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  1. I was being a bit conservative, but yes it could be.
  2. The harder he fails, the quicker he gets sacked and gets his compo. Bruce will be sunning himself on a beach this Christmas with another 6 figure payout in his back pocket, laughing his head off at being called a failure.
  3. I agree Lost was terrible after season 2. 2-0 Wednesday, Lee , & Rhodes off the bench.
  4. Nope he's another shyster . Terrible behaviour as a manager, his part in the George Hirst con was there for all to see. Wouldn't want him anywhere near our club now, I don't care what he did as a player and his era was one of the best as a SWFC fan.
  5. There's nothing so special and unique about Sheffield Wednesday , that we are not immune from having Hillsborough levelled and moving to a new stadium. If Spurs , Man City and Everton can do it, then so can we. I don't think its necessary at the moment though; there is still so much development potential at Hillsborough ( corners filled in, Lep knocked down and started again) that we can remain there for a fair few years.
  6. Git, I was just about to say Whelan and Brunt as player coaches. Alan Irvine has unfinished business.
  7. I've mentioned it before, he only moved to Oldham from Manchester United ( who he played for and scored for in the Champions League qualifiers) , because he wanted to play first team football without moving far from home. We basically picked up a Premier league standard midfielder from a league 1 club!.
  8. Paddy power just paid me out on Reach being first goal scorer @13/2. ...how come the confusion? Dunt matter, they cant take it back off me!
  9. I would take £0.5 million for him as at token to get his wages off our books. Middlesborough had our pants down. Time we accepted that and that Rhodes has no appeal to other clubs on the wages he demands and the fee that we are trying to recoup.
  10. Any striker we have should be deadly if receiving chances in the box. Being able to finish from 8 yards out when being handed a chance on a plate is not a talent exclusive to Rhodes.
  11. I'll never understand the unwavering loyalty shown to Rhodes by our fans, particularly on this website, for someone who has been so underwhelming and such a huge disappointment given his fee, wages and reputation. Most strikers who have been as poor as Rhodes have been laughed out of the door by fans, insults ringing in their ears. Rhodes seems to be able to do no wrong, there is excuse after excuse for his lack of effort, lack of heart and lack of ability.. . "play to his strengths" "get the ball in the box to him" "give him a run of games"... To be honest, I think it's a myth that we haven't done that. He's had the same service that other strikers have had at our club whilst he's been here, who have done a lot better. He's also had more opportunities than most players who have shown such poor form every time they have been given a chance, due to his past reputation At this stage we are stuck with him, we probably can't even give him away on a free as no club will pay his wages so lets have less of this bids start at £5 million rubbish. Best case scenario is that he offers something a little different off the bench for us, maybe gets the odd goal that gets us a result and boosts his confidence.
  12. Why start a new thread? Hate it when Matchday gets all 'notice me'.
  13. I would take anything from £4 mil upwards. He has something, but he needs a fresh start. Just cannot be relied on for us.
  14. They were wrong to talk over Alex Scott, and they hadn't a clue about Bruce's personal circumstances. Just because Bruce has done what he has always done doesn't make two pundits correct.
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