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  1. Dc and Jos must realise..

    Hopefully we can exit the cup mentally & physically unscathed So a 0-1 wouldn't be the end of the world
  2. Today’s team

    I know its frowned upon by the average SW fan, but we need to dominate the ball today Otherwise we'll be ripped in the wide areas
  3. Resting players

    In our current situation, I understand the need for rest & rotation If Jos felt the need to rest all three of Nuhiu, Joao & Reach, I'd have preferred we chuck the Villa game ... They're better than Millwall
  4. Young George

    Albert Steptoe anyway
  5. Young George

    Skip leg day = sh*t anyway Serious though, his Dad probably regrets not going to Man Ure and is desperate to get his son a 'big move
  6. I pleased that so far, the youngsters are proving the 'Never Ready' brigade wrong
  7. I hear Doyen are going to slip a new contract into Abdi's autograph pile
  8. IF we were relegated ...

    With the help of the local media, our better players would likely be scapegoated again ... Before they are sold / released We already have a few in this thread, preparing the sh*t anyway banners
  9. Pelupessy

    If Pelupessy doesn't get up to speed soon, people will start pretending he was signed by Doyen
  10. Brian Laws

    BELIEVE in the Uri Geller philosophy
  11. 4-4-2?!? Doyen must've picked that lineup!!! Or summat
  12. *awaits news of multiple toe injuries*
  13. I think Chansiri has given up on his initial option 1 .... 'Massive' average crowds
  14. In the world of F(un)FP, it's common sense