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  1. Oh right, I'd just been reading up on him after being told it was him. I just presumed loan as it was reported Arsenal recalled him from his loan deal at Rochdale last year.
  2. Oh right thanks I'd not heard of him. Would this be for a loan deal ?
  3. Think Iorfa is still on light training after his injury. Maybe don't want to risk Luongo so close to his last game.
  4. How does he come to that conclusion ? The list the EFL released for teams under an embargo didn't include us did it ?
  5. I would guess that playing Saka rather than Sancho was a tactical decision based on how Denmark attack. As Saka seems better able to track back.
  6. Think he is still on light training after injury.
  7. TBF 2 trialists is all that can be expected seeing as we are still under an embargo.
  8. I'm not disagreeing with accepting a decent offer for him, at the same time I don't disagree with the other train of thought that he'd be a good asset in league 1. The second part of your reply is the crux of the matter.
  9. Not sure mate, it was reported by Yorkshire Live, but no details other than he'd signed for 2 years with an option to extend for another year. I suppose it depends on how the contract is written.
  10. I thought there was an option to extend for another year ?
  11. Hopefully we may just keep within the permitted losses. I believe those figures are just for tax purposes and don't take into account the allowances the EFL permit under P&S.
  12. I think one is still stronger than the other
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