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  1. I bet we are paying him slightly more in wages than if he was 'Nado and Andrea's live in Au Pair. Welcome to Hillsborough lad, the new Danny Ucheci .
  2. Oh Nkeitas you will never know, Anything about playing with Jordan Rhodes, We'll never know how good it feels to have you Nketias, we need you soooo
  3. I used that gag on 12th August last year in the Epstien thread..it got 11 ' ha-has' and 1 'love' . #jokeboast
  4. Without a doubt! Premier league is ridiculous anyway, If we did get there we will lose any identity we still have when we start signing useless foreign journeymen for £15 million. F.A. Cup for me every time.
  5. So when we were 3rd just before Christmas, Monk was an inspired choice..did well at Swansea and Brum..great appointment etc etc.. But now we have lost a few games, and Monk is a Jos imposter and Gary bleeding Rowett was the answer all along? . Genuinely can't wait for Grimsby to start winning a few games..
  6. Thing is, he was an uninspired appointment , and he was a merry-go-round manager. We've got lucky, for whatever reasons it's just clicked for him here. Just shows there are no guarantees with managers..it either works or it doesn't.
  7. That will be Jordan Rhodes luck summed up. Scores a hat-trick, earns rave reviews .....club signs another striker less than a week later. Think we might just survive without Rhian Brewster to be honest.
  9. Thread number 9 about Rhodes. Shows how desperate we have been for him to do something.
  10. I'm predicting 43 Rhodes threads by the end of the match , but none will be as cringeworthy as this one.
  11. Well done Rhodes, I've been a huge critic of him and his performances for us, but hopefully this will at least put him in the shop window again..... We want 5! We want 5!
  12. Refs in general are seen to be untouchable and beyond censure..just because there isn't enough of them in the game. This demotion to a lower league thing is pretty disgraceful as well..a game is a game, it doesn't matter what league it is, the rules are the same. How many refs had Wednesday had where a ' big name' ref is making stupid contentious decisions just because he has been demoted from the Premiership for a few weeks . I remember Jeff Winter ordering the kick off to be retaken twice in one of our games when he had been demoted for poor performance. For me the game needs to stop running scared of criticising officials. Without being called out on bad decisions, they get arrogant and lazy.
  13. Because I suppose it's about opinions at the end of the day, and not only do I trust my own eyes of 40 odd years watching football, mine is also an opinion that is shared by at least 5 different SWFC managers , and other professionals within the game. That for me trumps internet experts who can't see past goal scoring stats.
  14. Brian Hornsby , Ante Mirocevic and especially Gerald Sibon were not, in any possible way, donkeys. Honestly, some posters on here...
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