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Community Answers

  1. Followed their music for a while, saw them play at O2 in Sheffield a few years ago. Top guys.
  2. Wow, now I've heard it all. Go on then, what pie do you have on your birthday?
  3. For me Bears can do well in a dodgy AFCN if they figure out Fields is better than Dalton.
  4. 4 points seperates top to 12th in Bundesliga 2. The traditional powerhouses Schalke, Werder and HSV (for many years now) are struggling to dominate. It's a hard league to call. Always used to love football manager careers with lower league German teams. I once enoyed getting Wormatia Worms to the Bundesliga.
  5. Really cool country. Kharkiv is a huge cultural and industrial city.
  6. Bloody Ravens are back. Annoying but well played in that last quarter. Are Chiefs on the decline?
  7. Vikings Cardinals been superb. Vikings must feel sick how their two games have ended this year. Cowboys smashing a 56 yarder to win was also impressive. Buccs are annoying, just knew they'd eat Matt Ryan and the Falcons alive.
  8. Am I going mad or is it literally impossible to get home to Sheffield from Wigan after the game.
  9. One thing I thought we'd learn by now is that League 1 is poo . Do people not remember the 2003/04 and 2010/11 seasons. We were fully pant's downed by many smaller teams that loved smacking us all over.
  10. I'm disappointed with the start, with how we are playing and the fact we don't look fully at it but I'm willing to give it a bit longer before I pile on Moore. We have so many new players it will take more time than people hoped or thought. And also the reality that we aren't going to be blowing teams away but rather it'll be lower scoring and functional. I think thr players need to step up aswell, not just Moore.
  11. It's one of those things that had it's golden time a while ago. It was part of growing up as a young kid/teenager and watching early 2000's TV. Now, with the guys being a lot older and TV having moved on a bit it's probably going to be a bit meh. I occasionally watch the old Jackass movies for a bit of a laugh or to cringe in between watching edgy French 1960's Jean Pierre Melville films or 1940's film noirs. Watching someone get tasered in the testicles does help cleanse the pallet between such things.
  12. Good observation, you can see from the cutting angle that it is definitely 1/6th.
  13. Also why does the person in the picture have two elbows that have the joints on the wrong way where it touches in the middle?
  14. That looks like about 1/8th of a Shitcago town £1 pizza. 8*£4=£32 per £1 pizza bought. We should be rolling in it.
  15. When people talk of the team 'gelling' it's actually talked about with the basic thought that each game you have, each result, each week you will definitively get better. You will work out which tactics are best. You will work out what players should be played as a priority over others. However, in reality... it isn't a simple linear process. Each week opponents change, line ups change, formation changes, factors change. It might take months and months. It might take a year to gel into a good side. It might never happen!
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