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  1. Not sure what previous injuries you're referring to. The year before he signed for us he was on loan at Ipswich where he was in the first 11 or on the bench 34/46 league games. The two seasons prior to that at Wolves he was involved 30/46 and 45/46 times. At least 4 of those missing games was suspensions. Even if all the other gaps are injuries, that's hardly a major red flag.
  2. Clearly kept his head down when he was out of the team and done the business in training.
  3. Worth a go with Kamberi out, Berahino being useless and Moore not knowing what to do with Pato.
  4. If he's on £25k a week in L1, we're being absolutely robbed.
  5. Wolves have made the right call to be fair. Theo is an incredible talent for a 19 year old and he's started 6 out of 24 league games, all of which have been at LWB - not his natural best position.
  6. The Chairman needs to take some flak for the points deduction and embargo which totally tied Monk's hands. Monk's with us was terrible though. Far fewer points per game than Bruce or Luhukay with basically the same players.
  7. Absolutely the type of player we need to strengthen at the back.
  8. It seemed to be out of necessity at first as we had injuries. Now Hutch is back, surely we can play Brennan, Palmer and Hutch at the back.
  9. He played LWB when he was on loan at the Sty. Asked my brother about him over Christmas and he said "Yeah, he was ok going forward but defensively he was atrocious"... I then told him we were playing him CB. He nearly died laughing.
  10. I thought he was a bit suspect at CB with some dodgy moment. His best performance this season imo was Sunderland at home where he was RWB.
  11. Totally agree with that. As bad as our defence was against Sunderland, the issue across the season is that we're not scoring nearly enough goals for a side who want to go up.
  12. Lots of debate about returning to 4 at the back after the drubbing at Sunderland. Had a look at the stats: 4 at the back (Up to 2nd Oct vs Oxford) P10 W4 D3 L3 GF10 GA9 Pts15 PPG1.5 3 at the back (Since 9th Oct vs Bolton) P13 W5 D7 L1 GF20 GA17 Pts22 PPG1.69 Basically, we're scoring far more goals with 3 at the back, but also shipping more - mainly due to square pegs in round holes I think. Overall though, we still have one of the best defensive records in the league but still need to score more if we want to make the top 6.
  13. Not a chance Hutch will start after months out and not even being on the bench at Sunderland Also serious doubt Moore will switch to 4 at the back.
  14. He's no where near lived up to expectations. No loss at all sending him back.
  15. Yep. It's also the first time we've played a side for a second time with this "Wingers as Centre Backs" system. It worked really well against Sunderland at Hillsborough as the CBs pushed on and we packed the midfield. Last night though, they expected it and exploited it brilliantly as a major defensive weakness. NML isn't a wing back and Johnson isn't a centre back and they ripped those 2 on our left to pieces.
  16. 6 in the last 19 league games - which sounds even worse.
  17. BPF for me... Would have been 7 or 8 without him.
  18. He did an incredible job getting us promoted in 2012 but ultimately he was sacked for 18 months of crap Championship performances. His record in the Champ for us was: P65 W18 D18 L29
  19. He absolutely is... He was in the match day squad in 30 league games last season in the league above where we are now. We've loaned him out so he can play every week and develop - not because he's rubbish.
  20. He's only 21 and is playing regularly (and well) 2 tiers below us. Championship clubs are looking at him. Offer him a contract and we take a fee if he moves elsewhere. Would be a bad financial move if we just let him go for nothing.
  21. He's injured as far as I'm aware. Even if he wasn't and was available on a loan, there's no way he'd drop to L1 after scoring 19 in the Championship last season.
  22. 8 goals in 48 games for Blackpool (mainly in L1). Even if he wasn't an ex player and a total bell, I'd not be happy about him potentially signing.
  23. Disagree about Westwood and Fletcher at the time being crocks: Westwood had only missed 12 games through injuries in the previous 3 seasons before 17-18. Fletcher made 40 appearances the season before and the season after this one. We do have a scary ability to turn players into crocks though. Hooper had 8 largely injury free seasons in a row. Came to us then after 1 good season (15-16), he missed half of 16-17, half of 17-18 and almost all of 18-19. Abdi was the worst. 118 appearances for Watford over 4 years then comes to us and manages 12 starts in 3 years.
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