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  1. Hope no one does a report on my post history.
  2. Mr Farrell gets called some reyt names on here
  3. Completely untrue and now has made you look pretty silly.
  4. That's great if the Chairman has learnt. I don't trust us to rebuild properly though.
  5. You can spend though. We did spend. A lot. £8M+ Rhodes, £7M Reach, £4M Abdi, £3M Hooper, £3M Forestieri, £2.8M Joao,£2.5M Van Aken, £2.5M Matias, £2M Pudil, £2M Jones etc. Some of those have obviously been good signings. However where we differ from other clubs is that we made literally nothing in player sales until we sold Joao. Clubs like Bristol have made £60M in the last handful of seasons. Derby, Norwich, Leeds, Villa etc all made a lot from selling players. I don't think a lot of our fans realise we are not in this situation because the EFL hate us. Its our own doing. How much evidence do people need to see this?
  6. Think maybe your biggest issue is that you think theres a competition between fans to say 'I told you so'.
  7. Think its more the fact we are in a very negative position in terms of FFP which is something we should have planned for after the Playoff defeats. The knock on effect of these embargos and the potential of this stadium sale could set us back years. Appalling planning that some fans just will not accept. Its been quite shocking really.
  8. If we get away with it then fair enough but I'd at the very least hope that its taught us a lot. I think the whole disappointment for me is the potential to lose points and the transfer embargos we've had for a few years have actually really hampered our chances of being a genuine top 6 team which is where we all want to be.
  9. So unbelievably obvious. I've been fuming about the way we've been run for a few years in regards of FFP. Literally don't care about being right. I'm usually wrong about half the crap I post on here anyway (apart from the fashion thread). There's nothing about me that wants to be right about it. No ego to any of my posts. Don't mind about being shot down for it by other fans that have opposing views, thats fine. I'll happily debate it as we have a good platform here.
  10. The club clearly didn't... hence the situation we are in. Gutting really.
  11. So your upset that fans had a feeling this would happen. Its happened. And instead of being concerned at finding out how this was allowed to happen your actually more concerned with the bizarre notion that people with my viewpoint are somehow happy about it. Doesn't make sense to me.
  12. I'm gutted actually but it doesn't really matter what I think. It matters how our club is run and we appear to have broken the rules badly. If we haven't its happy days, Chansiris a legend, drinks all round. Egg all over my lovely lovely loving this face. I sincerely hope it is. I understand fans frustrations surrounding FFP but all other clubs get on with it. Explain that.
  13. Still no alarm bells for many though.
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