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  1. My concern is the striking department ti be honest. In 4 seasons now they've failed to deliver and because we are so top heavy its not an area will be looking to strengthen. We've not managed to get rid of any yet either which is a huge worry. I like the players we have and i think they're a good bunch but we're not good enough for top 6 in my opinion. Maybe a top manager and 2-3 players and we will be.
  2. Like it tiger, I'll be watching out for you then. Nothing wrong with a crop shirt and cut off denim combination. Hot in and out of the ground. Nice style.
  3. Be typical for us to finally have got rid of Doyen to then start getting shafted by Gary Monk. Who, by the way, is about as depressing an appointment as I can imagine.
  4. I usually go for medium (39" chest) but don't want it skin tight so think ill get a large. I like the looser more 90s feel. Considering its look thats what I'll go for. I will also be brylcreeming my hair for the first few games. Anyone got any good styles they are trying out this season?
  5. Like I said above. Brentford are already having a lot of success. They play a league above their historicsl average. They are able to be comfortable in terms of FFP because they have a consistent production line and now they have reached a level where they can comfortably move into a new stadium. Their trajectory towards the Premier League looks a case of when not if. They've had to work hard at it being a traditionally smaller club and being in a city where they sit behind a lot of teams in the pecking order.
  6. People also like to highlight the fact that Brentford haven't yet made it to the Prem and that they arent much better than us in terms of recent league positions. But those people also forget that the way they run their club has allowed them to establish themselves league above their historical average whereas we are a league below where we expect and want to be.
  7. Absolute testicles about this 'weaker championship crap'. If its the weakest in years it's arguably harder because there's so many teams capable of fighting for those top spots. If the teams are closer together it probably means its tougher to go on good run, harder to stand out as a good team and not easy to gain consistency. If everyone only owns £1, are you really rich if you have £2? Or if everyone owns £100,000 are you really poor for only owning £99,999? Its the same analogy for the league. If everyones supposedly 'weaker' we aren't considered a stand out team ourselves so its just as hard as if we were considered a front runner in a 'strong' chanpionship.
  8. Brentford are playing football manager this summer. Players in: Pontus Jansson £5.5M Mathias Jensen £3.5M Christian Norgaard £3.1M David Raya £3M Ethan Pinnock £3M £18M+ spent Players out: Ezri Konsa £12M David Bentley £2M £14M recieved Plus Neal Maupay potentially to be sold for £15-20M
  9. Tbf I think everyone kind of knows that and that's why I'm sure he won't be our manager.
  10. Hearing Bullen and seeing all the players looking sharp makes me excited and focused on that Reading game rather than worrying about the antics of the last week. Add to that the new kit and me trying to be more positive about Chansiri (who I back fully regarding the Bruce scandal) I think the enthusiasm tank is filling up again. Hell I'm so ready for that first game. I want to smash Reading.
  11. Never rated him. Goes through weird big losing and winning spells. Collapsed last year too. Bit of a weird bloke with small close together eyes. He's another one in the Karl Robinson v neck cardigan type of manager category for me. All talk about new ideas and ways of thinking but ultimately a bit meh.
  12. Let's be honest if we had a team of Adam Reachs we'd be in the Prem. Consistently a 7 or 8 out of 10 player and only misses the odd couple of games in 100+.
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