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  1. SAT 8TH MAY Derby County 12:30 Sheffield Wednesday Championship, Sky Sports Football (12:00), Sky Sports Main Event (12:00) Crawley Town 15:00 Bolton Wanderers League Two, Sky Sports Football (14:45) Sheffield United 15:00 Crystal Palace Premier League, Sky Sports Main Event (14:45), Sky Sports Premier League (14:45) Manchester City 17:30 Chelsea Premier League, Sky Sports Premier League (17:00), Sky Sports Main Event (17:00) New York Red Bulls 18:00 Toronto FC American MLS League, Sky Sports Fo
  2. If he's missed most of the season through being out injured, maybe that's why he hasn't done anything decent ? Seems about right
  3. I think he's enrolled here:- https://walkingfootballworld.com/clubs
  4. Not me........... while ever there's a chance however slight we can stay up I'll take that over relegation.
  5. The main definition of asset stripping is :- The practice of taking over a company in financial difficulties and selling each of its assets separately at a profit without regard for the company's future. The example you quoted is not really relevant in our case as the ground was sold in a bid to escape P&S restrictions for the benefit of the club, not to asset strip the club.
  6. True but in a wage negotiation they may say "we were going to pay you 20k per week but we've watched replays of your last 20 games and we're knocking 15k a week off"
  7. Agree with what you're saying but it seems a lot of our players are now that low on self confidence that they are incapable of putting in a good performance. There might be an odd flash in the pan game like the Cardiff one, but devoid of confidence there is no consistence.
  8. TBF if we go down however many points the difference is, I would still put plenty of blame on the team. Even if we stay up the team still don't deserve any praise.
  9. The lease is still valid unless there are specific terms in it that state otherwise.
  10. As a purely hypothetical answer...................I'd check my contract.............
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