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  1. It will just make Winnal hat trick more meaningful
  2. Just follow the match day thread here. No TV camera can ever paint such a wonderful picture and create such imaginative prose to guide you through a match as the fine posters on here. It's like a heavenly dream for the mind field by the artistic genius of our literary artisans
  3. Thats Waynes Rooney's Derby just copy us at everything now
  4. dont matter what they are called, we'll still have 3 points of em
  5. yeah i can see repitions now you've said it
  6. We've already been docked 23 points just for todays itk posts
  7. There's an old monastery and nunnery up the road from me. A few hundred years ago a monk for a young nun pregnant. The other nuns got hold of him, chopped of his Willie and fed it to her
  8. How about 3 points at home and 3 points away?
  9. Look on it this way, if there wasn't so much added time we would have only won 1-0
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