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  1. Reality Check

    True, he's that freak at the party that creates a tighter bond between the rest of the guests. It happens at parties sometimes.
  2. Reality Check

    Exactly, if Jos has achieved this with a weak side, that aren't fit enough, that are out of form and confidence. Then what can he achieve with players back fit and a full pre season behind him. Yes, we aren't going to be playing gung ho football but we will be challenging at the right end I'm sure of it with the players we have.
  3. Not that this necessarily means much but ever since Fred came here he's always shown a positive smiley side to himself on social media. Even though he wasn't picked for long enough he seems to have been determined to keep a positive mindset and make the most of his loan here. I hope he continues this form and if he does we could do a lot worse then signing him at the end of the season.
  4. Big flags ON STICKS!

    Have we not learnt from the great fire of london?
  5. Plenty to build on. Can't wait to get players back but these lads have done themselves a lot of credit here. 4 games without conceding too.
  6. Meh. We are 17th with a 2nd choice team and a new formation. We are playing one of the best sides in the league. Got to adjust expectations for the rest of the season. We arent a top 6 club like we have been for the last 2 years.
  7. Think under the circumstances once again Jos has set them out in the correct way. Pleased with that, hope we can build on it. Obviously, we'd love more but with the players we have available its decent.
  8. OFFICIAL 2017/18 Championship Rival Watch

    10 men and 0-2 down. wtf
  9. Oh my word its back. Sunderland v Derby Notts Forest v Millwall