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  1. We’ll be a league 2 side before we play in the premier league ever again.
  2. I forgot we even had Bates, that’s how bad this entire situation is!
  3. Some of these comments sum up some of the problems with the club. Toxicity is rife right the way through, I’m embarrassed with some of our fans. The lad clearly wears his heart on his sleeve, his first booking was never a booking and you could tell how gutted when he was sent off. Need protecting, and the sad thing is he needs protecting from some of our owns supporters!
  4. Gutted really, Börner was absolutely quality and paired well with Iorfa who also was having a great season. Somethings not right
  5. If something happens are Bramall Lane you can guarantee we’ll be the ones punished
  6. £60k per week works out around a 1.26 million pounds over 21 weeks which would see is to the end of the season... Worth a punt tbh, if we do go up £20 million is naff all.
  7. First day back at work today since the win (I work in Castleford) cannot wait to give it to them, my mate decided to completely ignore me this weekend after previously giving it the big un on how they were gonna smash us
  8. Fizz me it’s almost like people deliberately have their head in the sand and ignore that 70% of the team are still from the Carlos era, you know the 2 playoff failures.
  9. For the entire time that we’ve had Rhodes we have NEVER consistently put proper crosses in and then we wonder why our strikers don’t score. We might put one or 2 decent crosses in per game but that simply isn’t good enough. We either try to walk it into the back of the net or lump it upfield from defence/goal keeper. We give the opposition far too much time to get back into their own box and block us. We could have Ronaldo and Shearer and we still wouldn’t score.
  10. Personally I think he’s been a great appointment. Monk didn’t make the players fall asleep for both of their early goals. If we had won the last 2 everyone would be back to singing his praise as they were when we beat Bristol City. Give it a rest. The man is working with a team that is still 70% of the Carlos era. We need to actually stick by a manager and let him build the team, if not we will always be stuck in a transition period. Our fans expect too much too soon.
  11. Has to be a straight red, had no intention on winning the ball,
  12. Trouble is 70% of this team are still from the Carlos era, the same team that bottled the playoffs twice. A team full of bottlers.
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