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  1. I'm not. Anyway, lets hope Monk can make 4-4-2 great again
  2. 4-4-2 could mean 2 sitting midfielders, or a diamond 2 strikers, 2 wingers & only 1 sitter ... This is proper 4-t-2
  3. Monk has been searching for the right blend upfront. I think Rhodes is Plan Z ... and Monk is already on it
  4. Fletcher, Nuhiu, Rhodes, Winnowt Only one of those is providing any value / end product Shipping out 2 or 3 of those and bringing in 1 replacement ... Whoever it is, they cant do less than nothing
  5. A low risk gamble on a cheap / free striker. I can't see a promble Is he any good?
  6. That kind of line up would be great in the 1990s. Hopefully 4-t-2 can be great again
  7. Mainstream media have known f*ck all about the club, for 20 years However, they do know about the FFP prombles ... They're probably just assuming we're skint and have put out (made up?) a story to back it up
  8. I suggested we sign Keiffer Moore a few years ago, when he was sitting in the ITFC reserves Unfortunately out of our price range now
  9. I'm taking full credit for the goal then
  10. Bringing on Rhodes is the height of desperation
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