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  1. Few years back would have been a good deal but US company Kraft bought Cadbury out and ruined it. Started using American style pre soured milk (that's why your creme eggs stated trading funny a couple of years back).
  2. One day at a time Tinks. Your a shed wed fan, getting through tough times is in our blood
  3. I like how the top 7 perfectly alternate win, draws
  4. As the one-time national leading Telephone canvasser for Anglian Windows I find this post offensive. this is an example of a good window
  5. Can I ask anyone who has had a Percy in their mouth what does he taste of?
  6. terribly parked though over the pavement. A poor little toddler might run into that. More proof the PIgs are not a family club
  7. Wait, when did Di Canio leave? Thought he'd been quiet of late
  8. Don't go looking at the table at the final whistle, you'll be disappointed
  9. Didn't they have one last year at 2 in the morning because of China or something?
  10. Club never helped me out when the exhaust dropped off my car. You reap what you sow
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