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  1. Heeley owl

    You would think...

    That's brilliant fella
  2. Heeley owl

    Excellent Press conference

    Yes best I’ve heard him speak lots of passion in that great to hear he’s giving youth a chance
  3. Yep know what you mean but is that just Yorkshire or nationwide surely Glasgow or Manchester derbies are policed more
  4. Anybody been to megastore lately and seen any beach towels going away soon wouldn’t mind one can’t find any on the website
  5. Heeley owl

    Swansea tickets

    Cheers pal Would imagine round a 1000 now then not bad considering weather
  6. How many have we sold?
  7. Do you think we will sell 2.066? And is this the full allocation?
  8. Heeley owl

    horse today

    very good
  9. Heeley owl

    horse today

    decent trainer this one ex footballer its a sign
  10. Heeley owl

    horse today

    horse running today 2.00 nottingham called hilborough
  11. Heeley owl

    TV at the start

    That is what were all about love the owl flying on to the pitch great video
  12. Heeley owl

    FAO our "fans"

    Save your breath mate some on here will never be happy if we played like barca and won 5-0 every game some people would still complain yes it wasn't the best performance but a wins a win they need to think back to the dark days when we was skint and going nowhere fast and signing mediocre players at best We will get there in the end,
  13. Heeley owl

    Owls online?

    Its advertised on kodi sportsdevil vipbox.tv whether its going to be streamed is another matter.