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  1. This poster needs banning....................talking sense on here is NOT allowed.
  2. Mr C had a meeting with representatives of a consortium shortly before Christmas.
  3. The new owners will have their own targets anyway.
  4. Alex Neil would be interested if a job was available.
  5. We were the better team first half by far. The opposites coaching team see that so change things around to counter. We should then change our approach 10 or so minutes into the second half and go to plan B. That is what coaching is about, spotting these things and reacting. Our coaching staff are pretty poor.
  6. His brother Hoki is a top prospect too.
  7. Fans at every club around the world with a transfer deadline will be saying the same.
  8. I reckon I've touched a few over the years.
  9. We have some proper idiotic pretend fans on here don't we ?
  10. There's a novelty................a Leeds fan talking sense
  11. He's thrown well over £100 million down the bottom over the last few years. I'd say that's a bit daft.
  12. If he had 2 feet he would be the best player in the division.
  13. Put all the overpaid lobbers on pay as you play deals, soon stop moaning then.
  14. Bamford should be back from his broken fingernail soon.
  15. We were watching the same old poo a year or two ago. Maybe different seasonings but the main ingredient was still poo.
  16. OK, thanks for putting me right. However, I've just read that January and February are the 2 months that people struggle most financially in a year, so just maybe it wasn't such "a very silly question" ?
  17. Just one point from this. It's not "my argument". The question marks sort of give it away so rather "silly" to state it is.
  18. If people are struggling for cash at this moment in time will they not still be struggling, maybe even more so, after Christmas ? Like someone said maybe a good Christmas present ?
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