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Community Answers

  1. Of course an ex player scores the winner against us, this match epitomises Wednesday
  2. The most Wednesday thing ever, reminiscent of the game against Morecambe away
  3. Leicester 2-1 up at the 94th minute only to be 2-3 down at the 98th minute. They must have taken a few lessons from us
  4. Is Gibson going to go after Bournemouth next?
  5. Very enjoyable to watch from start to finish, every single player put a shift in, I love to see it.
  6. And we somehow ended up meeting Norwich 5-1 under him and Nuhui having his best ever season. I seem to remember us having a decent run at the back end of the season which made it even more bizarre.
  7. Despite the pummelling, I fear they won’t get relegated (unfortunately). Only because there are somehow teams even worse than them.
  8. A promotion winning game that saw us go up over our biggest rivals is entirely different to scoring a goal against Crewe ffs
  9. I've had an affinity with Newcastle since I were young due to relatives living up there. Would be good to see them compete and challenge, loving the fact that some of the big clubs are complaining about it, and feel threatened, they don't want the status quo to change.
  10. I can’t remember the last time an international ever did us any good, even in the Carlos days we seemed to struggle after them.
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