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  1. camffiti

    Toxic to support

    It's the overly optimistic fans, that shout down negativity (Football Heaven styleee) that are turning toxic, in the wake of realism setting in I spent the summer on here trying to dampen foundationless optimism It appears I've failed, but it was always a difficult task tbf
  2. camffiti

    The Star - Were after a CB

    ITFC were hoping to sign Tilt & / or Carter-Vickers this week, but now face competition from other Championship clubs
  3. camffiti

    The Star - Were after a CB

    Sounds about right. Maybe a LB too All of IMMENSE power & pace
  4. It's the Beckham syndrome Always better in the position he's not currently playing
  5. I can understand if FF wanted to leave The club is on the back burner to the next 2 or 3 years and he's here trying to zimmer 10 other players to victory
  6. The over optimistic bees have their stingers out before September #ToxicOptimiam The state of this club... if Jos keeps us up, he's done a good job I'm still sticking to my pre season prediction, of 54 - 56 points
  7. I thought we were supposed to be immune from injuries this season?
  8. Our pre seasons never start until September anyway Any new signings will only have missed 3 or 4 walking pace knockabouts From what I've seen, Hooper still has 2 stone to lose
  9. I don't think anyone is seriously calling for a SPENDAGEDDON I think people are just having a laugh, to celebrate being out of FFP overdraft
  10. 5 loanees of IMMENSE PHYSICALITY Be reyt
  11. camffiti

    Energy for Sunday

    I know possession based football is a bit of a taboo, in Yorkshire football. With our current squad though, it's our only hope We play walking pace football ... If we don't have the ball, our opposition won't allow us to do that I know it's not always entertaining, but it's like a boxer getting behind the jab, when they're tired or hurt ... It's usually the sensible thing to do
  12. Does Jos even rate Penney? Since he arrived, Jos gave a lot of youngster their chances (& tried a lot of people at LWB), before giving Penney a go iirc, Jos tried a back 4 twice last season and we conceded 8 goals. So I can understand his reluctance Annnyway, our back 4 options would be Baker / Palmer Hutchinson Lee Pudil / Fox Our back 5 options Baker / Palmer / Boyd** Hutchinson Lee Neilson* Thornily* Pudil* Fox* Reach** / Fox / Penney** / Boyd** *Don't think Jos will risk in a back 4 **Don't think Jos will risk at FB So the back 3 is probably just a decision based on the numbers atm ... in our extremely unbalanced squad
  13. Yeah, his bombing forward days are probably over The other options are Fox ... or a back 3
  14. Yeah that's probably the only central partnership we could field. Pudil would be the only LB choice ... F*ck knows for RB