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Jordan Rhodes ...... Sky sports understands ....

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Exactly it all boils down to does anyone else think Rhodes is worth 12m and is someone willing to pay it.

Yep, and any interested club has had multiple transfer windows to pay it if he was worth £12m, and the fact no one has tells you something.

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Would be interesting to see a Rhodes that adds 'works hard for the team' to his game.

Think if he did, he would be immense.


Hooper has taken a bit of time to adjust but has shown that he can fit in with how we play.

Would be interesting to see if young Jordan could do the same.

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I know they were at different stages of their contract but the fact that Southampton picked up a proven Premier league, British, striker for £4million shows why nobody has been prepared to offer Blackburn's asking price for Rhodes.

Adobe is worth £10m because someone was willing to pay that, so far no club thinks Rhodes is worth £12m and Blackburn won't get that for him.


Yes, but Adobe is an acrobat as well as a striker. 

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4 things.


1:- It's not you lot on here who will be spending the money so stop talking like it's coming out of your back pockets.


2:- Ambitious clubs always attempt to buy the best players who are on offer if they are better than what you currently have. It's struggling teams who buy because they HAVE to.


3:- The amount quoted is the current going rate for a striker of that calibre. Afobe the most recent example.


4:- J.R. is the best of his generation playing at half wee wee tail in a team flat lining. Don't judge him on that. He is class, always has been and still is. Andre Gray not in same class.

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Derby County enter race for Jordan Rhodes with £17m offer. Now favourites to win his signature #dcfc #swfc #brfc #PeskyMidlanders


On a serious note, how can Derby be making all these signings and not be in breach of FFP?


Also, if they don't go up (which I hope they don't) Can they afford to keep paying such huge salaries?

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