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  1. Can’t wait for the new guy to tweet on the 31st January “Sheffield Wednesday not expected to do any business before the 11pm deadline” A reyt baptism of fire.
  2. I don’t know about a basic tablet. You need a f***ing tranquilliser to watch us lately.
  3. RIP 356 page Behemoth. We laughed, we cried, we rode out together. Many left. Few returned. The best thread since 2013. Fare ye well.
  4. We could do with Wells....H G Wells and his f***ing time machine Go back to play off final against Hull and turn up.
  5. I had reservations about the ref beforehand as he’s known for dishing out cards like parking tickets on Herries road. I don’t know what backwater league he came from but he better improve quickly or he’ll be reffing in the Evostick league by the end of the year. Still doesn’t excuse what was thunder***t of a performance by us though.
  6. Yesterday’s result was hurtful in so many ways. To see us go to Leeds and put such a professional performance in made me think we’d turned a corner. I should have known better. The is a distinct lack of mental strength in this team from seeing out games to beating inferior opposition. Until we have a good cull in the summer this team will continue to tread water. We need winners in this side. There aren’t enough of them.
  7. The home atmosphere really has suffered lately hasn’t it. I think the EFL charge is a factor because all our efforts on the pitch could be in vain. However there is a general apathy type feeling among fans probably because we knew we have/had money and blew it. Plus the league isn’t really that strong this year so it frustrates the hell out of us. It just feels like we will never go up.
  8. Sounds like our initial first loan offer for Wickham didn’t cover enough of his wages. I hope we can get him. A new signing could be a nice boost after that horror show yesterday.
  9. They thought they’d climbed the mountain. Truth is they are still on the piste or taking the piste. I’m not sure which.
  10. Well they should because nobody knows how the EFL charge will turn out.
  11. I'd exercise caution in loaning any players to a bottom 6 team. If we lose the EFL charge we could be battling these teams against relegation. Imagine Rhodes scoring the goals that keep Wigan up and we go down? Unlikely but not impossible scenario.
  12. For God's sake don't send him up to Stocksbridge. Poor old Diogo Armardo took one look at Braken Moor and F***ed off back to Portugal never to be seen again.
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