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  1. flipping wankstain of a competition and an embarrassing joke we are in it.
  2. True and it's coming at a cost of having much creativity at all against the better teams. We will see, his biggest test ever is soon when we play a team that will be favourites to beat us.
  3. Its mad how pragmatic we are with the creativity of Sterling, Sancho, Grealish, Foden, Saka, Mount etc. Absolutely mad. If these we all Germans or Dutch or whoever they'd be playing creative attacking football.
  4. Fancy us to do Germany if we get them. Not because they are weak in any way but because we are due it.
  5. Apparently we are looking at a 6foot 6 Kosovan trialist with a moustache and glasses called Tadhe Uhinu.
  6. Luongo never had a big problem with fitness until he came here.
  7. Probably one of the worst games for Wales that.
  8. I'd take a draw which would see us avoid Germany, France or Portugal.
  9. Now Denmark are below Ukraine in 3rd place standings by goals scored. That means it's looking unlikely they'd qualify. Also if it stays as it does then England can't not qualify even if they lose 57-0.
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