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  1. 4 loans? Bruce, Agnew and Clemence plus 1 other
  2. He's creepy. He's the bloke that lives on the corner that you warn your children not to go near because he smells of puppies and it's often wandering round his garden at 3am wearing a pink dressing gown
  3. Hes never gone with bullen before long term so don't see why he would change his mind now
  4. Not going, too associated with the pigs
  5. No because even the FA know he's a class player and want to see him on the pitch
  6. He can't be manager. It's my brothers name
  7. Initially without sponsor logo. Sounds like we haven't sorted a sponsor yet then
  8. Reckon Bruce has gone but he's told Ashley he can't start for a few months because his dog died. Nothing to do with him watching the ashes
  9. Hope the green keeper kit goes with the home strip, might get a bit confusing otherwise! Great kits, shame it's not the old badge though
  10. If you look carefully the pixels on the stripes read vertically say 'Steve Bruce is a lesbian dinner lady'
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