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  1. We could have named it Barcelona
  2. Heard fessi has been dropped
  3. I am doing it with carlton Palmer on my back to Maker it a challenge
  4. Got a 50 mile mountain bike race off road over the moors in the dark tonight for 7 hours. And we start moving house today. And it will still be less painful than following this thread later
  5. Bloody foreigners coming over here not nicking our ticket offices
  6. She's waiting for Rocky Lekaj
  7. I assume because the premier league starts later and they couldn't give a poo about the other clubs
  8. He's on the Rhode to recovery
  9. Lego Hillsborough

    Needs to say presto
  10. Owlstalk had a dream to find a live stream. We had no strikers so we all had a good moan. We score from the back with none in attack We're Sheffield Wednesday were on our way back
  11. its like Rocky 4 where he uses his left arm for the first 10 rounds to confuse his opponent then BANG, switches back to his right for the end rounds. Genius by Jos, obviously a fan of the Eye of the Tiger