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  1. Whichever way their fans try to dress it they are up crappercreek without a paddle big style.
  2. Welcome Mallik. Another good addition.
  3. You're not going to slag him for stamping on someone laid on the floor ?
  4. A bit harsh. Billy has made a career out of diving.
  5. So cruel. You have to feel for them don't you ?
  6. VERY VERY highly rated in football agent circles.
  7. He is VERY highly regarded in football circles.
  8. It should do................second best is the story of their life.
  9. I reckon Darren is Rogers' secret son to a Bond girl.
  10. Can do a job at left wingback.
  11. I think we've got enough Jack Tuckers on here haven't we ?
  12. They are. Friend of mine has a business near their ground and he usually gets a dozen complimentary tickets each home match for the inconvenience . This time he has been given 30 as they are expecting the biggest crowd of the season.
  13. You'll be getting peltiers for those suggestions.
  14. It's gonna be a long lonely summer.
  15. Wow. I know why I don't do twitter after reading that.
  16. A dribbler with an end product. Said it all season and was hoping Adeniran maybe the man.
  17. We need a dribbler with some end product.
  18. Well done Wycombe. Played that to perfection.
  19. A friend of mine, massive Blade, has told me that United aren't releasing today's attendance yet as they want it to be higher than our attendance on Monday night. Not sure if that's a wind up as I've not checked if it is listed anywhere but it wouldn't surprise me if it is true.
  20. The first goal was thrown in by the Fulham keeper. Even a Sunday league keeper would have dived to make sure it wasn't going to creep in at the near post.
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