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  1. Bannofan

    Jos To Blame

    We were in the top six and over achieving less than 10 days and two games ago. I another two games we could be top six again. The power of social media means Jos Luhukay is only as good as his last game, apparently. I think overall he is doing a good job, but then I have enjoyed seeing the U23's/U18's being given opportunities. I doubt it will be too long before Borukov gets a run out in the first team. I've said it before and I'll say it again..there is more to football than promotion to the premier league.
  2. It's too much of a coincidence to have these career threatening injuries around the same time. The policy on bringing players back and declaring them fit was obviously flawed with long term consequences. I would love to hear Carlos's honest assessment of it, as he is getting the blame for basically ending two players careers. Keiran Lee was our best player. A premiership class box to box midfielder with an eye for goal. Hooper scored goals and linked up play. We haven't another forward like that. Although both players were first names on the team sheet, I feel Jos has worked round them now knowing he would be likely to never have them available. It's the same with Abdi..undoubted class but when a player is injured and unavailable as much as he has been, you don't really leave a place in the squad never mind the first the team for them.
  3. Bannofan

    Joao get him off

    At his age he isn't going to change either. If we get any offers in January we should seriously consider them..he's a player that cannot be relied on . Zero consistency and not a team player.
  4. Bannofan

    Sack Jos, get Bruce in NOW......

    I'm fairly confident I could also wazz a huge transfer budget away , employ my mates, play rubbish football and not improve my side . Not sure he can act suprised or hurt at this. Nice bit of compo and Christmas off as well. Actually, there aren't many better jobs than being a rubbish football manager
  5. Bannofan

    Forget promotion

    Too much expectation and entitlement with our fans at the moment. I said before in another thread by his Lordship, I'm happy seeing youngsters come through and us being a Championship side. Look at Huddersfield and Brighton..signing mercenary foreigners who couldn't find their clubs city or town on a map, and trying not to get hammered every week. I must admit in the play off final against Hull I was feeling a bit weird..didn't want us to lose but wasn't keen on seeing what the club would become if we won.
  6. Bannofan

    Doing it the right way

    Well I'm loving it. I'm a bit of a football pevert to be honest. I would much rather watch a SWFC with young players coming through and being admired by other clubs and fans, than a SWFC that throws money at journeyman players in an attempt to get into the soulless, sell out Premiership . Chuck in a mercruial talent or 2 like Forestieri and Joao and you've got something worth paying to support. Most of the time I'm not fussed about us going up, I just want an honest bunch of pros that reflect the real values of football and our clubs history.
  7. Bannofan


    Reach's value now? If the likes of Fulham or Burnley come calling in January, then the starting price is £12 million.
  8. Bannofan

    Bielsa Bucket Song Banter

    This could be the missing track from Paul Simons 'Graceland', it's that beautiful.
  9. Bannofan


    Anyone who wants Nigel Pearson as our manager is not a fan or supporter of the club.
  10. Drove down in a car with a friend of a friend who read the newspaper whilst driving on the motorway. We got bullied and humiliated by a team that wanted it more. Nearly got crushed trying to get out as they wouldn't open the gates. Lovely day all round.
  11. Bannofan

    Well this is awkward

    And I thought these reports of Fellatio at Hillsborough were about a new Brazilian midfielder signing ..
  12. Bannofan

    Almen Abdi is BACK

    I really want to see Abdi back on the pitch and proving all the haters wrong. For some reason I don't get the sense of a player that is taking the wee wee , that is happy to sit back and take his wages. Just think, if he had been fit and playing he would have gone to the World Cup with Switzerland . I think that would have motivated him even if playing for us didn't. I reckon he has had a terrible run with injuries , with one causing another just like Lee is experiencing now. I reckon Jos isn't playing him in the U23's because he has nothing to prove. If he's fit, he's in the squad. Almen Abdi - one of the players of Euro 2020 . You heard it here first .
  13. Think one game on the bench for both of them, just to soak up the atmosphere and see their team mates live. I know it's tempting to keep going with a side that has won three on the bounce, but you don't bring players in of their quality and wait for injuries or loss of form. For me it would be Thorniley coming out of the side for a bit , and Onomah to come in for Joey or Mathias. We have to push on, it is not a league where you can sit back.
  14. Bannofan

    Michael Hector...

    Leroy Lita
  15. Hope the morons who dished vile abuse out about Jos on the official line up twitter thread are feeling great tonight. Family men as well judging by the profile pics. Seems Jos may know a little more about what our best team is , than the Owlstalk armchair managers. Not that any of them will admit it, they will just hope we lose the next match so they can be proved right.