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  1. Bannofan

    Well this is awkward

    And I thought these reports of Fellatio at Hillsborough were about a new Brazilian midfielder signing ..
  2. Bannofan

    Almen Abdi is BACK

    I really want to see Abdi back on the pitch and proving all the haters wrong. For some reason I don't get the sense of a player that is taking the wee wee , that is happy to sit back and take his wages. Just think, if he had been fit and playing he would have gone to the World Cup with Switzerland . I think that would have motivated him even if playing for us didn't. I reckon he has had a terrible run with injuries , with one causing another just like Lee is experiencing now. I reckon Jos isn't playing him in the U23's because he has nothing to prove. If he's fit, he's in the squad. Almen Abdi - one of the players of Euro 2020 . You heard it here first .
  3. Think one game on the bench for both of them, just to soak up the atmosphere and see their team mates live. I know it's tempting to keep going with a side that has won three on the bounce, but you don't bring players in of their quality and wait for injuries or loss of form. For me it would be Thorniley coming out of the side for a bit , and Onomah to come in for Joey or Mathias. We have to push on, it is not a league where you can sit back.
  4. Bannofan

    Michael Hector...

    Leroy Lita
  5. Hope the morons who dished vile abuse out about Jos on the official line up twitter thread are feeling great tonight. Family men as well judging by the profile pics. Seems Jos may know a little more about what our best team is , than the Owlstalk armchair managers. Not that any of them will admit it, they will just hope we lose the next match so they can be proved right.
  6. Bannofan


    David Speedie and Adrian Heath in Ian Cranson and Iain Hesford out
  7. Bannofan

    His name is Atdhe...

    Absolute no suprise at the usual suspects having a problem with basic respect.
  8. I'll have a fiver on bazapeps leaping all over this forum on Saturday afternoon if ww lose..SEE I WAS RIGHT! I WAS RIGHT ! JOS IS WRONG I AM RIGHT!! VALIDATION PLEASE OWLSTALK!!
  9. Bannofan

    there’s something about Jos....

    I quite him , and his wacky team selections. Must be a right buzz about the U23 squad at the moment. Everyone has a chance. He's basically looking for characters; players that will listen and learn, that will play together and compliment a system. He's also trying to look at how an opposition will play and what their strengths are and then choose a team accordingly. Big difference to seeing the same players every week, no matter how well they played or how the team did. And at the risk of having another dig at a young ex striker of ours, I think a couple of players who aren't with us now could be regretting not being a bit more patient as they certainly would have got a fair bit of first team action.
  10. Owlstalk Matchday. Where nobody admits to getting things a bit wrong, ever.
  11. You'll not get any, because Kivo acts like a 14 year old hormonal girl when it comes to academy players and his 'evidence' is probably a few muttered words from Hirst Jnr as he desperately tries to avoid him. The whole situation is an example of player and family greed, coupled with a clear flouting of a loophole by Leicester.
  12. Bannofan

    Todays attendance at #SWFC

    Very, very poor. Easy game for Hull fans to get to, first away game of the season. As for us..many like me have absolutely no intention of going at the current prices, and when they do have deals the habit has been broken and I can't be bothered .
  13. Hope everyone mocking Utd for being bottom of the league are feeling quite stupid now, given that they and Rotherham are now above us.
  14. That line up tells me George Hirst would have been on the bench at very least if he was still here. Hope hes enjoying his dream move though.
  15. Bannofan

    Joost Van Aken

    Hey @OWLSTALK, I bet you've NEVER considered this before, but with these positive posts ( really like them by the way ) , and the owner of a massive supporters forum, YOU could be employed as a fan liaison officer by the club!