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  1. I agree. Its the fans fault we signed Rhodes and he hasn't scored for us.
  2. I reckon they'll want at least £6M+ for him. Maybe more.
  3. Can't see us signing him, I reckon Spurs would want millions. I never saw much from him in the way of being committed to the cause or the team. Seemed to ghost around looking a bit lost. How many times do you see these sorts of players that have had everything from a young age and been at a big club, playing for England youth and they end up doing nothing in their careers. He looks like one of those to me. A bit like when we signed flipping Bostock.
  4. Onomah was lazy, lacking in commitment and disappeared in and out of games. It appeared to me that he couldn't wait to return to London.
  5. Funny really considering some of the clangers and errors Palmer was hounded for under the last couple of managers. If Bruce can get Iorfa slightly better at defending too then that's a bonus. Depends on the system you play and how other players on the pitch use space and fill in, what runs they are told to make and etc but I do think having someone like Iorfa is more valuable than Palmer in the Championship. You say he's not a great defender yet I saw plenty of examples of him defending well for the team. He was involved in 12 games for us where we conceded 12 goals in total.
  6. Well Nejc Pecnik managed it. Also still remember someone calling him Nim Picnic at the game once.
  7. Depends on what the manager can get out of them. Some teams in recent years have been promoted with players most of us would have turned our noses up at.
  8. Looks a good player if he cancmake the step up. Obviously a lot of players can and a lot can't. We never seem to take a gamble on these types of players so might be a refreshing change and if it works would add huge value on to any small fee we'd pay for him.
  9. Not saying he wouldn't be a good signing but don't see how he's able to be considered as one of the best defensive mids in the league. He's played only 3 seasons at Championship level the first 2 of which he made 15 and 14 appearances. Its only last season he played 40 games for the first time ever at this level. Plus he'll be 28 in September.
  10. In regards to Thorniley and Penney for that matter. Both did well without having Westwood behind them and they were both in an unhappy, split squad, negative regime with Jos at the helm. I'm sure both can thrive under Bruce.
  11. Clearly Vaulks has much more influence going forward. Morsy is more of a defensive mid. I'd also happily take Vaulks and Ajayi from Rotherham. Morsy 1 goal and 1 assist. Vaulks 7 goals 7 assists.
  12. You mean the one brought up through the Lazio academy in Italy playing with top players in top Italian teams before he went to the SPubL?
  13. 42 games in 4 seasons is shocking. Not the lads fault but still.
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