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  1. Its was around the hour mark last week, that we decided to sit back and wait to concede
  2. Referee management was a huge part of Alex Ferguson's success
  3. Bannan injured? Or has Monk just replaced our shortest, with our tallest? ... Defending the Alamo for the next 20 minutes?
  4. Sick of the EFLs b*tch relationship to the PL Time for another breakaway league? ... Anyone have Barry Hearns' number?
  5. If we're still looking for a LB ... Luke Garbutt has been ITFCs player of the season so far. He's only on loan from Everton, so maybe available in Jan
  6. If Rhodes or Winnowt were showing any semblance of form, this maybe a debate worth having
  7. He obviously reads some of the bizarre comments on here, about Bannan
  8. I want to see us play some high possession Chuckle Brother football today. Similar to early Carlos style, but with the option to spring McGeady / McManaman Harris when the opportunities arise No doubt, if we don't win today, Bannan will be blamed ... Just as Brunt was, when he was surrounded by inferior players Midweek games, will always play like 8pm is past our bed time. More positive about Saturday games
  9. Typical night game performance Needed to take one of our early chances
  10. The 4-t-2 with Fletcher & Nuhiu gamble, seems to be paying off
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