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  1. Wilsons brewery Manchester used a black and yellow chequerboard sign but they stopped brewing in 1987.
  2. FF wasn't convicted with the civil justice system. He was convicted with the EFL make it up as you go along system.
  3. Obviously a wind up with Rhodes quoted at £21k per week. Mr Mason has already told us he's on £50k and he always tells the truth.* * As he knows it.
  4. That's not clear cut at all. Section 21 of the new Companies Act 71 of 2008 provides for an exception to the rule that a person cannot bind a non-existent principal, which determines that a person may act as an agent for a company to be formed. The Act states in section 21(1) that a person may enter into a written agreement in the name of, or purport to act in the name of, or on behalf of, an entity that is contemplated to be incorporated in terms of this Act, but does not yet exist at the time.
  5. If we publicise it, It could be classed as prejudicing our case. I presume that is why the statement ended saying "the club will make no further comment at this time"
  6. Can't publicise it if it's going to an independent panel
  7. From reading the statement it would appear that DC has taken advice before releasing it. How it was worded didn't come from someone whose got his wires crossed, more like someone who has been legally advised on what to say.
  8. Unlawful. Contrary to or unauthorized by law; illegal. When applied to promises, agreements, or contracts, the term denotes that such agreements have no legal effect. The law disapproves of such conduct because it is immoral or contrary to public policy. Unlawful does not necessarily imply criminality, although the term is sufficiently broad to include it.
  9. Sheffield Wednesday Football Club has today filed its response to the charges brought against it by the English Football League for alleged misconduct concerning the sale and leaseback of Hillsborough stadium and the inclusion of the profit on that sale in the Club’s 2017/18 accounts. The Club has informed the EFL that the charges are themselves unlawful and, without prejudice to that fact, are all denied by the Club and the other Respondents. The Club has reserved all of its rights against the EFL and will take all such actions as are necessary to protect its rights and integrity, and those of its current and former officers, including in relation to inaccurate reporting. The Club has also notified the EFL that it stands ready to bring a claim against the EFL to obtain compensation for its conduct. The Club maintains that it consulted with the relevant executive officers of the EFL in connection with the stadium transaction and that it acted in good faith. The Club has in its possession numerous emails, letters and other documents in which the EFL gave authorisation to the transaction, and on which authorisation the Club understood it could rely. That authorisation gave rise in law to a legitimate expectation that the transaction would be accepted by the EFL, which is binding on the EFL. The EFL is acting in breach of that binding legitimate expectation by retrospectively treating as misconduct that which it had itself previously authorised, and this makes the charges themselves unlawful. The Club is accordingly bringing its own claim against the EFL to establish that it is acting unlawfully, as well as standing ready, if necessary, to vigorously defend the charges. The Club will make no further comment at this time.
  10. I would have thought it unlikely that the auditors would sign off anything they weren't 100% sure of. Their credibility and that of the firm they work for would be ruined if the EFL proved that.
  11. Bassini wasn't in tenure, he sold Watford in June 2012 and was found guilty of misconduct in March 2013.
  12. Or maybe the EFL are using this to show they are using due diligence in checking the stadium sale, to use as a defence if Middlesbrough try suing them over the Derby stadium sale ?
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