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  1. I'd take Shaw on loan, to add some size to our midfield
  2. The new Izzy Brown? ... who was also supposed to be better than Bann0n The grass isn't always greener
  3. I think its Sone Aluko's first start for ITFC today Scored twice in 30 minutes
  4. Trying to put a Uri spin on the lineup ... If we can't have both, I'd prefer 2 strikers instead of 2 wingers
  5. Yep Part of the promble with Project CLEAR AAHHHHT
  6. ... Ashley in yet? Bann0n out yet?
  7. Lucrative Contract = New scapegoat when we lose
  8. It works a treat for the elite In 'big' Prem games, its often the deciding factor General cheating & bullying of refs, by the players too
  9. From what I hear from NUFC fans, Ashley would be a an Owlstalkers dream Snap their hands off for half the price Drive him there myself Sell Bann0n for £1.5mil and buy a 3 legged Trevor Francis
  10. 4-4-2 and Gibson? Two things I thought I'd never see
  11. Clear arhhhht Gregory, Kamberi, Corbeanu, Sow Bring in Stockley & Stockton
  12. The latest pretender to Bann0ns Crown?
  13. I thought he was Sh*t Anyway? Like everyone else, who moves onto bigger & better things
  14. Been a fan for more than 30 years We've been pretty sh*t for about 25 of em
  15. Didnt Oxford score 5 in midweek? We'd need to create 25 chances to score that many
  16. Didn't Oxford score 5 midweek? We'd have to create 25 chances to score that many Oh & Dunkley being asked to play Chuckle Brothers at the back
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