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  1. The idea that there was a fallout is probably BS. Quite often it's all made up paper rubbish. Also if the move suited him or any footballer they'd probably move even if they didn't like the manager. How many of us like our managers or superiors? It doesn't mean you can't possibly work under them. You just get on with it.
  2. We'll definitely attract the older expensive and injury prone ones that are on their way down the leagues. Chansiri and Paixao will be attracted by them because they might be ex prem or Championship and their agents will secure them 2-3 year deals on large wages. Any up and coming, younger, higher potential players won't come, won't be affordable or will come and then not be played or never reach their potential.
  3. We'll bring in Jutkiewicz and Lee Gregory on free transfers and 20k a week wages.
  4. I reckon Scottish Champ is conference/league 2 level to be honest. You see a lot of non league players going to that level. Our ex Ayp Obileye moved from conference to scottish champ and is one of the better players.
  5. So true. Why is it that we can't run the club well in the Championship yet a drop to league 1 which will see us lose money, fans and prestige in all areas will suddenly see us be able to recruit well and run the club properly. It's going to be harder.
  6. Well I really hope that's the direction we go in and our recruitment isn't guided by certain people trying to secure agent fees and deals for 'mates'.
  7. Also I wanted to add. Will we suddenly start spending in League 1 with much less revenue and tighter wage budget control to consider? Will we suddenly spend when we have NOT spent any significant sums for 4 seasons now. We won't spend in League 1, not to get the best players. I bet we end up with some of the more expensive freebies om big comfortable wages though. Step forward Clinton Morrison, Gary Teale etc. Meanwhile teams like Peterborough will recruit the next big stars at that level to sell on for millions. We'll be trying to offload 30+ year olds on
  8. Well, maybe we will have the highest buget and wage bill at that level. But it's not like it will be sky high. I think for me evidence suggest we are one of the poorest recruiters in the Championship and our squad management in terms of contracts, deals, transfers, recruitment has been staggeringly appalling. I really don't see this suddenly changing over night. So when you see a bunch of sides that have also been relegated and enjoyed the highest budgets in league 1 like Sunderland or Ipswich but they don't recruit well it's clear to see why they still reside in Leag
  9. We've paid a modest amount to panic hire a manager when we've just gone without one since December in an attempt to save us and the potential millions loss of revenue in League 1.
  10. Said it in another thread but some fans are convinced Chansiri is somehow biding his time and then he will start running the club properly. Once he 'realises'.
  11. Yes but it's the EFLs fault and FFP. Chansiri will spend millions if he was allowed to.
  12. 'Issues with accounts', not paying players on time, constant blaming of Covid to justify this even though 90 other teams all paid players on time.
  13. Remind we what we've spent in the last 3 seasons? 500k on Patterson, 400k Windass, 800k Luongo, 250k Iorfa, 200k Pelupessey? Something like that. Just the other year Sunderland spent £3M on Will Grigg (ironically he turned out to be like Jordan Rhodes).
  14. Remember losing 1-5 Exeter 0-4 Leyton Orient 3-5 Peterborough 1-4 Peterborough 0-3 Tranmere 2-4 Plymouth 1-3 Plymouth As well as some other crackers all in the same season.
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