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  1. Guard of honour

    We linked up with the wrong agency
  2. Wengers style has similar pros & cons to Carlos
  3. #SWFC 3 - 0 Reading OMDT

    I sense some experimentation in todays starting line up Hopefully this time it won't be a back 4 of full backs
  4. Danny Batth

    He's no Martin Taylor
  5. We usually sign on deadline day ... Resulting in pre season ending in October
  6. Pashun or summat
  7. #QPR 4 - 2 #SWFC - OMDT

    Didnt we play a back 4, with FBs at CB, vs Bristol City?
  8. ITFC fans are going ape They think it's the Rhodes situation all over again
  9. Modern Football

    Penalty boxes should be a free for all zone Diving would then be pointless and corners would be worthwhile again
  10. hirst to united

    Sh*t anyway And his Dad is ... Fat Sh*t Never f*cking fit Or summat
  11. Sky sports and Matt Murray...

    The bias was obvious today
  12. Modern full backs

    Most full backs can't cross, so avoid doing so Rose is a good example of this
  13. Adam Reach

    Not defensively good enough for LB Struggled at LW due to lack of pace or a trick Mobiliy & pace looked good for a CM ... Especially when compared to Jones & Butterfield
  14. I hope so, because ... We'll have a self imposed embargo this summer, in an attempt to avoid an official one Remember when we only signed JOC/Boyd or summat