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  1. I'm sure Izzy Brown would be devastated to have his loan cancelled and be sent back to Chelsea .
  2. Sorry should have qualified a bit more, it's his right leg that then nudges the ball and takes the rest of the player that the left didn't. Without SWFC bias, it's not even a debate.
  3. Ah, the good old days when you could end someone's career and have a pint and a fag with them afterwards. Back in the real world, Shaw initially goes over the top of the ball, studs first and makes contact with the ball after that. It's a red card offence, the law that is designed to stop thugs ' leaving one on' the opposition or deliberately trying to end their participation in the match . if the opposition had done that to one of our lads we would be howling for a red.
  4. Fernando Forestieri was very friendly when I met him at Flamingoland, got a nice photo with him and my family. Obviously I slagged him to high heaven before that. There was a time, as mad as it sounds..Euro 2016..where FF COULD have been an option for an Italy side that were very limited in attacking options..I believe he qualifies to play for them. He should be happy in Udine anyway , but there is always that danger he will get shipped back to Watford if the owners decide.
  5. I love that our choices up front are either players that are not actual forwards, or a forward that doesn't score goals .
  6. I've not seen him play ( Apparently I've not missed much ) but I imagine Paterson to be a big lump who might knock down a few for Rhodes to try and latch on to?
  7. I hope the lad is on a quite a low wage, given that we knew he would be ' off sick' for his firs 6 - 9 months, I find the concept of signing injured players quite bizarre to be honest; it's not like he it was a two week thing. Can't really imagine him saying ' You do realise I can't walk?' before putting pen to paper.
  8. I'd start Rhodes up front with Paterson and have Brown on the bench.
  9. I would have thought Sligo Rovers and St Pats were strange choices for a Rangers boy like Rhys McCabe
  10. I think Carlos also had Winall, and in the games I watched where they were played together, the effort , movement and all-round contribution of Winall was far above anything Rhodes could muster. So that is the past - we had 6 forwards ( 7 if you include George Hirst ) and still signed Rhodes. Not his fault maybe, but would it not have seemed a curious set up to move into? Fletcher, Hooper and Forestieri were pretty stellar at the time as well, and we had signed Winall days before. The now is that he has seen them all off , and the current crop are nowhere near that '
  11. Those two you have mentioned have time on their side..at the moment they are playing in the Premiership, against Premiership teams earning wages that reflect that. I would imagine should the inevitable happen, they will look for a move and SUFC will listen to offers. Let's face it - as with players that signed for Middlesbrough or Hull - they only signed for United as they are a premier league club and probably had little enthusiasm for the club or city in general.
  12. Tony Crane, A spell up front during the dark, dark days. To be honest, got loads of support from the fans who could see he had put his hand up to try and do a job for the team. Think he scored a last minute equaliser against Bradford away?
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