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  1. Watched my daughters U12's team this morning. Should have been 6 nil up by half time but went 1 down with 5 minutes to play. Managed to equalise with 2 minutes to go only for them to concede a second from the restart. Its not just sheff wed mate!
  2. with all the rain in south yorkshire theres ample streams!
  3. Whose the Rhodes lad on bench. Must be from the u23s?
  4. to b e fair if i had to replace Bannan, Kieran Lee isnt a bad option!
  5. Well if maguire can get in that team there's a chance iorfa or a wardrobe could too
  6. I thought we were going to get beaten easily today and sitting third in the table was a false reading but after that I'm much not positive about the rest of the season and now believe we can compete for promotion. It's even more remarkable considering we lost our manager just before the start of the season
  7. great performances including Nuhui but he shouldn't be allowed to defend within our own half. I think he thought he was playing the all Blacks at times
  8. Leeds are skys championship version of Liverpool
  9. Was hoping ng to see Itoje in our team
  10. Not everyone can do it against stoke on a Tuesday night!
  11. We need to improve on the 6-0. We wasted chances that day should have been 9-0
  12. Barnsley are so bad they are conceding against two teams at once
  13. Hope they perform better than this England team I'm sat watching
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