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  1. OFFICIAL 2017/18 Championship Rival Watch

    Bolton picking up a decent point.
  2. A Bristol City view

    Or 352 with Leon Clarke upfront.
  3. Military operation is damn right. I tend to go with quite a few different mates the sad thing is we are never available to go to the same games as a whole group. Its always 2 or 3 of us. Not the whole gang.
  4. Who's going to pay for Nuhiu
  5. Quick start

    Unbelievable isn't it. I really don't know why we start so poorly every time. Then boom... we have 2 games where we score early and win both. Championship games are demanding and combative. You can't play like they do in other leagues, where you can sit back and soak up pressure for such large parts. Well... of course you can play like that but I then truly believe you'll never get out of this league at the right end. It's the hard working, proactive teams that win promotion.
  6. Forestieri isn't going to be moving in January. When he does get fit, he'll be part of our plans again. Hopefully at a time when we've had a good Christmas period and are knocking on the play off door again. If he was to go it'd be in the summertime. No one's going to pay a fee that we'd want if he hasn't played all season through injury.
  7. Exactly. No one can deny that we've completely let ourselves down by failing to beat any of the bottom 4. Losing to Bolton and Birmingham, the two lowest scorers. Drawing to Burton and Sunderland. 2 points from a possible 12 is pretty atrocious. Just converting one of those into a win and we'd be pretty much in the play off spots now. Yes it doesnt matter one bit at this stage but come the end of the season it might.ci can't remember many teams getting promoted that failed to beat the worst teams in this league. I know that sounds overly negative but there's nothing that isn't true. I'm pleased with how we've seemingly overcome a poor start and look focussed and more like ourselves now and I give Carlos and the players credit for tha
  8. If we win 3 in a row I might buy some La Chouffe.
  9. Has Carlos had a revelation

    Think it's some of the players that have had a revelation.
  10. Bristol city at home

    They're having a great season and have lost the least amount of games. They'll be tough. Also Bobby Reid has scored 10 goals already in the league from midfield and looks like one of the best players in the division.
  11. Rum and coke. It's party time.