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  1. Yep loved it, seem to remember it got a bit annoyingly boss battly towards the end?
  2. In fairness he had a decent game when we drew with Palace, my only complaint as I recall was him blowing the whistle for full time when we had the ball in their area...
  3. Aha ok, great news, he's free to stand around aimlessly at RWB instead of playing in midfield or attack where he's actually been effective this season.
  4. The commentator said Paterson received a 5th booking against Forest so misses a match? Not sure if that's correct or enough time had passed.
  5. We got the house!!!!! Better be fish in that pond now
  6. Answer is Reach LW not LWB ffs!
  7. This is why buying property in Sweden sucks! It's so stressful: I'm bidder 1...
  8. 2018 called, they have a fidget spinner for you.
  9. I've used a number of them including for example Gamivo and had no issues.
  10. There's tons of similar sites, don't stick with just one, use this site to search for the best price: https://www.allkeyshop.com/blog/buy-kingdom-come-deliverance-xbox-one-code-compare-prices/ Just be aware some of them sell an account with the game not the actual key to the game, you risk losing access to the game if that account is banned or changes the password.
  11. How much have we missed a player like 2018 Adam Reach...
  12. Switching Harris for Paterson to go central up front was a no brainer after 10 mins, we struggled to make any headway with the clear plan of fast counter attacks and instead needed some height/strength to hold the ball up for Windass/Green to run onto from wide.
  13. Not sure if it's related with Moore trying to push Bannan further upfield since he came in, but I must confess despite being Bannan's no1 cheerleader I've noticed for the last few games, if not last few weeks, his passing selection/accuracy/power selection has really deteriorated, yet he's still the only player who gets us on the front foot with his vision and passing range, hopefully once this dogshit of a season is over he can get some confidence back and go back to his best.
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