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  1. Ideally we would keep Westwood for another year, to allow Dawson to go out on loan No point pretending Norwich first goal, couldn't have been saved by Meggos cap though
  2. Not mentally or physically fit enough for the occasion tonight
  3. Didn't look mentally or physically fit enough for the occasion
  4. At least we have a couple of runners in this team So should be able to get out of our half tonight
  5. IF the P*gs go up, they'll sign Cahill and Jaaaaaags
  6. Due to our chronic injury and FFP records, Elev8 will be producing only 10 kits
  7. After Sky started broadcasting games, live from Penney's assh*le, he started trying to impress Pep too much He just needs a reality check, then he'll be fine
  8. If we really are £15mil in the FunFP hole, then Reach & another will have to go, before Bruce can bring in a freebie left back
  9. Is this fred here, in case the Pigs get promoted? The Prem tho ...
  10. Yeah Give Bannan some runners and he'll pick them out His heart must've sunk when he saw our team sheet vs Leeds
  11. Starting the game with 11 non runners, we were always going to struggle to push out Hopefully we can get something from a set piece in the 2nd half
  12. The complete lack of pace / counter attack ability, leaves us one dimensional today Interesting to see how Hooper & Fletcher link up again though
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