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  1. TheEnchanter

    An Ode To Gary Megson

    Like the fact you used sh1tter to rhyme with ginger.
  2. TheEnchanter

    Mark Warburton

    They're good at putting meat on the barbie though mate.
  3. TheEnchanter

    SWFC - The Future. Do we have one?

    The difference is they run the club fairly well in terms of sustainability. We had 2 seasons and spent up. A gross mismanagement of the club in my opinion. Derby never put all their finances into one season and also recognise the need to sell players at the right time. They also have a bigger attendance and far better commercial revenue like you say. Although they seem to fail every year they leave themselves a good opportunity to have a good go the year after. We haven't we're a million miles away from being stable.
  4. TheEnchanter

    So which one is it?

    Do you have problems with A. A bloody Nose B. Getting up in the morning C. Terry Wogan D. All of the above. Terry Wogan getting up your bleeding nose every morning.
  5. Our fans are treat like scum at the lane every time. Its a joke.
  6. Hes an absolute melted lurpak of a manager
  7. TheEnchanter

    Chansiri kicking off

    Ticket prices are too high for him.
  8. TheEnchanter

    home tickets

    No chance will they drop. We've said this the last few seasons now. At best there'll be a price freeze for earlybird.
  9. TheEnchanter

    home tickets

    And we have to continue paying it because those responsible overspent the budget. And still not enough people are angry about this within our fanbase. As though it was evil nasty FFP that punished us for no reason.
  10. TheEnchanter

    Fulham manager

    Fully agree it would have been courageous. And almost easy to look back on now with the benefit of hindsight because I didn't think we'd get into the injury state we did or the FFP situation. I actually just presumed we were a better run club than that at the time.
  11. TheEnchanter

    Fulham manager

    There were loads of people including myself that were very vocal in calling for a change of manager after that game. And it wasn't out of lack of respect for Carlos, there wasn't much hate at that point. Not in comparison to how people felt when he did near the end of his reign. There was actually a lot of respect for what we had achieved but a desire not to lose the foundations that we had created. The players and the fans needed a fresh face I felt. The leadership needed to come from the owner, although we'd failed we should have been planning our next moves. You could tell he squad was jaded and the negative performances had set in months before, despite getting a ridiculous amount of points we rarely scored more than 3 goals a game and hung on to games that we frequently started slowly in. Wasn't it 20 goals scored in the first half of games all season?. There was a huge despair that we didn't even try and have a proper go at Huddersfield over the 2 legs. THAT time was a time for Chansiri to act. A chairman like Milan would have seen it. The project was over by then and we needed a new plan. Instead the season that followed was a car crash on and off it, financially mismanaged and the rest is history. I'm not saying a change of manager at that point and we'd now be sat happily in the Prem. But for me there's crucial times when decisions should be made and that was it for me. History states its almost unheard of for a team to have 3 years in a row finishing top 6 in the Championship. We instead did the classic Chansiri trait of holding onto everything, players, manager everything. Holding onto what hadn't worked twice. The definition of madness? It certainly reminded me of the Blackadder goes forth episode where they plan to go over the top for the 16th time in a row because it's exactly the last thing the jerries would expect them to do. Instead here we are still with the same squad as 4 years ago, mostly injured and past it now. For most the valuations have decreased and we have planned that well that we actually fell foul of FFP. And some people actually use that as an excuse to stop being critical of the chairman. The guy that got us into this financial mess. It's complete madness.
  12. TheEnchanter

    Fulham manager

    There's pros and cons. He's got 2 different teams, with strong budgets and ownership structures, promoted from the Championship both within a year or 2 which is very impressive. In fact I think he's managed in the Champ for a total of 3ish years and has 2 promotions. He's multilingual. Seems to have the respect of former players, e.g Forestieri and the football his teams play is always very attractive. On the other hand he's had very healthy budgets with Watford and Fulham. He wouldn't have that here. He's still relatively inexperienced in Championship level and with a team that currently plays the exact opposite to how he plays with pace, passing, movement and counter attacking I could see it being a large project. Look at his previous management roles, all short term of 1-2 years before he leaves and moves to his next club. In my opinion he would have been PERFECT to employ weeks after Huddersfield had beaten us in the Play offs. That was our moment to refresh, regather, reimagine our play off plan. Instead we stagnated and our flame died. He was the right man a while back but that bus has gone now. We need an organiser, an experienced head and a motivator in my opinion.
  13. TheEnchanter

    Can Anyone think of Any?

    To be honest it's quite often the case that players arrive here with a good reputation and completely fail to live up to it.
  14. Only for us. There's plenty of teams in this league that play with a more attacking ethos and a bit of gusto.