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  1. I think that it had been coming for a while and that underlying issues in the structure and everyday running of the club are not as good as they should be. This has been evident for a while now and fan concern has been present for a few seasons. I don't everything went bad just overnight.
  2. Its extremely concerning that somewhere our internal processes have caused numerous players to arrive 'looking good' and dramatically lose form and value. Something that has gone on throughout Chansiris reign. Yes of course it happens at other clubs and it is always a risk but when you factor in the ffp mess its left us in and the subsequent years that it might take us to recover from it (its already caused 3 years of decline) then someone should be answering questions. The fans that sit their and think everything is fine scare me. I understand people not wanting to abuse the chairman but it appears that hardly anyone gets any access to him or the club to get any answers at all. Everythings fine though.
  3. So we're well run We aren't teetering on the brink of a points deduction. We don't have one of the lowest amounts of money generated from player sales. Atmospheres are booming and the fans are happy. The football has been great and entertaining.
  4. Ross Wallace has no different attitude towards the club than any other player. What do some people genuinely think footballers are like? They aren't robot droids that bleed blue and white. They're human beings that probably treat football like a job, ahut off the attitude of most fans and try to make a financial future for themselves by moving from club to club over their short careers.
  5. This. The absolute main concern that should be on the club and fans mind. Nah. Too busy yapping about signing the next George Boyd and Almen Abdi.
  6. Really excited about our plans going forward. Great that dictator dej has really outlined a sustainable and sensible plan using the experienced structure of staff within the club. Drawing on their expertise and knowledge.
  7. Don't worry Chansiri has millions and millions. Its only FFP thats stopping him.
  8. Sheffield Wednesday football clubs new motto is 'In 1990s quod esset bonum'
  9. I don't think a club exists that lives in the past more than us.
  10. There's a select set of fans that think chucking Westwood, Hutchinson and probably Megson into the club would have us working reyt hard and in the play offs all thriving in a die hard team that sprints through Grenoside woods before the start of each game and goes to bed in their kit. I say those people are mental.
  11. Good idea that, might get some for the next game so I don't have to suffer the football.
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