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  1. 4-0 That must be when Peter Rodrigues smashed one in the top corner..... Memories....
  2. Next to the kop. Opposite Charlie Brown's..
  3. I preferred 1991. When United were in the Premier league and we were in the championship. We had a better team than them. We won promotion and the league Cup. That's a season to remember.
  4. Never hated any Wednesday player. Didn't rate a few but hate,.... Never.
  5. Anybody remember the supporters club/House on Penistone Rd?. Didn't Rita run it?...
  6. We'll win this. I can feel it in my Rattler. ......
  7. The celebrations at Elland Road, showed how far the club has fell. You would have thought we'd won the league. Something needs to happen and fast.
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