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  1. Change the manager, tactics and mentality and I suspect most of these players have the potential for much improvement
  2. Knowing Nixon it won't be anything we couldn't say ourselves
  3. The last 7 games (unbeaten)

    It's ll set up for super Hooper
  4. Mind not been able to watch us play might not be a bad thing
  5. Had to cancel my sky sports last week. Well there be a dodgy stream of it on the old interwebby?
  6. Wolves on sky

    HMS Pisstheleague?
  7. I might buy one for the mother in law to annoy her
  8. FourFourTwo club badges article

    most major companies have simple easy to look at Logos. McDonalds golden Arches, disneys mickey mouse head, Audis four circles. Theres a reason for it. Easier for brains to absorb and recognise
  9. when he says he believes we will be up there, he means in the top half of the table

    thought they had got rid of loans
  11. My brother runs a sensory company so I've passed this on to them and they are getting in touch to see if they can help with equipment
  12. CSKA Moscow

    Our style of play is anything but Russian around
  13. It changes a lot when you live a few miles from Dull!
  14. bottom half of the table.........
  15. we are being screwed over by a Slutsky