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  1. Any links for sheff wed prints, after one for my office wall
  2. its like Clark Kent all over again!
  3. hes doing 5 years in Broadmarsh for using a Baguette in a threatening manner outside Lidl
  4. Yeah but can Stoke do it on cold Tuesday night in Stoke?
  5. We had our blip. We called it Jos
  6. even if we dont make if you look at where we were after 22 matches its a heck of a turn around!
  7. we are saving him for Wembley. Hes going to bag a stoppage time winner against the pigs
  8. I've waited 2 years top reattempt my charity ride across the highlands. And turns out it's the play-off final day. Lol
  9. I cant decide what the helss going on. Not seen so much booing and cheering since the house of commons brexit vote
  10. daughters team won 10-1. Owls still not doing enough
  11. Driffield Divas U12's Girls team won 10-1 earlier in atrocious conditions and with a player less for most of the match through injuries. Just one win away from the title. Would be happy with the same from the Owls today please
  12. Probably still in there waiting to be seen
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