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  1. Exactly. Probably the parents pushing it. Just greedy , grabby, entitlement. If I were a player I would ignore them all and give my shirt to a charity to auction off every week.
  2. Funny, I haven't watched us all season, and I'm not watching us now, so I will go with the knowledge of posters that have, but I look at the table and think it's not so bad. A brand new squad, league 1 standard, trying to fit together. Maybe it will click? I think Moore should keep his job for this season. As I say, I haven't had the 'pleasure' of watching them though.
  3. Oh and Live and Let Die... I'm not racist BUT... Think I'll always be a bit scared of huge black men from watching that film at a young age...
  4. For the two villains, Mr Kidd and Mr Wint, And for Jill St John and Lana Wood. They were really pushing it with the 'raunch' factor...I think the phrase ' I like the collar and the Cuffs to match' was uttered by Connery when Jill St John was revealed to be natural red head.
  5. I absolutely loved it. The ending left me ridiculously emotional. I tried explaining to the missus that as a 50 year old bloke, I've grown up with James Bond through his various incarnations. As others have said, when ' All the time in the World' kicked in at the beginning and the end, I had goose bumps. The action scenes and car chases in this film were superb, the second half was better than the first. I watched it at the Penistone Paramount so had the benefit of an intermission to stretch the legs and go to the loo. I haven't seen Spectre, but will go back and watch that. To be honest I hated ' Quantum of Solace' ..it was indecipherable and ..well...boring. I thought NTTD was going down the same route, you had to know everything about the previous film for it to make any sense. Where it goes now I have no idea, but it has to be a ' prequel' . In a way, for branding and marketing purposes, you still have to call them ' Bond Films'. Anyway, top 3 films 1. Live and Let Die 2. Diamonds Are Forever 3. Casino Royale ( Craig version).
  6. My mate who managed a grass roots side for a fairly successful club, packed it in for three main reasons 1. Abusive , disrespectful parents. Abusive towards him as a manager for not playing their little Archie from the start, abusive towards the referee, and abusive towards their own sons if they thought they were 'embarrassing ' them somehow 2. Never ending paperwok and reporting, making the whole thing a full time voluntary job 3. Referee's blatantly cheating to get their own kids or mates kids results. Not all refs do it for the right reasons, and whilst having a go at 15 year olds isn't on, Referee's cannot be immune from scrutiny or disciplinary action. That is not good for the game at any level.
  7. Makes you shudder thinking back doesn't it? The embarrassing and shameful scenes in London during the day, and then the chaos of Wembley.
  8. We've got off lightly there . Guess there's no real precedent for the chaos of that day though.
  9. It's not one idiot though, it's a sizable majority that are influencing the direction of this country.
  10. Looks like they thought they could wield the batons and the Hungarian fans would just back off. Breathtaking naivety. Why were thos Hungarian fans there anyway? How did they get tickets? banned from their home games but not away? We definitely deserve a long ban of some sort for the Euro final , and this episode is hardly going to help defend that.
  11. Quite conflicting for a lot of England fans there, I would imagine, shared beliefs and all that. As for the game, Kane looks so unfit so often, I wonder if he will make it to 30 as a top class striker. Like Rooney before him, he can rip up the Premier League when he's on it, but fir England it's going through the motions more often than not . Like Rooney, he will probably get the goal sciring record then quit International football.
  12. Some absolutely shocking nonsense spouted in this thread, but it's not unexpected these days. People would rather believe Barry and Kath on Facebook, or some lunatic on YouTube and class that as ' doing their own research'. I would rather believe trained scientists and medical professions who deal in facts and real data. Really, this is an intelligence and bravado issue when it comes to footballers and football fans. Tough guys who think vaccinations are for wimps and cowards .
  13. Norwich are a bizarre team, their model seems to be get promoted one year, get relegated the next, bank the money and never invest in players to stop in the Premier League. Thing is, because they never buy any premier league quality players when they go up, they neve have to sell them when they go down. Must be weird watching your team hammer everyone one season, they get hammered by everyone the next .
  14. I honestly believe refs are egomaniacs who do the job for the power and attention. I also believe they deliberately make incorrect decisions for their own personal reasons/vendettas. I think in the game in general they get far too much protection and can make horrendous decisions without any consequence , because the authorities are scared they will quit. Not one of my most reasonable opinions, but there you are.
  15. So, we have a Ryan Lowe typical Owlstalk bandwagon going on..fair enough. Might work out, might not. That's the thing at our level..maybe at any level,no manager comes with a guarantee of success or failure. So we could employ a merry go round manager like Holloway, Keane or Hughton and suddenly win five on the bounce. What I do know is that anyone suggesting a manager that would come to us and manage 14 new players into a team is taking a complete guess. Also, the chances of us sacking Moore and him going to be a success somewhere else are also 50 :50.
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