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  1. Sheffield is a neglected city and it rubs off on its football teams. Poor infrastructure and constantly overlooked in favour of Leeds. We are the largest city in Europe without it’s own airport. We are the birth place of football yet where is the museum or hall of fame? Manchester they’d have you believe. Eric Taylor was the last visionary chairman we had. I don’t count Dave Richards as he was just feathering his own nest till the FA job came along. We’ve lost so much ground as a club both on and off the pitch I fear we’ll never be a big name in English football a
  2. Surely Jim Gammon new favourite for the job? Or Frank Lampard’s pigs in blankets has a ring to it. And I thought Good Friday was a few weeks away.
  3. Should have let him go and watch the cricket and take the helm in July.
  4. Dear EFL can you re-add the 6 points that were shaved off after the appeal and get this over with?
  5. Yeah I’m getting this too and I have an ifollow pass deducted from my ST most home games. Maybe clear cache and try later.
  6. Wildsmith Uroghide Lees Dunkley Harris Bannan Hutchinson Reach Brown Rhodes Paterson
  7. “B***dy rubbish!” “Mind your language Dave. Have you been to the game?” ”No I listened on’t wireless” Next up Mark ”Ya know yeah, I fink that Chansiri’s ad enuff yeah and I fink e wonts art but e wants too much money and I’m werried abart weir we going” Brian what’s on your mind? ”Wilder, we’ve had enough and believe you me, it’s time to get down to bramall lane and protest” ”But Brian this is statistically one of the best managers you’ve ever had” “I’ve managed in football Adam and believe you me, he’s not
  8. I think the desire to watch us at the moment is as low as it’s been in a very long time. We are so predictable. Haven’t come back to win a single game when going behind this season. Then there is the inevitable result when facing a side on a bad run. It’s all so nauseatingly predictable isn’t it? 3-0 Brentford. Pass the cool aid.
  9. In some ways it makes sense. Perhaps the finances will be set up next season to have a push (provided we are in the championship). Would lessons be learned from his previous tenure such as Carlos having the final say on signings and the fitness program? He didn’t want Jordan Rhodes and in some ways it started the decline. Time will tell.
  10. Close the academy. Complete waste of time with DC in charge of our club
  11. It’s just another example of incompetent ownership. He’s not bothered anymore. Under his tenure we’ve had a transfer embargo, points deduction and had a recruitment drive as bad as I’ve ever known us have. He can’t even be bothered to refund fans ST money or employ a manager while we are in one of the most pivotal relegation scraps in our history and is hoping Thompson can somehow keep us up. Selling Hillsborough to Himself was his little safety net for when it goes t**s up and he can use it against the club or any potential new owner. It’s a disgrace wh
  12. As much as I think we need to move on from Chansito, I’m sceptical about Alonso.
  13. Might be time to cash out DC. You’ll be begging for £30 million once we hit league one.
  14. Too injury prone. We have enough of those players. Hard pass.
  15. Just looked at the free agent market and it’s very grim viewing. I’m also not sure if anyone gets released now if you can sign them? I thought there was a rule that they had to be a feee agent during the last transfer window for you to sign them? Anyhow looks like we go with what we have. Thompson looking ok right now so maybe the manager search is in hold?
  16. Yeah probably Rhodes for Josh Murphy and a case of John West Tuna.
  17. The trouble with free agents is many aren’t up to speed and take weeks to get there. There is no loan window after the transfer window anymore too so we really need to find a diamond in the rough.
  18. Yesterday told its own story. The owner simply isn’t bothered anymore or is foolish enough to believe this current squad is good enough to stay up. No wonder he bought Hillsborough. That’s his little nest egg to use against the club when we inevitably slip into league one and have trouble finding a new owner/investor. DC showing his true colours now.
  19. Have an early night folks. I think we know how this window will go.
  20. Perhaps we will be able to buy someone if Lucas Joao is sold? The 20% sell on fee could be our budget for this window. Someone hurry up and buy Joao!
  21. He has 2 choices. Spend to try and save us or don’t spend and watch his £150 million go down the pan. I’m sure it will be our fault if we go down though.
  22. Typical of Wednesday isn’t it. I mean Leicester get Thai ownership and it completely revamps them as a club (look at their new training ground for instance) making them a top 5 team in England and a recent PL winner. We get Thai ownership and well you know the rest. Nothing against Thai’s by the way just our blinking luck is all.
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