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    cant see him getting more than he did last season but man I hope I am wrong. Theres no one in the squad that I would like to see do well more than him
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    T wat
  3. darklord

    Blue and White Stripes and...

    Westwood just let a silent but deadly one go. Hitting hutchs nostrils in 3,2,1...
  4. I see Matias is signalling with his hands how many weeks until he's fit
  5. Howe many balls came through the middle, How many times have or wing backs ran with the ball,? We are flattering to deceive
  6. I'm going to be controversial here but England are lucky to make the semis. We've played poor throughout under Southgate and nothing has changed. We have little going forward bar set pieces, nothing down the wings with pace and zero through the middle. We to often play it back to the keeper rather than pushing forward. We were lucky against Tunisia and until we beat Sweden looked lucky to be there. Some of that squad are poor asked I know I will be lambasted but that really papered over the cracks.
  7. Well I still have doubts about this team, one i thought wouldn't get out the group stage Sterling is a waste of a shirt right now and I keep thinking back to Italia 90 and Euro 96 but what the hell we can beat Croatia. I even have a feeling Sterling will score the winner
  8. Pigs do this every transfer window, publicly chase one or two decent targets, offer a pittance for them but tell the pig fans they tried. Then they go off and buy some dirt cheap league 2 player instead
  9. Surely if he joins them he'd have to change his name to Sam Winf**kall?
  10. So France will play Croatia for 3rd place
  11. Let's hope Sterling finally performs well against the Euro Lol
  12. Does Fernando have any knees?
  13. Ikea is a hell hole so hope we smash em. Reckon 3-0 to Sweden . Already had the footie songs on. Which is best though, it's coming home or world in Motion?
  14. Think I'm the only person not impressed with the team. I thought we were poor the other night and yes we won on penalties but it's a crap shoot anyway. Our defence is dodgy, midfield is practically non existent and we have little in the final third. I'm also still of the belief Southgate should never have got the job. The only reason folks are on about us winning is because big names have lost out not because we are playing well. I'll scream and shout at the tv watching the match but I cannot get up for the type