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  1. The accounts have to be signed off in this way every year.
  2. It's not the wrong year for them to sign us off as a viable business going forward.
  3. In a way yes, but we have likely overspent a lot more than every other club. It was only a thought hence the question mark, but there has to be some reason DC said there is a slight problem and auditors not signing off is a distinct possibility.
  4. Maybe the auditors require more proof now that there is no revenue coming in due to the pandemic ?
  5. I heard from my people, some fans say why didn't we try to sign him last year or before. I believe no-one talked about him last summer. I suppose the last bit could have been referring to the first bit ? Doubtful though.
  6. Got me thinking now has that. I looked up where Moore has coached and it seems he did it all at West Brom. Under 18's, under 23's, assistant 1s team coach then 1st team coach, can't see where he would have worked with Rhodes ? https://www.coachesvoice.com/darren-moore-west-bromwich-albion/
  7. Oh didn't see that. Just presumed with him saying looking forward to working with him he hadn't. Should have said looking forward to working with him again if that's the case.............wouldn't confuse me then
  8. I would think from him saying he's looking forward to working with him that he hasn't.
  9. TBF I agree with you regarding the incredible bit, it is a really bad run but not incredibly bad. Incredible means impossible to believe, and I do believe it because it happened. Still a bad run though
  10. Suppose he could backdate his flight times by a couple of weeks.
  11. Can't see Chansiri being there, he'd need to isolate if he flew into the country.
  12. @Jesus and @Rev Owl both on his side...................what on earth could go wrong ?
  13. Brentford are not fan owned. The owner Matthew Benham maybe a fan, but the club is not owned by the fans.
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