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  1. The only reasons to look at Lee Johnson, would be a lack of budget and pulling power
  2. I remember when we had to keep playing Frankie Simek, because we had no else available ...
  3. Expecting / demanding better of players? We need a captain that spins positives from negatives, and not hurt teammates feelings
  4. I probably would have given it to Hutchinson IF we can hold onto Bannan, then he's the stand out choice If not, then I guess Borner
  5. Summery ... Monk has had fall arhhhts with most of our defenders, so is now playing wingers at centre herrf
  6. I remember when we were having our pants pulled by other clubs, as sold players for £500k a piece (Lee Grant springs to mind). Just to pay the PAYE Soooo ... Kieffer Moore Sam Morsy Josh Windass Antonee Robinson £350k combined fee?
  7. We squeeze into the Playoffs by 1 point, on the last day of the season ... EFL then deducts 2 points
  8. No morals in the business of football. The vulture will already be circling ... Who will we be bidding £350k for?
  9. Garbutt now officially released by Everton. Ancelotti didn't even know who he was League 1 clubs are interested in him, so could be a realistic signing
  10. Enigma? Has Neil been playing with the swear filter again?
  11. IF we can stumble over the line this season, with a dozen players ... Next season, how do we replace Hutchinson, Forrestieri & Fletcher without FFP flouncing?
  12. Be reyt. We have Pelupessy #ProjectClearAaaarrhht
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