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  1. Yeah, from Brid, used to go drinking with his cousin while I lived there. Actually got his autograph somewhere from when he just started with us
  2. Glad I wasn't the only one thought that coat was horrific
  3. Great thread this. Lots of ideas for me whilst managing my u13s girls team
  4. darklord


    yeah never worked for Rocky Balboa either
  5. gutted missed Horizon, daughters just asked for it for her birthday, hadnt realised it was been given away
  6. only an idiot pays more for something because its got an apple on it. Even worse someone's already half eaten the apple
  7. Surely as sheff wed fans we can handle bleak?
  8. Until they are losing at half time then they all bugger off home early
  9. 10 years ago Hamilton would have pushed max for position there and probably got hit. He's more pragmatic these days
  10. Hamilton rarely wins it, haters gonna hate. But Max always gets inflated votes as the dutch fans just vote on mass for him regardless. He could crash into the pit all on the formation lap and still be in with a shout of winning the vote
  11. Brando Cary Grant Anyone but the rock
  12. scrap qualifying and have reverse grid based on the previous weeks finishing spots
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