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  1. Would be a fee involved for Batth though
  2. Robert Huth being linked with a free transfer move to Villa I dont see how Villa could afford more wages than us ... If we were interested of course
  3. Would be a shame New signing pre seasons in October, have hampered us many times before
  4. So is his Dad now officially Fat Sh*t Never F*cking Fit again?
  5. Not quite the relegation fodder we looked, at times last season But we'd be bang average / mid table Obviously if FF were to go, it would we be for FunFP reasons ... So reinvestment would be limited
  6. camffiti

    One For The Ladies

    Another one for the ladehs Exclusive look at the new kit ... RETURN OF THE STRIPES
  7. Why not wait to announce that he's actually signed? I sense another Hirst / Clare saga
  8. First the stripes and now this?!? What happened to our tradition of 'Snapping Their Hands Off For Half The Price'?
  9. camffiti

    WORLD CUP 2018 Matchday Thread

    Itz the f b i wot 1 it?
  10. camffiti

    WORLD CUP 2018 Matchday Thread

    I just hope Southgate allows our world class players to have tomato sauce on their food Or we might not win the world cup
  11. All sh*t anyway It's only June FFS Remember when we only signed JOC Or summat
  12. Was Marco Van Basten ever moved to left back?
  13. So the season will end later ... and closer to the beginning of the International tournament?