowley's arrival.
  11. Yup appointing him would be the closest thing to crazy we have ever been.
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