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  1. Well, I know he plays for Scotland and all but I doubt it was Palmer.
  2. I've been a big advocate for Westwood coming back as he's clearly the best keeper on the books at the moment... There's absolutely no way on earth we should be offering him a new contract though given his age and injury record this season.
  3. 3 years ago away at QPR. 3 down after 15 mins, 2 clearly Wildsmith fault. It's like groundhog day watching Wednesday.
  4. Hudds right in the mix now. Conceding 7 puts their goal difference below us and Rotherham.
  5. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jamie_Smith_(footballer%2C_born_1974)?wprov=sfla1
  6. Probably our best 3 goals of the whole season just in this match.
  7. Forest Green here we come. Can't wait to try their Vegan Pies!
  8. He looked very good as understudy to Westwood 5 years ago but now looks totally out of his depth. 26 this year so he isn't even a young up and coming player anymore. Needs moving on... We'll get nowhere near the top 6 in L1 with him playing every week.
  9. Reach has been poor all season and desperately needs to go elsewhere. In his defence though, we've known for years that he's soft as owt, can't tackle and doesn't win headers but Monk decided to sign no left sided defenders this summer (despite our only player there leaving) so Reach has been shoehorned into playing LWB. We've known since 2017 when Carlos played him there that it just doesn't suit him at all.
  10. Talksport have said that too. Highly doubt it!
  11. I thought it was Burton who missed the pen. Right in front of the Kop at the start of the 2nd half.
  12. Just 9 starts this season in a team with the 2nd fewest number of goals. Shocking management.
  13. I've not kept much of an eye on the U23s this season but just had a glance at the table.... Bottom with only 4 wins all season. Totally tells the story of the entire club really. United played Mousset and Lowe - £15m worth of players, but we should at least have given them a game with an attacking line completely made up of first team players. Kachunga, Brown and Harris need moving on quickly.
  14. Unless the rules have changed, you have to play a first team squad members for the JPT. You can only may so many changes from your last lineup. Remember Megson getting fined as he made the maximum changes then subbed Weaver off after 1 minute to give the 2nd choice goalie a game.
  15. Rhodes won't stay. There will be a queue of Championship sides after him on a free transfer. Why would he sign for us in L1? He's only started 16 games in the last 2 years since coming back from Norwich.
  16. He'd missed one a few weeks earlier against Leeds. Surprised this keeps being brought up. It was 4 years ago. Everyone knows we shouldn't have signed Rhodes after the loan but we did. He didn't fit into the side at all but that was years ago. The biggest crime is that over the last 12 months, we've had hardly any options upfront and he's mainly been on the bench.
  17. I was, but I wrote that 3 months ago. Changed my mind since. 3 injuries for Westwood now since he came back.
  18. There'll be a queue of Championship teams in for him. Even at 31, he'd be an excellent free transfer at that level.
  19. I'm prepared to admit I've changed my mind. He's still out best keeper but at 36 and with his injuries this season, we've got to let him go.
  20. We'd get absolutely mullered with that side. It would be literally men against boys. Barnsley are one of the top form teams in the league and you're suggesting league debuts for 3 players plus Hunt and Penney who've been nowhere near good enough this season.
  21. 1 was forced because of injury (Hutch). Shaw for Harris looked like the right call at the time but made us sit deeper as we lost Harris as an outlet.
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