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  1. It was probably to stop all the sexbots posting.
  2. I'm sure they don't care as they prepare for their 5th promotion to the Premiership in the last 18 years.
  3. Right, so you expect us to be beating West Brom? We've played decent apart from some defensive mistakes. We've got 14 players and some youth on the bench. I don't necessarily rate Monk but jeez.
  4. Ahh well. Didn't expect it against these. Their squad wee wees all over ours.
  5. We winning yet? Got a nice glass of Yealands on the go. Nearly at the end of the bottle. Can't lose tonight.
  6. These are a pile of ********. Should be 3 points tonight.
  7. Tbf though its Kieran Lee. Monk clearly thinks he's not at 100% but can contribute from the bench. We need him anyway as we literally just have kids if not.
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