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Community Answers

  1. Its starting to sink in Project CLEAR AAHHHHT 2.0 tho
  2. In context of not being bullied / pressed out of the game in the first half, again
  3. Not surprised Moore is now looking for more bite in midfield So moving Hutchinson there makes sense
  4. Depends what level of football There's a lot of walking football, from teams that can hog possession
  5. Playing out from the back, just needs to be done with some common sense Some managers though, are riddled with philosophy and insist on playing Chuckle Brothers, 100% of the time
  6. Given time on the ball, we can pass it round well. Surprisingly well, with so little time to gel We have weaknesses to be exploited though... A high line, passing out from the back. We can be pressed into nervousness. We need to get used to surviving the 1st halves, of our opponents Cup Final I'm not a big fan of wide forwards. The 3 players behind, need to get much closer to our no9 We basically share a few prombles with England
  7. As I was saying yesterday... Someone in the 3 behind Gregory, needs to have knowledge of the no9 role. Otherwise he will be isolated all season (my biggest promble with that formation) Adeniran tries tries to make those supportive runs. So is a big miss today Hopefully Plymouth will run out of steam in the 2nd half
  8. Without Adeniran, will it be Byers, Bannan or Wing, making runs to join Gregory in the box?
  9. I do prefer 2 strikers playing close together, to 3 spread (too) wide Our first 11 can easily drift into a 3-5-2. So that's probably more realistic than 4-4-2 atm I think 4-2-3-1 works better when the number 10, or at least one of the 'wide forwards', has knowledge of playing as a 9
  10. We create plenty Our defence is holding up Only thing potentially holding us back, is chance conversion rate
  11. They've replaced him with Hayden Coulson
  12. I think Portsmouth missed out on a signing, to Ipswich and their manager had a little flounce
  13. To me to you to me you ... A team of Chuckle Brothers, playing passing drill rugby
  14. Works hards all over the pitch. Will literally KO himself to prevent a goal Replaced by a complete t@sser. Moore must think Sado is a 'Changed Man', I guess
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