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  1. Bannofan

    Not good enough

    So, after the massive demands of the fans to have Westwood, Hutchinson and Boyd back in the team...how much better are we? How much better is the attitude? How much more leadership and commitment is there? Could it be that Jos was on to something when he wanted to ditch the old pro's for the young guns? Attitude, togetherness and commitment are everything in this league. If it was about players reputations and price tags then Villa would be walking it. I've not seen a 'team' effort for 2 seasons now.
  2. Bannofan

    Why aren't we selling?

    The back of our programme is already embarrassing..the size of squad compared with other teams . Now that's increased by another 3. We really shoulld have got 6 or 7 out on loan.
  3. Bannofan

    Jordan Thornily

    Looked like he asked for Higuains shirt as they came off at half time. Fair enough I suppose, it might be years until he plays against someone like him again.
  4. Bannofan

    Forestierri 14m

    Given his age ( no resale value for the buyer ) , and his recent injury record, I would take around £5 million for FF. Still a game changer and match winner at this level, especially when motivated. Reach would go for more as he is young enough for his value to increase, and can play in a range of positions. no less than £10 million for him. I think the last of our players that would go for decent money is Joao. £5 million and a bag of Frazzels.
  5. We've given them nothing to think about. No attacking intent whatsoever..their defence might have been flapping a bit with Joao running at them from the start. Final whistle.
  6. Bannofan


    My prediction is that we wont be able to give Rhodes away due to his wages. I would try and give him a free transfer just to get him off the wage bill. Disastrous signing, he's lost whatever he had, the warning signs were there at Villa. As @Sonny said, you can't change your system to accommodate one terrible signing...we did our best for him..we did provide crosses and chances despite what some fans says..Rhodes was just never there on the end of them. He'll be back next season, let's hope something miraculous happens and he becomes the player of 5 seasons ago.
  7. Bannofan

    Owl burns Madine shirt

    I was delighted when that absolutely bell sniff Madine left our club. What level of intellect do you have to possess to A) Be a fan of Madine in the first place after him dragging our clubs name through the mud B) Be upset about him joining Utd, which is hilarious ( although Leon Clarke has shown us strange things can happen to players that were awful for us)
  8. Bannofan

    Sorry I’m watching the cricket

    Jack Charlton used to go fishing and leave Maurice Setters and Tony Toms in charge..
  9. Bannofan

    Booing of Fox

    Probably the normal knuckle draggers that disgrace the club at away games as well. Just like any club, the idiots are on the rise and making going to the game more unpleasant season on season.
  10. Bannofan

    Jordan Rhodes

    You don't sign a player that needs another two players to be signed to get anything out of him. That notion is ludicrous. I don't profess to be one of these know all fans like yourself, who clammered for his signing or insist he never got any service..I watched him, he did get service, but he was off the pace and didn't work hard enough. An absolutely appalling mistake of signing which rumbles on due to fans inability to admit they were wrong about him.
  11. Bannofan

    Is Steve Bruce the answer

    Probably best we can do in the circumstances.
  12. Bannofan

    Jordan Rhodes

    Yes he did, changing formations and strike partners. Absolutely sick of this worship for such a poor player and terrible signing.
  13. Bannofan

    Jordan Rhodes

    No other striker would have got the chances Rhodes did , his price tag gave him a lot of time to get his act together. We shouldn't have had to keep changing line ups and tactics to try and suite one player, but we did. Even Jos gave him chances, but he failed to impact on games so went with Joao and Nuhui, with very effective results. I find the continuing fawning over the hapless Rhodes astonishing. Some players don't perform and it's ' I'll drive him to a new club myself' . With Rhodes it's like he can do wrong, and if we only packed the side with wingers, and big striker to do knock downs, and provide him with 10 or 12 5 yard tap ins per game, then you would see what a great player he is!.
  14. Bannofan

    Jordan Rhodes

    Absolute rubbish. Carlos gave him more tha enough chances , and set up the side to play to his strengths. Rhodes just didnt deliver. P
  15. Bannofan

    Jos Gone ?

    Maybe Jos has blinked first . He's daft if he's quit though, if I was him I'd be holding out for my compo.