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  1. Apparently the bid was less than £1mil. I'm not sure when his contract is up, but I'd be surprised if they reject £2mil
  2. Realistically, for any new striker to start on Saturday, they will have to be signed by Thursday. Otherwise they'll be on the bench Todays Reach spin, suggests the club aren't confident of bringing in one this week. -12 points and an October deadline day this year, means we can't afford to wait for last minute scrapings
  3. All these players were said to be the problem ... Brunt Whelan Antonio Quinn Kuqi Fletcher Forestierri Hutchinson Meanwhile, worse players stay here and the above move(d) onto bigger & better things #ProjectClearARHHT #YoungerAndBetterForCheaper #UriNation
  4. Reach was barely able to get touch in the last 2 games. Hopefully he'll be hungry by Saturday
  5. Some good points from the OP However, I'm not going to pretend negatives are positives ... That's a losing mentality for the UriNation (c)
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