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  1. Arsenal match, Cardiff match (final home game of the playoff final season), Brighton playoff semi final Match all suggest that when the ground is sold out and we’re playing decent football we have some absolutely electric atmosphere.
  2. Wednesday everyday of the week. I’m fed up of us languishing in this horrible league. I enjoy the international rugby but that’s once in a blue moon, Wednesday is a huge part of my life! Besides, everyone knows that League it better than Union.
  3. That’s good to know! I work at Northern Powergrid on Aketon road so you might see me wandering around the station in the mornings or evenings with my Wednesday scarf on as I live around Leeds now!
  4. Off topic but Castleford Owl? I work in Cas so nice to know there’s Owls around here!
  5. We would without a doubt average above 30k in the Premier league. We averaged above 27k 3 seasons ago. The supporters are there, just wish people would stop having excuses not to go, we were 3rd before the match on Saturday and people couldn’t be arsed to go.
  6. Fox has been brilliant as of late and he’s proving his critics wrong. Hope it boosts the lads confidence. Fox, Börner and Iorfa were all deserving of it!
  7. He has very good technical ability and his foot work is brilliant.
  8. He clears the ball then runs onto it to make sure it’s gotten rid of, absolute quality and he loves it. Always claps himself and the team and looks to inspire the team to push on.
  9. Would be easily above 30 if it weren’t for the restrictions on the North
  10. It was just after Carlos left/got the sack. That 3-0 Loss to Burton on 01/Jan/2018 at Hillsborough was a truly miserable day, what a way to start the New Year
  11. Was always going to be a tough test tonight for him, especially since we were weak in midfield and kept losing the ball.
  12. It’s a great tie, Everton are a proper big club with a rich history that gets overlooked because of their noisy neighbours. Haven’t forgiven them for 66 (even though that was 28 years before I was born ) Hope that we are actually allowed to use our own stadium for once.
  13. Nuhiu is always quality off the bench, especially against Preston, caused them some right trouble last season at Deepdale too.
  14. Always rated him, just not as a centre mid. It’s criminal that he’s come on and just provided that sublime assist. Should have started, he’s a quality player and we should be making the most of his talent.
  15. Why have we suddenly started playing so deep in the first half? When we played Barnsley we pressed from the get go
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