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  1. Monk usually leaves shortly falling out with players / staff This new normal has delayed his firing and left us in an awkward situation
  2. Maybe, but this club, from top to bottom, doesn't have a culture of giving youth a chance
  3. Darren Gough on TalkSport talking up some lad at MK Dons, called Potter Werf a punt?
  4. Monk has made a career of being a stop gap (1 year) manager Why pay to up root his backroom staff? If the season hadn't been furloughed, we'd already be sounding out potential replacements imo
  5. I'm not a fan of Ashley, but he runs NUFC, like most OTers want to Chansiri to run SWFC
  6. Timing of leaks is often more telling than the leaks themselves
  7. Clearly a better manager than Monk, however IF he wanted to come back (I doubt it) and IF DC would have him back (I doubt it) ... As soon as he lost a match, previous bad blood would resurface with the fanbase
  8. Have they shown the episode featuring the Owls Trust?
  9. If Chansiri asked for anything near £2mil the OT massif would lose their minds
  10. Good post by the OP I mentioned this once ... But I think I got away with it
  11. Bannan is the type of player Pep likes ... But our fanbase doesn't
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