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  1. Yes fancy dropping Lees and Hector.
  2. Hookowl


    Not if it's something personal. Not saying it is as obviously I don't know but it could well be.
  3. Hookowl


    It appears that the reason Westwood is now 3rd choice is something that they do not wish to discuss with the general public. Simple really.
  4. Hookowl

    It's Matchday!

    You've missed out a way of following the action. Owlstalk For an honest and unbiased view of the match and players.
  5. Not yet but it would be just our luck to be first
  6. Hookowl


    Think that could possibly be part of the reason he's not in favour. Not his position in the rankings but the things he's going public on.
  7. Hookowl

    Clare Fee

    I think it may take a while for the big star bit according to what Craig Levein said. “Sean just wants to play but he’ll be struggling to get into our first team right now though!”
  8. Agree apart from the last bit. I don't think we should be worried about relegation at this stage in the season. At present we've played 8 games and achieved 45% of maximum points possible, bottom 3 have 20%, 25% and 29%, top 3 have 75%, 70% and 62%. If we start losing drastically for the next 8 games I would maybe start worrying but I can't see this happening.
  9. Hookowl

    Jordan Thorniley OUT

    But look how Bannan's game suffered when he didn't have Joey covering for him.