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  1. This was my thought. Exchange deal, windass for dropping their claim
  2. I like that they had the foresight to make two transfer plans, depending on promotion. A sign we are getting better organised.
  3. I highly doubt McBurnie would get the same punishment as that fan. He wouldnt have gotten 24 weeks if he bundled me over
  4. Lived in and around Sunderland for 15 years. Therapy is still ongoing
  5. Thread title: Making a Pigs Ear of It
  6. yup and despite a transfer embargo we finished 4th. I have high hopes for this coming season
  7. Doesn't really hurt too much strangely. After last season to finish 4th is brilliant. Didn't expect us to win the playoffs either so it is what it is. Plus losing last night means we don't have to spend a fortune watching us lose at Wembley
  8. From their forum. Fair play Our fans at home were amazing. Sheff Wed’s were decent. HOWEVER, this needs to be said - for the 5/10 minutes after they scored that is one of the best home atmospheres I’ve ever seen. They were class, shining torches apart. The place was absolutely bouncing and louder than anything I’ve heard from home fans.
  9. Ive noticed they are swarming all over the BBC sports page comments now they got promotion
  10. they were lucky he jumped out the way of that 2 footed tackle 3 minutes into the game.
  11. hated the first leg, especially most of the 2nd half but, I would have snapped your hand off at the start of the season for finishing 4th. Moore has a built a team on frees and loans and despite injuries we finished where we did. Its been great to see us winning again and even a loss tonight wont change the upward trajectory we are on now. Ill be there tonight cheering on the lads. living in hope we can make it a step further but if we dont we go again next season with real momentum
  12. Think the crowd will be even more up for it. More goals coming i fear
  13. Don't think I've ever been this nervous before a game. I feel like 10 minutes into that Brighton second leg
  14. Still has a niggle so he's playing in goal
  15. Hope it's better than wycombes attempt at recreating the hillsborough light show
  16. Hoping is more like Brighton 1st leg than the 2nd. I've a really tough gravel bike race in the morning, my body doesn't need anymore stress
  17. Im crapping that we lose 4-0 and I've wasted a hard earned £20 on a home leg ticket
  18. Sunderland fans are notorious for leaving early. I always knew they were playing bad when they all started waking past my Sunderland office at 4pm on a Saturday
  19. Was just about to say no way Wycombe were founded before 1867
  20. Yes, Just grab a small child from near the turnstiles
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