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  1. happy with Mortal Kombat and always like a bit of golf
  2. cant wait to drive into the 80's sunset in my Banshee with Mr Mister blaring out as I mow down hookers in all their PS5 glory
  3. apparently the cord in the tyre had worn through. 6 points difference is nothing really compared to what a puncture would do for the points tally
  4. will be all the more sweeter when Hamilton wins on Sunday
  5. Even the bozz eyed owl was better than the new badge
  6. I remember getting the PS1 and th graphics then blowing me away. I love GT but nearly always lacked customisation. Looks like thats changed this time. Lots of car modding
  7. That was my thought, bit of Red Mist. Its Max's downfall and I think in a year or two he will add more composure to his game and think of the long game better. The bit that really annoyed me? Max not even checking lewis was ok, walked straight past. I find that more telling than anything
  8. i think most teams expected a safety car at some point, probably due to so many red flags in practice. I was surprised there wasn't one
  9. Ive just discovered you can get the original settlers on pc for a quid. Loved that game
  10. darklord


    wonder how much is down to data driven improvement and how much is down to availability of resources
  11. do you have to do racist chants or can non-racist ones be used?
  12. Keeper was pretty defensive too so Im saying 10
  13. No I wasn't sure we would qualify out the group stage to be honest. England are like Sheff Wed, some good moments, lack of threat in the final third, have a free kick 20 yards from goal and send it back to keeper
  14. anyone remember colonization? Was done by Sid Meier
  15. we had lucky draws in the last two contests. Soon as we came up against a good team we were found lacking. We are not a bad team we just aint the world beaters half the population think we are
  16. Yay time to all back slap the England team and sing its coming home after each game despite social media been full of everyone moaning how dull it is mid game
  17. So Kimi is retiring, Bottas to Alfa Romeo and Russell to Mercedes
  18. so they are turning the training ground into a second hand car lot? Least its not that bloke off the Cinch adverts. God i hate him more than Jeffers
  19. very much so but with bikes included. And giraffes
  20. Yeah I remember it. Used to play Transport Tycoon loads
  21. West ham actually scored more points per game without Tevez that season than when he was playing but the pigs never mention that but
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