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  1. Also doubt we'd have prioritised a striker with about 5-6 already here
  2. QPR investing the Eze money across the team. They spent £2.5M on Rob Dickie and £2M on Dykes. Mind you after their FFP troubles they've managed to raise over £27M in player sales over 3 years and £45M over 5 years.
  3. Remember when our midfield was Sedgwick Potter O'Connor Teale. One of the slowest midfield four combinations in football league history. The JJ would come on and completely disjoint the midfield and mess up the shape.
  5. FFS, the worst ref last season. He's an absolute plum.
  6. Can't see any of them doing a Sean Flair thankfully. All 3 are Wednesday fans too are they not, gotta count for something. You know all of them will put as much dedication and effort as possible in and that they won't waste their opportunities.
  7. 21 league games played in 3 years. 142 league games in 11 years. 29 years old. No thanks.
  8. I think we need more depth in CM personally. Yes it isn't the top priotity but if a player becomes available then you take the opportunity. What happens if Luongo can't stay fit again and Bannan gets an injury or suspension.
  9. Kayden Jackson has raw attributes and pace. Ipswich paid about £1.5M for him and by all accounts they bought into his potential. However, his first touch and consistency is a bit off for this level. I think he could be a good buy though if clubs coached this into him. He could potentially be worth a few quid more than £2.5M. Brum clearly think it's worth a punt.
  10. It's relative to the amounts of money anyone hosting a regular show on prime time TV gets.
  11. Seems to be a huge north south divide in terms of which teama go bust in the EFL.
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