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  1. I also note from that report that they show us as not being the dearest on ticket prices.
  2. Cheapest ticket £20 ? They must be only looking at season ticket prices. 10th) SHEFFIELD WED The Owls have lost a total of £3.5 million worth of revenue due to the coronavirus pandemic. Business Rescue Expert took into account their average attendance (23,732), their cheapest ticket (£20), pie cost (£3.50), pint cost (£3.50) and programme price (£3).
  3. Is it not 3 goal keepers now, I thought Paul Jones only extended his contract until the end of the extended season ?
  4. Then after bully looses his first two games we get someone else in.................................repeat all season.
  5. Better to wait a week or so and file the true accounts than file a set of accounts on time then say "oh sorry those are wrong these are the proper ones"
  6. Should Wednesday be successful in overturning any potential appeal it is likely that the sale of Hillsborough would stay within the 2017/18 accounts. Should the ruling stand it would most likely be included in the 2018/19 accounts. The Star can confirm that the club has not been placed under any transfer embargo because of the delay and have not been punished for missing the submission deadline. Wednesday are understood to be in regular conversation with the EFL over the matter, which is not believed to be of concern to either party.
  7. Just need to find out if it's romantic fiction or real life romance
  8. The keeper you refer to I would agree he was a quality championship keeper for several seasons but not anymore. Monk was not our only manager to realise that, nothing to do with "he does not like him". Yes I agree we have played 4-4-2 previously to good effect, but that was in previous seasons when we had players that suited it. This season for various reasons most of our players were not suited to this formation, especially in midfield. Therefore in my opinion the change in formation was forced on him, as I said in my opinion. Also as I said in my previous reply Monk is not known for previously favouring 3-5-2 and I have not seen anything from Monk saying that he wants to play 3-5-2 next season despite your statement to that effect.
  9. Both..........................just to be on the safe side
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