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  1. At the end of the day we are a starved fan base that’s had very little to feast on in the last 20 odd years yet we still take a tremendous away following. It hurts like hell to see how we’ve struggled since relegation from the PL and the success of the early 90’s feels like a weight around our necks. We have resorted to telling our kids “We were good once” and having to look up old videos on YouTube. For me my emotion has gone. I don’t get nervous in games anymore because I know what’s coming. Some fans are still going out of loyalty or a sense of duty and this manifests in two ways. They either criticise the team vocally or on social media or they appear to be just going through the motions and will still clap, buy a programme and listen to away games on’t wireless. Either way it’s created an unhealthy fanbase largely down to the horrific running of our club and created bickering amongst each other. I only hope we can one day be in unison of a Wednesday side that we can all be proud of again in times to come. WAWAW?
  2. Still haven’t forgiven Wimbledon for knocking us out of the FA cup in 97. I haven’t forgiven myself for forgetting my glasses too. Could only make out Carbone cos of his green boots and Des Walker for obvious reasons.
  3. Isn’t this just a bunch of YTS lads coming to look at how sheeite our training facilities are? Joking aside you would hope we get some benefit from this?
  4. Salman Rushdie once wrote a book. The words were offensive and blunt. The Satanic verse could have been worse, he could have called the Buddha a c**t!
  5. I have a friend who lives in North Korea. I asked him what it’s like? He said “I can’t complain”
  6. Funny how Atkinson did the exact same thing but is a hero. What Bruce did was s****y but let’s not kid ourselves. He’s a far superior manager to Moore. To be fair though I think he’s burned his bridges with DC. Shame the elephants weren’t caught in the fire.
  7. I shouldn’t worry. DC won’t even have the good sense to sell and cut his losses so we’ll probably be stuck with him until he takes us into league 2
  8. And even ex player turned pundit Shearer lapping it up. What kind of message does that send? Football just a play thing for the vulgar.
  9. Look set to get PL approval for a takeover by mega rich Saudi Arabian’s. I remember early 90’s they were nowhere and we were winning the league cup as a then division 2 team and 2 years later having 4 trips to Wembley. We are the only club to get a “supposed” rich owner and actually go down the league. Leicester were in admin at one point and then go on to win the league. Wolves got Chinese owners, employed a super agent and stormed the league. We have to be one of the worst run and most underachieving football teams in the country. Without a super rich owner that can spend what he wants without restrictions, I can’t ever see us dining at the top table again. Fans deserve so much more. Anyway on to Bolton.
  10. Maybe the squad is bloated in certain positions but the biggest problem is Moore doesn’t know his best side and mental mistakes from previous regimes still exist.
  11. It’s like being in some hell loop. Wednesday keep doing the same thing year in year out. Concede injury time goals to lose or draw the game and can’t deal with going behind in games.
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