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  1. Bet it was those Teddies told her. Stuffed animals can be lying little barstewards at times
  2. Thought this was a thread about Hulls Wembley attendance at first
  3. Stick a famous player into your club name and your immune
  4. Even Chris won't want to fork out for pay on the gate prices
  5. I doubt they would open pubs before gyms. But then Im suprised the Daily Mail isnt wanting everything to stay shut as everything gives you cancer
  6. the addition of the net curtains on that end terrace has really upped the look to the stadium
  7. How will Leeds and Brom face hardship for not going up. If they were sat in 7th they would face the same financial hardship
  8. Yeah and that's to start manufacture. Then you need to administer it to 7 billion people. There's a lot of people that think this will all be over in a couple of weeks. I bet plenty of borders are still closed in a year
  9. Agree. I think the economic divebomb will add extra pressure. And christ we have brexit to add on top. Surely extending the transition period should happen
  10. I still had football. Watched my daughters team win 14 - 0 and she got Player of the match award. She also scored only her 3rd ever goal in 5 seasons (she plays cb). She scored a 40 yard free kick earlier in the season but topped that yesterday. Picked ball up deep in her own half on the touchline. Went past 5 players then put it in the top corner from an acute angle at the edge of the box!
  11. It's not surviving the virus that worries me it's surviving the problems caused by people with no common sense about the situation. All this time we were worried about no deal causing food shortages and closed borders....
  12. Think I'm more worried about money than the virus which is a bit daft. We are close to the bone passing the bills normally but I'm self employed and in my line of work when the economy tanks the work will dry up. Wife is a teacher just been diagnosed with osteoarthritis at 42 and unsure if she'll be able to continue work which adds to the stress. On another note we had a visit from my 75 year old mother in law. She is refusing to limit contact and even refusing to wash her hands at church while serving people refreshments. Really made me angry that. If she isn't burgers about having it then fair enough but it's not right she could help spread it too others.
  13. I seem to recall gazza telling how when he briefly played in China he ate something deep fried that he found delicious. Upon asking it was apparently bat
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