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  1. He's been a decent backup at times but time to move on. Good luck to him.
  2. I trust Moore in this one. I assume we've offered him a contract we think matches his value. If he doesn't like it then he can look elsewhere (potentially earning nothing like he did for 1/3 of last season).
  3. I think we've got no chance of getting Hector. 29 years old, proven top Championship player. Flint is a possibility.
  4. It's impossible to envisage one of the top GKs from L2 last season becoming a top L1 keeper next year?
  5. I reckon we need to sign at least 4 centre halves this summer. We only have Iorfa, Brennan and Palmer who can play in the back 3 (aside from the emergency guys we've used this season like Johnson, Hunt, etc.... We need to avoid that happening again).
  6. I think you're being really harsh on Darren Moore here. I'd say Byers, Dean and BPF were much better than "ok". NML, Berahino were ok. Wing and Shodipo were both good signings based on last seasons performances but just didn't perform for us. Moore deserves very little blame here. Corbeanu was one of our better players in the first half of the season. After we switched formations, he didn't fit in as much and was moved on. Gibson was excellent when he played but unfortunately had a bad season for injuries. Again, not Moore's fault. Sow, Kamberi and Brown have been disappointing and didn't work out. What we have seen is that Moore can find and then attract the type of quality players we need. I was also really impressed with how he did in January. Pivoting halfway through the season and bringing exactly what we needed in.
  7. We can't expect to concede 50 goals and make the top 2. We need to be much better at the back next season.
  8. Glad someone made this point. Dawson's last game for us was almost 2 years ago. He's just had an outstanding promotion season with Exeter. Needs our backing.
  9. Solid backup keeper at L1 level. He's a known quantity. If we release him, we'd still have to sign someone else as backup.
  10. I will always love Hutch. Brilliant player for us over the years. Absolutely loves the club - that's so clear every time he plays or talks. Expected him to be offered another year tbh. We've got a lot of recruitment to do... Aren't our only CBs contracted Iorfa and Brennan (plus Palmer)?
  11. Wrong side of 30 and unlucky with injuries... right decision to release him. Good luck to him though. His commitment was never in question. Solid L1 player but it's time to look elsewhere.
  12. He's only 17. Good on him for standing up. There are hundreds of gay footballers. Hopefully the ridiculous stigma is dying out and more feel safe to come out.
  13. Correct. 58 league appearances for Bournemouth and he only completed 90 minutes in 1 of those games. He's only completed 90 minutes of first team league football 5 times. Absolute fraud of a footballer who's had United's pants down.
  14. Released Mouset, Freeman and McGoldrick today. Mousset - £10m - 17 starts Freeman - £5m - 4 starts Wilder really was a dud in the transfer market in the PL.
  15. In the balance I reckon. Good L1 player on his day but injuries have caught up with him and he's 31 next season.
  16. We need to be able to do both and switch when needed. The expansive approach has worked 80% of the time this season. The lack of a plan B has cost us.
  17. Yep. Can you imagine DC playing a loan fee for Hirst after the scam Leicester pulled by getting their Belgian sister club to sign him to avoid paying us compensation.
  18. I think it's more than this. NML was pushing up to support an attack, as he should have been. Storey moved out wide to block the cross. That's exactly what should happen with this system. Storey should have then stopped the cross. Dean should have blocked it near post. Palmer should have stopped Roberts at the back post. Those 3 are more culpable than NML imo. We should have scored more than 1 goal over 180 minutes though.
  19. Thought the tactics were spot on tbh. Aside the mistake from Hutch, would have been 0-0. Sunderland's home record is superb. We couldn't afford to lose by 5 again!
  20. Not a disaster... Knew they'd go for the jugular tonight. Could have gone a lot worse. They were worried at the end. All to play for.
  21. United basically never sell out their home play-off legs. Even in 2012 after getting 90 points in the league but missing out on 2nd to us, they only had 21,000 at the home leg. Their home play-off semi-final attendances are: 1997: 23,312 1998: 23,800 2003: 30,212 (possibly a sell out) 2009: 26,354 2012: 21,182 2013: 15, 262 2015: 20,890
  22. Definitely - can't beat automatic promotion AND pipping your rivals to it too! Overall 2011-12 was probably my favourite season following Wednesday (followed by 2015-16).
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