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  1. cant even hold camera straight. Not a good start. Just joking, best of luck mate
  2. But I think in hindsight in probably wrong and happy to admit that. Sorry folks
  3. Yeah. So let's flip this and ask why a well know trainer would pose for a photo like this? He would know it would risk his career and for what. Even if he wasn't bothered about the animals welfare he would probably be bothered that a huge sum of money was laid in the dirt? I don't get why he would be gloating on that?
  4. Sweet! Some cracking ps games lately
  5. Over reaction probably driven by over offended horsey types. Top trainers are not in the habit of bad welfare of their animals. I buy his explanation but I'm sure plenty won't
  6. I'm done. At least next season we might have a bit of hope in league 1
  7. If your going to play any it's 7 you want. Been harping on to my kids about ff and then found it's a 16 rating. I don't remember it been bad
  8. That makes up my mind on whether to bother with ff15 Not heard of the other games
  9. And the new defence against the dark arts teacher is professor Alan ********
  10. I assume this is about your piles and your trying to get in to see the doctors quickly?
  11. I love Falkirk stadium next to the kelpie. Usually stop there on the way to the Highlands
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