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  1. If I was him I'd try it for season. Great experience. He doesn't come across as the most ' worldly' of fellahs, so this might broaden his horizons.
  2. Yes! We've won the league! I know, lets attack the Villa goalie, that will be the correct way to celebrate. Not just one fan, he is continually attacked as he leaves the pitch
  3. I don't think we'll see Burnley back in the Premier League anytime soon. Just a hunch. I would imagine Cornet and Weighorst will be off as well, they won't want Championship football. Tarkowski has had bids from Premier League clubs, and Dwight McNeil could fetch a few quid.
  4. Definitely a huge amount of people on social media - and I include this site - trying outdo each other with this fawning over Hutchinson. He's been a big character at our club, but hasn't always been a positive influence. He's had great games, and he's had games when his recklessness has let us down. Let's not make more of his time with us than there has been.
  5. I don't know if it has anything to do with 'Youth' or you being 'too old', but I think it's a very positive thing that people these days are more concerned about saying the wrong thing and offending people than they were 'back in the day' . As society becomes more diverse and multicultural, surely it's just a sign of kindness and decency to not want to offend somebody if you can avoid it? I'm in my 50's, and I certainly don't subscribe to the 'you can't say owt these days' mantra.
  6. Oh yes, I think whatever the outcome those lovely Leeds fans will have their fun.
  7. What's your point of this misogynistic comment? Lad points? I don't think anyone is keeping score.
  8. True, it's not unheard of that to happen - the flip side being the club who has been punished claiming that this is the case; there has been instances in football disorder history where it has been claimed offending supporters causing serious disorder and worse are not actually supporters of that club, but of rivals and are deliberately trying to destroy their reputation.
  9. It's got nothing to do with her , or the charming young man sat next her. So, are saying if footballers have altercations near players, fans are OK to reach out and get involved? how's that going to end? How gentle the slap isn't the point, it's the entitlement of her feeling that it's OK to do it. I'm not calling out the Palace player because that's pure ' Whataboutery' , and nothing to do with the point of fans feeling emboldened to abuse players, physically now as well as directly verbally.
  10. Now you also have fans thinking they can hit out at players from the stands :
  11. Yep, idiots are now upping the ante, pitch invasions now including goading and attacking players. It seems that any goal scored has the potential for a wazzed up , drugged up pratt to run on the pitch . Not sure how this gets sorted, without punishment and restrictions for the club and a majority of fans. Make no mistake, if you go on the pitch you are part of the problem, even if you are doing it 'innocently ' Clubs repeatedly tell fans not to do it.
  12. What Barry B doesn't appreciate, is that there are 100's of Owlstalkers that are self proclaimed die hard Rangers fans ( they think it gives them extra Britishness points) . so him tweeting his love for Celtic is going to trigger a lot of them. They love Josh Windass though and his laddish tweets , because he is all Rangers.
  13. With a big party and local celebrity status .
  14. Nah, your thinking of Putin and his Henchmans best mate, Boris Johnson, who goes to the all the parties .
  15. I think if this was a Wednesday player and not McBurnie, after a Wednesday player had been taken out by a blindside running headbutt, the comments on here would be a lot different. And that video of him on the street having a go at someone..hadn't the victim been following him, goading him? if that was Sam Hutchinson attacking a united fan who was winding him up, he would be a hero on here.
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