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  1. You're embarrassing yourself or have me mixed up. Ive been very critical of him over THIS subject. Which, is very justified isn't it? Or at least its debate worthy. Well at least try and debate it if youre capable. I'll start. We overspend we get punished. If we haven't overspent we won't get punished. No sure whats the shock. Tye disappointment is if we are a club that hasn't managed to keep itself in order and then gets punished.
  2. Can't believe so many fans are sticking up for our spending and not selling policy. The club knew they would be under threat from FFP they just didn't know to what extent. Well now we are sweating it out praying we don't get a points deduction because of circumstances that we caused ourselves. Its irrelevent whether its fair or not fair. We shouldn't have horded players like classic cars and actually tried to be a little bit smarter. But according to most fans its nasty evil FFPs fault.
  3. We overspent. Chansiri takes the blame here for me. This is why its a concern.
  4. This is why i feel uncomfortable with Chansiri overspending and not selling anyone.
  5. I'm organising a litter pick up and sing song after home games on the kop if anyone wants to join. We usually linger for a few hours after home games.
  6. Disagree with most comments. In my opinion its harder this year because there is a lot less between many of the teams. As for people saying it was tougher 2 years ago... what the year an awful Reading side finished 3rd,we scraped ourselves into 4th despite playing some terrible defensive football and Huddersfield were 5th with a minus GD?
  7. I reckon, like we were under Carlos, that teams under pressure to win and not lose will play the opposite. I reckon thr games will be tighter between top teams with more at stake.
  8. So the team in 17th with 2 wins in 15 league games is our toughest remaining game?
  9. They are only playing San Marino and Kazakhstan. Don't blame him.
  10. The squad needs to recover we were down to the bear bones. Fantastic time for the break to come.
  11. We've got the hardest run in of all the teams in my opinion. As proven above. We play the most teams in and around us and also two of the top 3 away. BUT It means we technically could have the most influence on other teams. IF we win games against teams placed near us it's more valuable than us just beating bottom half teams.
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