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  1. ohgoditsjames

    Why is everyone so obsessed with pace?

    Because at times we are pedestrian, not enough players capable of breaking away fast enough.
  2. Gunter sounds too similar to grunter
  3. ohgoditsjames

    A year ago today

    We were horrific in the home leg too, it was obvious that we were going to concede. Hanging onto a 1-0 lead always ends badly.
  4. ohgoditsjames

    A year ago today

  5. ohgoditsjames

    A year ago today

    Unforgivable that we went to their Ground with no intention of scoring, I knew we'd not make it through after that.
  6. That settles it, central stripe has to be blue
  7. ohgoditsjames


    A talented player can't just be playing well because he's talented and wants to play football after being forced to have serious operation? Footballers want to play football, there doesn't need to be any hidden motive, get a grip.
  8. ohgoditsjames

    Happy Birthday Big Jack!

    Happy Birthday Jack! He was born in 1935 which means it's been 83 painful years without winning the FA Cup thanks to failing in 66 and 93...
  9. ohgoditsjames

    Chansiri - Snooker Final

  10. ohgoditsjames

    Looks quite busy for Sunday...

    Go to watch and support your team, shouldn't be about "what's to play for".
  11. ohgoditsjames

    Operation "Close the GAP"

    It's interesting that we've only lost one more than them. The draws really are killers.
  12. I'm worried about our transfer budget and how we're going to sign the quality we need. We blew all of our money during the 16-17 season on players that we didn't need, £10-12 million on Rhodes could have gone on Cairney for example. It's criminal that we bought Rhodes but then chose to not play to his strengths, since then he has only diminished as a player, the lads confidence must be down the drain.
  13. ohgoditsjames

    Red cards

    We haven't had a single penalty at home either have we? Maybe the officials don't think we deserve them after seeing how bad we were in the penalty shoot out in the playoffs last year...
  14. ohgoditsjames

    Owlstalk live from the Wednesday Tap

    Could it be open later than 11pm on weekends? No pub should close before midnight
  15. ohgoditsjames

    What does Jos mean?

    Abdi was fantastic for Watford, Watford fans insist he was better than FF. His nickname was "the professor" because of how precise he was. Hope we actually get to see him at the best, was so excited when we signed him. Did Carlos ruin him?