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Jordan Rhodes ...... Sky sports understands ....

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I suspect any bid for Rhodes, given our current league position, is likely to have a large chuck of a promotion bonus thrown in.....something like £6m plus another £6m if we go up this season or another £3m if we go up next.....which would be a bargin for us if we had to pay it

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Dirty stat muck coming up...Hooper and Rhodes are eerily similar. Yet Rhodes is valued at £9M more. I know who represents better value for money. 


Gary Hooper (Not counting non league and sub appearances in brackets). 


League Apps: 260+(84) 

League Goals: 153


Cup Apps: 38 (12)

Cup Goals: 21


European Apps: 20 (9) 

European Goals: 9


Total: 318 (105) and 183 goals. Av. Strike rate = 0.57 goals per start 





Jordan Rhodes


League Apps: 281 (34)

League Goals: 165


Cup Apps: 27 (6)

Cup Goals: 15


Total: 308 (40) and 180 goals. Av Strike rate = 0.58 goals per start






So they have practically the same GPG ratio which is mental. Hooper has scored many in Scotland but has also shown he can score in European competition and in the Prem. Meanwhile, Rhodes scored a lot of his at league one level which is on par with the SPL. 

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