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  1. Tom Lees

    Improve our wing backs and we'd see a huge benefit both in defence and attacking. I think they are key players in modern football. You don't see teams at the top with poor/average wing backs.
  2. Just checked his age and he'll be 24 in September. Only played 48 pro games and some of them will have been sub. Seems like another Lavery type where they just haven't played the games that a lot of players younger than them have.
  3. Rhodes

    He was isolated a lot on his own. Sadly, i didnt think he did all that much to be honest.
  4. Fernando Forestieri

    Love watching him play. Simply one of the best players ive watched in our shirt. Really hope he stays.
  5. This season has been positive

    People were really slagging the team off under Jos at the start but how were we meant to compete with so many injuries to key players? Looking back im still mythed why so many people expected us to do well with 2nd and 3rd choice players plus youth. Guess it doesn't matter now as its proven that you win games with better players in your team. Surprise surprise.
  6. #SWFC 3 - 0 Reading OMDT

    Kind of hoping it's one of those end of season mad games where there's like 10 goals or something today. No point being boring. A repeat of the FA cup game against them would be nice, upfront Matias and Nuhiu were class that day.
  7. People may say its weaker compared. Maybe so. But isnt that irrelevent? Doesn't that make it harder to get promoted? Isn't it relative to the situation that all the teams seem to be closer in standard meaning its hard to get promoted. The top of Bundesliga 2 at the moment are dusseldorf and they have lost nearly 1/3rs of the games. (9 losses in 30). Doesn't that show its tougher with the resources available to get the teams over the line? You can't just say its an easy league because it isnt the Championship.
  8. My quote is from an article showing different attitudes to pyrotechnic use. Bit strong calling it incitement. Its not even 'lawful' in most places on the continent but the article is making valid points at how its viewed differently across many forward thinking countries. Yeah if you have mindless thugs throwing them and lighting them willy nilly then thats the issue. But what about the scientific experiments to produce safe flares or cold flares? What about clubs actually coordinating with fans instead of treating them like thugs? Its just a different perspective and one that won't be arriving in English football anytime soon. Maybe if it did it'd be best for all concerned. For example you wouldn't have to breathe in the smoke if you didn't want to sit in an Orlando fC style 'smoke zone'. Forward thinking in ny opinion.
  9. Its because they are illegal they get thrown i guess. Catch 22.
  10. It has since moved forward and back several times but as of now football fans have the right to legally light flares inside stadiums, provided that they use approved fire devices and not run any pyroshows during games. Of course each legal display needs a lot of paperwork and has to be signed off by different authorities, but for the time being there is no better deal in football. Especially in the light of recent report published by UEFAthat strictly advises against pyrotechnics in football stadia, the Norwegian experience speaks volumes. And they made it clear that the report brings nothing new into the conversation. Norsk Supporterallianse replied to it with their real life expertise. In 2015 there were 80 legal pyroshows in Norway and the number of injuries was zero. Meanwhile UEFA's report underlines the risk of even “multiple deaths”. Risk is something that can be managed though, according to Norwegian fans.
  11. Alternative approaches to Pyro across Europe. Interesting reading. http://stadiumdb.com/news/2017/07/effc_2017_different_approaches_to_legal_pyrotechnics
  12. If made legal with cooperation with clubs you wouldnt have to throw them. Take a look at FC Copenhagen. Fans liase with the club and discuss exactly the display they want to make and the club works alongside fans. Scandinavian thinking.
  13. A Tale Of Two Managers

    What a load of Dickens.
  14. Defensive manager ...

    No mids scoring indicates they aren't making attacking runs and staying back. Thats defensive.