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  1. Your a legend mate cheers, really appreciate it. And yeah pacing absolutely. One advantage of having ridden most of it before is I know where I can gain time, where to show and where I will start to feel like the Walking Dead!
  2. Jersey arrived. Real men wear pink! the names of most donors are listed on there as thanks including some of you guys. I'm just £60 short of my fundraising target thanks to dso many kind donations but would love to hit the target amount (or more). So any help is appreciated no matter how small. Thanks so much for your support , you guys are awesome
  3. So sorry to hear that Paul. We suffered 4 miscarriages which were hard enough so I cannot imagine how much harder your tragedy is to deal with. It's good to hear how the boxes can help a ittle. Hopefully my efforts can bring a little light into the suffering
  4. This time next week I will be riding this. In fact by this time I will have already ridden 4 hours with another 12 to go!! Sadly the weather looks like rain all day but fingers crossed it may change by then! Getting close to hitting 75% of my target amount which would be great, even if I can't make it 100%. Is a great charity folks so please dig deep if you can is all really appreciated and a great motivation. Daztheowl. Many thanks for your kind donation mate
  5. Middle age spread. Expect to see it wearing elasticated waist brown courdroys that are advertised on the back of magazines
  6. Ronnys was wind assisted so didn't count
  7. Don't worry you've plenty of time to get there before the next home match
  8. We weren't born yesterday. ... We were born Wednesday.
  9. 200 miles ridden this week and heading into my final week of training. While I won't hit my £500 target, I am only £80 short of the £400 mark and would be great to see if I can raise that. So if anyone won the lottery last night feel free to do a quid or two to this great cause and give yourself a warm fuzzy glow inside!
  10. I park on the North West corner stand. Have to give it some revs to get up the stairs but no one else parks there and it's a short walk to my seat.
  11. In exactly two weeks time I should hopefully have just completed this epic challenge. Aiming for around 16 hours non stop, setting off at 4am Not hit my target amount but would love to at least get to £400 so any help is much appreciated, even if it's the price of a pint!
  12. Yeah begin to taper now so probably about 200 this week then even less in the final week
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