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  1. Spotted a few cravats and mocassins in the away end. Soft as poo fans **** off back to Landan.
  2. This 100% but theres no way our fans won't get frustrated. Forest beat these and only had 22% possession. We need to be on it defensively but not disheartened of they are seeing all the ball.
  3. Maybe but away from home they've lost 0-1 to Barnsley, scraped a 2-1 win over Hudders and drawn 1-1 away at Cardiff. They've only scored 3 in their last 4 in all comps. Nothing frightening.
  4. I was underwhelmed when we signed him but he's my favourite player so far this season.
  5. Away from home we're going to have to play like yesterday in reality. The game before at Preston we were far too open and couldn't get any sort of control in the game. At home I'd obviously expect us to be more attacking like he states he wants.
  6. Some right dogs in huddersfield today. Gary Monks barmy army!
  7. Just seen the bottom of my 2nd glass of awful awful carlsberg Gark Monks barmy army!
  8. How does it compare size wise to a Slazenger Lime pickle coloured jacket from sports direct?
  9. So this boild down to the fact that you're genuinely offended that I was trying to take some negative heat off of our potential new manager?
  10. Great debate. I openly invite you to correct me and you take it like personal offence.
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