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  1. We have two target men, Fletcher and Nuhui. We dont need to pander to Rhodes. He needs to shape up and fit in with us, earn his place. We have several central defenders of varying sizes if thats you mean by 'giant stopper'. Possibly need a defensive midfielder to replace Hutch.
  2. Jordan Rhodes - #SWFC Striker

    Well done JR. I am a critic of his admittingly, and an even bigger one of the club for signing him in the first place, but today he's scored a good match winning goal and played well. Hopefully this wont be a one off and he can contribute again if called upon.
  3. Very pleased for him for him to score a match winning goal and play well in general.
  4. I suppose if we are celebrating Nuhui for his goals now, then its only fair to talk about his previous lack of net finding. For me, goals or no goals, Ive always thought he was an incredibly important player for us with rare qualities that dont go unnoticed by his team mates and opposition managers. Im delighted now though that he is gaining more credit from fans who reckon a forward should just score goals , simple as.
  5. Lee - Halo Effect?

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-3339968/Kieran-Lee-scored-Manchester-United-debut-problem-Cristiano-Ronaldo-way.html Here we are!
  6. Lee - Halo Effect?

    Sure I read it in a piece about him once. I'll try and find the link. He had better offers than Oldham after going to QPR on loan from Man Utd, but realised at that stage of his life he wanted to be near home. True story, honest guv!.
  7. Lee - Halo Effect?

    Lee is a premiership quality player, him and Forestieri are our best players. He played for, and scored, for Manchester United in Europe. Only homesickness meant he chose to play for Oldham, where we were lucky enough to pick him up.
  8. Flog Westwood, Dawson to start Wildsmith back up. Ooh its like Hodge and Hesford all over again!
  9. ....Are the ones we should try and keep! We are stuck with 9, please God we get shut of 7 in the summer.
  10. What would be interesting and worth looming at is what happened 8n pre season training. Anyone that went to the Rangers pre season friendly, a week before the season started, could see how unfit and overweight the players were. I was pretty shocked to be honest..the state of Hooper!. Is it any wonder we picked up so many injuries before Christmas? . Its like the players did nothing throughout the summer .God knows what they looked like in Portugal.
  11. Cant stand Megson. No class, bang average manager
  12. Di Piedi Goals

    Him and Pablo Bonvin were in the wrong team at the wrong time. Both obviously had bags of ability but our team and position at the time wasnt suited to them. God knows how they ended up with us. Thats some scouting!
  13. Nuhiu’s market value

    Well, as the old saying goes, hes worth what someone wantd to pay for him. The Madine for £6 million thing certainly makes you think though. If Nuhui and Joao were doing what they are doing now in November and December , then you would be disappointed if they left for less than £4 million each in the January transfer window. As it is, I wouldnt sell Nuhui but accept £3 million plus for Joao.
  14. End of season clear out

    Trying to think of players that we would realistically be able to sell if we had to, and its probably players we would want to keep. Reach Joao Hooper Lees Nuhui Forestieri Bannan I reckon the only player we might happily get rid of this summer is Rhodes .
  15. Nuhiu: Player of the month

    Except that he hasn't been awful for 4.5 yrs, as anyone who understands his primary role in the team isnt just to score goals knows. You dont mean 'genuinely well done' at all, as your nasty little dig shows.