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  1. I think it's great, but would be far to common a sight to be 'cool '. I have an inkling they would be rather unforgiving on the larger gentleman as well.
  2. I think you need to read up on what he was banned for - the official investigation version.
  3. I'm excited, heard he's the next Preslav Borukov.. PLAY YUNG UNS FFS
  4. I think Rice has been exposed for being incredibly one dimensional in this tournament. For me ( Clive) I think he is behind Bellingham, Henderson and Phillips in the pecking order for that position, and quite frankly he doesn't even offer the versatility and maturity of Eric Dier. My mate always says Englands problems start when they try and do things that are not in the DNA of English footballers, and for me that is when they try and pass it about in defense and midfield looking for an opening. We have always been pretty rubbish at that, and you just wait for the i
  5. Still thinking Italy or France will win it. Not exactly Nostradamus, but it's true isn't it? Denmark are a story in the making, how far it will take them I don't know. I would genuinely say England will be punching if they get through the last 16 round, though ditching Rice for Henderson at HT seem to be improve us, as did starting Saka and Grealish and I expect Southgate to carry on with that. Germany..they are just going to get stronger aren't they?
  6. I know you haven't asked me, but I would say £60 million Kane €100 million Haaland. Age has something to do with it for me. In four years time Kane at 30 might walk away for free or near enough, Haaland could be worth £150 million. I think they are both established as top club 'Number 9's' in Europe, along with Lewandowski and Lukaku .
  7. That was a tale of two halves wasn't it? Looked like we might get 3 or 4 after the first 20 minutes, and the whole first half was really good watch, which makes a change. Saka and Grealish really impressive, even Kane looked a lot better and was unlucky not to score. Second half was just classic foot of the pedal stuff..sideways and backwards passing, really not good. I still don't think our defence will cope when facing better teams either.
  8. After a decent first half , we've been awful in the second. He really needs to explain what his problem is with Sancho,
  9. Loyalty is probably one thing, Kane knows he should be dropped but his not going to say ' Boss, I don't deserve to play' is he? Southgate will be hoping a chance drops to him early doors..a penalty would be ideal. I think another aspect is that dropping Kane may affect the teams confidence; he is their captain and leader.
  10. I think England will struggle whoever they play, if they dont show a dramatic improvement tonight.
  11. It's a bizarre valuation considering there won't be any sell on value. £100 million for Haaland I could understand, but not for Kane.
  12. My point really is that they have scored crucial goals in the knockout stages ..they aren't just flat track bullies. Kane is yet to show he can do it at the business end of a tournament.
  13. That line up isn't a bad shout. Might be tempted to stick with Mings as he hasn't done anything wrong (yet!). I would definitely drop Rice , his game simply isn't needed in this team..to be honest I don't see what he offers, I know his role isn't as obvious as the others, but still..I think its time to see if we can survive without the less energetic version of Pelupessey. Bellingham has been excellent every time he has played for England, and if your good enough, your old enough. The only other question mark for me is Rashford...I'm nit convin
  14. I'd be legging it up the A1 to Bonnie Scotland if I were him. Hibs, Hearts, ugly sisters, Aberdeen..I'd be telling my agent I'll play for any of them for picture of greyfriars bobby and deep fried mars bar.
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