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  1. “Panic in the streets of Meersbrook. Panic on the the streets of Heeley. Let’s sack SJ, let’s sack SJ, let’s sack SJ, leeets sack SJ”
  2. Andre Wisdom? Played at CB and RB for Derby last season and only 28.
  3. I’m not sure why Paterson feels break dancing will help us in the forthcoming games.
  4. Like they say. If you can’t beat em………cheat.
  5. Initially I thought this was a thread about the ABV of beer people are drinking these days when watching Wednesday.
  6. It’s all pointless because the chairman doesn’t care. It’s not like fans can protest as he hasn’t been in the country for over 18 months! We will never have success under DC. We will meander around in L1 and probably end up with more financial issues with the EFL. DC is the only owner that has taken the emotion out of supporting Wednesday. Half the time I don’t give a damn anymore and that’s just not right. I want a team that gives the fans something to believe in and an owner that has a clear vision for success and growth as a club. We are just a zombie club under DC.
  7. If we beat Plymouth our next tie is live on ITV.
  8. Some big teams heading for the play offs. Italy Portugal and Sweden. The Netherlands could also end up there. Ouch!
  9. This. Very rare to find a chairman that thinks like a fan. The last we had was Lee Stafford who got pelters from the fans. Lee had the very best of intentions I’m sure and basically got to do what many of us would love to do. Run the club. I’m afraid like him or loathe him the last chairman with true ambition was Dave Richards. Sadly that waned and when the FA job was coming up he did one. Nowadays it’s just a business or play toy for the rich.
  10. Thought Lee Grant was underrated too. Not in the class as those mentioned but very solid for us.
  11. Can only go from my lifetime but full respect to the likes of Springett and Swan who would both have got in our best ever 11. Pressman Nilsson Walker Pearson Worthington Sheridan Palmer Waddle Di Canio Carbone Hirst
  12. Hope he’s better than Don. He was very one footed.
  13. Daniel Farke has been sacked by Norwich. If we do move in from Moore, I’d love this guy. Norwich played some lovely stuff in the championship under him.
  14. Mowbray’s nose is almost in his mouth. I guess he’s one guy that really can blow his own trumpet.
  15. He’ll feel like the rest of the players either playing out of position or not playing at all. Confused, angry and no doubt questioning Moore’s management.
  16. Some fun suggestions there but you have to question if any manager can sort us out or is it the culture DC has created?
  17. I think some managers are past their sell by date. Big Mick would fall into that category.
  18. Still haven’t forgiven Wimbledon for knocking us out of the FA cup in 97. I haven’t forgiven myself for forgetting my glasses too. Could only make out Carbone cos of his green boots and Des Walker for obvious reasons.
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