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  1. Bannan is the problem

    Bannan Our most creative midfielder Sits deep on instruction, because Hutchinson is injured Puts up with playing wide, to accommodate dross like Jones & Butterfield
  2. New Manager & Doyen

    What managers do Doyen have on their books?
  3. Ipswich fans hate McCarthy Partly because they have unrealistic expectations of their squad Partly because Mick doesn't put up with the fans sh*t Btw, several times Mick has guided Ipswich to the top 6 on Jan 1st, but they never invested in the window
  4. Dean Smith Mick McCarthy Craig Shakespeare Hopefully Paul Ince fluffs his interview
  5. I've noticed local journos are starting to criticise Carlos They don't usually have the b*ll*cks to do that, unless they've heard something
  6. The Boy Wonder - 50 today !

    I'm not going to let recent events taint my memories of Hirst I'm guessing some will though, because football fans can be a fickle bunch... I remember the 'He's fat, he's sh*t, he's never f*cking fit' song

    Less than the number played by our other midfielders
  8. We're still massively in the chase for a top 6 finish *cough*
  9. Short list

    No liiitle Dennis Wise?
  10. Short list

    The question should be ... Who would compile the shortlist?
  11. Our weaknesses are Megsons strengths and vice versa We'd have a good blend ... In the short term atleast
  12. A 'floater' Tbf to Bannan, he usually gets moaned at for being too involved
  13. Caption Competition

    Hello? ... No this isn't little Dennis Wise!
  14. Overpaid Pre Madonnas?

    Prima-donnas and prima ballerinas That's modern football for yer
  15. I'd prefer FF was back on 1st of Feb