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  1. E-cash

    which immaterial of whether you agree with the idea or not does make good business sense
  2. I can see your point regarding Penney and O'Grady but it would be stupid to put GH on the bench when he hasn't trained all season
  3. enjoyed that as always, good luck with the new baby
  4. Sheffield Wednesday Books

    Read the thread title and thought someone had leaked the books as in financial books
  5. SWFC Flag/Screensaver

    All I can see is Kenny from South Park
  6. That sounds like advice from his dad ..........are you really his dad
  7. IF !!! a new stadium were to be built it wouldn't be feasible to build in the same location, better access, parking facilities etc would be part of the new plans
  8. In happier times..

    Must do he's drunk it empty
  9. They prove themselves when they go out on loan albeit with lower tier clubs but still professional footballers
  10. Wilko

    plus costs for location purchase, planning fees, erection costs etc.