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Community Answers

  1. Already cancelled. Creator is hoping to find a new network for it though...
  2. Still injured, ongoing groin strain.
  3. Yes still injured, ongoing groin strain. https://www.examinerlive.co.uk/sport/football/news/darren-moore-sheffield-wednesday-injuries-21861268
  4. Dele-Bashiru has virtually no professional experience (3 league starts and 8 sub), yet he was still drastically better than Wing who has played a lot of games (96 league starts and 35 sub). You cannot assess the future professional career of a player after only 3 league starts, that's ludicrous, even for on here!
  5. Back three is showing promise, I agree with moving Palmer back to left back but we need a 3rd CB so we can keep the back 3 IMO, get Brennan back!
  6. I have all of the recent games if you want to watch any, including yesterday's
  7. He's been average to above average during the season so far and before his inexplicable dropping he was pretty decent, yesterday he was pretty poor and I'd say it's his first game that really disappointed tbh. He's raw and not the finished article but showed a lot of drive, energy, desire unlike Johnson who was just swanning around not putting much of a shift in. He looked to pick up a muscle injury and was limping on around the 75 minute mark, yet Moore refused to replace him, whether or not it contributed to his shoddy marking for the 2nd goal I don't know but he definitely looked to be struggling from that point on.
  8. TBH I thought his "proper" kicking was decent, his problem was his short passing enforced by Moore's moronic tactics. When he kicked it long it was decent, he should have stuck to that, some of his attempts at short passing were heart attack inducing!
  9. Absolutely we're all emotionally invested, but allowing the feeling at the final whistle to bleed into the rest of your life really isn't healthy, that's what I've learned over the last 30+ years supporting us anyway!
  10. That's what he said essentially verbatim:
  11. Shall wait for it all to pile up to binge watch when my wife's travelling for work, wonderful TV Series, up their with the quality of the King's TV series' (Good Fight + Evil).
  12. Agree with this. Wildsmith wasn't perfect by any stretch, he made a fair amount of errors especially some of his passing out from the back which was shocking (Moore's fault for insisting on this moronic tactic), but by luck rather than judgment none of his errors cost us a goal, whereas it seems every single Peacock-Farrell error seems to end up in a goal.
  13. More of this happy clappers BS eh? A positive outlook leads to a positive life. Anyone who lets Sheffield Wednesday dictate their emotional state is on a hiding to nothing.
  14. Gregory closely followed by Bannan who had an excellent game. Frustrating result but the improved performance leaves me with a little hope, Moore leaving would leave me with a lot more hope...
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