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  1. What has he done that makes him seem a 'top class bloke'..?
  2. Nope, we indulged him enough. Glad he's gone and both club and player can move on.
  3. Why is Rhodes being discussed as a 'lovely guy' etc? Not sure he's done anything out of the ordinary for that to be noticeable . Perhaps just clutching at straws for positives with him?
  4. You won't have to wait that long, it will be after every goal he scores for them. For some reason Rhodes has been defended to death on here, and had so many excuses made for him - far more than any other player has. If he agrees personal terms with Norwich and the only sticking point is the fee, I would let him go on a free if that's what it takes for him to get him off our wage bill. A absolutely terrible signing who has been giving an incredible amount of chances with different strike partners and different set ups. Sick of hearing about ' how to get the best out of him' . We've done everything reasonable we can for him, most of it based on his history and reputation rather than anything he has shown whilst here. This move needs to happen.
  5. Feels a bit like when you where thinking about finishing with your girlfriend, but they surprise you by dumping you first. Good luck Jack Hunt.
  6. Damn it . At least I had him as anytime goalscorer. No consolation.
  7. Totally agree with this. The words, the sentiment, the punctuation. Everything.
  8. I think Colombia are better than us, and I think that going forward they have too much quality for our defence. Sadly our defence was also going to be the sticking point when we got to this stage. They have a beast of a centre half as well that has already powered in two headed goals - he'll need watching. I know Southgate will have them prepared, but the youthful freshness that can be such a bonus could turn into naivety and inexperience very quickly. Anyway, we all know we are going out on penalties so let's just enjoy the atmosphere..
  9. As a club we treated him poorly, he became negative and stroppy and kicked off. He gets a dream move and does well, suffers an injury but is still looked after. Jos may like the look of him - I certainly think he is worth a place in the squad ahead of Fletcher and Rhodes - but the lads heart isn't really going to be in it. Let's sort a deal out with Derby, but try not to get shafted again with one of their no hopers.
  10. Kane will play for 60 mins , as will the three centre backs - they need to keep working together. Apart from that it will be a low intensity pre season friendly , so no risks needed.
  11. That's ridiculous, what possible contacts could a Belgian 2nd division side have with a very small club in South Yorkshire that would allow this deal to happen? Georgie boy has simply gone there for the Chips and Mayo and Tin-Tin books, not as a parking club for some other deal. End of thread.
  12. So are we not playing this Belgian club in a pre season friendly then as part of the deal?. Just wondering when I will get an opportunity to boo young Hirsty. Probably have to wait until 3rd round of Carabo cup when he's on loan at Leicester.
  13. Bannofan

    Owls in the Park

    Cue loads of complaints from entitled parents who don't think the rules apply to them, and are disgusted that little Archie couldn't get 83 photos and a stack of memorabilia signed in the community area...
  14. I meant if the draw means that they can meet in the final, then they will! Just looking at it, I think they might meet in the semi final again if they both win their groups.
  15. That's a good point