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  1. One of those rumours is 100% not true.
  2. We don't support Fulham. Or Leeds....I hate Leeds, does anyone else ?
  3. So out of those who were involved last night which are the ones who weren't showing commitment or effort ?
  4. They have made a decision and informed the club on 23rd December 2019.
  5. Were you born daft or do you practice a lot ?
  6. You list 6 players there who "aren't good enough". All pretty much regulars in the squad. Why do you then think we have "been pretty average overall" ? If over a third of our regular squad isn't good enough surely we are punching at or even above our weight ? Not having a go at you by the way, I mostly agree, but our fans expectations sometimes astounds me. We aren't massive, sleeping giants, a big club or even promotion contenders. We are an average Championship squad with an outside chance of making the playoffs. Much like 20 or so other teams in this division.
  7. More pertinent, how did you manage to get a hip replacement at 58 ? I'm 56 and was told they wouldn't consider it for at least another 7 years.
  8. The biggest positive....................... We don't support Leeds.
  9. Yer bunch of 2 faced haggis bashers. He used to get slagged to death on here regular.
  10. Problem is when the opposites stop him playing or he has a bad day whos steps up to the plate ?
  11. Unless you are good team you can only play as well as the opposites allow. We are not a good team and the opposites played really well by their standards.
  12. We have a midtable squad, we are about midtable. What's the problem ? Fans expectations.
  13. You could have just put "a lot of fans are idiots "
  14. Seriously, are you telling me they aren't the words ?
  15. Millwall were above us in the table before the game so why are people surprised we didn't beat them ? A draw against a team above you is never a bad result. We are a mid table Championship team at the moment. Why can't people accept that and stop thinking we deserve to be going for promotion ?
  16. I think you may have proved a point but I doubt it's the one you were trying to show.
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