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  1. ohgoditsjames

    Blame for their goals

    You couldn't make it up. We made a great come back after a miserable 25 mins and even looked like we could have gotten the winner and some of our supporters are more bothered about pointing fingers. Do we need to learn from our mistakes? Yes. However we should let the gaffer do that role and not us. Constantly slating players is a bad way to go.
  2. ohgoditsjames

    Bristol City - 2 years ago....

    What a player Lee is, always looking to be positive and make a play forward. I was sat behind the goal, what a turn around after an awful first half
  3. ohgoditsjames

    Matt penney

    Pudil never played for us under Stuart Gray, he signed late August 2015
  4. ohgoditsjames


    The thing is, if FF comes on as a sub, he seems to manage to cram 90 minutes worth of football into 30 minutes. He's a deadly sub...
  5. ohgoditsjames

    Total disgrace

    You're not good with sarcasm are you?
  6. ohgoditsjames

    Team for Reading

    Got to go for their throat from the get go, show no respect. We show teams far too much respect away from home, they're in dire form, let's abuse that.
  7. Do we ever learn? Go 1-0 up and then fanny about with it
  8. ohgoditsjames

    Why is everyone so obsessed with pace?

    Because at times we are pedestrian, not enough players capable of breaking away fast enough.
  9. Gunter sounds too similar to grunter
  10. ohgoditsjames

    A year ago today

    We were horrific in the home leg too, it was obvious that we were going to concede. Hanging onto a 1-0 lead always ends badly.
  11. ohgoditsjames

    A year ago today

  12. ohgoditsjames

    A year ago today

    Unforgivable that we went to their Ground with no intention of scoring, I knew we'd not make it through after that.
  13. That settles it, central stripe has to be blue
  14. ohgoditsjames


    A talented player can't just be playing well because he's talented and wants to play football after being forced to have serious operation? Footballers want to play football, there doesn't need to be any hidden motive, get a grip.