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  1. If a PL2 were to happen, it would probably just be the Prem split into 2 So the 'big' clubs wont have to play any of the plebby clubs ... Leaving time for mid season breaks / trips to friendly tournaments in Qatar
  2. Hopefully. I'm guessing Borner & Harris are on a decent wage Iorfa was rejected by a club bottom of the Championship, so we probably negotiated a good deal there
  3. One more League game before the barrel lid opens
  4. Hopefully we'll still be able to attract quality freebies, like Harris ... Players will go to the club offering the most money
  5. So a lot of OTers are looking forward to a summer CLEAR ARHHT of our bigger earners? Will we be able to attract better replacements, while offering lower wages & fees?
  6. 'When xxx decides he wants to play' 'Clear ARHHHT!' I think these freds are born out of the same frustrations too
  7. Clearly the HT subs were made, with the intention of keeping a 2nd half clean sheet
  8. Oh well. Only one more league game before we bring a striker in Hopefully we aren't too far adrift by then
  9. Lightening is my nickname for Nuhiu ... It wasn't a spelling mistake, honest
  10. Been away for a week. Was told last week by the OT massif, that despite Wickham being in the Palarse match day squad, it was a done deal ... Just hope we can get through another game with Winnowt up on his own Fingers crossed that lightening will strike twice (in a week) with Nuhiu
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