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  1. camffiti

    Alan Nixon

    All this talk of Bruce becoming our next manager, got me thinking ... Is Avram on Doyens books?
  2. camffiti

    Really Bruce ???

    My problem with Bruce, is he's a collector of players iirc, at Villa he had £20mil+ of strikers (his signings) on the bench and he said he needed to sign another Not really suited to our current situation
  3. camffiti

    Wednesday - V- Rotherham OMDT

    Onomah seems very similar to his U21 teammate, Trevoh Chalobah Our Prem academies seem to produce side passers that hide from responsibility & work rate
  4. camffiti

    Carlos Twitter

    Carlos will sort out Atdhe and we will make the play offs Be reyt
  5. camffiti

    Fans forum

    Remember to keep on message
  6. camffiti

    Roland Nilsson

    Only as a player / manager
  7. camffiti

    Next SWFC Manager

    Of the three
  8. camffiti

    Mr December

    Always a fun game at the beginning of each month ... Has the player already been sold
  9. camffiti

    Fans forum

    Pie & peas are being replaced by Red Bull & biccies
  10. camffiti

    Fans forum

    Hopefully Neil can get his question(s) in this time #MountSplashmorePreSeason2019
  11. camffiti

    Fans Forum...

    Hopefully Neil can get his question(s) in this time #MountSplashmorePreSeason2019
  12. Soooo, shoes on or off?