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  1. As Reading says, if the SKY money was distributed more generously outside the Premier League, then there wouldn't be the ' £100 million ' game which the Championship play off final is. It may be an over simplification , and I know that greedy owners at lower levels need to be sorted out as well, but we need to stop clubs going out of business for the sake of a Premier League players weekly pay packet. Our problems as a club are solely because of the Premier League and money. We went for an owner with money but no knowledge of the game and look where that has got us. Personally, I thought this ever since I had a weird feeling of relief as I walked to the train station after losing to Hull in the play off final ..that I don't want SWFC to be part of that circus.
  2. I suppose I was thinking more for their own career , self respect and mental health and happiness. I genuinely think Rhodes thought he was coming to family when he joined us. Can't help feeling that 'something' happened after he joined us that we don't know about, that has caused him to lose all interest in the game, or at least lose enough interest for him to look uncommitted in training and not motivated to kick start his career.
  3. We can't give him away because of his wages, he has no value whatsoever. We should take the kick to the nuts and make an offer to cancel his contract. Might cost £1 million or something but would be worth it in the long run because he won't go anywhere on reduced wages and we will end up paying more than that in the long run to have his miserable face moping round training for the next 6 months at least. What is it , 5 different managers have looked at him and decided he doesn't deserve a place in the team ? And before all the rubbish about us ' not giving him a proper run' ' playing to strengths' , I have never witnessed , in 40 odd years of watching SWFC, a player given so many chances and pandered to so much in formations and line ups. Those saying he shouldn't take a wage cut ..fair enough, but that makes him a greedy git who doesn't care about his career or this club. He's not going to starve on £8 -£10k a week is he? . Quite possibly Sheffield Wednesdays worse ever signing.
  4. Irvine is hands down the worse manager in my lifetime of watching - 1977 onwards. Refused to quit even as we slid down the table in the third tier. Results under Turner didn't work out, but I admire him for bringing players like Brunt, Whelan, Maclean and Bullen to the club. Strange thing is, the managers that followed Turner and Irvine - Sturrock and Megson - are seen as untouchable Gods in our history when they were actually bang average with an open goal of a squad and situation to work in. Monk is a merry go round manager. Neither great nor terrible. I'm sure he will have success in the future when he has left us.
  5. No manager with a brain quits these days. Just wait to be sacked and collect the compo. Doesn't make any difference in the game, no stigma around being sacked like in real life.
  6. Given this the ' Thanks' vote so your post has the full set.
  7. Iorfa showed Stones and Otamendi - and England and Argentinian International defensive pairing - how you really defend. Tackle, Block, Clear with any available part of your body. Cover for your team mates. Give the ball to someone further up the field that's wearing the same shirt as you. Try and get on the end of some set pieces if the gaffer has said you can go up for them. Somehow the game has forgotten a few basic defensive skills, now it's ' collect ball from keeper, play short passes or dribble with the ball until you lose it and put your team back under pressure ' .
  8. I agree to a certain extent, I have seen my fair share of worldies but I can't recall seeing Aguero or Silva 'live' . I know these days all kids have second 'big' club - having never seen us be ' big' and at the top of the game - so it will have been a rare opportunity, and in the case of David Silva the last - opportunity to see world class players.
  9. Joey Pelupussey. A player that makes you think you could have made it in the game if you'd had a few less beers in your late teens. Contributes absolutely nothing.
  10. I always get him confused with Brian Strutt in my memories of SWFC players that were on the periphery at that time.
  11. The perms were great back then. Dave Rushbury Dave Grant Brian Hornsby All had magnificent bubble perms.
  12. I'll give you an up vote. 1) Our obsession with getting into the Premier league will end - I can live without VAR, plastic fans and journey men players from around the world that cost £20 million and couldn't find Sheffield on a map. 2) Some of our players may find some shame and ask to have their contracts cancelled 3) If you follow the Brexit argument that some of our fans adore " We survived in league one before, and we will survive again"
  13. Is it true Westwood and Hutchinson are well paid professionals that should give 100% for any manager 'proper ' ( whatever that is supposed to mean) or not? Luhukay and Monk have had success at clubs, that's why they are in the game and still are/will be after managing us. They are not Guardiola or Klopp but they have done well in the right environment for them.
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