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  1. Short-termism

    I'm not thinking everything is better, but I am thinking our prospects are better now.
  2. Nothing wrong with our own under 23's who have potential, but as you said in your previous post "his last chance" so not so sure of the potential there.
  3. Short-termism

    What about long-termism optimism?
  4. The two reasons it's a no from me.
  5. Video analysis playing a part

    That's because Blockbusters closed down.
  6. Minutes Applause

    It wouldn't be a selfie if you didn't have your own stick
  7. Yeh "have you heard of Colin?" "NO"
  8. Joey Pelupessy

    No comment from Jos regarding Joey "he read about it in the press"
  9. Minutes Applause

    I like selfies
  10. Minutes Applause

    Wouldn't that upset the happy clappers ?
  11. Minutes Applause

    Would have smelt a bit if they had to wait till end of season.
  12. Minutes Applause

    Or perhaps he really was dead and his mates moved the rock and took his body for a private burial.
  13. Minutes Applause

    Dying is also unhealthy