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  1. How can they reduce ticket prices? They’ve already sold thousands at current prices and we’ve been told they will rollover, they can’t possibly charge less than that. There will be an outrage if they do.
  2. The ground floor unit for the new office will be for a bar/restaurant or retail.
  3. Wasn’t December 2019 the first instance of failing to pay players? Wasn’t it always when our performances and results tanked? How can people not connect the dots?!
  4. I see ticket prices for away matches being one reason, as if they don’t realise that the hole fans get screwed over even more.
  5. The moment we replaced Carlos with Jos Luhukay.
  6. And the 1961 title since Tottenham won that one and we came second.
  7. Strip the clubs of all their major trophies whilst they’re at it and give us the 1993 FA cup and league cup too.
  8. Essentially we’ve been bamboozled to pay 450 quid+ for league one football. Will that go down as the most expensive third division price in football history?
  9. They’ll get a slap on the wrist, nothing more. If it were teams like us, Leeds, Newcastle, Villa, Sunderland, West Ham or Leicester, we’d be reprimanded.
  10. Self announced ‘big clubs’. Half of those clubs have never won a European title.
  11. Given that we are likely to be in league one next season, if they refuse to refund this seasons and insist on carrying it over for next season, we’ve been forced to pay £450+ for LEAGUE ONE football.
  12. We’ll be a league 2 side before we play in the premier league ever again.
  13. I forgot we even had Bates, that’s how bad this entire situation is!
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