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  1. darklord

    Where to start?

    Always good to get something from fannies
  2. darklord

    D taxi

    You can get more then 5 blokes in her at a time though
  3. how do the pigs always manage to lose yet barely lose a place, if that was up we would have dropped about 6 places
  4. hes practically prolific now
  5. A Leeds fan I know proud of her mug, shame about the lack of apostrophe
  6. Yeah is so we can defend our 6-0 lead after half time
  7. darklord

    Bannan wins Goal of the Month

    He's better than Zidane......
  8. darklord

    Almen Abdi is BACK

    Always thought Matias and Abdi had something to offer
  9. Will the DVD have extras like Neil doing a directors style commentary
  10. darklord

    Nameing a stand after....

    Des Lynams Grandstand
  11. darklord

    Errrmm, wtf....

    Yeah can't believe Conor Wickham went to palace
  12. darklord

    Morning all

    I think the same. Yesterday I saw someone on about mock prawns. If you want veggie make it look like a carrot or someone wearing sandals
  13. darklord

    Morning all

    Hopefully with someone you expected to wake up with