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  1. Balls to that, you don’t sell your heritage off for plastic
  2. And now their ground is a soulless bowl. Got to feel for the West Ham Supporters. It’s sad to see old historic grounds being demolished and replaced with blocks of flats and clubs moving into new grounds that have no character.
  3. It’s amazing what happens when you use both flanks instead of always going through the middle
  4. As a club we should be doing everything to get our own tickets shifted now
  5. Only the club can to be blame. How many tickets do the pigs have now since we gave them 670 extra the other day?
  6. Clubs fault, charging 39-49 quid for a working day televised evening match is nonsense
  7. Hopefully we'll sell more after payday
  8. We dropped 4 points alone against West Brom home and away. Sickening really...
  9. I don't like how the new badge doesn't show "1867". "1867" should be mandatory.
  10. FFP is gonna be a huge problem if we aren't planning on selling anyone. How on earth are we going to get past it?
  11. Scheduling an extra service on a mainline for unsociable hours on a Sunday isn't straight forward. They have to redirect freight traffic, plan for signal changes and alter other services that use the line, plus they have to get the staff to work hours they'd normally not work.
  12. East Midland trains are definitely one of the better train operators. Think that's great service tbh. Why are people moaning?
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