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  1. He's been poor since he returned to the first team, it's a shame, he's clearly not a left back but there's something else wrong besides that, he plays to me like someone on anti-depressants, his brain is about 30 seconds behind the play, every time he gives the ball away (which is constant) it's like he has no reaction or comprehension.
  2. Well this takes some of the pain away from Season 7 being the last one: https://tvline.com/2021/03/03/bosch-spinoff-imdb-tv-harry-madeline-honey/
  3. If you need help sourcing them drop me a PM
  4. Have you seen the Paradise Lost documentaries? Can't recommend them highly enough, they cover a single case over a span of 15 years or so: Paradise Lost 1: The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills (1996) Paradise Lost 2: Revelations (2000) Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory (2011) There's also a 2012 documentary West of Memphis which covers the same case but the latter part of the documentary covers stuff that happened after Paradise Lost 3 so really good to watch after those three.
  5. Blocked that grade a bell end on twitter a long time ago.
  6. If he's fit why isn't he starting games? For me he had a good game, then everyone had a good game in the first half, a proper manager would have got them in at half time and sent them out really revved up, focussed and motivated.
  7. Press hard, keep it tight, don't give them anything in the first 10 minutes, play it safe, don't give away cheap possession, simple. Can only be a bad teamtalk IMO.
  8. Hutch took 3 or 4 pretty heavy knocks from fouls that went unpunished, wondered if they resulted in his reduced mobility? If so shocking decision not to sub him but then Thompson is clearly just treading water until his incompetent selections get him the sack.
  9. That hasn't been the case with Iorfa and Luongo.
  10. Manager's half time team talk to blame for that garbage, we were really good in the first half.
  11. Wonder if anything will change now the US report came out, of course they're still pussying about regarding not punishing mbs in any way.
  12. No but I'll grab it Just grabbing a bunch of Panorama I missed recently
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