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  1. Yep looking forward to King Kendrick in particular. But the line up is much better than the weekend last year.
  2. First team in 88 years to score at least 6 in 3 games in a row. Wtf is going on here.
  3. 70 goals scored in 26 league games. Set to finish on 124 goals if all continues. This season they've won 5-1 4-1 4-1 4-0 7-0 4-1 7-0 6-2 6-2 The last 3 games have been 7-0 and 6-2 twice. What the utter fizz is all this about.
  4. They also wanted the same for us the season before so ours would have been deducted 2 years ago if you apply the same logic.
  5. Potter on being linked with other clubs. The mistake is often to think you are better than you are and can succeed in any environment," he added. "That is not the case. "I am ambitious. I want to succeed. But I am no magician. I need help. To be successful as a coach, you need good people around you - staff, board, CEO, the strategy of the club, the structures around it, the players. I have got senior players here who are so helpful and supportive. "We have a fantastic chairman who provides the clarity, vision and support for us all and allows us to get on with our work. "Everything around the club gives you a chance as a coach This is so relevent to us as a club. Any manager that manages Swfc has almost none of that. Or none of that in a quality capacity. That is why everyone struggles here. We have no system, plan, structure.
  6. Most enjoyable thing ive watched on Netflix for ages.
  7. I'd be staggered if we didn't try to improve the attack. We have been the lowest scorers of all the promotion chasing sides. This has to change. A striker, attacking mid, winger etc needs to replace Corbeanu. Some more goals are needed. All we've heard is centre backs.
  8. We didn't sell as many earlybird season tickets as DC hoped. Therefore cashflow is tight.
  9. Didn't know Cowboys had a hooligan firm. Perhaps the Magnificent 7 can round them up and sort them out.
  10. Yeah new era. No Kevin Colbert now. I think there is a big desire to start new in all areas including with the head coach but I'm not sure. It's going to be so interesting which route they go down with QB. I'm scared but excited. They have decent pieces across the team including on offense which was mainly hampered by a dodgy, inexperienced O line and tactics to suit Big Ben. Dink, dunk, short on 3rd. It was ugly but I reckon a fresh arm can open our offence up and Najee Harris is a stupidly good rusher. Plenty to do but there is hope.
  11. Tannehill and Burrow both have most times sacked in NFL this year. Could be something to look out for.
  12. Ali Koiki would bena good signing Northampton rate him to play much higher level. Left back with great energy and height and strength.
  13. They have a point. I'm pretty sure I read a few people basically saying Luongo was unplayable at this level which is mental. I've learnt it only takes 2-3 very good performances for a Wednesday player to be elevated to 'too good for the league' status and then when they have some average to poor form they are crucified for it.
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