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  1. I love ' new song ' threads. Never disappoint.
  2. Two choices for Bruce. 1) Sell Rhodes for a nominal amount and take the hit. No-one will pay over £1mil for a forward with no resale value , who's best days seem to be behind him. Take what you can for him. Getting his wages off the books will be payment enough. 2) Keep him and use him from the bench. I've said it before and I'll say it again, he doesn't deserve or warrant us changing our system and buying extra players in the hope that that gets him scoring. No player is worth that. It's a ridiculous excuse for his failure at our club. Did Norwich buy extra players to help him, or change their style of play? of course they didn't. Use him from the bench , and he needs to fit into our system. If he replicates his Norwich stats for us, then that will suffice in most supporters minds.
  3. I would seriously let him leave on a free. However, as many have said, I would trust Bruces's judgement on this, He's certainly not going to build his team around him, buy players to get the best out of him, change system etc. That's absolute nonsense and Rhodes is nowhere near a good enough player to deserve that kind of accommodation. Either Rhodes shapes up and adapts his game to what Bruce wants, or he can try his luck elsewhere.
  4. Have we had .. CorrOla Tidman Alfa Romeo ZonderVan Andy IMPey
  5. A cross too far? Francisco Carr.
  6. Or we could just sign one player, a decent striker, to replace Rhodes? More logical?
  7. He's finished at this level, so unfortunately we are stuck with him . He will probably get a few chances off the bench , and might even nick a few goals if we are really lucky! Let's end this preposterous notion that we should have somehow set our entire team up to indulge him, even yhat we should have spunked even more money on additional players just to suite him! Good players adapt to teams and systems, he can't, so unless he takes a huge wage cut his career is effectively in limbo.
  8. I'd love to hear Abdi's version of his life here at SWFC. Where did it all go wrong? Were the personal issues? Mental health issues? We signed a Swiss international midfielder that had played regularly in the Premier League What the hell happened?
  9. What can I say? An absolute hero of mine , at an age when Sheffield Wednesday were all I cared about. Quite an unassuming bloke really, I remember Gary Shelton was always signing autographs and getting invilved with fans, whereas Banno could barely be fussed to smile at us. Stange career as well, he obviously went to QPR for a few more quid at a time when it really made a difference. I've got one of those Silhouette t shirts with his face and 'Goal Machine' written underneath it. The hairstyle is unmistakable.
  10. Funny how times change. A few years ago I might have been ' Oh Hirsty, what a lad' Now I just think that's quite a sad story.
  11. I like the idea of swapping Rhodes for him. But then again, I would like the idea of swapping Rhodes for their coach driver.
  12. Probably not what we need to be honest. It's a tough old league isn't it? Possibly better to go with the Onomah and Hector types and the positions they can cover.
  13. Bruce has been around a long time, much of it at a very high level so he will be able to identify a few possible causes of this ridiculous injury situation. To have three players: Lee Hooper Abdi Who's careers you can say are in the balance, if not over , due to injuries and the inability to overcome them , is disgraceful in the modern era. That two of these are two of our best players makes it even more galling.
  14. Every thread on the stupidity and cowardice of hooliganism attracts a few old school 'tough guys'. Unless your a fan of antisocial, scumbag behaviour that scares kids and families then yes, you should 'snitch on wednesdayies'.
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