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  1. ohgoditsjames

    Sold out

    Didn't Brum give us 3.3k for the game during the 15/16 season with the disgruntled Brummie supporter?
  2. ohgoditsjames

    the Bbc, they say...

    The additional point was for effort
  3. ohgoditsjames

    the Bbc, they say...

    We should be 5th with 22 points tho
  4. ohgoditsjames

    Bristol City - V -The Wednesday OMDT

    Gonna end 2-2 or lose 3-2.
  5. We show teams too much respect and lack bite. We were too happy to sit back and let Leeds run the show, we gave them far too much time on the ball, were last to every ball, didn't hunt in packs and showed no interest in creating chances and testing their keeper. We're known for being a second half team but last night we were neither.
  6. ohgoditsjames

    Ticket sales for Leeds match.

    Shall we forget they have one club in a higher population city?
  7. ohgoditsjames

    Ticket sales for Leeds match.

    Won't be more than 25k (including the Leeds supporters) thanks to ticket prices. Would have been a minimum of 30k if prices had been reasonable.
  8. ohgoditsjames

    Time to turn up

    Glad I've got a Season ticket, cheapest ticket is 39 quid for a televised Friday night match. Hardly surprising that attendances are down.
  9. ohgoditsjames

    Blame for their goals

    You couldn't make it up. We made a great come back after a miserable 25 mins and even looked like we could have gotten the winner and some of our supporters are more bothered about pointing fingers. Do we need to learn from our mistakes? Yes. However we should let the gaffer do that role and not us. Constantly slating players is a bad way to go.
  10. ohgoditsjames

    Bristol City - 2 years ago....

    What a player Lee is, always looking to be positive and make a play forward. I was sat behind the goal, what a turn around after an awful first half
  11. ohgoditsjames

    Matt penney

    Pudil never played for us under Stuart Gray, he signed late August 2015
  12. ohgoditsjames


    The thing is, if FF comes on as a sub, he seems to manage to cram 90 minutes worth of football into 30 minutes. He's a deadly sub...
  13. ohgoditsjames

    Total disgrace

    You're not good with sarcasm are you?