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  1. They look more appetising than the crispy pancakes.
  2. What do you think they'd have been packing in their snap tins back then.
  3. I'm not a hater. It's all good with me.
  4. Fun aeroplane shapes made with pulped turkey.
  5. Yeah, JJ used to do it a lot too and it was accepted on here.
  6. I do think it's possible that footballers play better when their contract is on the line, the chance to stay somewhere they have settled and lived for 4 years etc. It's human nature. I don't see why it causes outrage amongst fans. I'm sure people have done it in other aspects of their life like relationships or jobs.
  7. Always wondered how they pump the mint in the middle.
  8. Had to have a viscount biscuit to keep calm now.
  9. I'd actually look at it that he played a little bit better to try and secure a new contract. How on earth is that beyond some people, I'd do it myself if I was a footballer. I'm not levelling any criticism at him for it.
  10. Funny how he scored 10+ in the time before his contract was up yet barely hit anywhere near those figures for 4 years before or since. Eerie almost...