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  1. Would let go 90% on that list. The hope is we learn from past recruitment nightmares and sign players that aren’t crocks and have resale value like Adam Reach.
  2. steelcityowlsfan

    Westwood & Hutchinson

    Westwood will probably never play for us again. As for Hutch it will be the same old problem. Have him for 2 games not see him again for 2 months. Forget about them. Have to make do with what we have. See if we can shuffle the pack a bit in January.
  3. steelcityowlsfan


    Was surprised not to see him play tonight.
  4. We spend 3 minutes trying to win the ball back to give it away in 3 seconds.
  5. With the derby looming I think it's fair to say in recent times the underdog has mainly faired the better in these fixtures. Taking a look at the recent derbies only strengthens this argument. The last derby at the stain finished 0-0. We were massive underdogs due to league position, the result of the first derby, away from home and our horrendous injury record. We managed to save face with a 0-0 draw. Cast your minds back to the earlier encounter and one might argue they were the underdogs? Sure they had started unbelievably well but most expected we would be too strong for them at home.....well we all know what happened there. Other notable results in the derby where the underdog did well include: 1-0 Wednesday O'Grady. The game they could afford to lose, 5 points clear 2 games in hand. The league cup triumph with Ekoku grabbing the winner The derby double in 90/91 they took 6 points off us but surely we were favourites for both games? The 1-0 win where Steve Watson scored The biggest of all is probably the boxing day massacre. We were underdogs on the day but triumphed and now have a song because of it. My point is are we the underdogs in the upcoming derby and might this bode well for us? We seem to do better when we are the underdogs and that's fine by me.
  6. steelcityowlsfan

    The promotion winning team

    Ranger will never change.
  7. 2192, that's a lot of Reebok classics and lonsdale joggers.
  8. steelcityowlsfan

    Wednesday fans born 1990 and since

    I'd hardly say he was past his best. Won the football writers player of the season in 92/93 season in a league which contained Giggs, Sharpe etc. The only Wednesday player to win this accolade since it's inception in 47/48.
  9. steelcityowlsfan

    The talk of moving to Weedon Street...

    I wouldn't swap Hillsborough for pride park that's for sure. Do Hillsborough up and it's one of the best stadiums for football in this country.
  10. steelcityowlsfan

    The talk of moving to Weedon Street...

    Has the chairman actually stated a preference on his long term stadium plans?
  11. steelcityowlsfan

    Premier league 2

    Not sure the EFL would allow it. They’d just be left with league 1 and 2 which could effectively become non league with a greater gulf in wealth. As for selling rights, despite the championship being a very competitive league and has the fourth highest average attendance, it’s tv rights are poor. Currently Quest TV (heard of them?) have the highlights package. I did think sky might show more interest and pump some more money into the league but all they have done is mess around with kick off times and introduce the red button for midweek games (some like, some don’t).
  12. steelcityowlsfan

    Iyad Hamud

    I thought it was Ay up Hammoud. At least that’s what they were all saying when he turned up for training.
  13. steelcityowlsfan

    The room for improvement

    The young players will definitely improve. I also think it’s no coincidence that FF doesn’t always start. I think Jos is seeing how we do without him perhaps preparing for life without him with another transfer window on the horizon.
  14. steelcityowlsfan

    International break

    Ah come on guys. That extra 2 weeks could be critical in Abdi’s rehab.
  15. Might have been worth coming to a conclusion after 15 games perhaps.