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  1. Think it was a mixture of no decent striker and poor defending at the end that screwed us.
  2. Good OMDT as always Snoots, just one thing though I couldn't read the yellow writing.
  3. I've seen comments from Pulis saying Sam was a good player for the club and I'm not saying you're wrong, but I haven't seen reference to where he said that.
  4. I don't think in the main people are slagging players off (although a few might). I think most fans are more saying yes they were good players for us in the past, but it is now the right time for them to move on and be replaced. Obviously we need the right replacements for them though not just anybody.
  5. TBF Pulis wasn't advocating bringing Hutchinson back. He was talking about Liam Shaw stepping up and hopefully filling his place.
  6. He was talking about Liam Shaw and said that he could well see him step up into the shoes of Sam Hutchinson this season. "The club has missed Hutchinson, who sat there with a presence and was a threat for us" Pulis said "He was a good player for this football club"
  7. Agree with that, lets hope he gets the chance rather than just be dropped as soon as Westwood recovers from his injury.
  8. Yep, these days it should be "fanpersons"
  9. TBF all clubs attendance figures include their total number of season ticket holders.
  10. As manager he has to say the right things......................
  11. Not sure about that but he's had 2 yellows and a red in his first 5 games for Pafos
  12. I agree about Wildsmith but he needs a run of games, not just drop him as soon as Westwoods back from injury (obviously subject to keeping his present form).
  13. Typical...........................................goes for an OG and misses
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