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  1. Would be easily above 30 if it weren’t for the restrictions on the North
  2. It was just after Carlos left/got the sack. That 3-0 Loss to Burton on 01/Jan/2018 at Hillsborough was a truly miserable day, what a way to start the New Year
  3. Was always going to be a tough test tonight for him, especially since we were weak in midfield and kept losing the ball.
  4. It’s a great tie, Everton are a proper big club with a rich history that gets overlooked because of their noisy neighbours. Haven’t forgiven them for 66 (even though that was 28 years before I was born ) Hope that we are actually allowed to use our own stadium for once.
  5. Nuhiu is always quality off the bench, especially against Preston, caused them some right trouble last season at Deepdale too.
  6. Always rated him, just not as a centre mid. It’s criminal that he’s come on and just provided that sublime assist. Should have started, he’s a quality player and we should be making the most of his talent.
  7. Why have we suddenly started playing so deep in the first half? When we played Barnsley we pressed from the get go
  8. Expected us to shift a few more after Tuesday’s win, guess not
  9. Fletcher was bundled over in the middle by their player going down without being touched yet they were given the decision, that’s one on the top of my head...
  10. I mean the ref literally blew his whistle every time we even dared put a tackle in, ref gave us nothing
  11. Has anyone ever seen such an imbalance like that? How on earth did they only have 3 fouls but we had 21?
  12. Didn’t realise that we had reappointed Jos Luhukay
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