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  1. It's that game they had on gladiators. Each rolled around in a giant metal sphere. They are just fitting Nuhui out with some spandex
  2. It's smashing to see

    Even player photos are getting injured now
  3. Hull City fans tho....

    I also live within 20 minutes of them and they are knobs
  4. Hull City 0 - 1 #SWFC - OMDT

    Live near hull but headed to Birmingham today so I don't have to see any of you lol. Need a win to shut the local scrotes up
  5. Safe Standing gets rejected

    I think we all know the very vocal reason
  6. Stuart Gray

    Jesus went off them came back and did the job better
  7. Same for my daughter's team this morning. Be thankful we aren't losing 9-0 as well
  8. Which end though
  9. Think Nuhui is proof that any striker can come good
  10. Ooh aren't you a hard one
  11. Stop looking at his todger
  12. Feeling good after the pigs result. 3-1 Wednesday
  13. Shirt sale

    Website down for maintenence. Back in 2 weeks?