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  1. But it's the club that gets the fine not DC, so I suppose in theory if the fine was big enough the club could go bust. Very unlikely but I suppose it is possible.
  2. Just wondered who he was, sorry if I've transgressed.
  3. He's listed as a central defender who can also play as full back.
  4. Nixon

    I suppose you could liken it to backing horses. If you backed 100 favourites you could reasonably expect 20 to have a chance of winning.
  5. Wolves declared a profit of £5.831M for 2015/16 and a loss of £23.184 for 2016/17. That left them with an allowed loss of £21.647M before they would breach FFP. From reports they would appear to have overspent this amount.
  6. Gossip

    Been reading up on FFP or P&S as it is now and it seems that if when we submitted the forecast loss for the current season it breached the rules, there is a possibility that we could also have forecast future anticipated sales that would be able to get us back below the £39M loss allowed for 3 seasons. If this is the case it can be taken into account regarding any punishment that may have been imposed.
  7. Gossip

    The problem with this year is that it has already been taken into account as the new rules for Profit and Sustainability take into account spending for the previous 2 seasons, plus a forecast for the current season. The last point is particularly significant; in addition to historic account information about past seasons, clubs now have to submit a financial projection for the season that is still taking place. All the information has to be with the Football League by the 1 March. The Football League have confirmed that they are aiming to have any punishments announced before the end of the season.
  8. I agree but it came out before the roker report, and HITC allegedly got it from the sun so was wondering if that was where the roker report got it from ?
  9. This comes from HITC the other day. They don't seem to know which Sheffield club they are talking about. It is understood, however, that Honeyman would love the chance to stay in the Championship, and jumping ship to Sheffield Wednesday would give him that opportunity. It is not known how much it would take to prize Honeyman away from a debt-ridden Sunderland side, but considering that he is out of contract in one years’ time, Sheffield United will be hoping to snap him up on a cut price deal.
  10. Bags

    I usually take this one of mine in no problem.
  11. http://fullcontactlaw.co.uk/2016/11/compensation-players-24-mystery/
  12. According to Sheffield Wednesday first team profiles he is 182cm tall, which is about 5'-11 and 7/8".