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  1. Its in Suffolk. Double fail
  2. It's big Daves new mobile home
  3. Fan on fan

    Lost me as well mainly due to the fact I hadnt written in this thread until now
  4. Just a rumour...

    its like the Family Guy episode where they track down the sauce of all dirty jokes
  5. Bolton 2 : 1 Sheffield Wednesday OMDT

    This sounds like my current trip from East Yorks to the Lake District. Started out sunny and now the storm clouds are approaching
  6. George Hirst

    What about shirts and Thais?
  7. come join us in the wrist slitters thread
  8. Swfc v Leicester around ten years ago. It was just a standard league game (though we won) but I was. 30 at the time and it was my first ever time watching us play, something I never thought would happen.
  9. Club 1867

    Heard Nuhui is hoping to win
  10. Im on trazadone these days, more if a sleep help. Used to be on Fluoxetine but had side effects. Getting the help in the first place can be a struggle. When I jumped in the Harbour at 15 and went to the hospital I got no psch evaluation or the like. In fact even after several more attempts over the next 4 years (including slashing my wrists with a bottle in the middle of a nightclub on a staff night out (that made me popular at work!) and having to be operated on because of it I still got no help or pysch evaluation. (in fact my GP told my girlfriend at the time it was done for attention). It wasnt until around 2 years later my next girlfriend (my wife these days) marched me into the doctors after I basically had a breakdown. Luckily the Dr I saw was lovely and she got the ball rolling. Took a long time to get some sort of balance, (I once attempted to drill into my head with a cordless drill and the neighbours had to stop me. That was almost 15 years ago now and while I do get down just about everyday I have learnt to cope and I dont get the big ruts like before. Only once in the last 10 years have I thought about suicide again (last Christmas in fact). So to all those suffering yes its bobbar and a bloody dark place but you can get yourself through to a more manageble state. The hardest thing is asking for help when your at your lowest. I once posted on here late at night about 3 years ago when I was in a state and the support of a few Owlstalk strangers that night helped me get to the next day. So no matter how friggin embarassed you may be ask for help even if its from a bloody stranger. Because I promise you no matter how hard that might seem its a dam sight easier than writing a note to your loved ones or standing on that harbour wall and jumping in.
  11. It's no wonder theres so much moaning on owlstalk. We are all miserable buggers
  12. Well I must be mad, I come on owlstalk
  13. Sad to hear that. If I can ever be of support mate just get in touch.
  14. Thanks for the kind words guys (didn't intend to thread hijack!). I don't think supporting Wednesday helps much