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Community Answers

  1. It's great, one of my favourite series'...
  2. Are you sure about that? Aside from those who manage to bounce straight back up with parachute payments a large amount of teams that got promoted in recent years broke the rules, Leicester, QPR, Bournemouth, Wolves, plenty more I'm forgetting.
  3. Another one I highly recommend: 294 videos on there now, most tend to be around the 25-30 minute mark, pretty funny guy and tells it like it is!
  4. Had high hopes for that but it got quickly cancelled so I didn't bother trying it. No idea if the story has a conclusion after the 10 episodes?
  5. Don't blame you it's been pretty shiiiiiiiiiiity since then anyway!
  6. Yep it's consistently good through its 3 season run. Yep more brilliance from the Kings as was The Good Wife and the even better Good Fight spinoff.
  7. I don't think we need to worry too much about the stadium being too full.
  8. Kudos for using the correct word in the title!
  9. The last player that resigned was Di-Canio wasn't it when he buggered of back to Italy? Hunt has re-signed.
  10. Err there were multiple commentary teams for the past decade or so! Tyldsley and Townsend did commentary for International matches going back to at least 2013 I think and then they were doing cup matches as well. Then Derek Rae and Lee Dixon did cup commentary for 19 and 20 IIRC, Tyler and Smith did the league commentary but 19 and 20 let you choose, either a specific commentary team or automatic (Tyler for league and Rae for cup). Then Fifa 21 dumped Tyler and only had Rae and Dixon for all English commentary.
  11. Which we used to have for the last 5 Fifas or so. Last one was the first one in years with only a single set of commentators.
  12. All the ups and downs at the club while he's been here and he's never gone into hiding once, despite all the times he's had cowardly players around him who just keep giving the ball back to him and expecting him to create everything.
  13. Wife and I quite enjoyed it TBH, it's a good lunch time show before the wife's post lunch nap! If all shows were intense AAA quality we'd never get to have naps!
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