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  1. TheEnchanter

    Getting the best out of FF

    I go to games just to watch him. Genuinely boosts my enthusiasm.
  2. TheEnchanter


    We've not had anyone score 20 league goals for us since god knows when.
  3. TheEnchanter

    Membership Pricing 2018/19

    I had a membership and went to 10 games last season so broke even with it.
  4. Hmm. My only concern is that this squad has a tendency to be injury prone and we all know we are lacking in pace. Now I'm sure it won't be as injury prone as last season but any squad would benefit from new additions providing they are adding to the quality we have. Personally I'm not expecting us to be top 6 next season, we are capable but the twists and turns of the Championship and our existing record of not being able to get our best players to stay fit indicates it'll be 12th - 7th place. In some ways the fact that we have probably got one of the longest serving squads in the league is to our advantage but we do need to sign some players in key areas. Youth and pace are important in this league.
  5. They've got an obligation to purchase him in 6 months. Only because he'd already been sold during this transfer window.
  6. Yeah they haven't signed anyone but have recouped nearly £13M in fees from players sold.
  7. Yeah got a couple wrong and didnt include all clubs signings when the fees are really small. Just a rough guide i did in 15 minutes mate.
  8. Agreed. Could still see some big outgoings for Stoke, West Brom, Swansea and Villa too.
  9. They sold Assombalonga for £15M last season, Oliver Burke for £13M the season before. Add in Lansbury and Antonio for a combined £8-9M aswell. They've been turning a profit on transfers for 3 years. They are well prepared for a big spend now.
  10. League stats Total outgoing £81.5M Total incoming £135.5M In order of last seasons finish. Doesn't include minor transfers or loans. Swansea Ins £0 Outs £12.6M +12.6M Stoke Ins £18.6M (Key signings Afobe 12M, Etebo £6.5M) Outs £26.5M +7.9M West Brom Ins £6.5M (Key Signings Johnstone £6.5M) Outs £3.6M +2.9M Aston Villa Ins £0 Outs £12.8M +12.8M Middlesbrough Ins £12.3M (Key signings Flint £7M, McNair £5M) Outs £900k -£11.4M Derby Ins £0 Outs £2M +£2M Preston NE Ins £1M Outs £3.6M +£2.6M Millwall Ins £0 Outs £0 £0 Brentford Ins £2.6M (Key signings Konsa £2.6M) Outs £900k -£1.7M Sheffield Utd Ins £0 Outs £10M +£10M Bristol City Ins £8M (Key signings Webster £3.5M, Weimann £2M, Hunt £1.6M) Outs £20M +£12M Ipswich Ins £0 Outs £3.5M +£3.5M Leeds Ins £0 Outs £0 £0 Norwich Ins £2.9M (Ben Marshall £1.5M, Buendia £1.3M) Outs £34M +£31M Sheffield Wednesday Ins £1.6M Outs £0 +£1.6M QPR Ins £0 Outs £3.6M +£3.6M Notts Forest Ins £24M (Key signings Carvalho £13M, Grabban £6M, Soudani £2.7M, Figueiredo £2M) Outs £0 -£24M Hull City Ins £1.5M (Key signings Burke £1.5M) Outs £0 -£1.5M Birmingham Ins £2.2M (Key signings Pedersen £2.2M) Outs £0 -£2.2M Reading Ins £1.2M (Key signings McNulty £1.2M) Outs £0 -£1.2M Bolton Ins £0 Outs £0 £0 Wigan Ins £0 Outs £0 £0 Blackburn Ins £0 Outs £0 £0 Rotherham Ins £0 Outs £0 £0 Conclusions Not many deals completed between the 24 clubs. 128 in total but many are free transfers, youth or loans. Relegated clubs are turning profits on spending Clubs that finished lower last season are running a loss on transfers so far The World Cup has quietened the market Notts Forest are going mental
  11. TheEnchanter


    I think the whole of South Yorkshire is in an embargo. Between all the teams (except chessie) hardly anyone has been signed.
  12. TheEnchanter

    That survey

    If you tighten it up for 1 or 2 seasons then we can start to spend again as the FFP loss is rolling. Chansiri has always stated he will be here long term. He'll invest again but doesn't want to risk breaking the rules. How many clubs have spent spent spent without selling anyway. Even Wolves had raised millions before they had their spree. Forest the same before this season.