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  1. I'd still be getting the calculator out if I was the chief exec ( do we still have one?) We are getting absolutely nothing from Rhodes, so even if we save less than £100k overall, it would be worth it. As the poster earlier on stated, we could and should have given him to Norwich ..I couldn't believe posters at the time were saying we needed money for him..and made the rest of it work. If it was giving him to Norwich for nowt and then paying Middlesbrough a £1 million fee, we still would have saved money overall. As I say we are getting nothing and will get nothing from Rhodes so as soon as he's out the door, the better. Compare and contrast with Atdhe Nuhui; a better player individually and for the team, and not strangling us financially.
  2. Three year contract & club captain. In a game now dominated by money and billy big rounduns players like Hutchinson, Atdhe is a breath of fresh air. Great attitude, appreciated by all his team mates, respected by the opposition, selected by every manager he's played for here. When his career is over , get him on the coaching staff. Obviously most will laugh at this, but for me he is no different from Semedo and everyone loves him.
  3. So read yesterday that the money men behind the takeover are high stakes gamblers, and the theory is that they have taken the club into administration after wagering huge sums of money on Wigan being relegated. Fit and proper owners, obviously.
  4. whoaaa..just had to stop reading here.. Are you serious? 3 and half years of being utterly hopeless bar about 2 games and people still want to give Rhodes a chance, make excuses for him and generally blame everyone including the lad that sells the 50/50 ht tickets for him being shocking. Nuhui however, every manager he has played under here have rated him, opposition managers praise him, his team mates love him and he has done more for this club than Rhodes will ever do. ..the fans still slate him because he doesn't score 30 goals a season.
  5. We played him at centre back ..' a ball playing centre half' which always translates as 'liability who loses the ball half way up the pitch and then is hopelessly out of position'. Glad we cashed in, was it Rangers that bought him?
  6. Oh yes, that's a great description of the kind of character that easily wins fans over..definitely our fans. We so easily have the wool pulled over our eyes by a 'badge kisser' ( Megson, Hutchinson ) or a character that isn't actually that good in his position ( Reda Johnson, Majid Bougherra) . Not sure what the reason behind defending Jordan Rhodes to the hilt is though, despite him being shocking for three seasons....he's a nice bloke and fans don't like to be wrong about signings they've clamoured for?
  7. Sounds like a right arrogant git, like the club should revolve around him. Think he wanted to pick the incoming manager . Basically he didn't get on with managers that didn't indulge him and let him swan about the place doing what we wanted. He may have been a good player - when he wanted to be , just like FF - but overall I would say his negative, disruptive attitude cancelled that out and more.
  8. That used to happen didn't it, before Jimmy Hill and the minimum wage. 40'000 people used to watch Derek Dooley smashing them in for us...then caught the same tram home with him after the game.
  9. I was there..appreciate Vulvas comment about it being a 45'000 crowd though!. I was halfway up the kop at that side and didn't hear anything. Also on the crowd thing the 6-1 in the blizzard against Swansea..everybody was at that one as well, although I only remember seeing about 1000 on the kop huddled together from my cosy South Stand seat .
  10. Cannot see the point in this at all. I would imagine there wasn't one player who wanted to play there in these circumstances. It just emphasises the occasion they have missed.
  11. Is there still a European place available for the winners? That will at least give Man United & Arsenal some motivation to give it a go. To be honest I'd forgotten all about the F.A. Cup ..it wouldn't have been suprised if the clubs had either .
  12. I thought that..surely he's going to be phoning it in..suppose there's local airports..maybe he's got a chauffeur, I dont know but it's a bloody long way from his Cornish estate. Must have been offered a right wedge to keep em up.
  13. If Arsenal offered Brighton £70 million for Lewis Dunk and Shane Duffy, Brighton would snatch their hands off. Arsenal would get a ready made centre half pairing , experienced in the Premier League, miles better than anything they have at the moment . Dunk would also make a decent skipper for them. Those lads would go as well, new challenge and double their wages. That's too bloody simple for Arsenal though..they will probably go and spend more than that on a midfielder they don't need.
  14. Loved that about Jos, chucking all the youngsters in. I would much rather see youngsters given a long run rather than buying players like Luongo , Harris , pelpussey . I think we all agree Winnall and Rhodes were poor, unnecessary purchases, we should have looked to the development and ' reserve 'squad for back up forwards. At the moment we are developing players to leave for more or less nothing, with no chance of an established career here.
  15. I think Philip Lahm told the team to ease off , as they were scoring every time they went forward. It would have easily been double figures otherwise. If there was one defender that is pure 'Arsenal ' then it's Luiz. Terrible signing, everyone knew it. Hilariously, Arteta was interested in John Stones , really rates him . A defence of Luiz & Stones would be an attackers dream.
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