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  1. Chansiri in obviously. What idiot would buy him out?....
  2. I'm fed up of some of us lot stamping our feet. It was always going to happen. We need at this time to come together as one and show our commitment. Our owner thinks he running back street, Bangkok sweatshop and he needs to get real. Time for us to stand up for our club. 💙
  3. If things go breasts up..... Plymouth Argyle would be my choice..... Train from and to Cornwall with the Green Army....
  4. Busted by the scrabble police.... 😕
  5. If my memory serves me correctly. We played Juventus, Napoli and Bologna.....
  6. Where would we be if we won the two cups in 93. Look forward not back.
  7. Let's be honest. Him and his brother are overated. Neither would get in Brentford's team.
  8. BBis a lovely footballer, but has to be carried in a midfield two, as he's not strong enough. Maybe it's time to say thanks, but we're looking for somebody new.
  9. Stand and Deliver..... Fried eggs and liver.....
  10. Great player that left far too soon.
  11. It's The Wednesday way...... Money to spend and we can't do it. You couldn't make it up.....
  12. Can't wait to lose that plank. Time to move on and get some highly rated youngsters from the divisions below. Our players have failed us and its time to readjust.
  13. Thought we should have gone for it tonight. We missed a chance.
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