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  1. camffiti

    penney may be off

    Been suspecting this for half a dozen games now It's good to be confident (& increasingly rare), but I think Sky broadcasting from Penney's a$$h*le, is playing havoc with his ego
  2. camffiti

    penney may be off

    The Sky cameras aren't a great influence on his ego imo
  3. camffiti

    Converting Draws to Wins

    I read some stats, somewhere We rely on goals from outside of the box, more than the rest of the division We gift more chances to opposition, than the rest of the division It's not a sustainable strategy
  4. camffiti

    penney may be off

    Several clubs have talked about that The way EPPP is set up, the 'Elite' clubs can hoover up youngsters cheap (for the good of the national team lol) ... Loan them out for 10 years, then sell them back to EFL clubs for a tidy profit The 'Elite' Prem clubs are only using their academies, to fund Galatico signings
  5. camffiti

    Biggs - Good Point?

    Possibly maybe
  6. camffiti

    Sam Winnall

    I think it depends on who we get offers for Will Hooper be fit by January?
  7. camffiti

    Sam Winnall

    Fully match fit by January? Unfortunately, I doubt we will keep both Winnall & Hooper
  8. 5-4-1 No clean sheet ... No party
  9. Match fit in time for the Januray FFP window?
  10. camffiti

    Forget promotion

    <--- My preseason prediction of 54-56 points is right there What more evidence do you need?
  11. camffiti

    Last nights ref

    Leeds have that uncanny ability (of a Fergie Man Ure team), to be so persistently dirty, that the ref has to ignore it We probably went to ground, in the tackle, half a dozen times & Leeds 90+ The yellows didn't reflect that
  12. camffiti

    Dawson and Baker

    Personally don't think either are quite ready yet But it's not their fault Hunt & Westwood are no longer available for us
  13. Paul Hurst reportedly has until January to get his first win as ITFC boss, or he's a gonna The majority of ITFC fans, now look back on their George Burley team for nostalgia (rather than the Robson & Ramsey teams) That team had a 'Sweeper Keeper' and passed the ball to death ... They'd love Carlos down there
  14. camffiti

    Gary Cahill Linked

    This is obviously just lazy journalism / fake news Unless we can get a few £mil for Van Aken in January & Chelsea let Cahill go on a free BELIEVE
  15. camffiti

    Biased pundits etc

    The biggest problem with pundits ... A lack of knowledge, outside of the big 6 Prem clubs.