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  1. His appointment was discussed on Guardian Football Weekly..The consensus was that he left Donny for a 'Big Club', and presumably more money. The fact is, the players have given up. For Moore to come in and not get the new manager 'bounce' is very worrying. He will be gone in the summer; he's not got a good enough track record to be allowed to recruit and plan what we do in league 1. This is going to be a car crash end to end to a complete non entity of a season.
  2. A lot's been made of the atmosphere that day..but I just found one half of a stadium full and going nuts a bit weird, to be honest. I had a strange day, I traveled on my own from Worthing where I was staying with friends , and to be on your own on a day like that was a bit weird. I remember seeing Hull fans on the overground on the way there..they just didn't seem interested. I think they had done it all before a few seasons previously, and also had a FA Cup semi and Final. I heard a few saying loads of people just couldn't justify the expense, and it wasn't an 'occ
  3. This will be an innings defeat. Root gone, Foakes might hang around but he won't score. It's been a real career graveyard this tour - plenty here we won't see again for a long while.
  4. People aren't going to not come back because we are in league one. In fact, we are more likely to have fans come back BECAUSE we are in league one. Fans come to see us winning and scoring. More chance of that in L1 than the Championship next season. I know of no fans that go to games based on which division we are in. It's purely based on entertainment, which means goals and attacks. A 10 year old doesn't care what division we are in, but he or she will be bored and not want to go again if they witness boring, goalless losses. Seriously, if we
  5. Difficult to say, on paper most of them should be good enough. Question is, do they and stay and sulk ,or do we try and get rid? Bannan and Reach will definitely think they are too good for league 1, and quite frankly I wouldn't them here next year. You never know which players will be happy to still have a job , it's not easy picking up a club based on how good you think you are. At this level and below, it's as much about attitude as it is ability. Only Moore and his staff will really know who's up for it.
  6. Well, after Ian Knight... Micky Adams winding supporters up by making piggy gestures to our fans and nearly causing a riot when Leicester manager, and getting away with it. Completely unprofessional and irresponsible , absolutely classless.
  7. If that money goes straight to creasing the palms of the FIFA big wigs, then we will get it. The World Cup is for sale, it's not about fancy bids, it's a simple financial transaction - they might as well be transparent about it seeing as they seem to be above the law, The scandal in Trinidad - where FIFA went in and sacked the democratically elected footballing head as he was about to uncovering more corruption - shows that the leopard hasn't changed it's spots. As for the ever increasing death tally of migrant construction workers in Qatar - well it's up t
  8. A lot happier with this than Paul ' Bandwaggon name' Cook or Ryan ' just because he played for us ' Lowe. Moore has played and managed at all different levels, and I think the players will relate to him. Hopefully he will keep Thompson on to transition. Last throw of the dice for us anyway,.
  9. It's really coming to a head now, the decisions are getting steadily worse and the VAR has , incredibly, made things even worse. The officiating needs a complete overhaul as the game is downhill fast. The players and managers need to do their bit by agreeing to cut down on simulation, play acting and intimidation of officials.. The referees and officials in turn need to agree to be more professional, fitter , open to dialogue and transparency, and to show that they acknowledge that they need to constantly improve and assess their performances. At
  10. Can't stand Declan Rice, just nowhere near good enough on the ball for that position. Exactly the type of player that holds England back at the very top level. I think Southgate's problem is selecting the starters from an incredible amount of attacking talent. He needs to find his first choice centre halfs as well, and admit that Harry Maguire isn't the solid, automatic choice he likes to think he is.
  11. Totally agree..massive clamour for tickets, stubbs , priority points etc, and another ' amazing day at Wembley '.
  12. It's funny, some would say 'we were 90 mins away from the Premier League' ..but Hull won that game and it appeared to be the worse thing that happened to them. 'Success' in a football is clearly about how you are run, and we haven't been run very well with Chansiri. I think what should worry 'Football ' is there are many other clubs like us. Nottingham Forest and Birmingham City fans are probably having the same discussions on their message boards. I really think a 'big' club is just going to collapse and close its gates very soon..one in such a poor fina
  13. I love this tribute from Pearson..a fellah that, lets face it, hardly likes anyone. Almost sounds like Roeder was too good a person to be a successful manager.
  14. I'm normally not one for hysterics, so I will calmly agree that we won't now stay up. I know it's not over until mathematically certain blah blah blah...but the players know it after today, and so does Thompson. I'm not sure why this season should have been such a relegation battle once we had 6 points back. That's just two wins..absolutely nothing. The squad on paper isn't that bad either; we still have Bannan, one of best midfielders stat wise in the division, a £5 million winger in Reach, and many other players who are capable of much, much more than they are sho
  15. I'm sticking it by it. Forestieri was one of the Championships best players that season. I watched Italy in that tournament and genuinely thought he was what they were missing. I'm not one for Blue and White tinted specs either.
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