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  1. Firstly I didn't appraise their season in that post, or at the time of the game ... Btw IMO their season was decent - Probably a top 2 budget & made the top 6. At the time, it was a comment on that game and the post was stating just that The common sense point, that I really didn't think needed explaining further, was about playing the situation of the game. Rather than blindly sticking 100% to a philosophy. There are times in games where defenders find themselves in the sh*t and just need to go off script and use common sense
  2. The philosophical predetermined decisions were not helping them, in the game I was watching Predetermined patterns of play, around your box ( ) are as silly as watching Brits chip charging at Wimbledon, or reverse sweeps at Lords ... Predetermined being the key word I guess
  3. I remember watching a Frank Lampard's Derby game last season and saying ... This team stinks of philosophy
  4. I think it was just a botched metaphor, referring to FIFA & UEFA running the English game
  5. Been thinking he's looked a little heavier since pre-season His hair maybe weighing him down too
  6. That's a relief ... Now I can get back to worrying about Butterfield, turning into Iniesta
  7. Not heard Sky mention their Red Button coverage this season With iFollow now offering UK coverage for £10, I have my doubts
  8. You're right. But Rowett could lose his first 2 games and no one would bat an eyelid Solskjaer will do ok this year ... Much better than Mourinho anyway Who did Pep manage before Barcelona?
  9. This fred has reminded me ... What's Craig Shakespeare up to nowadays?
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